Doctor Climax (2024) s01e01 Episode Script


Dear Dr. Nat,
I'd like to apologize for writing to you.
My question isn't about my pimples.
You see,
there have been some changes
to my body lately.
When I secretly read my mom's novels
and get to the erotic scenes,
my body feels strange
but I'm not sure
what I should do with it.
The only thing I know is
sometimes, my private area feels
like it's throbbing,
and it makes me feel so good.
My whole body tenses up.
When I use my fingers to press it softly,
it tenses up even more.
The more I rub it, the better it feels.
What's wrong, Noi?
You screamed as if someone died.
It's nothing, Mom.
Just a gecko.
So, the climax mentioned in Mom's novels,
what's it like exactly?
Are my symptoms consistent
with nymphomania?
If I want to stop feeling aroused,
what should I do with myself, Doctor?
From S.
The Bizarre Jungle
by Nat Muangnon.
In the middle of the Himavanta,
after having narrowly escaped
a cannibal tribe
Hunter Nat the Sorcerer,
and Juliana,
a beautiful woman from Vienna,
cautiously continue taking their steps.
And suddenly
A weretiger.
Hunter Nat grabs a knife on his waist.
He gets a hold of himself.
And finally
Everything in front of him settles down.
Hunter Nat steps forward
and parts the thick bushes.
There, he finds
Did you find anything, Doctor?
Oh, it's nothing.
You have some inflammation
and a yeast infection.
Please take extra care
to maintain good hygiene, Ms. Waew.
I'll prescribe oral and suppository drugs.
Please use the suppository every night.
This is for the next patient.
Do you have birth control pills?
This is a dermatology clinic,
so we don't keep any in stock.
An obstetrics clinic should have some.
But you can get them at a pharmacy.
I don't dare buy them there.
I'm afraid the seller will know
I'm going to do it with my partner.
Why is that so?
Human beings have sex.
There's nothing to be embarrassed about.
Well then,
I'll be on my way.
-Take your medicine as instructed.
Mr. Parinya, please go to room one.
Follow the doctor's suggestions
and see how it goes,
then come back
for the next appointment, all right?
What is it?
-Have you finished reading it, Tien?
-Hey, Doc. Are you done?
Your novel's based on mine,
The Curse of the Tiger River, right?
Let's say it got inspired by it.
I wanted to write an adventure story.
Even though you made your characters
meet this weird snail of yours,
the story is still not exciting enough.
Not Thai people's cup of tea.
And your characters are like
Where were we?
Not exciting
and not Thai people's cup of tea.
That's it.
The hunter, your male lead,
is so bland, like
Be honest with me.
Why trouble yourself
trying to be a writer?
Your job is already exciting enough.
Countless women spread their legs for you.
Not all of them are nice to look at.
Everyone who comes to see me has problems.
Actually, it's just a kind of epithelium.
You've crushed my imagination.
I'm just fulfilling my family's wish.
It doesn't fulfill my life.
But the life you're complaining about
is the dream life of many people.
You have a young, pretty wife
waiting for you with home-cooked food.
You were born into a rich
and prestigious family.
You're the son of M.L. Kraiwut.
There we go again.
It's my family background
that has confined me.
I want to become a writer
so I can unleash my dreams.
Let's do this, then.
I promise I'll get Uncle Choo
to read your novel.
All right.
Hey, Doc.
Be honest with me.
You don't have a sugar baby, do you?
Why do you think that?
That girl who gave you that letter,
you didn't get her pregnant, right?
Your imagination runs wild.
You sure live up to your name
as a top writer.
You can throw it away.
I always receive this kind of stuff.
I don't get it.
They can just ask me directly.
I'm a doctor.
I treat everything
from pimples to vaginas.
Why are they so embarrassed?
That's why I told you
your job is much more exciting than mine.
Hey, eat up.
Choo, why are you sitting still?
It's all good stuff.
Eat it.
"The best-selling newspaper of all time."
Have you seen what Siam Bulletin printed?
A newspaper that's just a few years old
dared to print something like this.
You've been in this industry for years.
Doesn't it feel like a slap in the face?
But I think their article quality
can't be compared to ours, sir.
They only sell rumors and scandals.
I went to a press event the other day.
Chumphon taunted me,
saying he'd buy our business next year
so we wouldn't have to be
second to them forever.
How do you think I felt?
Go on.
