Dix Pour Cent (2015) s02e01 Episode Script

Virginie et Ramzy

A kiss? Virginie, Ramzy, you've lived together for many years and yet - Do we live together? - Yes! - Ah, it's him! - This is going to be tricky.
Yet this is your first film together.
What made you decide to make this movie? It took courage.
Also, with our shooting schedule, we never see each other.
We have to book restaurants two months in advance.
Was each earning the same fee important to you? It was to me! No.
Equal pay is important in any profession.
In ours too.
We need to get things moving.
Two equal fees, into the same account.
Everyone is happy, even our agent.
Especially our agent.
You share an agent? We share everything.
Absolutely everything.
Good luck with the film, out on Wednesday.
Are you anxious? I never am, I'm a pro.
Better ask her! I'll be fine.
- Thanks very much.
- Thank you.
Take a deep breath.
Feel the air going around your body.
Let go.
Your eyelids are becoming heavy.
Hello? Mathias, it's awful.
What happened? I was on the street, with a friend.
We'd had a drink I saw this guy in a bomber jacket, there was a flash Friend? You were with Ramzy? No, he went home.
Another friend, someone who A guy who Virginie, I don't understand.
We were drinking, in a club, we came out.
Together! Do I have to spell it out? You mean you were snapped by a paparazzo? Mathias you have to do something, Get onto the gossip mags, the press they mustn't print it! Threats from me won't stop them printing it.
Not even the President could stop it.
So what do I do? Talk to Ramzy.
No, I can't do that, he won't understand.
- He just won't.
- Believe me in these situations it's the best thing to do.
I know what I'm talking about.
Maybe it was just a car's headlamps.
The guy looked Japanese.
Maybe he's a tourist.
Perhaps it's nothing to worry about.
Virginie talk to him.
- Hi.
- Hi.
It's not about whether you like my actor.
You already told me that.
How much though? Oh yeah, you thought that? You're wrong, I loved it.
You think one night is enough for me? How wrong you are! You're very sweet.
- Is Camille here? - Not yet.
So where the hell is she? Hey, let's meet at Café Charlot, like the first time.
That's not where we met? Your name isn't Laurence? No, Laura Smet doesn't live here.
You can send mail here but she has her own home, like everyone else.
But we have Noémie Leclerc.
She's friendly, gorgeous and looking for a husband.
Honestly! Saving the best till last! You smell good! It's Léa Seydoux's perfume.
She never collected it, so You smell like a star! I've got things lined up for you.
- What kind? - Big, really big things.
VIRGINIE EFIRA'S NEW PASSION Fuck! Sure you've eaten enough? How about a pastry? So spit it out.
You have something to tell me.
Well I know I've caused a lot of pain by hiding things for years.
Catherine has thrown me out, she thinks I'm a coward and a liar.
Which I understand very well.
I want to make amends.
Put things in order, tell the truth, say you're my daughter.
Okay but you've already said that.
What more can we do? No, I mean to everyone.
In the agency everyone.
I thought you'd be happy.
Apparently not.
No, it's just that I've waited so long now I'm scared.
Really scared.
Scared of what? Losing people's trust, losing my job.
Why? You think Andréa wants your daughter as her assistant? Hervé, Noémie They're my friends now.
They'd regard me as some kind of traitor.
I've never been happier, I don't want to spoil it.
Do you understand? Shall we go? Isn't that the head of StarMedia, with Samuel Kerr's wife? Yes.
VIRGINIE EFIRA'S NEW PASSION - She's cheating on Ramzy? - No.
Removing spinach from a friend's teeth.
She's leaving him? Don't ask me.
Relationship issues, just my luck.
Do we know who the guy is? Five feet nine, pretty hairy, shapely rear, slight spare tire Is it you, Gabriel? A break-up during the movie's release isn't good for us.
On the contrary, it'll create a buzz.
It's spicy! Noémie! I'm talking about image, not buzz.
Actors splitting up is a PR disaster.
The film will bomb.
Rotten luck for ASK.
Last thing we needed.
How so? I just saw François Bréhier with Hélène Kerr.
At Mansart.
I don't like it.
He wants to buy us? Bréhier's a scavenger.
He'd sleep with Satan to bring us down.
Is everyone here? You can see we are.
Right, we've had a difficult six months.
