Dix Pour Cent (2015) s03e04 Episode Script


1 I still have your bite marks on my wrist.
- They might never fade away - Oh, my poor darling! I just had a human being crawl out of my loins - Sorry! My bad - No anesthesia, too.
Sorry, I'm an idiot.
But it was crazy, Andréa! Crazy! You were already my hero, but now it's like Yeah, it'll be a day to remember For sure! So what's her name? Flora.
That's a beautiful name.
Flora And I found a name for our pet project, our "baby".
"Agents of Happiness"! Do you like it? Hello? Andréa, are you there? Hmm, yeah, yeah.
I don't know.
"Agents of Happiness" is a good name, right? Happy times! I'm so happy to be working with reasonable people, who know their stuff and respect other people's work! Of course! Okay, great Keep in touch.
Bye! - You okay? - Yeah There's a discrepancy in your contracts here.
Isabelle Huppert, right now, is shooting Gary Sedwick's She is the Femme Fatale, Yeah! They just started shooting.
And she's also doing Cédric Kahn's Marie de Médicis? Yeah.
They're almost done, by the way.
All right.
But in the American contract, it says "exclusive".
It means it's an exclusive deal, correct? So she's not allowed to shoot another movie simultaneously, correct? I'm just trying to understand No, wait.
Let me explain.
There's just a bit of overlap.
An overlap everybody is aware of - No.
Not really - There you go! What the hell did you do, Gabriel? This is totally illegal! Come on! I only did my job as an agent, Hicham! Isabelle Huppert is an icon, A legend of that caliber Everybody wants her.
When she's offered a great role she's passionate about what she does, so she doesn't want to miss out! So we find a way, all right? We sort things out.
'Cause we wouldn't be representing her if we didn't.
And Isabelle Huppert would find herself a new agent! So if we like her, we make do! And I like her.
Yeah, but how does she do it? It's very simple: during the day she works for the Yanks, and at night she works for the French.
- What? - It's only three days, with just two days to go! Unbelievable.
She must be exhausted! Nope! Isabelle is a force of nature! She has the stamina of a Nepalese Sherpa! Don't worry about it.
- Right here! - Thank you very much! Isabelle? Isabelle? Isabelle? Are you okay? You startled me! I'm sorry! I knocked, but You didn't hear me rehearsing? No - How are you, Gabriel? - I'm fine.
Give me a minute, I need to highlight my lines.
So "Horatio.
Wretched queen, adieu! You that look pale and tremble at this chance, Had I but time But let it be.
Horatio, I am dead! Thou livest.
I am dead! Report me and my cause aright to the unsatisfied!" Is that Marie de' Medici? No That's Hamlet! Remember? Hamlet at the Odéon in March! Hold on, you're playing in a Hamlet production in March? No, that's not it, I'm actually playing Hamlet! I'm playing Hamlet.
I'm gonna be Hamlet! Well, that awesome! Yes, it's awesome You sure you mentioned it to us? I don't remember I wouldn't have gone behind your back.
You want a cup of tea? Please.
Let me handle it.
Tell me something You remember you're shooting with Claire Denis in March, huh? Hmm, yeah.
We'll make it work! Thespians work at night! I couldn't say no to playing Warlichovski's Hamlet, starring What's her name again? Whose name? That chick that was always walking around Tokyo! You know, in the Sofia Coppola movie! - Scarlett Johansson? - That's it! - Yeah, she's playing Ophelia! - That's great! Yeah Then again What I think is just do what you gotta do! So how's it going? You're not feeling drained, are you? I won't lie to you, I'm drained Tell me about it But I realized that when you get beyond tired, you go into this state How can I explain it? It's like a trance It like a mood-enhancing high! Obviously, yeah Wait! What are you doing? Are you doing drugs? Of course not, Gabriel! It's a cortisone shot, for my vocal cords.
[Clears throat] Gabriel! Who do you think I am? My only drug is dried fruit mixes.
Want some? No, I'm good.
That's sweet Yes? Isabelle? Excuse me but they're waiting for you Yes, coming! Where's my wig? You don't wear a wig when you play Delphine, in She is a Femme Fatale With Delphine, it's the hat! With Marie, it's the wig! Sorry for asking you over I'll be busy all day.
I won't have any breaks.
Don't worry about it.
We all work like madmen.
Last week, we did manage to have dinner with the Manuels and the Perelmans.
- How are they doing? - Good.
What about Catherine? She's fine, thank you.
Good to hear! So how're things at ASK since Samuel died? It's been pretty hectic! We eventually found a buyer.
I wasn't enthralled, but hey I didn't really have the choice.
