Dix Pour Cent (2015) s02e06 Episode Script


1 Yes, Paolo? I'm at a fitting for Cannes.
No, go on! Yes, the screenplay.
Yes, it's very dense.
June 22nd? Talk to my agent.
Andréa, can you talk to Paolo? Sorry, my taxi got stuck at Place de la Concorde.
Eva Garnier-Griffith, artistic producer of the opening ceremony.
- We talked on the phone.
- Yes.
Exactly, Eva.
We're delighted that Juliette is the mistress of ceremonies this year.
- She's delighted too.
- Great.
I'll see how it's going.
There! She hasn't yet found what she likes.
No, we don't really know Okay, Juliette, can you manage? Yes, I'm almost there, almost there How does this dress work? There's no secret.
Just surrender yourself to it.
You don't choose the garment, it chooses you.
- You see - I don't think this one chose me! I don't think it had seen breasts before.
Must have been a shock! Just here That's it, it's marvelous.
- A bit tight? - No, not at all.
I'll lose a couple of kilos before Cannes.
- Then put on ten! - No.
- You look divine! - Thanks.
- Doesn't she, Eva? - Sumptuous.
- What do you think? - Yeah, there's a bit of Dalida going on.
Yes, that's true.
After she'd made love to a fat swan! You shouldn't be afraid of being spectacular at Cannes.
Lucky for us women.
Yeah, lucky! But it's How can I put it? I feel it's too sophisticated for me.
That dress is a thousand hours of work.
It's never been seen in public.
That's just it, this year I I don't know.
I don't want people talking for hours about what I'm wearing.
That must be my plumber! Juliette will be there three days before.
I'm so sorry.
I'm rushing around, multi-tasking Don't worry, it'll be fine.
Well, Juliette, which do you choose? For me, it's the Armani tuxedo.
I'd feel more elegant, freer.
For breathing, walking around That's fine, then.
We all agree.
The Armani tuxedo.
Great, see you in Cannes.
When do you get there? No, I don't want I don't want you saying that.
No, don't cry, Fabienne.
Your movie wasn't selected for Cannes, but the Angoulême festival is good too.
Thanks, Arlette.
No, we don't have spare accommodation in Cannes.
I'm not even going! Stay strong.
Yes, Cécile de France will be in Cannes.
"Where?" You know the red staircase? At some point, she'll be there.
Goodbye! Ready, kids? The short one goes to Cannes, the other stays here.
I could feel my karma was all wrong this month.
No, it's great.
You'll be totally in charge here for two weeks.
Stop it.
Last year you got one call, and that was pest control.
Someone has to hold the fort.
Say, Hervé Can you take care of Jean Gabin? I can't take him to Cannes, he thinks evening dresses are lampposts.
He'll be good for you.
- You'll want to keep him.
- Please! Anyone there? Oh, there you are! I was looking for you everywhere! No, stop reading Julien's screenplay, you're only making it worse.
You have to move on.
Lots of movies don't find backers.
He won't talk to me.
He associates me with his failure.
It's a tough business.
It's an emotional rollercoaster all the time.
I'm here, okay? Guys, I need you.
Get Juliette Binoche an appointment with Chopard right away.
My schedule is just too tight.
Who's Chopard? Chopard, the festival's partner.
They make the Palme d'Or! No, Andréa, we really don't have time.
No, not just before Cannes.
Exactly! I'm going to Cannes tomorrow, I have a billion things to do! I'm already climbing those stairs! And without Camille, I can't cope, so Don't mention that name in this office! We're doing all the work while Ms Ahem takes it easy on the Côte d'Azur! Camille, what happened between Virginie Efira and Ramzy? I don't know.
- Aren't they with your agency? - No, they left.
And it's not my agency.
But I mean you know them? - Tell us some stuff.
- I really don't know.
It was a set-up to get people talking about them.
A week after they bring out a movie, they're suddenly back together! Yes, it's strange.
Yeah, isn't it? The things they do to draw attention to themselves, huh? Ouch! - Sorry about that.
