Disney Junior's Ariel (2024) s01e07 Episode Script

The Cuttlebaby Sitter/Flounder the Leader

Ariel, oh, oh, oh ♪
Come along with me To
my corner of the sea ♪
Atlantica has
so much In store ♪
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah ♪
Music never ends ♪
We're surrounded
By our friends ♪
There's always
something new to explore ♪
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah ♪
We'll use our
voices swimming free ♪
Imagine what we'll find ♪
Come with me!
Ariel, oh, oh, oh ♪
There's so much adventure ♪
Ariel, oh, oh, oh ♪
We'll dive in together ♪
In this sea full of wonder ♪
Who knows what
we'll discover ♪
Ariel, oh, oh, oh ♪
With Ariel ♪
Yeah! ♪
With Ariel ♪
Let's go!
With Ariel ♪
The Cuttlebaby Sitter.
Welcome back to
Atlantica, Ms. Cuttles.
Thank you, King Triton.
It's my honor to meet
with you again today.
This is my daughter, Ariel.
Welcome, Miss Cuttles.
- And this is Flounder.
- Hello!
Ooh! Are those bubbles?
I love bubbles.
No, they are not bubbles, Ariel.
These are my five
baby cuttlefish eggs,
which haven't hatched yet.
Hi, little cuttle babies.
You're so cute.
I was hoping Alanna and Ayanna
could babysit my little eggs
while I meet with your father.
They did such a great job for me
the last time I came to visit.
Oh, no. My sisters are visiting
Tauntie Ursula all day.
Oh, my!
Who can I get to
watch my babies now?
Ohhh! Me, me, me!
I can babysit the
bubbles I mean, babies.
Do you think you're
ready, Ariel?
Babysitting cuttle
baby eggs is a big job.
Oh, yes.
In fact, the last time
your sisters babysat,
some of my cuttle
baby eggs hatched
and those little ones were
a finful to look after.
But your sisters did
an excellent job.
And I'll do an excellent
job, too, Ms. Cuttles.
If my sisters can
babysit, then so can I.
- Yeah, she practices on me all the time.
- Mmm-hmm.
Well, I'm convinced.
If it's okay with your father,
then it's okay with me.
I think Ariel will make
a wonderful babysitter.
Great. I will be in the
garden with your father
if my eggs hatch and
you need my help.
Oh, I won't need any help.
I'll do it all by myself.
Because I'll be a great
babysitter, just like my sisters.
Babysitting is gonna be
a piece of kelp cake.
Come on, Flounder. Let's
take them to my room.
You're so cute, you
little eggy-weggies.
Aren't you? Aren't you?
Hey, Ariel. Hey, Flounder.
Oh, what do you have there?
Are those cuttle baby eggs?
Yep. And Ariel is their
cuttle babysitter.
Cuttle baby eggs
are fascinating.
Did you know that they're coated
- with inky black jelly?
- Ooh.
Hi there, cutie cuttle baby.
There are five cuttle
baby eggs to take care of.
And I'm gonna be a great
babysitter, just like my sisters.
You mean four
eggs, right, Ariel?
No, there's five.
See? One, two, three,
four Oh, no!
There are only four eggs.
Why are there only four eggs?
Gilberto is gone!
- Gilberto?
- Yeah.
I gave them all pretend names until
Ms. Cuttles gives them real names.
This is Miguel, Ayo,
Kiana, Ezra and
Gilberto. I can't believe it.
He must have fallen
out of the basket.
I have to go find
him. Like, now!
I'll help you look, Ariel.
Yeah, and I can stay here
and watch the other eggs.
No, thanks. I have
to do this on my own.
Then Ms. Cuttles will see
that she can count on me
to be a great babysitter,
just like my sisters.
- Gilberto!
- Gilberto!
Oh, where are you?
Hmm. Hmm. Hmm.
Where could that egg be? Do
you see the egg, Flounder?
I don't see Gilberto's
egg anywhere.
