Dix Pour Cent (2015) s02e05 Episode Script


I took it up a few years ago.
I love it.
I try to do 150 kilometers a week.
That's a lot.
I came by bike this morning.
An hour and a half on back roads.
It helps me concentrate and calms me down.
"Her name's Marianne.
I thought she'd forgotten me.
Then I saw her at the station.
She was even more beautiful than before.
" Shit! Stressing out? A bit, yes.
Am I bothering you? I could No, you're not bothering me.
I saw you in that cop show.
Oh, yeah? The writing wasn't great.
Nor the directing.
The actors But you, no, you're flawless.
When you're in the shot, something happens.
We're with you all the way, we believe.
Well, thank you.
It's nice of you to say so.
Do you want to go over the lines? It'll be good for me too.
Yes, I'd like that.
So tell me, son, what's this all about? Is it a girl? Her name's Marianne.
- Marianne.
- We met at the ball in Gondreville.
Sorry, I haven't had time to read it yet.
No, I'm not there, I'm at the first day Sorry.
The first day's shooting with Guy Marchand.
The movie, yeah.
Ah, here they are! Alright? They're here.
So This is scene 34.
The day after the fall from the train.
President Deschanel is feeling better, but he's still at the Dariots' place in the countryside.
What I'd like, Guy, is that, as you talk, you change out of your pajamas and into your suit, to become the French President once more.
What are you talking about? - I have to go.
- Gabriel.
This young lady, quite charming, by the way, comes to me and, out of the blue, tells me she wants me to strip.
That's pretty funny! Are you okay? - Yeah, fine.
- You feel okay? They're the weird ones! She's got a real nerve.
Otherwise, she's a charming lady.
Guy, that lady is Véra.
She's She's Véra Loiseau, the movie's director.
But we've never met.
Are you alright? You seem a bit stressed.
Yes, I'm fine! Well, I'm going home now.
We'll talk on the phone.
That's it.
Another thing You can tell that young lady that I have a dinner to go to.
Guy! - Guy? - Guy! You see that shadow? Here too? They're good news.
It's not Alzheimer's.
It's not a neurodegenerative disease.
These are just traces of recent vascular lesions.
How is that good news? It'll pass.
It'll get better by itself, in time.
You had a minor stroke.
A vessel got blocked, others around it took over, but there was a bit of damage.
Hence your recent confusion.
It's worrying, I know, but it's nothing serious.
Perfect! I'm not only confused but embarrassed to have bothered you for so little.
I don't think the doctor's finished.
I'd like to know more.
So what happens now? I'll tell you what will happen.
A good night's sleep, a bowl of muesli for breakfast, then, tomorrow morning, I'll ride my bike to the set, nice and early! Most likely, it'll be reabsorbed over the coming weeks.
There! But in the meantime Mr.
Marchand will have periods of vagueness, confusion The coming weeks? - Because weeks - Tell me.
Are all these diplomas yours? That's impressive.
A world tour of neurology! - Thank you.
- Well We'll let you care for those who are really in need.
We won't waste your phenomenal gray matter on such a trivial malaise.
It's to extend my short-term contract.
We're already late.
Sorry, I don't have time.
Ask your dad.
Have you thought over my proposal? Reconsider things, then we'll talk.
Can you sign my contract, please? Shouldn't that be Andréa? To avoid trouble.
She's being a jerk.
It'll all blow over.
We just need to keep a low profile.
Nothing'll happen to you.
No one wants you gone.
I'm the one in the way.
No, Camille! Don't panic.
Just give it time.
- Let them take it on board.
- I'll ask Hicham.
Better not.
He's impulsive.
That business with Adjani annoyed him.
I might be able to fix it I have no contract! Look.
How much do you need? Hey, Camille! Stop it, Jean Gabin, it's Camille.
Camille! Don't hold it against him.
He's transferring his hatred for Mathias to you.
It's horrible, it's like I've become someone else and no one recognizes me.
Like in La Moustache.
This guy shaves off his mustache, and no one notices.
It drives him mad.
Well, no, not at all.
It's the opposite.
Everyone thinks I've changed, but I haven't.
Mathias being my dad changes nothing.
Okay, Camillette! It's more like Blade Runner.
When you find out that he too is a replicant, he seems a bit less human, but we still love him.
