Dix Pour Cent (2015) s02e02 Episode Script


It's crazy, it all happened so fast! To a man of his means, buying this agency is like buying a Playmobil castle.
I don't suppose he'll play with it much, living in London.
Andréa? There it is.
You are now majority shareholder of ASK, with a 60% stake.
Thank you.
Thank you.
So When I was a kid, I dreamed of being an actor.
Yes! I wanted to be a star but I was like you, Marteau, living in a backwater, stony broke So today, I'm glad to have found you.
The actors are here and they're mine.
I'm joking.
You look after the actors, it isn't my field.
Just to say I'm happy and excited to be here.
Here's to you.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
Your real name is Marteau? No, it's just a bullshit nickname.
Marteau is nice.
Sounds like a woman of the earth.
Here, my name is Martel.
Okay? This isn't school.
Okay, no problem.
I don't want to ruin our honeymoon, Andréa Martel.
Like this? That's it, thanks.
What's this about Ramzy and Virginie Efira leaving? Well, actors are very - Fragile.
- Yes.
Capricious, easily influenced.
That's why agents don't have kids, they've got plenty already! They were your clients, Mathias? Yes.
I always use first names with colleagues.
Fine, Mr.
They had a break-up, François Bréhier seized the moment.
- Who? - He owns StarMedia.
He was making a move to buy us.
We threatened him, he got his revenge.
Threatened him how? We had info.
Some dubious investments he made for elderly actors, a long time ago.
On a practical level, we sabotaged the plumbing and flooded their offices with shit.
On a practical level, why don't we do what they do? They stole our actors, so let's take their biggest star: Fabrice Luchini.
You can't ask us to steal a client.
Why not? They did.
That's not how it works.
Luchini has been with Bréhier for 35 years.
He'll never leave.
We'll wait for Bréhier to screw up, then make a move.
Right so who is this bunch of wussies? Either we send a clear message to our rivals or everyone will help themselves to our stars.
Hicham, you said you'd let us do our job.
Yes, but I could sell my shares to StarMedia.
Don't make me regret backing you.
I want Luchini at ASK by the end of the month.
Steal Luchini! What next? Kidnap Sophie Marceau? So this is my fault? You brought the guy here.
An hour ago, you were glad.
Before signing, he said he'd be a sleeping partner in London.
Now he's in Samuel's chair, threatening us! Who is this school friend of yours, Bernard Tapie? Samuel's office isn't a shrine, we have to move on.
And sell up to a psychopath? Wait, who let Ramzy and Efira go? Who? Quit blaming everyone else! Andréa Andréa what? He loses our two biggest stars, then has a fainting fit! I thought you were a fighter! - Stop it.
- A talent is like a woman, you have to fight for her.
- Shut up! - Mathias, you too.
- I'm going after Luchini! - Great, go ahead.
Just keep me out of this ludicrous revenge! I will, don't worry.
Find out everything you can about Luchini.
Projects, contracts, hobbies, phobias Everything, now! Hi.
Sofia Leprince! The queen of stool throwing.
My former assistant.
Those stitches it was her.
- Hi.
- Right, so By the way, sorry about that.
Put your bag down, let's go.
We're running late for a change! Just one question I haven't seen the whole script.
I'm unsure about the character.
She's described as "fresh and sexy with a big smile" but nothing about her personality.
She's just a young, pretty, sexy secretary.
She runs into her boss and decides to seduce him.
Okay? Come on, - let's go.
- Okay.
Hitting on her boss in a butcher's shop? Plus he's old enough to be her father Does she have issues or is she just pathetic? Honey, if you want to be a writer, get another job.
We're wasting time.
- Let's do this.
- Okay, yes.
- Should I look ? - Better had.
Hi, fancy meeting you here.
I come most days, I've never seen you.
The Morteau sausage is spectacular.
You should try the Stop right there.
It's lunchtime but you've ruined my appetite.
Your eyes are blank, nothing is going on.
Blank inside, never mind outside.
Frankly, it's boring.
It isn't complicated.
She's cute, sleeping her way to the top Not unlike yourself.