I'm not alone anymore.
Our most talented people stayed though, which is the most important thing.
Listen, Mathias, I'm not really allowed to do that, but we've known each other for 30 years, and I can't remain silent.
There's some stuff going on in your agency.
Is it Janowski? No.
Other collaborators.
You should be on your guard.
Andréa Martel? I can't tell you anything.
She's gonna leave? If I were you, I'd watch my back.
That's all.
Thank you, Charles.
I thought about it, we need more writers They're the ones that get things started.
And they're way easier to deal with than actors! Yeah.
But they have no sense of fashion! And it can get excruciating when you have to talk to them.
Moving on, it's workshop presentation season in the drama schools.
I split them up between us randomly.
Seriously? You got all the best ones! - Not at all.
- Hold on! No, the Conservatoire is non-negotiable.
I have an actor there, I need to go! You can go to "L'atelier Scènes", it's a very good school.
Yeah, but it's in the 20th arrondissement What's the problem? I don't go to the two-digits ones, too far away.
Come on, if you want to be Camille Valentini, you can't be such a snob! - Hello.
- Hello Don't stop because I'm here, keep talking It's true that this plant is beautiful, but It needs a lot of water What is it, Mathias? A fern? I don't know Can I talk to you for a minute? Camille, the agency is like family to me.
And you're my real family within that family.
So? I couldn't stand being betrayed.
Why would you say this? If if anything was brewing that could jeopardize ASK, you'd tell me, huh? Yeah, of course I would.
'Cause you're my daughter and all That's more important than anything.
I need to be able to trust you.
Yeah, of course.
But everything's fine.
I promise.
Can I go now? I got so much work to do - Yes, yes, of course - With Andréa on maternity leave Yes, please.
I'm tired of these - What the hell are you doing? - Can't walk on the childbirth stain.
It's too much for me.
So? I think he suspects something What do you mean? What did he say? He was pretty vague.
He said he couldn't stand being betrayed, and that I'd have to tell him if something could jeopardize the agency.
That's good.
He doesn't know anything.
Why is that? He's not the type to beat around the bush.
If he knew, he would've disinherited you.
So why did he tell me all this? I don't know.
Your father's a paranoid man Even when we run out of coffee, he'll play the victim.
What's this? Lancôme's Youth Activating Serum! It's Luchini.
Oh! Can you finish this up? You don't need to take it Yes, I do! I can't drop off the face of the earth - Yes, you can.
- No! I can't lose Luchini.
Hello? Fabrice, how are you? Thanks! That's sweet.
Well, the baby's really Oh yes, he does! There should be a plane ticket for your dog.
We arranged that with the producers.
Oh, all right! You need to check with my assistant No! She's great! - Come on! Don't worry - Hello! - Hello! - The hemorrhoid cream I'll leave it here! - Thanks - Is everything okay? Is she eating well? Yes, she is.
She had a good meal last night.
Did you have a bowel movement? No.
I mean, she's the mom, not me.
Oh, right! Sorry.
So you're that lady couple.
They told me, but it slipped my mind.
Everything all right? Did you have a bowel movement? Hmm, no.
Fabrice, I'm sorry, can I call you back? Something turned up.
- Not yet - No.
Hey, can't you cut Gabriel some slack? Yeah, when he sorts his shit out.
I don't trust him yet.
Look, my dog, Jean Gabin When I keep him on a short leash, he gets annoyed.
So he gets agitated, he barks, and he's ready to bite.
Well, it wouldn't hurt Gabriel to have a little bit more bite.
Until he chews out his leash and runs away.
Watch out, Hicham.
If you won't cut him some slack, you could end up alone.
I don't believe it.
That he may want to leave? He's not the type.
He wouldn't have the guts.
Perhaps not.
Better not to tempt fate.
- Gabriel! - Yes? We were just talking about you.
- Oh yeah? - Yeah.
We were saying you're really devoted to ASK.
- Oh yeah.
Totally! - Yeah.
Hey! I saw Isabelle Huppert yesterday.
- Oh yeah? - She's doing great.
It's gonna go real smooth, that overlap thingy.
She was so full of beans Hello, I'm here to see Gabriel He's not in his office right now Here he is! What's going on? Well, the Americans changed the schedule, they're reshooting some outdoor night scenes! I'm shooting with Cédric tonight! That's bad! What do we do? Let's go talk in my office.
Cut him some slack! Sorry for barging in like this Don't worry about it.
I'm glad you did.
You didn't put up any pictures of me? Er, no I didn't.
Shoot, you're right.
So what are we gonna do? Look The problem with the Yanks is they're very strict about legal stuff.