We still love you.
Oh, no! No.
I've just come from Guy's doctor.
It's a disaster, it's One, two Fucking piece-of-shit dick! Andréa.
- About Guy - Yeah.
What do you want? To talk.
- Here, now? - Yeah.
OK, about what? Junior.
Do you want one or not? A junior agent.
I feel it's only me who wants one.
- Does it scare you? - No.
No, it doesn't scare me to have to take on a junior.
Because, you know, your opinion means a lot to me.
Well, look.
Let's say it's not one of my top priorities right now.
Do you want a boy or a girl? - Both are fine, yeah? - Yeah.
Am I boring you? Not at all.
I'm impermeable, you know.
- To me? - To everything.
You never say when you have problems, huh? You think it'll make you weak? And that I'll exploit it? I'm not like that, Andréa.
I have work to do.
- Hi.
- Yoo-hoo.
How was it with Julien? I'm pooped.
- A tough session? - Oh, yeah.
Real intense.
What are you doing? Dance, movements? I don't have the strength.
And Julien doesn't want us talking about it.
- He doesn't? - No.
But you said it's intense.
Intense in what way? Give me a break! You've washed your hair too.
Will you stop this? I'm not jealous.
No, you're being a real asshole! Well, I apologize for knowing how things work in the movie business! It's my profession.
It's mine too! You got me this part! Not so you'd end up naked three-quarters of the time! I don't fucking believe this! The boundaries between life and work gets eroded.
It's a slippery slope.
Don't pretend you don't understand.
You're confusing fiction and reality, Gabriel.
It's inappropriate jealousy.
Oh, yeah? And rehearsals ending at 2 a.
? And text messages in the middle of the night? Julien doesn't sleep much, unlike you.
Of course! You went bare-backed to a "reading"! Was that for the chair's pleasure? Sofia.
Good morning.
So, how's Guy Marchand? He's fine, like nothing's wrong, but not the movie.
The producer says he doesn't want to carry on with Guy.
The director wants him, but she's panicking.
To sum up, it's shit.
They've adapted the schedule, haven't they? Yes, they're shooting without him for now, but that can't go on forever.
I'm getting great feedback about Hippolyte.
You didn't want your son to act, but he'll soon be keeping you in work.
It's not good for Guy.
I don't think he can hold on for eight weeks.
He's not the type to complain, but I'm afraid we're going to burn him out.
Surprisingly, I agree with Gabriel for once.
It's more economical to replace him early than to let the movie fail.
That makes economic sense, but such roles are precious to an actor his age.
If you ask him to pull out, he could suffer severe depression.
Arlette? We haven't heard from you.
Have we lost you? I'm keeping out of it.
And they know it.
So don't ask me to get involved.
Jean Gabin! Okay.
- Can someone explain? - It's an old story.
Arlette and Guy have history.
But she doesn't like it talked about.
Okay, well, whatever.
I think Guy should pull out.
A movie exploding in full flight isn't good for him or us.
So, Gabriel, you'll tell him, yeah? Good.
And now, as our senior has deserted us, what do you say we officially welcome our new junior? Shouldn't you have consulted us? I consulted myself.
And I decided.
Our new junior is female.
And her name is Camille - Valentini.
- What? There were candidates who talked a very good talk.
She didn't talk, she acted.
- Were you a candidate? - No, not at all.
No, she wasn't, but she came to Paris alone, she made a place here, she worked without revealing who her father was Gritting your teeth, not confiding in anyone, distrusting everyone They're the qualities you need in this job.
So welcome, Camille, our new agent.
I see.
It still has that effect, even after 50 years? Sorry? I'm just saying, you and Guy.
What is it exactly? Rancor? Resentment? - They're the same thing.
- No, they're not.
Resentment is intended, you can't help rancor.
So which is it? Nothing from me.
It's him.
He's mad at me because I dumped him for Chet Baker.
We were young.
I loved life and artists, he wanted to get married.
He never forgave me.
Jealousy is so stupid.
And now, if he's cracking up we'll never be reconciled.
It gets me down.
So it's true about you and Chet? Did you think I was a liar? No, but it's crazy.
It's crazy.
Chet Baker! Yes.
It was in New York, at Birdland, the jazz club he played at.