- I'm sorry.
- Can you do it? - Okay, I'll finish off the lady.
HAIRDRESSING SALON Thank you, ladies.
Don't get all Parisian on us! They're actors, Mom, not fairground animals! They're interesting people, doing a job, with things to say.
If you like them so much, why didn't you stay? In your wonderful showbiz world, neither your boss nor your father tried to stop you leaving! I lied to Andréa for months, so, of course she doesn't trust me.
And Mathias is busy with his divorce.
But you helped him out.
Is this how he thanks you? He's a loser, that's what he is.
It's all show.
I already knew that.
Now you know too.
Thanks for dinner.
I've never seen you eat like that.
Being with you sharpens my appetite.
Isn't it just being pregnant? No, I don't think so.
Do you? No, this is nothing, it's I can see it.
- Have I put on weight? - No! No, but it's changed you in some way.
You're calmer, more radiant.
My breasts aren't exactly radiant! It suits you.
- This is me.
- Yes, I recognize your street.
I'd love to see if the entrance hall is still as cute as it was.
Call me.
Keep me in the loop.
About what? You, the baby Are you concerned? A bit.
I'm wondering what you'll do.
I'm going to kiss you.
I don't know what I'll do.
I'm going to think it over.
See you when I get back from Cannes? There, that'll give you a fantastic connection for Cannes.
Super-fast broadband for your entire team.
Thank you, wonderful.
I'm a writer too.
You'd never guess the things I've seen, going into people's homes! No, I couldn't guess.
I've told it all in this screenplay.
It's crazy, the things you see behind locked doors.
So I thought you could take it with you to Cannes and give it to some actors.
Why not? I think Isabelle Huppert has always wanted to play a router! No, I'm sorry.
It's just that I'm not going to Cannes.
- Hello, madam.
- Hello.
Welcome to Cannes.
I have to tell you And I'm furious about it! We have a problem with the tuxedo.
The Chinese actress Gong Li, who's a member of the jury, is also wearing one for the opening ceremony.
- An Armani too? - No, another designer.
But it's still a tuxedo.
We can't have two women in the same outfit at the same time.
But all the men can dress the same! Right.
I felt great in that tuxedo.
No, hold on.
I'll phone Gong Li's agent and we'll discuss it.
It won't help.
You don't know what a fighter Andréa is.
Gong Li is L'Oréal's icon in China.
The festival's main partner.
I really am sorry.
But we do have a piece of good news.
Your second choice has been repaired.
But it's a real production, wearing that.
And I need six-inch heels.
We could arrange a new fitting with Dune, but with only three outfits.
- Is that possible? - Okay, another fitting.
- What do you think? - No, that'll be fine.
I think it'll be fine.
- Here.
- For the mail? No, open it.
Open up that envelope! There is a ticket, a ticket for - Cannes? - Oh, yeah! - But who'll be at reception? - Antoine said he'll do it.
Anyway, Hervé's staying.
Huh? Thank you! Thank you, my love.
Shut up or I'll bite your faces off! Hello! You forgot to leave me a copy of Sacha Hartman's contract.
- Oh, fuck! - Yeah! It's on my desk.
- Okay, just tell me where it is.
- Yeah, go on.
I deduce that the Chopard jewelry has arrived.
No? Aren't you the jewelry bodyguard? What, then? Counter-terrorism? Who are you, madam? Andréa Martel, Juliette Binoche's agent.
I'm there.
Don't put your fat hands everywhere.
Not you, of course.
Renard here.
I have a Martel at room 403.
Okay, I've got it.
Now get out of my office.
Thanks, Andréa.
I love working with you.
Same here.
It's okay, you can go in.
Thank you Renard.
Good evening Good evening, everybody Thanks for coming.
It's with huge pleasure It's with huge pride that I welcome you here, to the greatest place in the world: a movie theater.
It's with huge pleasure, huge pride very great pride, that I welcome you to the greatest place in the world: a movie theater.
- Well? - I've got your earpiece.