Of all the girls, she's the one I have to explain to.
Excuse me? What did you say? - What I had to say.
- Yeah, but.
Alright, now calm down! This isn't news, everyone knows.
Sure! An actress who sleeps with her agent to get auditions This part should not demand a big effort from you.
You look totally The part was written for you.
You are her! Now let's go.
Ready? In your own time FABRICE LUCHINI: Farewell to the stage? How's it going? Have you eaten? Yeah, a zero-sugar soda.
You found some interesting stuff? Why, are you interested? Come on, Andréa.
This isn't my fault.
I just came to offer my help.
No need, I can manage on my own.
Fuck it.
Agence ASK, hello? I no longer represent Ramzy.
I don't know his agent's number! Honestly, people are so incompetent! What's this country coming to? Mathias, have you seen a doctor? He'd just tell me to sleep, do sport, eat vegetables.
I don't have the time.
Fainting fits can be serious.
You could have split your head and killed yourself! Do you know about shamanism? Not really.
I know you're skeptical about allopathy.
Well, I know an extraordinary shaman.
I could hook you up with him Is that contract ready for Nathalie Baye? Actually it's incredible.
He's really opened my eyes.
Thanks to him, I've discovered my totem animal.
The beaver.
Yes, Mathias, I'm from a family of builders! - Is that it? - Yes.
- Guy Marchand is lead.
- Okay.
You're Dario, the railroad worker and supporting actor.
- Great! - Yeah.
He's a young, politically committed idealist, not very comfortable with girls So you thought of me! Exactly! She almost became a hooker to get you the audition.
Not true.
Well, thanks.
Shall I see you out? Yeah.
How's your mom? Bromazepam is her new best friend.
How's he? - He collapsed a couple of weeks ago.
- What! - Didn't you know? - He didn't tell me.
He never tells me anything.
Why start now? Drop by and see him.
I don't know.
It's always really uncomfortable.
Anyway you're here.
I need to step back a little.
I'm spending a lot of time at my girlfriend's.
- You have a girlfriend.
- Yeah.
Yeah, it's very recent.
Her father's Vietnamese, Definitely not my half-sister! Doors opening Well, I'll be going.
- We'll call each other? - For sure.
- Bye.
- Bye Break a leg! Doors closing Fuck! Sorry, excuse me.
No, I wasn't talking to you.
I'll put you through.
- You stay there.
- Okay, my sweet? Great, as you see.
Can I do anything to lighten your mood? - Did La Mercerie call? - No What have you done now? - Me? What did I do? - Yes.
That's not what I meant.
You know what that depressive hyena accused me of? - No.
- Sleeping with you to get ahead! She sits there and calls me a whore, like it's perfectly normal.
Forget it, I'll call her.
- We'll sort it out.
- Just tell her! Shit, it's her.
- Rip her a new one! - I'll take care of her.
Hi, Constance, how's it going? How's it going? Are you kidding me! I'm all disfigured! - I look like - No - some kind of smurf! - I barely touched her! What? A bruised face - They're just dark rings! - That's enough! Sorry, Constance - That's enough.
- Here actors are sent to you with an apology! - They hate you! - Sorry, Constance.
It's okay, I've got this.
They hate you! - I'm through with her! - She's very powerful.
I don't care! Since when do we let casting directors insult our actors? She'll say you're protecting your girlfriend.
- People talk.
- Oh, so people talk? Where? Sofia has auditioned for a lot of parts.
For example, Brigitte Bardot.
So I'm helping her, that's what agents do.
- Try it sometime! - But you take it too far.
Imagine suggesting Omar Sy for a Johnny Hallyday biopic.
They're doing a Johnny Hallyday biopic? Hang on a moment.
- This Sofia works at reception? - Yes.
- She's an actress? - Yes.
- You're her agent.
- Right.
- And her lover.
- That's no one's business, Mathias.
- Well, it has to stop.
- Excuse me? What is this, North Korea? The boss says who you can sleep with? Do what you like with her but don't represent her.
That's not how it works! I do what I like with my clients.
That's how we operate.
Every dossier is sacred.
