Dix Pour Cent (2015) s03e03 Episode Script


1 And here's Mr Lanvin's hot lemon water.
Thanks, Sami.
May I? Is it a script? On the Edge? Let me guess: it's the story of a guy waiting in line for benefits? Almost with lots of cops around.
I bet! In any case, if I can help, don't hesitate to ask.
- A glass of water, please.
- Yes! Noted.
Besides that, I can do anything: the guy behind the desk, the desk, the armchair And not just any armchair, an adjustable armchair! With special effects, sound effects! And all in method acting style.
Look at this weather! How are you, Gérard? - How are you? - Doing well.
- A coffee, please.
- Yes! So, where are we then? They confirmed your filming dates, everything's on track! I even managed to save your vacation.
Great! Hey, notice anything different? Five kilos gone! Yes! That's impressive! Yes, impressive, but it's practical! - Here's that coffee.
- Thank you.
This movie is going to be a whirlwind.
Between shooting and rehearsals, it's going to be intense.
You don't look at me anymore, it's sad.
Of course I look at you! - Mr Lanvin? Police! - Yes.
Tell me where the basement is! Is that how they do it in the movies? I like this kid, he's got spirit.
He wants to be an actor, he's struggling.
Like half the waiters in Paris.
Then again, in this movie, there might be a role for him.
You know, Bassim, the body guard.
There are three lines, it's a walk-on part, it could work.
Could you ask the casting director to give him an audition? - For me? - Yes, of course.
Shall I tell him? Sami! Come here! Yes? Are you still interested in the movies? - Totally! - How about an audition? Are you serious? For this movie? - On the Edge? - Yeah.
Do you have a resumé and headshots? Yeah.
But, it's in my bag.
Should I bring it now? This is a dream - you're about to - Wait If you mess it up, there's nothing we can do for you.
No problem! When's the audition? Let's do it right now.
What is it? Is there a scene to act out? I can mug you if you want.
I'll do anything you want.
No, but seriously We're going to party! This is no longer a bar, it's a nightclub! What do I do? Can I offer you a drink? What'll your friend have? Him? Ten percent! It's on, he confirmed.
We meet in a half hour in Belleville.
You leave first, I'll follow you on my scooter.
We play it cool with Hicham, okay? He mustn't have a shadow of a doubt.
- Obviously.
- And Even if he's a major pain in the ass with us, we're super nice to him.
Got it? No.
It's the other way around.
If I'm nice to him, that's going to make him paranoid.
- See what I mean? - Are you talking about me? No! The world doesn't revolve around you, Hicham.
What's up? Taking a break? No, not at all.
That wouldn't be like me.
I'm hydrating.
And I'm heading back to work.
I'm running, I'm flying! - I'll come with you.
- What? Where? To work.
We're going to review a few negotiation techniques.
You're too passive in discussions, too reactive.
No That's not possible because I have I have an appointment with the dentist! We can work, but afterwards! And believe me, I swear, I'd much rather spend my morning with you.
Sorry about the meeting place, Mr Hirsch.
We wanted to keep a low profile.
Here, at least, we know we won't run into anyone in the industry.
Yes, I gathered as much.
So, regarding your affair Are you in a hurry? Ideally, the new structure would be ready before I give birth.
So, in three weeks, a month Does that seem feasible to you? It's not a lot, but it's not a bad thing.
When you want to leave your company, especially to start a competing agency, better to do it fast.
Have you spoken to anyone? No, of course not.
We could tell our talents, couldn't we? Wait as long as possible.
So what exactly are we risking? The combined total of your revenues must not reach 50% of the company's.
Otherwise you threaten ASK's viability.
That's called dismantling.
And it's illegal.
Look, here, as it happens Here, these are ASK's numbers.
And these are our numbers.
We're good, aren't we? That's cutting it close.
- What? - Well, I strongly urge you not to accept any new contracts before your departure.
Does that seem feasible? That's something I can do.
Yes, I should be able to drag out talks.
It's Mathias Barneville.
Thank you.
Hello? No, Noémie isn't here, she's indisposed.
Can I take a message? Great, thank you.
Could you say something besides "indisposed"? It sounds dodgy.
I love it, it's very Emma Bovary.
If you say so.
Camille? Can you call the casting director for Emma Jacques' movie? Tell her Gérard Lanvin is sending this young man for the role of Bassim.