Yes, but sometimes desire can be stronger than Law! Yeah, I agree.
But I'm not sure they'll understand.
Look, Gabriel, they know me! I once got four nominated films at Cannes, so there had to be some overlap, right? Yeah Of course.
But You know what? We're gonna work it out with the French producers.
We'll tell them you can't make it tonight, that they need to postpone it.
Come on, I did my homework.
They're renting a private mansion, and it's incredibly expensive.
And they only have it for a few days.
So we have to shoot tonight.
I'm telling you, we're in a pickle! And with the Americans, I can't think of anything.
No need to panic! Look, in Bollywood, they shoot six movies in a day! We're just shooting two movies the same night.
Yeah, but still Come on, Gabriel.
We'll make it work! You always sort things out, right? You still have a picture of Cécile de France? You're lucky we're in deep shit, I could've been annoyed! "To Flora, all the best".
Mathias, it's for a baby.
Can't you do it instead? Certainly not! You have a heart, don't you? Use it! Hurry up, I gotta go to the hospital.
You're not focusing on the baby.
Sorry about that.
Mathias, we've learned that it would be best not to mix work and play.
- Yes.
- Let's stay focused "For Flora, our ASK baby.
" There you go! That's way better! Andréa will love it! You know what? I'll go to the hospital with you Whatever you prefer Oh, thanks, it's adorable It's so cute Hold on, it can also play music.
- Oh yeah? - Check it out, you pull the tail - Hush.
- Oh, I'm so sorry! We'll put it in her crib.
There you go! Here you go Flora, it's a present from Mathias and Auntie Noémie.
Auntie Noémie's the lady who pulled you out onto the carpet.
Poor thing! I hope it didn't leave her traumatized! It's amazing, isn't it? She was born at our office, at our agency.
In a way, she's a child of ASK.
Yeah, that's not how I see it, but hey! That's how you gave birth to her.
Now, there's an unshakable bond between all of us, and also between all of us and the agency We were all pretty close, but now we're a real family.
I'm sorry but I'm overwhelmed! Sorry How heartfelt of you.
You can go give her a bath now.
Great! I mean, thanks! Let's go.
I think the present hit her right in the feels! Hmm, hold on Noémie.
I forgot my scarf.
Wait here.
Wait for me, I'll be right back! Mathias, what are you doing? No! Mathias.
Stop it now! A nurse is coming, I can hear someone coming.
I'm sorry, but you can't do this! I had to, I had no choice! The agency's future is at stake.
Why is that? Andréa and Gabriel want to leave.
I had a hunch, but now it's been confirmed.
What? Where would they go? They want to start their own agency.
I didn't get to see everything, but there are pictures of their potential offices.
Mathias, we got to stop them! That's what I plan to do! I can't believe I put my hands inside her vagina to give birth to her kid! The gall on this girl! So this is how she thanks us! No Noémie, not a word to anyone! To anyone! Of course! Who do you think I am? It wouldn't be the first time we share a secret.
With Italians or Spanish dudes, no problem, you negotiate.
But for fuck's sake, with Americans, you can't take that kind of risk! Yes, you do! In our line of work, you do! Their contracts are so hard to fulfill.
Shooting day and night, it's such bullshit! I knew there'd be a problem! Told you so! Damn, you still don't get that 90% of our job is to fix problems? You're always upset when there's a problem, but if there weren't any problems at all, there'd be no ASK! If you go nuts every time a problem arises, then you should've gone into I dunno The sink business! I dunno! Okay, then show me how it's done! You know what? You're on your own this time.
I won't help you with that bullshit! I'd rather die! There you go, he bit you.
Happy now? And I cut him some slack.
Happy now? It's a Buddhist pine.
It's so much fun to take care of.
It's like silent meditation I'm touched! How long do you have to keep that neck brace? Oh, I'd say at least another two weeks.
- Right - Because it's kind of - Yeah.
- Catherine, did you - Did you want to see me? - No, darling.
I came to see our little Noémie! I'm so glad to see she's as radiant as ever.
Oh, thanks! It's true! What are you doing tonight? I I I don't know Want to come over for dinner? I invited a few friends, including Alexandre, my physiotherapist.
He could help you! He's extremely talented, on top of being charming! She's gonna love him, right? Certainly, but Noémie, you may have other plans Yes, it's true that I do have a lot of work piling up.
No, no, no.
Your boss is giving you the night off.
His wife said so! Oh yeah? Noémie, you need to relax a bit! Oh, well All right then! Wonderful! You could've told me.
You can't improvise It's nice to improvise from time to time.
