Dix Pour Cent (2015) s03e06 Episode Script


1 So? Still waiting.
Well, it was indeed photocopied on this machine.
I knew it! On Tuesday the 22nd, 14 minutes after midnight.
Can we find out who did it? Nah, this isn't CSI! What I can do, though, is check the computers that were on and also the Wi-Fi connections.
- Yeah, do that! - Yeah! Yeah? All right.
So here it goes On Tuesday 22, at midnight there's just one connected user CAMILLE VALENTINI SON OF A WHORE Let me know when he comes in He's like a firefighter arsonist.
He sets things on fire so that he can pretend to save us.
He even took me to the cemetery! To Samuel's grave! "We're a big family," he said! He also came to the maternity ward to tell me my daughter "is an ASK baby"! The guy's ruthless! I'll show him! - You won't show him anything! - Oh yeah? Of course not! We don't know what he's planning.
What's he gonna tell us? And what's his plan with the Americans? For now, we shut up and we monitor the beast.
Yeah, I agree.
Gabriel, stay put, all right? Yeah, okay, yeah.
And Hicham's about to sell us out to this dirtbag? Everybody have a nice day! Good-bye! Have a nice day! Did you see that graffiti on the wall downstairs? I'm shocked! It's ASK's anniversary today, this is really bad timing! What the heck did Camille do? She's probably stuck in the metro right now! Why would anyone even do that? Don't do this! Gabriel, Gabriel! Stop it, leave him alone.
You know you're a piece of shit! No, Noémie! Excuse me.
This is where the party is, right? Was it Valentin? Really Camille? Who knows? Could be anyone.
So many people with bad intentions Okay, it was him! I think I'm going to die of shame! What shame? That's my name on the wall! Oh, yeah, right Doors are opening.
Seriously I can't believe this! Gabriel, calm down.
Have a seat What's going on? No idea.
I just came in.
It must be about the graffiti on the wall It's so vile! So vile! We can't let that slide! We're cornered, Camille.
Let's keep our dignity in front of the firing squad.
I'm Camille Valentini! I mean, that "son of a whore".
Camille and I were sharing her name for a bit.
We were a two-headed agent Now you know.
It's because I couldn't handle it all, and it allowed us to double the area we could cover.
And then I met this guy who's a bit impulsive I experienced true passion You two really need to shut up, we're talking here! What's the matter? The matter is this guy's a fucking traitor! Actually, I'd really like all this violence to come to an end, because it's really oppressing me now! Violence? You're the one who bit my ear, right? Mike Tyson! You're really a bunch of hypocrites! Nobody here could ever stand Hicham! And you guys know it! You kept saying he wasn't cultured, that he didn't belong here! No! At first, I said he had a few shortcomings, but then I changed my stance! You guys were setting up your own agency - behind everybody's back! - No! We'd already changed our mind! - You told me you'd stay if Hicham left! - Me? I'm trying to save ASK, to get us back on track, you have no moral standing to frame me! Did you just say "moral"? Mathias, don't use words you don't understand! Enough.
You can sort this among yourselves.
All right, I get it, I'm not welcome around here.
Congrats Mathias, you won.
I'll sell you my shares.
And you guys figure out how to get the two mil - that you owe the Yanks! - Hicham, wait! Wait for what? What should I wait for? Does anyone here have a better offer? Yeah? No? Well, tonight we'll celebrate ASK's anniversary, and I'll announce the change in leadership.
Yay! Happy birthday! I imagine you have a plan to counter the Americans.
You'd never risk owing them 2 million dollars.
I know what I'm doing, yes.
He's waiting to be in charge to pull off his miracle.
Excuse me, but the lady in charge of tonight's party just came in, and she keeps badgering me with questions.
Tell her to talk to Mathias, since he's the boss now! - Hello! - Hello! Hello! Oh, did you hurt yourself? Yeah, but it's not that bad What a shame! The day of the party! Don't worry, the neon lights are arriving! So Excuse me, someone's talking to me Yes, Steph? All right.
Good, thanks! The flower arrangements have changed, but don't you worry about that.
Oh and concerning the layout of all the different spaces You agree with me that, on the first floor, we want something cozy, a lounge where people chill out.
Be careful with those glasses! They're very fragile! Thank you.
So I was thinking On the rooftop, it would be nice to have more of a party vibe.
We were thinking about a cocktail bar, with Mojitos, Spritz, Caïpirinhas No, no, no, that's not what we agreed on! We only serve champagne! Is that clear? Of course Mathias, can I talk to you for a minute? Steph, can you cancel the cocktail bar? Thank you! For God's sake, Mathias! You should've asked me! Everybody knows photocopiers record data! If you're just here to pile on, - get out! - Watch your tone, sir! Because if you don't, I'll nibble on your ear too! I'm sorry Look, what's done is done! We got what we wanted, right? You're the boss! So now we can look to the future! Yeah, right.