Eat up
so you can find ways to boost my sales.
Yes, sir.
-Yes, sir.
-Hello, this is Bangkok Express.
Siam Bulletin deals with
distributors, middlemen, shops,
and market stalls that are cheaper.
People order more from them,
and sellers promote them more.
How can we outdo them?
Well then, do nothing
and wait for the day the boss fires you.
That's not what I meant.
If we fight using the same method,
we'll suffer a loss.
We need something new
and more exciting.
Look at this.
Siam Bulletin's headlines
are very blatant and entertaining.
This erotic model,
they publish her photos weekly.
This is the highlight.
Should we do it too?
Let's see who's better.
Great idea!
I also read Siam Bulletin
because I love these erotic photos.
So damn nosy.
What the hell's with you, Pol?
You're so good at spying
on your seniors' meetings.
Have you proofread the social column
like I told you to do?
It's all done, Uncle Choo.
I'm here to show it to you.
Let me see if it's really done.
You're quick. You deserve a reward.
-Go and buy Heng's oliang for everyone.
Bring me back the change.
By the way,
I was serious about the erotic photos.
Kids in my neighborhood
fight to read that page in Siam Bulletin.
No one reads the news.
You obsessed piece of shit.
Go back to jerking off, you bastard.
Pol does have a point.
I can smell male hormones
all over the room.
So is Bangkok Express a quality newspaper
or a porn magazine like Gangsai Playboy?
If we do what you said just now,
how are we different from Siam Bulletin,
making money from women's bodies?
Calm down, Linda.
I haven't said
I agreed with these bastards.
Uncle Choo.
We need what they don't have,
something that makes people come
specifically to buy our paper.
Then selling sex is a good idea.
Even a teenager like Pol enjoys
sexual content.
So why not sell it?
A man's mind is really full
of this kind of stuff, isn't it?
But we're going to sell sex
in a useful way.
Sex for men and women.
Sex for everyone.
What the fuck is this?
The questions everyone wants to ask
but no one dares to.
What do you want?
Do you have any raincoats?
This is a pharmacy, kid.
We don't sell raincoats.
-He meant
-He meant condoms, Uncle.
He was talking about condoms.
Oh, condoms.
And you?
White flower oil, please.
condoms too.
Do you have more?
Pick yours, kid. I'll buy some too.
And what do you want?
Ten packs of birth control pills, please.
I don't get it.
Why do people have to be embarrassed
when buying these things?
You're right.
We use them together.
Actually, women should be
the ones choosing what goes inside them.
Here you go.
That's true.
We should decide
what's best for our lives.
Just like how men have the right
to choose their birth control pills?
Here are your ten packs.
You're back, Nat.
Did you get your hair done, Tukta?
Your mom took me to get it done
because we're going to a party tomorrow.
I'm so happy you noticed.
You came back so late.
The dinner we prepared is already cold.
Come on, let's go eat.
You should eat a lot today. Here you go.
They give you strength.
You're prepping me.
Are you sending me to war?
What war?
Mom, you know that I don't like
A man should be able to eat everything.
Here, Tukta. Have some too.
Thank you, Mom.
By the way, you'll have to close
your clinic earlier tomorrow
because we're attending a party.
Don't forget.
Can I not go? I don't feel like going.
No. How can you not go?
Your father isn't here,
so you must attend in his place.
We must attend
this kind of party sometimes
so people won't forget
that our family still exists.
I'm ready.
I've also taken the vitamins.
Keep your voice down.
Is something wrong, Nat?
Maybe I'm just
Let's try again tomorrow, okay?
That's right.
You worked all day. You must be exhausted.
The doctor still has his clinic?
He's very handsome.
Are you M.L. Kraiwut's son?
And the doctor's wife is very pretty.
Yes. I'm Nat.
Uncle Sorn?
Oh my, how many years has it been?
Did you come here alone?
I'm here with my mom and my wife.
I see,
Kirati's daughter.
Hey, Dr. Pornchai.
Hello, Mr. Sorn.
Does an MP like you have time
to attend an event like this?
I'm here in place of my wife.
She hasn't been well lately.
I see.
By the way, do you know each other?
He's the only son of M.L. Kraiwut.
So it's you,
the heir of the legendary surgeon
of Thailand.
It seems your father has disappeared
from society for a very long time now.
The last time I heard about him
was years ago. What was it again
What field are you in, Dr. Pornchai?
