Doctor Climax (2024) s01e02 Episode Script


"Adolescent sexual arousal
takes place when the body enters
the reproductive age."
"It's a condition in which they're
physically and mentally ready."
"Females aged between ten and 14 begin
to develop their breasts."
"Their voices become high-pitched,
and their hips widen."
"Hair starts growing around their pubis,
armpits, and genitals,
and they begin to menstruate."
IN 1978,
"Males aged between 13 and 14
start to grow hair on their arms"
I've had hair since I was eight.
"Males aged between 13 and 14
start to grow hair on their arms, legs,
pubis, armpits, and genitals,
and start to develop facial hair."
"Their voices deepen."
"The discharge of their seminal
seminal fluid in their sleep is called
a wet dream,
which is caused by sexual dreams."
Wet dreams.
Don. Come up here.
Read the rest out loud.
Stand here.
"Sex Sexual arousal
is natural."
"Once it happens,
it must be handled appropriately."
"The best way to control sexual desire is
to be mindful of it."
"You may deal with it
by practicing meditation
and adhering
the good customs
and beautiful traditions
of Thailand."
Make it go away right now!
Don't use my book to cover it.
Give it back to me.
Hey, Don nutted!
-Hey, look!
-Bro, Don nutted!
It's all over his shorts.
Don nutted!
Dude, I just can't!
Hey, Don!
Dear Dr. Climax.
My name is D. I'm 15.
Something's been troubling me
a lot lately.
I can't control my sexual organ.
I can't stop it
from ejaculating.
What should I do?
My friends are now calling me
Hey, Dad. Don't come in.
Did something happen at school?
Your mom said you've been acting strange.
It's nothing, Dad.
You can talk to me if anything's wrong.
I've been through it all.
I said everything's fine, Dad.
Can you leave me alone?
are you jerking off?
No, Dad, I'm not!
It's not something embarrassing.
I've also jerked off before.
I said leave me alone, Dad!
Did we make the right or wrong decision?
That's Dr. Climax.
Really? That's him?
But these letters are proof
that we've made the right decision.
Hey, you've become famous, Doc.
All of these have been sent to you.
These letters are addressed to
Dr. Climax, not me.
This is also for Dr. Climax.
Dr. Climax.
Dr. Climax. They're all for Dr. Climax.
Who is Dr. Climax?
It's your pen name.
Pen name? Who came up with it?
I did.
Is there a problem?
What right did you have
to change my name without my consent?
Calm down, Doc.
Right, using a pen name
for this kind of column is more exciting.
And this name
My name is Nattawut.
I'm not a Westerner.
Trust me.
You'll thank me later.
Hey. Doc.
He's unbelievable.
Let's get this and this.
Hey, hold on.
You usually only buy comic books.
Now you're buying a newspaper.
What's going on?
Well, we need to educate ourselves
and grow up.
It's because of Dr. Climax, isn't it?
-Here, take this.
-All right.
Damn kids. Bet they'll only read one page.
I doubt they'll read the next page.
Come on, welcome. Okay, thanks.
What would you like, sweetie? Okay.
Thanks. What would you like, beautiful?
"Dr. Climax."
"Dr. Climax."
"Dr. Climax."
What a perverted doctor.
Our society is so rotten these days!
Throw them all away.
Don't let me see them in the house again.
You're home?
You're home early today.
What's going on, Mom?
I just asked them to throw away
those perverted newspapers.
Mom, but
I'm reading Thong Tien's serial fiction.
You're still reading stories like kids do?
Read something else.
I don't want anyone in my house
to read the obscene column
of that perverted doctor.
Don't let me find out whose son he is.
He must have terrible parents.
How did they raise their child
to become such a perverted doctor?
Welcome to the evening news
on the first workday
I hid it for you. I was worried
you wouldn't get to read it.
-Thank you.
Of course, today's evening news
will present you
both Thailand and abroad.
Let's begin with the announcement from
the Thai Society Protection Association.
As the president
of the Thai Society Protection Association
and a good citizen of this nation,
I can't turn a blind eye
to this dangerous threat.
The column "The Climax Question"
is undoubtedly the cancer of our society.
I'm okay.
Dr. Climax's column
is turning a newspaper
into a porn magazine,
selling sex blatantly
and shamelessly.
It's written by a quack
who is too cowardly
to reveal his identity.
I don't know
what else I should call Dr. Climax
Dr. Limp Dick.
We can't let this kind of person
run free in our society.
The Bangkok Express should address
questions raised in society,
declare its standpoint,
and be brave enough to announce
who Dr. Climax is.
When I told you to boost our sales,
I didn't mean this.
Dr. Pornchai condemned us, Choo.
But I think our sales have
really spiked, sir.
We're so close
to beating the Siam Bulletin.
