Dix Pour Cent (2015) s01e03 Episode Script

Nathalie & Laura

Cécile! Yeah, great.
Okay, right Yeah, yeah Yeah, call me back.
So long.
Cécile - What? - The tax audit.
That letter to Mr.
Yes, I sent it.
I took the letter, put it in an envelope, and I Oh, shit! What do you pay your assistant for? Laura.
Coffee Thanks.
Gabriel will be right with you.
No, Gabriel, you can't always put it right! We had a call this morning about the tax audit.
It's gone to another department.
Jarron was our only ally.
Maybe it's time to get our books in order.
Are you fucking with us? Is life one huge joke to you, one big soap bubble? Are you that stupid? Laura is here! Make her a coffee.
Already been drunk! "I didn't know what to do with my hands, I had no control over my voice.
You don't know how it feels to be acting terribly.
You remember " No, that's wrong.
"I'm a seagull.
" I'll tell Mathias you're here.
"Remember when you shot the seagull? One day a man came along and destroyed it just to pass the time.
" Chekhov, The Seagull, act four.
Nina to Treplev.
- Wonderful.
- I love it.
I did it at the conservatoire.
Mom? Well, well! Mathias.
Nathalie Baye is here.
It's not easy to learn lines amid all this noise.
Really concentrate on it at home.
You'll remember it for the rest of your life.
Sorry, we were having a crisis meeting.
A little hitch.
A crisis or a hitch? Even a catastrophe is just a hitch to Gabriel! - Shall we? - Let's.
- Laura.
- Yes? Emmanuel, make her stand up straight.
Gabriel, Mom! Gabriel.
A good story? You don't often see scripts that good.
It's complex, it's coherent She inhabits an incredible universe.
- Read it, you won't refuse.
- I don't see why I'd want to.
Laura Smet, you're being considered for Solveig Akerfelt's next film.
No? That's amazing! She's coming to Paris tomorrow just to see you.
No one knows.
This is super fucking exclusive! - Has anyone else been approached? - Only you.
No one else.
It's yours! This is the only copy in France.
Okay, it's just 120 pages bound with a piece of plastic, but I swear, Laura, it's the bomb! There.
I can't wait to find out.
I'll wait for Laura.
I think you owe me dinner.
- I'll book somewhere.
- You'd better! - Bye.
- See you soon.
I'll get those promo dates to you.
Yes, all right.
"Fucking exclusive!" - You didn't talk to each other? - No.
- Is it the same part? - No, the mother and daughter.
Think you can do that? We could see you on-screen together for the first time.
Oh, right.
- We've always wanted to.
- It's great! Does the director know we're really ? No, she doesn't know at all.
- Magic! - What fun! Well, I'll call you.
- Bye.
- See you soon.
- ASK, hello.
- Goodbye.
- Where'd you get it? - My moles.
More subtle than yours! I fought like a maniac to get Laura to work with Akerfelt.
Her and her alone! So? She'll be auditioning.
And so will Nathalie, to play the mother.
A lucky stroke of fate.
- What's the problem? - The problem? People'll say Laura got it because she's the daughter of I was thinking of the agency.
Nathalie Baye and Laura Smet on the same billing is good for us all.
Excuse me, I have work to do.
Yeah, right! Dominique, hello.
Mathias Barneville here.
How are you? Good.
I'm calling because I have a little favor to ask of you.
The daughter of a friend of mine wants to work in the film industry.
She's just come to Paris, she's 22, she has no experience, but she's smart and hungry.
I'm sick of spending the GDP of Somalia on just a sandwich.
Welcome to Paris! That'd be fantastic.
Camille Valentini.
- Mathias! - Yes? Something you need? Can I help you? No.
I was looking for a script.
I must have left it at home.
- Antoine, hasn't Sharon Stone called? - No.
- She's not interested.
- She calls me when she's in Paris.
"I need you, I have to see you!" She never stops hassling me! - Thanks for waiting for us! - Sorry, I have work to do.
An invitation to the Césars! I didn't get one.
Neither did I.
Assistants don't get invited.
What's that all about? What's that invitation all about? Who is it from? No, I know what it is! It's because the other night with Andréa I worked very late.
And I fixed a blouse for her that she's really fond of.
