Dix Pour Cent (2015) s02e03 Episode Script


1 NORMAN THAVAUD THE ARTIS Are we on time? - Better hurry.
- It's miles away.
Traffic will be bad.
You've got Gabriel's scooter! Sorry, you forgot to initial - this one.
- Wait.
All done.
Good Here.
- Shit! - No matter.
Let's go anyway.
- Good luck, Norman.
- Thanks.
Break a leg, then! "Break a leg," we say.
You'll be fine.
Take deep breaths.
Doors opening.
Like I said, no point being tense.
- You make me tense.
- Sorry.
I'm not tense at all.
Doors closing.
DRIVING SCHOOL - Is this good? - Fine - There.
- Shall I go on? Norman, we need to engage second gear Yeah That's fifth Don't let go! Now take deep breaths.
That's it.
Don't press down on the brake and accelerator at the same time! Norman, please.
Nothing available for April.
May is full too, with all the holidays.
Here we go.
June 16.
Too late, that's no good.
It's the third time he's failed.
Couldn't you ? No, sorry.
My client, Norman Thavaud, is in Jacques Audiard's new movie.
It's a big step for him.
Norman? My kids talk about him.
Does he do comedy videos on the Internet? Exactly.
That's why it's a key moment in his career.
In the movie he plays a young taxi driver trying to avenge his father's murder and 60% of the film is set in a car.
The shoot starts in two weeks.
You have to postpone it.
Sets, actors and technicians have been hired Everyone is ready.
Except Mr.
If you could just make an effort to bring it forward a little You'd be invited onto the movie set as a thank you.
No, I'm sorry.
The rules apply to everyone.
I had to wait for residency status.
They kept telling me to come back the following week.
Ten years I waited, but in the end, I got my papers.
Sorry but two months is too long.
They'll hire another actor.
You mean a movie is more important than residency papers? Mr.
Thavaud suffers more than me? Not at all.
So do you want June 16? No breakfast? Mom, I'm late.
Camille, sit down, eat something.
- Thanks.
- Right.
Who does Vanessa Paradis's hair? She looks like a sheep.
Terrible! Aren't agents consulted about hair? Not really, Mom.
Is Mathias nice to you? Yeah Much more so now.
We meet up, sometimes have lunch He bought me a lamp.
Lovely, isn't it? Easy when you're wealthy.
Mom, I light your lavender candle every night.
I should have had more kids and kept one at home.
Once I'm an agent, I'll take you as a tragic actor.
You have a gift for it.
Be careful on your bike.
Yeah, don't worry.
- You're an accountant? - No, an actor.
Ask at reception - Good morning.
- Good morning.
Did I mention Mom was visiting? I think so.
When? She just got here.
If I take her for lunch somewhere nearby, you could join us.
I don't have time.
Tomorrow, or Friday? She's here all week - Hello.
- Hello.
Please, I'd really like it.
So would she.
Spare me the hangdog expression.
For coffee.
Aymeline Val.
Shall I send her in? Yes, go ahead.
Wait Nothing stuck in my teeth? - No.
- Okay What? I thought it was a professional meeting.
No reason to have croissant in your teeth.
Anyway I don't like models.
Much too beautiful.
Send her in.
Will do.
Thanks for coming, I know it's hard for you during Fashion Week, with all the shows I don't do shows.
Oh, I thought, as a model I'm not a model.
I just get paid for wearing clothes.
You pose in magazines I don't pose, I work with photographic artists.
Yes, of course.
Go ahead.
So what now? First, we open the window before the fire alarm goes off.
Then talk about your career.
The career you could have.
I already have an agent.
For advertizing.
This is different.
This is about working with real artists.
People who have something to say and a singular vision.
Not those who use their intelligence and creativity to market products.
I saw you in Tomas Tassin's short.
You're a true actress, not a clothes hanger.
Any news on Norman? A two-month wait.
Disaster! Shit.
But Julien Doré is coming to talk about his film.
I want you to meet him.
- Julien Doré? - My Julien Doré! My client.
He's preparing his first movie.
A musical.
- That's funny.
- Starring him and Charlotte Le Bon.
Wait - He wants a singer.
- Yeah? To record songs with him for the soundtrack.
- Charlotte Le Bon can't sing? - No, she can't sing for shit! But you, my love sing wonderfully.
Yes! He'll be here any minute.
