Dix Pour Cent (2015) s01e02 Episode Script

Line & Françoise

1 The wreath is ready, we just need the ribbon.
His name? - Samuel.
- Very well.
He should never have gone on vacation.
How stupid.
And the cause of death? I heard some story about a Brazilian prostitute.
No! What nonsense.
You shouldn't listen to rumors.
He swallowed a wasp.
So you can live an exciting life but still have a shitty death.
Andréa, Samuel is dead.
I've lost a very dear friend.
I know, Françoise.
So have I.
- But I've lost my agent, too.
- I understand.
I'm ready to take over.
Yes This movie All the Way, by Gabor Rajevski? Yes, that's it.
All the Way, yes.
I don't think I'm going to do it.
I'm asking you to let them know.
Shooting starts in three weeks.
It all revolves around you.
Fabian? Excuse me, but I loved you in your last Thank you, madam.
You were fabulous.
Françoise maybe we could delay the start a little, so you have time to get over this.
It's a really dark movie.
I need optimism.
Françoise, you mustn't react in the heat of your grief.
Think of Samuel.
What would he have wanted? For you to be strong.
For us to go on making movies.
Powerful, intense movies, like Gabor's.
I want to see my daughter, to travel.
I must follow my instinct.
Samuel would've understood.
But we can't talk about instinct.
Let's be professional.
You have no family.
You're devoted to your job.
I have a life.
It's different.
But there are people counting on this movie, who've fought to get it made.
You can't throw it all in the air.
You just can't! Don't you realize? At what age do these whims stop? - Sorry.
- Samuel was a class above.
I'm sorry, I Why do I even stay with this agency? Here, ladies.
What do you think? Yes, it's perfect.
Working till after ten every day is crazy.
I'm burnt out after only 10 days.
How do you have a life? We don't.
I can't hold onto a guy for over a month.
I haven't had sex since since Samuel died! Six days! I know, I'll forget how! I haven't had sex for three months.
- Three months? - All right! No sex for three months? And I'm not about to meet anyone here.
I could almost make a sacrifice for you! Three months, Camille! It's unhealthy.
- I'm walking up.
Coming? - No way! You'll get a flabby ass! Doors closing.
Doors opening.
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
- What'll happen now your boss is ? - I don't know.
We're waiting to hear from the lawyer to know what Samuel's wishes were.
- Don't be so familiar.
- We're alone here.
Camille! Have I done anything inappropriate? Apart from getting a job here? I just do my job, I don't even look at you.
Even I don't know that I'm your daughter! Good morning.
It's like a gangster's funeral.
I don't like sloths! What's this? I agree with you.
The funeral will be at ten on Thursday, at Père Lachaise.
Yes, we're expecting a big crowd.
No, it is neither the time nor the place to hand Valérie Lemercier your script.
Right, see you Thursday.
Crazy! They think his funeral is Cannes! I've had fashion houses calling, wanting to lend dresses for the funeral.
Give me the list of your guests for the homage on Thursday night.
It bothers me, you sitting there.
Here! It's a chair.
No, it's Samuel's place.
He died six days ago.
Why not sit there? It's Camille's seat.
Right, Camille? Yes.
Let's not waste time on details.
We have urgent problems.
Starting with Samuel's clients.
On that note, I have bad news.
Arditi's going.
He says we won't last six months.
When did you hear this? He called yesterday.
I splashed out on lunch, a 250-euro bottle of wine Nothing doing! Samuel's clients account for 18 percent of our turnover.
We can't lose them.
If word gets out, they'll leave us in droves.
So, I've considered how to share them out among us.
Here's what I suggest.
Open to discussion, of course.
An Excel spreadsheet with what each person earns? Exactly.
I see! I get one male actor with cirrhosis? Really? No? Yes! You want Françoise Fabian? I saw her this morning.
You approached her before we talked? No, Herr Kaporal, I didn't "approach" her! She asked to see me.
Does she want you? Yes.
Well, it's complicated.
She's upset and says she doesn't want to do Gabor's movie.
I'll call her.
No, Mathias, I'm dealing with her! She needs to talk to someone who's reassuring and emotionally stable.
Or someone who really loves cinema? That's enough.
