Doctor Foster (2015) s02e02 Episode Script

Series 2, Episode 2

1 - Who's it from? - They're coming back.
I mean, he nearly bankrupted us and what was left went to me, and now, what, two years later he's in a Âã1 million house.
- I mean, what's going on? - It's not your problem.
I've seen some of our friends while I've been sorting this place out and they say that nothing's changed.
Your same life but without me.
Out of the whole world, you chose to come back and live less than a mile from my front door.
You can always find somewhere else yourself.
So what's the plan? Wait and see.
There's only one way I'm leaving now and that's in a coffin.
That's good to know.
- Are we going? - Going where? - Dad's.
- What? To stay? He's not going anywhere.
You stay here! TOM! PHONE RINGS Hi, it's Tom.
Leave a message.
BEEP GEMMA: Tom, please call me back.
I don't understand why you left.
Love you.
Dropping Tom off? - No.
- Oh, er, so you He's staying with his dad at the moment.
- That makes sense.
It's a nice house.
- No Video room, swimming pool, huge garden.
I'm not saying he's shallow, I'm saying he's 15.
If you're not dropping him off, then why are you here? To see him.
But he's about to go in.
And I've seen him.
Do you want to meet for breakfast tomorrow? I've got a free period first thing.
We could talk.
I'll text you, make a plan.
- There you are.
- Thank you.
CLOCK CHIMES HE SIGHS How's your day so far? Productive.
You know what to do? Yep.
Hello, mate.
How are you? Oh! Hi! Erm er I'm good! - I'm here about the the office space.
- I run it.
- What? - The Courtyard.
Oh, right! Right.
Oh, well, then, erm This is awkward.
Come on, it was a long time ago.
Do you want to look around? Lisa! Neil Baker, friend of mine.
- Hi.
Can you give him the tour? - Sure.
Hope you enjoy it.
Hey, wait! We should catch up properly.
We should.
I don't know that I still have your number.
Oh, hold on, I think I've got yours, erm Well, I'll text you.
I mean, unless you're around tonight? For a drink? Yeah.
Why not? Great.
- Max! - Oh, hi.
Is Tom coming out? He said I should just go and he'd see me later.
He moved in with his dad.
I don't know if he told you.
Has he said anything? About why he went? We don't really talk about that stuff.
But you said you're going to see him later? Yeah, he said he had a thing to do first.
What thing? Maybe you should talk to him.
Don't tell him I spoke to you.
Why not? He told me to leave him alone.
Hey! It's your day off.
You couldn't stay away, uh? Er, no.
I I am so sorry about Simon's party.
It was just that so many of my friends were going, and it meant that Connor could meet them before the wedding.
- Where's Tom? - Er, what? He just came in here.
Did he want to see me? I don't know.
Julie, was Tom here? Erm, well, yes, he's got an appointment.
- Not with me.
- Sian.
He's in with Sian.
- Sian's not his doctor.
- Why? Why's he in there? I don't know.
And, well, it's confidential, isn't it? - All right? - Yeah.
- KNOCK ON DOOR - Hello? Hi.
What's the problem? No problem, I was I was just going to make myself a cup of tea, and I thought you might want to join me.
Oh! It's more or less arranged, I mean, it's happening in the next few days so But I understand that that's exactly why you need to plan your contingencies.
I mean, what if someone gets ill? Or what happens if you haven't booked the venue properly? Or if something gets on your dress? You know, I went to a wedding once where there weren't any plates.
They forgot the plates! Well, I'm sure it'll be all right.
And the weather! You can't predict that! They say you can but you can't.
Weddington boots.
- I'm sorry? - Weddington boots.
Wellies for a wedding.
You really should have some of those.
You should go online I think we should be OK.
We're indoors mostly.
But you can't be too careful.
My friend Esther, she got married on a beach, and there was a hurricane.
Actually, you put the kettle on.
I'll be with you in a minute.
Sian! Hi! Hi! - Had a good morning? - Yes.
I didn't think you were in today.
Well, I'm not, officially.
Actually, I wanted to catch you.
I wondered Do you want to come round for dinner tonight? - Dinner? At yours? With ? - With me.
Erm, just you? Just me, yes.
There's been a bit of tension between us and I thought maybe we should get to know each other in a less formal setting.
What do you think? Are you free? Why don't you come to mine instead? I've got a monkfish and some asparagus.