I'm a little swamped here.
Ask Hervé.
No way, I have to make up for Gabriel's backlog, which is outrageous enough, as you know.
You shouldn't be overwhelmed! Are you sure you're well organized? Okay, fine.
I'll do it.
Thank you.
What are you talking about? Me? No.
Not at all.
Can you get me the records of contract negotiations for Luchini, Berléand and Léa Seydoux, please? - Right now.
- Not now.
No, right now.
And to think she's going to have a kid.
He doesn't clean his room, off with his head.
Camille, your courier is here.
What do I have to give him? Already? Wait Shit Here, it's for Make Ever Production, can you put it in an envelope, please? - Okay.
- You poor thing.
If only you had someone to share the work with You love watching me suffer.
I don't have a sadist bone in my body.
I offered a helping hand and you bit it.
When you wanted to be me? Thanks.
- Yes, hello? - Hello! Camille Valentini from ASK.
I'm calling to send you an actor for On the Edge, Sami Abadie.
- For which role? - For the role of Hold on, excuse me just a second What did Mathias say? Well a name that started with Ba Something - Baptiste maybe? - Yes, that's it! Exactly, from - from Gérard Lanvin.
- Great.
- I'll tell the director.
- Thank you! Talk to you soon.
Hello, Noémie.
- Hello! - Can I come in? Yes, yes I love it! It looks great on you! This color looks exquisite on you.
Thank you.
But really, you shouldn't have.
It's really too much! It's the least I could do.
I could have killed you, Noémie.
I have sturdy bones, I'm from Auvergne.
I roll with the punches! Awaken the shaman within.
Have you? I'm trying You think it's ridiculous, right? Not at all! I'm really interested.
- Really? - Yes! I wouldn't have thought so.
Oh yes, no, really! You know, I meditate, I do yoga It really helped me recenter during my separation from Mathias.
I even did a silent Vipassana retreat.
So why not shamanism? Here, take it.
Oh no Yes, it's my pleasure.
You're a star.
Really! You know, I often think of that day when you found me a train ticket for Cannes.
If you hadn't been there, Mathias and I might never have gotten back together.
Well, that would have been a shame.
You're such a beautiful couple.
Yeah, we get that a lot.
But I hate that expression.
- Oh, sorry.
- No No, don't take it badly, it's just A beautiful couple is it's superficial.
And what matters is what's underneath, what's deep down.
Yeah That's true.
And with Mathias, it's so hard to get deep down.
Sometimes, I wonder what really connects us.
Sorry, it might be work.
Then again, he tries You know, we We're in couples therapy.
He even takes time to do yoga with me.
YOUR PUSSY !!! No! It means a lot to me because it's it's really not his thing YOUR CHAIR !!! SORRY.
Go on, answer! Someone likes you Yes - Hi.
- Hi.
Great interview in there.
Good job, really.
Well, I talked about the movie for an hour about nature, desire, about art I even dropped the word "pantheism"! And what does she remember? My esthetician's address.
It's still publicity.
Picture that: "How did you find out about this place?" "I read the interview with Sofia Leprince.
" "Is that the gorgeous actress who played in Julien Doré's movie?" "Yes!", "Actually, I wanted to go tonight, are you up for it?" "Okay.
Great!" There.
Two tickets.
- Hello, Sofia! - Hello, how are you? Hello! Hello, Sofia.
Could you wait for me in my office? - I'll be right there.
- Okay.
Mathias? I've been thinking something over: the name of the agency.
ASK, it's good.
It's good, it's Samuel Kerr, it's tradition and all.
But now, with everything I'm creating, we're going in a new direction.
So it would probably be good to make things coherent, with a simple name, symbolic, but simple, that we can apply to the other divisions: sports, modeling, political campaigns, and so on.
Listen: NOW.
As in "Janowski.
" You could just put "Janowski", why make it more difficult? NOW, is "now," it's "right away"! It's good, right? I like ASK.
It's been around for 30 years.
I'm very fond of it.
Plus, it's a brand, you have to be careful about changing it, - we don't want to lose clients.
- Of course.
I'm going to ask them what they think.
Now - Hello - Hello! - Hey, how are things? - How are you? You handsome devil Doing well.
Come! I've been thinking something over Hi! How's it going? The name of the agency, guys And I spoke to the distributor, he told me there are only 120 copies in all of France.
