Dix Pour Cent (2015) s03e05 Episode Script


1 Go to sleep my baby girl Otherwise Mommy will go insane And then she will be so drained She might dump you in the woods You know she would That's tough but Oh, no! Don't! Oh! He's wearing us out! 27 takes! I thought we'd never get a good one! Busting that fucking door open 27 times sure sucked.
You should put some ice on it.
You want me to get some for you? Oh, yes, please, darling! - Okay, I'll be right back.
- Thanks! Hey, Béatrice, we should get back to work.
There's no rush! A touch of blush and I'll be glowing! Yeah, but we got to do your entire body - For the morgue scene? - Well Yeah.
But I'm in a body bag.
Well Pascal told me: "Full-body make-up " Fuck He's trying to play me! - Hello? - Hello, It's me, Béatrice! You're still on maternity leave? Yeah Yeah, yeah It's not the most relaxing type of leave.
Usually, when you're on leave, you can chill, shower Who the hell decided to call it "leave"? Probably a dude with no kids.
What are you up to this afternoon? I was planning to sit down and relax at one point.
Yeah, I'm free.
Why? I'm shooting a film by Pascal Birague right now - Damn, what's the problem? - Well, I have a hunch that wants my corpse to be naked at the morgue.
And that wasn't in the script.
Did he tell you? Not really, but I'm getting the full-body makeup treatment.
I was supposed to be in a body bad.
Okay, don't worry.
I'll find a way to come over.
Yeah, get your ass over here, Andréa, the fight is on! I really don't want to show my ass in a morgue! That's out of the question! Don't worry, I'll be there for you, okay? Three o'clock.
Relax! I'm on my way So this is where people come in.
This is the cloackroom.
Guest are greeted with champagne glasses.
Then everybody heads to the roof with a great view on Paris! Yeah, if you really want that, I'm not gonna fight you.
Don't you want to celebrate our anniversary in a ritzier venue? I'll gladly bankroll that operation.
Let me show you something.
This is where we started with Samuel.
We rented a tiny office, we shared the same room.
Where was that? It was here! Over there, between Andréa's office and mine.
We had two tables, one cabinet and two armchairs to keep our talents waiting.
We got bigger and bigger.
And now we own half the building.
Do you get it now? It's gotta be here.
Okay, Master Yoda We just got this certified mail letter.
Moss & Downing, the American producers.
They're suing us.
Breach of contract.
They know Isabelle was shooting another film.
They're asking for 2 million dollars.
What? Two million? Holy cow! That's a lot of money! It's for the week-long shooting interruption caused by Isabelle losing her voice! How could they even know about that? Let's worry about that later.
It could come from anywhere: the producers, the actors, the crew You know secrets never hold up for very long.
Isn't it the insurance that covers shooting interruptions? No! They rejected the claim.
Loss of voice, if it's caused by overwork rather than illness, is one of the things they don't cover.
What a bummer Who's their insurer in France? Horizon Image.
Can't we get them to help us out? Mathias, do you know anyone at Horizon Image? Oh no No, no I can't think of anyone.
It's just a scare tactic on their part! Americans tend to have a lot of bark, but it's just to gain leverage.
It never ends up in court.
Yeah, good to know.
But we need leverage too.
What do we have? They're a hundred percent right! If we do lose, we have the funds, don't we? Are you asking me if I have the funds? Yeah.
Everybody knows I'm broke.
'Cause two mil is nothing to me? Y'all think I juggle gold bars when I get home after work? You did make the cover of Business Magazine, you have a framed copy of it.
Are you kidding me! With all the stuff I've done, the debt I paid off, the bonuses, the capital increase so we could expand! I'm gonna lose half of what I invested because you guys messed up real bad? What the hell are you thinking? I'm a cash cow? You're taking me for a gull? Go deal with your shit and forget about me! He loves animal metaphors, right? ASK's 30-year anniversary is gonna be as fun as a funeral Oh, you went to the organic shop! You're the best! I didn't have breakfast, I'm starving! By the way Can you take care of Flora this afternoon? Why? Well Béatrice Dalle is working with a douchey director.
I gotta go on set before it escalates.
I can't this afternoon, I have a very important meeting.
I wish I had parental leave, but I'm not really a parent yet! I'll find someone else.