Just this cutie-pie
little guy over here.
Wait a minute! Maybe
this cuttle baby knows
where Gilberto is.
That is Gilberto. Look!
He must have hatched.
Gilberto! Don't you scare your
Uncle Flounder like that again.
Come on. We have to get back and
tell everyone the great news.
Guess what? Guess what?
One of the cuttle
babies hatched.
You mean, two cuttle
babies hatched.
- Oh! Another cuttle baby just hatched?
- Ohhh!
Kiana, come back here.
Aw, how cute.
I wanna cuddle the cuttle baby.
Careful, Lucia. Cuttle
babies don't like to cuddle.
And they'll ink to let
you know you're too close.
Good to know, Fernie.
Oh, and cuttle
babies love to hide.
Oh, now I know why
Ms. Cuttles said
her babies can be
finful when they hatch.
They're so fast.
Get back here, you two!
- Want our help, Ariel?
- Looks like you might need it.
No, thanks. Don't
need any help.
Because I'm the babysitter
and I gotta do it myself.
There they are!
I got 'em!
Uh-oh. The other
eggs are hatching.
- They hatched!
- All of them.
Miguel, Ayo, Ezra.
So nice to meet you.
Oh, no!
The babies are swimming
into the open sea.
I've got to get them back.
Such lovely sea flowers.
Why, thank you.
Where did all the babies go?
I don't know.
I just wanted to be a great
babysitter, like my sisters.
But, now I've lost
all the cuttle babies.
Let us help you
find them, Ariel.
But I'm the babysitter.
I'm supposed to do it on my own.
Who said you were supposed
to babysit them on your own?
Well, no one.
- But, my sisters
- Your sisters are twins.
That's two mermaids.
And when they need help,
they ask each other.
- They do?
- Yeah.
Even when they
pretend to babysit me,
they take turns.
It's okay to ask
for help, Ariel.
Yeah. We always ask you
for help when we need it.
Especially me. I
always need help.
We're here for each
other You're not alone ♪
You don't have to
do it on your o-own ♪
Oh, oh, oh ♪
If you need some help
We'll always have your back ♪
All you have to do is ask ♪
Remember when you helped
me with my show-and-tell ♪
Or the time I needed
help with my magic spells ♪
- Anything you need ♪
- We'll give it all we have ♪
All you have to do is ask ♪
All you have to do-do-do ♪
All you have to do-do-do ♪
- All you have to ♪
- All you have to do is ask ♪
All I have to do-do-do ♪
- We'll be here for you-you-you ♪
- I can ask you ♪
All you have to do is ♪
You can help me do this ♪
All you have to do is ask ♪
You're the best friends
ever. And you're right.
I didn't have to do
it all by myself.
I needed help and I
should have asked for it.
Jumping jellyfish.
That's it.
Is it okay if I ask
you for help now?
- Yes.
- Great.
Because I'm gonna need your help
playing a game of hide and seek.
Uh, shouldn't we find
the cuttle babies first?
This is how we're gonna
find the cuttle babies.
Fernie said the cuttle
babies love to hide.
They sure do.
So maybe if we hide,
they'll come looking for us.
Like a game of hide and seek.
That's a great idea.
Yeah, hiding is my favorite.
Great. Now we just have
to get them to play along.
Oh, cuttle babies. You're
never gonna find us.
Miguel, Ayo, Kiana,
Ezra and Gilberto!
Come out, come out,
wherever you are.
Good job, Flounder.
Now, let's hide in my room and
see if they follow us inside.
It's working.
Huh? Oh, you found me, Kiana.
Oh, you're so cute.
Huh? Ayo, you got me.
And I got you.
Come and get me, Gilberto.
Hey! I thought the cuttle
babies didn't like to cuddle?
Well, once they
get to know you
they love to cuddle.
We got all the
cuttle babies back
and I couldn't have done
it without my friends.
Thanks for your help, everyone.
Okay, little cuttle
babies. It's nap time.
