Disney Junior's Ariel (2024) s01e06 Episode Script

Smoothie Shake-Up/Family Picture Day

Ariel, oh, oh, oh ♪
Come along with me To
my corner of the sea ♪
Atlantica has
so much In store ♪
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah ♪
Music never ends ♪
We're surrounded
By our friends ♪
There's always
something new to explore ♪
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah ♪
We'll use our
voices swimming free ♪
Imagine what we'll find ♪
Come with me!
Ariel, oh, oh, oh ♪
There's so much adventure ♪
Ariel, oh, oh, oh ♪
We'll dive in together ♪
In this sea full of wonder ♪
Who knows what
we'll discover ♪
Ariel, oh, oh, oh ♪
With Ariel ♪
Yeah! ♪
With Ariel ♪
Let's go!
With Ariel ♪
Smoothie Shake-Up.
Look at his tentacles go.
One Under-Watermelon
smoothie for Ariel.
- Ocean-berry Blast-Off for Flounder.
- Yum!
A Jelly Moss Jamboree
for you, Fernie.
And a Melon Mango
Twister for Lucia.
Did they get that right?
- They sure did.
- Yes!
Thanks, tentacles.
And you too, Ravi.
Ravi, how do you make
these juices so fast
and so delicious?
Well, Ariel, I have
lots of tentacles
that help me make juice.
But they each have a job to do.
If they didn't work together,
I'd have a huge juice mess.
Oh! A shellegram? For me?
Huh! Mm.
Everything okay, Ravi?
It's my brother, Ravi.
He's all tangled up again.
Your brother's always
doing big adventures.
What was it this time?
Trench diving? Draft sailing?
Ugh! Sea-swirl yoga.
You see, kids, my brother
is always getting tangled up
because his tentacles
never work together,
even when doing yoga,
which is why working
together is very important.
I didn't know you could
get tangled up doing yoga?
But, then again, I
don't have tentacles.
I guess I'd better
go untangle him.
Too bad I'll have to close the
juice stand while I'm gone.
But it's almost lunchtime, Ravi.
Everyone loves your
juice at lunch.
Atlantica needs juice.
I know.
We'll run your juice stand while
you go help untangle your brother.
You all would do that for me?
Of course we will!
Right, friends?
- Yeah.
- Buena idea.
We'll do it.
Oh, thank you.
Let me show you all
where everything is.
No worries, Ravi.
We've watched you make
juice a hundred times.
Oh, thank you.
But remember, just
like my tentacles,
you each have to work
together to get the job done.
So, make sure you talk
to each other as you work
and agree on who is
doing what, okay?
We've got this.
- This is gonna be great.
- Yeah.
Hey, Ariel!
What are you doing
behind Ravi's counter?
Hey, sisters, we're helping Ravi
run his juice stand while he's away.
What would you like
to drink, Alanna?
I'd like the Sea Foam Float.
- And you, Ayanna?
- The Bubbleberry Bliss, please!
Okay, let's make some juice.
- You got it.
- Okay.
- Whoops.
- I'll just swim this way.
Sorry, Lucia. I'll swim up.
Look out!
- Thanks, Ariel.
- Mmm-hmm.
Ooh! And now I
have coconut juice.
Let's try to be more
careful, friends.
- Yup.
- Yup.
Which juice are
you making, Fernie?
I'm making the Sea Foam Float.
One ripe banana, a
splash of kelp milk
and top it off with
some sea foam bubbles.
That sounds deep-sea-licious.
No, I already made the bubbles.
So did I.
I worked up a big batch of bubbles
for Ayanna's Bubble Berry Bliss.
Oh, no. We shouldn't
be wasteful.
Hey, Ayanna.
Are you good with having
extra bubbles on your drink?
Sure, okay. But you all
should really work together.
You're right. Here you go.
Thanks for stopping
by Ravi's juice stand.
Thanks, Ariel.
That was close.
I know, but it was
our first order.
I'm sure we'll get
the hang of it.
Hello, merlings.
I hear Ravi's away on
important business.
How did you hear that?
Because, Senorita Ursula knows
everything about everything.
I'll have my usual.
Uh, what's your usual?
I know. It's the
Mocha Soca Splash.
It has bananas, coral
cocoa powder, kelp milk
and one drop of
hot spring sauce.
That is correct, Lucia.
Now I really need to get
that drink and be on my way.
- We're on it, tauntie.
- Yep.
Okay, let's make sure
we don't all work on the
same things this time.
Right. I'll get the bananas.
And I'll get the kelp milk.
And I'll grab the
coral cocoa powder.
I'll grab the juice spinner.
Look at us working together.
That's it!
Nobody said they would
add the hot spring sauce.
I'd better add it now.
Uh-oh. We almost forgot
the hot spring sauce.
You better not forget Ms. Ursula's
hot sauce or she'll be hot.
Here you go, tauntie.
Thanks, merlings.
Au revoir.
Did anybody remember to
add the hot spring sauce?
