DMZ (2022) s01e02 Episode Script


1 Okay, she's showing you her broad side.
Heart's just behind the nearest shoulder.
That's the cleanest kill shot possible.
But you're aiming too far left.
Aim right.
That's it.
A little bit farther.
A little more.
Deep breath.
Brace for the recoil.
And squeeze.
Damn good.
Look at us.
Three years ago, we started with four blocks and we'd shoot on sight to guard it.
Now we got opened up roads, crew affiliations, free trade.
That started with you.
Oh, my You trying to get me going here, huh? It's working.
Tú no te cansas? I'm trying to tell you I'm proud of you, fool.
I'm gonna make breakfast.
Today is the day, friends.
The DMZ's first-ever debate Parco and Wilson.
The two icons, the two egos.
And the two men who have been beating their chests to convince us they deserve our vote.
And that's big, folks.
Big for you, big for me and big for all the cozy-ass white boys chewing their nails on the outside.
So show up to city hall tonight.
Listen and make a choice.
And now a little something to bounce to.
Pancakes? How? Farm co-op gave me a sack of flour, some butter and eggs early congratulations for today.
I might get used to this.
Bring that coffee, girl.
You got to sweeten that up just a little bit.
Yeah, but you added a little bit too much sugar to it.
Come on, now.
Don't front like you ain't enjoying it.
I know you loving it.
What do you think of that? Little Nene? Well, the kid with the bat needs to choke up on the grip and that pitcher needs to lose his sidearm.
You know what I mean.
Come on, baby.
Not now.
Why you got a stupid grin on your face? I'm just enjoying the sun is all.
I'm just thinking about my pops.
About what? Nah, nothing.
Just how when he came here with a pocket full of coins.
Set us up in a tiny, little shithole on 124th.
He'd say "In all of the world, the sun shines a little brighter here.
" - That's a nice thought.
- It's bullshit.
That man had to climb just a little bit higher than most to really see it.
He'd be proud of you.
He'd be loaded.
Parco! Oh, fuck.
After eight years and a civil war what do you want, to borrow some sugar? How did you find me? How many times did I have to listen to you go on about how you were gonna own this block? Wasn't hard.
You gonna let me in? I'm making a scene out here.
Ain't gonna be much better in here.
Why? 'Cause I'm not gonna let you in, bitch.
- What the fuck are you doing here? - Hi, Carmen.
Who the fuck do you think you are, showing up to this home - To my home? - Look, I don't want to bother you.
Bitch, you are bothering me, so turn your ass around and leave.
Eight years and a civil war later, and this one's still all bark.
Bitch, I am right here.
Say it to my face.
You know, you always wanted to be like me.
Looks like you're still trying.
But this is impressive.
I like the decor.
After the shit you pulled you want to come here and insult me, too? The grownups are talking.
Listen, I just need some information - And I'm more than happy to leave.
- What do you want to know? I don't want to interrupt your daily routine Oh, shit.
Stop! You think you could rat Parco out and come back here? You know, they arrested him right before evacuation day.
He could've starved in holding.
Cops all ran and you didn't think to save him? No! They arrested me, too, you dumb bitch.
Hey, yo Hey.
Hey, yo Hey Okay.
- I'm gonna kill that rat.
- Okay, I know you are.
Hey, I got this.
I got this, all right? What do you want, woman? I need to see Christian.
Tell me where he is, and I'll leave.
For one, he don't go by that name no more.
And he likes his privacy.
Unlike you, I respect that.
Oona isn't coming through for you.
Long time, Cesar.
What do you mean, "Oona isn't coming through?" Same thing, man.
Couldn't get in.
They wouldn't talk to me.
Bitch out front almost shot me this time.
No, we need Oona.
We get her buy-in tonight at the debate it's game over.
What, you think Wilson got to her? No.
She's an island.
And this one? Nah, she was just leaving.
Tell me where he is.
Where is he? Fuck you! One-six that you won't make it.
All right.
Your name? Fuck you.
Bodhi Kang.
Spell it.
- K-A-N-G? - Yeah.
And your name? - Richard Ho.
- Much easier.
We come into this world naked and alone, right? And we leave it naked and alone.
You got to get you and yours squared up.
To hell with all y'all.
You see, in the end it's just you and God.