That's not great, you agree, Mathias? It's a great release for a movie as challenging - as Julien's.
- "Challenging"? So no one's going to go, great! No! Not at all I can't believe it So that means if it doesn't do well, the movie could be bumped after a week? And you don't give a shit, right? You're just sitting there, you don't give a shit? Calm down! The die has been cast, we can't do anything about it now.
This is terrible! I'll call the distributor Wednesday morning for the numbers on the 9 a.
showing at Les Halles.
But no one goes to the movies Wednesday morning, Mathias! Yes, they do! The Wednesday 9 a.
showing at Les Halles is a barometer.
It gives a pretty clear indication of a movie's future.
I can't believe this.
I'm going to kill myself, I can't take anymore.
I don't want to do anymore movies if it means going through this every time.
I can't do it.
Very well.
Mathias? Yes? Bassim! I screwed up earlier! The audition, it's Bassim, not Baptiste! Baptiste is 45, it's a huge role, he's Lanvin's partner! It should be illegal to choose character names that sound the same.
Voicemail Oh no We're going to do it.
What? Camille Valentini Both of us.
We're going to do it.
I'm in.
- Really? - Yes.
That's wonderful! That's fantastic! I love you, I want to marry you! You're in luck, we already have the same name.
It's going to be incredible.
Your life is going to change, Camille! So is yours Camille.
Go on, hurry! What are you still doing here? - Where? - The audition, to sort things out! - I love you! - Me too! So, I have no professional acting experience But one thing is for sure, absolutely certain, ever since I was little, I wanted to be an actor.
I can tell you a little story, just for fun You're going to laugh! The day I was born, the doctor himself was impressed by my charisma.
Right from birth! Imagine now! At my age Just a second.
We're seeing him for Baptiste? - Is this a joke? - I know, but it's Gérard's idea.
Okay! Shoe size 42, right? Yeah.
Eight and half American.
Lower your arms.
I'll measure your waist and we're done.
Excuse me.
Don't hold your stomach in, otherwise the pants will be too tight.
I'm not holding it in.
We're done! What is this? Is this a joke? What in the world Mathias, the role we agreed on was Bassim, our bodyguard! There were three lines, a walk-on part, it was fine! They're considering him for a major role! The kid's never done anything! He'll screw up! And I'll look like a fool! Yes, I will, I suggested him! Well, you call me back? Emma, can I see you for a minute? Yes Look, Emma, I have to explain Who is this character you sent us? Let me explain He's wonderful! Wonderful? You mean He's nothing like the part.
I thought, he's completely insane, Gérard! - I can imagine - And then I understood! I saw what you saw.
I mean it's raw talent! He has a kind of explosive energy, and feeling.
It's really exciting, really! Really, I don't know.
Exciting, that's what I thought.
And who's his agent? Me! That's me! Camille Valentini.
Nice to meet you.
- Camille How are you? - Good! I feel like he's constantly afraid I'm judging him.
I feel like you're afraid of what I might be thinking, of what I might say especially after what happened last year with Camille, our separation, all that I need truth, intimacy.
And I know it's not like you, but I need to communicate! I need to know what he's thinking and what he wants There! "I need to know what he wants.
" Do you know what you want? For him to give up the agency, for Christ's sake! Excuse me? No, sorry.
Excuse me I'm stressed, it's work It takes up a lot of space in your life, doesn't it? His work is his life.
No! It's just Things are quite complicated with my With him! How do you stand up to a psychopath? Maybe you can explain? I should be talking to him here.
It seems to me he's already here, isn't he? Shit! I just found some amazing offices in the classifieds.
- Should I schedule a visit? - Yeah, but don't give them our real names! - Of course not, silly billy.
- Do not fuck with me, because things are shitty enough as they are! I have Jean-Paul Beysse in my office.
He decided today's the day to wrap up negotiations for Norman's next movie.
Except I've been chasing him for two months and now he's in a hurry! What do I do? Shit You just negotiate as low as you can.
Negotiate low.
Léa Seydoux, how's that going? Fine.
I think I found something to delay the signature.
Great! What is it? Damn it! Why are you whispering? - A little.
- Because I'm I'm hoarse.
Gabriel Excuse me, Jean-Paul.
So, about Norman's contract.
I thought about it.
It's true I get it.
It's difficult to make movies right now.
It's very hard.
Financing a movie is hell.
