DMZ (2022) s01e01 Episode Script

Good Luck

1 Get your fucking hands off me! Fuck you! - Fuck you! - Bastard! - Get up! - Fuck you! Fascist pigs! Get back here! - Hey, Jenice.
- Hey.
- Do you know where you are? - No.
You are in an intake facility.
You've been detained for unlawful entry into the US.
We are in Brooklyn here.
I'm gonna check your vitals now.
Is that all right? Are you feeling okay? Where'd they catch you? Poughkeepsi crossing the Hudson.
- Why'd you do it? - My grandma's in Boston.
She's turning 92 next week, and it's been touch and go.
I didn't know the river was the boundary.
I thought western New York was still US territory.
Well, the country line used to be further west but it's been the Hudson for a few months now.
It's hard to know.
Feels like the border keeps changing day by day.
I'm separated from my family, too.
You know where they are? There.
I think.
Oh, shit.
For real? What happened? You're young.
You may not have heard of evacuation day.
Of course, I've heard of it.
We were so close to making it out.
Proof of residence in the United States.
No exceptions.
Go! Move This is a designated safe zone.
- Oh, my god.
- Stay calm.
Hey! Back off! Eyes forward, love! This way! Don't stop! Keep moving! Stay with me! Come on.
Keep moving.
Eyes forward, love.
Come on.
Open up! I've got a baby! - Sir, get back! - Come on! You see that bus over there? Okay.
Follow me, okay? Follow me.
Come on.
It's me and my son.
Christian! Christian! Christian! Christian! Christian! I'm so sorry.
They'll see you over there.
We need to talk.
I'm hearing the ceasefire's shaky.
They've been saying the ceasefire's gonna blow up for years.
Right, and if it does, then the fighting will be over the DMZ and we will be stuck in an active war zone.
I've looked everywhere else in both countries and Manhattan is the only place I haven't been able to get into until you.
You don't know what you're in for.
I know that my son might be in there and that I'd rather be stuck in an active war zone than be out here wishing I could look for him.
You're getting me in there tonight.
Head down and keep up.
My guy back there was saying they usually know the rotation 48 hours out but last night, they only got their posts for the day.
He's worried either we're being found out or something bigger's going on so we only get 24 hours.
We're late getting back we're dead on sight.
You miss the rendezvous, you're stuck here at least until my next go.
- When's that? - I go in about every 45 days.
Now my one rule you do not say a fucking word about this to anyone inside, okay? - Do not mention my name.
- Yeah.
You see that? No soldier can get past that.
If even one of their bullets passes that line the ceasefire is fucked and we're back to full-out war.
What's your plan? I'm gonna start with what I know, the urgent care clinic I worked at before all of this.
Good luck with that.
You have no idea what you're walking into.
You're on your own.
Meet me right back here at 4.
00am, not one second later.
My advice, stay downtown.
There's nothing uptown but looters, shut-ins, and lunatics.
It's people at their worst.
Stick to your cover story.
You were taking care of an elderly couple in the financial district.
Good luck.
I know you're scared.
I used to be scared, too till I realized it ain't worth it anymore.
We can die a million ways each day, so what's the point? Found yourself a place yet? It ain't fair, Odi, but you got to grow up.
You got to have a plan.
You can't live alone uptown.
There's nothing left here for you.
You need community.
Be a man and ask the nurse.
She's got room.
Kid living up here with a stinky, old grandpa.
That ain't right.
Good luck.
Everything good? I'd say so, baby.
Thought you'd want to know everyone showed, six of the eight major crews.
Try this.
That's good.
- Salty.
- Salty? Get the fuck out of here, man.
That's fleur de sel.
You know how much that bite would've cost you before all this? Yo.
We need to talk about your platform.
Election strategy, man.
Get ahead of this before someone else does, huh? Naw, look, bro.
I get into all that, it's gonna spook them so for now, I'm gonna keep close.
It's your play.
I know.
Got stuff right here.
"People at their worst.
" You want a game, lady? You're gonna be all right.
Calm down, okay? Can I help you? Yes.
I'm looking for whoever's in charge in here.
You found me.
I need a utility cart outside.
- There's a gunshot wound.
- On it.
- What do you want? - I just would like to go through your patient logs.
- I'll stay out of your way.
- Who are you? My name is Alma Ortega.
- I used to work here - Behind you! This is room 4, Rose.
So you're a doctor? Can you suture a brachial artery? I don't have time Help me.
I'll give you my patient logs.
Three, two, one! Who's this? A medic who can suture better than I can.
Go field someone from the bottleneck outside.
