Dix Pour Cent (2015) s01e01 Episode Script

Cécile de France

I'll call you back.
- Leslie? - Yes.
I'm Gabriel Sarda, Cécile de France's agent.
The guy on the phone.
You said she'd be here at noon to get her makeup done.
One o'clock.
Isn't she here? - No.
- She'll be here.
Go on! Move, damn it! Don't get mad with Biscotte! - Cécile? - Gabriel! - Where are you? - Quincampoix-Fleuzy.
- Why? - We're at the Westin.
Everyone's here.
The journalist, the photographer Shit! Oh, shit! I'm at my horse-riding class.
How many classes are you having? I thought you could ride.
Yeah, no, I I got it nailed.
No phone calls on Biscotte! I just need a bit of a refresher course, that's all.
Now you got me worried.
The Americans insisted on riding skills.
Can I trust you? Yeah.
My skills are near perfect.
It's Look, I'll get back to you.
We're heading into some woods.
- When will you be here? - In an hour.
Did you stall them? I told them a whopping great lie again.
I said your kids were - That stinks of horse! - I came straight here.
We have to fix it.
What about the Americans? Is it signed? They're supposed to get back to us today.
- Cécile! - Cécile's here.
- Sorry.
- I'm so glad.
We were worried.
We're terribly late, but it'll be okay.
I'm sorry.
It's okay! Cécile's here! I'm sorry.
Really sorry.
Turn your face like that.
Look this way.
- Everything all right? - Yeah.
There's just this No, I'm good.
There, the dimple a little.
Cécile, I've heard a rumor about you making a movie in the States.
Could you tell us a bit more? This is totally off the record, okay? Just between us.
Nothing has been signed yet.
We're waiting for the call from L.
- And? - Okay, I'll tell you.
- Yes? - It's Tarantino's next movie.
Fantastic! It's called Revenge of the Immortal.
It's about a cowgirl who becomes immortal and So sorry Gabriel, strategy change.
Quentin Tarantino won't be casting Cécile de France in his film.
Problem with her age.
Oh, fuck! Yeah, that's great.
So it's a big Hollywood production.
Yeah, it's It's like a dream for me, working with Tarantino.
MAIN TITLE Doors opening.
ASK, good morning.
Hold the line, please.
- Good morning.
- Yes me too.
- Hi, Mathias.
- Yes, 300,000.
ASK, good morning.
You're talking about a 20-day shoot.
I'm talking about his 20 years as a star.
I have to see Koltès' play this week.
Two tickets for Tuesday.
Tuesday you've got Kechiche's film.
Thursday, then.
And lunch with Audiard and Arestrup tomorrow.
I'll take that.
You have lunch with Dany Boon tomorrow.
You're a pain, Magali.
Samuel, can I see you later? I can't have lunch with Audiard and Dany Boon together.
Okay, one at noon, the other at two.
I'll eat lunch twice.
Call Clémentine, apologize, and say I can't make it tonight.
- Clémentine? The one from last week? - Did I sleep with another Clémentine? - Okay, Arlette? - Yes, gorgeous.
I don't know.
What do I tell her? She's great, but I'm getting bored with her.
No, don't tell her that! Use your brain! I don't know.
Think of something.
Say I've got a meeting or something.
Improvise! - Gabriel.
- Yes? You're not returning Cécile de France's calls? Yes, I'll I'll call her.
- Are you okay? - Yes.
- And you? - Yeah.
ASK - SAMUEL KERR AGENCY Has anyone called Marion Touitout back? Either Thursday at two or Friday at 11.
- Hello.
- Hello.
I'm here to see Mathias Barneville.
Is he expecting you? No, but it's important.
Leave your photos and résumé here.
Look, this agency has nothing but stars.
So don't kid yourself.
I'm not an actress.
I just want to see Mathias.
Your name? Camille Valentini.
He knows me.
Mathias, without an appointment I'm not promising anything.