Okay. One more round
of hide and seek.
Cuttle babies sure are a finful.
Just like Ms. Cuttles
said they would be.
Did I hear my name?
Oh, how wonderful.
My babies hatched.
I hope they weren't too
much trouble, Ariel.
They can be quite
rambunctious when they hatch.
Maybe just a little bit.
I'd say you did an
excellent job babysitting.
Thank you so much.
You've become a great
babysitter, Ariel,
just like your big sisters.
Babysitting is not as
easy as I thought, Daddy.
But I had a little
help from my friends.
Go cuttle baby sitters!
Go cuttle baby sitters.
Flounder the Leader.
I'm so excited for all of
us to play cricket today.
- It's gonna be so much fun.
- I know.
I can't wait to get my game on and
show you my special bowling throw.
Wow, Lucia. Your
throw was clamazing.
Okay, kids.
Time to suit up and
put your pads on.
Oh, and don't forget
your shellmets.
I know how to play baseball.
But I've never played
cricket before.
It's a little different, right?
Cricket is a little different
than baseball, Fernie,
but I can show you how to play.
Just watch.
When you're the bowler,
you throw the ball.
When you're the batter,
you try to hit the ball
with the flat bat like this.
And then the batter swims
over to this to score a point.
It's called a wicket.
Which I think is
really fun to say.
Gather around, everyone.
It's time to pick the teams.
It must be hard being
a leader like your dad.
He has to rule the ocean and pick
the teams for the cricket game.
That's a lot.
Okay, everyone.
Sebastian, Ayanna,
Alanna, Ursula and Ravi,
you'll be on the yellow team.
Ariel, Flounder, Fernie and Lucia,
you're on the green team with me.
I'll be the team captain
of the green team.
Ursula, you can be the
yellow team captain.
Obviously, brother.
Go yellow team!
Let's play cricket.
Let's do this.
Excuse me, sir.
Pardon me, sir.
- Important message for you, sir.
- Whoa! Whoa!
Mmm-hmm. I see. Ooh.
- Huh?
- Huh?
I am sorry to say I have some
important business back at the palace,
but keep playing while I'm gone.
But if you leave
Mr. King Triton Sir,
the green team won't
have a team captain.
And we can't play without one.
Ooh. Good point.
Jumping jellyfish. That's it.
Maybe Flounder can be
team captain, Daddy.
- He knows a lot about cricket.
- Mmm-hmm.
I bet he'd do great.
That's a great idea, Ariel.
Flounder's kind and
listens to others.
Those are the things
that make a good leader
and a good team captain.
Have fun everyone.
And I know you'll do
great, Captain Flounder.
Hmm. "Captain Flounder."
Leader of the team.
Step aside There's
a new king in town ♪
It's about time That
they give me a crown ♪
I'll be good I'll do great ♪
They'll be
cheering my name ♪
I'll be the
best leader ever ♪
Picture me the
bravest fish you know ♪
Hear ye, hear ye ♪
King Flounder's
on the throne ♪
I'll be good, I'll do
great Blow King Triton away ♪
I'll be the best
you've ever seen ♪
The best there's ever been ♪
I'll be the
best leader ever ♪
Let's play!
Go green team!
- Ariel, I think it's time
- Huh?
For me to do some
team captaining.
- Mmm.
- I know.
- I'll give Lucia some tips.
- Uh
Hey, Lucia, I've got some tips
to help you throw the ball.
I'm good, Captain.
I've played cricket
a bunch of times.
Trust me, I'm a
really great bowler.
Just watch.
Lucia! Be sure
to bend your fin.
Flounder, Lucia said she's
played lots of cricket.
Maybe you should listen to
her before giving suggestions.
I'm just being a great
team captain by helping.
- Hey!
- Ahhh!
What now, Flounder?
I was bowling.
Try not kicking
your fin so high.
Oh. And don't
forget to have fun.
Time out!
Now, Fernie, this may be a
better way to hold the bat.