- Josh, take this.
- Name's Brandon.
Forceps, needle, and thread are on the table.
East village Militia do this? My cousin Angel.
Promised to cut my throat open.
I'm fucking dead! Stay here as long as you need.
- He'll come for me here! - No.
You are safe here.
I promise, okay? You're going to be fine.
Now, Brandon, this isn't gonna hurt any more than it already does.
You're good for it.
Now bite into this and squeeze her hand.
Got me? One, two, three.
There we go.
- And we're pinched.
- Oh, and he's out.
All right.
All right.
Are the records still down the hall, last door on the right? So, black binders on the desk go back six years.
Can I have one? Sure.
Take it.
Hey, family.
What's happening now? Everybody good? Oh, yeah.
What's good, my man? - What's good, my man? - Good, man.
I need a word with you, man.
You bet.
Everybody, put your hands together for the one and only Parco Delgado! Hey.
What a day, huh? Now this right here, this is something special.
- Yeah! - Yeah! For the first time, all of us here together.
Yeah! I want to greet our friends from the bowery protectorate - The Westside Kollectiv - Yeah! El camino muerto - Mercer street - Hidey-ho! - The 2-4 - 2-4! And of course, my one and only Kings! Now check this out.
I don't know about you but it seems to me that we've been taking our cues from the folks across the rivers for too long.
Our own crews right here claiming to be US Patriots, FSA loyalists.
Got us all at each other's throats.
Now they call this a DMZ, right? So-called demilitarized zone but this ain't no neutral territory.
- No! - This is abandonment.
- Yeah! - That's right! They walled us in! They turned their backs on us! Our own people did that to us to you, and we still taking sides? - No! - No! That's why I'm running for governor of the DMZ.
You keep this unity going, folks, we will be our own state.
The people out there will take note.
- Yeah! - This will be your DMZ! All right.
Look I'm out, but we got a fresh hunt on the grills, plenty of home brew.
Hang out and have fun.
We'll be doing this all day.
Skel here yet? Nah, not yet.
That ain't just paint on your hand.
What did he do? He was rude.
Stupid on him.
Two years ago, my daddy was rude to you.
Stupid on him, too.
And as we continue to take sides against one another in here to all my sisters and brothers in the DMZ I say keep it safe, keep it level, and always keep it dope.
Queen Dope here on radio DMZ - Who are you looking for? - My son.
Christian Ortega.
He have a dad in the picture? He was locked up when the troops marched in.
Ninth precinct.
No inmate survived that.
Where are you from? - Financial district.
- The ruins? That's a kill zone.
I was taking care of an elderly couple for the past six years.
Hardly ever been out.
They just passed, so just a little bit disconnected.
Are there any other clinics around? Nope.
Just us and with the US Aid drops gone, strapped for meds.
In a few days, I'll just have people shitting themselves to death on my doorstep.
You do make a difference.
Even when we are stuck between two fucking warring armies with guns trained on us, people around here they can't see past killing each other for better standing.
Just makes you wonder.
The last name's smudged out, but This Christian could be anyone.
It was four years ago, so you're not gonna find him looking through paper.
You should start with the traders.
They know everyone in here.
I'm gonna go see about meds that I can trade for.
You can come if you want.
Yo, Miss Rose.
Hey, Odi.
What you doing down here? With my friend.
You good? You know, no meds, no supplies no clue how I'm gonna make it to tomorrow.
You still got bread and cheese, right? You hungry? Thanks, lady.
We gonna do this or not? Come on.
I'm still coming back for my grilled cheese, though.
All right.
I'll see you later.
- Stay out of trouble.
- I'll try.
Later, Miss Rose.
Cute kid.
Five years ago, I nursed him back from the brink.
Then one day, he started eating again.
I made him this grilled cheese and now he comes by pretty much every day.
That's all he wants.
Gave him the wrong idea, but how do you say no? Don't.
That's what they mean when they talk about democracy killers like Skel and his public hit list.
If you're not crossed out, you're next.
RIP, Michael Bauer.
Is that why you carry that gun with you everywhere? We're in a fucking war zone.
I sleep with this gun in my hand.
Let's go through here.
Short cut.
This place is pretty much abandoned.
Just watch your back.
People won't hesitate to kill you in here for whatever you've got even if this place is protected by Wilson Lin.
Wilson Lin? - Yeah.
- I knew a Wilson Lin.
We worked together in Presbyterian Hospital.
He was an orderly.
The Wilson Lin? Mans his own army out of the Yunnu Tea Room? No.
Well, everyone was someone before the war.
