Dix Pour Cent (2015) s01e06 Episode Script


Do you know what an agent is? Ten percent of a star's pay? That ten percent is our curse, earning us our reputation as vultures.
In reality, we're more like putti.
This "pooty" How do you spell it? One putto, many putti.
Cupids in Italian churches.
We let fly little arrows, we create marriages This was my idea.
The promoter feared a generation clash.
"Great," I said.
Exactly! Bel working with Berléand.
It's like a truce between warring critics.
The irascible older actor paired with the annoying young director.
An exciting prospect, huh? I love it! It is but for this reason that I would have you in agreement, and we shall see, when I marry, which of you two has my heart.
"I worship you.
I am all yours.
" I'm not jumping on the duck.
Just once, just to see! I'm not jumping on the duck! Is that clear? The water's lovely.
It's just an idea.
You can at least try it.
It's ridiculous! The pool, the duck That's not Dom Juan! It should be vicious and virile, not that fucking duck! Fuck this! - Here.
- Thanks.
It's me or the duck, okay, asshole? The duck, then! At least he takes the plunge! François Your dad's going to be the boss? Yeah.
His wife's helping him buy the agency, but I don't know what'll happen.
And everyone's freaking out right now about this tax audit.
Oh, yeah? That's nice.
- Mom, are you listening? - Yes, I'm listening, but So maybe you'll be coming home? No, Mom, I won't.
I'm happy here.
Happy in Paris? How can you be? You have everything here: sea, sun, me! - Who's that at this hour? - I don't know.
I'll go see.
Yes? Catherine? Catherine? Catherine who? Your dad's wife? End of the courtyard, on the left.
- Camille? - Kiss-kiss, Mom! Ca Shit! It calms me down.
- Want some? - No, thanks.
What do you want? To understand.
Or at least try to.
No, I meant to drink.
Orange juice or beer? It was all my doing.
I came up to Paris, I went to the agency It was a sudden urge.
There'd been no contact for years.
Your teens must have been tough.
Before that, did you see him occasionally? When I was little, once or twice a year.
Usually during the Cannes Film Festival.
What did you do? He'd bring me a present, a Barbie, and spend some time with me.
Did he mention me, or Hippolyte? No.
- How old are you? - I turned 23 last week.
Why? Pack your bag and go! Hang on.
Can we talk before we start screaming? I was pregnant! Leave! - Go! - Catherine, wait - Go! - Wait! You shit! Are you okay? Are you drunk? - You're not gonna lecture me - No, it's not that.
I'm worried about your mother.
- Where is she? - Up there.
I'd rather you slept in the apartment than in your studio.
I have to salvage your shit, huh? Call me, yeah? I could negotiate for a crocodile instead of the duck.
I could go to StarMédia instead of here.
Sorry, but it's not easy to understand.
What's so bad about that scene? I'm not asking you to understand, I'm asking you to fix it.
- How? - I don't know.
Tell him that I'll act in his show, but there'll be no pool.
No pool? The set design is based around it.
Then they change it.
I'm in no hurry.
That's crazy! First night is a week away.
And why work with Christophe Bel if you stop him being Christophe Bel? - The guy's a genius.
- Yeah, a real genius! Two bimbos with big tits, a giant sex toy duck, music Well, I say "music " Loud 1980s garbage, "bulge in the front" trunks Yeah, real genius! Stop it, you're being really unfair.
You're very lucky.
A sexy atmosphere, piña coladas, two sex-bombs in swimming costumes Little Mathurine is hot! Do you know if she has an agent? Never mind, forget it.
But, François! Help me understand! In ten years, I've never seen you like this.
What is it? A bit of depression? No, it's not that, it's - It's - What is it? Come on, tell me! I can't swim.
No, but Don't tell him.
Say anything you like, but not that.
Don't worry.
Do you dance? Why? Are you asking me out? No, better than that.
A casting for a movie! What is it? I'm saying Luc, I'm saying Besson I'm saying Luc Besson! I thought of you - For real? - Yeah.
The supporting role With a mega payout, babe! A sex-bomb with the pin pulled Half-Yamakasi, half-escort-girl A ball-breaker but so hot! And who dances hip-hop! Dances hip-hop? Yes! That's you, yeah? Yeah, yeah That's totally me, yeah.