So, I guess she wanted to thank me with this invitation.
And I gave her a recipe for pistou.
It must be for that.
- She must have wanted to - I hate you.
I may have a solution for the tax audit.
A new brain for Gabriel? I'll pitch in for that! An ex of mine.
He's high up in the tax office.
"He"? It's been a long time, but I could try to talk to him.
Sleeping with a man won't have been all in vain.
No, just boring.
Call him.
We don't really have a choice.
Want some? You can't go on a hunger strike every time Mathias shits on you.
How did he get the script? I spent hours on the phone with Akerfelt's assistant.
She swore I was the only one who had a copy.
It wasn't you? What do you take me for? Maybe you told Noémie without meaning to.
Yeah! "Oops, I just gave away where Jesus is hiding without meaning to.
" How did that asshole do it? - I'm doing a cinema course.
- Yeah? I just appeared in a short.
I'll go and get him.
- Doing a cinema course? - Yeah.
I do deliveries to pay my way through college.
Oh, right! Solveig Akerfelt's next movie? - Can I see? - Well, it's confidential, but Give me your number, I'll keep you informed.
Okay, great.
Hugo I'm Hervé.
- Nice to meet you.
- Hugo's a lovely name.
- What? - Nothing.
Well, what's done is done.
There's no point dwelling on it.
We have more urgent matters.
Caroline Braudel chose these two for the casting, and we have a problem.
- Who's Sofia Leprince? - That's the problem.
Did you put your photo in that envelope? - I was right to, she wants me.
- No! Sofia You can't pretend to be on our books.
I don't know how well you act.
It's professional ethics! - You don't know? - No.
Then come and see my show.
No one offers me auditions! Well, now I've landed one! No, you didn't land it, you stole it! - Did you say "stole"? Stole it, me? - Yes.
No, I added my photo, that's all.
- Does she want to see me? - That's not So she likes my looks? What's it to you if I go? In a minute.
You didn't mind me covering up your lies to Cécile de France, but now you suddenly have principles! Now calm down! Calm down, okay, Sofia! Now you have scruples! It's always the same with you - Hello, Laura? - Gabriel! Yes.
Gabriel, we're talking! Gabriel! I've asked everyone to see my show.
No one's come! I've asked Barneville, Andréa, even the old lady with her mutt! Just a second, Laura, please.
Enough already! I'll come see your show, okay? You say you will, but you won't! Just let me finish this conversation! - Thanks! - You'll come see me? Yeah! An agent's promise! Yes, Laura.
- Okay now? - I'm all yours.
- What? Don't you like the script? - I love it.
But a three-month shoot, either on a trawler or on an island, out at sea I can't take that.
I know a great acupuncturist for seasickness.
- He did Life of Pi - No.
I'm talking about my mother.
Three months! You know an acupuncturist for that? I thought you were delighted.
I love her, but I can't be cooped up with her on a fishing boat 24/7.
Really, it's just bad luck.
No, wait.
Once you've talked to Akerfelt, you'll see things differently.
If she's the genius I think she is, - it'll be even harder to say no.
- Laura, you can't say no! Clément, it's great to see you.
How long has it been? - Seven years? - Almost.
That long? Time flies, huh? Yeah.
So, what's this in aid of? Yeah, sorry, you must be busy.
I guess I'm not the first or last to make this sort of request, but, well, we did exchange bodily fluids! - A tax audit? - Yeah.
Not me, my workplace.
I'm an agent now.
- For famous actors.
- So I heard.
- Must be an exciting job.
- Yeah.
- Who's doing the audit? - A woman.
Hang on Sorry.
Colette Brancillon.
Yeah, I know her.
But you're out of luck with her.
She's young and keen, with everything to prove.
A real stickler.
That's not good for you at all.
- Do you think you can do something? - It's tricky.
- You still like movies? - I'm listening.
An official pass for Cannes for the whole festival.
Invitations to the best parties.
- A room at the Carlton.
- A suite? Come on, Clément! I'm not trying to bribe a government minister! - I just want a favor from an old friend.
- An old friend? You dumped me and slept with my sister.
We're not friends at all.
You've got some nerve! I didn't just dump you, I sent you a text.
Very nice! So long, Andréa.
And good luck with the audit.