For this afternoon? You can't leave her with someone she never met! Well, she met our neighbor.
The crazy old lady who smells like moth repellent? Yeah! That way, she'll get used to bad smells, old people you know, diversity! Bullshit! What the hell am I supposed to do? I can't be stuck here 24/7! This is like house arrest! Come on, you gotta be patient! We'll get a nanny soon! But she's just a month old, and infants need their moms, it's really important! Who decided that? Nature! All the mammals do it.
Females take care of their babies.
Yeah, but they also enjoy grazing and pooping outside! We don't do that! I'm sorry! We got a more sophisticated lifestyle! I don't really care if other female mammals stay with their babies 24/7, it's just not the human thing to do! You're right.
But I really need to go now See you later Dammit.
- What's wrong, Noémie? - Oh, Mathias! All this tension is getting to me! I'm getting chest pains! Don't you worry.
Everything's going smoothly.
Well, I I trust you.
Obviously! But are you sure you'll be able to repel the Americans' assault? That's what I'm worried about.
Noémie, I told you I knew what I was doing.
Yeah, but it's so vague! And when things get blurry, I worry! Okay.
I'll tell you, but don't tell anyone.
Of course! You know I used to be a corporate lawyer Yes.
I once worked on a case for a very big bank.
In that case, there was stuff about investments in tax havens Yeah.
There were a lot of names on the list.
People from Horizon Image? Stéphane Pellini.
The boss.
Oh, my God! Oh, Mathias! Now I'll get Hicham to fight them by himself.
He'll go up against Moss and Downing.
Holy cow! And, so, it's a a serum We've used it on Nathalie Baye - That's great.
- It's so moisturizing Oh great! I did not know that! DRESSING ROOMS PRODUCTION Sorry Are you guys shooting? No, just talking.
You good with kids? You can take care of her.
If she cries, sing her the "Mom will go insane" lullaby.
She loves it.
- Wait a minute.
- I'll be back in five.
Her name's Flora.
So, you're dead.
He needs to identify your body.
He's still in love, he needs to see you naked.
It's as simple as that.
Well, if I went to see my man in a morgue, I wouldn't be dying to look at his dick! I mean, to each their own.
Well, it's my movie, my vision.
Yeah, it just came to you like an urge to pee.
Come on, let's get back to work.
- Hi.
- Hi! I hope I'm not interrupting anything.
I wish you were.
It would mean we're actually shooting! Béatrice, there's something I don't understand.
You've played lunatics and cannibals why can't you be a nude corpse? No, I can't do that! - But, you'll look beautiful.
Trust me! - That's not what it's about! I don't want to be a slab of flesh on a coroner's table! Is this a necrophiliac fetish of yours? What she's trying to say is it's a bit gratuitous.
There's nothing gratuitous about my work! On the contrary, it'll be titillating, subtly erotic Since you're such a genius, you can make it titillating and subtly erotic without getting me butt-naked! I thought I was dealing with an actress that had a bit more mettle - Oh yeah? - Yeah.
I'm disappointed Wait till I lash out.
May I have a look.
What does the script say? Let's get back to basics It says here: "he opens the bag and sees her face!" - It says "her face"! - I don't give a damn what it says.
Any script is made to be destroyed! It'll write itself! Perhaps, but the original script is what she signed up for.
If you stray from the script, the contract's void and Béatrice walks away! - All right - We'll let you ponder this.
Let's go for a smoke.
You're the best, sweetheart - Wanna see him? - Sure! - Hush - Yes! Oh, he's such a hunk! He's really hot! - I like him.
- Oh yeah! So are you guys together? That would be my dream come true.
We just sleep together from time to time.
Which isn't that bad.
Yeah, I've been there! By the way, if you want me to, I could give you a I Ching reading.
I swear it works.
It really helped - with Philippe.
- To get over him? No, to bring him back.
- Really? You're seeing him again? - Yeah.
- It's crazy! - I have an audition for you.
It's for a new series A beautiful part.
It's about a young loser who falls for a businesswoman.
- Okay, great.
You know what? - There's also the Crane - I'll send the lines.
- Are you listening? - Yes, hold on.
- Hi - How are you, Sofia? - Good.
Do you have an appointment? No, not really I just decided to drop in.