I was going to do it anyway.
Enough for two.
- Oh, bring wine.
- I'll bring lots.
They said you weren't here today, but it's urgent.
I can't lift up my arms.
Erm, Sian? Could you do me a favour? DOORBELL RINGS - Hi.
Sorry I'm late but I got held up.
- Yeah, so let's go.
You said early evenings was better, I believe? - I don't understand.
- Shall we start inside? - Are you the taxi? - Estate agent.
Your husband called, asking for a valuation.
I don't have a husband.
I'm sure this is the right address.
Is it Doctor Foster? The man who called you, you still have his number? - I expect so.
- Call him back, say if he does this again, his ex-wife will contact the police.
ENGINE STARTS - Good luck.
- Thank you.
And you.
So, you don't want a valuation? - Oh.
- What? - You are expecting me? - Well, yes, but not at this time.
- You're early.
- By five minutes? Exactly.
I was It's fine.
I'll manage.
- Well, come on in, then.
- Thank you.
DOOR OPENS - Hey! - Sorry.
Long day.
It's all right.
- So, er, what'll it be? - Red Ribbon.
A Red Ribbon, please.
How are you coping with the pub? Yeah.
Well, I'm not entirely comfortable, as you can imagine.
- I can.
- It's just so dirty.
Because of all the poor people.
It's good to know you haven't changed.
This could be so weird.
Us meeting.
Yeah, I suppose so.
Ah, thank you.
There you go! But, as you said, long time ago now.
You've got a new wife and a big new house, by all accounts.
Life carries on.
Yeah, yeah.
It does.
For most of us.
Shall we open a bottle? I actually brought a couple.
Oh! Well, er, let's, er Mmm put these to chill, start with one of mine.
All right? There's a vineyard in Ledoc, and my half-brother owns a stake in it, brings me these bottles back.
Is that your son? Yes.
He's at university now.
I didn't realise you had any children.
(SIAN SIGHS) Harry is the product of an unhappy and short-lived relationship with a man called Evan.
Evan had issues, which, when we were younger, appeared to be charm and ambition, but, as he got older, were revealed to be bitterness and aggression.
Does Harry see much of him? Not if I can help it.
His dad's a shit.
Harry is amazing.
And it's precisely because I kept them apart.
What about you? You're divorced.
How's your son? He's fine.
I think.
And do you see much of his dad? No.
Yeah, big house, big mortgage, but it's worth it.
But, after everything that happened, how how can you afford it? - What? - You've not been the most discreet person in the past.
Well, I was led astray.
- And how do I know it won't happen again? - With Gemma? Once was enough.
OK, well, the truth is Kate's dad gave us a few thousand.
Then a mate had a tip-off in an American energy company, fracking, whatever.
It doesn't matter.
The point is we invested what we could, and within a year, I mean, wow! - You did well? - Unbelievable.
You you liked it? The space? - Yeah.
- Yeah, small businesses love the idea of a shared ethos.
And the community café acts as a as a hub which Distracted? What? No.
No, I am past all that now.
Happily married.
What was she like? My wife, when you slept with her? I mate Did you have fun? Yeah, we did.
But you wouldn't go there again? Like tequila.
Great at the time.
Not worth the hangover.
Tequila! Did she strip off at the end of the bed? She likes to slowly take her clothes off in front of you.
It's a thing she does.
Turns her on.
- You really want to know? - Good body, right? For her age.
I suppose.
Yeah, great body.
She used to tense.
You're right in the middle of it, and she she'd come and get these, like, electric shocks, all the way through her body, right in the middle of fucking.
I miss that.
Did she do that? You would remember.
I'm not sure I want to share that information.
"Don't want to share.
" You used to over share.
Every time I saw you we were supposed to be talking about investment options and you'd be explaining what a butter churner was.
NEIL LAUGHS Bet you tried it.
Nearly broke my neck.
Well, I'm a very different man now.
Another? Sure.
- Did it in the middle of a field.
- Sorry? I mean the wedding! Oh, God! Oh, God! No! Not sex.
Evan told me very early on he didn't like sex in "weird places".
I wanted to do it in a car once and he was like, "No, it's dangerous.
" I asked him why.
He said, "What if you knocked the handbrake off? Grabbed it by accident in the throes of passion.