I'll be the boss of an empty shell! If they all leave, ASK will be worthless! The I Ching never said it would be easy, Matthias.
You broke through, the river broke through the dikes, there's water everywhere, and now we need to mop it up! That's it! No, no, I'm sorry.
After what he did? He can't stay.
It's out of the question.
No Hey, my turn.
It's the end of the world, might as well have a toke.
This is what you wanted, right? You guys can leave now! We never would've done it! It was a phase! Yeah Come on! Pass it around Hicham busts our balls, but never lies to our face.
Mathias I've seen my share of backstabbers, but he's the worst! Set up your agency.
I'm telling you.
I don't care, I'm gonna retire.
Guy and I found a house in Basque Country Now that's a good idea, Basque Country! I'm gonna move there too.
I'll take up surfing.
Yeah, we'll all don espadrilles and eat pata negra! Come on, guys! Hey! We can't let that happen! Yes? Anybody want tea or coffee? I could even get you guys a smoothie.
No thanks, we're good.
All right then.
Sorry, but I wanted to check that everything's fine for the Camille Valentini duo.
Things aren't great, of course.
I know everything isn't fine.
You know what? Right now, we don't care about your double agent shit.
All right.
What if we left? We could just resign.
It's one way to fight back.
The look on Mathias's face when he ends up all alone! Hervé! You were both named Camille Valentini? Is that right? Yes? What an upheaval.
Totes Wait, Camille.
I know this is very upsetting for you, I'm sorry.
But everything will get back to normal.
Yeah, I feel so stupid About your double agent stuff? That's nothing! Yeah, that's the problem: that's nothing.
We were freaking out, but compared to you, we're amateurs! Andréa, Gabriel and you.
So much backstabbing.
You guys make me sick! But what actually hurts me the most is that I got a feeling you love doing this Mathias has power right now because he can fix "Huppertgate" What if we fix it before he does? No leverage left.
But it's too late! He's gonna sell him his shares, - it's his big announcement! - Hey! Listen to me.
Isabelle Huppert signed an exclusive deal with the Americans, she couldn't shoot another movie, and this is why they're suing us.
We know that.
What if there were two Isabelle Hupperts? Hold on, she did work with Cédric Kahn, that's a fact, we won't contest it.
But it's just about one single night, the night when the schedules overlapped! On that night, what if another Isabelle Huppert had played the part? That joint fried your brain cells.
No! A namesake! A chick really named Isabelle Huppert.
There has to be one! Come on! I'm sorry, but I think we lost you Let's look in the phone book, we'll see I found two of them! What? One of them lives in Gentilly, the other in Epernay! That's awesome! Wait.
Two Hupperts.
Hold on Fair enough.
Cédric Kahn hired her namesake.
So he's gonna get her to play the same part? Because on that sheet, where it says "role", it reads "Marie de' Medici: Isabelle Huppert".
You're saying Marie de' Medici will be played by two different people both named Isabelle Huppert? You're always blocking me, dammit! No, but I I think I got an idea.
I'll just throw it out there, we can discuss it.
It was the night of Marie de' Medici's death, right? Yup.
Dying is a bit like turning into someone else, right? - And? - The namesake could've played the dead Marie de' Medici! - Fuck yeah! Her ghost! Excellent! - See! - It works! - No, it doesn't, I It does! Arlette! Does that work? Hey guys, the Americans already see us as a bunch of backwater clowns, bad idea.
Why not? A lady with the same name for the ghost, it's poetic, very Cocteauesque! Yeah, that's true.
You know, "the bigger the lie, the more they believe"! Yes, that too.
- No, Arlette's right - Damn right.
To make it work, we need to show them some rushes! So we need to write a scene and shoot the fake rushes! Before tonight? You'd rather be at Mathias's crowning with all our talents? To sum up, we'll bring the cake after Mr.
Janowski's speech And after Mr.
Barneville's speech.
Of course.
Around 11 PM, right? 'Cause I need to know when to get it out of the fridge.
Mathias? Eleven PM is a good time for the cake, right? Yes, yes.
It's a good time.
Also I had an idea to end on a high note How about a balloon release? - Balloons? - Yes.
No balloons release, it's a work party! What next? A clown? What the heck are they doing? They've been in there for hours! Look, I'll come back later.
Yes please, do that.
She's always screwing things up, huh! I'm calling Huppert to let her know.
No, don't! Don't! It's too risky and it's going to stress her out.
- Is she coming tonight? - No, she's in Bilbao.
Well, that's good.
We only tell her if it works, okay? - All right, you're right.