As we know it's hard to set up films, we have contracts on hold Added to that the new framework for actors' salaries Our profits are down on the first half-year.
We could handle it if Mrs.
Brancillon hadn't hit us with a €500,000 tax bill.
Am I the only one with relationship issues? Shame Mathias's wife didn't acquire equity.
But she didn't.
In conclusion Love stinks! Our only option is to reduce salaries for two months.
Excuse me? - Whose salaries? - Everyone's.
No way, if you reduce mine, I'll starve.
It makes no sense.
You can't get in bed with just anyone.
There are rules.
I agree! Don't worry, no one will bother us here.
You never know.
- Did you know? - Tea or coffee? She called you at 3.
09am What did she say? My job is to protect you both, your private life doesn't concern me but when it's attacked, I'll defend it.
We'll sue, and you may be sure we'll win.
It won't relieve my public humiliation.
I know but you can't let it go.
What are you doing? Recording me? Of course not! Did she call and leave a message? No, but she might, I'm her agent too.
That's the problem, you're a double agent! Not quite, I'm both your agents.
Well, now you have to choose.
Look, Ramzy, we're both upset.
We'll find a solution Yes, Sofia? Virginie Efira is here.
See? I don't want to see her.
Do whatever it takes, I don't want to see her.
Virginie, hi! Thanks for being here.
No, Virginie Fuck.
He gave me 30 minutes to pack my bag.
None of my clothes match.
This is his yes, it's his.
A gift from me.
You should have talked to him.
It was nothing, just a goodbye.
A very affectionate goodbye, the type of kiss movie people go in for.
On the mouth sometimes.
The angle makes it look worse.
We kissed, so what? The guy means nothing, he's from Brussels.
He's a very old flame.
It was an aberration.
Didn't you ever do that? Must it ruin everything? My mom I'll have to take it.
- Go ahead.
- Thanks.
She'll be frantic with worry Hello? Yes, Mom.
Yes All right, don't yell! When you and Dad argued, it wasn't in the papers! It changes everything.
Anyway, must go, I'm busy.
I screwed up.
How do we pay the rent? I'll sell my body, there's no other way.
We have to be sensible.
Mathias will find a solution.
Oh my God! No! Life is too precious.
Especially yours! You sustain dozens of people here.
I'm fine, I need to get off here.
I thought you were trying to Sorry.
Is Virginie still here? - Yes, should I give her a message? - No.
But I'll have a coffee.
And a smoke.
You could talk to him.
You're rational, you could help us stay calm amid the storm Excuse me.
Can't you get rid of her? I want to come in.
Not yet, we're working on it.
The paparazzi are downstairs! They've got me in their sights! - No, no.
- Hurry it up! Plus it's raining.
Virginie You want me to calmly and respectfully do what's best for both of you.
Oh yes.
Right, so here's what we'll do.
All right.
So I'll be kind of an interim agent.
That's right.
A temporary arrangement.
Just a facade.
First my guy dumps me, now my agent.
But it's temporary and just a facade so that's okay.
Don't take it that way.
Gabriel and I work closely together.
Sure we do.
Very often.
I can always try another agency.
Temporarily, as a facade.
I know things are hard right now, we'll fix up some great facades.
We promise.
I don't want to see her.
Interviews, promotional photos for the movie no way.
With no promotion, the film will bomb.
That's bad for everyone.
Sorry, what she did was unforgivable.
Depends on your school.
What school? School of thought, with regard to infidelity.
Like you can't own someone, your body belongs to you.
There's no such thing as infidelity.
Or fidelity.
You don't have to be trapped by hetero-conservative thinking.
You could promote peace, progress and the blossoming of humanity.
- Doors opening.
- No? First floor.
Have a nice day, Ramzy! Fermeture des portes.
- Did you get my ticket for tomorrow? - Yeah, here.
- Where are you going? - Couchey.
Excuse me? My parents' village.
In eight years I never knew where you came from.
Me neither.
- What'll you do in Couchey? - She's getting the town medal.
A drag you mean.
Unless you like badly dressed people drinking lousy wine in a dingy hall.
Did you tell Léa Seydoux I'd drop by the shoot? Yep, 45 minutes from Couchey.
I booked a cab.
Fuck, I wanted a day return, not an overnight stay! But you need to change twice on the last train.
I don't care, rebook.
My parents' place depresses me.