Want to try it? Like that? How does it work? You can ask the technicians.
I can show you if you like.
LABORATORY FOR BIOMEDICAL ANALYSIS Do you mind if we speak informally? Huh? No, not at all.
Okay, look straight ahead, as though I'm not here.
I hear you loud and clear.
It's working.
Don't respond.
No one knows you have an earpiece.
- Okay.
- Don't respond.
- Sorry.
- It's just a voice in your head.
Like your own thoughts.
- Are you responding? - No.
Oh, right! I get it now.
Do you read me? Take a step back.
Move back again.
I've got a hard-on.
Don't look.
That's very impressive! She's operational.
The Thai director Achipankong Apichatpong Weerasethakul.
The Iranian actress, Golshifteh Faharani.
There are actresses you see a lot, then they work less, and when they return to the screen the charm is gone.
They've faded.
- You no longer want to watch them.
- Yes, it's a cruel business.
But not Juliette.
She's still blooming, opening out, like a wonderful flower.
Yes, that's true.
Here comes her agent.
This is Andréa Martel, who represents Juliette Binoche.
Jean-Denis Gillières, a great friend of the festival.
Of course.
I'm a huge fan of Juliette.
I'd love to say hello, if possible.
But of course.
Could you let her know, Andréa? Now? Yes, I'll call her.
Agent A strange job, isn't it? Working in the shadows so others can shine.
I couldn't do it.
Shoen Schoenaerts? Andréa Martel! That's a lot easier.
Hello? Yeah, Juliette, I'm with Jean-Denis Gillières.
He wants to see you.
Can he come up? No, I beg you, not him! We're talking about the boss of the Gillières group? Yes, Jean-Denis Gillières.
- I don't want to see him.
- Okay, Juliette.
- But he owns half of the French media.
- I don't care.
He's a pain.
I sat next to him at the Cabourg festival, vaguely laughed at his jokes, and he thought I was hot for him.
Did he call you? He sent me dozens of text messages.
He doesn't seem to understand "no".
Okay, I see.
I'll sort it.
I just talked to Juliette, she's so sorry, but she can't come down now because she's rehearsing her speech.
- One day left, big pressure! - Did she write it alone? No, a writer helped her, but she was heavily involved.
That's good.
I love women with brains.
Is it true she wants to get into directing? Yes, she's prepping her first feature film.
Know what we'll do? She can come for lunch on my boat, Monday.
It'll be nice and quiet.
Tell her I really want to talk about her film.
Maybe I can help her with the financing.
- Who knows? - Yes.
But she's going back to Paris on Monday.
No, on Tuesday.
At 11:50.
I have my informers.
Monday is fine.
We'll set it up for you, Jean-Denis.
Ladies, it was a pleasure.
Charming, isn't he? Yes, that's the word! I'm taking the night train, arriving at 7:25 a.
- Shall I wake you with croissants? - I have a very early appointment.
Really? I haven't noted it in your schedule.
See you tomorrow, Noémie.
Ciao! Don't do anything silly, my babies.
Doors closing.
- Hello, Noémie.
- Hello.
About to leave? Yes.
- Are you going to join Mathias? - Yes.
I mean, we have a lot of work.
Is he staying at the Majestic? Yes.
I want to surprise him, join him in Cannes, so I'll need his schedule.
And could you fix a flight for me? But everything's fully booked.
That's why I need you.
You have contacts for the actors and Things are much better between us.
Sorry, I Hello? Hello, Stéphanie, thanks for returning my call.
No, I'm the one to apologize, bothering you with all this.
Now I'll give you a print-out of Mathias's schedule.
All the flights are fully booked, I know that for a fact.
And the train? Maybe I could get you a seat on the night train which gets in at 7:25 a.
I can take him croissants! You're my savior, Noémie.
Thank you.
I understand why Matthias can't manage without you.
If you know the keyword corresponding to your request, say it now.
Otherwise, wait for the summary.
Change ticket.
We have not understood your request.
Change ticket.
We have not understood your request.
