Doctor Climax (2024) s01e04 Episode Script


Have they really gone this far?
They were so close to getting to Dr. Nat.
They didn't just get close.
Those people have already met Dr. Nat.
My wife and I make love
at the same time every day.
It's become so boring for me now.
Sometimes, I think of finding
new sexual excitement to fulfill my life.
Doctor, do you have any advice for me?
From a man who's suffering.
Wednesday, the third waning day
of the third lunar month,
the Year of the Tiger.
This day, 110 years ago,
fell on February 26, 1876,
during the reign of King Rama V,
the day the late King Chulalongkorn began
building Niwet Thammaprawat Temple
in Bang Pa-In.
It took three years
and was completed on February 24th
What are you reading, Nat?
You seem so focused.
I was just reading Thong Tien's fiction,
as usual.
Thong Tien really is the best.
Whatever he writes
appears colorful and flavorful
in every way.
How is the congee I made?
I think
it's a bit bland.
Please pass the soy sauce.
Take a look, you two.
-Here, I arranged the flowers myself.
-What are they for?
The old lady next door is sick,
so I'm taking this gift basket to her.
-Isn't it pretty?
-It's very pretty.
Maybe you should add more colors to it.
Pale shades make it look like a wreath.
They might think it's for a funeral.
That's true.
once you've finished breakfast,
go change into something more vibrant,
and we can visit her together.
Tukta, you seem a bit off today.
How so?
You seem
a bit pale.
Anyway, I should head to the clinic.
Gosh, listen to yourself.
It's like you're not looking forward
to work.
I work every day.
It's natural to get bored.
I'm off to work.
Are you all right, Tukta?
What's wrong, dear? Did something happen?
Nat, he
What did Nat do?
He wrote a letter to Dr. Climax.
I've let you down.
And I've let Nat down.
I'm so sorry.
Hello, this is Dr. Nattawut's clinic.
Hi, it's me, his mother.
Hello, ma'am.
Dr. Nat went out to eat.
He's not back yet.
Can I take a message?
Well, can I ask you something?
Is there something going on
at Dr. Nat's clinic right now?
Because I feel he seems a bit tense.
You're asking if something's going on?
There's nothing
The cops the other day.
Oh, there was something, ma'am.
The other day,
the police barged into the clinic.
What? Police?
That's right. They barged in here,
looking for someone named Dr. Climax
or something like that.
They thought Dr. Nat was Dr. Climax.
And there's a man named Thong Tien
who frequently brings Dr. Nat things.
They always whisper to each other
about who knows what.
They seem very close.
What is this man like?
he's a bit rugged,
quite well-groomed,
and super handsome, ma'am.
What's going on that made you call
such a secret offsite meeting?
A tracking device.
Not funny, Doc.
If I hadn't found it,
they would have gotten to you by now.
You got so fucking close,
you almost knocked me up.
So quick to take credit.
Didn't you steal the letter
to get off on it?
What? It wasn't like that at all.
Even you think the column's supposed to
get readers aroused?
No, it's not like that, Doc.
I just
kept it so I could read it
for research and education.
I'm not what Tien's making me out to be.
Did you hear him?
So you're saying you want to be
Dr. Climax Number Two?
Why don't you graduate first?
Is now the time for that? Prick.
Dear Dr. Climax,
I'm CTP.
I love to sniff women's underwear.
My husband is a cop.
He loves to wear someone's red underwear
on his head during sex.
He would also wear my red underwear
on his head every time we had sex.
He always makes me lick
a black mole on his hand.
You look so fucking dapper, don't you?
Ew, your hairy mole!
The column may not be favored by many
and may bother the elders
in various sectors of the country,
but bedroom issues can impact anyone.
However rich or poor they are,
however low or high their status is,
everyone has encountered
challenges in the bedroom.
Hello. Welcome to The Dr. Climax Show
and "The Climax Question."
And for today,
I've compiled three letters discussing
sexual fetishes for you to learn from.
Even law enforcement officers
face issues.
And these issues arise
from working so hard
that they can't do without
the smell of sweat.
Ms. Suda, Mrs. W.,
you should stay as far away
from this type of client and husband
as you possibly can.
Take a look at the letter
from Mr. CTP as an example.
This is only a part of it.
Please allow me.
Mrs. W.
Your husband
didn't get gonorrhea from wearing
a tight public servant uniform
but rather from
his own promiscuous sexual behavior.
You should stop these deviant behaviors
so no one has to suffer
because of you again.
And today, we'd like to express
our thanks to our special guest
for taking the time to join in on our fun.
We also have some gifts for you.
Let's give them to him!
As long as these issues persist
in our society,
an intermediary is needed
to help ease these bedroom issues.