So much for solidarity.
Thanks a bunch, guys! "Just don't represent her!" What's that all about? Frankly he's got a point.
Excuse me? Hicham is as tactful as a turd in a punchbowl but it's tricky.
Tricky for Sofia, tricky for the agency It's not good for couples to do everything together.
Yeah? Okay.
Ike and Tina Turner, Mia Farrow and Woody Allen, John and Yoko Legendary couples who worked together.
One was a wife-beater, one ran off with his daughter, the other was murdered.
Does it matter if another agent represents her? I'm at my wits' end.
- Another drink? - Yeah.
A Mojito, please.
Same again.
- How about a drink later? - For sure.
How are you? Can I get you a drink? - Something affectionate about you - Turn around.
What the examine her! Now stop it.
I'd rather be sucked I'm done for.
Potatoes in the bag.
I need a shag to relax me Camille Why don't you date Hippolyte Rivière? Because don't be ridiculous.
That's the dumbest answer I ever heard.
We're friends, that's all.
Are you kidding? Sparks fly between you.
I'm with Hervé, you were meant for each other! No, we're too alike.
It's my dream, to sleep with my double.
You're walking out on us? No, just going to the bathroom.
Actually, Hervé They're childhood friends.
Who? Camille and Hippolyte.
She grew up in Mandelieu.
Their fathers know each other well.
Are you on drugs? You've been in my bag again! I swear, I'm sworn to secrecy but she told me.
- Her father is a friend of Mathias's.
- Why can't she say so? She's a love child.
It's a family secret.
Who's her father? Hervé, swear on your mother's life never to repeat this to a soul.
- I swear - Christophe Lambert! - Seriously! - I swear.
- She does look like him.
- You think so too? - Mango smoothie anyone? - Yeah! Sure you're not overdoing it? - Bitch! - Anything on Luchini? He's not in a relationship.
He just moved to a block in Montmartre where Céline once stayed.
And he's allergic to coconut.
We're not planning a homicide.
He works out at a gym in the 1st district.
Good! What day, what time? No idea.
Then find out Bitch! Pull, release Pull, release Pull, release Pull, release It's bit feeble.
- Too heavy for me.
- I didn't load any weights! - It must be bust.
- Get a sweat on or it won't look credible.
You're as stiff as a marteau.
Pull, release Now jog, every second counts! Go! - Hello, Fabrice! - Hi.
- How are you? - Fine.
I just love this gym.
Do you come here often? Yes, I put a lot into it.
To no avail! I know you, you're an agent, right? - Andréa Martel, I work at ASK.
- Hi, how's it going? - Good.
- You're not at work? Shouldn't you be at the office? Actually I'm at work right now.
- I'm here for you.
- For me? You're a rare talent.
Our paths never seem to cross so I contrived a meeting.
What are you offering? Fresh impetus.
Impetus? You think I need it? No, that's not what I meant.
I'm talking about space.
With you, the horizon seems vast.
Endless even.
It makes me want to explore it with you, to conquer new lands.
- You're an enthusiast! - You inspire me.
This is all a bit weird, turning up in a gym to headhunt an old actor working on his buttocks.
Anyway I'm with Bréhier, have been for 35 years.
We're an old couple.
I like him.
Fabrice, you're a passionate man.
I'm sure you'd like something more Something new.
Newness is a concept that doesn't interest me.
- Really? - Oh yes.
Maybe you just want to be bored.
Don't knock boredom.
It's everywhere, even in masterpieces.
So I'll leave you to be bored with Bréhier.
Have a nice day.
Nice figure.
Do you come here often? No, it's my first time.
Really? Some people have all the luck.
What will we tell Hicham? He's in London, we have breathing space.
Doors opening You didn't leave? No, I'd rather stay here, it's more fun.
Everyone in my office, I want a word.
Janowski so you have Polish roots too? On my father's side.
Me, it's my mother's side.
Hervé André-Jézak.
Jézak is Polish.
Where's the Hicham from? My mother is Moroccan.
The Mediterranean meets the Baltic.
Lots of hot and cold currents! Excuse me, sir.