Change ticket! Fucking shit! Hard at work? Hi.
Just arrived? Yes, this very moment.
Straight to the bar.
No, that's a mistake.
No, it's not.
Here, take it.
You can't beat strawberries.
Okay, we'll share them if you like.
I'll have the same.
She'll have a fruit juice.
No, I'll have a glass of champagne.
Very well, madam.
When were you going to tell me? - What? - About the baby.
What? Get outta here! There's no point lying.
I know.
I have a sixth sense about these things.
- It's none of your business.
- Really? No.
I think it definitely is my business.
You told me you never sleep with men.
- You know nothing about my life.
- Stop it! Please, Andréa, I'm the father of that child.
What child? There is no child.
There's just me and my body, and I'm the one who decides, okay? You don't decide anything by yourself.
That child is mine.
It's horrible, really horrible.
What? This old woman ran up to me in the street, screaming, and made me pick up a huge dog shit in front of everyone, claiming it was Jean Gabin's.
But I didn't see him do it.
I may have picked up the shit of a dog I don't even know.
It's horrible! Shouldn't you be on the train? No, I'm not going now.
Why? Actually, the timing was real bad.
My cousin has just shown up, without warning.
On top of that, I realized that I'm fully paid up for my anti-cellulite massage sessions.
I don't want to miss any.
I've been through so much pain already.
So I thought You can go if you want.
I'll hold the fort and look after the dog.
I don't mind picking up dog shit.
Oh, fuck! - Are you sure about this? - Yes.
You won't regret it? You No.
But have you let Mathias know? Yes, I said I was sick.
He understands.
You fibber! Now I have to get a ticket.
Cannes Paris to Cannes.
Are you crying, Noémie? No, I'm fine.
Is it a man? - Yes! - I knew it.
I'll get over it, don't worry.
It's no big deal, not at all.
Anyway, everything's fully booked.
It's a mess! What the hell's going on here? I think I'll just stay here too.
The May sunshine is real bad for my redhead skin.
Two are better than one, huh? Thank you, Hervé.
There you have it! I don't know how he did it, but he knows everything.
You should have lied.
I couldn't! And it's easy to call himself the father! Begetter maybe, but father? No.
This is getting too complicated.
We have to totally cut him off.
He's my boss, I see him every day.
I can't cut him off.
You shouldn't have slept with him.
And stop smoking! I'll smoke if I want, okay? And I'll sleep with who I want! Why are you all telling me what I can and can't fucking do? You wanted to see me? A rehearsal problem? No.
Everything's fine on that score.
No, it's about Jean-Denis Gillières.
I think he'll have to eat caviar on his yacht with someone else.
Juliette doesn't want to.
Since you seem to get on so well with him, I'm counting on your diplomatic skills to explain to him that it's no longer the 19th century and actresses are neither courtesans nor high-class hookers.
Of course we're still in the 19th century, Andréa.
You're very naive.
You're defending the interests of your actress, okay.
But only for tomorrow.
What about the day after? Or in ten years? The film Juliette wants to direct, for example.
Have you considered that? It needs financing.
You don't humiliate men like him, Andréa.
You don't test his potential for causing trouble.
You give him a little, pretending it's a lot, so as not to lose everything.
But it's ridiculous! I'm sorry, but there are strict rules.
I want to surprise him.
I'm his wife! Maybe, but during the festival, we're never sure.
Hello, sir.
This lady wants to come in your room.
She claims she's your wife.
My wife? Maybe, I don't know.
- Well, if you don't - Yes, she's my wife.
At least I hope so.
I've completely messed up my surprise.
No, no I went to Mandelieu.
I saw Camille and Annick and the hairdressing salon.
Why are you doing this? That's all in the past.
Stop torturing yourself.
- Is that why you came? - No.
It's not the past that bothers me, it's Camille.
She's left the agency and you're doing nothing.
She's in a really bad way.
- Have you at least called her? - Yes.
Not for a day or two.
I thought it was better like this, that you'd be relieved to know she'd gone home and wasn't working with me.