- Yes.
- Yes.
Oh, no.
Uh, that had a spicy kick to it.
I might order it again.
But, let's not serve that
to any other fish folk.
Come along, Ebb and Flow.
Friends, we need to work together,
but not on the same thing.
Hello, children.
Where's Ravi?
He's untangling
his brother, Revi.
Huh! Why?
Never mind.
I have a big order for the
palace, and I need it right away.
We can help you with that.
Are you sure, Ariel?
How big can it be?
This big.
That's ten drink orders!
Twenty drinks?
I'll be back in a few minutes.
So many juices.
So little time.
We can do this.
I'll call out the orders this time
to make sure we get them all right.
I need an Under-The-Sea Splash.
I'll get to work on that one.
Who wants to make the
Tamarind Berry Blitz?
Me, me!
As soon as you tell
me what's in it.
I'll help you.
Great. I'll get the
juice cups ready.
You all doing okay?
A Tamarind Berry Blitz
doesn't have bananas, does it?
No. Just tamarinds
and berries.
- Right.
- Okay.
How many splashes of
under-watermelon juice
does the Under-The-Sea
Splash drink have?
Four splashes.
Uh-oh, better add more splash.
Now, who's making the Berry Blue
Breeze with the seaweed booster?
Lucia is.
No, I'm making the
Strawberry Seaweed Special.
But it's okay.
I'll get to it now.
We better hurry.
Come on. It's the
last juice order.
Fernie, wait! We forgot
to put on the lid!
Sebastian, are you all right?
I'm fine.
I suppose there's no juice
to take back to the palace.
I'm so sorry, Sebastian.
That's all right.
This dessert will have to do.
We've ruined the orders,
ruined the kitchen.
It's time to close
the juice stand.
I just don't understand.
How does Ravi do it?
Yeah, he's just one octopus.
Yes, that's true.
But he also has eight
tentacles that help him.
Jumping jellyfish! That's it!
I know what we did wrong.
Ravi said that each
tentacle has a job to do.
They all must work together
as a team to get the job done.
Hmm. So if we each stick to
our task in the juice stand
Then we will get the job done.
And no more mix-ups.
Does this mean we can open
up the juice stand again?
Now let's get all of
Sebastian's orders ready
and deliver them to the palace.
Look at us
Working together ♪
Step by step
Getting it done ♪
In the group It's
so much better ♪
Teamwork is fun ♪
We've all got
special parts to play ♪
You got yours
And I got mine ♪
Yeah We work in
different ways ♪
And then when
they're all combined ♪
- We got the recipe ♪
- Yeah, yeah, yeah ♪
- And with you next to me ♪
- Yeah, yeah, yeah ♪
We can do anything ♪
- We're gonna get it right this time ♪
- Whoo! ♪
Look at us
Working together ♪
Step by step
Getting it done ♪
In the group It's
so much better ♪
Teamwork is fun ♪
Teamwork is fun ♪
Mm Delicious.
Thank you, Team Ariel, for
delivering our juice orders.
You're welcome, Daddy.
We made them with love and
a whole lot of teamwork.
Family Picture Day.
I've been looking forward to
Family Picture Day since forever,
and now it's finally here.
Yeah, My favorite part is that
we all eat snacks together
when it's over. Yummy.
I'm excited because
Alanna is going
to give me a new hairdo
just for the photo.
Oh yeah, you always wear a new
hairdo for Family Picture Day.
I love trying out
new hairstyles.
Last time Alanna did twist-outs for
my hairdo that looks just like this.
She twisted every
hair on my head.
It looked really cute.
And really twisty.
And the time before that,
Alanna did box braids
on my hair like this.
She parted my hair
in little box shapes,
then braided my hair
down to my shoulders.
- Remember, Ariel?
- Hm Yep.
And I really love those.
How are you gonna wear
your hair this time?
Like this.
It's called a finhawk.
This style looks so pretty.
And tricky.
Well, yes, but if anyone
can do it, it's Alanna.
Can we watch her do your hair?
- Sure.
- Yay!
Hair party in Ayanna
and Alanna's room.
Hair party in Ayanna
and Alanna's room.
Hair party in Ayanna
and Alanna's room.
Alanna! We're here!
I wonder where she is.
- Sebastian.
- Mm?
You haven't seen
Alanna, have you?
Oh, Ariel.
I just got a message that your father
and Alanna are stuck in sea traffic.
I'm afraid they won't
be back for a while.
Oh no, but if they
won't be back soon,
Alanna won't be able to do my hair
in time for the family picture.
It will be okay, Ayanna.
Yeah. It'll be all right.
Will it?
But who will do my hair now?
Ariel! You can do it.
Me? You want me to do your
hair for the family picture?
Could you try? You've seen Alanna
do my hair tons of times, right?
Are you sure?
This finhawk hair style
looks kind of tricky?
You can do it!
Pretty, pretty, please
with a sea grape on top.
Okay, Ayanna, I'll
give it a try.
Thanks, little sis.