Wait, Clément Clément, wait! Okay for the suite.
And an invitation to the Césars.
I can't call off the audit, but I can try to get Brancillon replaced by someone of my choice whom I can control.
- Quickly? - Give me a week.
What if she turns up? Be nice to her.
In a week you'll have forgotten all about her.
Thanks for the invitation.
- Don't mention it.
- But why? I thought it'd be nice for you, and you'll get to meet people in the business.
- What's wrong? - I know you're lying.
About what? I saw Mathias put that envelope on your desk.
Don't start that again! I haven't slept with him, and I won't! - You're a pain, Noémie! - Why you, then? Because he talked to Andréa.
They thought, as I'm new, it'd be good for me.
You see! - You looked up and to the left! - What? You know what that means? It means you're lying.
I know Mathias.
He doesn't do stuff like that.
Enough! Now wait! Sofia reminded me that the day you came you met Mathias before you saw Andréa.
So you know him.
You know him personally.
You'd better watch out! Andréa won't trust you if she finds out you're spying for Mathias.
Understand? Okay! I'm listening.
In fact, it's because he's He's a friend of my dad's.
- You're lying.
- I swear.
Why wouldn't you have said so right from the start? Because I can't say who my dad is.
He's married, with a family and children.
Mathias is the only one who knows.
One of the agency's stars? Yeah.
- One of Mathias's clients? - Yeah.
- Who? - No, I can't I can't tell you.
I'll tell Andréa everything! No.
You're Christophe Lambert's daughter? Right.
No, but Holy shit! But you do look like him.
I'm really sorry to have thought that And I love your dad.
He's Don't tell anyone.
No, yes, of course! It's It's - It'll be our little secret.
- That's it.
The actors have unconventional lives.
But we're just their agents.
You have nothing against dogs? - No, not at all! - Andréa.
This is the lady from the tax office.
- Hello.
Andréa Martel.
- Colette Brancillon.
I'll need an office to work in.
Our boss passed away three weeks ago.
That and the tax audit have disorientated us a bit.
I really feel I know you.
No, I don't think so.
Must have been in another life.
Do you have everything you need? Yes, thank you.
If there's anything else at all, my office is just there.
- Okay, thanks.
- See you later.
Hi, Clément, it's Andréa.
I think we can manage with Colette Brancillon.
So we'll just forget what we agreed.
Give your sister a kiss from me.
She's going to be down our throats for weeks? Yeah.
Could we go bust? Yeah.
- Bummer! - Oh, well.
- Not a gay prospect.
- No.
No, it's not.
It's a great script, huh? - It's powerful! - It's a great opportunity.
We won't be very warm.
You don't like the cold.
Doesn't it worry you? No, I think it can create something intense.
We're together in every scene.
That's a lot.
I don't think we could be any more together! Doors opening.
Doors closing.
Stand up straight.
Okay? Hello, Nathalie.
- Shall we go? - Of course.
- Can I see you alone first? - Of course.
- Can I see you too, Gabriel? - Yes.
Okay, then, tell me.
Could you spend three months with your mom? No.
You don't know my mother.
It'd be But In this context, Laura If I were you with my mother Well, with your mother If your mother was my mother, no, I Forget it.
Impossible! Why didn't you warn me? I didn't think it'd be a problem.
You seem to get on so well.
That's just it.
We do get on well.
But a mother and a daughter left alone for three months will kill each other.
Not just us, that applies to everyone.
That's the script! Yes, that's the beautiful thing about it.
I want to act it not live it! You can't turn down such a project, Nathalie.
It's not even worth considering.
You don't have a daughter.
That time I broke my ankle Summer 2011.
- Trampolining? - I remember.
She couldn't walk.
I stayed with my mom.
- Hell! - Sheer horror! It was like she was 13 again.
- I felt like I was 12.
- Wouldn't listen! - Oblivious - Selfish I totally lost it.
It degenerated.
- We said horrible things.
- Till Christmas.
- Never again.
- Never again.
I'm not happy about it, but I won't sacrifice our relationship for a movie, however good it is.
- It's no, then? - Yes.
No! She'll think I don't want to do it with her.
That's horrible! She'll know it's because of her.
It'll break her heart.
- You're right, I can't refuse.
- Yes.