- Right now? - Yes.
He knows I'm your girlfriend? Of course not.
I told him you were an agency client.
- Okay.
- Sofia.
Yeah? He wants to meet you because he trusts my expertise.
So don't feel under any pressure.
- Yeah.
- Just Okay.
Does he know I'm a receptionist? Of course not! I protect your credibility.
- Alright.
- Here, just sit on the sofa.
"I'm an actress, I'm waiting.
" Like this? You like Julien Doré? I adore him! That's why I'm getting freaked out! - Hi, Julien.
- Hi, Gabriel.
I've got a new setting for the ending.
Now tell me exactly what you think.
Finishing in a river is deceptive.
A river is narrow, see.
But if I use something more powerful, it would be better.
Like the ocean, for example.
There you go.
Before discussing the movie.
I'm dying to hear about it I wanted you to meet Sofia Leprince, who's in the office today.
- There.
- Hi.
Sofia is an actress but also a singer.
Mathias's client.
I thought she'd be a good fit you know, for your musical.
Erotic musical.
She has a sublime voice, I'd love you to hear it.
I've never recorded professionally I'm not looking for anyone established, on the contrary.
What I want is a voice, one suited to the vegetal, sensual world I write about.
Lows that evoke the roots of the Earth, and highs, the acidic foliage.
You see? So as you've understood, nature is very much a part of Julien's musical.
Erotic musical.
Sofia, there you are.
Hi, Julien.
Send this off by DHL.
He's your agent? Yes.
He has a strange way with actors.
No, it's just a joke, a line in a play I'm doing.
"Send this off by DHL!" Yes Mathias is always kidding around! Yes.
So now we don't see each other for 18 months? Okay, so who calls who? I came to you, now you know where to find me.
Better still, call me.
Hicham Janowski, ASK's new owner.
You made a good choice, she's the best.
Nothing is decided yet.
Are you an agent? No, he does the accounts.
Shall I see you out? And welcome gifts! - Who's that? - Aymeline Val.
You're new, so here's rule number one.
Never hit on clients.
Just offering a warm welcome.
- Sure.
- Calm down.
What harm can it do? She's a raw talent.
It took me months to set up a meeting.
She's a model, she travels.
Every agent in Paris wants her.
I did all the groundwork because I believe in her.
I don't want you to ruin everything.
You're hitting on too, Marteau.
No, it's professional.
Tell me you're not attracted to her.
Sure I am, otherwise I wouldn't want to represent her.
But I don't want to fuck her.
That's the difference between you and me.
- I felt ridiculous.
- No need to, I saw it.
Especially if - Seriously, I know him.
- It was so Why were you with Julien Doré? Julien wants a singer for his movie.
You want to be a singer or an actress? - Actress.
- But she sings too.
It's a chance to get myself known.
Or muddy the waters before you've even started.
This business hates people who do many things at once.
Gabriel is in love, he thinks you can do anything.
Let's be realistic and not overdiversify.
Focus on acting.
Mathias is a pragmatic agent with little imagination.
He's great with contracts but he's never discovered anyone.
So let's remain curious, smart, open-minded and see what Julien has to offer.
ASK, hello.
I think I've sorted things out for Nathalie Baye.
Ah, excellent.
Here's Xavier Beauvois's schedule.
This is Tonie Marshall's.
Nathalie Baye's days are marked in red.
It all fits perfectly.
Nathalie can do the Marshall right after the Beauvois.
I've got it all figured out.
- No, it doesn't work.
- It does.
No, it doesn't, I tell you.
And quit doing that, it's Do you regret it? That's irrelevant, we're at work.
Beauvois always overruns, Nathalie needs a two-week break.
You said no, so you don't regret it.
Look, Noémie, I'd rather not talk about it here.
Not now anyway.
- Later? - Maybe, I don't know.
Anyway, don't worry, Mathias.
Leave it to me.
It'll fit.
Come on, I'll introduce you.
You'll see.
- Shall I take your case? - No need, it has wheels Okay.
This is Sofia, she works on reception.
- Everything okay? - Fine.
My son, Elvis.
He's here for the week.
A boys' week in Paris.
It'll be great, right? Yes.
You live in London? Yes.
- Tell her which school you go to.
- The French school.
One of the best.
- We'll be in my office, see you later.
- Yes.
Should I order you a burger or a pizza? No, thanks.