And you, the producers are exhausted Obviously we're not going to We're going to stay fair.
Yes, but we have a big problem with the branded products.
Well, it's not possible for Léa Seydoux's face to appear on underwear! So I need a detailed list of every product that might feature Léa, with: size, make-up, where they were manufactured Yeah, she's a stickler for principles.
So that means: no animal testing, no GMOs, reduced environmental footprint, local transport, and of course, no child labor.
The idea is to stay with the planned negotiation.
It's a little low, but it's just for this once, and we'll work together.
That's perfect! If only all agents were like you! Hello, Hicham Janowski.
Nice to meet you, really.
I'll be on my way.
We just finished.
- See you - No, maybe not How many YouTube views does Norman have again? Well, that depends It varies.
Between 9 and 10 million.
And Audiard's movie, the one he's in, how many tickets? That doesn't mean anything Two and a half million.
So we're going to pick up the discussion again, easy - Doors opening.
- Bye! What happened with the guy at the audition? Why didn't you answer your phone? There was a little mix up.
"A little mix up"? Are you kidding me? Lanvin was furious! How do we look now? We look like we just recruited the next star of French cinema! Sami aced his auditions and got a call-back tomorrow.
Oh yeah I'm his agent now.
You see, since I've been onboard, even your mistakes have turned into successes! To Camille Valentini, double agent! Are you ready? - For? - Watch out Hold on Oh yeah! The new Camille Valentini's phones: a single number with electronic voicemail.
One for you, one for me.
- That's great! - Yeah! Look, I've been busy too.
I created a shared email address.
And here, we put everything in the Box, with a file for each talent.
Mine in red, yours in green.
Here, we record all castings in progress, so we know who sends which actor.
And here, well, the calendar, where we record everything we're going to see, one-man shows, sneak previews, etc.
You already entered everything? We're going to be the Bonnie and Clyde of agents! We're going to be everywhere at once! Getting wild contracts For the contracts, since you're still a little soft-hearted, and I'm a rabid dog, - we negotiate together.
- Okay.
That's my mom.
I've been avoiding her, I really have to take that.
At this hour? At any hour! Give her my love! Hello, darling! Don't you tell her anything! What shouldn't she tell me? Camille? What's going on? We're both going to be Camille Valentini! You're both completely insane! And what if you get caught? We'll go straight to the slammer.
Mom, it's not like we're not traffickers.
And there's no identity theft, because the victim is willing.
You're always saying I work too much.
We're splitting it in half.
You should be happy.
Camilles for the price of one! When your ungrateful daughter won't pick up the phone, I will always pick up, Annick.
And you trust him? Because he might help you, but in the end, he's going to steal your job! Mom, he can hear you - Sorry! - Really, Annick THE OCEAN COMES A JULIEN DORÉ MOVIE The ocean comes The ocean comes on us - Hi.
- Hi.
For The Ocean Comes, 15 tickets, please.
It's for a birthday.
Card? Card.
Go ahead.
- Could I have a receipt? - Sure.
Hervé? Gabriel insisted He really wants the film to do well.
For Julien, but especially for you.
He talks about you all the time.
He misses you enormously.
It's over, Hervé! Don't bother.
It's beyond over! But that's such a waste.
I don't even know why you split up.
Did he cheat on you? Is it sexual? You can tell me, I won't say anything Yeah, you're right, I will.
How's that, not too tight? No.
We can even tighten it on the right a bit more.
Watch out, a grenade! Come on, I found a trapdoor! What are you doing here? Hi, Gérard! Hi, ma'am! - Hello.
- I'm here for another audition.
I'm on fire! Go on, don't mind me.
- Do we have everything? - We're done.
The pants are okay, too.
Excuse me, ma'am, just a question: can I have an outfit like that too? - For the audition? - Yeah! It doesn't really work that way.
- It would help me to - Sami! Enough.
Alright I still can't believe I'm here! And yet, right? Oh my, it's incredible! I don't know anyone in film.
I don't know how to thank you.
Well, just by being good, kid.
So, where's my star? Which one? Gérard, can I see you for a minute? Of course.
Well Thank you.
- Thanks, Gérard! - Thanks, Gérard! I'd like you to stay for Sami's audition.
I'd like to see you together, to see if it works physically.
Why? You're afraid he's too young, too fresh, is that it? Oh, no! On the contrary! The contrast between the hero who's been around the block and the young wild dog, I love it! Experience faced with vigor The dead branch and the bud.
