Disney Junior's Ariel (2024) s01e05 Episode Script

Copy Catfish/Happy Crabby Day

Ariel, oh, oh, oh ♪
Come along with me ♪
To my corner of the sea ♪
Atlantica has
so much In store ♪
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah ♪
Music never ends ♪
We're surrounded
By our friends ♪
There's always
something new to explore ♪
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah ♪
We'll use our
voices swimming free ♪
Imagine what we'll find ♪
Come with me!
Ariel, oh, oh, oh ♪
There's so much adventure ♪
Ariel, oh, oh, oh ♪
We'll dive in together ♪
In this sea full of wonder ♪
Who knows what
we'll discover ♪
Ariel, oh, oh, oh ♪
With Ariel ♪
Yeah ♪
With Ariel ♪
Let's go ♪
With Ariel ♪
Copy Catfish.
Flounder, the bubbles
are tickling my nose!
I'm just so excited, Ariel.
We haven't seen your little
cousin Jewels in so long.
I know. I'm really
excited to see her, too.
I better practice
my best baby faces.
There they are!
Jewels is here!
Jewels, look how big you are!
That's Jewels?
But you're not a baby anymore.
I'm five years old now.
I remember when you were
just a little guppy.
Where have the years gone?
that necklace is so cool!
Thanks, Jewels.
Let's all go inside.
Jewels has had a long trip.
And I could I mean
she could use a snack.
Did I just hear snack?
Let's paddle!
There goes Flounder.
Where did Jewels go?
Here I am!
My necklace is just
like yours, Ariel.
Isn't it so cool?
It sure is.
I love it.
Look, Alanna, Ayanna,
she's doing
everything I'm doing.
Oh, Daddy, I found a fantastic
new land treasure yesterday.
Really? Well,
that's great, Ariel.
I found a land treasure, too.
You found a land treasure?
Yes! I love land treasures!
Do you know what a
land treasure is?
But if you love 'em,
then I love 'em.
Um, have you noticed that
Jewels keeps copying me?
I thought it was sweet at first,
but now
Not so much.
Oh, we ate all the sea grapes.
We'll bring some more
from the kitchen.
Maybe she needs to
find her own thing.
Like you have your
land treasures.
Her own thing? Well,
what do you mean?
Well, when I was really
little like Jewels,
I didn't know what
I liked either
and copied everyone but
Go on.
But when I started
to try new things,
I started to figure out
what I liked to do and
stopped copying everyone.
So maybe If we help Jewels
figure out what she likes to do,
she'll stop copying
what I'm doing.
It's worth a try.
That's a great idea, Flounder.
Let's do it!
Welcome to the Crystal Cavern.
Welcome to the Crystal Cavern.
I sure feel welcomed.
Fernie, Lucia, meet Jewels.
Hello, Jewels.
I like your necklace.
It's just like Ariel's.
What are all these things?
These are my land treasures.
It's human stuff.
Human stuff.
These are the things I love!
Just like Ariel.
Jewels is so sweet.
She sure just wants to
be just like you, Ariel.
Jewels is sweet, but she's
copying everything that I do.
So how about we help her find
something that she likes to do instead?
Yes! Maybe she'll like magic.
Hey, Jewels, have you
ever done magic before?
Nope. Do you think
I'll like it?
Jewels, you're gonna love it.
Ooh, this might work.
This potion gives you sparkles.
This one makes you invisible.
This one makes you grow.
And this potion changes
the color of anything.
That might be very colorful.
Say, "Color, color,
no more duller."
Color, color, no more duller.
You made your hair
red, just like Ariel's.
Well, that didn't work.
Now she's starting to
look like you, too.
Oh, Flounder, what
am I gonna do?
I don't want her
to keep copying me.
Well, I'm all out of ideas.
Maybe we can try something else.
Hey, Fernie,
I think I know someone else
who would really
like fish facts, too.
Hey, Jewels, do you want
to learn some fish facts?
Uh, okay.
This could be what
Jewels really likes.
Fins crossed.
I'm studying sea
sponges at the moment.
Did you know that not all
sea sponges are small?
Look, There are giant barrel
sponges that are as big as we are,
- and Huh?
- Ooh! I have a notebook, too.
Wanna see?
An Ariel Mer-facts notebook?
Isn't it neat?
Let me show you.
Did you know that
Ariel loves to sing?
She has long and
pretty red hair.
Her tail is sparkly
Technically, it's
more of a shimmer.
And she loves human stuff.
Isn't she so cool?
Those are some very
accurate murfacts, Jewels.
First, she does everything I do,
then she makes
herself look like me.
And now she knows
everything about me.