That's it.
It's just you and God.
That's it.
The preacher ain't wrong.
You're looking for home.
But home takes time.
Making peace with yourself.
That's the first step to finding your place and that takes real courage, Odi.
Yo! Why you listening to that fucking idiot, man? Dude's nuts.
Come on.
Come on.
Got something to show you.
It's just you and God.
I don't get it.
What does this have to do with my problem? Tell me about the book.
A man is sent to Cuba to be a spy for the British.
He lies about everything to everyone to get promoted, to make more money.
Everyone believes his lies anyway.
- And real consequences play out.
- And? And people start dying, but he doubles down on his lies and the way others react make his lies come true.
What does that tell you about truth? That it's irrelevant.
Now your gold is disappearing and only three people know where it's hidden and one of them is a rat.
How to know which one? It doesn't matter.
I can just choose.
Either I'll be right or I'll be wrong in which case, either the truth, will be whatever I say it is or it'll emerge on its own.
Is that what you're telling me? I left a new book on your desk, another tale about a fantastic liar.
What would I do without you, Susie? And I take no credit.
I simply share my books with you.
Even a king kneels to the future.
We leave for city hall in five hours.
I want everyone there.
We go as You stayed.
I did.
Come here.
They adore you.
Well, I work hard for it.
I'm so sorry.
There's just something quick I got to take care of.
Would you excuse me for a moment? - Oh, of course.
- I'll be back.
Wait with her in my office.
It won't take long.
Good morning, gentlemen.
- How's your mother? - She's good.
You are the only people who know where my gold is hidden.
I entrusted you to secure those caches.
And now another one's gone missing.
One of you is my rat.
I'll return tomorrow with both of your mothers.
If I don't get a full confession from this group I'll kill them in front of you.
I'm so sorry.
I knew you'd come back.
You know, your timing is perfect.
I've got this debate today.
Would you ever have thought that I'd be the one fighting for a new republic here with total political freedom? Actually, yeah.
So that's what you're peddling, political freedom? People don't want to be told what to do.
The ecosystem of crews here it's developed out of truly free choice.
My people don't want what the artist collective wants and those folks don't want the same thing as the kings uptown.
What we all want is the freedom to self-determine.
And I just want to guarantee it.
So why did you stay? I asked you about my son Christian.
I didn't know how to tell you that Parco is his father.
Now, do you know him? I know a lot about Skel.
Can you tell me where he lives? You are stepping into stratospheres of consequence that can really hurt you, Alma.
You need to stop and ask yourself if this is worth it.
Skel's the crown prince.
If I touch him, the DMZ will have its own civil war.
Do you know where he lives? Not today.
I'm sorry.
I'm gonna try Oona, then.
Oona? Yeah.
Maybe she knows.
What do you know about Oona? Clearly, a lot more than you think.
I know she's holding out on Parco.
Yeah, no shit.
She's holding out on me, too.
That's the one thing your baby daddy and I have in common.
Well, he's playing for her hard, and she's got him sweating.
Because he's trying to win her with deals like he does to everybody.
See, he's too arrogant to see you don't win Oona.
She's holed up in the cloisters with all the sway in the DMZ.
And that scares you.
A woman like Oona requires nuance and patience.
Two ideas Parco knows nothing about.
You disagree.
I think you engage a woman like Oona with humanity by going beyond yourself to help others.
In time you'll help the right people.
She'll see you.
Go along the Hudson.
The FSA won't fire at you for being near the water like the US.
Thank you.
And, Alma good luck.
Christian? Christian? I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
You didn't get any more tattoos.
Why did you come back? For you.
I came back for you.
- Your work is incredible.
- Don't say a word about my art.
You don't get to do that.
What do you want? - Christian, I - Stop saying that name.
For the past 7 years, 11 months, 25 days I've been thinking only about that name.
About you.
I've been looking for you.
Dreaming about this moment.
I lost you and I'm sorry.
I love you.
I love you forever, and I swear, I will never leave you again.
You didn't lose me.
I ran.
Follow me, okay? Follow me.
What? Please.
Just me and my son.
Christian? Christian! You spent my whole life looking right through me.
The past doesn't matter.
I can hear your father.
Yeah? Well, he sees it all clearly.
