Doctor Climax (2024) s01e07 Episode Script

Sadism Masochism

Dear Dr. Climax.
We need your advice.
Is there a way?
Please help me, Doctor.
Dear Dr. Climax.
My husband is gay
but by the time I discovered it
we'd already had a child together.
He confessed it to me
and asked to live his life in his own way.
So we've lived separately since then.
I want to know whether being gay
can be inherited genetically.
Sir, where's "The Climax Question"?
Editorial. Third page.
-Third page?
-Third page.
Here it is.
Due to several inconveniences,
the Bangkok Express had no choice
but to suspend the printing
of "The Climax Question" temporarily.
Choosak Jaithong.
Have you reached Dr. Nat?
He's been unreachable since the incident.
What about Linda?
She's been gone as well.
Stop blaming yourself.
You know that it's not your fault.
Get out.
The one to blame is
I said get out!
Come on, Linda.
Why so depressed? It's just work.
Go and get yourself a guy.
The whole table is checking you out.
Or, if you prefer a familiar face,
then go over there.
Remember Muek's slogan?
"The later it gets, the wilder I get."
Linda, I don't think you need to choose.
He's coming to you.
Go on. I'll leave you to it.
Hello, Linda.
How about a dance with me?
He never wastes a second.
This is classic Muek.
Thank you.
To Muek
and freedom.
You're not wearing your ring today.
If you want me to,
I can wear it next time.
I saw you didn't like the old one.
I chose the butterfly design,
especially for you.
So you can fly
to where your heart desires.
Nat, right?
I'm Phun.
Come inside.
Come on.
Make yourself at home.
Do you have some free time at the moment?
You know,
your dad has missed you all this time.
I don't know about that.
He could've visited if he missed me.
I think
he probably didn't have the courage
to visit you.
I don't know.
I've never actually asked him.
But I know he's missed you.
What makes you so sure?
You have a room here.
I didn't know you had a green thumb, Dad.
I just realized this
when I started gardening.
But many of them have died too.
Stay the night, will you?
Don't hurry home.
Do you still remember Grandpa?
I only remember
he was very strict,
and he always chewed betel.
That was his signature move.
If he were still here,
he'd be able to show you
where each constellation was.
Think about it.
Stars have always been there,
but we humans
sort them into groups
and name them.
I hated it when your grandpa made me
memorize them.
But no matter how much I hated it,
whenever I had a hard time,
he was the first person
who came to my mind.
I don't hate you, Dad.
But you're having a hard time, right?
I'm Dr. Climax.
I don't know what to do anymore.
I've read that letter.
"Everyone should find the courage
to face the truth within themselves."
Didn't you write that?
That's what I think too.
Maybe we're the only ones
who think that way.
The values people had 30 years ago
still exist today
and will be handed down in the future.
All we can do is endure it
and keep following
where our hearts lead us.
I don't understand your kind of people.
If your responses
can be applied to people like you
then they should apply to people like me
and people in general.
We talked about lots of things.
I saw it.
You were smiling all day long.
I'm so happy.
Are you tired?
Yes, I'm going to bed.
Go to sleep.
Mr. Nat.
Did you just
see us?
Yes. It's just as you thought.
Your father and I,
we have sex sometimes.
I believe Dr. Climax knows
this kind of sex exists.
The kind we want to please them with.
I know
that our love isn't normal.
It's not right in everyone's eyes.
But for us,
what choice do we have?
One, two, three.
One, two, three.
Now, can you give me big smiles
and get a little closer?
One, two, three.
Next time you visit,
this photo will be in the room.
Thank you so much, Phun,
for taking care of my father.
It's my pleasure.
Well then,
I should get going.
Get well soon, Dad.
Please come again, son.
I'm here to visit a suspect.
Mr. Sangjaan.
We don't have an inmate with that name.
He's the one who was in the news
for shooting someone
outside the Bangkok Express building.
I'd like to
apologize to you, sir and madam.
I'm Dr. Nat.
I'm Dr. Climax.
My family is fucked because of you!
You want me to kick your ass?
No, it's all because of you, Dad,
for not accepting me.
