Doctor Climax (2024) s01e05 Episode Script


Are you back, Tukta?
Nat, have you eaten yet?
Mr. N.
Tell her whatever's on your mind
Thank you,
You misspoke.
Why did you lie?
I'm sorry.
Ouch, Linda. Are you a sadist?
didn't you say you were a free spirit
who could have sex with anyone you wanted?
We just screwed. I'm just a man
who happened to pass by.
I guess you won't be passing by
this way anymore.
The whole world is counting down.
Let's watch it together.
It's going up.
Nine, eight
Please go up.
six, five, four, three
Please go up.
Great. That's right.
Space Shuttle Columbia has
It's not going up.
into the sky. Wow!
It won't go up no matter what.
I don't know what to do anymore.
Look! The space shuttle has been launched
into the sky above the United States.
For those of you who may not know,
the Space Shuttle Columbia's mission is
to take humans
into space to orbit around the Earth.
Look at that.
The space shuttle is soaring high.
It's soaring higher and higher.
It's about to penetrate the stratosphere.
Get up there.
To the esteemed Dr. Climax.
Before I get to the question,
please let me
walk you through my background.
My name is P.
I got married when I was 22.
You could say my sex life was perfect.
I was very lucky to have met my husband
because I'm someone
with an extremely high sex drive,
and, as it happens, he was too.
On weekdays, after coming home from work,
both of us would immediately get horny.
We made love in every square inch
of the house.
And on weekends,
we rarely had our clothes on.
We ate, slept, cuddled,
and made love all day long.
You may not believe me when I say this,
but we climaxed
more than ten times per day.
After ten years of happiness,
my husband started to have trouble
getting it up.
We were so distressed
until his friend introduced us
to a members-only secret club.
And it actually worked.
I got my old husband back.
For some, this place may be
a den of dark morals,
but for us, it was both a hospital
and a five-star hotel
where we used to fulfill
each other's happiness.
My husband died two years ago.
I still regularly visit
the secret club of our memories.
Now, I'm 36 years old.
I weigh 49 kilograms.
My measurements are 34-26-36.
Could you put up an announcement
for someone with the same tastes
to accompany me and ease my loneliness
when I go to the secret club?
What a beautiful and monumental scene
for the human race.
Oh my. Mr. Nat didn't realize
he put your underwear in his wardrobe.
I told him to let me put it away,
but he wouldn't listen.
Aunt Jaem, let me do it.
Are you sure?
Your man will absolutely love it.
Trust me, I've tried it before.
Doctor, I'm Black Ribbon.
Over several years of my married life,
never once
did I ever experience the taste
of utmost pleasure courtesy of my husband.
I also caught him having an affair
with another woman.
I was angry at him,
so I decided to get back at him
by also having an affair.
But I found it very strange
that I
found the utmost pleasure
with an unknown man
whom I only met once.
Is what I did wrong, Doctor,
when my husband
also did the same thing?
Ms. Black Ribbon,
your husband having an affair
can't be used as an excuse
to justify your action.
Men and women are entitled
to equal rights nowadays,
and many think that if men are able
to find pleasure outside of marriage,
women should be able to as well.
But that's not the case.
Dr. Nattawut's residence.
Is that Tukta?
Yes, it's me.
How have you been?
Are you married?
Not even close. All I do is work.
How can I have time to see anyone?
Who would be as lucky as you?
Hey, we're having a reunion this Friday.
Are you coming? Many of us will be there.
How long have we not seen each other?
But I
Terd will be coming too.
He asked about you a lot.
He knows you're married.
See you this Friday. Don't stand me up.
Recently, this column has become
a meeting point for sex freaks.
Someone used it
to look for a swinging partner.
How do I look?
It was done by a widow whose husband died
less than two years ago.
If I were her,
I wouldn't even wait two minutes.
What's going on in our society?
What has happened to people?
Where has the media's conscience gone?
Well said.
It turns out I do look good on camera.
that our society must eliminate promptly.
-What's that?
-Dr. Climax recommended this.
Hey, hold on. Wait. Sopha
Sopha, stop it right now!
Who are you to tell others
what to do and what not to do?
I never thought I had married such a slut.
I also never thought I'd spend my life
with a quickpopper like you.
This is way better than your dong!