- You guys remember what you need to do? - Yes.
- Yes.
Go, Mathias! Go! - Everything all right? - Oh, yeah, I'm doing great! - It's party time! - Yes, indeed, it's party time.
ASK's been around for 30 years, in good times and bad, and it's thanks to us four.
No need to be friends to run this agency - Your agency.
- Our agency.
I'm ready to increase your shares, or your salaries.
Or both, if that's what you guys want.
I'm ready to talk.
We're not beggars, Mathias.
Wait, we'll ponder it.
There's nothing to ponder! Yes, there is! Remember that figures have soothing powers All right, we'll ponder it Let's not clash at the party, shall we? - Yes.
- We're better than that.
That's true.
We're better than that.
It should've read "daughter of a traitor!" Hey! To accomplish great things, you gotta get your hands dirty! I can't believe this! If Mathias killed someone, it would turn you on! It's so pathetic how you're always defending him! What about you guys and your pathetic schemes? We all have a skeleton in our closet, so come on! No skeleton here! We never betrayed anyone! You betrayed me! I thought we were friends! And you're not gonna say anything? Of course! There's nothing left to say You can go now, I have to do this.
No, hold on.
We'll help you HUPPERT.
FOR THE ACTRESS, TRY ELSEWHERE! - Isabelle Huppert? - Yes? - Hi, I'm Andréa Martel, ASK agency.
- Hello.
It's a big talent agency.
And we represent the real Isabelle Huppert.
What do you mean? I'm not real? No, I'm sorry I mean the actress! But today, we're offering you a role - in a movie.
- Oh no! - that'll be shown in theaters.
- Yeah, well I'm not the showbiz type! Sorry.
Wait, let me explain first! We're not asking for much.
It's only this afternoon, and it could be really fun - Today? - Yes.
You're joking, right? I have a job! I have a hospital shift, and I have my train to catch.
So, good luck and good-bye then! IN EPERNAY.
Huppert! Wait! Come on! I just called Isabelle Huppert, it's very important to her, she insists What about my patients who are waiting for me? They're important too! Your patients love the movies, don't they? I could get you signed photographs.
And tickets to the preview showings! What we need is more resources and caregivers.
You know people close to the president? That would help.
How about treating yourself instead? You could sleep in a suite, in a five-star hotel with a big spa Bathrobes and flip-flops Like the people I see at work.
No thanks! There's a big party tonight! Join us! Champagne, cocktails, bite-sized food, lots of stars! Oh no! I'd find it too embarrassing! Come on! Try stepping out of your comfort zone for once! I'm offering you a breath of fresh air, so you can escape your dull job for a day! It's That's where you're wrong! I love my job! And I'm sorry but I'm going to miss my train! Hey, I love my job too! But my agency's going to blow up, and I'm in deep shit! It's a shitstorm! And I'm tired, 'cause my baby won't sleep through the night, and I had to run to catch up with you, and I peed myself because my perineum's a mess! Oh no! Don't melt down! You just had a baby, right? It's normal to feel on edge then I'll give you a mint, it'll bring up your sugar levels Yeah! Thanks Go on, you can tell me now! What's this all about? - Yes? - Hey, Hicham.
Where are you? In London.
I don't have much time.
What do you want? It's about the Americans.
We may have found a solution.
None of my business.
It is your business, 'cause if it works, we don't have to pay anything.
And you could stay with us.
What do you think? Are you even listening? What? Hicham, I never would've left, not after Flora.
You got to believe me.
And you need to stay.
Hold on, I gotta go.
No! Wait! For fuck's sake! Hey, what's this? I said "ghost", not "geisha"! Talcum powder is all I got to work with! Anyways, cadaveric lividity isn't supposed to be white.
If the person just died, it's more like a blueish pink.
I'm telling you this, but you guys probably don't care.
What should I do? Wipe it off? Yes, please.
Do that.
You couldn't come, so I was like "what the heck! I'm going!" Just for the day, on a whim You sure you don't want any? No, I'm good.
I can't bring all of this back to her! Houda's gonna be offended! Huh? What? I gotta eat the whole box? All right! Stop it, Dad What can I say? I gotta eat Stop it! There you go! No.
No, no, no! It'll never work! Namesakes? As a respectable and reputed producer, I can't go along with this.
It's the other way around, Laurence.
If you won't support it, it won't work.
Come on, Arlette, I don't know that lady, she never worked for us, and I'm not signing a fake work contract! I'm not getting involved in this! Unless What do you want? Come on, spit it out! We're in talks with Guillaume Canet for the Nicole Garcia movie.
No, can't do.
I just can't, he's with Barneville.
But I could get you Guy Marchand for the father, for cheap Arlette, we already have the father.