You're the one
who treats me as if I'm worthless.
I'm so sorry
for taking way too long
to respond to your letter,
Mr. Sangjaan.
I'm truly sorry.
I'm sorry too.
Dear Mr. Sangjaan.
I'm writing this letter
to express my sincere apologies
for every mistake I've made.
This is the first time I've realized
that my job isn't
just about giving answers to problems.
My responsibility is beyond that.
-Mom, don't hit me!
-Who told you to dress this way?
Mom, you're hurting me!
I used to think
we lived in a straightforward world
and fixed problems as they occurred.
Want a newspaper?
But the reality is much more complicated.
The problems we see
might only be the tip of the iceberg.
Even though I believe
all humans are equal
what happened
has proven that people don't share
the same beliefs on this.
We hate people who are different.
We hate them
because we were told to do so.
But I believe
that time will be on our side,
and I hope that you'll hold out
until the day comes
when we'll live in a better world.
The day we'll finally achieve
what we want.
Excuse me.
Where's Mr. Permpol Chonsakul's room?
One moment.
sorry it took so long
for me to find the guts to visit you.
I've been running away all my life.
And you ended up this way
because of my cowardice.
I gotta piss.
I gotta piss.
I can't hold it, dammit!
Doc, do you know him?
-Can you help him pee?
-Sit here, all right?
I thought you'd never come to visit me.
I shouldn't have wasted my time worrying.
What you said just now,
I don't agree at all.
You're not a coward.
You saved his life.
But he's in jail because of me.
Being in jail
is better than
having a hole in his head.
That hole
found its way to your body instead.
Oh, come on.
I'm totally fine.
I got this, the Buddha of Escape.
The bullet went right through me
and didn't hit anything.
Pol is very lucky indeed.
As you can see,
I'll be discharged tomorrow,
but I don't want to leave.
How about one more wound
so you'll stay longer?
No, I'm good.
Come back soon.
I need your help.
Choo told me
that Linda has resigned.
No one has been able to reach her.
Hi, Tien.
Plern? Wait.
How did you get my number?
You gave it to me.
Were you so drunk you don't remember?
So when shall we meet?
Terd. Have a seat.
Papaya salad?
I thought you didn't eat spicy food.
That was before.
I'm training myself to eat spicy food.
You seem
different from the last time we met.
In a good or a bad way?
it's just
you asking to meet me here
at this hour
is already surprising enough.
I just
wanted to see you.
I've always
wanted to see you too.
Why did you stop?
There will be a special show
at the club this Friday.
A show by the customers.
If you want to go, then go,
but I
But I'll be performing a show
with you.
I'm already in heaven with just this.
Don't you want to be cured?
But you've already cured me.
What if I disappear one day?
You know,
my late husband had
a similar condition to yours,
but after taking part in just one show,
he never had trouble getting hard again.
The courage
to show everyone
his true self
changed his life.
Haven't I already told you
how special
your manhood is?
Up on stage
feels similar to here.
Perform just one show with me,
and your life will never be the same.
Fine, I'll do the show with you.
Hi, Tien.
I really miss you.
I miss your manhood.
is very special.
I miss you too, Plern.
What do you say, Tien?
Don't you want to see me?
Is Tukta not home?
Where have you been for so many days?
You didn't go
with the man named Thong Tien, did you?
You know Tien?
This is
Have you been spying on me?
Look at all the photos.
Give me that.
Is this a sex club?
Mom, you can't do this.
Why can't I?
I'm worried about my son.
There's no need to worry.
I didn't go to see Tien.
Oh. So
where have you been?
I went to see Dad.
Are you
Are you
You're gay, aren't you?
I am
Dad's son.
And I'm also your son.
I'm straight.
Do you know how happy your mom was
when we had you?
You'll put her mind at ease
if you have a child.
Why is that?
What your mom fears the most
is you becoming like me.
She thought that after we had a child,
I'd just stop being gay.
Maybe the one who deserves the most pity
is someone like your mom.
I'll do anything you want me to do.
I'm sorry.
It's been two hours. How do you read it?
A brown ring?
A ring means pregnant?
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