The column "The Climax Question"
Because vibrators are convenient
and long-lasting,
giving you pleasure
as long as the battery lasts.
It's lasting. It lasts long.
Got it?
Will they grow up to become
high-quality citizens of Thailand?
Think about it.
It's now time for us to work together
to protect and fight
Rule breakers everywhere.
Just wait and see.
I shall get rid of you all.
Two, four, eight
Don't do it. Don't.
You bastard, you scared me.
A secret club?
Let me tag along.
It's okay.
If you don't take me with you,
I'll ask the master.
How about that?
Hey, no.
Don't do it.
Cunning brat.
Oh, hello, Doc.
You look so disappointed
'cause you're working with me, not Linda?
Let's have a drink this evening.
Great! See you guys this evening.
I'll book a table
Don't butt in. It's adults' business.
Hey. That's enough, Doc!
You put so little liquor.
It's a waste of soda.
If you can't hold your drink,
go and drink at home.
you have to get over her.
You want me
to get over Tukta?
I meant Linda.
Why do I have to get over Linda?
If you're a gentleman,
you must respect women,
whether it be Linda
or Tukta.
I've read your response
to Ms. Black Ribbon.
You know right from wrong, don't you?
You've fixed problems
for countless people.
It's now time to fix yours.
It'd be great if real life was
as easy to fix as answering letters.
You know what?
Being Dr. Climax
is a piece of cake.
I can say whatever
'cause they're not my problems.
-I can write anything.
-Shut up.
People will hear you.
-You idiot.
-Let go of me.
-Doc, what the hell is wrong with you?
What is this?
Hey. Doc, give it to me.
-It's my letter.
-Doc, give it to me.
-I know what you're doing. Not a chance.
-Give it back.
You gotta choose between Linda and Tukta.
Hello there, little lady.
You're sitting by yourself.
Are you thinking of someone?
What does who I think of
have anything to do with you?
It doesn't.
I'm just worried about you.
I was just joking.
Where are you going with all that stuff?
It's because of Choo.
He docked half of my pay.
How can I afford my rent?
So I'll be crashing
in the meeting room for now.
Actually, if you have nowhere to go,
you can crash on my sofa.
Well, well!
Look at you.
Does this mean
you have feelings for me, little lady?
Or do you want to go to Tien
or your Dr. Nat instead?
You know, those two have gone out
for a drink and fun times together.
No one cares about me.
Well then,
shall we
go for a drink too?
Bottoms up!
You hold your liquor quite well.
Do you have a girlfriend?
I've had some, but not that serious.
That means you've done it, right?
Well, I do know a little thing
or two about it.
Well then, do you want us to teach you?
Sure, I want to do
I mean, I want to learn from you ladies.
-First, take off your cap.
-Are we doing it here?
-For starters. Let me see.
Which style should we go for?
This style
is kind of cute.
Let me see.
-I can't hold it anymore.
-Is it okay?
Do you take your studies at school
this seriously?
Didn't you say I was the sexiest?
Ouch, Linda.
You're the prettiest, cutest,
and sexiest lady in my heart.
It's true.
Well then, I will
teach you myself.
Cheers. Tonight, we must
One, two, three.
Hey, so who exactly is this man?
A full-time Bangkok Express writer.
The Bangkok Express?
Yes, the Bangkok Express.
His name is Thong Tien.
He's quite famous.
He also seems to be
very close to your son.
What are they trying to snatch
in this photo?
I'm not sure either,
but it looks like a piece of paper.
Well then, keep a close eye on this man.
Report anything unusual to me right away.
Will do, ma'am.
May I ask what you're worried about?
What is it exactly?
Well, is there a single decent person
at the Bangkok Express?
This man isn't any better.
By the way, don't come
to see me here again.
I can go out to meet you somewhere.
If you're seen, I'll be in trouble.
Well then, I'd better go now. Goodbye.
You look so meek and reserved today.
Did you do something bad?
No, I didn't.
It's nothing. Are you worried about me?
Don't let me find out what it is.
Oh, hey, Linda.
You want to take a leave
to go back to Hat Yai?
This whole week?
Get some rest. Take care.
Why did you come back here exactly?
To pay respect to Dad.
I haven't seen you do anything
besides sitting and sighing all day.