None of it matters now.
You think he'll win? Wilson? I mean, he could.
You never know.
I haven't really been keeping up to speed on all of it.
Hell, yeah.
Everything good? How'd the thing go with the Chinese? I'm gonna be getting intel on more caches soon.
Thank you.
I'm glad you made it.
Got a good turnout.
Everyone behaving? Yeah, so far, but it's nice, though, you know people getting together like this.
It's important.
Because you know what'll kill you in this place? Solitude.
And here we are, election in six days.
This is when we got to stick together the most, and here's the truth.
I ain't nothing without you, okay, kid? You got family, you got me.
Remember that because solitude will kill you, too you keep hanging alone.
You hear me? Now let's get going.
I need you with me now.
Freeze, motherfucker! What? Wasting your time on peon desks.
Got to hit the offices with a view.
Freeze, motherfucker! No fucking way.
Come on.
We're almost there.
I know the traders might have some leads but would Wilson know if my son's in the DMZ? Yeah, but Wilson is not an option.
Yunnu Tea Room? Is that where I find him? You can't get to him, and even if you could you don't let a man like that get his hooks in you.
You would know that if you were from here.
You've been living in a kill zone and you're only now just looking for your son? You're from outside.
Can you get me out? Can you get me out? Motherfucker! Get back here! Damn it.
Alma! Stop, you piece of shit! Alma, stop! Let him go! You're getting too close to the river! Come on! Stop! This is a hot zone! Goddamn it, Alma! Stay low! Rose? Rose? - Put pressure! - Walkie in my bag.
Call an ambulance.
This is Rose.
Anyone copy? Over.
This is Rose! Anyone there? Copy, Rose.
What's going on? My friend from the 2-4.
You know what I love about this guy? One look at his face, I know exactly where his loyalty lies.
Thank you for making the time to meet me.
So? I can't offer the 2-4's support.
I just thought I should tell you that in person.
It's almost like you're leaving me at the altar, Jordan.
Why? Word is you're gonna offer us gold, and the 2-4 - 2-4! - 2-4! Ain't for sale, so I didn't want to make a scene, but Hey.
He didn't want to make a scene, so Listen, man.
You got to know this isn't ideal for me, bro but I'll tell you what, I'll accept it if you can walk out of here.
That's right, fool.
Everybody, relax.
Come on, man.
It ain't got to be like this.
Everybody, relax, okay? Listen.
There's 300,000 people in the DMZ.
I can't just kill you off because you won't get in line.
No one's hurting anyone except you and Skel.
Just make it to the door.
All right.
Fuck it.
- You got it! - Come on, son.
Let's get it! Come on! Let's go, J! Represent! - Good luck, man.
- Go! - Yeah! - Yeah! - Come on! - Come on, baby! - 2-4! - 2-4! J, get up! What's up, JJ! Come on! Fight back! JJ! JJ! Come on! - J, get up! - Get up, man! Come on, Jordan, get up, man.
Door's right there, Jordan.
No, man.
No, man.
They'll handle this.
That's enough.
He's got to be able to get up.
You take that! You're gonna throw the full weight of the 2-4 behind me and when I buy you and your featherweight crew say thank you.
Could have just shot him in the foot, you know? Why waste the bullet? Welcome back.
Bullet went through clean.
Nicked your SMA, no major organ damage.
- Oh, thank god.
- You're all sewed up got you on ampicillin.
I got to go.
But I'll be back.
In the meantime brought you your gun.
I know you sleep better with it.
I'm so sorry, Rose.
Rest up, okay? I'll be back.
Excuse me.
I need to see Wilson.
I'm not carrying.
My name is Alma Ortega.
Wilson's not expecting you.
Is he here? Wilson, I just need to talk.
My name is Alma Ortega.
I'm hoping that You're not getting past me.
Are you fucking kidding me? It's good to see you, Wilson.
Can you believe me, huh? I honestly can't.
Look at this place.
Open floor plan, great vibe.
You have bodyguards now.
Yeah, and they do exactly what I say.
How about that Meilin, huh? Complete psychopath.
Real name's Jessica.
You want to know how to inspire loyalty? You baptize someone with a new badass name.
She'd have killed you.
It's all just a little on the nose.
Yeah, and it works.
People don't give a shit about how relatable or down-to-earth a leader is.
They want spectacle, hm? I mean, come on! I'm sorry.
It's just a lot to process.
You used to peddle weed and pills from the hospital pharmacy.
You'd tell me every day how well I wore my scrubs.
You wore those scrubs well.
You were a harmless flirt.
You were cute.