Go see Hervé.
He'll hand you the lyrics and the sounds, babe.
But above all, keep it zipped! It's top secret! Look, it's still there, see? - Yeah.
- What is it? It's either a Lanvin or an Hermès.
No, in it! What's in it? - Hello.
- Hi, Nathalie.
I don't know what it is, but it seems you do.
I think it's the father-in-law's money, so Mathias can buy the agency.
He wouldn't pay cash! Yes! The father-in-law owns property in Paris.
When the Russians and Qataris buy, they pay cash.
That's well known.
So it's cash.
That's how Mathias will become our boss.
And I'll become his right-hand woman.
Then he'll ask you to marry him.
You think so? No! No.
I'm going to have a look.
No, Noémie! Are you crazy? Be quiet! Mathias knows that everything I do is for his good.
So, when he's the boss, he'll reward my loyalty and discretion.
Keep a lookout, okay? - But - Shut up! Be careful.
- Jean Gabin! - What's up? Jean Gabin's pissing on Qatari money.
Give it back, Jean Gabin! Shit, I don't believe it! Noémie, get out! You confirm the rule.
What rule? Pain-in-the-ass actors have lovely agents! Really? What am I doing here, Andréa? It's about your duck.
I've talked to François.
It's okay, you can keep it.
Thank you! In exchange, he's not going in the water.
What? Why not? That's totally senseless! - You wanted Berléand, you have him.
- Okay.
When I was little, seven years old my dad went away, okay? He left my mom.
I never saw it coming.
I was in the swimming pool playing with my inflatable duck Do you see why I need Dom Juan to be in the water on my duck? Yes.
But Dom Juan won't be in the water.
I could fire him.
With a week to go? I don't give a shit! I know the role by heart.
I'm not afraid to bare my balls on stage! I'm sure.
Except it'll be in a warehouse outside Paris, where you were performing before Berléand.
- Are you threatening me? - Not at all.
Just don't force the theater owner to decide between you and Berléand.
- Where did you find that? - Jean Gabin hid it under Arlette.
What is it? Nothing.
I was just wondering Will you be okay? What do you think? - And the agency? - What about it? The buyout.
After what happened with your wife does that change anything? Look, I'm handling it, okay? Okay.
- How long are you going to stand there? - I don't know.
If I hadn't moved to Paris and come to see you here you'd be buying the agency and your family would be happy.
I'd still be selling underwear down south.
What can I say? It's what it is.
Who was that producer looking for an assistant? Who, Dominique Besnehard? I'll call him.
In case he's still looking.
Today we'll learn a new move: the windmill.
Get on the floor.
Put your arm down by your abs and tip forward.
Put your head down.
Throw out your leg and push! Bravo! Very interesting.
Break-dancing? Does each of you understand without my needing to explain? Why make me repeat myself? The one I promised No, not like that.
- Why make me repeat myself? The one - No, no! From the top.
From the top.
And closer to the water.
Closer? How? My toes are already wet! François, work it out.
You're an actor, do something! What can I tell you? You both accept that I promised to take each of you as my wife.
Does each of you understand without my needing to explain? Why make me repeat myself? The one I promised No, that won't do! It doesn't work! If you're not in the pool with them, it just doesn't work.
You're like that, you're stiff, you're like an old redneck! You're like Alain Delon.
I didn't want Alain Delon! Why not an Olympic swimmer? This is theater, not the Olympic Games! What are you talking about? I don't know what you mean.
Are you telling me what theater is? Okay, I'm listening! Christophe.
- Can we get out? We're cold.
- For fuck sake! Can't we work? Tell me if I'm bothering you! I've been carrying this project for months! Nobody's making an effort! Fuck! Fucking shit! Help! François? François.
I'm sorry.
I didn't do it on purpose.
You're sorry? The cost is incalculable! The show's off! The whole season Wait a moment.
Tell me again, who walked away? Berléand.
But who threw the punch? Berléand.
Do something.
Or I'll have to sue you, no choice.
Yes, of course.
You can count on me.
Fuck! Is it that bad? It's only theater.
Know what this could cost? It's been publicized widely.
But worse than that we can't let word of that punch get out.