You could see to it that she refuses.
Who? - Solveig.
- Are you stupid? Solveig's mad about her.
- We'll ruin everything.
- Just do a Bardot.
What's that? Some sex thing? No, you become a pain in the ass, a star like Brigitte Bardot.
Now cut that out! Sorry, but She'll never work again.
No, it's only Akerfelt who hates that.
Being capricious doesn't stop actresses getting work.
Don't listen, Laura, it's ridiculous.
A really bad idea.
You're not going to do a Bardot? It's Sorry to bother you, Ms.
Would you like a drink? No, thank you.
Are you sure? We have coffee Volluto, decaf, cappuccino, green tea, smoked tea, fruit juice A glass of water.
No, Nathalie, you can't do that.
- Of course I can.
- No.
You wouldn't even know how.
What do you know, Mathias? It's very poetic.
I'm totally moved by it.
Okay Here I go.
"But it is you who wants to go.
No one is forcing you.
Leave, then! Leave! Go, if that is what you want.
But I tell you this, I am not surprised.
Since you were little I've known this day would come.
You have always loved the wind.
You would go running in your beautiful blue dress, which floated in the breeze.
" I'd rather you did it in as sober a manner as possible.
Could you try again, without so much tragedy? Something more neutral.
"But it is you who wants to go.
No one is forcing you.
Leave, then! Leave! If that is what you want.
But I tell you this, I am not surprised.
Since you were little I've known this day would come.
" Is that more neutral? - Are you mad at me? - What for? Being a good actress? Doors closing.
Our turn? She's all yours.
- How did it go? - Magnificently! I'm relieved.
I was sure of it.
Shall we, Gabriel? Doors opening.
I need to immerse my actors in the atmosphere of the film.
It's the mother and daughter's isolation that interests me, their intense relationship on Bergman Island It's a time bomb.
That's what I thought.
It's pure intimacy.
- The magma of their egos.
- Yeah.
I asked for tea.
Himalayan flower tea.
- You sure about that? - Totally.
Hervé, please, Laura wants some Himalayan flower tea.
Your tea, Ms.
With a drop of almond milk, as you like it.
Not brewed too long? That was last time, I'm sorry.
Are you done? Of course.
Pharrell? Pharrell Williams! You can? It's at nine o'clock.
Did I have a rehearsal with John Malkovich tonight? Yes.
Say I'm sick, I can't make it.
Laura? It's Gabriel.
I talked to Solveig Akerfelt's agent.
You'll be pleased.
She thinks you may be "too beautiful for the part.
" Well, she couldn't say "a fucking prima donna.
" In short, they don't want you.
- He's inviting you to parties? - The Césars, Mom.
A one-off.
- So everyone in the office knows? - No, nobody knows.
It's purely professional.
Turn around.
- Is he picking you up? - No, I'm going on the subway.
- Classy! - Mom! He was kind to invite me.
No other assistant is going.
Tighten your belt a bit.
I can't breathe.
No, leave it, it gives you a great shape.
Let me have a good look.
Too trashy? Trashy? A Valentini woman is never trashy! Well, you know the girls in Paris are more subtle They eat birdseed and scowl, that's all! Yeah, okay.
Kiss-kiss, Mom! Get some photos of the stars.
- I'll see.
- And Camille don't expect anything from him.
And don't drink too much or take any cocaine.
No, none of that.
Bye, Mom.
If you see Sophie Marceau, get a photo Kiss-kiss! Get some champagne at the bar.
- See you later.
- Yeah.
Yes, hello.
You have all the actors, I don't have any.
- Mathias.
- Zinedine, hi.
The Gallienne movie? - They want someone Portuguese now.
- I played a Portuguese on stage.
- They want a real Portuguese.
- I can do the accent.
For six months I was thinking in "Portugueesh"! Call me Monday, we'll see if we can arrange something.
I'll do a screen test, whatever.
Camille! Over here.
This is Dominique Besnehard.
- Hello, delighted to meet you.
- A producer.
Hello, Camille.
Mathias has told me a lot about you.
- Really? All good, I hope! - Absolutely.
You're keen to discover the world of movie sets? You bet! It's my dream.
- And it's about to come true, huh? - Yes.
- I can visit a set? - Even better! I can offer you an internship on the next Guillaume Gallienne movie.