You'll see, it's gonna be fun! You know, I'm really, really fond of that girl.
Oh yeah, I'm fond of her too She's a bit of a country girl, but she's generous, with great depth of character, she's a good person.
She doesn't deserve to be alone.
I'm sure she'll hit it off with Alexandre! - Don't you think? - I dunno.
I only met him once and found him a bit shallow.
Shallow? Doors are opening.
No, I don't think so.
- See you tonight! - See you tonight! Yes, Isabelle? You okay? Yeah, but I'm meeting Moss and Downing right now As it happens I was rehearsing Hamlet and this is what I stumbled upon Listen: "Beware Of entrance to a quarrel, but being in, Bear 't that th' opposed may beware of thee.
" It's awesome, right? Bear that in mind when you meet them, okay? I'll do that, I promise.
Anyway, I'll call you when it's over.
Bye! Do you have a plan? I'll appeal to their human side.
That's the only way to go What I mean is there's a human side to everyone, and this also applies to American producers.
Here they come! Prévu.
We could also do this in French if you'd like.
Yes, I prefer that, thank you, Scott! So I was saying that unfortunately, tonight Isabelle can't change her schedule, because that's not how it was planned But it is an exclusive contract.
We have access to Isabelle any day, anytime.
That was the plan all along.
But tonight is a very special night.
It's her eldest son's wedding! Of course, it's his first time getting married, and maybe the last time too, you never know! And family is so important to her I was thinking that you could let her go around 10 p.
So she doesn't miss the speech and the cake.
Sorry? We need Isabelle tonight.
It didn't work? No.
I'm in deep shit now, Mathias.
I have no other choice but to call Cédric Kahn's producer to tell her Isabelle won't be able to make it tonight.
She'll go to a new agency.
And I'll have to tell Hicham that I They're both shooting in Paris? Yeah.
But, forget about it.
There's no way out.
She can't do both Maybe not but Noémie has a gift for fixing conflicting schedules.
She's amazing! She can get round pegs into square slots! She bailed me out so many times - Really? - We could give it a shot! Give her an hour and we'll see if there's a shot.
Don't you have stuff to do? I do, but it doesn't matter.
Mathias, are you okay? I'm fine, thank you! You sure you want to help me? Cut the snark, Gabriel! I said I wanted to help you and I mean it.
Oh, thank you! You're welcome.
It's only natural.
We need to stick together in hard times.
Like this? Yes, that's perfect.
And I'd love a cup of coffee, please.
With milk I'll get it.
Gabriel, you're making a mess! Look at the daily call sheet! - My bad! - Unbelievable! So there's 4.
6 km between both sets.
That's roughly a 25-minute drive Yeah, that could work Except you're driving through Le Marais when the Happy Hour's ending Thursday nights are the new Saturday nights.
Hush! You avoid the traffic by going through Place de la République.
That's it.
I found the opening in the Medici schedule.
Tell us! Isabelle needs to ask Cédric Kahn to start with the deathbed scene She needs to give it her all, so it doesn't last too long She's good at that Then it's the wake scene, which means she's actually dead! So she can ask for a body double.
It's her legal right, isn't it? Absolutely.
Then she says this to Cédric: "Look, I just went through an agonizing death, I gave it my all, I'm drained, I need a bit of rest now that I'm dead.
" Then she heads to her dressing room.
This gives us roughly 3 hours before they shoot the last scene with the confidante in the gardens.
You hit the gas pedal on the riverbanks to get to the Yanks! - I told you she could do it! - Amazing! Thank you, you're the best! Thank you so much, Noémie! The Queen of Scheduling! Thank you! You're welcome.
I I'll let you call Isabelle to let her know.
All right, I'm off And what are your plans with her? A Formula 1 race? Look, I'm really sorry.
There's an emergency and I promised Gabriel I'd do it.
It's vital for the agency.
Don't bother, honey I'm used to it! Don't worry, we can have fun without you! Noémie will feel more comfortable without you around.
- Yes? - It's me, Noémie! I'll buzz you in! Third floor.
Thanks! Oh, we're headed to the same place.
Oh, you must be Alexandre? The physiotherapist? I am.
And you must be Noémie, the Shaman? Oh, huh, right, that's me! Nice to meet you! How's your back? Not too painful? Well, it's okay.
It's at night that it gets tough because I like to sleep in the fetal position, and now, it's no longer an option! I could show you other positions Oh yes, I'd love that! Yeah.
I always forget how much room I take up My son He cast me away.
May God forgive you, my child! Oh, my leg! Oh! Are you going to cut my leg off? No.