- How do we handle wages? - Why? A large pay cut was planned on account of the debts.
No, don't worry, that's over now.
My companies don't lose money.
Janowski, we can't just schedule impromptu meetings.
First names, Mathias, please! Why the lengthy lunch breaks? They're working lunches, not breaks.
Sometimes we have two, one after the other.
Anyway I was studying the agency figures, we have few young actors.
It's hard to spot youngsters.
For every one you discover, you get stuck with ten losers.
You have to send them to auditions, persuade directors to meet them It isn't easy.
Plus unknowns don't earn us any money.
The thing is, youth is the future.
No more focusing on capricious, self-important old actors.
We'll recruit a new agent.
Oh, that takes ages! Will internal candidates be considered? Absolutely! You too, girls.
No, thanks.
I'm quite happy working as Mathias's assistant.
I'm only 23, so Perfect! The age I was when I started my first company.
Ah, okay.
By the way what about Luchini? Maybe I wasn't clear.
Sure, you'll sell out to StarMedia if we don't reel him in quick.
But I didn't mention the bonus.
You think we can be bought? A large bonus.
How much? 10,000 each.
- 15! - 12! 15, then.
Deal! Now a bonus is up for grabs, everyone is on board.
I offered to help, you wanted to head for the gym on your own! Hey, it's fine, you're a bunch of jackals, admit it.
No, we're just agents.
So where are you? Well, I haven't got very far.
We didn't talk much.
He dug his heels in.
- You dug your heels in! - Mathias, let her speak.
He seemed tired, kind of depressed.
I pitched newness and enthusiasm but it seemed to annoy him, which made me tense.
So I told him to stay bored with Bréhier.
You're a fucking drag when you do that.
Only she plants the seed of truth and you chew over what she said.
It pains me to say it but it's true.
Thanks, guys.
Now we have to discredit Bréhier in the eyes of Luchini.
Any ideas? - What does Luchini want for? - Nothing.
He's played everything.
No, you know what he lacks? An international career.
I read he'd love to play a James Bond villain.
Supposing we put it about that he was being sounded out for the next Bond but Bréhier screwed up the contract A fake contract negotiations fell through - Negligence on the part of Bréhier? - Yes.
- Poor communications.
- I contacted the James Bond casting manager for Léa Seydoux.
Her name's Debbie MacWilliams.
- Could you ask her to lie? - Sorry, I haven't slept with her.
And Does Luchini know her? I could find out Why? What's she like? An English girl Look.
Debbie MacWilliams.
You're kidding.
One of my actresses, Linda Gérard.
She's half Scottish.
We're not sending a fake Debbie MacWilliams! Why not? This girl hasn't acted in ages but she was good! Now she's a farmer, rearing ducks.
Might work.
You're all crazy! It's her! - Shall we call her? - Let's do it.
If Luchini figures the ruse, we'll be a laughing stock.
Don't worry, he won't, we'll do it right.
Supposing he traces the number? We'll hide the caller ID.
Supposing one day he finds out it wasn't her.
So some crazy Scottish actress passed herself off as Debbie MacWilliams.
We'll say some of your clients were fooled by her too.
Meanwhile we'll have Luchini on our books.
- This excites you, right? - Yeah, a bit.
Debbie? Fabrice! You're finally here.
- I didn't keep you waiting? - No.
But you're an elusive man! I thought you were avoiding me.
Or maybe don't like James Bond! I don't understand it.
I know a lot of agents in Paris but I never hear from yours.
What's he doing? No idea.
Maybe the international aspect bothered him.
He's regional, like me.
I'm a regional actor too.
There's something wrong.
I agree, I don't get it.
- Anyway, tell me everything.
- You're right.
The main thing is to meet each other.
So it's about the next Bond.
You'd make a great villain.
I'd love to do it.
To play a Bond villain is a dream.
A childhood dream.
It would be amazing for me.
Unfortunately it's too late.
The casting is done.
It's going to be Antonio Banderas.
I don't understand.
So why am I here? I wanted to meet you.
I've got this independent movie, set in Northern Ireland.