- It's always the same - Mathias! I was in the neighborhood - Sofia, how are you? - Ready for more! I wanted to talk about what's next after Orgasmic Ocean.
And here you are! Yes, well Let's do that.
Can't wait! But right now, I'm with Jean-Pierre - Hello, Jean-Pierre! - Thanks! Has anyone asked about me? Even for small parts? People saw me, right? Of course, they did! But it takes time, we gotta wait for the right offer.
- Noémie? - Yes? Noémie will schedule a meeting.
We'll have more time to talk.
But I can't do this now.
I feel like such a loser, I gotta come to grips with that.
Not a call.
Mathias keeps avoiding me.
Nah, he's just a bit stressed right now, but he loves you! And you're not a loser at all! We get lots of fan mail for you! Yeah, dudes who want signed nudes! That's kind of sweet, I'd love it if there was a market for my nudes.
The only thing on people's minds is that nude scene I did.
That's it! Type #SofiaLeprince into Twitter, and it's only guys tweeting one-handed.
"Not a great movie, but I enjoyed it.
Especially #SofiaLeprince's ass.
" That's a nice compliment "Sofiass, Leprincess charming " That's kind of cute, "Sofiass" "Sofia Leprince takes a crack at it!" I can't believe it.
It can't be that bad! "I'd shoot an orgasmic ocean up that ass.
" Let me give them a piece of my mind.
Don't! Are you nuts? It'll only get worse! They'll double-down on it.
That's just the way it is So what the hell do I do now? - You ignore them.
- Doors are closing.
You can't breathe at all.
- Keep your chest still.
- Okay.
It's gonna be great, you'll see! Let's go.
Sound's working.
Silence, please, ready for action! We're ready to go - Say "when".
- Let's go 513 on 2.
Take 2.
Action! It won't be long.
I know it's hard, but it needs to be done.
Let's do it I'm ready.
What's wrong with you? Sorry I I don't know It's I'm not sure I understood what - Did you tell him to do this? - No, no Absolutely not It was his idea - He got all mixed up - Bathrobe, please.
Don't worry, we'll cut it out! No problem What? You'll never see me again! Wait! Don't do that! - Béatrice! - Dammit Hi Yes, sweetheart Pascal called me.
Béatrice left the set? What happened this time? Arlette It's coming, sweetheart How long have you been repping Pascal? - 20 years - 20 years! You still believe his bullshit? I was on that set! He lied to Béatrice, he got an actor to open the bag against her wishes.
Oh shit, that's messed-up.
So where's Béatrice? No idea! She vanished! Weren't you with her? I was She didn't want to talk to me, she just got in a cab.
And I was stuck with the kid and the stroller.
Yes, sweetie! I couldn't run after her.
Call her! Oh yeah! I keep trying! It's on voicemail.
- Aren't you worried? - No, I don't know.
Maybe we just need to wait it out Are we looking at another breach of contract lawsuit? - The second one today? - Look! You're so beautiful! Look at you Who's the prettiest girl in Paris? Who is it? Finally.
Phone's ringing! - Hello! - Hello? Béatrice, are you okay? Where are you? I'm with my friend Suzanne.
Great! Good news! I don't know her, but at least you're somewhere.
I'm at a convent! - A what? - A convent.
Suzanne is a nun.
Okay - How are you, friend? - Fine.
How are you? - Is it for good? - I don't know.
For now, I'm picking carrots and other vegetables I'm hanging with other women.
It's quiet, and there's my man, Jesus.
You're with Jesus Great Honey, regarding the shooting, what are you gonna do? Gotta go, it's vespers time! Okay.
This is the "Huppertgate" crisis meeting.
Tell me your plan.
I'm listening.
I've been wondering where the leak comes from because I find this a bit worrying So I don't really have a plan yet.
But my go-to plan is to go for the human approach.
I tried that with them but it didn't work at all So let's go for an inhuman approach.
Then he's your go-to guy.
If, by "inhuman," you mean not being blinded by affect, then I agree, Gabriel, that it may come in handy.
Very well.
I'm listening.
We know this showdown is going to be a tough one.
We need to send our best soldier to the front lines.
I believe it should be me.
Sorry I didn't know there were official rankings.
Who made these rankings? I'm not saying you're not good at it.
But, you're new to this game, you don't know all the tricks.
I have experience, legal expertise, and I'm very good at bluffing.