Don't you worry Henry, Henry! I can see you! Oh, Henry! Henry, I'll join you soon! Promise me our hearts will be united again in La Flèche.
I promise you Cut! Cut! You were splendid, Isabelle, bravo! And it's cut! Set change.
This is ridiculous! I keep telling you this.
"I want some close-ups on Isabelle, close-ups on Isabelle!" We had an opportunity! Isabelle, Isabelle, Isabelle! We'd like to shoot again to get a better close-up.
No! I'm sorry, but I just went through seven agonies! Cédric, let me remind you that during the duel scene, you told me you needed more stuff, so it wouldn't cost anything to Hold on! I'm sorry Let me chime in.
The problem is it actually costs me a lot! I'm not a machine, you know! I don't die like that at the snap of a finger.
I'm aware of that, Isabelle, but Cédric needs material to go the cutting room.
Absolutely! Absolutely.
But you need to learn to respect the director's vision.
That's what being an assistant is all about.
If Cédric sees it as a sequence shot, he may not go for a music video look.
Do you grasp the difference? Isabelle's right, we got everything we need.
- Get some rest.
See you later.
- See you later Cédric! Bye! Let's go! I admire how your agents stand up for each other.
You had nothing better to do? It's a pleasure Acting like a private driver? There's water and candy at the back Hello? Oh, yeah, of course! No, I'm on my way! Sure.
I'll be there in 5 minutes See you soon! Was it the Americans? No, it was Laure Adler I'm late for a live interview on the radio.
It's been planned for weeks.
It slipped my mind.
No, we can't do it, Isabelle! Mathias! It'll be 20 minutes tops! I can't ditch Laure Adler! That would be rude! Time is crucial in my line of work The duration of a shot, the time period the duration of a gaze.
It can also be a moment of nothingness.
When you feel this oblivion that fills you up, that builds you up You really need this emptiness, Isabelle? Absolutely.
Mathias, come on! I'll sit up front These shoes are killing me! Did I do okay? You were wonderful! - Hi! - Where do I need to be? - On the barge? - No, no, no I'm coming down.
Where's Gary? Oh, I also need my hat! Alex, can you bring my hat, please? - Hello, Isabelle! - Hi, Sharon.
We'll be ready soon But this is today's scene.
Yeah, I know my lines! Oh no Sharon! Wait! Wait! You guys changed everything! It's way shorter! Yeah But Gary thinks it's better now.
- It flows better.
- Well, maybe, but he cut out all my lines! Yeah, but having a good flow is important.
The scene needs rhythm and a fast pace, especially today.
Yes, Mathias, but please! I'm not here to be an extra.
Yes, I get it Can I have a look at your lines Thanks.
Well, it's a very good scene! You still have quite a few lines! Mathias, please! You have no idea what's going on! An entire monologue was reduced to virtually nothing.
The scene has all its substance.
We've had readings, it was greenlit So where's Gary? Can we see him? We need to talk about this! Okay, thanks everyone, see you on Thursday! Janis, you need to work on your lines! You're talented, but if you want to unleash your emotions, you need to know your lines! You can't act if Miss! To be honest, that scene with Creon, you got to me Oh, well.
Thanks That's That's nice Do you have an agent? Er, no I mean, not yet We'll meet again Here's my card.
Oh, you work for ASK? You just dislocated my shoulder.
Come on, I barely bumped into you.
Or maybe I don't realize how strong I am.
Just so you know, you're talking to Camille - Valentini, a new agent at ASK - Oh no.
Oh, I messed up.
I What can I do to make it up to you? You could get me a glass of wine.
- Okay.
- I'm sorry, but I got to go.
I'll call you back and thanks! Stoke the fire inside you! I'm a freshman We showed our work last week That's a shame.
I missed it Yeah Anyway, I only had a small part.
There are no small parts, only small actors.
That's nice.
Oh, my bad! It's a Stanislavski quote.
It means a good actor can shine even in a small role.
I mean, I would've loved seeing you, even in a small role! And what about you? You're a small agent in a big agency, right? That's right A small agent with a bright future who finds the stars of tomorrow Some of them may even be around us Do you have an agent? No, not yet.
Okay, I need to go now I Bye, Camille.
Bye Hold on! What's your name? Valentin.
Like Valentini, but without the "i".
Bye "We do French Women!" I mean "this is the way we do French Women" sounds a bit weird And at the end, there was that reference to An American in Paris, which I loved So we add the end too? And while we're at it, we could also add some meat to it, because every time I read it, I'm like "is that all?" Mathias, stop pacing back and forth because we're really trying to focus here and it's very annoying.
There you go.