He's not living in some fantasy.
And he gave me the one thing you always took from me power.
(Power?) And that's all that matters now.
I'm not your son anymore.
And I don't feel anger or hate for you right now.
I feel nothing.
So get the fuck out of my home.
Go cry for me somewhere else and don't you ever come back here again.
- Go! - Please Please.
Go! Yo, you all right? Tonight, make sure that our friends are spread throughout.
I don't want any room for a split in the crowd.
Speaking of, how's that looking? The co-op and the Kollectiv, they accepted our gold.
Confirmed they'll be ready to endorse you.
Now, the other usual suspects did the same.
Union Square, Mercer.
I even stopped by to see Jordan.
2-4's in line.
All right.
What about the artists? - Leaning Wilson.
- Oona? Can't hold our breath.
Look, worst case, she's on the line.
You ready for this? Yeah, tú sabes.
I'm gonna whip this crowd into a fine lather.
No, man.
I mean governor.
Neither army wants to see the DMZ getting strong.
I know we got our plan, but there ain't no going back.
Listen, bro, 10, 15 years from now, this right here is what the kids are gonna be talking about in history class, okay? In our schools, right here in Manhattan.
Hell, yeah, I'm ready.
How about you? I'm at your six, brother, all day.
All right.
Yo, look who decided to show up.
You know, we all been missing you enough to start wondering.
Give me and the old man some air.
Relax, bro.
Go get yourself a Paleta.
Come on.
Let's take a walk.
She came, just like you warned.
Already? Damn.
Figured it would've taken more than just a few hours to find you.
Well, I made myself clear when I told her to leave.
Maybe I got carried away, but she heard me.
Hey, remember that time we went to the graffiti hall of fame about a week after evacuation day, we had that place all to ourselves? You're trying to cool me off.
I mean, the war was going on all around us bombs going off, gunfire.
But you, it was like you got swept away into this whole other world.
The way I remember you feeling, man that's how I'm feeling today.
- Proud of you, pop.
- And that woman that dropped in on us, esa bruja madre tuya ain't gonna step on none of that.
She changes nothing.
I mean, so what, she snuck in here.
After eight years? I give her two days before the DMZ eats her alive.
Yo, listen to me.
Five days from now after the vote is all said and done we're gonna be fixing up our offices in city hall.
Announcing Manhattan as our own state.
And I want you to lead Spanish Harlem.
Yeah, okay.
"Yeah, okay"? That's it? That's all you got for me? Better bring it in here, man.
Listen, none of this shit would have been possible without you, man.
That's the truth.
Hey, I'm proud of you, man.
We're so close now, you know? Yes, sir.
My brother says that cannibals hide gold in there.
You gonna wuss out about it? No.
Fuck it.
Let's get out of here.
Come here.
Hold my legs.
Come on.
Just a little more.
- Odi, we got to go.
- Okay.
Run! Come on.
In here.
Holy shit.
- Was that them? - I don't know, man.
But that was fucking awesome.
Even if it was for that dumb shit.
Just you and me, God, right? I think it's amazing.
Hey, yo, what the fuck, lady? You want to get us killed? - Odi.
- Hi, Zee.
Nico's right.
We all got to bounce.
What are you doing here? We were just leaving.
I'm going to the cloisters.
- No - No - Get down.
- What? - They'll see you.
- You cannot go to the city of dis.
The whole area is run by cannibals.
They're fanatics.
They'll have you on a spike before you're even dead.
Is there a way around 'em? Along the river or through the park.
If you like, I can show you.
No fucking way I'm going.
I'll see you at city hall.
Come on.
That kind of day, huh? Put it on your tab? I'll settle up.
I want to hold the hand inside you I look to you, and I see nothing Fade into you I think it's strange you never knew Hey, I did a full song.
I get a full pour.
I got you.
All right.
Just finish up, all right? We're closing early for the debate.
So he does speak.
I've seen you in here five times.
Never once saw you talk to anybody.
Who's been counting? I notice my audience.
I wanted to charge you extra for the way you look at me, though.
I'm good for it.
What's your name? Christian.
They only let girls in to see Oona.
I'll wait for you here.
You lost? I need to speak with Oona.
Come any further, just know you got at least three riffles aimed at you.
