Disney Junior's Ariel (2024) s01e08 Episode Script

The Clean Team/Clamming Up

Come along with me
To my corner of the sea
Atlantica has so much in store
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
The music never ends
We're surrounded by our friends
There's always
something new to explore
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
We'll use our
voices swimming free
Imagine what we'll find
Come with me.
Oh-oh oh-oh oh
There's so much adventure
Oh-oh oh-oh oh
We'll dive in together
In this sea full of wonder
Who knows what we'll discover?
Oh-oh oh-oh oh
With Ariel
With Ariel
Let's go!
With Ariel
"The Clean Team."
Good morning, you great,
big, beautiful ocean.
Good morning, Ariel.
- Yay!
- Woo-hoo!
- Chores, chores
- Oh, no.
-It's time to do chores
-I know that song.
Tidying up and
scrubbing the floor
Chores, chores
- Mmm-hmm.
- We love to do chores
And when they're all done
We wanna do more
Is it really chores
day again, Daddy?
Flounder and I were
going to play finball
with Fernie and Lucia.
Huh? That does sound fun.
But you know what else is fun?
The chore vortex.
we swirl the water
around like this.
we toss in some chore cards,
like this.
And now,
you reach inside
and pick your chore.
Chore vortex!
I got clean my room.
I always get the
clean my room card
Which is great because
it's always so messy in here.
Dad, you have a magical trident.
Can't we just use it
to zap my room clean?
you know the rule.
We don't use magic
to do our chores.
I know.
Magic doesn't fix everything.
Cleaning your room is your job.
Okay, Daddy.
Now, if you need me,
I'll be doing my chore.
Working in the garden
Chores, chores
It's time to do chores Tidying
up and scrubbing the floors
Come on, Flounder.
We better get started.
Hey, Ariel, you coming to play?
Sorry, everyone.
It's chore day.
Oh, no.
Did your dad do the
chore vortex thing?
- Yep.
- Did he sing the song?
Oh, yeah.
Of course he did.
Which means I can't play
until I clean up all of this.
Oh! Ariel, idea.
What if we use magic
to clean your room?
I have a magic cleanup spell
that would make things
go so much faster.
I don't know.
My dad said magic
can't fix everything,
and that cleaning
my room is my job.
Are you sure?
The faster we clean up,
the faster we get
to play finball.
Okay, Lucia,
let's clean up this
room with magic.
- Hooray.
- Whoo!
A little bit of tres puntas,
and bush basil for
my ingredients.
And now some magic words.
Hold your nose and
take the plunge,
let's clean this room
with the magic sponge.
Lucia, you made a sea sponge.
- Fantastic!
- Whoa!
Look how fast that sponge
is cleaning my room.
Maybe it's going
a little too fast.
Mr., um, Sponge,
that's great that you're
going fast, but
You still have to pay
attention to what you're doing.
Lucia, that sponge is
making things messier.
We need to stop that sponge.
That's not where
these go, sponge!
That's too many toys.
She's gonna blow.
Stop that sponge!
No, no, no, what have we done?
We've got to stop
that silly sponge.
Hey, maybe we can
trap the sponge
with this land treasure.
Fernie, that flanker dooper
is just for decoration,
not for catching sea creatures.
Still, it's worth a try.
And, gotcha.
Hey, it worked.
Way to go, Fernie.
Um, what's it doing?
It can split into
smaller sponges?
That is so interesting.
- Hmm.
- What?
It is.
And now they're
loose in the palace.
That can't be good.
We have to stop them
before they make messes
all over the entire palace.
Let's split up.
Get back here, sponge.
I'll stop these sponges
with this frosty,
freezy ice potion.
- Huh?
- Uh-oh.
Oh, what a mess.
I think I might stop
using magic for the day.
Okay. Maybe my dad was right
when he said I shouldn't
use magic to clean my room.
Okay, my dad was
definitely right.
Well, one thing's for sure.
The whole palace is going
to be a total messy disaster
if we don't get those
sponges to leave.
I wonder if there's some way
we can lead them
out the front door.
But how?
All they wanna do is clean.
I mean, they're not very good
at it, but they're trying.
Well, I wish they
would try and clean me.
I'm covered in kelp soup.
Jumping jellyfish.
That's it.
You're a genius.
Thank you.
Wait. Why am I a genius?
We're going to get the sponges
to chase you
and try to clean you.
Hey, sponges
I found a big pile of toys
you forgot to clean up.
I am a big old
messy pile of toys.
Who Oh!
Who will clean me up?
Okay, the sponges are
coming to clean you.
Swim, pile of toys.
Okay, Flounder, you've
got them all chasing you.
Now lead them outside.
On it.
Okay. Come get me!
Hey, that tickles!
thanks, sponges.
And there I was,
they scrubbed me.