Oh, people like to gossip about it.
He was given an honorary doctorate
by a university.
I understand now.
So you're not an actual doctor, then.
Actually, I am a doctor.
I treat people in society
who get sick on a daily basis.
I saw the news the other day
that you reported a celebrity
whose outfit was too revealing, right?
I think our society nowadays needs someone
to lay out rules and regulations
to keep people from crossing the line.
So, who draws the line?
You must be Pornchai, Sopa's husband.
Do you know my wife?
Yes, Sopa often comes
to help out at our association.
I'll find an opportunity
to invite you over for tea.
That would be great.
Your family is of a very high quality.
I'm sure you set
a good example for society.
Your pimples are almost gone.
I'll prescribe less oral medication
but keep using the ointment.
So, has the wound there healed yet?
Yes, it's healed.
Next time,
you can ask me directly.
Everyone does it.
Don't be embarrassed, all right?
Everyone does it?
Doctor, then I
Excuse me.
Hey, Doc.
Yes, Tien?
You'll get to be a writer as you wish.
Come to the publishing house now.
Hello? Hey, are you still listening, Doc?
Come talk to Uncle Choo right now.
Sure, Tien. I'll head there right now.
Sorry, I have an urgent matter.
I'll be back to answer your question.
Answer questions about sex?
I can't believe
I left my patient for this.
Hey, Doc. This is your golden opportunity.
That's right.
You're qualified for this job
in every way.
I'm sorry, but what I actually want
to write is novels.
Well, if the column goes well,
I promise
that we will also publish your novel.
-You can't fool me.
Excuse me.
Hey, Nat. Calm down.
Hey, you're
I'm Linda, the art director.
I'm Dr. Nattawut.
I see.
Do you two know each other?
Is he the one who will
answer the questions for our new column?
I haven't agreed to it yet.
So you're a doctor.
No wonder
No wonder?
So, answering these questions should be
very easy for you, right?
Yes, that's right. Very easy.
Actually, I'm not very confident
that Tien's idea is going to work.
Say, how would you answer
Miss S.'s question in her letter?
Well, it's nothing complicated.
When women reach climax,
their muscles tense up.
They hug their partners tight
and breathe rapidly.
The area outside their vaginas
near the vulva throbs intermittently
every 0,8 to one second
around 12 times.
It's like reading a textbook.
This won't work.
Wait, hold on.
I said it that way
because I wanted to show you
an example of boring writing
that people wouldn't read if we wrote it.
No one dares ask this sort of thing.
If we go ahead, it must feel like a letter
from a friend giving you advice.
I guess you'll have to prove
if you can do it or not.
Wait, I haven't agreed to this.
Take their feelings into account.
As you have hit puberty,
your hormone levels are high,
and you've started to taste lust.
Your condition is considered normal,
Miss S.
This happens to both men and women,
who, when stimulated,
get sexually aroused
Take their feelings into account.
If you only get randy
a few times per week,
then that's normal,
but if you get randy every day
or many times per day,
then you're considered to have
a high libido,
or what you called nymphomania.
But whether it's high or not,
it's what nature gave you.
It's not embarrassing or anything.
Please don't worry about it.
Many men with a normal sex drive
like women with nymphomania
because there's always something special
in the nature of their lovemaking.
For this weekend,
your mom has invited us to Bang Saen.
As for the climax you asked about,
we can say you will feel intense pleasure
as if you've reached heaven.
In parentheses, if heaven does exist.
When that happens to you,
your body responds to it uncontrollably.
You tense up, contract,
close your eyes and moan,
breathe rapidly, and even
hold your breath for a while
to take in those feelings.
At the age when you're not ready for sex,
masturbation can help you
relieve the desire, Miss S.,
but you must do it the right way.
If you don't have the equipment,
your fingers are a crucial weapon.
Women, in particular, should trim and file
their nails so they're blunt
to prevent any injuries.
Using your fingers to touch the outside
and make it wet first
can help arouse your emotions
and reduce internal friction.
After that, let your instinct
lead your fingers.
Start by touching the clitoris gently.
Caress it slowly. Don't rush it.
The most important thing for this step is
your imagination.
Imagining the person you like
plays a big part
in helping you reach the climax.
Imagine the feelings they give you
and set your emotions free.
With this,
you'll definitely reach
the climax that you desire.
I can't do this anymore.
Make copies for everyone now.
I can't hold it anymore.