Does that bother you? No, not at all.
Honestly, no - If it's good for the movie - I think that's mine.
Well, the kid's got energy.
Hi, Gabriel.
Julien! How are you? Great.
I didn't sleep, my stomach hurts, but everything's great.
You know, I think I recognize a case of "acute Wednesdayitis.
" It's nothing serious.
It's very common on movie release days.
You've released lots of albums! Right? You're used to it, that's not It's not the same.
With music, you warm up with a single, then after, you're in touch with the people.
- True.
- It's tangible, it's organic, you get their energy While with this, my movie, it's projected in the dark, I don't know even know where, and most importantly, what do you get? - I don't know.
- You get numbers.
That is a rare cruelty, Gabriel.
I bought 15 tickets for Julien's movie, I put it on the expense account.
You did what? Hold on No, but they're reservations to later avoid the line Right? I have work to do.
About the Yes.
Hang up! It's very common to buy tickets to the 9 a.
Wednesday showing! Very common! It's an industry thing.
It's not really a problem.
Oh yes, it is! It reminds me of the school bake sale, in fifth grade, I made a pound cake.
And my parents, they bought every slice! It very humiliating because it's totally distorts reality! No, Julien, the 9 a.
tickets, it's It's a number for the professionals, right? It sets the tone.
If the number is good, people talk about it, like "Did you see Julian's movie? It had a great release.
" - Exactly! - That makes a good impression.
Yes, but if everyone does it, and everyone knows everyone does it, no one believes it! So why are we doing it? It's absurd, isn't it? No, wait we don't do it all the time, either! We do it mainly for the movies we like, the ones we want to boost, the most fragile movies - My movie is fragile? - Gabriel, shut up.
- Hello.
- Hello! - Hello, Mathias.
- Hello, Antoine.
Come! Anything you want, mistress! On your knees! Lick my foot! The corset is unreal! Just don't whip me Stop! You're making me laugh! I'm going to burst my corset! Hello, Noémie.
Hello, Mathias.
You're feeling better? Yes, as you can see.
My chair is no longer empty.
We're all very happy that you're back.
We should go over the files in progress.
- Could you come into my office? - No.
I have so many late projects.
I have a million email to answer.
You'll have to wait, Mathias! Really? Well When you can You shut down Mathias? The power of the corset! - Are you ready? - Excuse me! We're starting from the part where I get shot? No, after.
I don't want you to get hurt falling down.
Don't worry! I did judo for 12 years.
I'm unbreakable.
Come on, let's go! - Ready? - Rolling.
- Great! - Are you ready? - Yeah.
- Here we go! - Damn - What do you think? I think you'll still be around at Christmas to crash my mother's dinner party like you always do.
Hurry, get out of here You're talking to me like that? Hurry! I'm going to hide behind there.
And leaving you alone? Come on! Help me.
Come on! Come - Are you okay, Gérard? - Fuck! No! Damn it! I fucked up my back.
I'm sorry, Gérard You were supposed to help me! What if Frank were injured? Yes, here's a guy with enormous flaws, under his mask of super macho hero.
And if he were injured, at this point in the story, that would force him to let down his guard with Baptiste.
- That would be beautiful.
- Totally! Totally nothing at all! We're going to stick with what was written and approved.
There! Franck helps Baptiste and Franck doesn't need anyone to carry him.
Yes! Because if he's injured, Gérard, I'm telling you, it gives the scene a sacrificial element.
It's biblical.
And that makes for a real duo, rather than a solitary hero, like we see all the time.
- Yes, exactly! - Totally! Stop with your "totallys"! We're not changing everything in five minutes! Cut the crap! Otherwise, you're not doing it with me! Okay? I can't fucking walk Listen, Gérard Your idea sucks.
Sorry for the mess, I just got back.
No worries.
I'm used to seeing past appearances to potential, I do that all day long.
Are you an interior designer? Exactly.
I urge you not to wait.
There's a huge turnover in offices at the moment.
With all these companies going under.
It's first rate, isn't it? Yeah, so's the rent.
We're not going to see our talents in an attic.
Of course! What are you doing here? We're visiting an apartment.
The family's growing.
Are you the father? Oh no! Not at all.
I'm here to give a friend's opinion! I have a knack for sensing the soul of a place.