There has to be something
Jewels likes besides me.
We just haven't found it yet.
I think it's time for Jewels to
try everything under the sea.
Yeah, yeah, yeah ♪
Yeah, yeah, yeah ♪
Hey ya, hey ya ♪
You're gonna
love the feeling ♪
When you find your own thing ♪
Find your own thing ♪
Hey ya, hey ya ♪
But I just wanna do ♪
All the things
that you're doing ♪
You're gonna love when
you find your own thing ♪
It's fun finding
your own thing ♪
Let's search
all of the ocean ♪
Don't have to do
it just like me ♪
Oh ♪
I wanna do what you do ♪
I'm gonna be just like you ♪
Red hair with
the necklace, too ♪
Oh ♪
Hey ya, hey ya ♪
You're gonna
love the feeling ♪
When you find your own thing ♪
Find your own thing ♪
Hey ya, hey ya ♪
But I just wanna do ♪
All the things
that you're doing ♪
You're gonna love when
you find your own thing ♪
Yeah, yeah, yeah ♪
You're gonna love when
you find your own thing ♪
Yeah, yeah, yeah ♪
You're gonna love when
you find your own thing ♪
Don't you like my
cricket bat spin, Ariel?
It's just like yours.
Jewels, the bat
span is my thing.
I'm trying to help
you find your thing.
But my thing is your thing.
If you like something,
I like it, too.
But you need to find something that
you like, not just what I like.
How come?
So you'll stop copying me!
Oh, no
Jewels, come back! I'm sorry!
Alanna, Ayanna, have
you seen Jewels?
Yes. She's outside
in the garden.
Is she okay?
She looks a little sad.
You do, too.
What's going on, sis?
I feel terrible.
Jewels was copying me and
it was bothering me a lot,
and I got annoyed and I
told her to stop copying me.
I was just trying to help Jewels
find something that she likes to do.
But I really hurt her feelings,
and I don't know how
to make things better.
You know, Ariel, you did the exact
same thing to us when you were little.
- I did?
- Yeah.
You copied everything we did.
But then as you got bigger, you
started to find things you liked to do.
Like looking for land treasures.
Jewels will stop copying
you when she's ready.
But for now, just enjoy that
Jewels wants to copy you.
That just means she
thinks you're awesome.
Just like you thought
we were awesome
when you copied us.
I still think my
sisters are awesome.
Aw, you're awesome,
too, lil' sis.
I'm really sorry for
hurting your feelings
and saying you should
stop copying me.
That's okay. I'm sorry
for copying you so much.
But I couldn't help it.
You're just so cool.
And you're so cool, too.
I am?
And if copying me
makes you happy,
then you can copy me
whenever you want.
Jumping jellyfish!
That's it!
Come on! I have an idea!
What do you think?
For me?
I love, love, love it!
It's so cool!
Yeah. And we're gonna be as
cool as Ayanna and Alanna.
Happy Crabby Day!
Let's see.
Hmm. Hmm. Hmm.
Coral decorations. Check.
Bubba balloons.
Look at him go.
Sebastian's been working so
hard planning this party.
Well, of course,
I'm working hard!
Today is the annual
Coral Celebration party,
and everything at the
palace must be perfect.
Mmm. No.
Daddy, Sebastian does so much
for us around the palace.
And he never stops
to take a break.
I think some quiet time
might be good for him.
Yes, he deserves
a break to relax.
Sebastian, thank you so
much for all your hard work
- getting things ready for the party.
- Hmm!
I'm certain the annual
Coral Celebration
is going to be well,
as the kids say,
Thank you, Your Majesty.
But it might be time that
you took a break to relax.
A break?
To relax?
I don't have time to relax!
How could you say such
a thing, Your Highness?
But I don't even know
what it means to relax.
Relaxing is easy.
Sometimes when I relax,
I have some quiet time.
Or I'll take a nap.
I always feel a whole lot
better when I take a break.
Yeah, If you took a break,
maybe you wouldn't be so jumpy.
Jumpy? Who's jumpy?
I'm not jumpy.
Who's jumpy?
What's happening?
Sebastian is jumpy and
he needs to take a break.
I can't take a break!
If I don't do all the
party planning, who will?
We can pitch in and finish
planning the party, Sebastian.
Yeah. Fernie and I can totally handle
everything on your clipboard thingy.
See? There you go.
The party will be just fine.
Now you can go relax.
Me? Relax?
It'll be so good for you.
There has to be something we
can do to change your mind.
I might have an idea.
Merpeople and sea
creatures of Atlantica.
I think that the crabs of Atlantica
need a day of appreciation.
as king of Atlantica,
I officially declare
that today will be
Happy Crabby Day.
