Doctor Climax (2024) s01e08 Episode Script


Hello, I'm PP.
I'm writing to you for the first time
because the issue I'm dealing with
isn't covered in sex education class.
Two months ago, I went to Samet
with my boyfriend without my mom knowing.
We had unprotected sex multiple times.
After that, I stopped having my period.
I think I may be pregnant.
I'm too scared to tell anyone.
Even though my belly hasn't grown large,
I'm afraid someone might notice.
I don't have the courage
to go to school anymore.
Should I get an abortion?
How come it felt thrilling
and satisfying when we did it,
but now,
all I feel is suffering?
The "Climax Question" column
is like a cancer in our society.
It's a column that provokes
sexual arousal among readers,
and it encourages people
to display behaviors that are violent,
aggressive, perverted,
deviant, and obscene.
Dr. Climax must prove
that his advice to the readers
is for the well-being of the Thai people,
as a Buddhist society,
and not siding with those encouraging
obsession with sex.
Thinking of getting an abortion
is thinking the devil's thoughts.
It's a grave sin
that will make you burn in hell.
I'm going to hell?
This is a Buddhist nation.
Your best way out is to find the courage
to tell your family and partner
to face the responsibility together.
What you consider to be love,
if it comes with responsibility,
that's when
you can test
whether it's really love or not.
This really isn't you.
How do you know this isn't me?
Take good care of your health from now on.
Avoid alcoholic drinks,
tea, coffee, and soda
That night we went out
did I hook up with Muek?
Why does that matter
if you're not pregnant?
Are you gonna answer me?
It's me.
I tried, Linda.
I did everything I could
to go back to my old life
but it didn't work.
I'm not the same person, Linda.
You've changed me.
You gave me the courage to admit
how weak I am
and how selfish I am.
But, Linda
falling in love with you
keeps me from hating my life.
You were so drunk you puked on him.
Muek was upset and took off.
We carried you back to your place.
But wasn't it just last week?
Even if you slept with him,
you wouldn't be pregnant yet. Don't worry.
I just thought
if it was Muek,
I'd feel more at ease.
Hello, sir.
What are you here for?
I'm here to give a statement
on Mr. Sangjaan's case.
Just like I told you, bro.
While everyone was scrambling for the gun,
my finger slipped and pulled the trigger,
and it went bang!
I mean, what I'm trying to say is
you guys arrested the wrong person.
If you need to arrest someone
you can arrest me.
-How are things at Swing Sisters?
-All units are ready, sir.
Dr. Climax won't get away this time.
You're still just a kid, aren't you?
Come with me.
What is this?
Choo, our column is done.
I won't respond to any more letters.
These letters weren't sent
to ask for your response.
Just open them and read.
You'll see.
Dear Dr. Climax.
I've gained so much
from your column, Doctor.
It feels like it's opened up
a world for us to learn
the things we never knew before.
And we can pick and choose
some things to try in our own lives.
The accident that happened was
a real tragedy,
but considering all you've done,
I believe
you've also saved countless families.
I want to offer my love and support so you
can come back
and continue to give us your advice.
Dr. Climax,
when the bedroom issues improved,
our family life really did improve.
I hope you'll stay
with the Bangkok Express
and be there forever
for the fans of your column.
May the guidance of the Buddha
and divine beings lead you back.
Doctor, please don't leave us.
Dear Dr. Climax. My son
Seeing you again brings me much happiness,
and I'm so glad
to know that you're Dr. Climax.
As a fan of Dr. Climax,
I believe you shouldn't give up,
and you should continue
this valuable work.
The world needs change.
I'm incredibly proud of you.
And I believe
you'll successfully overcome any obstacle.
I'm always on your side,
my son.
Boss has approved
the return of the column.
Looks like you've still got
some work left to do.
You're the person everyone relies on.
Ready to come back
and solve problems for them?
But my own problems,
I can't even solve them.
Something's going down.
Fuck! When are they gonna get here?
I think you're ready.
Where the fuck is Pol?
Can I bum a cig?
Yeah, sure.
-When do you get off?
-Morning. Long night.
The lighter.
Hey. You saw the ones at the front?
-At the side of the stage?
-Yeah, they're so hot.
Fuck. I always have to piss
after putting on a cup.
It's almost time. Why aren't you dressed?
Come change now. Hurry!
-Take off your shirt.
Wait, no
Hurry, get the coat.
-Come on, hurry!
Put on the coat.
How do you know I'm a doctor?
It's almost time. Stop dillydallying.
-Please hurry.
Where are we going?
-Get on the bed.
Hurry up.
I think there's a misunderstanding.
Nurses, do you really
have to tie me up like this?
Don't move.
This place is packed.