He fell head over heels for me.
And I went with him.
He just fell head over heels in love, without a second thought? Yes, without a second thought.
He was handsome, he was blond, he was famous.
There's nothing better than a musician.
There's nothing worse either.
But there's nothing better.
Thanks for the surprise! Here it is: "Behold a multitude, and he that was called Judas, one of the twelve, went before them, and drew near unto Jesus to kiss him.
But Jesus said unto him: 'Judas, betrayest thou the Son of Man?'" - Hervé - I haven't finished.
Just let me finish.
"Supper being ended, the devil having put into the heart of Judas Barneville, Mathias' daughter, to betray him, Jesus riseth from supper " - What did he do? - I don't know.
"He laid aside his garments.
" I'm sorry.
It was Hicham.
I never asked for it.
Sorry? Can you truthfully swear that you never wanted the job, deep down? No.
At first, a bit.
But I never put myself forward as a candidate.
Not to your father? No.
In passing, but Now it all becomes clear! Yes! It was all premeditated.
- Not at all! - Yes! Mathias got his little girl the job! He influenced Hicham! And what was his little girl saying? Miss Judas was telling me it's bad to trip up other candidates! And other treacherous words besides! Not at all! Stop it! Take it! My blood and sweat! My Camille.
I believe you.
I know you didn't want it.
This is destiny knocking at your door.
And girls like us we have no right to refuse it.
Because it won't come knocking again.
Do you understand? You know your Christophe Lambert story I never believed it.
Well, cerebrally I did.
But not here, not deep down.
I always knew that there was something else, something deeper, which would one day bring us closer.
Like a family.
What's this? It stinks.
Did you piss on it? Shit! Jean Gabin's pregnant.
That's funny! Whose do you think it is? Well Sofia? Camille? Noémie? - An actress? - No.
Can you imagine? An actress coming here to piss on her pregnancy test.
In any case, female solidarity.
You know what they say? "Hidden test, someone's stressed!" Not a word.
I didn't know they said that.
Any woman I walk behind in the street thinks I'm following her.
And she's right! Okay, Guy? Gabriel.
Well, I'll go in my office.
Coming, Gabriel? - You were talking about me! - No.
- You were, I saw you.
- No.
We were talking about me.
I was telling Arlette that I'm thinking of taking up the ukulele.
She must be thinking: "Poor old Guy's cracking up.
" Not at all.
On the contrary, everyone here loves you.
Everyone's saying I'm finished.
I know how it goes.
You had a little meeting this morning to assess the damage.
You're imagining it.
I wasn't born yesterday.
Anyway, I don't care what you said.
There's one thing clear in my mind.
I'm going to make that movie.
As for that No.
No "as for that.
" I want to do it, I can and I will.
I understand.
But what if it happens again? What will you do? I survived being directed by Pialat.
Next to that, this is a picnic.
There To our first family get-together.
Yep! There's a lot to be said for coming out.
I wanted to tell you that I believe in you, you idiot.
I know you have what it takes.
Yes, I have what it takes to stir the shit wherever I go.
- I'm great at that.
- I wasn't talking about that.
You can be a great agent.
It's true.
I get on well with Andréa, I like her a lot, she's a great woman, but the truth is that my best auditions have come from you.
No, it was you who got picked for the roles.
Yes, but without you I wouldn't even have been there.
So, Camille, will you be my agent? Now that's Hippolyte, you're drunk.
Don't make promises you can't keep.
This is my first glass, and I'm serious.
I don't know.
It's too fast.
Yes, it's much too fast.
You have plenty of qualities, Camille, but this is too soon.
No, it's not since she got the job.
Hicham Janowski decided this all on his own.
He doesn't know a thing! This is crazy.
You spend entire days defending your actors, but you're incapable of believing in your own children's talent! We spend our lives doing stuff for people, fixing things that break, saving their lives twice a week And we never even get a hello or a thank you.
Being the president is the same.
Cut! - Great! - Thank you.
That was beautiful, I loved it.
- Okay, Guy? - Yes, fine.
We could take a break.
No, let's carry on, now we're on a roll.
Bravo, Guy! What a great part.
- Elisabeth LecÅ"ur, France 2 Cinéma.
- Delighted.
Gabriel Sarda, my agent.
