Doctor Climax (2024) s01e03 Episode Script


Dear Dr. Climax.
I'm Suda. I'll be upfront about it.
I'm a working girl at the Lot Canal.
I've been in this line of work
for a long time now.
As I'm about to turn 40 very soon,
standing around waiting for clients
always leaves me with body odor.
150 baht. It covers all services.
Come closer.
Oh, can't you see it clearly?
Don't squeeze.
Let's go.
Lately, I've been seeing this client
who's really into me.
It's quite unusual with him.
It's as if he chose me because of my BO.
Should we go to a hotel?
I can't hold it anymore.
And we always do it in his car.
This underwear,
can you sell it to me?
Besides the smell,
he was really into my bright red
lace-patterned underwear.
He wanted to buy it from me
and took a big whiff.
He even wore it on his head.
And he always makes me lick
a mole on his hand to turn him on.
It's a big, hairy mole.
At first, I tried not to overthink it.
I thought it'd be a one-time thing.
But the next day, he came back again.
This time, he booked me
for the whole week.
Besides being into sniffing
and licking my armpits,
he would also wear my red underwear
on his head every time we had sex.
When his face got close to mine,
I'd catch a musty whiff of the underwear,
like it's never been washed.
I don't know
if he also made anyone else wear it.
I'm so scared
I might catch a disease from him.
Doctor, am I going to be okay?
You have gonorrhea.
How could this be? Is it harmful?
It could be caused by various factors,
but it's commonly transmitted via sex.
Actually, you don't need to worry. Whoa.
Don't worry. It's not that harmful.
You and your husband might want
to be more careful with hygiene.
For the time being, avoid having sex.
I just told you to be cautious
not too long ago,
but you went and put a picture of a beaver
in the middle of page seven?
My wife gave me hell for two hours.
You should've heard it.
She even went off on my grandpa!
But it's the first time
in Bangkok Express history
that our sales beat Siam Bulletin,
leaving it in the dust.
Someone needs to be held accountable.
Find out who did it
and give them the boot.
Then there's no need to look further.
It was my mistake.
I'd like to take responsibility
by resigning from the Bangkok Express.
Hey. Choo.
You don't need to go this far.
All this time,
they've always used dirty tactics
at the Siam Bulletin.
Our approach might seem a bit risky,
but I believe it can impart real knowledge
to our readers.
We need to keep moving forward
with confidence
and let time be the judge of this column.
I'm sorry. Thank you, Choo.
I'll cut your pay by 50% for half a year.
What? 50%?
Why don't you just fire me instead?
But this time, you got to be my hero.
Of course.
You did it to save the column.
OPEN MON - SAT 10:00 A.M. - 3:30 P.M.
I didn't see anyone outside.
Aoy and Aeaw asked to leave early.
They probably have plans.
And what brings you here?
I haven't had my period yet.
And have you been taking
the vitamins I gave you regularly?
I think I forgot one day.
3:40 p.m.
How long do we have to wait?
Two days?
Two hours.
It's so fast these days.
I'm so excited.
Don't you have to go
and do your research project?
Is this
What does it mean?
Not pregnant.
It's okay, Nat.
I'll try to do better next time.
Don't worry about it.
Let's go home.
I'll switch to doing the research
in the morning so I don't work late.
So you won't have to stay up
and wait for me.
Sound good?
One last bit of news to close out the day.
Chief Siri Songsri, newly appointed
and on his first day in office,
received a grand welcome.
But things took an unexpected turn.
Today, I, Dr. Pornchai,
would like to speak
with the new director-general.
The MP Pornchai barged in with reporters,
nearly causing a fistfight.
I'm asking for a bit of your time.
I have just one question.
Why did the police allow
the Bangkok Express
to have the audacity
to publish a picture of a
in the middle of its newspaper?
If the police take no action
and allow anyone
to publish pictures of ,
what will become of our youth?
The Bangkok Express published an obscene
and pornographic column
with a picture of a .
Wow, he actually did that.
Captain, Chief Siri wants to see you now.
I didn't realize
you came to work this early.
Since Choo asked me to help you,
I've had to do my work in the morning.
You've been skipping out for days.
I've been very busy at the clinic.
So I've chosen to come here
in the morning before going there.
And with fewer people here,
I can focus more on answering the letters.
All right, then.
Another gay issue?
Doesn't Dr. Climax have to help everyone?
But we just went through the beaver issue.
And you've seen
how our country isn't that open yet.
We're not ready for it.
If we don't start now,
when will we be ready?
is our country not ready,
or is it you who's not ready to admit
that you're gay?
Here we go again. You know I'm not gay.
Why do you keep saying that?
Could it be that
you don't want me to be straight?
Why wouldn't you want me to be straight?
Do you
have a crush on me?
Doctor aren't you
a little full of yourself?
It's me, Linda.
If I like someone,
or if I want to do it with someone,
I don't need an excuse.
Then prove it.
I forgot to use protection.
Hey, you just did a checkup
on me the other day.
That's right.
You have an IUD.
And are you okay with it?
That I made you mine.
That's so old-fashioned.