How about Cécile de France as the schoolteacher? Now we're talking.
Do we have a principle agreement to fund the film? All right, great.
We have an agreement, right? Let's say it's off to a good start.
What now? Josiane Balasko as a guest star? You're busting my balls, Laurence.
Come on, sign it! - Hi - Hi Hey, I wanted to talk about something that came up at work.
It's about ASK, and Are you moving out? Oh, I didn't tell you? I'm flying to LA to shoot with Ryan Gosling.
Oh yeah? No, I'm heading back to my parents' in Vitry.
You should've told me, I might've been able to help.
No, because when you do, it doesn't help me.
Look Sofia, it's not my fault Julien's movie flopped, all right? You should've told me not to do it! I did! I kept telling you! But you were focused on yourself! I haven't had any jobs for the past six months, I haven't earned a cent.
And all the offers I get are nude shootings! But at least your life is great! Oh yeah, my life is awesome! Yeah, it's really great! I lost the love of my life, I lost my dignity by acting like an idiot! I could also lose my agency tonight! But yeah, my life is great! Okay, sorry I disturbed you! Enjoy your evening! Gabriel! What's going on at ASK? We made it.
I love the dress! Gotta finish this.
So The light It needs to be rather sophisticated, elegant, know what I mean? 'Cause it's a private moment, but it has to be dramatic.
We want to see the relationship, based on domination, between the ghost and her confidante, all right? That's very important We only have an hour and a half.
You won't go very far if you give up at the first obstacle! All right, get in position! Sofia, can you go near that tree? Isabelle, can we start now? - Yes.
- Let's go! Where did you find the cameraman? - At La Fémis.
- Great! He's taking the entrance exams.
Can't talk right now.
I gotta talk to one of my actresses.
Action! What is she doing? Isabelle! Hey! Where are you going? Oh, my bad! You said I should walk with my eyes closed! I don't know where I'm supposed to stop! Well, you'll be a ghost that's out of range.
Sorry? Never mind.
Get back to your starting spot and keep your eyes open.
- And stop where you're supposed to.
- Let's go! - Make it quick.
- Let's do this.
Sofia, you're great.
- Thanks! - You're magnetic.
Action! What now? Oh! Turn your cell off! It's my colleague who was nice enough to stand in for me, so Yes, Gladys? Everything all right? That's good to hear! No, but Okay, call you back! Let's switch to airplane mode, Isabelle.
Action! "This spectral pallor.
" What's this? Hey! Sir! What the hell? Cut! It's not your fault, ladies.
Back in position.
Damn hipsters! - Yeah.
- Okay, let's start all over again.
Let's do it.
It's the same dude? The same fucking dude! Action! "This spectral pallor.
The look in your eyes.
Who are you?" "It's me, Marie.
" Oh no, I'm cold now! I can't take it anymore! - But we're shooting! - My lips keep getting stuck! I can't even read my lines! No, Isabelle, I can't believe this! You can sew people up but can't talk while you're walking? To each their own job! You know what? I'll go back to the hospital so I'll know why I'm being yelled at! Come on! I mean, the script sucks Sofia, you're not going to pile on, are you? The script is great! I wrote it! She's right, though There's no flow.
And ghosts usually don't talk! Yeah! They just make an appearance, that's it! And maybe that way Isabelle will be able to come out of her shell! No! I'm not changing the script! No changes to my script! Would you say this to Audiard? Would you say this to Haneke? I didn't think so! Then again, I'm not sure Haneke would've "This spectral pallor.
The look on your face Who are you?" I forgot "It's me, Marie.
My face has changed.
"My face has changed.
" "But my soul is unaltered.
" "Oh, my Queen.
I've cried so much, knowing you were gone.
" "I'm back from the kingdom of the dead to bid you farewell, my friend.
" Cut! We got it! We got it! I could hear the cue cards falling, though - Everything all right? - It's filling up slowly.
Hey, I got a special mission for you I'm listening.
At 10 o'clock, two Americans are going to show up: Marcella Moss and Scott Downing.
Let me know when they get here.
- It's really important.
- Okay.
- And ultra-confidential! - Okay.
Can I count on you? Marcella Moss, Scott Downing! Stop Martel, I might get offended.
Enjoy the party! Doors opening.
Good evening! Your ticket for the cloackroom.
So? We got it.
We're not gonna get a Palme d'Or for it, but it's in the cutting room for a couple hours.
And the nurse? Did you lose track of her? She's just getting changed.
You guys are the best! It's gonna blow up in his face - Gabriel.
- Hey! Where have you been? - We were sprucing ourselves up! - Yeah! What about you? Are you excited? A bit Yeah I was telling Mathias how crazy it is for me to be here, for ASK's 30th anniversary.