Okay. To do this
hairstyle, you will need
A good helper?
Ooh, I'll do it!
I was going to say you will need
some of Alanna's flexi-rods.
But, I'll take a
helper too, Flounder.
The flexi-rods should be over there
on her dresser in the green box.
Helper help is on the way!
Yes, those.
Then Ariel will twist the rods
around my hair to make it curly.
No flexi-rods here. It's empty.
Hmm. We may need to
use something else.
It just has to be twisty so
we can curl my hair with it.
I know just the thing.
Flounder, can you grab the
boinga-boinga from my room?
You know I can.
I'm the helper.
This is a boinga-boinga.
- We found it today.
- Mmm-hmm.
It's twisty.
We might be able to
curl your hair with it.
Great. Let's try it.
Okay? Just tell me what to do.
Okay. So, first we wrap my hair
around the boinga-boinga carefully.
Okay. Yes, it's working.
Hm. Uh Wait.
I think the boinga-boinga
is a little loose.
Can we try to make it tighter?
Uh How do I do that?
You have to take out the
boinga-boinga by unwinding it
and then wrap my hair
tighter around it.
Okay. That sounds easy.
Oh, no. Ayanna, I think
the boinga-boinga is stuck.
What? Let me try.
Gimme the no
What you doing?
Cute hairstyle.
Too bad the boinga-boinga
got stuck in her hair.
Maybe we can use seagris.
Alanna always uses that in
my hair when it gets tangly.
Mm. Good idea, Ariel.
But I don't see it.
Where is it?
I know something that may work.
This is algae jelly.
I use it to get things
that are stuck unstuck.
It's super-slippery.
Maybe it will work to get
the boinga-boinga loose.
Amazing. What do
you say, Ayanna?
I'm ready to try anything.
Ooh, it's feeling slippery.
But now it's
getting real sticky.
And now it's even more stuck.
Maybe it takes a second to work.
Try and give it a pull now.
I think it's working.
Got it! Oh.
Wait. Oh, fin-flam.
My hair is sticking straight up.
Maybe I can push it back down.
Huh, I guess algae jelly
does not work on hair.
Well, what do we do now?
I don't know.
I wish we could just go "poof"
and Ayanna's hair was fixed.
- A "poof." That's it.
- What's it?
Magic! Lucia can do a
spell to fix my hair.
Right, Lucia? Please
say yes, please.
- Yes, I can.
- Yay!
I can use my magic
dust and these herbs
to remove the boinga-boinga and
get the jelly out of Ayanna's hair.
Yes, let's do it.
Bubbling beardfish!
I'm so sorry, Ayanna.
My sneeze ruined the spell.
Ayanna, I think we
can still fix this.
I've got it.
There! That scoopy-whoopy
should do the trick.
I'm the helper.
This is how my hair was supposed
to look for the family picture,
but it doesn't look
like this at all.
It's worse than I
could have imagined.
I appreciate you all trying to help
me, but I shouldn't be in the picture
if my hair looks like this.
I can't be.
But it's a family picture,
and we're a family.
I'm sorry, Ariel,
but the picture will be
much better without me.
Every family picture in this
hallway has Ayanna in it.
We can't take the
picture without her.
But what are we going to do?
Ayanna doesn't wanna be the only one
taking a picture with silly hair.
- Silly hair.
- Yeah, that's what I said.
Jumping jellyfish!
That's it!
Flounder, you
really are a helper.
You just gave me
an idea. Let's go.
I don't know what I did,
but I'm glad I did it.
Ariel, I just want to be alone.
But I need you to come to
the garden balcony. Please.
There's something
I have to show you.
It's really important.
Down here.
What happened?
Ayanna, It's not a Family
Picture Day without you.
So, my friends helped me
make my hair look like yours.
Bu why would you do that
to your beautiful red hair?
Because you're my sister, and
if I have to make my hair messy
to have you in the family
photo with me, then I will.
I love you, Ayanna.
I love you, too.
I can't believe you
did that for me.
Not just me.
Hi, honey.
I hope you like these
quacky popples in my beard.
Hey, sis!
This dinglehopper
crown is kind of cool.
So is my scoopy-whoopy.
It sure is, Flounder.
It doesn't matter what your
hair looks like, Ayanna.
It doesn't change all the
great things about you.
And it doesn't change
how much we love you.
That's what our family
pictures are about.
Thank you, Ariel.
You're the best little sister
in the whole wide ocean.
By the way, we all
look very silly.
Okay, everyone, gather around.
Gather around for the picture.
Okay, everybody, ready
for the family picture?
Let's do a silly pose.
Silly swimmies, everyone!
Silly swimmies!
I'm making waves! ♪
I'm swimming to the
rhythm Of my own beat ♪
Playing my song and
I keep on singing ♪
Aye, aye, aye ♪
I show the world
what makes me me ♪
Turn up the melody
like Aye, aye, aye ♪
I'm making waves! ♪
I'm singing, aye ♪
I'm making waves! ♪
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