What's your name? Whatever your name is, I owe Oona exactly one favor.
She called, and I came.
I've never seen you before.
It's all good if you want to send me away but I'm not coming back.
You can tell Oona she can find a doctor somewhere else.
Stay here.
Hey! A liar who comes unarmed.
Snake in the grass if I ever saw one.
If you're here about water, you're out of luck.
I don't change the water flow in this city for anybody.
I didn't come here for water.
Then what do you want, food, shelter? I need your support.
Parco sent you up here to buy me off? I don't give a fuck about his gold.
I'm not here to shill for Parco.
I'm here to destroy him.
And I'm not from the DMZ.
I've only been here two days.
Look, for the past eight years I've been all over the free states and the united states and that should matter to you because while you've built your walled garden here I know that the people in charge out there are just biding their time to come back here and take this all away from you.
But we can change that if we act now.
What's your name? Zee.
The lights will come back in a bit.
Let me get your coat.
You did all these? Yeah.
What's that one? That is the city during a storm.
You know, if the lights were on, you could see the blue glow across the bottom.
That's the steam coming up off the pavement.
And the drips.
Is that the rain? That's the moment right before lightning strikes.
When the first bombs hit I was down in the main valve chamber, 200 feet below central park.
Elevator got knocked out.
I was stuck down there for a week.
When I finally came up, the first thing I saw was a teenage girl beating up an old man.
It looked like he had just robbed a bodega.
But she didn't take his food.
She took his gun.
And that's when I realized we were all in a race to stock up on currency.
Most people were chasing guns and gold but they forgot about water.
The one thing everyone needs to survive.
So I took it.
- To leverage it? - To keep it equal.
And out of the hands of warlords like Parco.
That's why I want to take him down.
How? Throw your weight behind Wilson at the debate tonight.
I have to do this.
My son I lost him in the evacuation.
I got knocked out, and I woke up in the US.
But my boy was trapped here and then he found his father Parco.
Your son is Skel? Skel is the idea that Parco has turned him into.
And the only way to break that spell is to break Parco himself.
And you think that's through Wilson? I think that's through you.
You have a voice here.
This is your home.
I'm not gonna be sticking around.
Parco will rule this place the only way that he knows how.
By fear.
It's what he comes from.
He's driven by it, but I'm not.
Parco, Wilson.
It's all Kabuki theater, sweetheart.
Well, what about you? You know, you say you're about equality but you've got enough water for this kind of irrigation? People come to the clinic for a sip of water and you're just washing your hands on demand.
We're all looking out for our own.
That doesn't mean that we get to sit on the sidelines.
Come to the table.
There is no table in the DMZ.
Then someone should build one.
That wasn't the first time I saw you play.
The first time was about a year ago.
Oh, yeah? What'd I play? I can't remember.
I just remember the way you felt.
The way you made me feel when you sang.
And how was that? Weightless.
I imagined that the world outside was normal again.
And that after I'd talk to you.
Maybe ask you out.
I used to do that.
Like, pretend and live in daydreams.
Then after a while, it started to hurt more than it helped.
When I saw you today just for a second, I felt myself looking forward.
I'm pretty sure I'm looking forward right now.
Can I ask you something? Of course.
- Do you live at the clinic? - Hey! This is my dinner.
Come on.
I found this.
I thought of you.
Just you and me, God, right? God bless you, kid.
That was really nice of you.
Are you okay? My grandpa always told me the best way to go on here is to keep moving but I'm tired.
Hey, it's not that I'm afraid of the dark.
Just the night.
I know Rose died.
Do you have somewhere to stay? I was gonna ask Rose.
Do you want to stay with me at the clinic? We'll both stay there.
Got it, boss.
The crowd's mostly ours.
You look good.
Wilson! Wilson! Let me hear you, DMZ! You all ready to throw this shit down? Yeah All right.
It looks like we already got one fighter to the ring.
We all know him as the maven of mulberry the killer below canal that is Wilson Lin holding it down for Chinatown, baby! Give it up! Thank you for coming.
Your father would be proud.
It's hail to the motherfuckin' chief of uptown Parco Delgado! - Parco! - Parco! All right.
Listen up.
Each fighter gets one minute for opening moves.
Then we hit the questions.
Let's get it.
You all clean up nice.