You were so reassuring with Cécile de France! Andréa, we can't let that movie go! Fix it in 24 hours or I'll step in! You asked Françoise Fabian "At what age do these whims stop?" You're a legend! A legend of embarrassment.
Well you're going to eat, right? Yeah.
Don't tell Mathias, will you? Of course not.
I swear, it's a magnificent movie.
What a waste.
You'll find someone else.
You're joking.
Shooting starts in three weeks.
Do you think Mathias is right? That I'm unstable and not reassuring to my clients? No, no, not at all.
Maybe you could work a little on your impulsiveness, but Oh, what next? I show some character, so I'm labeled "impulsive"? If you don't show authority, you get trampled on.
It pisses me off! Dinner's ready! There Now, this is Who's this? Florence, my ex.
You know Oh, yeah.
But that was a long time ago.
A year.
A year and a bit.
Why did the bitch leave you? No, she's not a bitch! She left because I worked too much.
I wanted a kid and she didn't.
It's in the past.
I'm over it now.
What are you doing? You said it's in the past.
- You know what? - What? I think I could have a kid with you.
That's the wine talking.
I'm sure you'd be a great dad.
Oh, yeah? Your clients call you "Pops.
" Do you want kids? I don't know.
There's nothing to be ashamed about.
No, but it's complicated when you only sleep with girls.
And you've never slept with a guy? Yeah, of course I have.
And? It's not so bad.
It's funny.
But I prefer girls, end of story.
I always feel guys are conning me.
But if I had to choose between an anonymous Dutch donor and a friend, I'd go for the friend.
Is this an offer? I'm touched, anyway.
I'll find out if she can see you.
Rebecca Vialle, Rebecca Vialle, Rebecca Vialle - Yes, Camille? - Andréa! One of your actresses is here, Rebecca Vialle.
Can you see her? - She's here? - In the corridor.
Is Rebecca Vialle on my agenda for today? But she is a client.
She hasn't worked for two years, she's just on my list.
If we don't help her, she won't find work.
She started crying.
Actresses can cry at will.
Did you get the cashmere shawl for Françoise Fabian? Yes, it's been sent.
Here's the bill.
- You got green? - Yes, a lovely green.
You don't give an actress anything green.
It's bad luck.
Shit, no! Hello, Line.
So nice of you to come.
I'm really pleased.
Sorry, it's a bit off the cuff.
Not at all.
It was a good idea.
It's great to see you.
Our Samuel It's hard to believe.
It must have been such a shock for you.
He was your mentor, wasn't he? Yes, we've all been orphaned.
Do you know that barely two months ago, he and I had lunch at this very table? What a good friend.
What a gentleman! I felt a foot slip into the grave.
But I pulled it right out again.
Yeah! You're not the melancholy kind.
Melancholy? No, no Is that story about an orgy in Rio de Janeiro true? No, I swear, he really did swallow a wasp.
What an idiot! I picked a shitty bike, so by the time I got there If she hadn't put it in the garbage, I'd have It was really expensive, too.
Do some photocopying.
A lot of photocopying.
A lot.
Shit! - Hello.
- Hello.
Everything okay? It's playing up.
No, it's working fine.
The contrast is real good.
A nice gray balance.
You're Camille, right? - Yeah.
- Okay.
Do you work here? - I've never seen you before.
- I'm an actor.
Haven't you seen me in Andréa's files? Hippolyte Rivière.
Yes, I have.
Do you have an appointment? No, but I'm glad I came.
What can I do for you? Start by relaxing again.
And come for a coffee on the terrace? I'm busy.
You need an appointment.
Well thanks, anyway.
Have a nice day.
Samuel was a great agent.
But there aren't many major roles for a woman my age.
I don't know why.
We're the same as we were at 40, only worse! Shouldn't that inspire people? I want movement, action, energy I want you to find me something powerful.
Something throbbing with life! Do you follow me? Yes.
Yes, because Line, we have a great project at the agency right now and I thought of you.
- Really? - Yes.
With Michel Piccoli.
I adore Michel! It's a movie by Gabor Rajevski, you know? He won that prize at Cannes three years ago.
I'm sensing something very complicated.
No, Line, not at all.
On the contrary, it's very committed.
Oh, I talk "commitment" with the Chiracs.
It's like Bonnie and Clyde with octogenarians.