Bel knows all the young moviemakers.
If he whines about Berléand punching him, it could hang over us for years.
We have to stem it now.
If my mom has a complaining customer, she gives her friends a discount.
She doesn't lose any business.
So we lower the rates for all our stars? You can call them, then! Hippolyte's contract Hello.
Hello, Hippolyte? Hi, it's Camille, from ASK.
Andréa asked me to call you about your contracts for this new series.
Can you come in to check them over and sign them? Is my dad there? Yes.
I'm not coming, then.
I don't want to see him.
Okay, great.
No problem.
Can we meet somewhere else? - Hi.
- Hi.
- Coffee, please.
- Okay.
It's suddenly gotten cold.
- It's hell on my scooter.
- Same for me.
It's freezing on my bike.
I pedal like crazy, but But it's warmer down south? Yeah, but I haven't been back since I moved up here.
Yeah Okay.
Your contracts.
My pen - My pen's not working.
- Sorry.
It's not your fault, it's my pen! No, about everything.
My dad should apologize, not you.
Our dad! That feels so weird.
I know.
What's the Thanks.
procedure in such cases? What cases? When you've been hitting on your brother or sister.
- We didn't know, so - No.
I don't know.
Shall we just forget about it? - Yeah.
- And become friends.
Sort of half-brother, half-buddy.
- "Bruddy"? Yeah, that's it! - Yeah.
You're my "bruddy" and I'm your "siddy.
" I like it.
Cheers, bruddy.
Cheers, siddy.
François, it's me.
I'm here, as planned.
I know you're there, so, what do I do? Go rent a bulldozer and smash my way in? Shit! François! François! François! That's enough! Fox, quiet! I'm having a pool dug.
Seriously? I can't take the shame of not being able to swim.
I've turned down so many movies.
Like what? Titanic? The Little Mermaid? No, that's great.
I'm proud of you.
I'm really sorry about Dom Juan.
I know that asshole Bel has vision.
Makes a change from the usual Dom Boring.
You'll do it, then? No, it's too late now.
I I can't call him now.
Are you kidding? Everyone's forgotten about it.
Christophe regrets it too.
He admits he was a jerk.
He admires you, you know that.
I swear! He's called me 20 times.
Then why doesn't he just call me? Yeah.
Can I wash my hands? Christophe? It's Andréa Martel.
I hope you're free tonight, I'm inviting you to dinner.
No, you can't say no.
My pride won't allow it.
If you only knew! I have lots and lots to tell you.
See you later.
No, I have to go home.
I still have a big chunk of my report to write.
No, please stay! Torpedo the agency later! I want you here tonight.
I want to come home and find you sizzling in my bed! Come on! Don't say no, you'll regret it.
You dress like that for a work dinner? Yeah, tonight I'm playing it sober, sexy and classy.
And usually it's what? Porn chic? Present! - Is that for me? - Yep.
Now you won't have to bring your own.
Is the tigress becoming a pussycat? I'm simply concerned about your dental hygiene.
I'm celebrating my birthday tomorrow night at the theater.
Can you come? I'd really like you to come.
Is that so? Yes, of course it is.
Can you come or not? As a director, you're good at making people do what you want.
I'm not bad.
And you? Me? I think I'm not bad.
Maybe I'm even better than not bad.
Show me, then.
How do you do it? Well, it's not that sophisticated.
For example, what do I want? I don't know.
I want you to call François.
So, how do I go about it? I lean gracefully closer to you, with a touch of perfume and sensuality I slip my hand in here and I take this.
I bring it alive and I slide my pretty little fingers across the screen.
I finish off by sending it.
Result! What did you do? Want to talk to you.
Come to bthday tomorrow.
Christophe You sent a message.
To Berléand.
No way! I didn't know what would happen, sorry.
You told me to wait, then didn't come home.
That's sadistic and perverse.
Colette, I did come home.
At 3:00 a.
! Are you surprised I left? It was strictly work, you know that.
I don't want to talk about it.
Okay, fine.
- We do what I want tonight.
- Tonight? - We're meeting my friends.
Did you forget? - No.
Yes, your friends.
- Cécile, Juliette, and - Jennifer.
Jennifer, yeah! Yes, of course.