She's your daughter, Mathias.
I put you first.
Stop doing that, thinking for me, assuming stuff Stop protecting me.
What do you want? I can't love you if I don't know who you really are.
Is that Turkish film in the official competition? No, it's in the Directors' Fortnight.
- That's for directors' first films? - No, that's the Critics' Week.
- I can't follow it.
- There's the ACID too.
Stop it! - A competition is called the ACID? - Yeah.
Ridiculous! I'm coming to Cannes.
Can we meet? We have to talk.
Something wrong? Bad news? No, it's just an actor rescheduling an appointment.
- Let's go.
- Where? Out in the street? Yes, in the street! We'll stroll around, feel the mood on the Croisette, see who's arrived It's Cannes! - You're real pretty! - Yeah? - So pretty.
- No, please.
- No, I'm all ready to go out.
- So pretty! No, you're pretty, I said! You're insane! You're okay? Not too stressed? "Your feline beauty haunts me.
I'm burning with impatience to see you on my boat tomorrow.
" He won't give up.
He's splashed out! - Renard, do you want this? - No, thanks.
Take it, it'll make me happy.
It'll be summer soon, I have to watch my weight.
We told him I'm not going.
The guy's a psycho.
It's a complicated situation.
What do you mean? Didn't you tell him? He can really screw you about your movie.
He's not someone to upset.
Just tell him I don't have time.
But he knows your schedule.
It's pretty scary, actually.
- I want to see some movies Monday.
- Yes, I know.
Look, I'll come with you.
We'll go together.
We'll eat crab on his yacht, we'll have a laugh No, it's not funny.
Your agent is right.
- She's thinking of your career.
- My career? I'm thinking about Gillières's wandering hands! I'll puke all over his deck.
Don't worry about it, we'll see to everything.
Three hours from now, you'll be the princess of Cannes.
- Dune? - Inside I'm screaming for joy.
Well done.
They make such a fuss about this ceremony, but it's dead boring.
I don't care, as long as I get to see the people and the dresses.
I've found a little restaurant near Nice, right on the water's edge, a Michelin star, fantastic! What's with this alternate program? I want to walk up the staircase.
Madam, for my first Cannes Film Festival, will you do me the honor of climbing the staircase with me? I accept.
But people will be wondering: "Who's that kid with Arlette Azémar?" Wow, what a hottie! You look fantastic, Arlette.
- Very elegant, Hicham.
- Thanks.
You too.
Shall we go? Yes, let's go.
- Here, bon appétit! - Thanks.
I got some yakitori especially for you.
Is it starting? Yes! - You missed Catherine Deneuve.
- Oh, no! Sit here.
Charlotte and Vanessa.
I love them too.
To you.
What's that dress? It looks like a Chesterfield sofa! - Is it the dress? - No, it's stage fright.
I have to pee.
- Right now? - Yes.
- Do we have time? - Not that much.
I'm bursting.
Please! - Okay, then.
- Let's go.
- What's she doing? - Going for a piss! - You're on stage in 10 minutes.
- It'll be fine.
Where's the jewelry? Ah, there you are, Juliette! No, a nightmare! Where do we go? This way.
There's a bathroom down here.
Take it easy, be careful.
This way.
Shit, this isn't it! This way.
There! EVACUATION MAP I don't believe it! Is anyone there? Is anyone there? Yes, yes We're lost! A corridor, another corridor, and lots of brown doors.
We're too far for them to pick it up.
No! He must have a twin! - I'll deal with him! - Stop it.
- Yes, I will! - Okay, go on.
There you are! This hide-and-seek is great fun.
I just wanted to wish you luck.
Or say: "Break a leg!" as you actors do! I can't restrain myself, you drive me crazy! The power you have intoxicates me.
Take me here, on your yacht, on your private jet, everywhere! - No, but - Huh? Don't you want to? - Yes, but - But what? But I don't want to share you with your wife.
Give me your phone, we'll call her.