Otherwise, the case of Mr. CTP
could end up making
the front page of the newspaper.
How's it going, Captain?
It's been one month.
I came to tell you, Mr. MP,
that Sua Yai just committed a new crime.
Your trivial case will have to be put
on hold for now.
You'll have to help yourself
in the meantime.
Even with a trivial case,
you seem incapable.
How will you handle Sua Yai?
Well, I don't see the column
as a big issue.
But if you have such an issue with it,
why not try writing to Dr. Climax?
Perhaps I should write
to Chief Siri instead
to tell him
that his employee does not deliver.
That's why I said you were too tense.
I never said I hadn't gotten any clues.
That's Thong Tien.
A guy like him shouldn't have
medical knowledge.
Think about it, Mr. MP.
What doctor could write with such style?
Thong Tien.
So that's agreed?
No problem. I've got this.
Wait. Hold on.
My standard advance fee.
You need to report
Nat's every single move to me.
Make it worth every baht I spend.
Don't let him out of your sight
even for a second, understand?
Don't worry.
Nothing can slip by me, I assure you.
Why are there so few this time?
Since you warned that captain
in the newspaper,
the cops have left us alone.
Hey. Choo also said
you can go back
to work in the art department.
Hey, Doc.
Let go.
Dude. Isn't that a bit over-the-top?
I know you can't help how you feel,
but you have to be careful
not to let it ruin anyone's life.
I see.
I just want to know
if it was special for you.
Because it was for me.
Thinking about someone, sis?
Have you heard?
Choo let the doc come back here to work.
He'll probably be in tomorrow.
I'm not waiting for him.
You're off to work early, Mr. Nat.
Ms. Tukta?
Ms. Tukta, can I come in?
Yes, please come in.
I'll put it away myself.
Dear Dr. Climax.
I'm B. I'm 30 years old.
I grew up in a family
that didn't have prominent social status,
but it was a happy one filled with love.
All my life, I never thought
I had any problems.
I got married according to tradition
to the groom my parents arranged for me.
I never had to question
whether we loved each other or not.
I only knew I had to do my best
to fulfill my duty as a wife.
Perhaps due to my lack
of prior experience with men,
I found myself struggling in the bedroom.
My first night was filled with nervousness
and fear of making a mistake
and being perceived as a bad woman
in my husband's eyes.
Only recently
I discovered my husband's secret.
I'll cook us something.
I realized I might be too bland for him.
It's possible that
he's seeking someone else
for a new flavor that suits his taste.
I'm in the dark, unable to see a way out.
Doctor, do you have any advice
on preventing my husband
from seeking another woman?
From B, a wife who has no way out.
Ms. B.
The first thing to keep in mind
for someone with little sexual experience
is that
it's not your fault.
No one is born skilled at it.
Take a moment to relax
and follow your heart's desires.
There are various ways
to bring pleasure
to both you and your husband.
While the saying, "Be a prostitute
in the bedroom for your husband,"
may sound old-fashioned,
waiting passively won't do you any good.
You need to learn
to surprise your partner.
Being the one to make the first move,
arousing your husband first,
can make him proud.
Try doing something unexpected, like
inviting him to have sex in new ways.
Sex is no different from seasoning food.
You must know how to enhance the taste
to satisfy your own palate.
Who is this man?
I don't know yet.
Over the past few weeks,
I've only seen him once.
There's probably nothing to it.
From my experience,
what seems like nothing
is often hiding something.
And there's a man named Thong Tien
who frequently brings Dr. Nat things.
They always whisper to each other
about who knows what.
They seem very close.
Well, he's a bit rugged,
quite well-groomed,
and super handsome, ma'am.
Please find out for me
who this man is.
I charge 1,000 baht for a new case
with a 50% deposit.
Hello, sir.
One night, please.
-Thank you, sir.
-Thank you.
Let's go.
What are you doing, dear?
It smells so good and looks so tasty.
Tukta, is something wrong?
Why do you ask, Mom?
What did you do to your face?
I just wanted to try
changing up my style to make it
seem more colorful.
I see.
Hello, Mom.
Nat, I've prepared several dishes for you.
I won't be having dinner today.
Wait, Nat. Come here first.
Tukta has prepared so many dishes.
They all look delicious.
I've already eaten, and I'm full.
I'll go upstairs to freshen up.
Who did he eat with?
How about now?
I want it.
This has never happened before.
Aren't you supposed to be some hot shit?
Ms. B.
No one is born skilled at it,
but anyone can get better
if their heart desires it.
Miss, would you like some guava,
watermelon, or mango?
Some porn?
Some porn?
Wanna buy this for your man?
I guarantee you he'll last long.
-Just ask her. She always uses it.
