Dix Pour Cent (2015) s01e04 Episode Script


Wait, you're walking too fast.
I don't want to wake him.
He didn't sleep last night.
He's teething.
It's really painful, apparently.
We forget what it's like, of course.
But they really do suffer.
- Couldn't you have sorted something out? - I'm still breastfeeding! It was hard enough getting a babysitter for his sister.
We don't take any risks.
Just let me do the talking.
- Thanks for coming.
- You're welcome.
- Jarron knows me well.
- Good.
Internal Revenue Service Excuse me.
- You're her husband? - No, her agent.
I don't exactly know what your job is, but it's clearly not managing your actors' accounts.
So, madam, if I'm to believe my predecessor's records, you're 23 months late paying your taxes.
Yes, but at least I pay my taxes in France! Mr.
Jarron allowed us this little extension.
A very big extension.
And twice! Audrey had two children in three years.
She chose, to her credit, to devote herself to motherhood.
I can assure you, it's just a parenthesis in her career.
Now all she wants to do is find work and pay her taxes.
You can't find work, madam? No, it's Of course she can, but a career is constructed of subtle, complex choices.
Yes, my sweetie! Madam, I have read in the press that you recently turned down a role.
- An action movie? - You believe the papers? I'd just given birth.
I couldn't go running after zombies with my episiotomy stitches still in! Yes, you're fed up! I shouldn't really talk about this because I'm still negotiating, but Audrey's return to a movie set is imminent.
Right, Audrey? Yes, it's a huge project.
So you don't need another extension? I'll expect your check this week.
And as it's late, there'll be a small 10 percent surcharge.
ASK, hello.
Yes Ms.
Martel, yes.
Yes, I'll put you through.
Gabriel! I got the pro photos done.
They're black and white.
I have color too, but Do you think they're okay? Maybe that one is too toothy.
- You can see my gums.
- No, it's good.
Your teeth are good and the photos are, too.
Really? Very good.
- They're good, so you think ? - Yes, Sofia.
Yes, sorry.
You're photogenic.
I saw that on stage, but you never know ASK, please hold the line.
No, this is The look in the eyes The smile too.
That's good.
Because Well, you're beautiful.
It's a beauty that's quite particular.
It's simple, natural There's elegance, a slight haughtiness No, it's good.
It's good.
ASK, hello.
You have grace.
Yes, that's it, grace.
Doors opening.
Doors closing.
Right, to work! To work.
- Hello.
- The girl from the local bakery, too? She'll make the cover of Première.
- It's to get her into bed, yeah? - Never with my clients.
Good morning.
Remember the documents I asked you for? This audit will be less painful if we work together intelligently.
Thank you.
Colette Brancillon.
A real ball-breaker's name! Will she find anything bad? They always find something.
Ball-breaker! So, you I love this final version.
I think we really have something here.
You're still sure about the female lead? Yep, 1000 percent.
She's awesome! - Her name again? - Armelle Borzek.
- Armelle Borzek.
- Remember! Remember that name, she's fantastic! It's always very interesting to discover new faces.
But the public aren't so interested.
Yeah, but my online videos No stars, but millions have watched them.
That is true.
But cinema isn't the Internet.
Yeah, maybe When I read this latest version, I thought, "That's a role for Audrey Fleurot!" It should have occurred to me before.
You're playing on my feelings now.
Audrey Fleurot, like, you know Audrey Fleurot! - Why not? - She's awesome.
She's sublime.
- Fantastic! - It's so obvious.
She's glamour plus brains.
- Yeah.
- She'd be great.
But she's not the same price as Armelle Borzek.
That's for sure.
But she's a box-office draw, which means more financing.
And she likes your videos.
Hang on! Audrey Fleurot has seen my videos with her eyes? She told you she likes them? Yes? Don't mind me.
Looking for something? Yes, some painkillers.
Samuel took them for his back pain.
I did this rock-climbing course over the weekend.
I'm in pain! Did you know we have muscles here? Did you like it? Yeah, a lot! I didn't expect to, I'm a city girl, but I got a lot of pleasure out of clambering over those big rocks.
It's not what you think! That thing that attaches to the rope The The thing that hurts, really tight around your thighs There's a rock-climber with the same name as me.
I suffer from vertigo.
The harness! Catch you later.
Have they got nothing better to do? Just a second.
Ten years were added to this actress's age on Wikipedia.