We've met before.
France 2 is financing the movie.
We have a lot of faith in it.
Just as well, since it's your cash! Thanks.
See you in a bit.
There, you've met Guy Marchand.
Humor! It's a lovely film.
I loved the screenplay.
Yes, quite.
And we have a very gifted young director.
And how is Julien Doré? Not under too much stress? No, why? The committee meets tomorrow.
We decide whether to finance his movie.
Now I'm under stress! No, there's no need.
But I can't say.
So - Are you in a hurry? - No.
Maybe I could buy you lunch, then? Guy, sorry, can I bother you for a moment? I wanted to tell you I don't want to worry you or anything, but we're having an unexpected visit to the set today.
Yes, the France 2 lady.
She's charming.
It's Mr.
Tubman, from the insurers.
Checking that everything's fine, that you're able to work.
That's fair enough.
Let him come.
Will that be okay, Guy? You feel alright? Absolutely.
I could always make up some technical problem No, no! Come on, let's do it.
Let's do it! Come on.
Muhammad Ali and Fred Astaire in the same man.
Huh? See you in a bit.
Yes, Guy? Everything okay? Will you call my agent? - Gabriel Sarda? Yes, I'll - No! Not the trainee.
My agent, Samuel Kerr.
- Am I bothering you? - No, sweetie.
You never bother me.
You set me straight.
Apparently, Guy Marchand is asking to see Samuel.
Ouch! Cracking up again? I've called Gabriel, no answer.
So, as you know Guy well, I thought Right.
This is just between us, but I love Julien Doré's project.
It is fantastic.
But I'm not very objective, I've been a fan right from the start.
Remember when he sang on Nouvelle Star and jumped on the piano? Of course.
- It didn't kill him! - No.
Lucky for him! But this movie is something else.
It's on a much higher level.
It's beautiful, it shows maturity It is very mature.
I was thinking This movie pushes the boundaries pretty far.
Isn't there a risk it'll get an NC-17 rating? I'm not with you.
There's nothing explicit in it.
Well, a bit.
I don't know how he'll film it, but That scene where he You with me? The scene where she cuts off his thingy.
- No? - No, I'm not with you.
Well It's No? Maybe we didn't get the same version of the screenplay.
I don't know, maybe.
Sorry, I've put my foot in it.
I hope he's not one of those auteurs who send us a toned-down version of their screenplay.
No, not at all.
No, I don't think so.
What's this scene, then? It's the scene where they're being pursued by the foxes and stags, near the lake - Yes.
- Well, there's a sequence with a pretty violent fight.
And she decides to cut off his She chops off his thingy.
There's blood everywhere, it draws the animals, she picks it up, and she cooks it on a sort of barbecue, and then she eats it.
- The sausage is for? - The lady.
Excuse me.
- Enjoy! - Thanks.
Where's the old crooner? Can you see him? There's Camembert, Saint-Nectaire, Saint-Amand, Cantal, goat cheese A pretty good canteen.
Yeah, we're lucky.
Can you pass the pepper? Yes.
No, the pepper.
This is the pepper.
Sorry, my mistake.
No problem, these things happen.
Are your mental blanks all in the past? It was a little scare of no consequence.
That can happen too.
Of course.
Do you remember what happened? You make me laugh.
You want me to remember a blank.
It's a trap.
Like with the pepper.
No, it's just a question.
What about after the attack, when you were back in your right mind? What is it? Can I help you? Jean Gabin! Behave yourself! You like butter, don't you? Say thanks to Guy.
He always spoils you.
He's been doing the butter trick for 50 years.
Hoping it'll get him into the dairy girl's panties! I'm a very old friend.
Arlette Azémar.
I accompany Guy on his film sets.
Arlette Davidson.
That's my nickname.
Cheese? No, thanks.
There was no need to get stressed out.
Yeah, but still! Well, I'll get back.
The next scene! Sorry about my ill-mannered dog.
He's a really, really good dog.
He has a good nose.
- That's true.
- A bit like his mistress.
A bit.
Thanks for coming, Arlette Davidson.
No problem, don't mention it.
Barneville? Sylvie Dujol, the real estate agent.
Oh, yes.
- The lady and gentleman are enchanted.
- Exactly.
It's beautiful.