Really? She's perfect for it.
- I'm not sure.
- Oh, yes! It's as good as settled.
- My card.
- Thanks.
Call me at the office.
What's going on? I was thinking last night.
After all you had to drink? Well, more like this morning.
I'm not going to call Besnehard.
Why? He's a great producer! I'm sure he is, but I'm happy here.
- You said you want to work in the film - I want to learn to be an agent.
I know I have no qualifications, but I can learn.
If it makes it too complicated for you, just tell me.
I'll look for a job in another agency.
I feel bad about Nathalie.
Gab, how did the reading go with Laura Smet? All right.
- Yeah? - Not bad.
I haven't had an answer yet, but We may save our honor, then.
- She doesn't want Nathalie Baye.
- No way! Yeah, I swear.
What was the problem? It's not clear.
- Akerfelt didn't like what she did.
- That's bullshit! Nathalie Baye! Are they completely crazy? I've never liked that Akerfelt.
- That's tough.
- Yeah.
It doesn't look good for the agency.
Anyway Hello.
You've had lots of calls.
Antoine de Caunes has a problem with the shooting dates, Béatrice Dalle has a banking problem, and Isabelle Adjani has a very urgent hair problem.
- Who first? - Solveig Akerfelt.
- Not on my list.
- Doesn't want Nathalie Baye.
- For real? That's nasty! - Yeah, it's nasty.
You made Laura do a Bardot for nothing! With Nathalie gone, Laura can play the daughter now.
- Am I fired? - Yes.
I'm sorry.
I'm really fired? - No, I'm doing a Bardot! - Oh, fuck! That was horrible, the blood froze in my veins.
Hey, want a hand? - Sorry, I scared you.
- No.
- What do you want? - I can manage.
Just say! - A lungo.
- There! Excuse me, I'll turn her on.
It's a Delta Q.
Know about them? Let her get good and hot first.
Once she's good and hot, stroke her here There! It's a Portuguese brand.
Delta Qoosh! Solveig here.
- Hello, Solveig? - Yes.
It's Gabriel Sarda, Laura Smet's agent.
I guess Laura's behavior unsettled you a little Unsettled me? No.
- She made me want to quit the business.
- Yes.
I should have let you know.
It was my fault.
Let me know what? - She shot herself in the foot.
- Shot herself in the foot? Shit! Yes, it's a French expression and a tradition among actors.
When they want a part, they behave badly, to find out if they're really wanted.
It's a sort of dogma.
You know what the French are like, true romantics.
They want to create that desire.
I realize it's a weird way of doing things, but they They all do it.
Jean Dujardin, for example, for The Artist In the screen tests, he just talked and talked, they couldn't shut him up, and it was for a silent film! Pretty crazy, huh? And Malkovich? - Shooting herself in the foot.
- Testing! She was testing you.
It's like you're putting each other to the test, in a way.
"Do you really want her for the part?" That's the question.
Just give her another chance.
You won't be disappointed.
Solveig, I'm begging you.
- Okay.
- That's it! Think it over.
We still can't use the conference room? Where do we work? By the trash cans? Akerfelt wants to see Laura Smet again.
They need somewhere.
Excuse me for doing my job so well! Mathias! Mrs.
Akerfelt wants to see Nathalie Baye again.
No! She wants to see Laura and Nathalie together before she gets her flight.
She said something about being shot in the foot.
I didn't really understand.
Well, business is picking up! It's crazy, but I'm sure I've seen you somewhere.
I'll give you a clue.
See, I knew it! I quote: "I don't sleep with little girls like you.
" And I don't like little girls like you! Leave me alone! Yeah, that was just a misunderstanding.
It's all in the tone.
I should have finished with a smiley! Colette, we missed out on a first date.
Leave the door open, please.
You're much prettier in real life.
You're back-pedalling now because you know I could hurt your agency.
- It's pathetic.
- Not at all.
I mean it.
I don't mix my professional and private lives.
That's my "little girl" side! Now leave or I'll cry out.
I'm not going to hurt you.
I just want to talk.
I mean, it's quite an unusual situation.
- We can laugh about it.
- I have no desire to laugh.
I hate it when people get friendly to try to save their own interests.
Now go.