- Better if you twist to the left
- Huh?
But keep your bat down and
to the right. Like this.
Captain, this, uh, doesn't
feel quite right to me.
Can I try a new position?
No, this is the right position.
- You know what?
- Huh?
I think I'll just go ahead
and bat for you, Fernie.
Show you how.
Why don't you sit on the
bench out of the way?
So you won't get hurt.
Oh, okay. You're the captain.
Okay, green team.
Pretend these little green
shells on the board are you all.
Now, let's make a plan.
- Captain Flounder? I was thinking
- Hang on Fernie.
I have an idea.
Lucia, instead of bowling here,
I'm gonna move you over to
this bench so you can watch me.
- Wait. What? But Captain
- One second Lucia.
Fernie, I'm also gonna
keep you on the bench.
Flounder, we're
supposed to be a team.
Hang on, Ariel.
I just got another idea.
You'll be on the bench with the team
to help with any questions they have.
It'll work great.
Okay, everybody, let's
play some cricket.
Here, I'll show you
how it's done, Ayanna.
- After all, I am team captain.
- Hmm.
How about that hit, team?
Oh, yeah! Another score.
Green, green
best ever team ♪
- Go green!
- Huh?
Whoo-hoo! Yeah!
Hi, Daddy.
Is Flounder really the only
green team player on the field?
- Go green!
- I think Flounder got confused
about what it means
to be a team captain.
We're all benched.
Ah. I see.
Hey, Mr. King Triton Sir.
Look at us. We're
the best team ever!
Okay. Fins in, everybody.
Huh? What's the matter?
Uh, I don't get it.
Wasn't I being a
good team captain?
Flounder, how about we
all have a little chat?
Flounder, none of
us are having fun.
You aren't? But why?
Because all we did was sit
on the bench most of the game
while you played
the game for us.
But, I thought I was
being a good team captain.
You know, like you,
Mr. King Triton Sir.
- Hmm?
- You're a great leader.
You see, Flounder, I picked you
to be the leader of this team
and made you team captain
because you're a kind person
and you listen to others.
Now, would you say you were kind
and listening to
your friends today?
I guess I wasn't.
I didn't listen
when Lucia told me
she knew how to bowl.
And I didn't listen
when Fernie wanted to
swing the bat his own way.
When I was a younger king,
I thought bossing people
around was the way to lead.
But then I started
listening to others
and it turns out they had
a lot of really good ideas.
Listen and don't be bossy.
I get it now.
And thank you.
You're the greatest leader I've
ever known, Mr. King Triton Sir.
Yeah, well,
there's always time to learn and
still room to fix your mistake.
You're right.
But there's something
I have to do first.
- Hey, team.
- Huh?
I realized that as
the team captain,
I wasn't being a good leader.
I just bossed you all around
and didn't listen to your ideas.
And made you sit on the bench.
I was wrong. We're a team.
And I'm sorry.
So, I'm going to go
sit on the bench.
But, Flounder,
we don't want you
to sit on the bench.
You don't?
No way.
You said you were sorry.
And we still want you to
be the captain, Captain.
Really? Thanks.
Well, let's play!
Go green team!
I think this is my
best way to bat.
I love it, Fernie. Go for it.
Fantastic form, Lucia.
Thanks, Captain.
You're turning into a great
team captain, Flounder.
He sure is, Daddy.
Thank to you, my
best teachers ever.
Ariel and Mr. Your Honor,
Great Leader, Kind Triton Sir.
That's a lot of names.
Oh! My time to bat.
I have one suggestion.
And that is?
Do your best, sir.
Whoo-hoo! Let's play!
I'm making waves! ♪
I'm swimming to the
rhythm Of my own beat ♪
Playing my song and
I keep on singing ♪
Aye, aye, aye ♪
I show the world
what makes me me ♪
Turn up the melody
like Aye, aye, aye ♪
I'm making waves! ♪
I'm singing, aye ♪
I'm making waves! ♪
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