Tonight? "Tonight" tonight? - You forgot.
- No.
- Made other plans.
- No way.
No problem, I'll be there.
- It's cool.
- Okay, it's cool.
No, the problem with Colette is that she has a jealous nature.
She's passive-jealous.
Yeah, I see.
Don't dump her for a day or two.
Not till she's finished the audit.
I'm not dumping her! You single people want everyone else to be single too! - Sofia.
- Yes? Shall we? Sorry, yes.
My name is Sofia Leprince, I'm 25, and my agent is Gabriel Sarda at ASK.
Great! Let's get started, because I'm a bit behind schedule.
Start with the choreography, then do your scene, okay? Okay.
Whenever you're ready.
We're a bit behind schedule, so you can Oh, yeah? They want a piece of me? I run faster than them.
I'm never in the same place! Now I'm here, now I'm not here! You see me jumping three floors and landing like Lara Croft? A dream come true, huh? That's not at all what I asked for.
- Yeah, but I thought - I didn't ask you to think.
Okay, sure.
It's the dance first.
- Okay? - Yes.
We'll start again.
Ready? Listen, that's the cops! We gotta get out of here! I'm not gonna die here! Get the money! What the hell did you do? Constance is asking me, "Who was that lunatic?" I repeat, "that lunatic!" I'm sorry.
I like you a lot, Sofia, but this won't do.
So either explain what happened, or - It's hip-hop.
- What? I don't know how to dance.
Then why the fuck didn't you tell me? I told you it was condition number one! - Wasn't that clear? - Of course it was! But you came and offered me a hip-hop role! Because I'm black I can dance hip-hop? I'm sorry? I'm sorry? You're out of line! And it doesn't explain why you hit her assistant! There are rules! The agency has a reputation! So do I! You don't behave like a savage! - A savage? - Yeah, a savage! Are you calling me a savage? So I'm either a slave, a hip-hop dancer, or a savage? What next, an ad for Banania? You're as stuck in those clichés as everyone else! You know what? Take me off your books! I don't want to ruin your reputation.
Goodbye! What do you want? I just want to talk to you Apologize.
Apologize all you like, I'll never forgive you.
Sandra? Just five minutes.
- Why are you suddenly in such a hurry? - I'm not, but I can't bear this.
I'm worried about you.
Are you scared about your agency? Tidying up your mess before signing? No, darling.
Don't "darling" me! Don't you ever! Stop it.
- Sandra.
- Yes, madam? I'll see you there.
At what time? I don't really feel up to it.
Dressing up and everything François, he's personally invited you.
And now you're hesitating? - Isn't it what you wanted? - I'd have preferred lunch.
Something more intimate.
What's more intimate than a birthday? Celebrating his emergence from his mother, as his father cut the cord.
Sorry, François, I don't follow you.
Okay, I'll be there at 8:30.
I'll see you outside.
Okay, see you later.
Yeah, Colette, it's me.
Something's come up, in fact, at work.
And Yes, I'm coming to see your friends.
Let me finish.
I have to take Berléand to Christophe Bel's party.
It's my last chance to save the show.
No, I can still get there in time for dessert.
It's just a drink at the rehearsal studio.
No, I'm not wearing my sexy black dress.
No, I've gone for something simple.
Simple casual Yeah, see you later.
Did you bring a present? No.
François, François! Very good.
Very funny.
No, really very funny.
I'm glad you like it.
I have to see to the music.
- Soak up the atmosphere.
- Yeah.
He's not talking to me! He invites me, then he snubs me! Wait, he'll be back.
It's his party, he's nervous.
Give him time.
No, I'm going.
What? No, stay! François! François! That's so cool! Christophe, you were made to work together.
Give me one good reason.
- He's a great actor! - He has no respect! I can't direct him in my play! - It's not that he doesn't want to! - Then what's the problem? He can't? You mustn't tell anyone.
He can't swim.
- What? - He can't swim! François, wait François! François! I really have tried everything.
I know I'm ruining it all.
I'm losing custody of the kids.
I want to go home.
Sir, it's reception.
There's someone here for you.
Really? Ms.
Camille Valentini.
Shall I put her on? Yes, thanks.
Dad? - Your phone's off.
- Yes.
What's going on? Nothing.