You know I don't like violence.
That's just it It treats it with finesse.
It's suggested.
It's the story of an elderly couple, hit by the financial crisis, who start doing hold-ups.
They get a taste for it, get carried away on this crazy spree, and in the end they hold up They hold up a bank boss Wonderful! They steal all his money and run away to the Pacific? I love it! They're trapped by a SWAT team and jump from the 17th floor, but It's like they're as free as the birds.
Why did you think of me for the part? Well because Because it's powerful, throbbing with life And shooting starts in three weeks.
Three weeks? Why so soon? At first Françoise Fabian was going to take the part.
But that doesn't change anything with regards to you.
What happened? - Did she get another offer? - No.
No, she was just a bit A bit tired.
Line Renaud in a Gabor Rajevski movie? I think that sounds real good.
Why not? So, how many? Gabriel said 80 people, tops.
Then chop his list.
Hang on! Mathias has 50 on his.
It's proportional to what he brings in for the agency.
- Hello.
- Hello.
Okay, but I'm adding Gabor Rajevski to my list.
Hold the line, please.
- Hello.
- It's okay.
Are you looking for Andréa? I'll take you to her.
Your producer is here.
Françoise phoned, said you were odious.
That's so dishonest! She'd already made her mind up.
Piccoli says if it's not Françoise, he won't do it.
Without Samuel, you fall apart! Using Samuel's death against us is really low, Emma.
I've been on this project for four years, read all 18 versions, I even took Gabor for a rest cure when we lost a regional grant! I've slaved for this movie! But it's dead.
No, Samuel is dead.
That's what "dead" means.
A movie is never dead! - We'll find a solution.
- "We'll find a solution.
" To replace Françoise Fabian? A great 80-year-old actress, whom Gabor likes, who doesn't have Alzheimer's and is free in three weeks? We don't have to replace Françoise Fabian.
I'm going to persuade her to come back.
I can do it.
Hello, Françoise, it's Andréa Martel, I want to apologize for yesterday.
You caught me by surprise, the decision was a bit blunt.
No, I don't mean you were blunt.
You were Great! To re-record your message, press 1.
To hear it back Yes, hello, Françoise, it's Andréa Martel.
I want to apologize.
I'd really like to talk to you.
I have great admiration for you.
It's awful to think I may have upset you.
I really feel like a piece of shit! Hello, Françoise, it's Andréa Martel.
- You may hang up.
- I Oh, fuck! Fuck it! There! Shit! Book me a massage, please, not before eight.
Yes, Gabriel? What's that? - Line Renaud.
- Yes.
Line Renaud to replace Françoise Fabian in Rajevski's movie.
What an idea! Line Renaud in a Rajevski movie? Genius, huh? Why not Enrico Macias? I'd rather die than listen to this.
What? Line Renaud is beautiful, the right age, and very popular.
Gabriel, you've totally lost it! I like Line Renaud.
She's cabaret, she's joie de vivre, but she's not right for this.
- Not in a movie by Gabor! - Ask him what he thinks.
I'm not going to humiliate myself.
I know he'll say no.
It could save the movie.
It'd be another movie.
Now let me work.
Not that you understand how I work.
You can be such a snob, Andréa.
It's pitiful! I have convictions, that's all.
Who's Line Renaud? Are you okay? I'm having doubts.
- Want some carrot juice? - No, thanks.
When you've finished having doubts, call Line Renaud back.
No, I don't change my mind all the time, but I reread the script.
- I think I got carried away.
- Really? It's really violent.
Cutting out someone's eye isn't your thing.
- Well, if it's funny - Funny? Look, I'm going to the Lido I'll call you.
No, Gabor, you're not going to die.
Drink hot lemon and honey and watch funny videos on the web.
If not that, then porn.
It's life-affirming.
I'll call you tomorrow.
Take care.
Sorry about that.
I'm here.
Hélène, if there's anything you need, you can count on us.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
You're here because you were my husband's partners, so you should be informed that Samuel didn't leave a will.
So I inherit all his shares.
So you now own 60 percent of the agency.
Don't worry, I don't intend to take on any duties in the agency.
No, I want to sell.
What will become of ASK without Samuel? I know some clients have left, and Françoise Fabian won't do Rajevski's movie.