Two hours in there and I'll stick my head in the microwave.
Change it! - Not so cushy in Couchey! - So I gather.
Sorry, ma'am, no, that won't be possible.
Ramzy cannot give you an interview.
Not for at least four months.
Yes, he's on a shoot a long way away.
In Tazmanakastan.
Oh yes, there is such a place.
He can't, he has some kind of lockjaw.
Probably a virus.
It paralyzes the face and is extremely contagious.
Bye! No, I'm sorry, no can do with Ramzy.
I've no idea.
Why not interview the screen writers? They're great.
The people who wrote the film.
So what made you want to do this film? The story was good, the one in the film There's a comical tone.
Which is great.
So the shoot was a lot of fun? Oh? Yes.
Comedy isn't necessarily the most fun.
It's pretty tense.
Very tense actually.
It translates to the screen.
It's annoying to see actually.
What with the recession, terror attacks, people don't want Anyway Let's start over, cut that bit.
So Lies in a relationship No, sorry.
We agreed.
No personal stuff.
It's what the film is about.
I haven't asked anything yet.
I'm happy to talk about it, get things off my chest.
Maybe we can talk about the future? Upcoming projects? The future It does tend to occur.
I want to take a break from all that.
No don't put that, she didn't mention a break.
But she did.
I did.
Cross it out.
Cross out "a break".
So what do I put instead? "Time out" then.
Sorry, no, not that.
It isn't a time-out.
A breather.
How about "take a step back"? How does that sound? Take a step back, yeah.
A short step back.
A positive one.
A step back forwards.
You can write that.
"A step back forwards.
" With an arrow, from left to right.
Why me and not you? Because I'd have said no.
Sure, he knew I'd be less mistrustful.
He gives me a hot potato so if Virginie falls out with the agency, it's my fault.
Thanks, Mathias! I hadn't figured that.
It's exactly the type of thing he'd do! Poor you.
Wait Must go, I have to talk to the Mayor.
Keep me posted.
Take care Mayor.
Andréa, it's good to see you here.
Glad to be here.
- I knew you when you were this big! - Time flies.
We've had a slight change of schedule.
She isn't getting the medal? Daddy's worried! No, it's just that we have a surprise guest.
We've had to reschedule his medal presentation to today.
You know him: Hicham Janowski! The guy from the dating site? He's come over from London specially.
He's proud of his roots! You don't mind sharing the limelight? Of course not.
Here he is! Hicham, Andréa, Couchey is where you began life.
Today it is proud to have you back in its bosom.
You both move around the upper echelons, and thanks to you, all Couchey folk can bask in your glow.
You, Andréa, have conquered Paris and its stars.
You don't rub shoulders with stars, you make them.
I know you, right? We were at school together.
That's right! Marteau Andréa Marteau.
Why did the Mayor call you Martelin? Martel.
My professional name.
So you changed your name.
You didn't change your nose though.
Hicham Janowski needs no introduction.
His dating site operates in over 40 countries.
Challenge magazine describes him as one of France's youngest fortunes.
Anyone else in your position would have forgotten Couchey but not you.
Hicham, I have a question for you.
You sold your site for the tidy sum of 200 million euros, so what now? I read you are seeking a new playing field.
Well, Couchey needs a new football pitch! He's funny, right? Very well.
Yeah Couchey humor.
Mathias, you seem to have misunderstood.
Ramzy won't take my calls and I'm the film's producer! He's gone missing a week before the movie's release.
Things have gotten completely crazy.
Virginie is doing promotion, right? Are you kidding me? She's like a zombie.
Not one useable photo! Plus her depressive comments in interviews We're releasing a comedy, next week! Act responsibly! Michel, you're absolutely right.
I'll hang up and go slap Ramzy's ass.
Do whatever it takes, Mathias, If he doesn't do the Drucker show this week, I'll sue for breach of contract! Are we Can I have a word? What's wrong? Look, about Virginie I'd rather you took her back.
No, please no.
She's ready for a crash landing, which is precisely why you unloaded her on me.
No, I just asked for your help.
If you're incapable of assisting a colleague during a crisis, say so, I'll make a note of it! - You really want my help? - Of course! I don't know, it's not your style.
Are you sure? Okay, that's enough.
You know, Mathias, it's funny but since you split from your wife you've become more human.