So I It's funny seeing you here! "Paris is very small for those who, like us, share such a great love!" Sorry, the lock is a little twisted.
Hello, sir! Madam! Here's the information on the place.
We'll be in touch! At your service! Mr Giscard, Mrs Giscard.
Goodbye! It's a private joke.
I'd better be off.
Goodbye Right! Shit After 30 years in the anti-gang brigade, the guy's no dope! He can't end up being carried by a rookie! It's not settled! When Emma digs into the script and realizes the changes that would mean She could always ask your daughter to give her a hand.
Looks like she's a scriptwriter.
She's just starting out, she wanted to do too much.
But they all want to do too much! When he arrives, the girls wriggle their fannies, what a delight! And Emma, when she sees him, the chick is breathless! There's no more boss, no more leader, it's terrifying! Sami hasn't been hired yet.
You'll have a say.
You're the star after all, Gérard! I just wanted to help, and I got myself into the shit all alone.
I'm up to my ears, what now? Take the opportunity of a lifetime away from him? I can't do that! Given his personality, he'll have other opportunities, in his lifetime.
Breaking away from the cliché has become cliché.
Everyone does it.
Sami is the opposite of the character, you know that.
So before playing against type, let's first have a type! Yes, but I think he's going to surprise us, really! Did you know he wants to do his own stunts? No kidding? The insurance company will be thrilled.
Look, Gérard.
Do you have problem with him, or ? - Tell me, if that's the case.
- Not at all.
The man and woman of my dreams! How are you doing? - Better.
- I'm sorry about earlier.
Did you come to read lines with me? It's my last audition and You're a lucky charm for me, Gérard! I think Gérard has other things to do.
No problem.
I'll manage on my own.
Anyway, I learned all the lines, I know the script by heart.
Worst case, I can even play both roles! Well, I'm going to read lines with you.
- Yes? Great! - It's better.
- Great! - Thanks, Gérard! ON THE EDGE CASTING - Hervé? - Yeah? What is this? It's a dating app, isn't it? Why do I have it in my phone? I have no idea.
Maybe because you're single? Maybe because sometimes you do things and forget that you've done them.
That's nonsense.
I've never used this kind of thing.
Maybe you did it unconsciously.
Stop that! I can tell you You have that look, like you're tricking me.
Not at Look! You have tons of "likes"! Really? And this Colombe, isn't she a cutie-pie Look, you even have a crush! It's fine I'll figure it out.
Thanks, you can go now.
Anyway, this this is what you wanted, isn't it? This This is what you wanted? You wanted to make us look like fools? And you like a hero? I don't need your permission.
You know what? You're You're the first cop in France - Excuse me.
- Wait.
Start over, with a little more conviction.
Start just before that.
- This is what you wanted? - No, that's me.
I don't need your permission.
This is what you wanted? This is what you wanted? You wanted to make us look like fools! I'm sorry, I'm No, you don't cut, keep going, Sami! Are you happy now? Are you happy? You're the top cop in France! Are you happy? Round of applause! No, I think you're really being paranoid, kid I don't have time for it.
Yeah, I'm Sami! Come see us please.
Sorry, Gérard.
- No problem.
- Victoria, please cut.
Come here.
Calm down.
I don't know if it's the team, the camera, nerves He completely bombed it.
A total catastrophe! Better that it happened now.
No! He just put too much pressure on himself, he was almost there.
Think about the other auditions he did before that, he was great! Even Gérard had many doubts.
He's going to have work with him for eight weeks.
He'd prefer a more stable partner.
Someone who can take the pressure.
Yeah, okay Listen, Emma, let me think about it.
I'll make some other suggestions.
I'll be in touch.
That's despicable! Did you see your Sami? He doesn't know the codes: how to behave, he talks too loud, he's too heavy No, he's alive! Something happens when he acts, you saw it yourself! There's a fragility, an honesty, that's what wonderful, he's not jaded! Acting is essential for him.
He can't be dismissed from a casting in ten minutes, when the director loved him! Gérard didn't! His feelings are to be considered in the first place! Don't forget that an actor is also an actress.
Yeah right, and now misogyny.
Way to go! Great! Camille, our job is also to make sure the movie gets made and is successful.
To win the battle, you have to sacrifice your troops.
Alright, so it's like war, is it? We sacrifice the young Arabs first.
I dial the special number to go directly to his voicemail, right? - Yeah.