I don't want to see a life's work go up in smoke.
I'd rather sell up first.
To whom? I don't know.
To the fastest and highest bidder.
Excuse me, Hélène, but we're your partners, not your enemies.
Don't just decide like We have to discuss what Samuel would have Excuse me.
We can buy Samuel's shares.
What do you mean, "we"? Us.
The four of us.
You're the richest out of all of us, by far.
I have nothing, my parents have nothing, I rent, I don't have a cent to put into it.
The same for me.
Okay, I own a studio apartment, but my brother lives there, so I have my life insurance.
Money can be had.
Yeah, sure, when you already have plenty! You could earn more by making different artistic choices.
By representing people I have absolutely no interest in? By negotiating huge contracts for shitty movies, and ending up a loathsome individual? - Andréa - Aren't I right? You're the one who wants the buyout! You'd rather ASK disappeared? Hang on.
If we're sold, we won't necessarily disappear.
Best case, Hélène sells to a discreet financier and nothing changes for us.
Worst, we're swallowed up by a big group that we can't fight against.
A bit like having you as our boss! Thank you, Arlette! ONLINE BANK Want to taste life's pleasures? We want a threesome with a mature woman New on the site lost About to log off, then I saw you Thanks.
Good call.
It's weird, talking to a stranger.
Like a party.
Except there's no booze Not that I don't like a drink.
You visit these sites often? A bit I come and I go.
You'll see, it's fun.
I like fun But I want a real relationship.
What? Fuck! Thank you! Hi! You have wicked eyes.
- I'd like to see them! - Could happen Whenever you like Have you left? Is that how these sites work? I hate girls who act like guys.
And I don't like little girls like you! Leave me alone! Here.
- Okay, sweetie? You're late.
- Coffee? Yes, thanks, Damien.
I didn't sleep well.
Partying? - Go on, excite me.
- Yeah, it was wild! I spent the night doing credit simulations on my bank's website.
And you? Well I did my accounts, too.
I might as well spend what I have on the agency.
I have no kids, apart from Jean Gabin.
So, what's the point? You're all my family.
All of you and my actors.
Do you want to pee? You want to pee, Jean Gabin? Wait, he's peeing! Cheeky of Gabriel to suggest Line Renaud to replace Françoise Fabian.
You think it's cheeky? I love Gabriel, he makes my life about 36 percent better, but at times he can get it so wrong! When you know the history between Line and Françoise, you know it's cheeky.
What history? They can't stand each other.
Really? I've never heard that.
It's beneath them to show it.
They met at the Régence, a restaurant where everyone used to go to party.
Line was a well-known singer, she'd already released "My Cabin in Canada.
" Françoise was just out of the conservatoire, where she'd met Guess who.
I don't know.
- Françoise was with Samuel? - Yes! Until she introduced him to Line.
Do you follow me? I didn't have all the background.
And then? The two women fell out, and they've never patched it up.
Line became a music-hall star and Françoise made a career in art-house movies.
Buñuel, Malle, Rohmer, Demy Deep down, I think that Françoise would have liked to be a singer.
And Line, a New Wave actress.
Each hates the other for doing what she didn't? Exactly.
ASK, good morning.
10 o'clock at Père Lachaise, that's right.
A package for Andréa? Thanks.
Sofia, I need a favor.
Hold the line, please.
Hervé is snowed under with the funeral Yes, I had a manicure.
- Yes? - Sofia! Deliver directly to the agency.
Send these photos to Caroline Braudel, the casting director.
Can I count on you? Yeah, anything that's a pain to do! ASK, hello.
Hold the line.
Excuse me.
Gabriel! Why put the brunette among all the blondes? It's a strategy, a way of making her stand out.
Oh, yeah.
Yes, sorry What a surprise! Françoise! Andréa.
I've just been to a screening.
- How are you? - Very well, thank you.
- I'm sorry.
- It's forgotten.
I got carried away.
In any case, Gabor respects your decision.
It was a big blow for him, but he doesn't hold it against you.
He's a bright young man.
How is he? To tell the truth pretty good.
Really good, actually.
- Really? - Yes.
I'm glad to hear it.
Even though it was a A shock, he soon bounced back.
The spark can return so quickly in this business.
Yes, that's true.