Well, it took me less than a decade to get rich by beating my American rivals in my field.
And I play poker every Tuesday night.
So I think I ought to go.
Whatever you say.
You're the boss You'll let me brief you beforehand, right? You got a classy office! - I know, right? - Yeah.
So Where's your office? Over there There Valentin? Valentin! No, no, no, no, no, no! Wow! I really love that one! No, certainly not, that's my boss's office! - But Oh yeah? - Stop it! Come on, it's gonna be yours soon enough, right? "Camille Valentini Agency!" The chair What's in there? Don't touch! Come on! It's just the two of us Relax - Should we rehearse my scene? - Er, in here? Yeah! I know I'm up for it.
Should I start? I'm ready.
"You need to do it, it's important to you It's a great opportunity, don't waste it " "So you're not even upset if I leave? What are you gonna do, Sylvia? Why won't you come with me?" Why are you yelling? It's very intimate, she's right next to you, there's no need to yell at her But It's because he's angry Look, Valentin, it doesn't feel right There's a progression throughout the scene.
If you start off with a bang, you'll be stuck later on Remember this is what they're shooting.
They're honing in on your thoughts.
Think hard without expressing anything, like you're wearing a mask.
It's simple.
Are you an actor now? No, honey, I'm just saying Okay, you know what? Forget about this! - I'm out of here! - No, no! There's no point in doing this! - No! Come on! Stay! - Honestly - Come here! - No.
I'm good.
No, no Wait It's gonna be great! It's It's just I'm sorry I upset you Sorry, it's on me Honestly - Sorry about this.
I'll shut up.
- Okay Let's do it.
"This could be the opportunity of a lifetime!" - "Yes?" - "But I'll never leave without you!" "But I can't go with you Not anymore I can't leave everything behind, Pierre.
You're still young You're free, nothing's holding you back The future belongs to you, embrace it My love " "I don't care about my freedom, if you're not by my side!" That was good, wasn't it? It was great So This is Béatrice's contract These stickers are really useful they help spot the details that you may have overlooked.
"The actress will consent to disrobe, at the discretion of the director, under the condition that it's for a love scene that is crucial to the plot.
" It is a justified love scene.
It's not a love scene, it's a morgue scene Let's have another look.
Check it out A man takes a last glance at his lover's corpse.
It brings back all those memories.
He can't touch her anymore, but he caresses her body with his gaze.
That's love.
While she's a stiff corpse in a body bag.
And a nude one, if I say so, because it's a love scene and it's "at the discretion of the director," and I happen to be the director.
Cut the crap! This is nonsense, stop quibbling.
"Love scene", in a contract, really means "sex scene.
" You know that! Except I wrote "love scene" rather than "sex scene".
Word choice is very important.
I'm sorry, but it holds up.
So Andréa, are we on the same page? Shooting resumes today, with Béatrice.
Otherwise, it'll be considered a breach of contract.
And I wouldn't want to do that.
I wanted to say "thank you"! You guys really help Béatrice when she's down Really? I could've been one of your agents! But I actually rep someone else! And your problems are a bit different.
My client isn't the easiest to work with, but He can very rewarding! Your husband and yourself must be so happy! Oh wait Oh! I can't catch a break! Can May I? It's my wife! Hello? - How's it going? - Good What about you? I pretended to faint at work! - What? - Now I'm on medical leave! I'm on leave for two weeks, and it could be extended! - No way! - I'll be home, it'll just be the three of us! That's awesome, honey! I'm so happy for you! So Where are you now? Home.
And you're not here.
Well, I'm working right now.
And where's Flora? Girl's night out Kidding She's at the convent, with me.
What the hell are you talking about? Well, I thought it was time to put our daughter on the Christian path.
It's gonna make your parents happy! One of the things I learned is that actresses can act real entitled.
Yeah, and it's an understatement.
We agree on that.
So, when I meet the Americans, I'll spook them! What do you mean? I'll make up extravagant diva-like demands.
I'll give them a Céline Dion-Mariah Carey-Madonna combo! For any promotional event, festival Isabelle will need rooms heated at 23 degrees C, not 22, and not 24.
She wants pink hotel rooms, pink everything.
She wants new toilets, with a certificate to prove it.