It's temporary.
The split or the humanity? Once they've made up, I'll have both again.
You think they will? Relationships have many phases, you'll see.
I know all about relationships.
I mean a real relationship.
I was with Florence for 18 months, I'm with Sofia, we're going steady.
A real relationship starts after 3 years.
Okay and what is it before that? A romantic comedy.
Come, doggie.
Go on, Jean Gabin! Take a piss a nice big piss.
Good, good.
What the hell are you doing? Giving my dog a piss.
I heard you were crazy but this is worse.
I'll soon end up in Pont-aux-Dames.
You know, the retirement home.
What? Everyone knows that I used to work there.
And I met a lot of people.
They don't know how you invested senile actors' money.
That's slander! No, it's a threat.
Slander is when you have no proof.
What is it you want? It's war between ASK and StarMedia, but each to his own side and no one buys anyone out.
Otherwise the old files come out.
Come on, let's go.
This guy is the goose that lays the golden egg.
He sold his website for 200 million.
Are you listening, Gabriel? Yes, but why would he invest in us? His mother told me he's getting divorced.
He's looking for a new playing field.
I'll sound him out, he's ripe for picking.
Sound him out how? We were kind of best pals at high school.
Shit! Wait! Hicham, wait! So, Marteau you ran to say goodbye? Where are you headed? Dole airport.
Can you drop me at the shoot? It's on the way.
Léa Seydoux will thank you personally.
It's funny, us getting this medal on the same day and meeting up again.
Maybe it's a sign.
If anyone had seen us at school I was very inhibited.
You were a social misfit.
Well, thanks.
No one expected much from us.
We've done pretty well though.
Well, especially you.
You still like girls? Excuse me? Why did you get into the car? I don't follow.
Marteau, when you're rich, you learn to recognize self interest.
You're not looking for a husband.
So? It's true, I was thinking of something.
But I need to make sure I can trust you.
You already know.
Why? We were at school together.
At that age, you don't lie.
There was that party The math teacher's daughter Isabelle Marot! That's it! Funny the way these names pop up.
Anyway you threw up.
You remember that? Yeah, I overdid the Malibu and pineapple.
First time sloshed.
First bout of lovesickness.
Right? That girl Mélanie Ah, Mélanie.
The blonde Beautiful.
You ate dog biscuits in front of everyone that night.
Your cousin didn't know! Like this! I wanted to show I'd never be a bourgeois, in my cage, like them.
So we're kind of the same.
Okay, Hicham Janowski.
The truth is that my agency It's a great company.
A jewel, envied by all.
The owner died last winter, since then, the jewel has been for sale.
Only we're choosy.
We've refused many offers.
We don't want someone to buy us, but to marry us.
We're here.
Right, so Can I take a look around, check out the bride? This is an in-house film for ASK.
We have the director, François Ozon, the screenwriter, Fred Francou-Hilbert, and the lead actress, Léa Seydoux.
- Mind the cables, they're dangerous.
- Thanks.
A budget of 15 million, shooting in three countries, two crews So this is 15 million? Léa? No, I'm Karine.
Léa went back to the hotel.
Must be their lunch break.
I was happy to do this film, so we could be together, share things It's great to do a movie together, something you'll always have.
So what does she do? The lady sullies everything.
I never want to hear about this film again.
I understand.
It's why we've covered for your absences.
- Thanks for that.
- It's our job.
But there's one show we can't cancel: Drucker.
No, we've talked about this.
We're in no condition to do it.
I'm in no mood to act smart for the gallery.
- You won't be acting smart - I said no! I don't feel like being funny and likeable! I don't want Drucker to like me, I don't want to stroke his dog, sit on his sofa, play the livewire.
I want to throw acid in her face! It's contractual.
France 2 is co-financing the film.
Bullshit! Drucker isn't mentioned in my contract.
Not in the official contract.
But in the other one Oh fuck.
- You're a fucking drag, Mathias.
- I know.
I'll go on one condition she doesn't come.
You have my word.
Thanks Thanks, Mathias.
No, go stick it in the trash.
I can't bring myself to throw it out.
I'd advise against it.
The paparazzi will have a field day.
Yeah? What do I do with it? That's what I'm here for.
Thank you Thank you, Mathias.
It's been shit since yesterday.
A shit set, shit weather, lots of technical shit When the car gave up, we figured we'd have to reschedule.