It's still confidential, but you were part of the project so I can tell you.
We're going with Line Renaud.
- Line Line Renaud? - Yes.
Gabor came up with the idea.
I thought it was crazy, you and Line couldn't be more different, but Françoise Fabian decided not to do the movie.
That close to the starting date! That's not right at all.
Apparently, she's tired.
Very tired.
Gabor is so keen.
He thinks it's great casting against type.
He convinced me, anyway.
That's wonderful.
You see her on-screen so rarely.
What was her last movie? Oh, yes, Les Ch'tis.
How old is she? I don't know.
For her last birthday, the candles cost more than the cake! She's a great actress.
Oh, yes, a great actress.
Such allure! Yes, those blue eyes, that legendary gaze When she appears in a movie, you immediately feel smarter.
If she played a Nazi, you'd find her appealing.
She's la femme française! She has a place in every Frenchman's heart.
She has an elegance that's ever so slightly unyielding.
She can be scary.
She's the eternal female friend.
- I still think the role was made for you.
- Really? I've turned Françoise Fabian.
- No.
- Yeah! She's coming back to do the movie.
- How did you do it? - I did a Mathias.
I told her that Gabor wanted Line Renaud.
I manipulated her with lies.
- I hate doing that.
- I know, but it feels so good! Finding the G-spot of an actress's lust for life! The power of rivalry.
This is a great business, huh? All is well.
The movie's saved, Gabor will be ecstatic.
- When I think about it - What? Line Renaud in a Gabor Rajevski movie.
It's absurd! Yes? He wants me! I just spent two hours with Gabor.
We're in love! We start shooting in three weeks, children! Thank you, Gabi.
My little miracle! Champagne! What do we look like? Like discerning people, Andréa.
People who understand Gabor's cinema, and whose intuition can save the most desperate situations.
No one asked you to interfere.
No, you were freaking out.
But I was still in control of the situation! I wanted to help.
You were showing off to your new client! That part wasn't written for anyone but Françoise Fabian! So tell Line Renaud to get out of the way! You go tell Françoise Fabian that the part's already taken! Gabriel, I'm not playing! Do as I say! Do not order me around! All you do is screw things up! All you do is insult your clients! You don't need anyone, Andréa! I certainly don't need you and your stupid ideas! And when you're 40 and want a kid, find someone else for that, too! Exactly! So, I will still own 17 percent of the shares? Yes.
We thought that you'd appreciate the income in memory of Samuel.
There's nothing to do, you'll just get the profits.
How nice of you to think of my pension.
Unless the real reason is that the four of you couldn't raise enough to buy all the shares.
We've made a huge effort to make you this offer, Hélène.
Gabriel's mortgaged his apartment, Andréa's taken a 20-year loan, Arlette's life insurance And you become the majority shareholder and boss of ASK.
By increasing our profits, we'll be able to buy you out completely in about a year.
Have you ever cheated on your wife, Mathias ? Sorry, but I'm not the confiding sort.
Samuel cheated on me a lot, usually with actresses.
- But I imagine you knew that.
- Not really, no.
You'd think that as you grow older, you'd come to terms with it, accept it I didn't.
I'll tell you something.
I hate actresses.
So, you see the thought of getting a percentage from their performances disgusts me.
Sorry, Mathias, but I'll have to look at the other offers I've had.
- The check, please.
- Other offers? Oh, yes.
People are only too quick to come jumping over dead bodies.
See you, Sofia.
See you.
It's really late.
Andréa's already gone.
- Good evening.
- Yes, sorry.
What can I do for you? Andréa left a script here for me.
No, she didn't.
See for yourself! Thanks, Camille.
Imagine there's an invisible line between us.
If I film you like this at the start That's something weird that directors do, to imagine the shot.
It doesn't even look good.
There are still people who want to try.
My mom does these little classes in hair styling On you, for example, I can see that takes work.
- Which star is that? - No one! When you watch movies love scenes They really do it.
- No.
- Yes, they do it for real.
They really kiss.
They do it like that? More or less.
How could Gabor be unsure about which one to choose? He dreamt of Françoise for that part.
Okay, Line really has something, but To be honest, no.
What will I tell Françoise if he doesn't want her now? I don't believe this! I can't concentrate! I'm sorry.