She has a very strict diet, which requires sprouted seeds from Peru! Yeah? We're gonna give'em hell! Not bad Not bad The problem is you're talking promotional events and festivals, and all extra costs won't be charged to production - but to distribution.
- Really? Yes! So What are you suggesting? Solaris.
Camille? It's Constant from Lamar Série.
- Oh, right! Hello! - I'm calling about an actor you sent to our audition: Valentin Chollet - Yes? - The guy's a total duffer! Did you find him on Craigslist? - What happened? - Don't pull that kind of crap with me! You gotta remain professional, or I'll erase you from my contacts.
No, no, no! It's a mistake! It was supposed to be another Valentin.
I don't know what happened.
I got mixed up in my database.
Well, it's not like it's a huge database Next time, try to be careful.
Bye! So you stole one of my auditions and sent your boyfriend behind my back? Didn't you notice I entered his name? You know what? Fuck him all you want, but don't mess with my file! - Your file? - Yeah, my file! I'm the one who ends up looking like an idiot! You're firing me from Camille Valentini? No, no, no, no, no! I'm firing Valentin! And I'm doing him a favor, 'cause you pretend to help him, but he'll end up humiliated! You can tell he'll never be an actor! You know it! It's obvious! Why are you doing this? So that he'll love you more? So that he'll love me period.
Can I talk to you? Come here Don't say anything You'll see, it's soothing.
You seem to enjoy watching naked corpses too, huh? Come on! It's not funny.
I've been thinking about Birague.
It makes me so angry, goddammit! Béatrice, we got to go back.
We have no choice.
No, I won't go back! They can sue me, I don't care! I'm insolvent! We're gonna lose.
And if you can't pay, it'll be on us, on ASK.
- Are you being serious? - Yeah, we're responsible for the contracts you sign.
Unless we decide to sue you But we'd never do that.
- You dropping me? - No, Béatrice, I'm not, you've got my full support.
We'll find a way It's just that I can't think of anything yet Are you tired? A little - Your little rascal's not a good sleeper? - No.
But I'm fine, don't worry What scenes are they shooting today? Are we doing the morgue scene again? No.
The morgue scene is tomorrow.
It's another scene.
Why? Something on your mind? Maybe So, it's the first time you guys meet.
It's just a regular doctor's appointment.
Everything all right, Béatrice? Yeah.
Back to work.
Your movie comes first.
Yeah, yeah Action! Silence, please! - Silence! - Rolling.
32 on one, first take.
Action! 12.
7, that's excellent What are you doing? You're ripping his arm off! Well, I wanted to show him who's in charge, for our future relationship No, no, no.
This is gratuitous violence! No, it's "subtly erotic" Well Let's get back to work.
All right? Still rolling? Action! Do you have any allergies? Dust mites, dogs, cats, pollen Or even dairy products? What are you doing with that pen? I dunno The mouth can be an object of desire, right? No, absolutely not! Come on! Let's go.
All set Action! No, no, no! No! What are you doing? You look demented! It's just instinctive medicine, it's wild and sensual! Did you know that some dogs can sniff out cancer? No.
But I do know when people are messing with me! I said it's a regular doctor's appointment! Your scene will be so trite! It's gonna be so lame, so flavorless Cut the crap, will you? Wait a minute, Pascal It's a valid point of view because, a scene can also write itself.
Hold on, can you repeat that? What did you just say? For fuck's sake? Let's hold a referendum, shall we! You're all on the same page! What the fuck? Is it the morons' uprising? Fuck that! I'm done with this shit! You won! Go home! I'm out of here! We're awfully sorry about the situation with Mrs.
Huppert I don't think you are.
Two million dollars for a week of shooting What do you guys have for lunch? Do you serve caviar every day? Come on, let's be serious You're just trying to fix, crudely at that, and without a hint of evidence, your problems with your insurer.
You're new to this business, Mister Janowski, do you have any idea how much a film costs? I'm new but I learn fast I found out that you were about to co-produce a film with Solaris A fantastic project, by the way - Thanks.
- You're welcome.
Solaris are one of the biggest producers here.
We work with them all the time.
It would be tough for them to lose access to our talents Honestly, I would hate to have to advise Solaris to find another American partner for that big movie with Marion Cotillard.
You don't need to do all this.
We signed the deal yesterday evening.
Oh, as for Isabelle We do have proof.