Look at the overwhelming response proven
by the number of letters we've received.
I think they're the people
we should pay attention to.
Plus, our column
is really helpful, sir.
You know what my wife said?
I guess I don't.
She asked if I wasn't ashamed
in front of our teenage son
and if I wanted him
to be bullied at school.
She called me when I was in Hong Kong
and called me a son of a bitch.
What are they saying?
"Son of a bitch."
-Did you just insult me?
-No. You asked me.
I've had it with you.
They're quiet now.
Get back to work.
Hold on, Tien.
The column gets to continue,
but the boss is only giving it a month.
If we can't beat the Siam Bulletin,
the column will be discontinued.
One month?
Will we make it?
We have no choice.
But keep it from Dr. Nat for now.
I'm afraid this will affect his writing.
This time, we have to take a gamble
and publish the column daily.
Can you get someone
to deliver the letters to Dr. Nat?
I'll do it.
I'll deliver the letters to Dr. Nat.
Always eavesdropping, you brat.
Have you finished proofreading?
Not yet.
Hurry up and finish it.
-Yes, sir.
-So damn nosy.
Hey, Linda.
-All right.
So we get to keep the column?
Since I'm done for today, I'll get going.
Hold on, Linda.
"Dr. Limp Dick."
Who are you talking to?
No one.
So, is the clinic already closed?
I owe you an apology
for naming you Dr. Climax
without your consent.
You're right.
Can I make it up to you with dinner?
You're right.
I shouldn't use my real name.
You're right. I should be thanking you.
anything unprecedented
will always be questioned
and resisted in the beginning.
But look at the amount of letters
sent to you.
The world has changed.
Your column is something people want.
answering questions about sex is still new
and sensitive in our country.
It's not new.
The elders in our country
just don't want to accept reality.
Choo asked me to help you
select the letters for the column,
so I've brought them to you.
He probably thought
women help make things less problematic.
But I think he's wrong.
So where do you want to work?
At home, the publishing house, or here?
For such dangerous work,
I should do it at the publishing house.
I don't want to risk it.
Well then, welcome to the Bangkok Express.
You said you wanted to thank me, right?
Yes, I'll treat you to a meal.
What would you like to eat?
Well, if possible, would you mind
providing me with after-hours service?
I'm convinced you're someone
with a modern mind.
I'm sorry for taking up your time.
I haven't had a PV examination
for a while.
It's okay.
All right. May I?
In your line of work you must get to look
at countless numbers of these every day.
Well, I regard it
as just a type of epithelial tissue.
But you must've seen so many
that you can grade them, right?
We're finished.
Everything seems fine.
You take very good care of yourself.
Everything looked very beautiful.
I mean, it looked very normal.
It's an A.
Wow. I feel quite proud, Doctor.
But after seeing so many of them,
you must feel like having one, right?
-See you at the publishing house.
-Please see yourself out.
Our society has kept a lid
on sexual matters for too long.
Such behavior has led to
the accumulation of social problems,
such as the case of a woman
getting gang raped in Phrom Phiram,
which was big news recently.
It's an example of problems
contributed to by a society
that has repressed sexual matters.
The Bangkok Express is concerned
about all social issues.
We completely understand
that sex-related problems aren't nonsense
but are problems that need answers.
Even the government has acknowledged
the urgency of this problem
and introduced sex education in schools,
so the Bangkok Express has decided
to respond to the policy
with "The Climax Question"
because sexual happiness means
domestic happiness.
If bedroom problems are solved,
sexual problems will certainly disappear
from our society.
The Bangkok Express is proud
to play a part
in addressing sexual problems
in an informative and creative way.
Therefore, we've decided
to publish "The Climax Question" daily
by popular demand.
Please read it every day
to your heart's content.
Choosak Jaithong.
You want trouble, don't you?
Master. Come!
Hurry up.
Master, follow me.
You can't enter.
Please, I can't let you inside.
Come on.
Hold on, please.
Hello, how may I help you?
Where is Dr. Climax?
Come on.
-You can't enter.
-You can't enter.
Sir, please stop.
Get inside! Go!
You're not allowed in here.
-Excuse me.
-You can't go in there.
Hello, sir. What are you doing here?
Bring Dr. Climax out here now.
Doctor who? I don't know him, sir.
What is this?
Are these letters for Dr. Climax?
No, they're not.
Don't tell me
a little punk like you is Dr. Climax.
No, sir.
You've misunderstood big-time. It's
-Give it to me.
-Hey, sir! Please!
Sir, please calm down. Please let go.
Whoever holds this box must be
Dr. Climax, huh?
If it's not you,
then bring Dr. Limp Dick out here.
And what if I don't?
What will happen?
Try it.
Well then, Dr. Pornchai, could you please
turn around and flash your best smile
for the camera?