Have a seat.
Mathias, Camille Valentini is here.
Sorry to bother you.
Hello, Camille.
Coffee, please.
- Very well.
And you? - Tea? - Okay.
- Thanks.
Why didn't you call? I don't know.
I wanted to surprise you.
What did you say at reception? I wanted to see you.
I'm not stupid.
It's nice here.
Free lollipops.
It's sugar for the coffee.
Oh, okay.
What are you doing in Paris? Are you on vacation? - Sort of.
- What do you mean? I've been here three weeks now.
Living here, giving it a go Why? Didn't you like it in Mandelieu? It's a lovely place.
People dream of living on the Côte d'Azur.
You've never wanted to.
- You had a good job.
- Oh, yeah? What was it? Selling underwear at home parties.
Have you found an apartment? A job? Yeah, a small loft apartment.
And I'm looking for a job.
So I thought that, as you know lots of people in the film industry, you could help me.
A new fad? It's not a fad, I'm serious.
I've always loved films.
I don't mind what I do.
Put tape down so the actor knows where to stand, hold their umbrellas, fetch coffee, sushi, cocaine - I know it's for me.
- Look, it's not just something you do, like dancing or judo.
- I know.
- It's an industry, and it's full of sharks.
Either you eat everyone else or you get eaten.
It's so difficult! Great! If you love the movies that much, get a frequent movie-goer pass.
I'm sorry, that's all I can do.
Yes, but I didn't know! Okay, then, twice Sorry, Samuel.
Bootlicker! Hats off to the artist! I'm going on vacation, not retiring.
First vacation in eight years.
Pull it down to stop you phoning your clients.
You don't want to hear these guys whining for two weeks.
Drink caipirinhas and mojitos look at girls' asses, and say hello to Pelé.
- Why only look? - As you like.
Thank you, everyone.
Okay, last meeting before I go.
Important news? My favorite, Pierre Niney, has been cast in The Monster's Tears as Guillaume Canet's brother.
Excellent! Not bad! Two of our actors.
And what about Guillaume Canet's contract? It's moving along.
Anything else? Gabriel? Cécile de France and Tarantino? It's not going well? I wouldn't say that.
- It's not going at all.
- Shit! - No way! - Gabriel? Yes.
After a year of back and forth between Paris and Los Angeles, horse-riding classes, English lessons they don't want her because she's too old for the part.
Cécile? - It's Hiroshima-esque! - Too old? What's the part, a kid? The thing is, it's a trilogy, three movies, which would keep her in work until 2022, a contract worth millions, and Gabriel has let it get away.
Mathias, enough! - I read in an interview - Hey! Magali! I haven't told her yet.
- No - Excuse me.
- For real? - No, it's okay.
Call later, please.
I've had enough, I'm going! Do you have an envelope? Magali! Where are you going? Don't do this, Magali.
This is criminal! I can't take anymore, Andréa.
You've wrung me dry! I know, you've told me that before.
Of course you're tired.
We all are, winter's just begun.
Have some royal jelly.
Commute by bike! It'll give you strength.
If I don't get away from here for good, I could end up taking it out on you physically! Hey! Is this how you thank me? I trained you! - I introduced you all over Paris! - I don't want to hear it! I just want to go.
You're not going, I'm firing you! You're fired! Now I have no assistant.
Would you like a promotion? No.
I mean, that's real nice of you, but I don't want to do that.
I mean, I'm only doing this part-time.
I'm an actress.
I told you, you must have forgotten.
Speaking of which, I'm in this show at the moment I'm interested.
At Porte des Lilas.
No, thanks.
You Are you coming or what? Where did you come from? I'm from the Côte d'Azur.
Near Cannes.
Cannes? Did you work at the festival? Yes, exactly.
The Cannes Film Festival.
Doing what? That depends.
At first I was in underwear.
The stars' underwear.
I dealt with emergencies.
Visible panty line, bra strap tearing I'd show up "Don't cry.