I was just passing and wanted to see how you were.
I'm okay.
Don't worry.
Well do you want to have dinner with me? What, right now? Yeah.
Have you eaten? No.
And Philippe You know who I mean? - Mom's bro.
- Mom's brother.
Yeah, Philippe.
He started up this video club.
I was 13 or 14, and I went all the time.
That's when I discovered movies.
I watched so many.
At weekends, I'd see four or five in a row.
Not eating? I'm not very hungry.
Upset stomach? Star-anise tea is great for a stressed stomach.
It's little stars that smell lovely.
Maybe you can't get it in the hotel.
This place is pretty classy, though.
They should have everything.
- Excuse me.
- Yes? - Is that the dessert menu? - Yes.
- Thank you.
- No, thank you.
- What? - Nothing.
By the way did you call Dominique Besnehard? No, not yet.
Why? Because I think Andréa would rather you stayed.
Really? - Well, good night.
- Good night.
I was on vacation with my parents in Spain.
The hotel had a pool.
I went in it with my brother.
We played a stupid game, seeing how long we could stay sitting on the bottom.
On the sucking thing? I did that, to feel it tickling my No, it wasn't for that, it was just to try to stay down there.
But one day, my trunks got sucked in by the pump.
I couldn't get them out, I panicked.
I thought I was going to die, and my brother saved me.
As a result, I can't I've never dared to go back in a pool.
- Yeah.
- No, but It's all in the past now.
No, but it's magnificent.
That's it! That's Dom Juan, man in all his complexity.
His doubts, his fear of death, desire, pleasure No, it was a kids' game that went wrong.
No, it's much more than that! That's exactly it: Dom Juan can't swim! Pierrot says so in act two.
You see! You can't throw him in the pool if he can't swim.
- That's why there's the duck! - Not the duck again! - François! - No! Are you okay? Yeah, yeah, fine.
Shorts like that, but not in the pool? That's almost a crime against femininity! What's your name? Cheers! - The Three Brothers - Yeah? I've got this writer who's Not the movie.
Chekhov? Colette, wait! I swear, it was for work! Colette, I'm sorry, forgive me.
Colette, you're right to be mad.
That was wrong.
But I saw Bel and Berléand make up, and it Look, I'm not trying to deny it.
You stuck your tongue down her throat! Yeah.
I'm not denying it.
But it wasn't down her throat.
Be fair! I could deny it, I could say it wasn't me, but no, I'm being honest.
Is this how it'll be every time you go out for work, Andréa Martel? But it's not important.
It was nothing! It was just making out at a party.
What's important is us! - I knew, anyway.
- What? That it'd end like this.
No, wait! It can't end like this.
I knew all along that you're a heartless seducer.
All you can give is your body.
Go home! No, wait! Colette! Colette, get in the taxi! Get in! Colette! Yes? - Sofia? - Yes.
Sorry, am I disturbing you? No.
I just had to see you.
I feel terrible about earlier, and No, it was me, I was No, the things I said were horrible.
No, I was horrible.
I went too far.
No, I should have told you.
No, it's not me, it's you I should have told you.
- Sorry to bother you.
- No, you're not bothering me.
And I'm glad you dropped by.
Do you ? Do you want a drink? Yes, okay.
I have some port.
A bit of sediment, but it's okay.
I love port.
- Gabriel! - Andréa? What is it, are you hurt? What's wrong? What? I've had a big pool problem! What? Pool? Gabriel, marry me! Protect me, save me! Help me, Gabriel Bel and Molière create a revelatory dialectic.
Refusing to swim is refusing the norm! It's all there.
Dom Juan's lust for life Whether she's small, fat, vulgar He doesn't care! Anything goes, except the norm of monogamy.
He's so afraid of that norm that he'll take refuge with anything in a skirt.
I'd even be tempted to say that it isn't his desire that stops him being faithful, it's his fear! A fear deep in his subconscious.
Sorry? Can you repeat that, about the fear of the norm? I'll do better than that, I'll give you my book.
You'll understand.
I'll dedicate it.
Donjuanism or The Sickness of the Bond Shall I write my phone number, too? No.
The dedication is fine.
Just the dedication? Bravo! The director.