Do you realize I was one of the first clients! I was actually the very first one! That's right.
That's true I even had to lend him money so he could start his business! Oh yeah? Did he give it back? He did! In kind! I'm so happy to see you guys like this.
Always together, united, a big family! It's a beautiful thing! - Thank you, Line - Never change! Thank you, Line To us? - To us! - To ASK! To ASK! You need to ask them.
Hey miss, would you like to taste our verrines? No thanks.
Thanks a lot.
It's nice though.
There's a nice turnout in the end.
I mean, people can be so ungrateful.
Nobody came to Danielle Darrieux's funeral.
It's a national disgrace.
Sofia! Remember that audition I did for that play in Lyon? - Yeah? - I got the part! - Stop it! - I did! I just got the confirmation.
- Awesome! - Hey, you know what? I'm so happy.
It's so crazy! One month of creative work, and then I'm touring all over France! - Oh! Congrats! Bravo! - Thanks.
So I was thinking since you're struggling right now I'll be away for five months at least.
So if you want to replace me at reception for a while, we could do that.
Oh, it's very sweet of you.
I'm not sure what to say.
I I'll let you think about it, I'm going to the rooftop.
Wanna join me? - Yeah, I'll do that - See you soon! Hey! Yes, that's the look of a star! You said it would be classy.
Here I am.
Yeah, I can see that! You think it's too much? Not at all! It's perfect! Perfect! Are you coming? I gotta tell you, I'm paralyzed with fear.
Everything will be fine! Let's go.
All right! Wow, the dress has a train! I feel like I'm wearing a costume! I'm gonna mess everything up.
No, not at all.
The other guests are dressed like slobs.
Stop thinking about it, all right? What am I gonna say to these people? Nothing much.
You say "Good evening.
" That's it.
If people ask, your name is Corinne.
You're a small-town theater actress.
And not a word to anyone about our thing.
- Andréa? - Yes? - Can we talk? - Not right now, Camille.
Please! It's important! Hervé! Can you come over here? Hervé, this is Corinne, the friend I told you about.
Oh right! Of course! Hello! - Good evening! - Hervé, you take care of her.
I could use a glass of champagne Of course! - What? - So what's going to happen? You're gonna leave? You're all leaving? No No? So you negotiated with Mathias? It would never happen.
Look, Camille, everything will simmer down.
What do you mean? Tell me the truth! He's my friend too.
What about me? What's gonna happen to ASK? Look How are you, Gérard? I'm fine, thank you! You? I'm feeling great! Cheers! Cheers! I'd never been up here before! Top-notch! Pun intended.
- Yeah, beautiful view! - See you later.
Look, stop worrying about all this.
I don't know what's going on, it won't work.
We plug it in, it causes a short circuit.
This is ridiculous, you need to call the manufacturer! Don't they have a hotline? No, they don't have a hotline.
Sorry, ladies, I need to talk to him for a second.
He's all yours, Mr.
My pleasure.
Hey, you! What about the lights? Did you see who the guests are? They're high class.
I'm aware of that.
Look, we're trying our best! I certainly hope so.
Tell me What's going on at ASK? Nothing.
Why? I heard your daughter talking.
I didn't catch everything.
She was worrying about the agency.
What's going on? Well I'm going to take the reins of ASK.
We're announcing it tonight.
That's why there's this restlessness in the air.
Yeah, but Will you still be an agent? - Of course.
- Oh yeah? Please keep quiet about this.
Of course.
Must be pretty sweet to become the boss! - Thanks.
- You may want to slow down.
It's nice to have a bit of fun! To step outside my comfort zone! Yes, but drinking water in between is a very underrated technique that can help you not spend the night in the toilet.
Oh, it's that redhead! Audrey Fleurot And don't point at people.
Audrey Fleuriot! Good evening! Good evening Some say actresses look pretty average when you see them in real life, but you you're still very, very beautiful! - Thanks a lot.
- It's true.
And you are? - Isabelle Huppert.
- That's a good one! Corinne! She's in a joking mood tonight.
- She's not really - I love what you do.
- Thanks! - Even when you're sleeping with Nazis! In A French Village Thanks, Hervé, I got that.
Sorry, but I've always wondered Your boobs, are they real? Because they're magnificent! We'll be right back, Audrey.
See you later.
How are you, Audrey? Are you having a good time? I'm having a great time! Just now, I met the crazy lady version of Isabelle Huppert! Isabelle Huppert? Anastasia, I didn't recognize you! It's your hair, right? It's beautiful, very girly.
I'm sorry, sir! - I love it when you say this! - I love it So smooth.
It's amazing.
It was amazing, we saw whales, an iceberg, and geysers! We could almost touch them! Freezing temperatures, but then you feel the heat - You should go there! - I'd like to.