A small budget but beautiful.
In the open air, in the rain.
We need someone to play a French teacher.
You'd be wonderful.
How did he seem? Crushed? Pale? That's great! Well done, Linda.
Excellent! Remember the confidentiality clause.
It's a surprise, no one must know.
I said no one must know! Oh, hi! How are you? - I'm so happy to see you again.
- Likewise.
Are you still with that blonde? Shit, wait I should have bought rechargeable batteries.
- The traditional method.
- Yes.
It's working again.
No, that's my phone.
Wait Fuck.
Hello? You okay, Fabrice? No nothing special.
Now? Yeah, okay.
I'm on my way.
See you in a moment.
See you in a moment.
- Fuck! - Who's Fabrice? Your boyfriend? You're bi? No, this is work.
At this hour? Can't it wait? No, sorry, it's an emergency.
We'll resume shortly, with batteries! Are you awake? Guess who just called.
Luchini! Fuck! So what does he want? He's a great insomniac.
He's seen Debbie, he's chewing things over.
Well, don't be aggressive.
Nice and easy, lots of charm.
- Sure.
- Alright? Don't worry! Fingers crossed.
You're the best.
- Bye.
- Take care.
Oh, fuck! We're moving in on Luchini.
- Yeah? - That would be amazing.
- Crazy! - Awesome.
- Honestly, this thing! - Is it good? Really funny.
With more female parts than male for once.
- Really? - Yes.
I didn't give you this.
No, Camille thought it was good for me.
It's so nice of her.
She's such a sweet girl.
She'd make a great agent.
She has an instinct with people, a heart A bit like you only less hairy! It's great.
So would you let her represent you? Are you crazy? You're my agent.
Hypothetically speaking I mean.
- You don't want to be my agent? - Sure I do.
It's just that working together is hard sometimes.
Right? Is this on account of that clown La Mercerie? No, I was talking to Hicham and the others.
They said it's hard to mix everything up.
It can be damaging for you.
No, I'd never change agents.
You found me, you know me, stick up for me I don't want anyone else but you.
What about this idea for a junior agent? I don't know.
I think I'd like it.
For you, you mean? Sure I feel comfortable with unknown actors.
I identify with them.
I want to fight for them, move forward with them.
It's great to reveal people.
Camille, you're young and enthusiastic, that's great.
But the reality is, it takes years to become an agent.
You need to know people, build up a network, have some sort of standing, otherwise you're not credible.
You're right.
Look, you'll learn fast with Andréa, she's a great agent.
But you've only been here for three months.
- Seven.
- No.
It's true.
It's five months since I moved out? It's open.
It's open! - Hi.
- Hi.
Would you like tea? No, thanks, I'm fine.
How are you? You seem out of sorts.
No, I'm pretty depressed.
I missed out on a Bond movie, it was my childhood dream.
So I left Bréhier.
That's good! Don't get excited.
I didn't quit Bréhier to take up with another agent.
I'm going to have an agent break.
Meaning? I've no movies planned, I'm doing theater for a few months, I can manage on my own, I don't need anyone.
I'm sorry, I really liked you, Andréa.
It's like being ditched when we never dated.
Yeah, that's kind of it.
You dragged me from the arms of a beautiful woman to tell me that.
You're a dyke? I'm not sure the word still exists but A hundred years ago they called it the "accursed brioche".
You had Baudelaire's "doomed women" then the "accursed brioche".
When did this start? I must have been 11 or 12, maybe younger.
Where does it come from? Well the same place as you! No, male libido is nothing like female libido.
The male libido is mechanical, nothing more than a cheap jolt, whereas the female libido is limitless.
Tell me about the girl you left behind.
She has blonde hair, diaphanous, almost transparent skin faded blue, glacial eyes that melt you.
A low-key, sensible girl.
The voluptuousness of reserve.
She rarely lets go so when she does it's even more beautiful.
Well I'm sorry I disturbed you.
Don't worry, the batteries were flat.
You don't mince words.
But she wasn't the one in my bed.
I've lost her forever.
How about a night at the theater, then dinner? No ulterior motives.