Wait, shouldn't the doctor be doing
the examination?
Whoa, I'm so jealous.
Shit, is that Tien?
Hey, who locked the door?
I think we should
do this another time.
It's too late for that.
I'm already turned on.
Is this not over yet?
Captain Pao!
Tien! Police!
Fuck! Do something!
The cops are here!
Tien! The police are here!
Why are you just standing there? Run!
Arrest them all!
Come this way.
Hey, nurses! Don't leave yet!
Untie me first! Nurses!
Let's go.
But he's my friend.
It's too late.
-Hey, who are you?
Come on. This way.
Where the hell
do you think you're going, Dr. Climax?
Out of the way, Tien!
I'll fucking arrest all of you!
Hey, let's go that way.
Hey, stop!
Over there!
Hey, stop!
Hey, Pol!
Where's Tien?
-This way!
-Hey, what the hell?
Go, Doc, go!
-What do we do now?
-Stop. Get down!
I don't think we'll make it. I'm sorry.
It's okay.
-Here, use it for cover!
-Hide in here!
Hands up! Show the weapon!
I've got you now, Dr. Climax.
You perverted doctor.
You're Dr. Climax, aren't you?
I've told you a hundred times.
I'm not Dr. Climax.
Just confess,
and I'll help you.
You scratch my back, I'll scratch yours.
In that case,
can you get me a lawyer?
Are you sure?
Because obscene acts like this
have ruined countless lives.
It's just a leather outfit.
I'm not putting underwear on my head
like some people.
Not obscene?
So what is this?
Well? What do you call this
if not obscene?
You'd better confess, you sicko,
that you're Dr. Climax.
Mr. Pornchai isn't a police officer.
His interference in this interrogation
is against the law, Captain Pao.
According to the law,
only officers are authorized
to interrogate suspects.
If Mr. Thong Tien wishes,
I can sue Dr. Pornchai on charges
of intimidation and physical assault.
Not to mention Captain Pao
for allowing Dr. Pornchai, who has
no right or duty according to the law,
to participate in the interrogation.
It's because they all took part
in these obscene acts.
Captain, do you have any evidence?
Can't you see this?
Isn't this evidence enough?
It's what one might call
freedom to dress how one chooses.
It's not evidence.
Come on now, Captain.
Any other charges
you want to throw at my client?
Captain, you can't just let him go!
So we've got an interrogation
that doesn't follow the law,
with no evidence
and no allegations.
Given that, if there's nothing else,
I'd like to take my client back.
Please come.
Let's go, Tien.
I'm going to prove
that this pervert is Dr. Climax.
Hello, Captain Pao.
Who is this?
It's me,
Dr. Climax.
It's Dr. Climax.
Hello, Mr. Pornchai.
I'm sorry, but you've got
the wrong person.
I expected your instincts
to be better than this.
You're lying.
How can I be sure
you're the real Dr. Climax?
Then I'm going to prove to you
that Thong Tien is not Dr. Climax.
Dr. Climax will return,
but this time,
with his identity revealed.
The boss is out of the country.
We don't know when he'll return.
Do you come here often?
Once in a while,
when I need a quiet place.
About Dr. Nat,
you don't have to worry.
There's nothing between us.
Do you really think I'm that stupid?
But whatever the case may be
it's all over.
When you two had sex,
how did Nat touch you?
Probably not the way he touches me.
I used to be jealous of you.
For us women
what more do we need
than to be held and touched like that?
Nat just never loved me, that's all.
I used to think I loved him,
but I've realized I don't.
But we can't just do as we feel, right?
We have to keep living the life
we never got to choose
and hope against hope
that things won't get any worse.
It's a shame.
If we'd met under different circumstances,
we could have been friends.
Lowering myself to talk to you
for a few minutes
doesn't mean I would forget
about your affair with my husband.
You've destroyed my family.
Don't ever forget that.
If you wanna bring the column back
I'll write it.
But there has to be a press conference
to reveal Dr. Climax's identity.
Keeping things hidden has done
enough harm to everyone.
If we truly insist on doing this
then there's nothing to fear.
That's my decision.
Are you sure?
And your family?
I'll tell them everything.
about Dr. Climax
and Linda.
Tukta! Tukta, what happened?
Oh my goodness! Tukta, my dear!
Where's Mom?
Madam, she's
Mom! What happened?
I'm fine.
You did it, Nat.
Tukta is pregnant.
Your family will only be filled
with joy from now on.
Your wife is four weeks pregnant.
I should get going.
Thank you so much.
No, sweetheart.
Don't get up yet. You just fainted.
What if you collapse again?
Especially now that you're pregnant,
you need to be extra careful.
Oh dear, you poor thing.