Thank you so much So Yeah, I remember that.
It used to be longer, right? No, no we're good.
It's very good as is! Fix the layout and we're good to go! Obstacle has been overcome, obstacle has been overcome! We can still make it on time! - Really? - Yes! Damn! Thank you, Mathias, I love you! Thank you.
Isabelle, is everything all right? Yes Yes, yes Do you need anything? No, no thanks Thanks.
Yeah, I didn't start out so well, but I'm about to speed things up.
Yeah You need to be highly focused, Keep going forward, and fast.
One wrong turn and we'll crash Isabelle, have you seen Ben? No Sharon! Sharon! "Ben" is Ben Stiller - I know - Very nice guy.
We get along great! Sharon? What's going on? Ben doesn't like the latest version.
What? It doesn't matter one way or the other! That's how it's supposed to go.
He says you got rid of all his lines.
Don't look at me like this, Mathias! Well, I'm ready to go! What is Ben Stiller up to? He's a nice guy but he can be such a control freak Yes, Gabriel How are things on your side? Hold on They're setting up the garden, with the confidante Are you guys on your way? No.
We're in deep shit.
Now Ben Stiller's rewriting his lines.
We'll never make it on time.
Oh fuck! Oh no Yeah, I know.
So close to the goal.
What the hell do I tell them, Mathias? Honestly There's no other choice Okay, I'll go for "I know" You'll have to Good luck! Thanks Isabelle! What's going on? I don't know.
She could have fainted.
Isabelle! It's Cédric! Isabelle? Yes? She's not here? I know We need to start shooting! I know We need to shoot tonight, it's her last scene! - I know - So what do we do? Gabriel Sarda, what do we do? - I don't know.
- "I know, I know, I know, I don't know" Can't you say anything else? What are we waiting for? Gabriel, if you come to watch me on set, don't spend all your time in my trailer! Where were you? I was on set! We've been looking for you for half an hour! All right, I went to the late-night pharmacy.
I didn't want to tell everyone about my flatulence problem.
I don't need everybody to know.
So when you want to be discreet, you don't even tell us? Well, I don't see a problem with that Despite your looks, you're very square, Cédric Well We'll be waiting on set! All right.
- See you in a minute! - Yes! How did you do it? It went sideways between the director and Ben Stiller, they almost came to blows The director of photography I told him his lighting wasn't great Shots were fired So the shooting's postponed! Pretty cool, right? But how did you change? I know, right? I could play Arturo Brachetti! Should we go? Do you need any help? No, I'm good.
Thank you, Mathias Without your help, Hicham would be firing me right now.
Is that why you want to leave? To avoid him firing you one day? I know, Gabriel.
The real estate agent for your office I know him.
I've wanted to leave a few times too! But I love ASK too much.
We need to stick together Like we did last night.
I know we don't always see eye to eye.
I know Andréa isn't that fond of me But we're a family.
And the odd man out is Hicham.
If he left, would you stay? If he left Maybe Thanks again, guys! You're welcome And get some rest! Yeah I'm gonna drop by at the Chanel show first.
It's Fashion Week! Hugs and kisses! This woman just never sleeps.
Never ever! I'll finish your food, Andréa Oh, I love them The slippers your mom knitted? They're really cute, right? No, my boobs! I'd almost be tempted to breastfeed Hi girls - Hi - Hi How are you? It's kind of overwhelming, right? It's not that bad Welcome, Flora You're very, very, very beautiful She really looks like Leïla, my little sister.
No, she's Andréa's spitting image I think she looks like Gérard Depardieu Hello? Noémie, it's Mathias Am I bothering you? No, it's okay I wanted to tell you we managed to get through this crazy night with Isabelle Huppert.
It worked out, mostly thanks to you.
Oh, that's great I'm I'm really happy for you I mean for us I mean You're not with Alexandre, are you? No, not at all And you're not with your wife, are you? No.
I'm downstairs, I brought warm croissants.
All right Ring the intercom.
I'll open the door Coming - Sorry.
- Sorry.
I'm so sorry.
I forgot to ask you.
Do you want coffee? No, I want you I can't live without you Oh Mathias Me neither Sorry, but with my back and all, I I won't be able to do much.
No problem.
We won't do anything You could do a few things Your wish is my command, Madam Bye Thank you for that little teddy bear! - Hello! - Hello.
Sorry to interrupt, I'm the registrar, I'm here for the birth registration Oh yes! Of course Come in Thank you.
- Take a seat.
- Thanks.
So Mother's name? Er Marteau.
Like the French for "hammer"? - Father's name? - Janowski.