Goodbye! Bye-bye! - Hi.
- Hi.
- Where's Camille? - She's almost done No, no! I I I gotta go now.
Take care.
I Yeah, no worries So that's how it ended Hello, you've reached ASK Yes, for the big party, right? There's no parking lot, but there are parking spaces for deliveries You're welcome, bye.
It's Yeah.
Yeah, I get it.
I I just Hold on! Are you reading me the script or is it your pitch? Got it.
No, no, no I'm listen Of course.
You've reached ASK! Hello! Yes, we do have a Sofia Leprince! Yes, she's with us! What What kind of project? Hold on.
Yes! I I'll check her schedule.
Let me check As it turns out, you're in luck! Tomorrow, one of her meetings got cancelled.
10 AM.
Okay Noted.
Great! Yes! Thank you, and good-bye! Oh, my God! I can't believe it! I just got an appointment with a producer! - For a movie, tomorrow! - Oh, my God! That's awesome! If the meeting had gone well, Hicham would've already called, he loves to gloat! That's true So Stop stressing out! - Stop.
- Okay You're so stressed out you didn't even notice What? Don't you notice anything? No more neck brace! Gone! Look! I can even belly dance for you! I liked that neck brace - Oh yeah? - Yeah Hmm I could wear it from time to time if it turns you on.
That's him! Hello? No? Are you kidding? They signed the deal with Solaris yesterday? No, I had no idea! I'm shocked Oh, well, tough luck! No, I can't think of anything else we could do.
I'm so sorry, Hicham.
Yeah, see you tomorrow.
Wow! That's crazy! Oh, Mathias! Hello.
Hey I just wanted to talk to Elvis, can you go and get him please? He's in the bath What's this about? It's okay, I'll call him back It's about this weekend, I wanted to ask Well, actually, this weekend, er You won't have him What? How come? He has a game on Saturday.
It's important It was my weekend, Carlotta! Yeah, but he has a game to play! It's important to him.
He's fitting in, you see Dammit! I told you not to sign him up! He could've just played soccer after school! Wasn't that enough? Do you really have to push him! You don't want him to see me, huh? He's the one who doesn't want to see you.
He'll never tell you, but he hates going to Paris! - He hates it at your place! - Oh yeah? Yeah! You're always doing multiple things at once, you're never there You're not involved! Hold on, who said that? You or him? You're manipulating him! That's messed-up.
Bullshit! I'm the one who takes care of him! I'm here for him, I do everything for him! You wouldn't understand what it means! - I wouldn't? - Yeah! Hey, Elvis! Is it true you don't want to see me? - Okay Bye! - Tell him to come here! Can I come in? Hicham, it's too late to talk about work No, I'm not here to talk about work.
Please, Andréa Can I see the baby? Yeah, come in Oh, you kept my crib? Hell yeah! It rocks! Your shoes It turns out she's not sleeping at all Can I hold her? Yeah, sure.
Come here What's up, baby girl? You're beautiful Can I hold her for a bit? Yeah, go for it Here What are you doing? We're enjoying ourselves.
Yes Waiting for your agent? Yeah.
You too? Yeah.
But I don't think they'll come They set us up.
I'm so frustrated that we stopped shooting.
The film's on pause.
I spent six years writing it! Oh yeah? No scriptwriters? Yeah, but you know what I mean! I've been living with that film day and night I think about it during sex.
- Yeah, I know - Come on! That scene isn't for everyone.
So what? It's my movie, goddammit! Nobody has to watch it if they don't want to! I'm being censored! What's the point of making movies if I can't say what I want to say! I could do anything for a director.
I could follow him to the end of the world! I don't give a shit about morals! So what's the deal? One day, I was asked to play naked even though it was uncalled for.
I agreed to do it.
I just asked the director to work with a smaller crew, because I didn't want to get naked in front of 35 dudes.
The day of the shooting, when I got there.
Everybody was there.
And nobody gave a shit about my modesty, my discomfort.
So I just swallowed my anger and I did it anyway Throughout my career, I always had to be naked.
Sometimes it was nice, and other times, it was gratuitous! It took me 30 years to learn to say "no"! I feel like you betrayed me! Now, when I say "no", I mean it.
I gotta tell you something The truth is, I didn't know how to do that scene.
It's the first time that happens to me.