Are you sure you made me yours?
Didn't I?
Or did you make me yours?
No one belongs to anyone.
We just screwed.
We screwed.
That's right.
We screwed.
You're all set.
Well then,
I'm off to work.
Will you be home late?
You talked to me
like I was your housewife.
Why did you come in so early today?
To work, of course.
See you.
I'm almost out of vitamins.
I'll take care of it.
But your mom
Scream, Linda.
Scream, Tukta.
You seem a little different today.
I don't think so.
Captain Pao, you're three minutes late.
I'm sorry.
I got tied up with an important case.
So my case isn't important.
I really don't get it, Doctor.
What's your problem with those newspapers?
It's because I believe a good life
must be a life with discipline.
And if I see something
that could make our society
lose discipline
I'll get rid of it.
Because I believe
the only way our country can move forward
is with order and discipline.
There's no place for rule breakers.
So tell me how much time you need
to track down and expose
that Dr. Limp Dick.
Don't forget, Chief Siri has assigned you
to coordinate with me directly.
Let's say, within a month,
I'll deliver Dr. Climax to you.
Well then
I'm looking forward to working with you,
Captain Black Hand.
You haven't responded
to Ms. Suda's letter.
I plan to answer them together
in the fetish edition.
What do you mean?
Take a look at this letter.
A wife wrote that her husband likes to
wear someone's red underwear
on his head during sex.
She doesn't like it but won't tell him,
like in Ms. Suda's case.
What a coincidence.
I'm wearing a red pair too.
Fetish lovers often like bright colors
because they find them arousing
Do you want to know
what it feels like to have a fetish?
Dear Ms. Suda.
What you've encountered
with your regular client
is a taste for certain sex acts,
or, in simple terms, a fetish.
This can manifest in various behaviors.
One common example
is the act of smelling items
like bras,
or shapewear to increase sexual arousal.
If one occasionally engages in these acts
to add new excitement
and spice up one's love life,
then it's totally normal
and not harmful at all.
Let's consider it from another angle.
For partners who trust each other,
exploring new experiences together
pushes the old boundaries they've set.
It's lovemaking
that will foster a closer and deeper bond
in their relationship.
I've never felt like this before.
Me neither.
You're not just saying that
to make me feel good?
what do you take me for?
I just heard you've
been around a bit.
I'm sorry.
What you heard
might not be the truth.
I just
wanted to know
if it was special for you.
Because it was for me.
Hey, Doc, heading to the clinic?
Hey, is something up?
Did something happen with Linda?
Besides answering letters,
I have to report everything to you too?
Easy now, Doc.
I just wanted to make sure bringing you on
isn't causing issues with anyone.
Can I help you, big bro?
Bro, are you the new security guard?
Yes, it's my first day here.
Is Dr. Climax really a doctor?
Bro, that's top secret around here.
Only a few people in this building know.
So I guess you don't know either.
Bro let me tell you,
there are no secrets
at the Bangkok Express
that I don't know.
But after the way you insulted me,
I'm not sure if I can tell you.
-Let's keep pushing.
-Wait, I'm sorry, bro.
I didn't mean to insult you.
Please don't be upset.
It's fine. I'm not the type
to hold grudges.
So, who's Dr. Climax exactly?
I can't think straight right now.
But if
-Yeah, that.
-Okay, I got it.
-Secrets come at a price.
-Thanks, big bro.
only five baht?
What? Oh!
It's top secret. Right?
Top secrets must come at a high price, no?
-Yes, that's right.
-This seems about right.
-Thank you so much.
So who is
It's me. I'm Dr. Climax.
Hey, despite my looks, I have a doctorate.
Bro, don't mess with me.
You don't believe me? Hey, you guys.
This police officer
came here looking for Dr. Climax.
-I'm not a cop. I'm a security guard.
-Hey, bro.
What security guard hides
a gun at his ankle?
-Quite the master of disguise, huh?
-Since you're here
Guys, can you tell this police officer
who Dr. Climax is?
I'm Dr. Climax.
I'm Dr. Climax.
I'm Dr. Climax.
I'm Dr. Climax.
-It's me.
-It's me. I'm Dr. Climax.
I'm Dr. Climax.
-Bro, I'm Dr. Climax.
-It's me.
I don't wanna know anymore. Bye.
Not smooth at all, were you? See you, bro!
Have all of Dr. Climax's letters
delivered to Tien's office for now.
Linda, go through them
and pass them on to Dr. Nat.
Isn't the art department busy right now?
I can bring them to him.
Good. If we have to take them
to the clinic,
it'll be more convenient
since you have a car.
Our art department isn't safe anymore.
Let's keep Dr. Nat
away from this place entirely.
Sounds good.
Our undercover guy got caught.
You couldn't pull off
a simple task like this.
How would you catch Sua Yai?
Sorry, Captain.
That's all right.
I've got a plan B.
I'll do it myself.
Dear Dr. Climax.
I'm CTP.
I've got a rather strange taste
in sex acts.
Over the years,
I've found
that I love to sniff women's underwear,
particularly unwashed underwear.
This really captures the Cold War spirit.