Can I call Mom? You just talked to her in the taxi.
Can't it wait? Hey, I didn't tell you! I've got tickets for the PSG match! Well? This is Paris.
But I don't want a late night.
Every night, shows and exclusive previews, waiting outside theatre schools All those young actors begging me once I'm an agent It's good to know the future of French cinema is in good hands.
Remember 50% of actors are actresses.
You didn't ask my opinion.
- You don't want me to apply? - I don't know.
I'll think about it.
I hung around the driving center till 9pm.
I found someone to swap with Norman and salvaged the situation.
What? Oh, it's fine by me as long as you're my assistant.
- What's her name? - Violaine? She wants money? No, just a selfie.
She's mad about you! When do I take the test? Tomorrow, after we see Audiard.
- Hi, Norman.
- Hi.
There she is, look This is the best day of my life.
That's sweet of you.
Today and the day my braces came off! Anyway, thanks.
You're a lifesaver.
Okay, let's do this photo.
Smile say cheese! - There.
- That's great.
- Can we do more? - Sure, go ahead.
- Can I touch your hair? - Go on, then.
That's it.
That's a good one.
Take it easy.
I think we've got plenty.
Yeah .
Super okay Stop, that's enough! Alright! Violaine, we're done.
Thank you here.
I'll see you out.
It's this way.
Goodbye, Norman.
Thank you.
Come on excuse me It's this way.
Something wrong? No, she just wants a souvenir.
Otherwise she won't swap places.
Like what? A pen, a post-it? No, something more personal.
It's a game of cat and mouse with Mr.
- Listen - Hi, everyone.
I'll call you right back.
This is my son, Elvis.
He's here for a week.
He's ten this weekend, we're having a party.
Right, pal? - Yeah.
- Go on.
They're assistants, ask them.
That's what they're here for.
Ask them for anything.
I don't want anything.
You must want something, it's your birthday.
Just do as I say, and ask.
I want to go home.
Fuck, you piss me off, Elvis! It's my week, dammit! With me, in Paris, that's the deal! I like laser games.
- What? - Laser games.
There you go! We'll have a fucking laser game.
Can you fix it up? Okay, leave it to me.
You can't play it alone.
Who shall we invite? Maybe Ferdinand and Elliot? But they're in London.
We'll get them over for the weekend.
Camille? Two return tickets for Ferdinand and Elliot.
Thanks, Camille.
- Are you crazy? - Why? He won't respect you if you're his babysitter.
I want to be a junior agent so I need to be careful not to be Hicham's flunky.
I felt sorry for the kid.
Anyway I've got a lunch date.
With Hippolyte Rivière? No, with my mother.
At the Grand Colbert.
I'll join you, I want a tartare.
I need some iron.
Actually we need time alone together.
I haven't seen her in ages.
Some other time, during the week.
Okay, I'll blame my anemia on you.
What time is he coming? Maybe he forgot, or doesn't want to see me.
Mom he said he'd come for coffee.
Okay? I didn't do my roots.
Ah, wait You have no grey hairs.
It isn't a tryst.
I don't want to think: "Poor Annick's looking old.
" It's been eight years.
- Honestly! - This is a great product.
I need a drink.
Waiter! What am I, invisible? Waiter! He's here.
- He hasn't changed.
- Neither have you.
Come on.
- Hello.
- Hello.
You're not going to shake hands.
- No.
- Ah no.
Sit down.
An important man like you must be in a hurry.
Oh, you know - Lunch sir? - Just coffee, please.
And a glass of red wine for me.
- I'll see to it.
- Yes, I know.
You see to everything.
That's great.
Well, that's how it is.
Better late than never.
Noémie, Catherine Barneville here to see you.
Really? Tell her Mathias is out at lunch.
- I did, she wants to see you.
- Wait.
Say I have something urgent to finish.
You stupid cow! Hi, you've reached Mathias Barneville.
Leave a message, I'll call you back.
Mathias? It's Noémie.
Your wife's here.
Does she know about us? I don't know what to do.
Please, call back! What am I going to do? Yes I received it.
Noémie Hi, Noémie.
Sorry, I have to go.
Noémie! It's about Mathias.
I can't right now, I'm running late.
I'm having lunch with Camille and her mother.
And I'm very, very late.
- Camille and her mother? - Yes.
She's in Paris, I need a steak tartare.