Head to fin, they did.
And then,
when their scrubbing was done,
off they swam into
the wide open ocean,
perhaps to find other
fish in need of scrubs.
Who knows what spongy adventures
lie in store for our
scrubby little friends?
You did a great job, Flounder.
Sorry, my magic sponges made
a mess of things, Ariel.
It's not your fault, Lucia.
My dad warned me that magic
doesn't fix everything,
and, boy, was he right!
It was my job to clean my room.
If I had just listened to him
and cleaned up my room
without using magic,
I'd be done by now,
and we'd all be playing finball.
Now I'm gonna have to
clean up the whole palace.
You all go ahead and have fun.
I'm gonna be here awhile.
No way. We're not
going anywhere.
We helped make this mess,
now, we'll help clean it up.
We can play finball
some other time.
Right now,
we clean.
We can call ourselves
the Clean Team.
Go, Clean Team!
Well, now,
this bedroom is looking
very, very clean.
We're the Clean Team, sir.
It's what we do.
I just wanted to tell
you that you were right.
I tried using magic
to clean my room,
and it led to trouble.
Oh. Really?
So much trouble.
It was my job to clean my room,
but now my friends are
helping me clean my room,
without magic.
And, look,
we're almost done.
I better get back to it.
I told you the chore
vortex was fun.
"Clamming Up."
Those are called fire fish.
They get their name from
their red and orange colors.
And seahorses sometimes
use their tails
to hold on to each other,
so they stay in a group.
Just look at all those
colorful clams swimming away.
Those clams are called eclectica
hard shell clams, Ariel.
They go by so many
different names.
Like little necks,
cherry stones,
middle necks,
chowder and quahogs.
Hmm, they look friendly.
Those names sound
silly and fun, Fernie.
They sure do.
I wish I went by lots of names.
I know.
Maybe I should go
by Fran or Frank.
Or Or Fernie.
But that's my name.
Good point. I'll just
stick with Flounder.
These nature swims with
you, Fernie, are the best.
We get to learn so much
about all the fishes
and the clams in the ocean.
Did you see that?
- See what?
- Over by the rocks.
There's nothing over there
but a mound of rocks.
I thought I saw something.
So, shall we continue
with our nature swim?
Oh, look.
There's a little clam over
there all by themself.
I knew I saw something.
Aw. They're a cute little clam.
I wonder why they didn't
go with the other clams?
Good question, Flounder.
Maybe we should
introduce ourselves.
Fintastic idea.
Hello, little clam.
My name is Ariel,
and these are my friends,
Flounder, Lucia and Fernie.
So, uh,
what's your name, little clam?
Maybe the clam is taking a nap.
Or maybe the clam doesn't
feel like talking.
Maybe, but maybe not.
How about a polite
knock-knock on their shell?
Good thinking, Lucia.
I'm knock-knocking
on your shell.
Are you there?
Are you taking a nap?
I know.
Instead of knock-knocking
on their shell,
how about I tell them
a knock-knock joke?
No one can resist those.
Okay, Flounder.
Give it a try.
Knock, knock.
Knock, knock!
Maybe the clam doesn't
like knock-knock jokes.
That's impossible, Ariel.
Everyone likes
knock-knock jokes.
And I had a really
good one, too.
Maybe we should leave the clam alone
and let them open up on their own time.
Ooh! I have a
better idea, Fernie.
How about we show the clam
how much fun we have
at the crystal cavern?
Ooh, I could show them my
collection of human stuff.
Oh, boy.
I can't wait to see
the crystal cavern.
Yes, and once the clam
sees how friendly we are,
they will open up.
This is going to be awesome.
Let's go.
But we don't even
know the clam's name.
We shouldn't show
the clam around
without knowing their name.
Then we'll give the clam a name.
- Yeah.
- Let's come up with a good one.
Well, we know Fernie
is already taken.
I really like the
clam's golden-red shell.
It's so pretty.
Yeah, the shell
looks like a ruby.
I got it, I got it.
Let's call the
little clam Ruben.
We love Ruben.
Come on, Ruben.
I'm not sure why you didn't
go with the other clams,
but we're going to
show you a great time
and be your friend.
This piece was found deep
in the waters of Atlantica,
by leading human stuff experts.
That's us.
We call it a flap-a-doodle.
Isn't that great, Ruben?
Don't you want to open
up and tell us so?
It's okay, Ruben.
How about I show you
another land treasure?
This one is called
a wiffle poof.
You use it to make
bubbles like this.
Yay! Bubbles.
Don't you just love
bubbles, Ruben?
So, we know Ruben doesn't
like knock-knock jokes,
or land treasures.
But maybe Ruben likes magic.
I'm going to make big loud
magical fireworks for Ruben.