What do I do? - Create an account and change it back.
- Okay.
I could take off another five years.
Two birds with one stone! Eight might be too much.
Oh, Cartridge World.
Is this about the product placement? Kiss-kiss! I'll hand you over Did you just say "kiss-kiss" to one of our stars? - No.
- You did.
It's just a habit.
- Noémie, phone.
- Just a second.
Camille, there's a certain protocol to respect in this agency.
Being Christophe Lambert's daughter doesn't mean you can do what you like.
Try one.
You haven't even tasted it! At least taste it first.
Sweetheart, just do it for Mommy.
Tell me about this Augustin.
- What's his surname? - He doesn't have one.
What do you mean? Is he an orphan? No, he's just Augustin.
Like Norman, Cyprien, those web stars.
I don't have a clue about any of that stuff.
I even cut off the Wi-Fi.
It's bad for small brains.
It can cause lifelong lesions.
Here, sweetie.
This is the best of his videos.
Yes, sorry.
Mathias, he's 12 years old! He's young but very talented.
Like Xavier Dolan.
Really? Sweetheart, a fruit compote? A yogurt? He'll bring the script.
It's about a militant ecologist stripper.
Very funny, very modern.
I think it's the perfect film for your comeback.
I love the subject.
But what's my part? The militant ecologist stripper.
Oh, yeah? But does he know I recently had two kids? That doesn't matter.
It doesn't matter.
- And Sofia Leprince? - Good, but too exotic.
You mean too black? She's not exotic enough for the nanny.
She has the right character, but she's too Too white? You can't tell me she's too black to be the cop but not black enough to be the dealer! She's got talent! The student writing her thesis? A mixed-race girl would work.
No, because that becomes the whole story.
Everyone thinks you're fantastic.
"Fantastic"? So why am I getting nothing? You're just starting.
Rejections are to be expected.
Three failed auditions.
Know how many Cécile de France had? - Three? - Three? Look, Audrey, change the dress if it's too small.
Or don't eat till tomorrow.
No, I'm kidding.
See you tomorrow.
You know what actresses are like.
Samuel was the expert.
One of his old mistresses surfaced to ask if she was in his will.
I've found a buyer for the agency.
It's a serious offer.
Very generous, too.
Can you tell me more? Jonas Hirsch, of the Sterne agency in Berlin.
Do you know him? Yes.
He wants to create a hub of European agencies.
I asked him to keep you four on, but I don't know if that's in his plans.
There must be a solution! - Like what? - I don't know.
We could tell them there's a new tax on French actors.
We're not in import and export, Gabriel! Face facts.
It's like 1940 all over again.
Invaded by the Krauts! No way, there must be a solution.
Collaborate? Everyone has heard.
I bumped into Pascaline Malandrin today, and she mentioned it.
Pour me some wine.
Pascaline Malandrin knew that ASK is being sold? She was more interested in who Samuel was screwing.
It's bad for the agency to be seen as weak.
You should add a bit of cumin.
Really? With Samuel passing away and the Germans buying ASK, I don't see what's keeping you there.
If I joined StarMédia now, as Bréhier's right-hand man, I'd make lots of enemies.
Because Gabriel, Andréa and Arlette are friends? Hippolyte's won't be here for dinner.
Revising? He doesn't say, but I doubt it.
Is he still seeing Andréa's assistant? No idea.
He doesn't tell me anything.
Camille, isn't it? She's nice, isn't she? I don't know her that well.
- She works there.
- Not with me.
A little bit.
Maybe, but so what? - He could marry her.
- What the hell? I'm joking, Mathias.
I don't think it's very smart of him to go out with his agent's assistant.
Tell him, then.
I will.
Yeah! Andréa! Brancillon turned up at my place at seven a.
! What? At your place? Checking if my suits matched my expense claims.
She'll be there next.
- Shit! - Good luck! Colette.
Colette! Colette.
Colette? Good morning.
This one doesn't look like much, but you have to see it when it's on.
- You could see it tonight over dinner.
- Stop it, Andréa.
- What? - I know who you are.
- Really? - Yes.
I see it all in your bills.
- What? - Everything.
Your diet, very unbalanced.
No vacations.
You're a member of a very expensive gym, but you never go.
And you have a hair problem.
- No.
- Yes.
Always a different hairdresser.
- And you have lots of girlfriends.
- Wrong.
You're not someone for me, anyway.