" I said, "If your penis feels like a handbrake we have got bigger problems"! What about you? Any strange places? We did it in a castle once.
My ex and me.
- Sorry? - Castles.
He liked castles.
Oh, geek.
I didn't mind them, actually.
We were at this one by the sea, and they were kicking everyone out, so we hid.
And then we fucked each other in the battlements.
THEY LAUGH After Evan, I never had sex with another man.
- Really? - Too messy.
Women all the way.
I tell you, it's better.
You were married how long? 15 years.
And you divorced? For two years.
Something they don't tell you.
That indent on your finger, where you had the ring? It never goes.
Why did my son come to see you? You saw him leave.
I thought so.
Why was he there? You know I can't tell you.
I know but I thought since we were drunk I'm not drunk.
Could you at least explain why he went to see you, and not his own doctor? Cos his own doctor is one of your best friends.
So, why you? He knew we weren't close.
How? You told him I was impossible.
I don't think you're impossible.
- You do.
- A little difficult perhaps.
- I think you're impossible.
- Unbelievably competitive.
- You're smug.
- I'm glad I came for dinner.
- Did you like the fish? - No.
Look, Tom suddenly went to live with his dad and his dad is a very bad influence.
Now, on top of all that, I'm worried that he might not be well.
But if you won't tell me I get it.
You're a professional.
It's it's good.
It actually is.
I like that.
There is something you don't know about me.
Despite being a doctor, when I drink I smoke.
So what are you going to do about Gemma? She thinks you're scheming to make her leave and she doesn't understand why Tom's moved in with you.
- Why has he moved in with you? - It's sad, isn't it? I take responsibility for everything I've done, but I mean, two years? How difficult is it to just get on with your life? Instead, she's stuck there.
A scheme? If I did, would you blame me? I know I cheated.
Hands up to that.
But by the time she'd finished with me, I had a criminal record, no friends, no career, my son hated me I made a mistake but what she did wasn't fair, it wasn't justice, simply revenge.
- Mate, I'm not getting involved - So would you blame me if when I get an opportunity, I look for a way to get my son back and remove her from my life? Put it this way.
I'm winning.
She said you should buy her a drink.
Ha! - Anxiety.
- What? Tom's unusually conscientious for a 15-year-old boy but I suppose he is your son.
He heard you in the past, talking about a patient with the same symptoms.
Not sleeping.
Negative thoughts.
He said he'd recently left home and moved in with his dad.
Did he say why? No.
And what did you suggest that he do? I said with everything he's been going through, I'd be worried if his brain wasn't reacting like that.
Was he really upset? It's understandable.
I told him to come back and see me whenever he wants.
Thank you.
And I promised him I wouldn't tell you anything.
You're clearly very persuasive.
So, there is dessert.
Two minutes.
Sian? I was lying before.
The fish, it was really good.
I know.
LAUGHTER What? You don't believe me? No.
You want to see the scar? What, here? No, thank you.
I'm sorry about Fiona.
She's got kids.
Needs to be up early.
I've got kids, too, so What about you, Neil? Children? No chance.
No, I value sleep, time, happiness, style.
- You don't like responsibility.
- Not particularly.
Me too.
Sometimes I just like to get on my horse and off I go - into the fields.
- Oh! No plan, I just go.
You ride.
I ride.
Sorry! Sorry, that's really very funny! What?! Oh! Look at that.
Why, is that a problem? Does it look like a problem? Excuse me.
Who's that? Some twat.
But you said he was coming over.
He changed his mind.
Said he didn't feel like going out.
Why not? Dunno.
Maybe you should just go round and ask him.
I can't.
They've threatened to call the police on me.
Thanks anyway.
Max have you got any wine? SHE SIGHS Thanks.
- Who is he? - What? Who? My son.
I found cigarettes in his room at his dad's, where he also got drunk.
And now he's run away from me.
People don't just change overnight.
Or maybe I just never knew him.
You're his best friend.
What do you mean? He's funny.
Yeah, he's good.
What doesn't he tell me? Normal stuff you wouldn't want your mum to know.
Like? Has he had sex? Not really comfortable talking about that stuff.
I'm not judging him, Max.
I just want to know.
- No, don't think so.
Not yet.
- But he smokes? Sometimes.
At parties.
If other people are.
Does he drink a lot? No.
Just normal.
- He like girls? - Yeah.