Boy, keep shooting.
Make sure he's in focus.
If you still want to look for Dr. Climax,
go ahead and do as you please
so I can interview you
about trespassing on private property
when you're not a police officer.
I think a great number
of Bangkok Express readers
would be interested.
Today I'll back off and leave.
But don't be so cocky.
I'll drag that perverted doctor out.
Please do, because I'm
a member of the press.
The more you make a fuss,
the more we will become famous.
With all due respect.
Pol, see the guests out.
Yes, sir.
This way, please, "Doc."
Come along.
Come on.
This way, please.
You guys. Everything is fine now.
Get back to work.
Be honest with me.
You pressed the shutter
like a wagtail wags its tail.
-Did you replace the film in time?
-Oh, come on!
-Someone of my level? There's no film.
-I knew it, dumbass.
Fuck, I wish there were filmless cameras
so I could expose that bigheaded doctor.
You're dreaming.
Maybe in 100 years.
That fucking doctor is so annoying.
He gave me a headache.
Do you think we can move now?
I'm getting hard.
I mean, my legs are getting hard,
as in stiff.
I'm getting cramps.
I see.
Well then,
shall we help each other
push it up?
You should work with the art department
in the adjacent building for now.
Permpol will take the letters to you.
Linda has to sort the letters
for you anyway.
I'll leave Dr. Nat in your care.
And when you come here,
you must hide your identity.
Don't let anyone know it's you. Got it?
Like a spy, right?
You'll be choking on smoke.
Boy, your drink.
Your red soda.
Hey, don't go too fast.
You're still learning.
-Don't drop them.
-Your oliang.
-Be careful.
-Hey, Pol.
-Your tea.
-No worries.
Here you go.
Hello, guys.
Hi there.
Nhong, here's your usual drink.
Here you go.
-Safe travels.
Here you go.
Thanks, Pol.
DW, sir.
And Thai iced tea with extra milk
for my beautiful Linda.
-Put it down.
-It's done.
Please, bro.
Nhong, how many times
have I told you not to smoke indoors?
if you all smoke,
please don't stop because of me.
Can you handle it?
10:00 A.M. - 3:30 P.M.
And every time I put pen to paper,
responding to the letters
I transform into
Dr. Climax.
Dear Dr. Climax.
My name's Lek. I have delayed ejaculation.
Between a man with a small penis
and delayed ejaculation
and someone with a big penis
and premature ejaculation,
which one do you think
can make women happier?
Small with delayed ejaculation.
No woman wants to end the game quickly.
Am I right?
But delayed ejaculation isn't enough.
You must be good at foreplay.
Make her legs give out
till she can't get up.
Any woman will love it.
Dear Dr. Climax.
I'm 17 years old.
I've been with my boyfriend
for two years now.
I'm wondering
if what my boyfriend said is true,
that men's semen is better
for beautifying the skin
than any facial cream.
Men's semen is mainly composed of protein,
which doesn't help treat pimples
or make the skin firm.
It will just attract ants
and other things to your face.
Therefore, when you're finished,
please wash and clean your face.
Dear Dr. Climax.
You can call me Mr. Sucker.
I love sucking my wife's breasts
while we make love.
When I see her breastfeed our baby,
I want to suck them even more.
I'd like to know if it's harmful
to drink my wife's breast milk.
Actually, sucking your wife's breasts
while making love
is not harmful at all.
It has many benefits.
Not only does it arouse
your wife's sexual desire,
but you also get nutrients
that are good for your body.
you may have to prepare for a side effect.
It's possible that your wife will begin
to behave like your mother.
Let me help you, Don.
Dear Dr. Climax.
My manhood is humongous.
And lately,
it seems I've lost control
of it completely.
Are you getting hard?
It keeps raising its head to greet people,
and often, all it takes is
visual stimulation,
and it will immediately discharge.
Its size makes everyone tease me
when they see it. They call me
-Don the Flashlight.
-Don the Flashlight.
Don the Flashlight.
The female friend I have a crush on
won't even talk to me at all.
Hey, where are you going?
Don the Flashlight. Come back here.
I'm so distressed
that I don't want to go to school anymore.
What should I do?
I want to get surgery
to make it half its size.
Would it be possible
to reduce its length to half a foot?
Dr. Climax?
If my math is correct,
that means
the length of your manhood is
twelve inches, right?
You should have it officially measured
for a national record.
Or if you could send me
photographic proof,
I'd greatly appreciate it.
All men dream
of having a huge and long penis.
The longer, the better.
Therefore, your problem isn't the size
but control.
If you can control it,
you'll be so proud of your flashlight
that you'll never want to downsize it.
Come, I'll teach you
the squeeze technique,
which will efficiently
help you delay orgasm.