The first crew treated us like shit, we put Léa in her hotel, now we're In deep shit.
Could you use my car? Same style, same color.
A bit classier but Why not? We'd have to tell the insurance but that's easy.
It would be my pleasure.
That's great! But we have link shots to do too.
It isn't just for today, we'd need it for a couple more days.
Fine, my pleasure.
Cool! Good job you came.
Saïd, you can come tomorrow and the day after? I don't know, we'll have to see.
We'll sort it out.
I've got an idea.
Saïd, you do the driving.
In the film.
No, Hicham, that's not how it works.
We already have a driver.
He's lending his car, it's only natural he gets to be in it.
No, we have a professional actor.
It's for continuity.
Wait, we're talking.
My cousin drives professionally, he'll be fine.
Okay? You're going to be in the movie! Classy, eh? Okay, forget it.
Forget what? Goodbye, I can't waste time with clowns.
With what? No, wait, Hicham Hicham Who's the psychopath? The guy's crazy.
Listen Hicham! Mind the lighting! I'm at my sister's, it's awful! The paparazzi are camped in the apartment opposite.
They've collared the kids outside school.
Plus her boyfriend is giving me funny looks.
How? Judgmental? No, he's eyeing me up.
I don't know, I've become really paranoid.
My sister is so upset, especially about the kids being targeted.
I can't stay there, it's awful what I'm putting them through.
Can I sleep at your place for a night or two? Well, look You could have done with pleasure but I'm not actually at home.
My apartment is being worked on.
I don't mind at all, I just need a quiet cupboard.
What's your door code? What do you mean, my door code? I won't take any room, I've just brought pajamas and kleenex.
That film was a mistake.
Why? It doesn't make sense, playing the ideal couple when we can't even talk about our problems.
You have problems? Not at all, we're the only couple in the country not to have problems.
Along with you! He makes out there's no such thing, he wants to make jokes.
I like to talk through problems.
So after a four-month shoot, it blew up.
Four of them.
Five! That's a lot.
Any news from him? Does he call you? He still won't talk to me.
We're good.
It upsets me, hurting him that way.
You shits! Fucking vultures! Screw you! Bunch of voyeurs! Let go of me! Ah, sleepyhead is awake! Good morning.
- Sleep well? - Fine.
Did you reach Dr.
LebÅ"uf? He'll squeeze you in tomorrow.
What! Didn't you say it was urgent? It's his only slot.
Go see a dentist in Paris.
No, Paris is a village.
I couldn't take a cab without someone seeing my teeth.
It's nice of you.
No matter, I'll have to wait.
Sure, and spend time with us.
- Right, Michèle? - Sure.
Eat something.
A melba toast.
Dunk them they go soft.
If your agency really is sinking, you could sit a civil service exam.
Right, Michel? I inquired, with a degree in political science, you can apply.
Say you gave up the receptionist job.
You're crazy.
No, why? The job is my security.
You might be the best agent but it might not work out for me.
If you gave it up, you could work on your scripts, take classes and stuff.
And pay for them how? Well, I'd give you a hand.
Better still I could give you lessons.
Dance singing, comedy "The sky is clearer than the bottom of my heart!" Personalized lessons, 24/7.
You just want to lock me away, right? Then when you're ready, and the best, I'll bring you out and people will gasp.
Oh my God! Who is this amazing person? She's so beautiful! She's magnificent! Stop, she shines too brightly! My eyes are burning! She's too beautiful! Right, let's get to work.
All right.
What time is it? 9 o'clock sharp, like we said.
Can I get a coffee? None left.
Are you okay? Great.
It's party time.
What did you come for? Take whatever you like, I don't care.
I don't get it, on the phone you seemed open, you said you wanted to talk.
Did I say that? Here, inform people of your new address.
But I'm not changing address, it hasn't come to that! Can we move on to the next stage? I made a serious mistake 24 years ago.
You punished me, quite rightly.
I've begged forgiveness.
Isn't that enough? Yes, I agree.
That's enough.
I don't want to stop you having fun.
Why do you say that? Those assholes! You scared me.
- Yes, it's funny.
- I'm her agent, not her lover, you know the difference.
What do I know? Don't be absurd! She split with Ramzy and asked to stay.
See, that's the problem.
I don't believe you anymore.