Has he ever had a girlfriend? - I've never seen him - No, not a girlfriend.
- But he's kissed girls.
- Course.
- Girls rather than boys.
- Yeah, girls.
At parties or whatever.
Why's he gone to his dad's? I dunno.
Has he threatened him? Don't think so.
He's been to the doctor's.
Because he's not sleeping, apparently.
- Do you know why? - No.
Well, maybe you should talk about these things.
He says he doesn't love you.
When did he say that? At school.
We were talking and, yeah, that's what he said.
He used to.
He used to love me.
So, what's changed? Thanks for the wine.
PHONE RINGS Hi, it's Tom.
Leave a message.
PEOPLE CHAT, MUSIC EMANATES FROM CLUBS You don't have my number We don't need each other now The creed or the culture We can move beyond it now Are you even listening now? Cos you don't have my number We don't need each other now You can't steal my thunder - Thanks for the text! - I didn't think you'd come! I like you! I like you, too! I don't need no-one now And I don't need these city streets The creed or the culture now Ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh Ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh What are we doing? What do you think? Oh, OK.
Sorry, sorry, stop.
- I'm not up for this.
Not here.
- Why not? They might be my students.
- So, how amazing will you seem? - Seriously.
Oh, OK.
There is nothing I want more than to It's not the offer.
It's the context.
Context! - God, I love that! - What? Just how you talk.
Want to come back to mine? What? No! This is good.
Look, maybe we should, er, maybe we should call it a night? OK Doesn't like sex in weird places.
You go home, if you want to.
You'll be all right? Yeah I'll be amazing.
Breakfast tomorrow, though, yeah? Sure.
Oi! What are you doing? I said what the fuck are you doing? Having the kind of night that I haven't had in 15 years.
God, I'm shitfaced.
I am desperate for another drink and that's exactly how I want to feel cos I haven't got a clue what's going on in my life at the moment.
I'm also a doctor who's putting your mate in the recovery position so he doesn't die.
You don't look like a doctor.
No white coat.
You're hot.
- Yeah? - Yeah.
You think I'm hot? - Yeah, why not? - Yeah? You want to suck me off? - Do you want to fuck me? - Yeah.
- Yeah? - Yeah.
Then it's not your night.
- What? - Take him home.
Simon? Simon! I know some I'm going to tell you something.
- Had a good night? Simon's done something, and now apparently my son doesn't love me.
Neil not back? He won't be now.
It's too late.
- Oh, you mean - He'll stay out.
I thought you'd agreed - he wasn't going to do that any more.
- We did.
- I hope you got what you needed.
- Anna are you all right? - I'm going to stay up for a bit, do a few things.
- What things? Big things.
Go to bed.
I believe your husband called us about a valuation on your DOORBELL RINGS Well, you were never going to make it to the café.
So I thought I'd deliver.
Croissants, fruits.
Could only find one yoghurt.
But we could share? Erm I haven't cleaned my teeth yet this morning.
How are you? Headache.
You've been getting drunk a lot recently.
I know.
Plates are in there.
Smoking, too.
Sorry? I've started smoking again as well.
It's really bad.
This is what you're going to have to deal with.
I'm not into emotional intimacy.
- That makes sense.
- I don't mean sex.
I have sex.
Early part of this year there was a guy called Charlie.
Really attractive.
- OK.
- Met in a café, went back to his, slept together.
But I loved that there was no strings attached.
But then he started to have feelings for me, and wanted to talk about my life, and I just wasn't into that.
So - You broke up? - I started paying him.
50 quid a time.
He didn't have much money, and that made it clear what the deal was about.
How did that work out? We did it twice and then he texted to say he thought it was insulting.
I didn't see him again.
Why are you telling me all this? Essentially, I'm alerting you to the fact that I thought I was just about doing OK but then my husband coming back has changed things.
It's really thrown me.
So maybe Tom's right to leave.
Messed-up Mum.
- I'm not put off by all this.
- You should be.
Because you're telling me.
You're being honest.
I just thought you ought to know before you got too involved.
I think you're telling me because it's time to change.
Change to what? Sit down.
You miss Tom.
You want him to come home? I want to make sure that he takes care of himself.
And I would very much like to have a proper conversation with him.
Yes, of course I want him to come home.
Have you spoken to him about it? - Not since he left.
He won't answer.
- He loves you.