A shot of lead.
Doors closing I'll come with you, I need a tartare too.
It's impossible to get her into a dress.
Such a tomboy.
With bunches.
Bunches? I swear, I didn't know Mathias was here.
I hadn't arranged to meet him.
- Annick, I presume? - Yes.
- Catherine Barneville.
- Nice to meet you.
Annick Valentini.
Go, I'll explain back later.
Is it to do with Christophe Lambert? Excuse me? Er no.
- Go back to the office, please.
- Alright.
- Hello, Camille.
- This lunch was my idea.
Don't worry, it's not your fault.
So there are three of you? Four? For lunch? No no.
I'll have a coffee, please.
Coffee it is.
We finally meet after all this time.
I never come to Paris, only to see Camille.
- How long are you here for? - Till Wednesday.
Could I have your phone number? I'd like us to talk before you leave, in private.
- Yes.
- Coffee Could I have a vodka, please? Me too.
- Same here.
- Me too! What's all this complicity with Annick? Why did you want her number? Is it bad for women to talk? It's just to annoy me! Poor Camille, stuck in the middle.
It's unhealthy! You telling me what's unhealthy? Selling our apartment behind my back isn't unhealthy? It's my apartment.
I financed the renovations five years ago.
If this is about money Why did you come to my office? Where you hide your former mistress and daughter.
Hippolyte said you collapsed, I was worried.
But I see you're fine.
Why didn't you call me? Because as you see, we can't talk to each other anymore.
- Where's Noémie? - She went home feeling sick.
What did she say? She came back in a flap, saying how stupid she was.
Maybe a toxic relationship? I don't know.
With a pervert? She's acting weird.
- Have you noticed? - Not really.
So, Elvis's birthday Ah, it's fine.
Ferdinand and Elliot's parents will let them come.
I booked a laser game.
Two sessions.
And as an extravagance, I ordered an extra-large candy cake.
What have you done? Well, I I helped Camille with her research.
That's right, we did it all together.
- Noémie isn't here.
- She's sick.
Okay, let me explain something you haven't understood.
Elvis's mother is a stupid cow.
We're getting divorced, she's making my life hell and setting my son against me.
So for the kid's tenth birthday I want the best party ever, so he stops being upset about the divorce, alright? So screw the candy cake and some two-bit, kiss-my-ass laser game.
I want a big party.
A fucking huge party, guys! Alright? I want a castle with its own grounds.
Write this down! I want lemonade fountains, candy mountains, I want kids, music, and I want it to be great.
I drew up a guest list.
The whole agency? Yes, I want my son to know what I do.
Festive moments are important in a company.
It forges bonds.
I'm not sure Léa Seydoux is into laser games.
How do you know, Hervé? Get Julien Doré and Norman to come.
My son loves them.
They're mine! Well Gabriel's.
Same thing.
I'm scared he'll fail his driving test for the fourth time.
- Can't he drive? - Yes, it's just the test.
He gets all panicky and freezes.
He can't do the Audiard film without a licence.
And the schedule is so tight - He's doing a movie with Audiard? - Didn't you know? A dark film with twisted, violent characters? - Maybe - He's not used to it.
Failing a driving test three times That's self-sabotage.
Straight from my friend Pierre-Jean in the Alps.
100% organic.
He can't smoke a doobie before his driving test.
Why not? - Because - A toke to relax you Less harmful than the alcohol people drink.
- Less legal too.
- Or there's this.
Less organic but legal and effective.
Look: skin reactions, DTs, hallucinations, fever, shaking, diminished libido I'm not taking that shit.
They talk garbage on the Internet.
Don't insult the Internet, it's like a second father to me.
All medication has side effects.
It affects one in 10,000.
I don't need this, I'm cool and relaxed.
- As you please.
- Come on.
Wait, I forgot my phone I love driving.
I could drive along forever.
If I could drive around the world, I'd do it in a shot.
Head for the horizon.
The horizon's great, Norman, but let's concentrate.
Ten and two.
Here, we turn right.
- I'm on it.
- With The turn signal, of course.
I'm so ready for it, I don't do it.
Entering zone 2.
Repeat, zone 2.
Zone clear.
Repeat, zone clear.
Come on, ma'am Ma'am! Ma'am! Let me help you, ma'am.