We're gonna fix this.
" - At the heart of the system.
- Right.
Yes? Okay, we'll do that.
Okay, I'll get it to you.
I have to go now.
- Do you have a boyfriend? - No.
- Not planning to have a kid? - No.
Friends in Paris? No, I just got here.
My dad, but that's complicated.
You take care of him? No way.
Okay, straight answers.
Can I call you any day at four in the morning? Will you work Sundays and do anything? Is it a problem having no evenings free? Yes, yes, and no.
Yes to everything.
Right Can you start now? I can't lie to Cécile.
It's Cécile, I like her too much.
Who's talking about lying? Simply don't tell her the truth.
Age is the one thing you can do nothing about.
An actress over 40 is very fragile.
That's like 60 for other women, or 80 for a man.
Fragility is an actor's strength.
Especially for a woman.
She's like crystal.
We all want to drink from that glass, but we know how fragile it is.
Your job is to protect it.
I know, but Shall I do it? No, you're kidding.
I can manage.
Go on, you'll miss your flight.
And forget everything.
Let it all go.
But get back quick! - Where is he? - There.
- Careful in the sun! - Bye, Samuel! Pull your hat down! I'll miss him.
I swear.
Think it over.
That makes me think there's nothing to think over.
So, what are you doing? Thinking it over a bit.
You never know.
- Don't answer.
- It's the sound.
That ringtone stresses me out.
You rejected it! You rejected a call from Cécile de France! Oh, fuck! Fuck! That's like hanging up on her! You hung up the phone on Cécile de France! You fucking did! Fuck! Fuck! Get out! Get the fuck out! He hung up on Cécile de France! Look! A star! We have roughly 80 actors per agent.
We find them parts, negotiate contracts, manage their careers And we get ten percent of their pay.
This is Hervé, Gabriel Sarda's assistant.
Noémie, Mathias Barneville's assistant.
Sorry, what's your name? - Camille.
- Camille, right.
Sit here.
Take all calls, make a note of everything, and say, "She's out at a meeting.
" Okay? Never say, "She'll call you back.
" Laters.
You're Mathias Barneville's assistant? Yes.
- What's he like? - Very nice.
Everyone else thinks he's horrible, but he's Noémie's ideal man.
"Your wife called.
Are you sure you want to go on living with her?" Bullshit! That's what you do.
Yes, Sophia? Yes.
That's Accounts.
We've nothing in common, but they're adorable.
Hello, showing someone around.
I'm Camille.
One of them is sleeping with him.
I can't say who.
The blonde.
So, as I was saying, there you can see all the They're binders, right? - Now I'll show you the Legal Department.
- Yes.
The nerve center.
Copyrights and so on.
Opening a nuclear plant in Iran is simpler than negotiating a star's contract.
These are the scripts sent to us for our actors.
Everything is based on these.
Without a script, there's no film, no money, no actors, no agents, no assistants.
Okay? There aren't many here.
Who's Arlette? Arlette Azémar, the oldest agent in Paris.
She says "impresario," not "agent.
" She represented the dinosaurs in Jurassic Park.
And Andréa doesn't read? Are you kidding? Andréa reads everything.
From big, dumb comedies to small, independent Kurdish films.
She's scared of missing something big.
What's this doing here? This is Gabriel's.
And she likes to steal other people's scripts.
- Hi, Antoine.
- Hi.
- This is Camille.
- Hi.
- This is the press room.
- Okay.
We call it "the store.
" - Hello, Nathalie.
- Hello.
This is Camille, Andréa's new assistant.
What do we have in the store today? What's in the store? A Saint Laurent suit for JoeyStarr a Prada dress for Léa Seydoux, some perfume, creams Are there any Sothys clear-skin serums? No, sorry.
Still nothing.
If it's not claimed, we take it.
Is it true that Cécile de France was turned down because of her age? She is nearly 40.