Stop it! You're lying to yourself.
I'm often alone.
Clémentine! What are you ? I have to do this in order to heal.
Fair enough, but some other time because You're a monster of seduction.
Clémentine, look You devoured me like a hyena.
Then cast my bloody remains aside! This is ridiculous.
- It didn't last a month.
- I'm talking about feelings! I had feelings for you, and you got your assistant to dump me! No, that's not true.
Rotten to the core.
Well, I'm not carrying that burden of filth anymore.
That's disgusting! I forgive you.
You need a new shrink, you headcase! People are sick, huh? Goodbye, Ms.
Yes? Thanks.
Hello, Mathias.
Hello, Audrey.
Couldn't you find a sitter? I didn't have children just to leave them with some woman! And your husband? He's making a documentary about landless peasants in Honduras.
Are you losing your voice? No, it's I still have a bit of a tummy, so I'm wearing a girdle.
But it's so tight I can barely breathe.
I'm okay, as long as I don't raise my voice.
Are they staying? Mathias, having children isn't a disease! Audrey, directors have no imagination.
If they see a woman with children, they think diapers, not a stripper in stockings.
Here, Mommy.
Thanks, pussycat.
Mathias, look, she's drawn you.
She's so talented! I can't give you Laura Smet's address, but send it here and we'll pass it on.
No, I don't throw away fans' letters.
A present? Send her a present, then.
No, I don't know what perfume she likes.
Carnage? No, that's too musky for her.
No, something flowery, fresh Something more her! Maybe Carnage for her mother.
Thank you.
Where's Mommy? I told you, in a business meeting.
After the recycling center, she's at the nuclear plant.
She stops the riot police by doing the splits! It's really funny.
No, I mean it, I really love it.
It's powerful.
But tell me was it you who wrote the script? From the first sentence to the last, yep! That's cool.
Where's Mommy? Where's Mommy? I want Mommy.
François? Mathias here.
- Hello.
- Answer me! Look I've given serious thought to your proposal.
I'll come and join you at StarMédia.
Sorry? Where's Mommy? Where's Mommy? Where's Mommy? Yeah, I'm glad, too.
We'll film the Canadian bit first.
What Canadian bit? A month of shooting in Canada.
Didn't Mathias tell you? No.
No, he must have forgotten.
Well, it doesn't matter, I'll explain now.
It's in the north, near the lakes.
It's a landscape that It leaves you slack-jawed and speechless.
- It's magnificent.
- Sorry, but There are some amazing locations just outside Paris.
Do you know Rambouillet? It's really similar to the Canadian forests.
As I was saying, the movie's inspired by my mother's life, and she's Canadian.
Oh, right.
- So my heart is set on filming there.
- Yes.
So you see, between us, before we begin the work I'm not saying you replace Julie Gayet with a black actress, but Right! So, what I can do is, I can send you Sofia Leprince to play the part of the countess.
That's great! See you soon.
Very good! There! Here, a present.
Whose kids are these, Arlette? I don't want my dog catching their germs.
Jean Gabin! What's this stupid hippy thing? - Okay, Arlette? - Jean Gabin! For the pole dancing I know you do the tango.
No, I can do a bit of pole dancing, too.
Oh, yeah? You ? You ? You can really pole dance? Yeah.
I mean, I know the basics.
That's enough for me.
Fantastic! I like to work with what's real.
I think that Even in the recycling center, when she rolls in the garbage, it'd be great if she just tears her T-shirt off, like an act of rebellion She looks like Isabelle Adjani.
Lock it.
Augustin mustn't see me! There's no lock.
Keep the door closed and draw the curtains.
- Audrey, are you okay? - Yes.
You're not angry? No.
It's just an idea I had, it's not Augustin, we're discussing a legal point with Ms.
Can you give us five minutes? Okay, then.
Ten minutes? Ten minutes? No problem.
We're good.
Magnificent! - You wanted to see me? - Yes.
You know Hippolyte Rivière? - Yes.
- Come in.
He's been picked for a cop show.
We need photos of him as a child.
Go with him and help him choose.
When? Next Monday.
No, Camille, now! Okay.
- It's cool, getting picked for that.
- Yeah.
I'm pleased.
Is it a good part? Not bad, yeah.
I play this guy with a broken heart.
I got it nailed! I'm sorry I haven't answered your messages.
I've been so busy.
But it's good to see you.
Doors opening.