- We really like the atmosphere.
- Thanks.
Just what we're looking for.
Were you happy here? Yes.
Well, we won't bother you any longer.
- Goodbye.
- Goodbye.
- Goodbye.
- Thanks.
Have a nice evening.
Airparif is forecasting high levels of fine particles a flood of memories from the 80s, with these few notes of music almost as famous as Beethoven.
Don't miss out on the simple things in life.
That little melody by Pierre Bachelet made the ad a huge hit, and the brand made the most of it.
Let's hear it one more time! Is someone there? Oh, it's you.
Sorry, I was just going.
What's up? Is it selling the apartment? No.
No, it's nothing, it's just Tell me, Mathias.
I arrived as people were being shown around.
They were young and They were like we used to be.
The Vasselots? What did they say? I think they're interested.
You told me you were okay with it.
You're tired.
I can't take it anymore, I can't cope.
You can.
My dad used to say: "Life is one long stick of shit.
" Sorry, but your father was an asshole.
Maybe it's true.
Maybe Because It's too hard.
What are you doing here? Waiting for me? No, you're the one who keeps going by.
I can't help that.
- This is my last lap.
- Wait.
Just one minute.
I want to ask you something.
What? A drink.
Whenever you like.
The last time I bumped into you, you ran away.
This time too, but you also ran back.
That's progress, isn't it? Why should we meet? To talk.
That's all.
Of course.
Don't you think I know you? Exactly, you know me.
That's why I want to talk to you.
You want to see me again, then you want to seduce me again and kiss me again and make me suffer again.
- No way! - I'm pregnant.
What? You're the only person I really needed to tell.
But I've got stuff to do.
I have to shower.
Tomorrow? Or the day after? Or the day after that? I have to go to London to sort out my divorce papers.
Will four minutes do? Yes, even less.
Great, I love that.
Go ahead.
This is a bad start.
I'm not taking the job as junior agent.
Say that again, I didn't understand.
I've thought it over, I can't take the job.
So I'm turning down the promotion.
But thanks anyway, of course.
I just feel it's better for me to carry on being Andréa's assistant for the time being.
Like before.
Do you realize what you're saying? I know it's surprising, but I've spent two nights thinking about it and I know where my place is.
No, you obviously don't.
What do you mean? There's no more "like before".
You didn't understand.
A company is like a river, you can't swim in the same one twice.
- Know what they say in London? - No.
Meaning? Take the job, sweetie, or walk out the door.
Are you sleeping? - Yoo-hoo, Mom.
- What's wrong? I woke you up, sorry.
Your dad again? No, it's the others, it's sheer hell.
They're jealous of your promotion.
You're overshadowing them.
No, Mom, I haven't even started.
No one'll talk to me.
Hervé won't even look at me.
He calls me Judas.
Andréa shouts at me maybe four times more than before.
When I get to the office, I hear white noise and I want to puke.
I can't take it anymore.
Oh, my sweetie, don't cry.
I don't know what to do.
Don't cry! But, Mom Don't cry, Camille! Okay.
I'll tell you what to do.
Come straight home.
You can't get in such a state over a job.
Work shouldn't be a torture, my girl.
Of course not.
I was doing just fine, then he showed up with his big announcements.
Come home.
I can see that it's a shipwreck, and I'm not going to let you sink, no way.
Listen to your mother, Camille.
Come home.
I'll buy your ticket for you.
I'll fix you up.
We'll eat tomatoes and go to the beach.
Come on.
- Is this scene with you and Guy? - Yeah, that's right.
I'm the guy who helped the President when he fell from the train.
Now he's going back to Paris.
I want some advice because I'm in love.
- Okay, Guy? - Yes, fine.
- Do you want a coffee? - No.
Let's do it.
Okay, then.
Hippolyte, please.
Let's go.
Hurry up, please! Silence for a run-through! Silence! Go on, then.
I wanted to say This girl Her name's Marianne.
That's all I know.
We danced just the once, at the ball in Gondreville.
- Then she forgot me.
- Guy.
You're saying my lines.
One day, there I was - Guy? - Outside.
- She was waiting for the train.
- Guy.
She recognized me.
She looked at me, I looked at her She was beautiful.
More beautiful than before.
Oh, fuck! I didn't dare cross over.