Who's talking about getting friendly? Goodbye, Ms.
Goodbye, Colette.
I wanted to say you were amazing.
Shooting yourselves in the foot.
Amazing! I want both of you.
For my film.
I'm consumed with desire for you both.
The two of you together will be beautiful.
And your desire? Yes? For the film? Your desire? Yes, of course.
It won't be easy, shooting in an enclosed space.
But I can make use of both your love and your hatred.
Sorry? The hatred you feel for one another.
This reticence about each other.
This detestation It's palpable, I can feel it.
It's so inspiring.
Admit it, you have no desire to work together.
That's what interests me.
That's why you'll do it together.
You don't want to work with me? No, that's not true at all.
- Tell the truth.
- But no! And you? - Don't you want to work with me? - I asked first.
You won't answer.
That tells me everything.
I get it.
But you're my mom.
It's monstrous! Oh, yeah? Worse than being rejected by my own daughter? What is it? Are you ashamed of me? Like when I walked you to school? Does that last a lifetime? Always putting words in my mouth! I never said that! You'd have treated me like a kid on the shoot.
"Stand up straight!" There, that's what I want! That's the truth I want.
The monstrous mother and obnoxious daughter.
- What are you talking about? - Of all the nerve! How dare you call her obnoxious? She's not at all! And if I can't fight with my mom, who can I fight with? That's what families are for! For fighting and being totally honest! What business is it of yours? This is unbelievable! - Of course my mom pisses me off! - Well, of course! It's good to stand up to your mother.
It's healthy.
I'm a movie director, not a psychoanalyst.
Well? - Ten out of ten.
- Top.
We're not doing it.
- Well, see you soon.
- See you soon.
I'll call you.
Doors opening.
What a waste.
If you'd communicated a little maybe we could have cast one of them.
So long, guys.
Dick-size contests don't interest me outside the bedroom! I hope we can make a movie together one day.
Stand up straight.
Can I give you my papers? Yes.
Yes? - I won't need this.
- Really? Medical results: stool and urine analyses.
Yes It must have been lying on my desk.
- Goodbye, Ms.
- Yes, goodbye.
You're uptight about the audit? You don't like things that are out of your control.
You're a woman of power, Andréa! Well Want to go eat? Eat? No, I'm going home.
Thanks, anyway.
Yeah, you're You're right.
See you tomorrow.
- The day will disappear.
- As it does every evening.
She has gone.
Her steps increase, filling the space elsewhere.
You've gone.
No interval Here, the space empties.
You have given space to absence.
Without her.
I am now without her.
She will return, be sure of that, Prince.
- I do not know.
- He does not know.
He knows nothing.
No one knows.
Let doubt take us by the hand.
A singing prisoner? How original! Touching too! Bound, subdued, kneeling! I will not kneel! Kneeling, tamed, at our feet! Not at your feet! You are far away.
Deep down I hear that you're there.
That distant presence fills me with joy.
The day will come.
Tomorrow and always.
I still can't believe you came.
It's I didn't see you until we took our bows.
I was amazed! What did you think of the others? Good, huh? Yeah, they're good.
But it's mostly you.
You really stand out.
- You were magnificent, really.
- Thank you, that's Thanks, Gabriel, for walking me here, but thanks most of all for coming.
Really! I should thank you because you're an actress.
Thank you so much.
See you tomorrow.
- Yes.
- Okay.
- See you tomorrow.
- Bye, Gabriel.
- Sofia.
- Yes? I want to be your agent.
I'll take care of you, I mean.
- Are you serious? - Yes.
I don't get much work, you know.
- You'll starve! - No, but that's just it.
I'll help you find work.
All right.
Hello, François.
Why did you ask me to come here? To be sure we'd be alone.
I was shocked Samuel didn't leave you anything.
A little something.
At least for you.
Your whole career's been at ASK.
But nothing.
No recognition.
What do you want? I want you to join us at StarMédia.
I'm 61, I won't last forever.
I want you to come to us and prepare to be the boss.
And your agents? One of them could succeed you.
There's no one like you.
No one with your power and range.
Come over to you With all my clients, of course? Obviously.
It'd be the biggest agency in Paris, with you as the boss.
But ASK would be finished.
Think it over.
You know where to find me.