What's her name? Caroline, but And your code? - What's wrong? - I think we should phone each other.
- After the ceremony.
- All right.
- I think that's better.
- See you later, then, you beast! Coming, Andréa? Goodbye, goodbye.
Juliette, this way! - Juliette, the dress! - The jewelry! Are you okay, Juliette? Want to see the ceremony, Mathias? It's just starting.
- I love that.
- It has quite an effect.
Oh, yeah.
OPENING CEREMONY Ladies and gentlemen, the mistress of ceremonies of the 69th Cannes Film Festival, Ms.
Juliette Binoche! Good evening.
That dress is a bit odd.
It gives me huge pride to welcome you here, to the greatest place on earth: a movie theater.
Every film is a journey into an imaginary world, transcending man-made borders and Brigitte Bardot's buttocks Sorry about that, I think I skipped a line.
Yes, yes I think you should come and watch this.
Sorry, but this is quite complicated.
Imagine Andréa's face.
You must be wondering why I decided to come on stage dressed in guenilles.
plucked pigeon! - What's she doing? - I'll explain it all.
I was behind the scenes, two minutes ago, when I suddenly saw someone Thierry Frémaux, yeah.
The festival's president.
And the poor guy was being hassled by a an actor who wanted the best actor prize, I can't say who - Is this a sketch? - but he was very aggressive.
So I got stuck in.
Biff! Baff! I somersaulted in there with a roundhouse kick.
My leg straight out! This is a disaster! Actually, I was behind the scenes, I really needed to pee, I got lost, I tripped over my dress, and I fell down the stairs.
So, yes, I could have pulled out, but I didn't want to miss this because this year the festival is making history.
Twelve of the films in the competition were directed by women.
Twelve! That's half! I'm overjoyed! Let's rejoice that more and more women are making movies, producing movies, writing movies That they're finally a part of the great story that's written here.
We need this, we need it.
We need their perspective, their stories, their truth.
Even today, women's bodies are at stake in power games and conflicts.
And cinema, the movies, gives us the means to resist She's falling on her feet! the things they experience and imagine.
This is why, tonight, I am so happy to present such a special ceremony, even dressed a bit weirdly! I declare the 69th Cannes Film Festival open! Bravo! That was great.
Want to get an ice-cream? If you like.
You shouldn't have watched if it has this effect.
No, it's just that I saw people I know, and it feels a bit weird, that's all.
They're welcome to it! Strutting about on the Croisette isn't real life.
Stop torturing yourself.
What is real life? They're real people with real lives, just different from ours, that's all.
It's Mathias.
- Hello.
- Put it on speaker.
Look, there's a party tonight in a villa.
I've got an invitation for you.
At the last moment, how thoughtful! That's nice, but I don't work for ASK anymore.
People will think I'm desperately clinging on.
He's a specialist Who cares? He hurts while seeming to help.
I'll introduce you to people.
I'd really like you to come.
That's nice, but I've got nothing to wear.
I'm not ready.
I found this for you.
- Do you like it? - Yeah, it's great.
- Hello.
- Hello.
And did you get shoes too? I'm in flip-flops.
I forgot all about shoes.
Take mine.
We have the same size feet.
- Off you go.
- Thanks, Mom.
Go on, honey, make the most of it.
See you later.
I got a message from Jean-Denis Gillières.
He says he spoke to you.
The troubles begin! And he perfectly understands Juliette's unavailability.
He hopes we enjoy the festival.
She found the right words to keep on his good side.
I did some research into you.
Luchini moving to your agency caused a bit of a stir.
You're pretty impressive.
You speak good English, apparently.
Would you like to come and work in New York? My husband runs the agency UBA.
He needs an experienced agent to handle European talents in the US.
It's a serious offer.
He'll be here this evening.
He'd really like to meet you.
Thank you.
I'm really flattered.
But I'm very fond of ASK and my actors.
I've been there eight years.
And Hicham Janowski? What? Is he an asset or a handicap? He's mostly my boss.