You obviously came back
to run away from your problems.
If you're tired,
take a break.
But in the end,
you'll still have to go back
and face your problems.
The battles
The battles I must fight
I'll have to fight them no matter what.
I know that, Mom.
Let's eat.
Your sodas are here.
Close the store and meet me upstairs.
All right.
I don't want a new dad
who's younger than me.
Stop complaining.
I've waited long enough.
Have you never done it with a young lad?
It's a joyous day for the people
of England and the United Kingdom
to be witnessing their royal wedding.
The people who have come to receive them
are still cheering with joy.
They both have smiles on their faces
and look very happy.
And this is the face
of Lady Diana Spencer,
Princess of Wales,
who is absolutely stunning.
Next to her is Prince Charles,
son of Queen Elizabeth II
and Prince Philip.
Now, they have come out to greet people
on the balcony of Buckingham Palace.
Both look happy about the new life
that they're about to begin.
Thank you.
You're new, right?
There's a first time for everyone.
Why aren't you going inside?
Our friends want to see you so much.
Let's go inside together
But I know that you don't like
this kind of gathering.
Where are you taking me?
Just come.
Hey, wait.
Thank you.
Is married life
how you imagined?
I never imagined what it'd be like.
When I was 14,
my mom told me I'd marry this guy one day.
I just thought that I had to marry him.
I once asked you not to marry him
elope with me.
Do you remember?
I do.
you had eloped with me
we would probably
have dozens of kids by now.
it's better this way.
If you'd come with me,
you'd have become just
the wife of a small-time lawyer.
No, Terd.
If I'd eloped with you,
I might have been happier.
About the letter,
I said it because I was worried about you.
I already threw it away.
You told me to choose between
Tukta and Linda.
I know right from wrong
but how come when I'm with Tukta,
I only think of Linda?
Hey, Doc.
Are you really ready to lose everything?
It's not like you have nothing to lose.
The fact that
I don't have a child with Tukta
is because of me.
I don't dare have kids with her.
And more importantly
I like myself when I'm with Linda.
What's wrong, Terd?
I have to go, Tukta.
gotta help my wife look after our kids.
This is our eldest.
She's about to turn three.
Her name is Tuk.
And this is our youngest.
She's just five months old.
Her name is Ta.
I'll get going.
Here's the menu, miss.
What would you like to drink?
I'd like to try this.
A Bloody Mary, right?
Is the drink not good?
Try this. You might like it.
Why are you looking at me?
You don't look
like you belong in a place like this.
Do we need someone to tell us
what kind of woman
belongs in a place like this?
You're staring at me again.
is my wedding anniversary.
His wife's family's staring
like they're out for our blood.
Aren't you used to it?
Don't provoke her,
or she'll hate you as well.
Even if I do nothing, she hates me anyway.
Who cares?
We don't live with her or anything.
And we did nothing wrong.
But she said you seduced Dad.
She refuses to accept
that he forced himself on you
and got you pregnant with me.
One baht.
Linda's mother is a mistress.
That's why she really hates
men who cheat on their wives.
Thank you.
Hey, wait.
There's more.
Actually, we met her
before she went back to the South.
Do you know who she brought along?
It was a boy named Pol.
Do you know him?
I guess you do.
They went back together.
I'm sure Linda didn't let him get away.
No doubt. They were so drunk as well.
Hey, hold on, Doc!
Wait. Hold on! What's going on?
The other night, you and Linda
Did you and Linda do it?
with her consent,
who wouldn't do it?
If it was you, you'd do it too, right?
Why did you lie?
But I didn't do it!
I know
that you were doing it with Linda.
And I know you already have a wife.
You may call a brat like me nosy,
but when you and Linda said
you two just screwed,
was it really just that?
You know how much I respect you.
But I also love Linda.
I won't let her get hurt again.
I hope you understand.
Mr. Tien?
Yes. You are
Ms. P.?
You can call me Plern.
Okay, Plern.
So, shall we go inside now?
Don't be scared.
Who's that? He looks familiar.
Come here! You
Do you like it?
I'm not sure.
But your friend seems to think otherwise.
I said you were okay.
Do you believe me now?
You're just bored of the same old world.
to the new world.
You must change
things that must be changed.
And you must fight
the battles that must be fought.
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