- No father! - As a matter of fact I didn't get that Hicham, we've already discussed this with Colette, and We were thinking you could be the godfather Godfather? Like a Catholic godfather? No you can be a non-Catholic godfather You'll be really important to her.
Hold on.
Are you the father or not, sir? - I am.
- No, He's the progenitor, I'm the co-parent! Very well So This is what we could do, then.
I'll leave you the form and You can come to the town hall when it's all sorted out.
All right.
Thank you.
So as to avoid any confusion, you need to know that birth registration and recognition are two different things.
The birth must be registered within three days after the child is born.
It informs us that there's a new citizen on our territory.
Whereas recognition, by the father, can be done at any time.
In a month, a year, in ten years He just needs to come over and sign a paper.
You guys would let us know, right? - Who? - Us, the moms! Oh, no The mother doesn't need to consent.
He just signs the paper.
So any dude walking by could recognize a child, and I got to jump through loads of hoops to prove that I'm a good mom? You know what I've been doing for months? I've been gluing pictures for my file, I've asking people to vouch for me to prove that I'm around, I'm taking care of Flora! Then we'll see a judge so we can answer his questions And then, two years from now, if it goes smoothly, he'll decide whether or not I can sign that paper! Look, I'm sorry, I didn't make these laws.
Bye You know what? Take her.
I'm giving her to you guys.
There you go.
I used to have such an easy life.
I'd take care of my actors, who can be just like kids.
I'd sleep with the most beautiful girls in Paris.
Nothing major to worry about And now, after a threesome that went awry, my life's been turned upside down, my stomach is in knots, I'm no longer in control Hold on, it all started with a threesome? With Colette and a dude? Look, Arlette, I'm going through an existential crisis, I don't want to talk about sex right now! Sorry, but you're the one who brought it up.
I shouldn't have had this kid Bullshit! Your hormones made you say this.
Why didn't you tell me? I'm childless.
What did you want me to say? Yeah Exactly! Do you have any regrets? I don't do regrets, you know me I was a free woman at a time when it wasn't easy to choose that way of life.
People looked at me funny I partied hard I worked hard traveled a lot I had many lovers Yeah, so you have no regrets.
I do There's one thing I wish I'd had: a mother's love for her child That's a special kind of love.
It never goes away.
Yeah, I would've loved to experience that! It can be kind of frightening too You gotta experience that.
Live your life to the fullest.
We dodged all the bullets, it was crazy! Congrats Gabriel! You know what? I've been wrong about you.
Oh, but Gabriel is more resourceful than he looks! - Thanks - Hey, what's going on here? I could use a glass of champagne! I'll pour you one, Arlette, you deserve it! ASK Agency, hello.
So what are we doing for ASK's 30-year anniversary? Why don't we throw a big party? I haven't danced in ages! Oh yeah, we all need it! Can I help you? No, I'm good.
Thank you.
I'm looking for Camille Valentini.
Is he expecting you? Yeah This administrative supervision isn't so bad.
It drove you into a corner, but you escaped.
Yeah Yeah! That's for me! - What? - That's for me! Where the hell is he going? I got too much foam! Er Hi! Doors are closing.
You can't barge into my office like this! I didn't have your number and I wanted to see you There are rules.
You gotta call first.
You can't just turn up without calling.
Imagine if I came onstage while you're acting to say: "Well, I wanted to see you again.
" Hey so you wanted to see me? Yeah Totally.
So I'm from Clermont-Ferrand.
School wasn't my thing I never graduated from high school.
It's overrated Totally And then, I moved to Paris two years ago.
I was in love.
Oh, great Then my lover left, and I stayed here! Even better! So What about you? How did you become an agent? Did you have to go to a special school? So the best way to become an agent is to go to vet school Seriously, I've always loved movies.
My mom took me to loads of art-house films when I was a kid So I started out as an assistant And then, I was made an agent this year so I could build up my own client portfolio.
I I brought you a few pics and a demo reel.
- Oh yeah? - Yeah I put it together last night I made it specially for you.
I shall watch it with the utmost consideration.
I don't really know the rules of the game, but if we do end up working together, will I still be allowed to kiss you? We're not working together yet.
So, Mathias knows the real estate agent, that's how he knew about it I tried to get him to relax, told him it wasn't decided yet, that it wasn't a done deal Can you stop it with that whipped cream? Sorry, my bad.
You know.
He was very nice to me.
And he really helped me out last night! Watch your back with him, though.
I always say there are two sides to his coin.
Oh! Hold on It's Isabelle.
I gotta take it! Hugs and kisses, and get some rest! Bye How are you, Isabelle? Sorry I can't hear you.