What do you do again? I'm a screenwriter, I write TV series Series? That's funny, 'cause I I have a project for a TV series - Oh yeah? - Yeah, it's about It's about a guy who's trying to learn how to survive in the woods, and he's alone, he's all alone.
We want to call it The Deserter.
I think it has huge potential.
It think it could be it could be made as a TV series.
Let's go to the rooftop.
- What got into her? - So the guy's alone Yeah, he's all alone.
I mean, are you really alone when you're with all these trees? Sad times Nobody remembers anything.
Martine Carol, for instance! Do you know Martine Carol? And Lola Montès? Caroline Chérie? She was around before Bardot! Bardot destroyed her.
- I do know Bardot! - It's fortunate that you do.
But you're an agent and you don't know Martine Carol? Come on It's really great, it's And I'll be in Agnès Jaoui's upcoming movie.
- Wow, that's awesome.
- Yeah.
- Congratulations.
- Thanks! And what are you up to these days? Oh, I'm doing lots of things You know I played in Julien Doré's movie, right? I mean, it's it's nice 'cause it opened a lot of doors for me.
Oh, that's awesome Yeah, it's really awesome Hey, isn't that Olivier Assayas over there? I love that guy.
Sorry, I'll be right back! Yeah Sofia? What's wrong? I'm going back to working reception.
Back to square one.
What? You know what? Let's go relax in an office.
I love them! Oh, you guys I saw you! What was it again? I know I saw you, but I can't remember the movie.
Françoise played with all the legends And you! Congratulations! What a career! Thank you, that's nice.
I'm touched.
My son loved the song "Tata Yoyo" when he was a kid! That wasn't me, that was Annie Cordy.
Excuse me, ladies.
Oh yeah, it was "Mon truc en plumes".
Good evening - Hello.
- Have me met? I don't know, are you famous? I'm pretty sure I don't know you! She's a friend, an actress.
Isabelle Huppert? How did you know that? Thanks a lot, bye.
Excuse me.
- What did I - Get in.
Catherine, are you leaving? Yes Don't you want to We can't hear each other here.
Wanna talk in my office? Okay I don't feel comfortable here.
What's going on, Catherine? It's my trip to India I can't keep pretending anymore About what? That we're going to manage, that we're going to be okay.
Why don't we tell each other the truth for once? There's someone else.
You're right.
There's someone else.
What? What are you talking about? What do you mean? You're the one who just Yeah, I just told you I met someone.
You met someone too? Damn.
- I'm sorry.
- No, you're right, it's almost laughable.
Is it someone I know? Alexandre.
My physiotherapist.
He joined me in India What about you? Who is it? An actress? No So it's a real relationship.
I think so.
I never liked that picture.
The loo's over there, and we'll meet in that office.
Okay Thanks! Sorry! Hervé, who's the crazy lady who's talking to all our talents? - Who? - The lady in red who was with you.
- Who is she? - She's an actress friend: Corinne.
But why is she here? Are you nuts? Why would you invite her? It's because she's my ex! I beg your pardon? She's my ex.
Got a problem with that? Hervé, she's like a 100 years old and you're gay.
Stop it! No, you stop! I love this woman, she's very important to me! I was 18.
She helped me understand who I am.
She's not well, so I told her to come over to chat with our guests.
So you better leave her alone! Oh, all right Sorry.
I didn't I mean, you're right, I think she's kind of charming.
I mean there's something about her She looks like a good person.
Has anyone ever told you that you have Bella Darvi's eyes? They're the same shade of blue.
- Who? - Bella Darvi, an actress who met a tragic fate.
She committed suicide at the Hôtel de Paris in Monte-Carlo.
It was sad! She was the poor man's Marilyn Monroe.
Okay See you later, Dominique.
I gotta go.
Bella Darvi.
Excuse me, has anyone seen a lady in a red tulle dress with rhinestones? No.
Hervé! Where's Isabelle? - That's what I was about - What? No! - Where is she? - I don't know! For fuck's sake, Hervé! I - Who is it? - Hello? Okay, roger that! The Americans are here! And we lost Isabelle! Oh, fuck, we don't have the footage yet.
I thought he'd sent the file! It's still downloading! It's a huge file.
Still downloading.
What are you doing? Go check the rooftop! Hurry up.
Guillaume Canet's not coming.
I know, he's shooting in Ukraine! Is that why you nearly tore my arm off? He wants to leave the agency.
What? Where did you hear that? - I have my sources.
- No, Guillaume's my client, if he wanted to leave, I'd know about it.
Hush, not here! Let's go talk in my office.
- Good evening! - Good evening! I'm Noémie, I work with Hervé.
Oh, that's great.
Hervé and I are very close.