Just do something gratuitous for once.
I'd like that.
Doors closing I think you're right.
Combining work and relationships is So will you ditch me or find a new agent? If I change agent, you can still advise me, or give me discreet help.
Who have you got in mind? Andréa? I don't know, she's pretty scary.
Plus she's your friend, it's tricky.
Arlette might not be a good choice for a young actress.
- Although we like her! - Yes.
I was thinking of Mathias.
Because he's a good agent With him, no one can say I'm getting preferential treatment.
I'm sure you're right.
He's a good choice.
Yes, I think so.
- See you shortly.
- Yes.
Have we had a wild night? Exactly! - Guess who with.
- Who? - Fabrice Luchini.
- No.
You didn't have to go that far.
No it was wild and platonic.
He's quit Bréhier.
Fuck, that is good news! I like that! - Calm down, Arlette.
- What a wowser he is! We talked all night, I adore the guy.
I don't want to boast but I think he likes me too.
I don't get it.
Did he say yes? Not yet, but he's invited me to the theater tonight.
Let's not celebrate just yet but it's looking good! See, Mathias? We just had to be bold.
Bye! It's so easy to apply.
- Actually it's a liquid.
- Yes.
In this silicone thing Your dad! Noémie! How are you? Well I don't need to introduce you.
No no.
Oh my goodness.
At the same time, Seeing you both side by side it's so touching.
- You're very emotional.
- Yes.
Can I take a photo? Yes! Sorry.
No problem.
She knows I'm a fan of yours, and as I'm pretty shy I'm shy too, but I'm nice.
Closer There you go.
Big smile That's it! - Hi, Christophe.
- Mathias! - How are you? - I'm good.
- This way.
- Of course.
He wants you for the part.
You should meet him, he's a regular guy What? I didn't tell him you were doing Marchal's new movie Read the script, we'll worry about schedules later.
Yeah, sure.
Do you need something? No - Do you know her? - Who? Camille.
Camille! No, but she's charming.
Very pretty.
What do you think? See you later, Mathias! See you soon, Camille.
Call me So what did he give you? Nothing A father-daughter thing.
Seriously, Hicham, it's coming along.
Okay? Trust me.
All this pressure isn't helping.
To help you seal the deal.
Good news obviously travels fast.
We haven't won yet.
Never count your chickens Open it.
Wear it tonight.
- Okay.
- Try it on.
- Now? - Sure, I want to see it.
- I'm not trying it on now, no.
- But we're old classmates.
Plus you don't like men, so No one's looking.
Try it.
No way am I putting this on, now, in front of you.
Don't let up on Luchini.
People will hear we courted him, I don't want us to look stupid.
Okay, Martel? Okay.
- Hi.
- That was great.
Thank you very much.
- Hi! - You look very elegant.
Thank you.
And bravo! It was beautiful.
- You liked it? - I loved it.
I loved it, I Your blonde friend from last night? No, it isn't her.
She likes you, though.
Get in there! You think so? It's plain as day.
And you know it.
No, I don't know it.
I wouldn't know where to start.
Trust me, then.
- Shall we eat? - Yes.
Fabrice, can we talk? It's a bit inconvenient right now.
Call me Don't be taken in by her.
- She's dangerous.
- Excuse me? The Bond gig was all hooey.
- I don't follow.
- Me neither.
- It was all your doing.
- What? I'm flattered you think I know Sam Mendes well enough to tell him who to hire.
It wasn't Debbie MacWilliams you met.
So who was it? I'm paranoid too but there's usually a simple explanation.
She just wants revenge for the Ramzy-Efira business.
Revenge? Why, did you do something wrong? Not at all.
Actors are leaving ASK because you're scrabbling like dogs over Samuel's legacy! You reported us to the IRS! Now they're broke they've sold out to an outsider, a vulgar millionaire.
You're through! Believe what you like, Fabrice.
I believe what I see and feel.
What happened last night on your balcony, that was real.
That's what counts.
You agents are very strange.
What? Well? He said yes, didn't he? What's with all the harassment? Hey, calm down! No, you calm down! Take a sleeping pill.