The more it has
that sweaty and musty smell,
the more it arouses me.
The problem is my wife's smell isn't
strong enough for me.
So I had to find the right smell
from a working girl.
I've dreamed of having a threesome
with two women for a long time,
but the issue is my wife isn't on board.
Do you have any advice
on persuading my wife to get in on this?
Best regards, CTP.
It's the final lot.
What's this?
Hey. They're on the move.
The coast is clear. Over.
I think this is it.
You're very close to the signal.
It's fantastic that you've finally decided
to flaunt what you've got.
Pardon me, Jaem?
Can I come with you?
I'll help with anything.
I'll carry stuff, and if
Can I?
Here, wait for me in the car.
Do you have a problem with me?
No. I have no problem with you.
It's clear you don't want me
to see Dr. Nat.
That's right.
I just think
I should help rein in Dr. Nat.
Someone like him is prone
to go off the rails at any time.
He's a grown man, not a child.
Exactly. He's a grown man.
He's mature enough to
To have sex with whoever he wants,
just like you.
Never mind.
Oh shit! Shit.
They kept letters for Dr. Climax
in Thong Tien's office.
I searched the room but couldn't find
Dr. Climax's original manuscripts.
That writer?
How would he have the knowledge
to give advice?
I couldn't find Dr. Climax's documents.
I think
Dr. Climax's original manuscripts must be
kept hidden somewhere.
-Captain Pao?
Dr. Climax's letters are on the move.
Hey! Captain!
That car over there, that's Thong Tien.
He's finally showing his true colors.
Go after him!
Captain, shouldn't we speed up a little?
Or they'll know we're after them.
What's up, sweetheart?
Mister, do you happen to know
where the Cupid Hotel is?
Oh, the Cupid Hotel?
See? A fortune teller said
I'd meet my soulmate.
The Cupid Hotel, right?
Go straight and then take a left.
Continue through three intersections.
On your right, you'll see the sign.
Make a turn there and go in.
That sounds confusing.
Could you take me there?
Hey, I'll take her there.
You have to drive the van.
Hey, I don't think so.
You're not familiar with the area.
I'll take her there,
and you can drive the van.
I'll take her. You drive.
-Hey, what the hell are you two doing?
-Where did they go?
Hurry up and follow them!
Wait, I still don't know the way.
-Let's talk later.
-It's green. Go!
-You're the driver.
Oh, right.
I have to work now.
-Wait in the car.
That's right.
You can't get away from me anyway.
-The signal just died.
Why aren't you looking?
I gotta drive, so look for them.
I'm looking, but I can't see them.
Hey, stop arguing! Pull over!
Delivery for Dr. Nat.
Oh, then
Tien. Is everything all right?
Doc, come this way.
A cop came looking for you
at the Bangkok Express.
Don't go there for now.
I'll bring the letters to you, got it?
What the hell?
Hey, stop right there!
Hey! Stop!
Why was he parked here?
How can I help you?
Dr. Climax is here, isn't he?
There's no such person.
Are you Dr. Climax?
Oh! No, he's not.
There's no one by that name.
You can't come in. I'm sorry. You can't!
-May we enter?
-The doctor's with a patient!
-Wait here.
May we enter?
Officers! You can't go in!
Who are you, gentlemen?
How did you get in here?
It's you, isn't it? You're Dr. Climax.
I think there's been
a big misunderstanding.
Sir, you can't do this.
Please don't
Sir, please stop.
Ms. Waew?
Oh my gosh!
Why are you here?
Why am I here?
To get checked
for the gonorrhea you gave me.
It's your sleeping around
that keeps giving it to me.
And who knows whose panties
you brought home!
And you had to bring your men
to watch me spread my legs too? You sicko!
Wearing a glove, you must think
you look so fucking dapper, don't you?
Ew, your hairy mole!
Are you even human anymore?
Please calm down, Ms. Waew.
I'm sorry, Doctor.
Please, officer.
Tien, where are you headed next?
-I've got plans.
-A date with a girl?
Let your favorite brother come along.
Pretty please?
No, it's for grown-ups.
Come on, Tien,
you super handsome, dapper dude.
You're the kindest brother in the world.
I love you so much.
What is this?
Did you steal a letter, Pol?
No, I didn't steal it. I just saw
something bulging in the letter,
so I held onto it
Pol, open it.
What's this?
What is it?
Tien, what's the matter?
What are you doing?
Hey, Tien! What are you doing?
Dear Dr. Climax.
I have a problem
Are you finished with work?
Yes, I've just called it a day.
Then I came at the right time.
Should we go grab something to eat?
-I need to use the restroom first.
-All right.
Dear Dr. Climax.
I have a problem I need your advice on.
I've been married for many years.
My wife is beautiful
and perfect in every aspect.
However, the problem is her performance
in the bedroom is so bland and rigid.
It's like making love to a bolster pillow.
My wife and I make love at the same time
every day, almost like a permanent job.
I've been enduring it,
and it's become so boring for me now.
Sometimes, I think of finding
new sexual excitement to fulfill my life.
Doctor, do you have any advice for me?
From a man who's suffering.
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