So, the night before the shooting, I got scared.
I couldn't sleep.
I couldn't find a solution! So that's why I had to get naked.
- What are you looking for, Pascal? - I dunno Something powerful.
Edgy He wants he wants to keep a memento from his lover.
He He doesn't want her to go away! There's something I thought about.
But, no You'll never agree to that! Tell me I'll I'll tell you.
You see, he's there He comes closer They open the bag, and, very gently, he bites off a tiny piece of her ear, so he can keep a piece of her.
He eats my ear? Yeah What do you think? I love it! - Really? - Yeah! Yeah, I love it! Thanks for finding the time in your schedule.
No problem.
I mean it.
It's really nice of you.
First things first, I loved you in that Julien Doré movie.
Oh yeah? Well, at least you saw it! Cool! And I'm happy I did! Impressive performance! Thank you! That's nice You have such a strong presence on the screen.
So I wanted to see you as soon as I could, before all the other guys pounce on you! I mean You have such an incredible body! You're both athletic and very sensual.
And that combo is very rare in France.
Your beautiful smile, your skin It's like half-Beyoncé, half-Grace Kelly! I Thank you But What about the project you mentioned? What What is it? What kind of role is it? I'm sure you could do anything I mean, on a movie set, of course! I'm not alluding to anything untoward, of course.
You don't have a specific project to talk about? I mean, that's the reason I'm here What is it? Oh sorry.
I didn't realize Are you in a hurry? No, but I'm here to work.
Oh, right! Right! Me too! Of course But you gotta balance work and pleasure.
All right Wait! What are you doing? Wait! I How much pleasure do you fit in your week? There are so many actresses looking for work! Must be easy! But I had hope for this meeting! It's serious stuff.
I had a lot of hope.
It's a dhoti, all the men wear it in India I thought it would do you good to wear a skirt around the house! Thanks.
Is this how you do it? No, hold on Let me do it.
Like this There.
All set! I didn't want to buy too much stuff.
After two weeks of silence in an ashram, the idea of walking down the crowded streets of Delhi to go shopping just made me sick! Yeah, I'm sure you'll get over that soon.
You know, when you've tasted the benefits of not having anything, it feels wrong to get back to having everything! Did you solicit an investment fund? Yes I asked for some info.
I just saw it on your desk.
What's it for? I may be able to buy back Hicham's shares in the near future.
It's on the right track.
Did you ask Dad and he wouldn't lend you the money? Not at all.
I didn't want to bother him with that.
I want to stop depending on your family.
I want to do things my way.
Any news from my audition? Yeah.
I'm sorry, it didn't work out.
- Shit! - Yeah I'm so gutted What did that chick say? Not much.
They have so much work.
They don't take the time to tell us the details.
She said that it wasn't the best performance But we worked together on it.
I don't get it! Well, you'll get another one, right? Another failed audition? For sure.
I meant another audition.
In this line of work, you get rejected far more often than not! It's so harsh! Some have died from it - Stop - You think I'm joking, but it's really tragic.
And I want to shield you from that, from this cruel machine that devours peoples' souls! What? You don't want me to become an actor? No! I'm saying there may be other jobs that would make you happier But I don't wanna do anything else! You never know.
Give it a try! You may enjoy I dunno metalwork Event organizer? You're young, resourceful, handsome, and there's a million other things you could do! So I flunk one audition and you don't want to be my agent anymore? No, don't say that I dunno I just don't want you to suffer.
What do you mean "you don't know"? What kind of bullshit is this? - Don't be mad - Of course I'm mad! You're the one who went looking for me! "I'm looking for the stars of tomorrow!" You just wanted to sleep with me, huh? You told me these stories so you could fuck me? No, not at all.
Stop that! That's so fucked-up! Wait! You're wrong about me, I'm not like that! You're a scumbag, Camille Valentini! I'll tell everybody about you! Everywhere! I'll kill your career! You scum! Get the fuck out of here! For fuck's sake.
Hey! Oh, I'm so happy! It went well with Béatrice! I think they buried the nuclear hatchet.
What? What's going on? Hicham sent us this letter.
The original copy was sent to the judge.
"My name is Hicham Janowski.
I'm Flora's biological father.
I hope nature will bless this little girl with some of my nicer traits, because even though I'm often stupid, I still have a few qualities.