Let go of me, you thug! Let go! Hooligan! Oh, you're a bad sort! - It's her! - The police! Gentlemen, the results will be sent by mail.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
Thavaud it seemed to go pretty well this time.
What does that mean? - You mean I passed? - I didn't say a word.
Oh! Thank you! Now go! Yes, yes.
I passed! Good! Excellent news.
I really got off on it.
I loved driving! It was like Fast and Furious.
Your driving was really fluent.
Seriously? How about a drink to celebrate? Sure.
We need to ask a favor first ELVIS AGED 10 Champagne? Look, didn't I say he'd be here? This is so beautiful! I'm feeling real good.
Norman! Look, Norman's here! Norman! - Alright, kids? - Can I have an autograph? Is everyone good? - So who's the main man here? - Him! Oh? The 10-year-old who challenged me to a laser game? Hope you're good.
I'm great at this.
Got yourself a good team? - Yeah! - Come on, let's fight! - Who's played laser game? - Me.
You've played before? What's the matter? Don't act all shy.
It's your birthday, your party.
Come on.
I had no idea.
Julien's here.
- Over there.
- Where? - Oh yes.
- We'll go see him.
No, please.
It'll cause trouble.
No, to hell with Mathias.
- Go on.
- No, no.
Please, come on.
So do you always do Chewbacca? - Hi, Julien.
- Ah, Gabriel.
Can you find me a cab? Something wrong? Charlotte and I argued about the film.
She wants the river ending.
She doesn't get it.
I need to get back to Paris.
Then we'll find a car for you.
Tell me if you want to set up some voice tests with Sofia.
- I mentioned - Excuse me Charlotte? - Charlotte Le Bon, his girl.
- You're pushy, it's such a drag.
It's a drag how scared you are of Mathias and Julien.
It'll get you nowhere.
He obviously isn't interested in me.
Come on, quit worrying! What do you mean? Julien's always stressed out and obsessive when he's creating something.
He gets like that.
This is going to happen, you have to give it a go.
- Anything else? - Just that.
Ah, it's great that you came.
I wouldn't miss it for the world.
Come and play laser games.
Elvis is going crazy.
Dressing up as a GI and being shot at isn't my thing.
Yep, I invited her.
She'll see what ASK is all about.
If she doesn't sign with us after this Where are the flak jackets? - Hey, Janowski! - Well played, Marteau.
Die, bitch! Your turn! Asshole.
Good, Elvis! Well done, kid.
- You're dead, man! - Now that's a good agent.
Come on! - Hi, Norman.
- Hi.
- Congratulations for the Audiard film.
- Thanks.
I never imagined you in a role like that.
A role like what? I mean, playing a real part, in a movie.
One you have to act.
Anyway, it's cool.
Hey! You're still awake? Can't sleep and this guy keeps farting! You shouldn't play with cars.
Come on, beat it.
- Can't we go for a spin? - Yeah! No spin, it's not a toy, it isn't your car.
It's my dad's, he's fine with it.
Oh no, he isn't.
No messing about, go to bed.
Please, Norman! Scared? Bet you're scared to drive.
Yeah, you're scared! - You're scared, wimp! - Please, Norman.
Let's do it! You're getting mad, right? He's hitting on her because I told him not to.
He's just doing it to annoy me.
It's directed against me.
Easy, princess.
Maybe he likes her.
He respects nothing.
I'm going to bed.
Good night.
There's a little champagne left.
This is a great welcome gift.
Thought you'd have her all to yourself? Time to stop, Noémie, it's late.
Thanks but I got behind with my work yesterday.
I wanted to apologize for yesterday.
It's not your fault.
The situation is complex.
I swear my wife doesn't know.
I was so afraid that you were really mad at me.
And your wife is so beautiful, so impressive Sorry I've put you in this situation.
You're skipping Elvis's birthday? I'm a bit old for birthday parties.
Seems you are too.
I'll say.
No thank you! Plus I bet they're all bored to death.
Hello? Hey, I'm cold here.
No, seriously You can't spend all night on those schedules.
Yes, but Tonie Marshall's assistant says it's impossible but I'm sure it can work.
They have to start from the end, shooting in Paris.
Let's see.
What's the ending? Diane realizes that Vincent saved her son and they grow closer.
- Which sequence? - 69.
Where is it? I can't read these things.
Here's the figures column here's the resume and there it is.
"Diane sleeps with Vincent.