Which means all crabs
must take the day off.
- Does this mean that
- Yes.
- That I have to
- Yes.
- But I have to
- Uh-uh-uh.
The king has spoken, Sebastian,
which means you've gotta do it.
Now go on.
Okay. Okay, Your Majesty.
I'll take a break to relax.
But how?
Come on, Sebastian.
I'll show you.
Whenever I've had a long
day exploring the ocean,
the Crystal Cavern is one of my
favorite places to come and relax.
Mine, too.
With all the beautiful crystals,
in their calming colors of purple,
blue and green.
It's so peaceful and relaxing,
don't you think, Sebastian?
- Sebastian!
- Hmm?
You're organizing!
So I am.
Here. Let us show
you how to relax.
Why don't you try this
crab sized hammock?
Doesn't it look relaxing?
If you say so.
Now what do I do?
You just lie back,
relax, and breathe.
Breathe. Okay. I can do that.
Okay, then. Wow.
Do I feel relaxed!
Anyhoo, I'd better get back and see
how things are going for the big party.
Fernie and Lucia will
take care of the party.
We are going to go
try something else.
There's got to be something around
here that can help Sebastian relax.
Oh, that would make such a lovely
table decoration for the party.
Oh! That would, too!
I do hope Lucia and Fernie
don't forget to set out the
rest of the decorations.
just look around at all
the crabs in the market,
enjoying their Happy
Crabby day off.
Hmm. You know what
might help me to relax?
- What?
- Some more work!
Oh, no!
Come on, man,
I need something for
these claws to do.
I don't know, Ariel.
I'm starting to think
Sebastian may be unrelaxable.
That's it. Music may be just
the thing Sebastian needs.
Flounder, will you
please go get my guitar?
Sure thing, Ariel.
Thanks, Flounder.
Hi, Alanna, Ayanna.
Will you play a song with me?
- Sure. Ariel.
- What do you have in mind?
Something slow, calm
and most importantly, relaxing.
Follow my lead.
Slow down and
take a deep breath ♪
Sometimes you
need to reset ♪
Watch all the
dolphins swim by ♪
Hum along and give it a try ♪
Re-la-la-la-la-lax ♪
Just go with the
flow and sit back ♪
Re-la-la-la-la-lax ♪
Slow it down Don't
gotta go so fast ♪
That's nice for you
But I got things to do ♪
No excuse If you
snooze, then you lose ♪
I got to go That's
one thing for certain ♪
This party's got
to be perfect ♪
I can't re-la-la-la-la-lax ♪
I'm a very, very,
very busy crab ♪
No time to wait and sit back ♪
Gotta move fast ♪
No, no, no, no,
I can't relax ♪
No, no, no, no
No time to relax ♪
Pick up the pace
I gotta move fast ♪
He used music to
trick us, didn't he?
Oh, that was definitely a trick.
Look, there he is!
- Sebastian!
- Hmm?
Stack them this way.
There. Organized.
- There he is!
- Gotta go.
- Sebastian, wait!
- Huh?
Okay, okay. You caught me.
I really shouldn't have stopped
to organize those juice glasses.
Sebastian, you're
supposed to be relaxing.
Do you feel relaxed?
I'm sorry, Ariel, I tried.
But there's just no way
I'll ever be able to relax
as long as the annual Coral
Celebration party is happening.
If I'm not there to plan every
detail, it will be a disaster!
I understand, Sebastian.
We thought helping you relax
would make you feel better.
But if you really want to check in
on how the party's coming along,
then let's go back
to the palace.
Oh, thank you for
understanding, Ariel.
Don't worry, everyone!
I am here to save the party!
Something wrong, Sebastian?
The party that I was
coming to save
Does it need saving at all?
Sebastian, we're happy to report
that the annual Coral Celebration
Party planning is complete.
Look, we each got our
own clipboard thingies.
You all pitched in to
help little old me?
I am so happy.
I must admit,
this is the best party planning
that I didn't plan myself.
You were right all along, Ariel.
Everyone did pitch in to
help me during my day off.
I guess it is okay to
take time to relax.
- Yep.
- Even if you didn't relax very much.
I promise, I've
learned my lesson.
Do you think maybe
we can try doing
Happy Crabby Day one more time?
Now this is relaxing.
Why don't we do this more often?
I'm making waves ♪
I'm swimming to the
rhythm of my own beat ♪
Playing my song and
I keep on singing ♪
Aye, aye, aye ♪
I show the world
what makes me me ♪
Turn up the melody
like aye, aye, aye ♪
I'm making waves ♪
I'm singing aye ♪
I'm making waves ♪
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