- You mean, powerless.
- Maybe, yeah.
What the fuck, man? How are you all of this? There was this bank manager I knew growing up.
I watched him deny my guardian a bank loan maybe 20 times.
Same guy.
So when everyone's going nuts, evacuating I got a gun, I walked down the street to his bank and I told him that I wouldn't blow his head off if he and his employees all left right then.
- And then? - They walked out.
They left the bank's entire gold and cash reserve right there.
You know, after that, it was like a switch flipped, you know? This new guy took over.
I mean, this Wilson this Wilson would have asked you out way earlier.
Remember that night, hm? I do.
Come on.
You were into it.
You I was having a very stressful night that night.
Yeah, and I just happened to be the thing that was standing right in front of you.
- Yeah, I know.
- Yes.
Right there.
It's okay.
It's good to see you, Alma.
You know, I can't speak with anyone like this now that I've become a shrewd ruler, and, Alma, I am shrewd as fuck.
I mean, I can read a person like a 10-cent comic, you know? Like the people here.
They just want to be left alone.
For the first time ever, people have been able to decide what it is they truly care about.
For me, that's Chinatown.
All these other dingdongs jockey to rule the island.
Meanwhile, I've got money, muscle leverage, and I focus it on my 12-square blocks.
I've rebuilt this into my Eden.
It's fucking Mayberry in here.
So you came in with this underground railroad lunatic.
- Franklin, is it? - How'd you know that? Alma, I know everything here.
Yeah? Well, I'm looking for my son.
I don't even know if he's here.
We got separated on day one, and it's why I came to see you.
I remember your kid.
He was cute.
Yeah, he was but I've been all over the two countries looking for him but I never got a chance to canvass for him here.
So you haven't seen him or heard of him have you? His name is Christian Ortega.
What can I offer? You need to get somewhere? Take my driver.
Christian, you want some more farina? I made extra.
Can I help you? No Help, Nicole! You trying to be brave, too? Oh, my God! Please, wake up! Oh, God! It's grilled cheese, right? Found butter in the fridge.
I don't know how rose made it but my son liked it with the bread real crispy.
Sounds good.
Everything okay back there? Not really, no.
Miss Rose here? No.
She's not.
It's cool.
I'll just ask her another time.
It's Odi, right? Yeah.
You got a middle name? You don't want to know my first name? I like to know people's middle names.
I can't remember mine.
I don't really like my middle name.
Come on.
Zarela? How many people do you know with that middle name? None actually.
You got to celebrate that.
It's cool.
I think I'm gonna call you Zee.
I almost forgot.
Rose said she needed supplies.
Maybe you could use them for holding tubes or bandages or something.
That's really thoughtful.
Thank you.
What happened to your face? Got jumped.
Union Square West.
I pawned some stuff I found.
They wanted the money.
Let me see.
Oh, they got you really good.
Come here.
It really hurts.
This'll make it feel better.
I It smells like it's done.
I got to go.
I think that you should go home, too.
Good luck.
You, too.
I'm here.
I'm home.
You can't leave all day like that.
You have responsibilities.
Did you find a place? Did you ask the nurse? No? Boy, you need to ask that damn nurse.
You and I both know I'm holding you back.
You need to open your eyes and see things as they are and then move on.
Kid living alone like this, it ain't right.
- Aydee Willem.
- Here.
- Jessica Erenhurst.
- Here.
Simon Beaudry.
You barely made it.
Michael Bauer and Richard Ortiz.
Come on.
Let's go.
Michael Bauer? Did I see your name on Skel's wall? Yeah.
About a month ago, Parco was muscling in on my crew.
- I said he was full of shit.
- Who? Parco.
- Parco who? - Delgado, man.
Spanish Harlem Kings.
Anyway, next thing I know, his kid writes me up on his wall.
Hold on.
Who'd you say wrote you up? Skel.
But you called him something else.
What? Parco's son? You know, that psycho's next in line to run the Kings.
The bogeyman himself.
This war better be over before that can happen.
Hey, assholes.
Walk, or the US Army's gonna be all over us.
Have you seen him? Yeah.
How old is he? 23, 24.
I don't know.
How old's the devil? I said walk.
I have to go back.
You heard what those people said about that guy.
Skel is not the son you remember.
That's for me to decide.
I have to get him out.
All right.
You know, I don't have time for this.
You're on your own.
Look out! Freeze! Get her! Get her! She's heading into the line! Do not cross that line! Hold your fire! Let her go! She's dead in there anyway.
Stupid on you, lady.
Now you're dead.
Not anymore.
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