Uh, Lucia,
maybe we should try
and do something small,
like making Ruben
a snuggly blanket
to keep them cozy.
Not what I had in mind,
but I'll make Ruben a
small, cozy blanket.
Make Ruben warm and snuggly
with a magical, cozy blankie.
Ruben looks so cute and comfy.
Do you like the blankie, Ruben?
Hi, little clam.
Uh, I mean, Ruben.
I hope you know we
are very friendly
and just want to meet you.
We hope you want to meet us.
We love to make new friends.
Um, the blanket wasn't working,
so I figured I'd
try the fireworks.
Uh, friends,
I think now might be a good time
to return the clam back
to the rocks outside.
Oh, not yet, Fernie.
Let's try one more thing.
Well, I'm out of ideas.
Oh, I always have ideas.
Great. What are they?
I think you, Ariel, should
sing the clam a song.
Ooh, that's a great
idea, Flounder.
Well, we haven't tried music.
Maybe that could work.
It has to work.
You have the most beautiful
voice in all of Atlantica.
I'm sure once the clam
hears you singing,
they will open up.
I know you want to take
the clam back outside.
I'll give it one final
try by singing to them,
and if that doesn't work,
we'll return them
back to the rocks.
- Deal?
- Deal.
But if you're going to sing,
you need backup.
Open up
No, you don't have to hide
You can show us
who you are inside
Here with us the
fun will never end
Open up, we wanna be your friend
Open up, we're right
out here for you
There's so much we
wanna share and do
We could sing and
dance and play pretend
Open up, we wanna be your friend
Come on now Open up, open up
Come on now Open up, open up
Come on now Open up, open up
We wanna be your friends
Come on now Open up, open up
Oh-oh -Come on now,
open up, open up
Oh-oh -Come on now,
open up, open up
We wanna be your friends
I hope Ruben liked the song.
Let's ask them.
Excuse me, little clam.
Did you like the song?
- Hmm.
- I don't think the clam moved at all.
This is terrible.
I can't believe
Ruben didn't open up.
Maybe Ruben didn't
like the song.
Or my voice.
That's definitely not it.
I guess it's time to take
the little clam back outside
where we found them.
I really wanted to be
friends with Ruben.
Me too.
I'm sorry we're not
going to be friends.
Just know that whenever
you're ready to open up,
we'll be happy to
be your friends.
Would you all like to say a
few final words to the clam,
before we go?
I do.
Hi, Ruben.
I really had a great
knock-knock joke to tell you.
I think you would've
liked it, too.
I'm going to miss you.
Hola, Ruben.
I wanted to know what you
thought of my fireworks show.
I wish you a magical day.
Uh, hi, little clam.
I hope we didn't
disturb you too much,
but I just wanted
to know your name.
It's Clamila.
Who said that?
Over here.
My name is Clamila.
Hello, Clamila.
You have such a lovely name.
Thank you, Ariel.
I wanted to open
up this whole time,
but it takes me a little longer
to get comfortable around others.
Jumping jellyfish!
That's it.
That makes total sense.
I don't get it.
Flounder, I think Clamila
is saying she's shy,
which is why she probably
stayed closed up the whole time.
Is that right, Clamila?
That's right, Ariel.
I am shy.
But not all the time.
Just when I meet new people.
I'm sorry we moved you
without asking you.
It's okay. We clams
move all the time.
Apology accepted.
Good to know your
name is Clamila,
but I really kinda liked Ruben.
I kind of like it, too.
But that's my brother's name.
Really? So cool.
Ariel, I think you have
the most beautiful voice
in all of Atlantica.
Thanks, Clamila.
you are one of the smartest
smart kids I've ever met.
And you sure do know
a lot about clams.
Lucia, the magical
blanket you made for me
was so comfy.
And your fireworks
show was really cool.
Would you like to
see another one?
Maybe some other time, Lucia.
- Oh, right.
- And, Flounder,
please tell me that
knock-knock joke.
Those are my favorite.
I knew it!
Knock, knock.
- Who's there?
- Lettuce.
Lettuce, who?
"Lettuce" be your new friends?
I'd love to be friends
with you, Flounder.
With all of you, really.
But I just wanna make sure
you are okay with
me being a bit shy.
Of course it's okay for
you to be shy, Clamila.
- Right, everybody?
- Yeah.
- Of course.
- Yeah.
Everybody is different,
and you're always
welcome to be yourself.
Will you teach me that song
you sang to me earlier?
I really liked that tune.
We'd be happy to show you.
Let's go grab our instruments.
Knock, knock.
Who's there?
I'm making waves
I'm swimming to the
rhythm of my own beat
Playing my song and
I keep on singing
Hey, yeah, yeah
I'll show the world
what makes me me
Turn up the melody
Like hey
I'm making waves
I'm singing hey
I'm making waves
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