- Here we go.
Take a deep breath.
Hello, Sami, it's Camille, your agent.
Listen I'm really sorry, you didn't get On the Edge.
They thought you were great, but they went with an older actor.
That's it.
It was really close.
They're so stupid.
But we're not going to stop there, I promise you.
The future is ahead of us.
And it's big, it's wide open.
And we're going to go far.
Guy! We keep running into each other today.
We bumped into each other, Avenue de Trudaine, I was visiting an apartment.
We were looking for something, with Colette, for the baby He didn't tell me.
You didn't tell me.
It was real brief - Avenue Trudaine? - Yeah.
It's very pretty over there on Avenue Trudaine.
No It wasn't Avenue Trudaine No, no It was Avenue de Turenne.
Rue de Turenne, right? Rue de Turenne! Right! I'm a little lost with the You went to see your psychic again! - I'd better go - I had doubts about a role.
So, I need a little advice.
And what about me, your agent? And your old woman! That counts less than a woman who plays solitaire? Stop! I told you, cartomancy is serious! It's paid off at the races Yeah and did she also predict, that you'll be sleeping at the Unrockin'fella Plaza? - My little queen! - Yeah, little queen Sorry.
I'm calling Nîmes.
It's my home, it's family.
Yes! Good evening, it's Julien Doré.
Yeah I'm calling for the numbers on my movie, The Ocean Comes Yeah Really? Okay.
Then again, in Nîmes, we're not really very very into oceans Thanks a lot.
We're going to drink.
We're going to drink heavily.
It's not even a failure.
Do you realize that my own family didn't go see the movie? And they had invitations! Leprince! Stop sulking, it's not over yet.
We're going to rise from our ashes like little Phoenixes! Sorry, but it kills me that we're taking a beating.
We don't give a shit about numbers! You know why? Because our movie is beautiful! And I'm proud of it, I love it.
And you know, how many movies flopped and when on to become cult? There are so many! Here, look, for example, Once Upon a Time in America an enormous flop, a commercial failure, I don't know how many millions of dollars wasted and so what? An absolute masterpiece! But they had millions to make their movie! But we don't give a damn about millions! No, we do give a damn about millions, Julien! We made that movie on a shoestring! If you'd had the money from France 2, we would have had more time, more takes! We wouldn't have had cheap sets! In what way were my sets cheap? Excuse me, but my burrow, was it cheap? He's right.
Stop, Sofia No, no! I don't want to stop, actually.
Because we didn't even have enough money to have a trained badger, we used a stuffed animal! So, you're going to stop, now! You! "Stay positive.
" Are you kidding? You're such a hypocrite! Hey! It's not his fault.
Oh yes, it is.
It's absolutely his fault! You have to own up to what you did.
- What? To what? - Goodbye.
What Why? What is she talking about? Wait, the lady at France 2, why do you think she dropped the movie? There! What is she talking about? It's me What do you mean it's you? I was afraid you would take her away from me, so I I said a lot of bullshit so the movie wouldn't get made.
And to keep you from leaving with her.
Oh shit Oh shit, I don't believe it! I don't believe it! Wait, you're the one who Who invented the thing about the dick in the barbecue? Yeah, that wasn't Yes, that And you didn't tell me? Oh, come on! I didn't want it to fall on me! It's unforgivable.
Yeah, right.
Yes, it's unforgivable! Obviously it's unforgivable.
And yet, it's also wonderful! Because I'd never have had the idea to do that thing, at the end of the movie.
It's crazy, because you did something hideous! But you helped me out With the money from France 2, I would never have made my movie.
In fact, in wanting to emasculate me, he enabled me to find something more more radical, more artistic, more free.
Really? I don't know, maybe Well, I So I don't even want to be mad at you! I want to Come here! Holy cow! Are you serious? This is bullshit! Gérard! Gérard! Gérard! Damn it, I'm gutted! - Why? - What do you mean, why? I'm gutted! You have me my chance and look what I did with it? I screwed up.
I wanted to apologize because I may have embarrassed you.
It's not your fault.
What you mean? Of course, it is! Do you realize the gift you offered me? You opened the doors for me, you trusted me And look what I did with it! Not much.
I'm not up to it.
I'm not a part of it, I get it.
I'm not you.
I'm just a waiter.
Don't sit there, it's gross.
- Yes, I am! - No.