Oh yeah? Yes.
I know who you are.
Oh yeah? I mean, what a crazy story! Yes, I'm the ghost! I did my best.
It's not my real job, but I hope it helped.
Oh, Corinne! - I need to introduce you to someone.
- Yes? - See you later, Noémie! - Wait! - Andréa, wait! - Sorry, we have a problem.
Yes, Steph! Oh no! - What did you tell her? - Nothing.
- She said she knew who I was.
- What? Yes.
- Ready? - Yeah! Hello everybody! - What's wrong? - It's the neon light! - What about it? - Well, we managed to get it to work, but then there was a short circuit and some of the guests saw stars - Steph, we're on our way.
- What? Wait! - Yes.
- Is anyone injured? What the hell? That's why we didn't understand your accusation, since, as you know, Isabelle Huppert couldn't have shot another film that night, because she was at her son's wedding.
We have a picture of the wedding.
She's with her bru, her belle-fille.
I heard they had a very good time, that it was very So yeah, it's just a huge malentendu.
You're right, Isabelle Huppert was on the set of Marie de' Medici on that night, but it wasn't his client named Isabelle Huppert.
It was the Isabelle Huppert who's my client.
I talked to Guillaume on the phone two days ago and everything was fine! I heard he wanted Marion Cotillard's agent, to help match their schedules better.
Who told you that? Is it a guest? - I'll talk to him! - No! - I swore I wouldn't tell anyone.
- Look - What are you doing? - I'm calling him.
Don't do that, you fool! If it's true, he won't tell you, and if it isn't, he'll think you don't trust him.
No, that would be too awkward! Listen Voicemail.
That's a lot to take in for one night.
Why are you saying this? With Catherine, it's not going well at all.
Really? I thought things had gotten better.
No We can't make it work anymore.
Are you sure? Sometimes, you never know she could come back I don't think so We really tried I don't want to bother you with all this.
No, you're not bothering me at all! On the contrary.
- You sure? - Yes, I am.
THE PRODUCER LES FILMS DU CHEMIN And the contract for Marie de' Medici, signed by Laurence Paugam, who is here with us.
- Absolutely - There you go.
In France, we may not have a lot of money, but we have ideas! Instead of using top-notch special effects to create a ghost, Cédric Kahn found an actual body double with the same name as his actress! Another Isabelle Huppert! Because it's poetic, because surrealism! Maybe you know André Breton? Yes.
So you must have some footage of this, right? - Of course.
- Of course.
So can we watch that footage? We could Absolutely So, I got it over there.
Thing is I wouldn't want to be inconsiderate towards Laurence So does it bother you if we do this? Oh, well, yeah, a little I mean, if you really need an answer Women producers are like she-wolves, always baring their teeth to protect their projects, they're ready to fight.
Yeah, because they're like our baby cubs.
Yes, but this is very important to us.
Of course, but without Laur Oops, it just launched! Laurence, it's playing! This means we must let go of the baby.
Yeah, let's get it out.
It's me, Marie! My face has changed.
But my soul is unaltered.
I've cried so much, knowing you were gone.
I'm back from the kingdom of the dead Yes It's a rough cut.
- She loves it! - Well, it's a good scene.
What's this? The shoe? Is that surrealism as well? Oh no, that's on me! I can't wear any other shoes! I can be a bit of a diva too, sometimes! It's because I have a hallux valgus.
No, a hallux valgus.
It's when your toes go like this and since I'm standing up all day long because of my job as a small-town actress You get the gist.
- We do! - And it was so humid this afternoon, and that can cause joint pain! This afternoon? No, I mean Actually, I meant to say "that afternoon, on the day we " "Shot the film!" Listen, I've had enough of this! Feels like a police interrogation! We're all professionals here, and you keep judging us! Enough is enough! Isabelle, calm down, I apologize on behalf of ASK.
Come on guys, she's right.
I beg you to stay.
Don't go! I'm so sorry.
I'm sorry but I can't let you disrespect her work.
What work? We don't know anything about you! Except Isabelle is a stunning actress.
Are you saying small-town theater actors don't count? I mean, how could you be so elitist? Isabelle was stunning when she played that nurse in In Intensive Care! Yes, I played her a lot I loved the moment when With that little man You know, when you enter the room of - The little man? - The little man - in that scene - Oh, Mr.
Gardette! - Yes.
- Oh yeah, that scene where Where I play the The nurse.
So I'm caring for that little man.
- Yes.
- And he's actually a little old man.
He's what? 90 years old And he has a hip fracture and And I feel he wants to speak to me, but I only have three minutes 45 to clean a patient, I'm in a rush.
So I go "see you later," as I leave the room.
- Oh yeah.
- And at the end of my shift, I'm tired.