-Let me have a look at it too.
Tone it down, guys. Is your work all done?
Big sales are definitely coming tomorrow.
Doc, everyone loves your writing so much.
I think your column will surely do well.
You can shout if you're happy.
All right, never mind.
We're deciding on your column's title,
so we want you to join us in a vote.
I'll read each title to you.
If you like any title, you tell me.
"Problems in Bed."
That won't do.
"No-Breakup Mantra."
I'm not a monk.
"Love Problems in a Nutshell."
Sounds like a Thai movie.
"Love and Satisfaction."
But people who write to me
aren't satisfied, are they?
Shit, you don't like any of them, Doc?
What about
"The Climax Question"?
This one is catchy.
Let's go with this.
"The Climax Question."
"Premature Satisfaction."
We've already decided.
You brat. Jeez.
You're a good thrower.
Your logo is very arousing, Linda.
Arousing what?
Your perverted emotions?
Look at the breasts and waist
of the woman in the picture.
They're so curvy that I thought
they were based on your curves.
when you come to mess around at my desk,
it's to look at my curves, right?
even though everyone is too intimidated
by you to get their hopes up,
I still have hope.
You'll always be the angel in my heart.
Turn it down a notch, will you?
Wait till I'm drunk
before you get your hopes up.
But you can hold your liquor.
How long will I have to wait?
Until the next life, maybe. Here.
Give this to Uncle Choo.
Did Dr. Nat graduate from abroad?
Yeah, from England.
I should ask him to be my mentor.
England? No wonder it felt
like a foreigner wrote it.
Hold on, Pol.
Give it to me.
You're sure, Linda?
Take care of the place. Close the doors
and windows before going to bed.
Yes, ma'am.
-Deliver it now.
-Have you been here long?
-Excuse me.
-Hi, this is Bangkok Express.
You'd like it delivered
to your home? Sure.
We can also look at the first page.
Hello, this is Bangkok Express.
Can you print more in time?
That's good.
Well then, go ahead.
The sales are coming, Choo.
What the fuck?
-What the hell have you done?
-Hi, sir.
When I return on Tuesday, we'll talk.
I'm fucked.
Get Dr. Nat here now!
Look at her.
has fair skin and looks so flawless.
She's firm all over.
I envy her when I look at her.
Nat, get in the water with me.
If I were a young man like you,
I wouldn't let her
out of the bungalow like this.
Why are you rushing me
into having children?
Well, they will make your family complete.
You will have children
to continue our family line. It's normal.
I picked Tukta for you myself.
And was it normal
for you and Dad to have me?
It's been several days,
but the sales haven't slowed down.
Since Uncle Choo has let me work here,
this is the first time I've seen
our editorial department so busy.
Sure, the sales have reached
an all-time high,
but we've received
a high number of insulting calls too, Pol.
Please help move the stuff, guys.
-There's a lot here.
-I'll help.
It's as hectic as we wished.
Thank you so much.
I really envy Dr. Nat.
He must be the only one
on Earth who can still chill.
They dared publish something like this
in a newspaper?
-But I think it's a good answer.
-Dr. Nat, hello.
How was Bang Saen?
Good, my ass, Aeaw.
It's dangerous. Think about it.
What if my child reads this?
Your child is nine. She won't read it.
Nine-year-olds can read already,
can't they?
But will she read newspapers? Gosh.
Is there something urgent?
Our appointment isn't anytime soon.
I'm not here for treatment.
I'm here to thank you
for answering my question.
I know how to do it now.
Using your fingers to touch the outside
and make it wet first
can help arouse your emotions
and reduce internal friction.
After that,
let your instinct lead your fingers.
Start by touching the clitoris gently.
Caress it slowly. Don't rush it.
The most important thing for this step is
your imagination.
Imagining the person you like
plays a big part
in helping you reach the climax.
Imagine the feelings they give you
and set your emotions free.
When it happens,
you'll recognize it
from the utmost pleasure you get.
With this, you'll definitely reach
the climax that you desire.
I know that you're Dr. Climax.
But don't worry.
I'll keep this a secret between us
in exchange for answering my question
before anyone else's.
Thank you, Doctor.
"Dr. Climax."
Doc, where have you been for so many days?
-I couldn't reach you at all.
-What's this all about? Why
Something big has happened.
Come to the publishing house right now.
Tien, hold on. Tien
"Dr. Climax."
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