Nathalie has the best view in the agency.
Cécile! Cécile's here! Cécile's here! Gabriel! Cécile's here! - Where? - Downstairs.
Is she coming up? She's coming up! Where is she now? In the elevator? Tomorrow, yes.
I'm here to see Right, perfect.
- Oh, Hervé - Not right now! Hervé! Hervé! - Hello.
- Hello, Cécile.
- Do I still have an agent here? - Yes, why? Maybe I'm being paranoid, but I feel like Gabriel's avoiding me.
Yes? It's one o'clock, and I'm going for lunch.
- Do you want to ? - Yes.
- Join you for lunch? - Fine.
- In a minute, then.
- Yes.
What's going on here? I'm sorry.
I must take this, it's real urgent.
Yes, hello.
You look gorgeous.
I've been waiting for you to call for months! No, look Shit! Thanks, that's kind of you.
Tough day? Not tough, just very special.
Me too.
This Tarantino movie is making me I understand.
It must be quite a blow.
Meaning? Anyway, you're not missing out.
What do you care about all that? - All of what? - Your age You accept your age.
You're naturally beautiful.
Thank you.
Carry on, I'm interested.
American actresses all have the same face-lifts.
They're plastic Barbie dolls.
Okay, so they said you were too old for the part.
But that's so stupid.
I hope I look like you at your age.
Thank you.
- Goodbye.
- Goodbye.
- Hello, Cécile.
- Hello.
- What are you doing here? - I found a job.
Great, isn't it? A job? I'm Andréa Martel's new assistant.
But that's Look Look, I've I overreacted this morning, I didn't expect to see you.
But if you want me to help you find a job in the film industry, no problem.
That's nice, but I'm fine here.
For fuck sake, Camille! - It's not possible.
- Why? Because you can't.
It's impossible, it's my life! You give me nothing, so I'll do it by myself, as always! Hello.
In fact, you I mean you and him Because Mathias, you see, is married.
He's very, very married.
Are you Cécile de France? No, I'm her mother.
So, in fact I'm not really a receptionist.
Well, I am, but it's not like it's a vocation.
It's just a job to keep my family happy.
My bank manager, too.
Because, in fact, I'm an actress.
That's right.
This wine is crazy good! - Have you tasted it? - No.
It's magnificent.
I'm in a show right now at Porte des Lilas Porte des Lilas, right.
It'd be great if you could come.
That's the flyer.
It's called Absence Thank you.
You're not interested? No, it's not that, it's just that No, I got this work problem, and A work problem, Gabriel? Cécile, great! - Okay? - Yeah, and you? I tried calling you.
It's been non-stop at work today.
Still no news? Oh, yes! I was on the phone just now with Miranda Jones.
She was telling me that Give it to me straight.
I always do.
I never lie to you, Cécile.
That's not my It's just that I'm having conflicting emotions about Say it.
Look, it's real simple The movie has a historical coherence problem.
They've realized that in the Wild West in the 18th century, women got married when they were 15, had children at the age of 16 or 17, and then died at 30, 35 tops, in childbirth or from cholera or syphilis.
I never knew any of that.
So, they thought that So, they thought it'd be better to To make it a man.
A man? I know, it's crazy! That's what I told them.
- It's nothing to do with me? - No way! No way! On the contrary! She said you were fantastic.
"She was great!" She said you were the best, but Look Cécile, I know you're real disappointed but we'll bounce back, I promise you.
- We'll find - You know how much I wanted this? I know.
I know, but I'm not sure it was right for you.
And the screenplay doesn't feel like a great Tarantino - What are you doing? - Changing my agent.
What? You're a liar and a coward.
I know it's because of my age.
Why should I give you ten percent if you won't defend me? I swear, I phoned them, I tried everything.
They wouldn't listen, Cécile.
Cécile! Shit! - You wanted to see me? - Close the door.
Find out what Mathias was offered for Canet in The Monster's Tears.