Doors closing.
- We'll go on my scooter.
- Okay.
- You're not scared? - Never.
- You're sure your folks aren't in? - No, we're good.
Shall I get the photos? I've pre-selected a few.
- Yes.
- These are the best.
This one with the bike is good.
Where's this? At my grandmother's, in Burgundy.
Look, my shorts match the deckchair! So ugly.
How come you have no siblings? Didn't they want more kids? Why have you been quizzing me about my family? I like to hear about families.
And I like you.
I think these will do.
I have lots of work to do.
Camille, what is this? Camille! It's not you, I swear.
I have to go.
Tell me what the problem is.
- It'd never work.
- How do you know? I feel something special between us.
I don't know if it's your hair, your smell, your Hi.
Don't look too pleased to see me! It's Camille! Hello, Camille.
- They haven't eaten you yet? - No, it's okay.
Are you staying for dinner? - Thanks, but - An excellent idea! Your dad's at a screening.
Don't leave me alone.
Of course not.
Do it for me! Do you like chicken, Camille? Camille? Do you like chicken? Right, I'm going.
Enjoy the screening.
I'm not in the mood at all.
- See you tomorrow.
- Yes, Mathias.
He's forgotten his phone.
Mathias! "Contract sent by email.
A new adventure begins.
" What? Oh, thanks.
See you tomorrow.
Noémie? Noémie! Noémie! What is it? I don't understand.
It's Mathias.
He's going, with all his stars, to Starmédia.
He hasn't even asked me to go with him.
He's abandoning me.
I'm just a piece of shit.
I want to die, Hervé.
Back already? I just wanted to come home.
I invited the kids for dinner! I came to get Hippolyte's photos.
Andréa asked me to.
You too, Dad? What did you do at college? I did a year of sociology, then I quit.
- That's a shame.
- Yeah, why? Leave her alone.
I'm interested.
You want to be an agent? - No.
- Yes.
I'm thinking about it.
Do you want a bit more wine? - Say when.
- When.
What do your parents do? - My mom's a hairdresser.
- That's great! We need hairdressers.
- Of course.
- She has her own salon.
And your dad? You're bothering her! My dad fixes boats.
I didn't know.
That's cool.
Do you sail? Yes, a lot.
With my dad.
I love boats.
It was nice having you.
- I'll see you to your taxi.
- I'll go! I have to ask about one of Andréa's projects.
Andréa made me come for the photos! But you didn't need to stay! Do what you have to, but stop seeing him, okay? I don't believe this! You tell him why he shouldn't have the hots for me! Do you realize how screwed up this is? - We'll talk tomorrow.
- Yeah, right! Put your knee around it.
Stretch out.
Sit there.
That's good.
Yes, Gaëlle.
And the dismount.
That's great.
Thanks, girls.
See you next week? Turn the music off on your way out.
- Ready, Audrey? - Yeah.
I'll be right back.
I haven't had time to buy the gear.
With those two, it's Don't worry.
The sexy attitude is in your head.
- I have a month.
- But you've done it before? - A long time ago.
- It's okay.
What shall we start with? The cocoon, Aicha, Jamila The carousel? Yeah, the carousel.
Hold and arch your back.
Then the dismount.
Show me.
Oh, that's fast! Well done, Mommy! It's slippery.
Sweetheart! Mommy didn't do it on purpose! Let me see, sweetie.
Did I hurt you? It's Mathias.
- Hello, Mathias.
- Audrey.
Thanks for coming here.
Getting across Paris with these two is sheer hell.
No problem.
Say hello to Mathias.
Hello, poop! What's that silliness? She can sense I'm going away.
Kids are like sponges.
I've brought five copies of the contracts.
Wait a moment.
While you're here This is for the nanny.
"Have you ever had a problem with drugs, alcohol, Coca-Cola, candy?" What? Sugar is a drug in its own right.
I saw a documentary.
That must be the first.
Tell me what you think.
Hello, come in.
In you go.
Now, unless I'm very much mistaken, you must be Pauline Adam? No.
Armelle Borzek.
Armelle Armelle - Have you changed your name? - I trained for months.
Now it's all gone.
No, wait I haven't even started the interview.
I got my third gold pole after six months.
A record! Look at my blisters.
Feel them.
Feel them, feel my hands.
Sorry, what's this about? I learned Canadian French.
Why did you do this to me? - You'll have to leave.