Use three fingers
to squeeze the tip of your penis
near the frenulum
and the corona.
Squeeze it as hard as you can
without causing pain
for three to four seconds.
This technique
will stop your urge
to release the semen immediately.
Go on, try it.
Even tighter.
Okay, good.
All right.
For single men or boys hitting puberty
like you, young D.,
practicing the delay technique daily
using masturbation,
or what we call jerking off daily,
works very well.
When you start feeling pleasure,
stop until the feeling disappears,
and then start again.
When it feels good again, stop.
Don't let yourself ejaculate, understand?
Repeat this three to four times
before letting yourself discharge.
If you can hold it,
don't ejaculate at all.
Practice this for a month.
Contract your butt 300 times a day too.
Both men and women can do it.
I guarantee
this method will definitely work.
five! 186, 187, 188, 189
Increase the number of copies by 30%.
Print 10% more copies right now.
-Your change.
-Here you go.
Here you go. Thanks very much.
Hey, calm down. Okay. Here.
The new column is here.
Hey, she's just 17 years old.
I think the questions in this edition
are superb.
Sucking breasts, dude.
Hey, you've got a hard-on.
-You do.
-No, you do.
The black box is for uninteresting
or repeated questions.
White is for the interesting ones.
Red is for the ones to reconsider.
Oh shit! I dropped it. Damn.
This one, I think
we can save it.
Red box.
White box.
Well then,
let's keep it for reconsideration.
Do you really want to reconsider it later?
Or do you just not want to answer it?
It's not as easy to beat them
as I thought it would be.
Guess we'll take it to the homestretch.
These Siam Bulletin guys are
really cunning.
We made more copies, and so did they.
We'll get the final numbers
this Sunday, right?
Only two more days left.
Doc, why are you here?
I told you to send Permpol
to do things for you. It's dangerous here.
Permpol doesn't understand
some technical terms.
Many readers have complained
about this too.
So I asked Linda to draw an illustration,
but she said I needed your approval.
I think this isn't a bad idea, Doc,
but can we keep it for later?
This picture is anatomically accurate.
Dr. Nat, trust me.
Our society won't accept
something like this easily.
I see.
But it might boost our sales.
Are we not in enough trouble already?
Do you have a girlfriend, Doctor?
You look so cute.
Do you like Linda?
Cat got your tongue?
If you like her, just say so.
Do you know
that Linda already has a boyfriend?
His name is Komsan.
But he has gone camping.
Camping, my ass.
He fled into the jungle.
Why are you harassing him?
It's called making friends.
Linda. Can I have this one?
I like him.
He won't be interested in you.
Don't you get the feeling that he's gay?
I said that Dr. Nat is gay!
Cheers. Let's make a toast.
Take it easy.
Hey, go to the right. Right.
-Here. Come on.
-Where am I?
-Hey, the bed is here.
-It's here.
The color
This way.
-Let me help.
-This way.
I have to
excuse myself.
They got us.
We lost.
Dr. Nat will surely be upset
if the column is scrapped.
-It's late. Why are you still here?
-What are you doing here?
I was gonna
Do the final proofreading for me.
I'm going home now.
do you think I'm gay?
you take birth control pills
because you want to be a woman, no?
Well, actually
They're axing our column.
Pui, will you be mine?
Nat, are you not feeling well?
Will you be able to go to work?
Boss gave Choo a white envelope.
So, what's the deal?
Green light. The column lives.
I didn't nut!
-Dad, I did it!
I owe it to you!
Thank you so much, Dad.
That "Climax Question" of yours saved me.
Well done, son.
You did it.
You did great, son.
I love you.
Really? What did the boss say?
He only told me to manage it well
and not to give our newspaper a bad name,
or heads will roll,
especially this fucker's.
Just stop eavesdropping
on other people already.
Come on, I was worried about you.
By the way, Linda.
"The Climax Question" gets to continue.
Choo asked me to deliver
the readers' letters. Linda.
Thank you so much
for such valuable advice.
I'm back to normal now.
I no longer have to cover my crotch
with my bag,
nor do I ejaculate all over the place.
My friends still tease me sometimes,
but I think it's because they envy me.
My crush is also finally talking to me.
You were right, Doctor.
Now that I can control it,
I'm proud of my flashlight.
I have attached the photo you asked for
along with this letter.
I hope it doesn't disappoint you.
A newspaper, please.
Sure. Thanks.
Help! Somebody passed out. Help!
Where is she? Let me through.
-Miss, what's wrong? Are you all right?
Are you all right? Ma'am?
Help! Somebody fainted.
What's so funny, Sopha?
I'm just wondering
how you're going to handle this.
I won't deal with it myself.
I just need to find someone
who is dangerous enough
that they won't dare to mess with.
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