It's the truth, Catherine.
What is the truth, after 24 years of lies? No, please, stop.
I can't take anymore.
We're getting a divorce.
Isn't he coming? Where's your director? Still in bed? Looks like he stood us up.
Still, it's good to see you.
How are things with Mathias Barneville? If you're here to diss my agent, don't bother.
What's this about? I'm a well-informed admirer who thinks you deserve to work with people who are on your side.
Thanks for the coffee.
No, I'll make it quick and simple.
Ramzy is lying to you.
Mathias too.
Plus he's manipulating you.
You and Ramzy didn't get the same fee.
Far from it.
This is pathetic.
I read Ramzy's contract.
The official contract.
There's another.
Mathias hid it by adding marketing and promotional terms.
Care to see it? I think your dog likes me, Michel! She knows I'm a wounded man who needs comforting.
I should have married her.
Well, ask! Sorry.
Yes? Oh? We have a surprise guest.
My judo teacher from when I was 10? I don't know, it's a surprise! OUR LITTLE LIES Virginie Efira! Hello! Michel, hello.
Hello, my love.
I thought you couldn't make it but it's great you're here.
Thank you, Michel! I figured surprises are important.
In terms of the film, the worst thing for a couple is boredom.
So surprise! No, there are worse things than boredom in a relationship.
Things change quickly with you.
Swinging! We try Try to surprise one another.
We're constantly finding out new things about one another.
Some surprises are unwelcome.
"What do I do with this surprise?" True, true.
You can think: "Well, that's a funny surprise!" Like right now.
Let's look at a clip from the film.
Our Little Lies, out this Wednesday.
Virginie and Ramzy Bedia.
What are you doing here? This is so awkward.
I can think of more awkward things.
You, for example.
You're so horrible.
- I'm horrible? - Totally! Me? Oh but you like young lads.
I read about it.
Shut up.
What's horrible is telling everyone how important equal pay is, then fixing up a contract to earn more than your wife.
- Now that's horrible! - It was for us.
What I did was for us too.
A weak moment that made me feel more womanly.
- It could have benefited you too.
- We're going live Yes, Michel.
You can have the money.
I'll donate it to the foundation for deceived husbands traumatized by their wives! - They need money.
- You're joking again.
You can spend your life never actually talking about anything.
You can.
You know why I'm doing this? So we don't get bored.
Because I love you.
It's some movie.
What a volcanic couple! So refreshing! They overcome every obstacle just to remain together.
Thank you.
The film also highlights how important it is to adapt to one another Yes and to carry on loving one another.
- And make allowances.
- It's a love that moves, that lives.
It isn't stuck.
That's what makes it worth it.
It turns out it's all worth it.
Yes, it's worth it.
There's a third character in the film - The couple's friend - Oh yes! who's torn between them both.
Yes, the couple's friend is played by an amazing actor - Hello.
- Hello.
We're expected.
- Sit down.
- Hi, Mathias.
I have something for you.
Ah thanks.
It would have been a shame to throw it away.
Thank you.
It's such a pleasure to see you together.
Anyway, Mathias, we've talked it through We've decided we need to start from scratch to reestablish trust.
So For us, that means making changes.
Changing agent.
So Mathias, there have been lots of lies and dirty tricks.
We accept responsibility, you have to do likewise.
What exactly are you talking about? The second contract.
You agreed to it! I wouldn't have thought of it without your advice.
At first I wasn't exactly Mostly you know too much about us and we need a new, fresh and honest relationship.
You can understand that.
Obviously we're really sorry.
Okay, well look it's your decision.
May I ask where you're going? StarMedia.
We'll be going then, Mathias.
Anyway thank you, despite everything.
Thanks, Mathias.
See you soon.
It's actually pretty funny.
Thanks to that idiot and his car, I'm two days behind with my work.
Yeah, break a leg on the shoot! You okay, Mathias? You look pale.
Doors closing.
Where were you? I come to marry you and you're not here.
Hello, Andréa.
That's great, everyone is here.
Anyway thanks, Andréa, for sending us Mr.
We might even call him ASK's knight in shining armor! Mathias Barneville, the fourth partner.
Hicham Janowski, how do you do.
Janowski, your new partner.
Mathias? Mathias! SAMUEL KERR AGENCY Try mouth-to-mouth! It's just his tie!