What will become of ASK with him as a boss? Do you want to be ordered about by a guy like that? Another, please.
Let me explain There's no need.
It's tough, no longer being my assistant, huh? - Cheers! - Cheers! - I've missed you.
- Really? I didn't think I would.
- What are those shoes? - Yeah, I hold my hand up! They're my mom's.
Do you know New York? No.
Well, yes, of course I do.
- But I've never been.
- You speak English? Want to come to New York with me, work with me in a big agency? UBA.
I'd need an assistant.
I don't know.
When? How? They're just details.
Are you interested or not? I don't kn Yeah! This is crazy! - All right! - We'll talk again.
Thanks for the pizza.
I was wondering What kind of movies are you in? All kinds.
Respect for your speech earlier.
You blew me away.
Any movies I'd know? Not sure about that.
I don't think I'll last long tonight.
You're such a killjoy.
Let's go dance.
Come on.
Yes, come on! I'll watch you first.
- Hi, Julien.
- Hi, Gabriel.
Hold on, I can't hear you.
Are you here? No, I didn't feel like coming to Cannes in the end.
You were right not to come.
Cannes can be real tough when you're a bit down.
I still don't understand why my film fell through.
That stuff with France 2 and Elisabeth Lecœur, I don't understand! Maybe there's nothing to understand.
Nothing to understand? Of course, there's something! I can't sleep at the moment, I have nightmares, it's all I think about.
In a fraction of a second, my film went from possible to impossible.
I can't take it.
I don't know what to do.
Julien, I have to go.
I'll call you.
I want a word.
- Not now.
- Yes, now! It's important.
It's Guy.
He wants me to be his agent.
Okay, great.
Have you seen Sofia? She was right there, talking to the woman from France 2.
Mathias, have you seen Sofia? No.
- You haven't seen Sofia, have you? - No.
- Is everything okay? - Yeah.
Sofia? Sofia! You don't regret leaving ASK too much? I'm happy to see you all.
Yeah? I think you were stupid to do it.
You should come back.
We'll have to work out the details, but I'll need an assistant.
Your could start putting together a catalog of young talents.
That makes you laugh? You're pleased, huh? I'm sorry.
No, really, forgive me, but this is a crazy party.
Yeah? Well, you can thank Mathias.
He pleaded your cause.
It's good to have a father who looks out for his kids.
I never had that.
Anyway, what do you say? Thanks, but I think I'll go with Andréa to New York.
It's too tempting.
Yeah, I understand.
It's pretty special.
What's the name of the agency again? UBA.
You're right.
Yeah, Andréa's great.
I preferred his movie before this one.
It was simpler and funnier.
Yeah, you're right, it was more committed too.
Excuse me.
I'm sorry about last night, I was out of line.
I know it's not easy for you right now.
And here I am, putting pressure on you.
You're under enough as it is.
You have to decide in the next month.
You're counting too, huh? You're living through something incredible.
I can't really put myself in your shoes, but it's affected me deeply.
It's as though I was pregnant with you.
Can you hear me? I just wanted to tell you that I'm here.
And I think I want to experience it with you.
Because Because I love you, Andréa.
Me too.
She's gone.
She's left me.
She was right to.
I'm a piece of shit! I'm pregnant.
By Hicham.
And I don't know what to do.
This is the crazy thing about you.
You always have that something extra.
So we, in comparison, always come across as second-rate.
No, you're not second-rate.
You're my friend.
Do you know that American agency, UBA? Obviously.
A huge independent agency.
Why? Just asking.
I thought I might buy it.
Yeah, like an opening into the international market.
It's good to be ambitious, right? Yes.
It's not the usual way of going about things, but Thanks, Mathias.
I'll take that as a compliment.
But I'll need your help with it.
You know the business better than me, huh? I think you like challenges too.
- Am I wrong? - You're not wrong.
What are you oldies doing? Are you sleeping or what? I don't get it.
Is this Cannes? Hey, guys, it ain't over yet! Fuck, that's cold! We stick together, yeah? FOR LIONEL AMAN