But it can't compare with what Andréa and Colette will provide, day in and day out.
It's so easy to make a baby, and it's so hard to raise it I'm glad Flora can count on the caring hands of her moms.
Mine will never be very far.
I'm writing this letter to renounce my rights to Flora, so that Colette can make a legitimate claim and officially become Flora's second parent.
I believe the best way to help this child grow up is to have respect among her parents.
All of them.
" You know, I never thought I'd say this, but here it goes: to Hicham! To Hicham.
So, this happens, and then you leave your wife home to go out drinking.
Hey, her mother's there! And I only came here to talk about work.
Yeah, let's get to it.
- Andréa! - What? Come on, give me a minute! Can I enjoy my first night out in ages! Yeah, but we really need to talk about the agency, our agency.
Yeah, yeah, I've had other stuff to worry about.
Yeah, I know, don't worry, it's just that since things aren't going well at ASK Yeah, it's not a good time to leave.
Did you have a talk with Mathias? No, but I know about "Huppertgate" We can't leave right now And now, with Hicham's letter I don't want to ruin everything.
We don't want to do that.
Oh God, I'm so relieved! I was afraid you'd hate me because I changed my mind.
It's funny, isn't it? We need to be at the edge of the cliff to realize we don't want to jump anymore.
It's a classic When Louis Malle asked him to compose his soundtrack, you know what Miles Davis did? He got in front of the screen with his musicians, they all watched the movie and improvised on it.
A true genius.
I think I'll pay off the Americans.
What are you saying? I've thought about it.
If there's no other way out, I'll do it.
It's not as easy as I thought but I've grown attached to this company I knew it, but it's nice to hear it from you.
You should call Mr.
Hirsch Hopefully, he hasn't worked too hard on it.
- Right now? - Yeah! Okay.
So Hirsch ANDRÉA You're not taking it? No.
I'll call back Hello? Mr.
Hirsch, it's Andréa Martel and Gabriel Sarda.
We're calling about our agency.
Have you already submitted our application to the trade register? 'Cause we need to meet or to talk over the phone about the next step.
Can you call us back as soon as possible? Arlette? Arlette! Arlette! Is that what you want? Huh? Fucking shitheads! Hicham! Come on, stop it! What are you doing? - Relax! - Leave me alone! Relax! Calm down! Calm down! Calm down.
What the hell is going on? She wants to leave with Gabriel to set up their own agency! No It can't be right.
This is unbelievable It makes sick I understand.
I'd feel the same way if I were you.
You know Maybe it's not the right time for this, or maybe it'll make you feel better What I'm trying to say is that offer I made you two months ago it still stands What? You want to buy my shares? I want to free you from ASK.
It's starting to be a burden for you, right? All this stuff with the Americans and your backstabbing partners.
Why? It would be different with you? ASK is my home.
It's always easier to fight for something that's close to one's heart.
Take your time.
Think about it.
HICHAM: WE NEED TO TALK What's this? Uh oh! I don't like that tone.
Wait, I'll call him Fuck! Oh no! Oh shit! This is really bad.
What's wrong? I sent the message to Hicham instead of Hirsch! I got confused in my contacts.
Oh fuck! For fuck's sake, Andréa! - Fuck.
So we didn't wanna leave anymore! - We changed our minds - Yeah, we were calling Hirsch to tell him that! Did it cross our mind? Sure! A little I mean, on the spur of the moment You backstabbing cowards! You used to be unable to send a simple email, and I held your hand to help you out! And you! Dammit! You All right, Hicham, you're right.
But you need to realize that it's hard to work with you! What do you mean by that? I mean having hostile impulses from time to time is only natural! Yeah, sometimes, it's You need to He crushes us, right? You're crushing us! You You No, that's not it It's just that you can be a bit smothering.
Well, you know what? I'll sell my shares to Mathias.
Happy? What? What do you mean by that? No, I get it.
I really do.
I'm fine with this.
I'm out of here.
Hicham, stop.
Why are you reacting like this? - Why am I reacting like this? - Sorry What is this? It's what the Americans gave me.
Proof that Isabelle Huppert was shooting with Cédric Kahn 'Cause this is mine! I recognize it.
It's my staff memo.
That stain, I made it while eating sushi! Oh, fuck! The leak comes from ASK!