- Have you asked him? - Yes.
But he won't tell me.
Then why would he tell me? He won't.
Then what do I do? Improvise.
Isn't Hervé here? - Noémie.
- What? - I've got a problem.
- Oh, yeah? - I think you can help me.
- I don't think so.
There's nothing between me and Mathias, okay? Sorry? I have no worries about that.
No, but I thought you But what were you fighting about? I mean, you've only just started here.
It's nothing, it's because I I was going out, I bumped into him, and he lost his temper.
So, what's your problem? I know nothing about contracts.
Andréa talks about clauses, due dates and so on Could I look at one of Mathias's? A recent one.
Canet's, for example? No, no, no! No, that's impossible.
He doesn't let anyone see his contracts.
Don't ask for things like that.
He'd have me whipped.
He wouldn't know.
Which bastard ratted me out to Cécile? Where's the traitor? Where's the mole? Working for the competition, huh? What's going on? Someone told Cécile she was too old for the part.
Was it StarMédia Agency? Was that it? Did they pay you? - You're being paranoid.
- She's gone! She's dumped me.
I watched her grow and become a star.
He's younger than her.
If I find out who it was who - Get off! - What's going on? Lost his stapler again? Cécile's dumped him.
She earned us a fortune.
Yes, Mathias? Of course.
Get me the number for Miranda Jones, Tarantino's producer.
I have to see her.
Okay, I'll get on it right away.
Miranda, you're looking great.
Paris suits you.
Thank you, Mathias.
I adore Paris! I lived here as a student.
I daren't say how long ago! Let me put your mind at ease.
We understand Tarantino's hesitation about the casting.
Doubt is part of being a great artist.
Yes, Quentin is overflowing with talent.
It's such a pity about Cécile, but he reconsidered the character and he wants someone under 30.
Cécile is Yes, a little older.
A little? She's 41.
She just turned 40.
She'll be 41 when we make the movie.
Yes, but admit it, she looks 30.
I'm sorry, Mathias, it's decided.
You really should try a macaron.
- It's their specialty.
- Thanks.
I don't know what to do.
Not at all.
Can't you talk to her? Me? What could I say to her? I don't know.
You're a woman, you're the same age All old ladies get along, is that it? Anyway, I'm only 34.
Thanks a lot! Sorry, that's not what I meant.
But you're so good at Give her a bit of space.
You'll only annoy her.
So Wait.
Till tomorrow at least.
- Nice bar.
- Yeah, it's okay.
Hey, look around you! What? The women, Gabriel! No, I'm not in the mood for that at all.
Oh, yeah? - Do you have a girlfriend? - No.
But you're looking, yeah? And how! Her over there.
What do you think? For you or for me? Can you get the permits to shoot in Paris? Oh, that's French paperwork! One can certainly criticize French paperwork.
It's much easier when you know the right people.
- Really? - If you need help, just ask.
I know the minister of culture.
And the prefect is a friend.
I'm not so sure.
I could introduce you.
She's a bright young woman.
And get this she loves Cécile de France! She'll probably be upset that her favorite actress has been taken off this project.
Maybe shooting in Paris won't be possible.
She doesn't need to know that.
They're very close.
It's hard to hide things from friends.
I imagine that re-creating Paris in your studios would be a huge job.
- You're bluffing.
- Not at all.
No Cécile, no Paris.
- A salvage operation? - Right! You and I have always been on the same wavelength.
Good luck.
- Hello, Mathias.
- Cécile.
Come in.
Put them here.
Nice bouquet.
They have taste at StarMédia.
I'm gardening.
Coming? On behalf of the agency, I apologize for what happened with Gabriel.
I know you're here to get me back, but there's no chance, so don't bother.
- You'll go with StarMédia? - I don't know.
I think they'll just be the same.
Everyone in this business lies.
I don't know what I'll do.
- Can you give me a hand? - Yes.
- Hand me the bucket.
- Bucket? Oh, yes.