-Wanna try?
Well, hello there.
Which one would you like?
It's called sleepless nightwear because
you won't get to sleep wearing it.
Satisfaction is guaranteed.
Money back if your man
doesn't come running to you.
Wow, you've actually got a rocking figure.
It's a bummer
that your outfit is buttoned up.
How would a man know you've got the goods?
You need this.
Get something skimpy and curvy
to show off your body.
Let me know what color you like.
But don't worry too much about that.
It'll come off soon, anyway.
Why not go with this one?
It's a perfect fit for you.
I'm sorry.
Are you okay?
I'm okay.
Didn't you want one of these?
You wanna wear it for your partner, right?
So do I.
Do you want me to help you choose?
This one suits you.
You like that?
I think
your man will absolutely love it.
Trust me. I've tried it before.
Can I see that one?
-The red set?
Here you go.
-We'll get this.
-This one?
That was quite bold of you.
We're doing nothing wrong.
We should start being more open.
Show it off to your man.
Tukta, are you okay?
Tukta, where did you get this outfit
Tukta. Wait, Tukta.
This isn't you, Tukta.
I just wanted to make you happy.
I'm already happy, Tukta.
But why does it feel like
you're becoming more and more distant?
I've been trying everything.
I've tried to change myself
to be more vibrant,
hoping you'd notice.
Tukta, don't cry.
You've done nothing wrong.
You don't have to
change anything for my sake.
Mr. Nat didn't have breakfast again.
I don't know what's up with him lately.
Mr. N,
it's starting to get out of hand.
You should tell her about Tukta.
Is everything all right?
it's nothing.
You're avoiding problems,
just like you're avoiding
the letters in the red box.
Dr. Nat.
No matter how much you try to avoid it,
you must change
things that must be changed.
And you must fight the battles
that must be fought.
Dr. Nat.
Isn't it just fantastic being Dr. Climax?
Everyone comes to him with their problems.
But when it comes to his problems,
no one's there to help him.
I'll help him.
We've come this far.
Who do you think I am?
Excuse me.
Hello, ma'am.
This is a publishing house.
You can't just barge in here
without any business.
Please don't make that face. Listen
Ma'am, you must be tired from traveling.
Please sit and rest.
Make yourself comfortable.
Ma'am, please take a seat.
Let me help. Permpol at your service.
At the Bangkok Express, we welcome you.
Dr. Nat, what's troubling you?
I said it's nothing.
Saying that when there's a problem
is avoiding it.
So is there anything I can do for you?
Could you take me to meet Dr. Climax?
I know you can't help how you feel.
But you have to be careful
not to let it ruin anyone's life.
What is it, Permpol?
It's a letter from
a fan
of yours.
She came to deliver it to you in person.
She must be really anxious
and hoping Dr. Climax can let her
jump the line and answer her quickly.
Dear Dr. Climax.
It's B.
I followed your advice, but the result was
the opposite of what was expected.
Not only did my husband not like it,
but he also said
it didn't feel like me at all.
Upon reflection,
I'm not entirely sure
who I really am either.
I'm willing to change anything for him,
but he told me
You don't have to
change anything for my sake.
Is there still any way
out of our problems?
From B, a wife who has no way out.
Did you write a letter to Dr. Climax?
I was afraid you might get tired of me
and start seeing someone else.
I want to fulfill your sexual desires
the way you want.
The way I want?
I found this at your clinic.
You wrote a letter
to Dr. Climax, too, didn't you?
You got it wrong.
This isn't mine.
Just tell me, Nat.
Any way you want, I
I told you this isn't my letter.
I just want to make you happy.
I don't want you to have someone else.
These days, I feel
like I'm falling short as a wife.
I already told you
it's not your fault.
But it is
because I can't be what you want me to be.
No one can really change themselves.
You just have to be who you are, Tukta.
Mr. Nat called and said
he has some work at the clinic tonight,
so he'll be staying there overnight.
Dr. Nat, we'll be off now. Goodbye.
Nattawut Clinic. We're closed.
It's been three days. Where have you been?
Do you know how many times I've called?
It's not a convenient time for me
to go and work with you.
I'll be working on it
at the clinic for now.
You're not avoiding me, are you?
That's crazy. Why would I be avoiding you?
There's no reason for that.
Hey. Hello?
Hey, you
Mr. N.
This is a matter of the heart,
not a sexual problem.
You left the door unlocked again.
What happened exactly?
What's going on?
You can tell me.
Actually, I
I have
Oh, it's you.
You are
Hey, Tukta.
Your mom asked me
to bring you the tiffin box.
Tukta, this is Linda,
my assistant
on my special project.
Nice to meet you.
you are
Ms. Tukta
This is
She's my wife.
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