There's no sound! I can't hear you! I'll call you back! What do you mean you lost your voice? Did you try cortisone? "Didn't work"? So she saw her doctor, and She's on leave for a week, she can't do the American movie.
So what's the deal then? Oh well it's an occupational accident, so the insurances will cover the costs of the shooting interruption.
Actors can get sick, it happens all the time.
I imagine that a week-long interruption on that kind of movie would be very costly.
We're talking a few million dollars.
- Yes.
- And if there's one thing I know about insurances, it's that they're gonna nitpick.
Yeah, they're gonna give hell to the Americans.
They're probably already arguing about work conditions, overtime pay I hope they're doing it by the book.
Well, we broke the contract.
They could hold it against us, they could make us take the blame.
Stop overthinking this! The insurances are doing their job, the Americans won't have a clue, and we'll be fine! If you say so He is indeed very photogenic Come on, he's sublime! Look at that cleft! Yeah, but that's not enough, don't you agree? He has no experience! Worked as an extra and in three self-produced shorts.
Turns out you're the total snob! We can't just take in actors from the National Academy of Dramatic Arts! Well, we'll know soon enough I've been in this game long enough, I've developed excellent instincts, even with raw talents All right, then.
Let's check him out Hello, I'm Valentin Chollet, I'm 23 - 23 - And I'll do an Andromache soliloquy.
He's getting ready What a swing of the arm "Madam! it's done, yours was the knife! Pyrrhus has yielded up his faithless life.
Dying" Darn it.
Sorry, I've got to fix this "Dying! And our Greeks, still angry, Bathed him in blood, for his perjury.
Andromache, my beloved!" On the huge disappointment scale, what do your instincts score? I knew you'd say that! Look, he had no help.
He just mocked it up overnight He needs to work on the production, the lighting.
It's expected.
It's very raw Come on, he sucks at acting! No, I don't agree at all! This is very special, it's innovative! It's funny that you can't see this.
Other great actors had an unusual acting style, and they still succeeded.
Jean-Pierre Léaud, Mathieu Amalric Jean-Paul Belmondo! Belmondo, when he was starting out, no one believed in him! Even the Conservatoire! Come on! The only way he can make it is if he specializes in unintended comedy! Camille Valentini can't represent him! Well, I believe in him.
You can't turn down such a stud, I'm sorry Do you feel the fire inside him? He has a huge potential.
Are you talking for the both of us or just for yourself? I'll get him to train, to rehearse I'll be his Pygmalion.
I'll turn him into a star! One day, you'll thank me.
France will thank me.
I'm begging you, Camille Let's do it Okay, we'll sign him.
Hervé I'm a little worried about you Don't! That's a beautiful picture! Thanks a lot.
It was sorely needed! So How's it going? Good I hate myself.
I'm trying to do too much.
I've been letting people down Not at all And Are you sure that the insurance will be able to cover the costs for the interruption? That's not your problem.
The producers and bankers will deal with it.
That's their job.
Yours is to get some rest and to come back completely recharged.
Yeah, I'm not going anywhere now Read a book, relax, you can also It's a friend of mine He's staying here for a while.
But Is that's Shin Sang-Hoon, the Korean director? Yes He just happened to be in Paris What are you guys doing? Are you shooting a movie? No, not really.
Just a short It's experimental I had a few days off, so Shin asked me to do this.
Quick work.
It's about a mute! But, you can't be doing this! You need to rest! We're just fooling around! No dialog, no contract, no producer It's just the camera and me! That feels very, very good I may have a way to save ASK We'd keep Gabriel and Andréa, and Hicham would be out.
That'd be like hitting the jackpot! Yeah I'm not sure, it's risky Risky for you? For me, for the agency Hold on, Mathias, I need to show you something The I Ching.
What is it? It's amazing! It's a Chinese method It's great work! It helps you figure out where you're at, what to do, what decisions to make I've used it in my own life so many times! Do you know when the last time was? No When your wife introduced me to Alexandre The I Ching told me something about us.
It told me our bond was evolving, that it was finding its balance and that it would last And the next morning, you were here.
Mathias, that's awesome! It's our breakthrough! "A breakthrough after a long accumulation of tension as a swollen river breaks through its dikes, or in the manner of a cloudburst It refers to the time when inferior people gradually begin to disappear! As a result of resolute action, a change in conditions occurs, a breakthrough!" This is amazing, Mathias! It's happening right now! Go get them, Mathias! Break through! Break through! Break through! Break through! LATE NIGHT COURIER SERVICE Hello, I need a courier, please.
1st arrondissement.
Thank you.