How's everybody feeling tonight? Now, look, I'm gonna try to keep this real brief.
It's too nice a night to waste on some motherfuckers talking politics.
Am I right? - Now, you all know me, right? - Yeah! - Who the fuck am I? - Parco! When you see me on the street, you say, "That's my OG.
" Parco! You know me 'cause I come from right here, born and raised.
You know me because you are me, and I am you.
Yeah, Parco! Hold up.
Let me Let me tell you something that makes me mad.
Our name, DMZ.
That's the name that they gave us.
It ain't ours.
But I'll tell you what is, this land is ours.
- Yeah! - Yeah! And first things first we're gonna march over to the Lincoln Tunnel where the FSA's got their soldiers and we're gonna kick them the fuck off our island.
- Yeah! - Yeah! We're gonna take it all back together.
Uptown, downtown, do it as one unified state.
But to do that, we got to do it speaking in one voice.
You mean your voice, right? Leaders lead.
Call it what you want.
He puts on a good show.
I'll give him that.
But let's, let's get real.
Parco's talking about some grand, unified United State.
I'm talking about your freedom.
Which is the first thing this guy's gonna take from you.
The past eight years have been hard, no doubt.
But for the first time ever you have been completely free with the power to call your own shots make your own life.
Before the war, we never knew freedom like this.
We were marginalized unseen, undervalued, shut out! Well, guess what.
Parco wants to go back to those good old days.
But if you wanted a daddy to tell you what to do to sell you empty promises of social infrastructure, blah you could've left when the soldiers told you to.
Am I right? You could be out there right now pledging your allegiance to either of these two Americas but you're not.
You chose here, where you're free to build your own future.
And tonight, in this election, we can secure that liberty and that's what I'm gonna do, friends.
I'm gonna protect your freedom.
I'm gonna defend it! Yeah! That's right, Wilson! You don't need this clown's voice drowning out your own.
You just need someone like me to keep him and his cronies off your back.
Yo, yo, hold up.
Hold up.
Who you calling a clown, man? Just because your bald-headed, Humpty Dumpty ass puts on a suit doesn't make you governor.
Come on, man.
The US, the FSA, they want us divided.
We want to stand up, we got to unite.
The armies outside ain't gonna leave us alone, fool.
- Call the roll, Len.
- What about questions? We're gonna skip right to the answers.
- You all want to see who we are? - Yeah! - Then let's go.
- Okay.
Roll call for this week's election.
Here we go.
Spanish Harlem kings, who you endorse? We pledge to Parco.
- Parco! - Parco! Stuytown, where you at? Stuytown stands with Wilson! El camino muerto, speak up.
Camino muerto stands with Parco.
2-4 crew, what it do? Parco.
Bowery protectorate? The bowery backs Parco Delgado.
Let's take back our city.
That, to me, sounds like a landslide.
Hey hold up.
We also got the Westside Kollectiv, the Co-op, Mercer street Union Square east and west the Power Grid folks on east 14th street.
Shall I go on? - Parco! - Parco! Is that Oona? Quiet, man.
Parco stands up here offering you protection? Well, I'm hearing him threatening to take it away.
This isn't a powerful man offering power.
This is a fearful man stoking fear.
I don't like this.
I stay away from all of it, and I can because I have power these men couldn't even dream of.
I could run this city dry and I could stand here and demand your loyalty in exchange.
That's what Parco will do, but that's not me.
I didn't come here to endorse either one of these men.
There is one person that I'm inspired by someone who recognizes what is broken and challenges us to fix it.
I came here to throw my support behind Zee.
Where she goes, I go.
Zee? Who the fuck is that? And I urge all of you to do the same.
- Who the fuck is Zee? - She's up there.
You don't know me, but you should listen to me because I've got 5,000 gallons of purified water for you underneath my feet and because I came from the outside with a message for you all.
Out there, they're fighting for what you already have here.
A chance to start over, get it right.
The future isn't about kings.
It's about partners.
So I came here today to tell you that I am a partner to Wilson.
- Wilson? - A vote for Wilson is a vote for you.
So we can use all our voices to build a new kind of power.
So raise your glass and get your fill of purified water.
This will be running for the next three hours.
- Zee! - Zee! - Zee! - Zee! Translator: IYUNO
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