It's okay, it's only compost.
It feeds the earth.
The earth is genuine, it doesn't know how to lie.
Look, Cécile I understand how disappointed you are.
I know you had a good relationship with Gabriel, based on trust I came to tell you I talked to Miranda.
They're willing to discuss it.
I've come a bit late Really? What did she say? She said yes to him.
Do you believe that? - He's stolen Cécile! - There are limits.
I'm gonna roast him! Come on.
Thank you, Mathias! Don't say, "It was for the good of the agency.
" Of course it was, Gabriel.
To minimize the cost of your cowardice.
Do we have to screw up because you did? Two other agencies were already after her.
If you'd given me another 24 hours she'd have come back.
- For this case, we didn't have 24 hours.
- It's not a "case.
" - It's Cécile.
- Yes, it's Cécile.
You stole Gabriel's star with true class.
Feeling righteous about that? You don't look ashamed.
Spare me the humanist act, okay? All I did was save one of the agency's clients.
Now, let me tell you something.
It was your new assistant who told her she was too old.
Where did you find her? She's a liability.
What was she doing? Trying to buddy up to her? Behavior like that puts the agency in danger.
I didn't tell Gabriel but sort it out, will you? Have a nice day.
Unlucky me, eh? I find an assistant I like, cute, with balls and a brain But I was wrong.
She's a blonde after all.
A hayseed from Provence.
What were you expecting to get from your bonding session? A selfie for a cousin? An autograph on your hick skirt? Do you realize what you did? You nearly lost us one of our top stars! Yeah, but Mathias got her back.
Keep a low profile! That's not how it happened.
I'm not a blabbermouth.
At least Mathias didn't tell Gabriel.
Did he tell you? Yes.
Get your stuff.
It was brief, but intense.
But there's a silver lining.
You're out of this shitty business.
I mean it.
Noémie, you could at least say goodbye to Camille.
Yeah, sorry, but right now I'm in a hurry.
I have to redo the spacing, correct the Bye! - Well, bye.
- Yeah.
I'm sure we'll meet again.
Quentin's thought it over.
He really wants you.
Thanks, that's great! But he wants the immortal to be a younger woman.
So, if you want the part, you have to change.
I don't follow.
You're lucky, you only need to get your cheeks done.
The You want me to have plastic surgery? No.
It's totally different.
Like liposuction, but on the face? Sorry, I'm not touching my face.
Hang on, Cécile, don't be so inflexible.
Let's hear what Miranda has to say.
It's so simple.
It's just a bit of Then it's done, all over.
Baby face! No, wait, it's easy to say "all over.
" They start with some Botox, then they can't stop.
What I want to know is if you're ready to do your cheeks.
- Do you want to play the immortal? - Yes, of course, but I don't know anymore.
Shit, yes! No! Let go of the contract! What are you doing? Look, there's your mistress.
I was walking by and he was playing with a contract.
I doubt that.
Jean Gabin hates contracts.
He's pissed on them, but he's never played with one.
- Did Andréa send you to spy? - No, not at all.
Are you Arlette Azémar? I heard you're the greatest impresario in Paris.
No need to lick my boots! - You said "impresario.
" - It's classier than "agent.
" I'll give you an answer soon, I promise.
- Goodbye, Cécile.
- Goodbye.
Cécile! Are you okay? Can we talk? We won't be disturbed in my office.
Don't overdramatize it, Cécile.
It's as simple as dyeing your hair when it goes gray.
I know, Mathias.
I'm an actress with actor friends.
We talk about it more than you say the word "euro" in a day.
It's easy.
Some do it like having a manicure or a Pilates session.
It's just that I thought I'd never have to go through it.
Wrong! It's time.
A great 40th birthday present! My wife.
How old do you think she is? - Forty? Forty-two? - She's 51.
Botox every year for the frown lines hyaluronic acid for the nasolabial folds, reworked cheekbones and her eyelids two years ago.