But I go, "I need to go check on him.
" So I enter his room and he's dead.
He's dead, and I didn't have time to talk to him.
You're still in character Yes, because Isabelle is a great actress, as I told you before.
I am.
And she's very serious about her roles.
I am.
Sorry to bother you but Claude Lelouch would like to talk to Isabelle Good evening Listen, since I love what you do, and I'm working on a new film, I have an interesting offer for you.
Can I talk to you now? Sure! Will you allow me to I really love A Man and a Woman! This party it was incredible! No, you were incredible! If I have an actress who has to play a nurse, I'll send her over to you! Oh yes! Sure! In the movies, they don't know what they're doing! So Good-bye.
Isabelle, thank you.
Thank you.
For all the things you did for us.
I was really proud to be your agent tonight.
You okay? Hicham's here! - Where is he? - He's over there Well You'll be up soon.
Would you like a glass of water? Thanks.
Sorry! Sorry! Good evening! You need to come and listen to a beautiful speech! Oh, sounds good Can I please have a glass of champagne? Thanks.
Good evening, Monica Good evening Look, I'm not gonna pretend I saw that magazine cover with your billionaire.
They're like vultures! But I know a lawyer, if you're interested Then again, you might actually enjoy this type of publication.
I don't even know the guy! And he's definitely not my type.
What is your type? I just want a regular guy.
Too bad for me, then! Enjoy your evening, Monica.
Joey? Good evening everyone.
- Good evening! - How are you? Yeah This party's electric, huh? Good thing no one got hurt! Thank you all for being here.
I haven't been here 30 years, but I do know that ASK's success is a collective one.
Even if every agent will tell you that's it's only thanks to them! Am I right? No! An agent wouldn't do that, they never lie! There would be no ASK without all of you, our talents Tonight, I'd like to showcase other talents, those of your agents.
You can thank them! If there's someone who really deserves a round of applause, someone who embodies ASK, a feared and formidable agent, who was here 30 years ago Just one floor down, in a tiny office, with a little chair, a little table, a couch and nothing else, with Samuel Kerr The formidable Arlette Azémar! - Congrats, Arlette! - Bravo! Without her, we wouldn't be here tonight.
Thank you, Arlette, thank you so much! That's it, enjoy the party! Thanks, everyone! Ladies and gentlemen, this is to let you know that the dessert buffet is open.
If you love macaroons, éclairs, lemon pies, or St.
Honoré cakes, - it's time to indulge yourselves! - What's this? It wasn't the time for this.
What do you mean? Yeah, I didn't want to announce in front of everyone that you're leaving.
You underestimated your colleagues, Matthias.
That was always your flaw.
'Cause they turned the Yanks around! Yeah.
You played and you lost.
Dad! I didn't know.
I wasn't aware of this! I swear! Don't worry! So what are you gonna do now? I don't know I'll be an agent somewhere else.
Wanna come with me? I'll need a junior agent I'm sorry I think I'd like to stay here if they want to keep me Of course, they want to keep you! You're talented! And you're a good person, Camille! Go now! - You startled me! - What are you doing? Don't even try to stop me! But what are you doing? - Wait You're going to go with him? - No.
You don't have to! It would teach him! Look Hervé Remember Philippe? Philippe is actually Mathias.
- What? - I didn't have the guts to tell you Go ahead, I'll check no one's coming.
Thanks! My friend, my friend! Thank you! It's gonna be weird here without Mathias.
I felt bad for him, kind of.
It's almost like we might miss him.
I gotta go.
Can you close the shop? No problem.
And can you run the shop too? I'll be spending more time in London, My son needs me.
And I need someone I trust at the helm when I'm not around.
You'd be managing director.
Interested? Hervé? Come here! No! Yes! Sofia? - Yes? - Can you answer the phone? It's four AM, come on! Well, you're back at reception, right? Sorry.
ASK agency, hello? Hello, this is the list of actors nominated for the Césars awards All right, but it's kind of late right now.
You guys need to get some sleep! In the "Most Promising Actress" category, Sofia Leprince is nominated for her performance in The Ocean Comes by Julien Doré I beg your pardon? You've been nominated, Sofia Leprince.
We got an email about it earlier.
- It's for real, I swear! - No.
Congratulations! Gabriel! I've been nominated for a César! No? Come here, honey! Breakthrough actress! You rock! Thanks, Arlette! You know it's "most promising" now, right? I like "breakthrough" better.
Mathias! I managed to grab everything! We're gonna fight back, right? We're going to bounce back! They'll see what we're made of, huh? Always thinking one step ahead! Don't you think it's exciting, sir? It's like a breakthrough, huh? Yes, you're right, darling.
Calling me "darling" now? It's like a fresh start, right?