- Don't cry.
- You can't take my part! - But I didn't know.
You have to leave now.
No, wait.
Stand up, you'll hurt yourself.
- It's a cruel business - Augustin promised me! - I didn't know.
- My big chance! We'll talk.
Up you get.
Calm down.
No, Mathias! Calm down.
Calm down.
You know what? We'll go in the kitchen and talk about it.
We'll have some serenity tea, okay? And you can tell me all about it.
- Audrey Fleurot, a real lady! - No.
No, but You know what? You've restored my faith in humanity.
Really, I swear.
Go on, enjoy the shoot.
Break a leg! You could have told me Augustin had chosen someone else.
That was horrible.
Actors always take a role that someone else wanted.
Did you see the state she was in? Did you take a good look at Armelle Borzek? She'll be fantastic! You've laid out the red carpet for your replacement.
A nice career move! You clearly don't need the money after all.
You have a horrible take on life.
She moved me.
That's not why! You just don't want to leave your kids.
Nonsense! - Your kids will grow up and leave.
- Hey And you'll have plenty of time to watch the movies of Armelle Borzek.
Sorry I don't have staff to take care of my kids while I go for a spa or my Pilates class! Sorry I don't pretend to be a mom like other actresses! - Your choice.
- No.
You know I want to work, but they're small and need me! So, what do I do? Abandon them for six months? You didn't tell me about Canada! - I didn't know.
- Liar! And it's horrible dragging a baby along.
You piss everyone off, you can't work, and all the extras play with the kid.
Ask Marion Cotillard! Her kid came out in a rash.
Have you applied for welfare as a non-working mom? I doubt it'll cover what you owe in taxes, but I wish you good luck! Doors opening.
Doors closing.
You fucking scumbag! - Fucking scumbag! - Andréa! Get off me! Jean Gabin, stop it! We chew traitors' calves! - Leaving the agency, huh? - I was going to tell you.
You don't care that you'll sink us! You've been plotting it since Samuel died! It's nothing personal.
I don't see how the agency can go on as it is.
If you take your actors with you, we'll fucking sue you! I'm within my rights.
I'll go at the end of the month.
Can you sleep at night? - One more thing.
- We're done.
It's about Samuel and it's important.
He had a year-round room at the St Georges.
It seems he paid for it with the agency's money.
- That's called - A brothel.
A misuse of company funds.
Brancillon will find out.
I just wanted to warn you.
She will find out.
She reads numbers like an oracle.
Samuel, what did you do? It's the Titanic.
We're taking on water everywhere.
We know the boss of the St Georges.
We'll talk to him.
No, sorry, I can't give you her personal number.
We're an agency of actors, not escort girls! Yes, right! Have a nice evening.
Happy birthday to your boss.
Was that Kadropov? - Who? - An obscure Russian billionaire.
He made a fortune from oil or vodka.
He comes to Paris for his birthday and pays an actress to go out with him.
We call it "a side job.
" And actresses do that? Oh, yes! Thanks.
Leave me alone! Mr.
Audibert will be with you in five minutes.
Thank you.
What are we going to say to him? He covers for us or we stop sending him our clients.
- The usual.
- Yeah.
I'll leave it to you.
- Fuck! - What? - Brancillon! - Where? She must already know about the room.
Shit! Hello, Ms.
It's not what you think.
Forget it, we're busted! It's none of my business.
- But - Come on! Colette Brancillon, IRS.
I'd like to see Mr.
Audibert, please.
Audibert has a prior engagement.
But that may have been canceled.
Our room, please.
The same as usual.
Thank you.
Shit! Oh, shit! Audrey Fleurot's side job earns her 20,000 euros! This can't be possible! Oh, shit! - Her breasts are bursting out! - Horrible! Does she have to put out? Look! Everywhere.
I don't know, I mean Your leaving present? Offered herself as a birthday present to Kadropov.
- It's fake.
- No.
Twitter's going mad.
He's an arms trafficker, too.
She got 20,000.
- Anyone called the press attaché? - No.
You should call StarMédia's.
You'll deal with it, yeah? Mathias, we can sue them, right? He promised me no one would know.
You can never trust Russians! - Do you have a good lawyer? - I signed a confidentiality clause.
- I have it in writing.
- That binds you, not him! If Kadropov goes out with a gorgeous woman like you, he wants everyone to know! What got into you? You think I'm gorgeous? I don't think so, you are gorgeous.