I'll be late.
Where are my things? I'll take you on my scooter.
Really? So fucking sweet! Correct me if I'm wrong.
Françoise Fabian and Line Renaud want the same part, and whichever one doesn't get it will hate us, leave the agency and destroy our reputation? Is that right? How did we get in such shit? Ask Gabriel.
Ask Andréa.
Can't we call a truce? We're burying Samuel, remember? Thank you.
Good evening.
On behalf of ASK, I'd like to thank you for coming.
I'll hand over to a great friend of Samuel, Mrs.
Françoise Fabian.
Good evening.
A few weeks ago, I was having dinner with Samuel.
He said something wonderful which still resonates with me today: "How lucky you actors are to have a job which is all about 'playing.
' That's why you remain children: you play parts.
You play so as not to grow up, you play so as not to die.
" Samuel, we try to remain big children full of passion.
But on this sad day, we're not in the mood for playing.
We miss you terribly.
Thank you.
He wouldn't have wanted us to cry.
Would you? You'd have wanted us to laugh! Samou was full of joy, free, a mad dog! How we used to party, back in the day.
We had so much fun one time, that I went on stage still giggling and couldn't even start my song! We miss you, Samou.
But I promise you one thing.
We shall continue to laugh however much your absence makes us want to cry tonight.
Thank you, Samou.
Yes, we must fight sorrow.
Samuel really enjoyed laughter but he was also a man of great depth.
The light of your intelligence has gone out, Samuel leaving us all in the dark.
Thank you.
You loved a good song especially this one.
You used to say this was "our song.
" Yes, tell us, Samou.
Why not take them both? Bonnie and Clyde at 80 is iconoclastic, but with two women, it becomes modern, feminist Blue is the Warmest Color meets Tarantino! - You mean a real female couple.
- Yes.
Lesbians, but elderly.
Line Renaud, Françoise Fabian.
We just saw them.
Each one is a star, but in her own genre.
But together Did you see how they lit it up? They're born hold-up artists! If we don't win the Palme d'Or at Cannes I'll quit! That's not bad.
It's totally unexpected, it's radically irreverent.
Everyone will be talking about it.
And you get two stars cast! - We'll give you a good price.
- Of course.
Outjet! Yes, outjet.
Well, then Outjet! Outjet! - Would you care for some? - No, thanks.
You had to run? In the cemetery? Yes, I ran in the cemetery.
- Everyone was around the grave and you - Hippolyte! - This is Catherine, my mom.
- Hello.
This is Camille, Andréa Martel's new assistant.
Poor you! - You knew Samuel well? - Yes.
My husband worked with him for over 15 years.
Speak of the devil.
Mathias! The whole family's here now.
No introductions necessary.
Camille is Andréa's assistant.
Yes, Hippolyte told me.
I didn't know your son was an actor.
You could have told me! What does it change? I'm thirsty.
Shall we get a drink? I really want you! No, someone might come in.
No one will come in.
Hang on, just I don't really remember.
What did we do last night? - That gets you hot, huh? - Really, Hippolyte! Really? You don't remember anything? Did we ? Did we what? Screw? Yeah.
Can't you say the word when you're sober? Tell me! We went back to my place, we made out, I carried you to my bed, I tucked you in and nothing.
- You fell asleep in two seconds.
- Really? Yes, really.
Thank you! A Tavernier movie about the Algerian War.
Great! There's no part for you.
Only a few Kabyle characters.
What, don't I look like a Kabyle? What about Gallienne's movie? Can I read the script? What's happening? At least tell me what it's about.
Sorry about yesterday.
Line Renaud was a genius idea.
I'm sorry, too.
I won't abandon you when you want a baby at 40.
I'll take you to Holland.
Bastard! If it wasn't for you, I think I might quit this business.
Yes, Sue Ellen! What are you playing at with my son? I didn't know he was your son.
He didn't tell me.
- Did you hit on him? - No! - Yeah? - No! - You're being totally reckless! - That's rich, coming from you! You're the one who lies to everybody! You're a coward! - Shut up! - You never took responsibility for us! Keep away from my family.
I'm your family, too! Do you have a light, Noémie? No, I don't smoke.
Don't sweat it.
Sorrows, men they all go up in smoke.