It's well done.
Doesn't it bother you? No, on the contrary.
She has a good surgeon? The best.
Miranda? Mathias Barneville here.
Cécile has agreed.
No problem at your end? Fine.
She can get back in the saddle.
Yes, we'll be in touch.
Talk to you soon.
I have the figures you wanted.
Camille I'll call you back, okay? Yeah.
Camille, wait! Camille! Richard, hello.
The Chekhov was fabulous.
Okay, let me have the figures.
And? I'll keep you.
- Definitely? - Yes.
Oh, shit! Thank you! I want this job so bad! I'm gonna give it everything! Oh, shit! You going to your office? Yeah.
You bet! - It's hot.
- Yeah.
- What are you doing? - Working.
Alice Tiscalini.
Do you know her? She's real good.
I don't know if you deserve to see.
She catches the light well.
Especially her butt! Well, you arrived just as she She's done a bit of theater and some shorts.
She's all ready for us.
Virgin territory.
So, when Cécile changes her agent, you rush to find a replacement? It's like getting dumped and going straight on Tinder! - Did you do that when you were dumped? - Stop it, Arlette! I think Samuel forgot to teach you about tenacity.
What do you expect me to do? Since she went with Mathias, she won't even talk to me.
If she's gone with him he must suit her.
You think so? - What? - You think so? - That she's better off with Mathias? - You're kidding.
I know Cécile.
She hates guys like Mathias.
- Well - He must have bamboozled her.
Yeah, you're right, just lie there and do nothing! Hello, I'm looking for Cécile de France.
She's down there.
Cécile! We have to talk.
- What are you doing here? - Stop! Yeah, but I can't! Cécile, you're really bad at that.
You told me you'd got it nailed.
- You lied.
- I didn't lie, Gabriel.
I just thought I'd soon be good enough.
Then it wouldn't have been a lie.
- Look how bad you are! - You lied to me, too! There's lying and there's lying.
I just didn't want to hurt you.
- Wait! - Get away, sir! Cécile, hold on! Grab hold of his mane! Cécile, sit up straight! Be careful, you're coming to the road! - When do you go to the clinic? - Tomorrow.
No comment? No, I understand why you're doing it.
It's worth it.
It's - We so wanted to do this movie.
- Yeah.
It's a great clinic.
Mathias found it.
Well, if Mathias found it You're an idiot.
Can you come with me? I'm afraid.
Mathias doesn't have time.
- Please! - We'll see.
"We'll see.
" Thanks for the lift.
You didn't have to.
Yes, I did.
Don't look like that.
I've made my mind up.
It's not that big a deal.
No, go on, you're right.
People do it all the time.
I did some research, it's fine.
See you later.
I'll call you after.
Yeah? Yeah.
I have an appointment with Dr.
- I'm Cécile de France.
- Hello.
Have a seat.
I'll tell the doctor.
She's here.
- Ms.
Cécile de France? - Yes.
- The doctor will see you in a minute.
- Thank you.
- Still here? - I knew you'd never do it.
Never! - You're a good actor.
- No, that's you.
A fucking great actress! I'll never be the immortal.
Go! Gabriel, my guardian angel, will you be my agent? And how! I've made a list of some interesting profiles.
Noémie, hand me Canet's contract.
A drama prize - A man or a woman? - Well Check it.
Excuse me, dear colleagues.
You look smug.
We lost a big contract.
But we kept a great actress.
But lost a big contract.
A call from Rio.
Put him through.
It's Samuel! Samuel, we're in a meeting.
You're on speaker.
- They speak Portuguese in Brazil! - It's not Samuel.
I'm Jean-Louis d'Entremont.
I'm calling you from the French consulate in Rio.
I'm afraid I have bad news for you.
Samuel Kerr has passed away.
Sorry? He died in hospital as a result of What? According to what I was told he swallowed a wasp.
Is this a joke? No, I'm sorry.