In the gutter in the gutter of broken dreams.
Well Then I'm in the gutter of old farts next door.
You know, Sami, actors have two great fears: things will never start, and things will end.
You're having the first and me, the second.
- You're afraid things will end? - Of course! Why not? Afraid of no longer being wanted of being sent packing.
Especially when a guy like you shows up.
I don't understand.
You weren't bad, Sami, you were good, actually.
I didn't do anything to help you.
I'm afraid of your talent, of your youth.
I freaked out.
This is completely stupid! Yes, it's stupid! But you'll see, the day you meet the one you can no longer carry Anyway, I'm sorry.
I didn't know your back was sensitive.
You know, after 50 movies, you get sensitive everywhere, kid.
You've done 50 movies? 70 Not bad, huh? Awesome! I'm going to go serve my 70 coffees! 71! And I'm going to call Emma back.
I finished Sami's contract for On the Edge.
There's just one little thing.
The size of his name on the poster.
We already talked about that Camille.
I don't see why his name doesn't appear as large as Lanvin's.
- Camille, can you come here a second? - I'll be right back.
- You can't do that, Camille! - We'll discuss it! Can you go get me some antispasmodics? I don't have anymore.
I'm having a hard time.
- Now? - Damn it! I'll go, no need to take that tone of voice with me.
It's not that, she's pushing - Are you okay? - Yes, I'm fine But I can't move.
- I'm going.
- Thanks.
Camille! Come in! How are you? It's tight! I'm going to be here until 10 p.
again, which does not bode well for my marriage Have you given much thought to after? After? After what? Well after! When you'll be a mother.
Oh yeah, right.
Listen, it's pretty abstract for the moment.
I'd love to chat with you, but I'm too busy.
Samuel would have laughed to see you with a kid.
It's funny, because he also wanted to have a kid when he left Bréhier to start ASK, behind his back.
I remember very well the subtle scent of betrayal in the air at the time.
You weren't visiting an apartment with Gabriel, it was an office.
I know, Guy told me.
What are you doing? You want to leave? - Holy cow! - Oh, no! Don't pretend you're having contractions with me, please! - Holy cow - Tell me the truth! You can tell me everything.
I won't betray you.
What are you up to? - Are you going into labor? - Stop! I don't know.
I don't believe so, I don't think so.
Are you having contractions? Let's say it's gotten a little stronger.
You sure it's not your active uterus? I don't know! I don't have much experience.
I think it's going to pass.
I think it's What does the mid-wife say? No, no! We're in the office, we can't draw her a bath! Is that the mother yelling? Yes, that's the mother yelling - She's going to give birth.
- I don't know, the ambulance will be here soon.
Oh no, we don't wait, she's pushing, ma'am.
The baby's going to come out.
Someone has to receive it.
I'm going to guide you.
No way! I mean No, I We can't wait.
You're going to do it now.
I'm listening.
Here we go! It's Isabelle Adjani's silk kimono! Okay.
Mathias, I I need your laces to clamp the umbilical cord.
Excuse me? No arguing! Do as I say! Alright, let's go.
I'm coming! I'm setting up There! I'm in position.
What do you see? Well, I see - a ball, it's soft and warm - That's the head.
On the next contraction, the baby's shoulders will come out.
It's going really well, Noémie.
You're handling it beautifully.
- Are we there yet? - No, that wasn't the mother.
That's the mother.
Gosh! I see the shoulders now! What I do, do I pull? No, guide it.
You'll see, it will come out on its own.
Oh dear, it's slippery as a fish! Catch it under the arms then put it directly on the mother's belly.
Is it pink and healthy? Yes She's she's beautiful She's not crying Is that normal? Is that normal? It's perfect! Oh no Yes, you have to, because it's dangerous for the baby.
Go on.
There, between the laces.
Go on! Colette! Thank you! You're welcome.
Andréa! Wait! Here, your placenta! If you want to eat it to get your strength back.
You can make gel capsules.
Gwyneth Paltrow did it! No, that's alright.
Thanks, Noémie.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
Doors closing.
Thanks for taking me home.
I'm exhausted, I'm going to collapse! What you did today was very brave.
Andréa's the exceptional one.
She did everything.
Good night, Mathias.
What are you doing? As you can see, I'm cleaning.
You don't have to do that.
Yes, I do.
Yes, I do Hi there, it's Mom.