" Yes, they can start there.
Nathalie always likes to start with the difficult scenes.
Oh, Mathias.
Oh, Mathias.
Beautiful, isn't it? Yes, it's beautiful.
- Thank you.
- Thanks a lot.
Bravo! Just great.
- Super.
- Terrific.
- Thanks.
- Thank you.
Sofia's voice is amazing.
- I told you.
- Yeah.
I'm knocked out.
Good evening.
What's going on? - Mr.
Janowski? - No, I'm Mr.
That's me.
We found them in a vehicle driven by Mr.
Norman Thavaud, who was speeding and intoxicated.
- You're not hurt? - No.
- Did Norman scare you? - No, not at all.
- My birthday was great.
- Yeah? We had a great time.
- Hey, Dad - What? - We won't tell Mom, okay? - Yeah.
Where's Mr.
Thavaud? He was tested at 0.
3, plus the speeding.
Only just over.
He was over the limit, the kids had no seat belts.
Plus he didn't have his licence.
It's a lot, even for a celebrity.
He only passed his test today, he hasn't had the paperwork yet.
They'll take it off him at the hearing.
What do you mean? Speeding and putting minors in danger.
The judge might ban him from driving.
Sorry, it isn't up to me.
He'll be up in court on Monday.
May I see him? This way.
He's in the sobering-up cell.
- There he is.
- Thanks.
- What are you playing at? - The gendarme told you, right? You don't want to do the film? - Bullshit.
- What? What do we say to Audiard? Who cares? He already thinks I'm a loser.
Stop it, he cast you, you won him over.
He's not one of us, not my world, not my audience.
I'll make a fool of myself.
You know what it took to get Audiard to meet you, the number of calls we had to make? Shit! - There! - What? He never wanted me.
The guy doesn't like me.
And I don't like him.
And his movie stinks.
Call him, cancel and let's be done with it.
- You call him.
- No, you.
I pay you to deliver bad news too, so do it! Okay.
You sure about this? - Yeah.
- Sure? - Yeah! - Okay, I'll call.
Hi, Jacques, sorry to bother you.
It's Gabriel Sarda.
I'm with Norman.
He's reconsidered, he doesn't want to do your film.
He'd rather stay in his comfort zone.
I'm really sorry Bye.
All done.
Happy now? - Keep it down, will you? - Skip it, I'm leaving.
Hey, don't raise your voice.
- I'm talking normally! - You're too close.
- Back off.
- Alright, alright.
- You've had a drink? - Is it forbidden? Do I get locked up too? Give him an Alcotest.
Gabriel are you sleeping? I'm sorry.
I'm a failure.
Not at all.
You were cast in an Audiard movie.
I could never have managed it.
Yeah? He wanted me to be tough.
He wanted me to be violent, raging I can't do that, I haven't lived enough.
- It's alien to me.
- Oh? Alright then.
He told me to look within myself.
I did but there was nothing there.
Haven't lived enough? Sure you haven't.
You didn't start out young, invent a whole Internet genre with millions of fans dying to see your videos? No, you haven't lived anything.
This is real violence, real madness.
I don't have that.
You've got madness and violence in your own way.
The way you looked at me I've never seen that in your eyes.
Seriously? I should have taken a selfie.
Audiard wants what's beneath the surface.
Anyway it's too late now.
No, it isn't.
- I didn't call him.
- What? I didn't call him.
Are you kidding me? You've made my day! I thought I'd be making videos all my life.
Don't get too excited, we have to convince the judge first.
It won't be easy.
Sarda Come with me, please.
You're free to leave.
Thank you very much.
But I wanted to say I heard you talking last night.
I felt sorry for him.
It might not seem that way but everyone gets scared.
I was good at judo when I was young.
One of the best in the area.
The day the French team selector came to watch me, I injured myself, I was scared.
After that, I gave it up.
Anyway, he won't have to face the judge.
He needs to do this movie.
Thank you very much! That's so nice of you.
- Thanks.
- Just one thing If you could ask him for my daughter - Thanks.
- Thank you.
Should I drive? No.
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
Arlette, that grass is killer.
I had crazy erotic dreams all weekend.
Not me.
Why didn't you come? I had some personal obligations.
- Hi.
- Good morning.
Hi, everyone.
You okay, Marteau? Aymeline Val too! Wasn't that crazy? It was crazy!