Bravo! Will You Sleep with Me Tonight? Fuck! Love and Muffins Is this a conspiracy or something? Are you okay? Yeah.
Have we heard anything from that Brancillon woman? No, she hasn't been in for three days.
Weird, huh? She needed some papers.
Hasn't she called? No.
I'll leave you.
- Hello.
- Hello.
Hello, Hélène.
Brancillon, can I have a word? Hello, everyone.
When I arrived, you'd just lost your boss.
I'm sorry.
But the law is the law.
It knows neither grief nor sorrow.
A company isn't like a family, where you invent your own rules.
There are laws.
You seem to feel that the company's money is your own.
You confuse your private lives with your jobs.
A love of one's job cannot justify abuses.
You will receive my conclusions shortly.
There will be a fine to pay, and you will also be summoned to business court.
I advise you to take this opportunity to review your practices and clean up the way you run your agency.
Good luck.
Why the court? The company paid for a private hotel room for ten years.
Cleaning ladies and vacations were paid for with agency money.
Your whole lives are one long list of expenses! A first for me.
Some even bought socks with company money.
That's different.
It was a festival in the Alps, my feet were freezing, and I couldn't remember my credit card's PIN.
That is called a misuse of company funds.
It's a crime.
Did your wife and father-in-law know about this tax audit? Yes.
It won't affect their intention to buy my shares? I don't know, Hélène.
I don't believe this! How am I going to sell them? You all understand that if there's no new cash, ASK won't survive this tax audit? You all understand that? What, then? We go bust? I'm asking you! What do you mean, you don't know? I don't know, Gabriel! You always know everything! Call your wife, now.
We have to know.
It won't do any good.
She won't talk to me.
It's looking like a divorce.
What's she doing? She'll kick Brancillon's ass! Shit! Jeez! I can give you more than my body, I can give my heart, too.
I know I'm not very good at it.
It's because I'm afraid.
But I want to learn.
I'm not strong enough to teach you, Andréa.
No, I want to learn from you.
From you and no one else.
Oh, my God! They're an item! Good Lord, I knew it! Gabriel, did you know? No, no Take care, Andréa.
Why do you say that? You kiss me, then leave me? Aren't you going to comfort her? No, Jean-Pierre's doing fine.
You're not going to marry her either? No Jean-Pierre can do that, too! No, I don't think I'll marry her.
Firstly, because she prefers women.
Secondly, because she's my colleague and friend.
And thirdly, because it's complicated, mixing work and feelings.
Everything gets screwed up.
Especially with my clients.
With my clients, it's - There's no one here.
- No way! I swear.
Have we already gone bust? There you are! What are you doing? First, we thought about a collective suicide Well, I did.
A collective suicide all by myself.
But I'm more than willing to participate in your collective suicide by yourself.
For once we agree on something! But in the end, we found Samuel's whiskey, - so we're not killing ourselves.
- Well, not just yet.
Before we do, may I have Vanessa Paradis's number, dear fellow? No problem, dear fellow.
- That's horrible! - Mathias, Mathias - You're drunk, Mathias.
- I'm not.
- Yes, you are.
- I've never seen you drunk.
I'm not drunk, not at all! It's like your first Cannes Film Festival.
Remember? You disappeared for three days.
A very long time ago.
How old were you? Twenty-six? Twenty-seven? He was a sober young man, always very professional But there was this swanky party in a villa with a pool Don't mention pools, please! The next morning, he'd disappeared.
So we came back to Paris without him.
We were worried to death.
- What did you do for three days? - Some hot babe, I bet! I don't remember.
We want to know.
What did you do for three days? I don't remember, Gabriel.
We want to know.
But, you know, it's true.
We never see you like this.
- Cigarette.
- It's not funny.
A smoke! We'll make it through this, kids.
We always have done.
Good night.
See you.
I'm going to hail a taxi.
- Anyone want to share it? - Yeah, me.
- No, I'm good.
- No, thanks.
See you, Camille.
What are you doing, honey? Going home? Yeah I don't really know.
Want to go see a movie? Yeah, why not? I slip the young guy at the door some money and he lets me in with Jean Gabin.
Really? It's been years since I went to a movie outside of work.
Just for the pleasure of it.
When things are getting you down, there's always the movies.