That's so nice.
No one's said that for at least three years.
- I can't take it anymore.
- No Yes.
I'm exhausted.
I can't take it anymore.
And I can't shed those last few kilos.
Are you okay, Mommy? Mommy's not really crying.
I'm rehearsing, sweetie.
Look, it's pretend crying.
Go play in your room.
I love them so much.
But I can't take it anymore.
I'm here for them 24/7, but it never seems enough.
It never is enough.
How do you be a good father? I'm not a good father.
Who wants some good news in all this misery? Sofia got the part.
Great! But I knew it.
You see, in this closed little world of French cinema, there are directors smart enough to cast a black woman in a costume drama.
No, Sofia's playing the slave.
- No! - She does the cleaning, fans the duchess, sleeps on a straw mattress She'll scream at me.
- I'm the slave? - Yeah.
With extra dialogue.
I got the part? In a movie with JoeyStarr! Oh, fuck! Oh, Gabriel! I love you, I love you! - A nice view, huh? - Very.
I'm not sleeping with Gabriel.
You should tell him, he seems to think you are.
No, but We were there to negotiate special rates for our actors.
We saw you and Got the sudden urge to kiss and get a room? It happens.
You're very good at seducing people.
That girl was right.
You're a monster.
Okay We were pretending.
We were there to see the manager to talk about the room Samuel kept for his mistresses.
We found out about it yesterday.
We wondered if we could pass it off as a legitimate expense.
We saw you show up and we panicked.
- Covering up a misuse of company funds? - No Yes.
We were scared.
Of you.
Now you're being less familiar.
I don't know how to behave around you.
- Are you sure this is the only solution? - Trust me, Audrey.
Ladies and gentlemen, Ms.
Audrey Fleurot! Beyoncé did this after her concert for Gaddafi.
I want to tell you how delighted I am to be with you tonight.
I don't need to tell you how cruel the media can be, making a story out of nothing.
This is why I want to tell you that I went to that party purely for my ch Purely for the children For the children around the world suffering from malnutrition, a lack of clean drinking water and disease.
This is why I'm delighted to hand over the entire amount paid to me by Mr.
Kadropov to UNICEF.
The entire amount of 10,000 euros.
20,000 euros, sorry.
20,000 euros.
Thank you.
You've forgotten to sign it.
Excuse me.
Thank you.
Still no news from the nanny.
You found one? - Yeah.
- Good, I may have a movie for you.
What? Michel Hazanavicius.
He saw you with Kadropov.
- He wants you for the next OSS 117.
- Mathias, that's great! You'll be able to pay your taxes.
Can you tell them? I have an administration phobia.
I'll get some champagne.
Make a list of Mathias's actors.
We may be able to keep some, even major names, - but we have to be quick.
- The bastard! We'll have our revenge, don't worry.
The German's pulling out.
What? He heard Mathias is going to StarMédia.
He says that without him, the agency will lose too much value.
Are you sure about this? - I'm not senile yet! - But your hearing Hang on.
What does Hélène say? She's furious with Mathias.
Did he do it on purpose? So we're free of the Germans, but we're not worth much.
I prefer that.
- What if he did it on purpose? - What? So we wouldn't be bought up.
A generous act from Mathias? What a joke! Maybe not generous, but he is a strategist.
What? The idiot! Yes, idiot! He's pulling out? No, I didn't tell Mr.
Hirsch I was going to StarMédia.
I don't know how he found out.
Hélène, calm down.
Doors opening.
- I don't know what to say - Well done, Mathias! Let me digest the information Thank you, Mathias.
I'll call you back.
Mathias, bravo! Let me kiss you.
Great, Mathias! You did a wonderful thing.
Bravo! - Champagne.
- Champagne! Making everyone think you were going to our rivals to save the agency Living dangerously! Respect, Mr.
Barneville! The hero of the day! Mr.
Barneville! Mathias, you'll go down in history.
Sorry I insulted you.
Dinner tomorrow? Jean Gabin, too.
Say sorry, Jean Gabin.
- Forget it.
- Good boy! But what an idiot! Why didn't you tell us? I didn't want to take any risks.
I just wish Samuel could see this.
Another drop.
You were never going to leave? - No! - Do you doubt it? A bit.
But that's me.
What a wet blanket! - A toast? - Yes! - To ASK! - To ASK! Long life! Good bubbly.
A bit young.