You must be in a lot of pain.
I can't do it for you, Linda.
Why not?
You suddenly have medical ethics?
I don't want you to do
something you'll regret.
It's my body,
my life.
Don't I have the right
to make my own choices?
If you insist
this is what you really want,
there's one place.
It's called Boonnumpa Clinic.
What's up?
How have you been?
What's wrong, baby?
Would you be angry if I did something bad?
But you're not going to tell me
what it is?
But it's really bad.
Well, if it doesn't hurt anyone,
then it's up to you.
People have already been hurt, Mom.
What about you?
Are you okay, Linda?
Sometimes I feel like I'm not.
Can I be weak for once, Mom?
Ever since I was born
I've never once shown you my weakness.
But this is too much to bear.
Nat, are you happy?
I want to get a divorce, Terd.
You're a lawyer. Can you help me out?
It's because I've met this man.
I love him, Terd.
I'll be honest with you.
You should reconsider this carefully.
If you divorce your husband
because you have someone else
you'll lose everything in your life,
your own reputation and your family's.
But he has someone else too.
It might sound unfair, Tukta,
but you're a woman,
and women in this country
always end up losing.
After the scandal involving Thong Tien,
the renowned author
of "The Curse of the Tiger River,"
being caught in the act at a swingers bar,
could he be Dr. Climax,
whose identity
people have been curious about?
Is he actually a pervert or not?
How will the Bangkok Express
deal with the whole situation?
Keep an eye out for more updates.
Choo, why did you have to suspend Tien?
It's the boss's order.
And the evidence is fucking
right there in your face.
But you can refuse.
I couldn't go against the tide.
someone has to be sacrificed.
I understand, Choo.
I'm really sorry.
I understand that the Bangkok Express
is a medium without freedom of thought.
Tien, let's calm down first.
We can't let it harm us all
more than it already has.
Choo, the press conference
will prove it to everyone.
No, Doc.
Even though Tien is not Dr. Climax,
the fact he went into a place like that
is obviously wrong.
Congrats, Doc.
I think I know what to do
with Dr. Pornchai and Captain Pao.
Hey, Pornnapa.
Wow, long time no see.
-You can't come in, officers.
-Please move over there.
You can't come in.
As you've learned from the Siam Bulletin,
which reported the news
about the current reality
of this filthy society,
Dr. Climax
is a pervert.
All this time,
Dr. Climax and the column
"The Climax Question"
have demonstrated to us
that he is sinful,
he is vulgar,
and he distorts the ethics
and morality of our country.
Not only that,
he has manipulated information
Let him bark.
creating only erotic, false stories.
Ready for this, Pol?
Always ready, Choo.
of a deviant.
I urge everyone to come together
and banish this person.
Don't let the perverts
esteemed members of the press.
I'm Choosak Jaithong,
editor of the Bangkok Express.
Welcome, everyone,
to our press conference today.
Mr. Choosak, don't waste more time.
Just hand over Dr. Limp Dick
to the police.
Today, we're absolutely delighted
to have important people
from the front page of our latest issue
present here with us.
Using decoys to set up traps
in such a disgraceful manner
is illegal, isn't it, Captain Pao?
Dr. Pornchai?
Please answer the question.
Hello, Madam.
This isn't right.
And that's not me in the photos.
This is
I'm being set up.
The evidence is so clear.
Are you still going to keep denying it?
Do you want to play this game? Fine!
Where are you going, sir?
I have an order
to ask you and Dr. Pornchai
to provide a statement
about unlawful misconduct.
You're mistaken.
We're the ones wrongly accused
by these Bangkok Express people.
Arrest them, officers.
After talking to a witness,
I'm afraid that's not the case.
We need to interrogate you
to clarify things. Come to the station.
Take them.
Take them away.
Mr. Pornchai, come with us.
This way, sir.
All right, everyone.
In just a moment from now,
you will find out who Dr. Climax is.
Stay tuned.
Thank you, Doc.
Because of your evidence,
Tien's getting cleared of his accusations.
You can thank my mother for that.
Where have you been?
I looked everywhere for you.
I'm pregnant.
what about your IUD?
Don't worry.
I'm Linda.
Of course I'll be okay.
Actually, I've made up my mind.
I'll get an abortion.
You did it, Nat.
Tukta is pregnant.
You've changed me, Linda.
You gave me the courage to admit
how weak I am
and how selfish I am.
Dr. Nat, please come.
Thinking of getting an abortion
is a grave sin
that will make you burn in hell.
This is a Buddhist nation.
Your best way out is to find the courage
to tell your family and partner
to face the responsibility together.
And now, it's time.
I present to you Dr. Climax!
Burn to ashes
in hell.
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