That caught you out! It was to relax you.
Don't you know that, doing each other's lines? To get a real feel for the scene? - Right! - Let's do it again.
- For real this time.
- Okay, right.
- We're warmed up, let's do it.
- Wait.
Could we do it like that again? That was just a joke.
I know my lines.
I know, but I'd like to see what it produces.
Hippolyte, can you say Guy's lines? No.
- You can.
- Okay.
- Yeah? - Yeah.
There we go! We'll do it like that.
You want us to swap - Her name is Marianne.
- Okay, then.
She recognized me.
She looked at me, I looked at her.
She was beautiful.
She was more beautiful than before.
I didn't dare cross over.
She'll come back.
She'll take the train again.
But what could I say to her? What do you want to say to her? Well "Hello.
Do you remember me?" No.
Sorry, but to seduce you have to be active, not passive.
In that case, I'll say: "Hello, I remember you.
" Better.
A lot better.
"We danced last summer, but you're even more beautiful now.
You're surprised, I know you are.
You don't know it yet, but you were waiting for me.
And now, on this platform, the time is right.
Let us grasp this moment.
Because everything goes so quickly.
" You're sublime.
DEVIL IN THE FLESH You're a sublime woman.
On every level.
And I, well I never dreamt I could be with a woman like you.
So, I You're in a tailspin.
Yes, I'm in a tailspin.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I promise I'll be more careful.
I'm glad you realize.
I'm going to leave you alone to do your job, and especially I'll stop busting your balls about you-know-who.
Who? You know.
Can't you even say his name now? Since we both know, there's no point.
The fucking bastards! What's going on? France 2 isn't going to finance us.
What? It's no to everything! My producer was there this morning.
No money! So it's dead in the water? It's not possible, there must be a misunderstanding.
It's that bitch, Elisabeth LecÅ"ur, who's fucked it all up! Really? Fuck! She claims there's "hidden penophagy" in my film.
It's insane! What's "penophagy"? Nothing, but I can give you an idea.
I did Greek at school.
"Peno" means the dick, "phagy" means to eat.
Where did she get all that? I don't know.
It's ridiculous.
No, hold on.
I'm going to check because this sounds really weird.
- No results for "penophagy".
- There! No, it doesn't exist.
I know it doesn't, I told you! Where was the hidden penophagy in my erotic musical? - Nowhere.
- Of course.
Fuck! We've entered a dimension where people read things that don't exist and ruin three years of work in one fucking morning! I don't believe it! Look, there are other solutions.
There are other ways to get financing.
You know what? We'll just forget it.
It's all over, I'm calling it a day.
No, Julien, no.
Fuck! That was beautiful.
And unexpected.
For me too.
Swapping our roles was just a joke, I swear.
- Guy.
- Yes.
- We're going to start.
- Just coming.
Could we have a drink after? Alright.
Guy! Yes.
There's a little café down the road.
10 o'clock? That's not too late? No.
It's not too late.
And I'll have - A Bloody Mary.
- Fine.
- Thanks.
- Are you sure? A nice cold Bloody Mary.
Even in small doses it's bad for the baby.
For the moment there is no baby.
And no father either, I suppose? A stupid mistake.
A threesome at a party.
It was an improbable one-off.
I won't labor the point.
- What? - Sorry.
Did you hear what you just said? You won't "labor" the point.
Yeah, okay.
Not bad.
Are you back in analysis? Yeah.
I had to talk a few things over.
So you already know you're not going to keep it? I can't.
Where would I put it? The poor thing.
Others manage it.
So, to sum up You interrupted my jog to tell me about your abortion after an improbable threesome? And that's why you need me.
That might not be washed properly! Hello, hello! Okay, Marteau? I saw you through the window, so I thought I'd come in.
Who's your ravishing friend? Hicham, we're not at work now.
This is private.
Then introduce your ravishing private friend.
Well I'm Hicham Janowski.
- Colette Brancillon.
- Delighted.
Hicham is ASK's new majority shareholder.
She doesn't like to say "boss"! See you tomorrow.
No, I have to go.
- No, stay.
- You'll talk shop.
No, stay.
I won't bother you any longer.
It was a pleasure.
Have a pleasant evening.
Is he the father? FOR FRANÇOIS PÉRIER