Andréa, please stop this.
I've had my fill of polymorphic perverts! The Manager of the Year can kiss my ass! Did your staff have a mass suicide? Now give me a break! What's that? It's a recording of a play, called Absence.
When I ponder I become jealous A singing prisoner.
How original.
Ignore the dress, it's a low-budget short.
- You're his assistant.
- Not anymore.
This bit's funny, watch this Excuse me.
Yes? Hello, Mathias.
Cachia, your neighbor.
I'm calling about the sale of your apartment.
I'm very interested.
There must be a mistake.
I'm looking at the ad right now, it's definitely yours.
What the hell is this? Shall we do this later? No, it's fine.
Only you've missed something important.
I'll go back.
Let's take it back here.
This bit is good.
Are you okay? Yes.
This is wonderful, Sofia.
You're wonderful.
When is your mother coming? Next week.
How old is she? Anti-sag.
Instant lifting effect.
No, she'll be insulted.
Catherine Deneuve's creams? She'll be flattered.
Wait, I didn't show you.
I spent all night designing calling cards for when Hicham makes me a junior agent.
Awesome! Color-wise I can't decide between Versailles boudoir and Havana dream.
That one's dark.
this is lighter, better.
You're right.
If you want me to help you prepare your application, or do some research Just ask, okay? Then when you're an agent, I can be your assistant.
Thanks, Camille, it's rare to have real friends in this job.
I'm really touched.
By the way I know who your dad is.
You do? How? - It's obvious.
- Really? But You're not angry.
Everyone's entitled to their little secrets.
I wanted to tell you but I never found the right moment.
It's funny, I've been fantasizing about your father since I was eight! I had my first erection watching Greystoke.
When he beheaded Highlander with his massive sword - You don't mind me saying that.
- No.
Hi, you've reached Mathias Barneville.
Leave a message and I'll call you back.
Sofia, have you seen Mathias? No.
Hi, you've reached Mathias Barneville.
Leave me a message Hi.
Sorry about last night.
Bréhier turned up.
Things got tense, I was scared.
It was awful.
That's when you called.
Open it.
Yep, the honeymoon is over, Marteau.
Pack up your things and go.
- Stop it, Hicham.
- No, no There are limits.
We're not animals.
Standards must be upheld.
Wait, Hicham, stop it.
Look, I said I was sorry.
What more can I do? Go home.
- You can't fire me.
- Why not? - I'm a partner, you need agreement.
- Fine, we'll see.
I'm majority shareholder.
You can remain a partner at home! Leave anything that belongs to the company: computer, clients everything.
- Hello? - Hi, Andréa.
- This is Fabrice Luchini.
- Hello, Fabrice.
- Are you well? - I'm good.
I just wanted to tell you That blonde we saw last night I've got a date with her tonight.
Ah, well That's great, I'm really pleased for you.
Thanks to you! - Me ? - Let me tell you something.
You've revived me.
I don't understand that Debbie MacWilliams business but I think it's funny.
You're a player, and it's a rare thing.
Thank you.
I'll tell you something else, if I may.
It's true, you do create new lands and it would be my pleasure to discover them with you.
Thanks for your call, Fabrice.
No, thank you.
Take care My New Agent.
- See you soon.
- See you soon.
Well done, Martel.
I knew you could do it.
- Mathias! - What are you doing here? Oh, I'm so sorry - Thanks - Goodbye.
Leave it, Noémie.
I was so worried.
I called all the hospitals, then the fire department.
24 missed calls! You must think I'm crazy.
I wrecked everything! As you're from a family of builders you can repair it all.
Nathalie Baye called.
I told her we had a deal for her contract.
Hope that's okay.
Yes, thanks.
I've seen all kinds.
Not like you, though.
Lovers facing each other, flesh and blood, pretending to clink glasses instead of kissing? I've never seen the like! Sir, let me explain It's all the fault of women who get into our heads.
Shhh! Oh, Mathias Oh Mathias! You got it that time, right? - What? - The big thrill.
Let's go, right now.
- Very well.
- Go.