Thanks, but you really have no idea what he feels about me.
Why are you interested in me? Because most people would make an excuse and run away, and count themselves lucky.
You really don't have to stay out of concern.
Change to what? - I I beg your pardon? - Because things have changed.
Your husband's come back.
Your son's moved out.
So what do you do? You keep everything the same? You try and ignore it? Or change? What are you, like, a guru? I'm a teacher.
We're pretty good at giving clear guidance, - when required.
- Oh, fuck you.
I would like that.
But not for money.
That might be the best I've ever had.
How about you ? Yeah, it was good.
So er Yeah, er, believe it or not, he's he's made the money.
Been very lucky by the sounds of it.
Kate's dad gave them an amount, erm, he put it in some American investment, fracking, apparently.
Ah, he used the dividend to fund the house, to borrow against for the business.
His business partner called Mark, who runs it with him.
And then I I couldn't find out anything more about Tom or why Or why Neil.
When I got back this morning, erm, she packed a bag for me.
Said it was over.
We'd made a commitment to each other, I'd failed.
She'd she'd sort my stuff and and send it on.
I shouldn't have gone last night.
It's not your fault.
I don't know where I'm going to go.
You stay at mine.
I don't think that would help much.
Anyway I'm, er, I'm used to a hotel.
- She will get over this.
- She won't.
Not now.
Anyway, so that's, erm, all I could find out.
No, it's useful.
Thank you.
Simon hates you.
Hates me, too.
He knew what he was doing last night.
He got me drunk and when I woke up this morning and realised what had happened I knew she'd never forgive me again.
But, yeah, he hates you and knows everything.
Someone's talking to him.
Is there anyone you don't trust? The headache's still there.
Have you had the blood test back? KNOCK ON DOOR One minute, please! Oh! Gemma.
I was just finishing up with Mr Ward Gordon, could you give us a moment? She's about to tell me what's wrong.
- Honestly, I just - Doctor Lambert will finish up properly in a moment, if you just step outside.
You missed dessert, did I do something wrong? I checked your CV.
Simon, my ex-husband, did economics at Warwick, same year.
You know him.
I don't think so.
I don't remember any Simons.
That wasn't a question.
You know him.
He said he'd spoken to some old friends, but it was you, wasn't it? - Talking about me.
- Gemma, I can't I could find out.
I could go on Facebook, check records.
I don't take well to people who lie to me.
You can guess why.
All right, yes.
I know him from university but not well.
The job came up, he lived nearby, and I asked him about the area.
He said I should go for it, but that his ex-wife was the senior GP, wouldn't take it well if I mentioned the connection, and that she was leaving soon anyway so there wasn't any point - Leaving? - Yes, he said within a month of him moving back, you'd be gone.
So you want my job, you're working with him to get rid of me? - Don't be ridiculous.
- It's not! Because you've been reporting back - to my ex-husband - No, no, no! on everything that I've been doing.
I have not been reporting back.
He calls and asks and I tell him the truth.
- Get out.
- Er, being friends with your boss's ex isn't, as far as I know, grounds for dismissal.
You don't need to work any notice.
Gem Gemma, we didn't get on, so maybe I wasn't hugely positive about you with Simon to begin with, but I always told him the truth.
And now that I've got to know you, especially what I found out yesterday, well, it's clear, you're not the one with the problem.
Really? Yes.
Look, Gemma, last night you wanted to know about Tom.
I wanted to know about you.
Now I do.
You're a good person and an excellent doctor.
I hugely respect you.
And that's why in the end I told you about Tom and not him.
After everything you said I get what you're up against.
And, well I very rarely feel the need to apologise but sorry.
So, what now? - Drink, madam? - No, thanks.
I'm so sorry, could you excuse me for a moment? Not here.
- Tom's coming home.
- Tom is home.
You've told him something.
Lied to him.
Why would you think that? Because he's suddenly changed - and it doesn't make sense.
- Well, now he's got all the facts.
What does that mean? You look better than when I last saw you.
I hope you had a good night.
What was it you wanted to say? You shouted last night you had something to tell me.
You know Sian.
You told her to apply for the job.
She saw it and asked me, I thought it was a good opportunity You said when you came back that I'd be gone within a month.
You will be.
What's your house worth in the end? Did they say? There is something I could tell you, - that I know.
- Go ahead.
- It would hurt you.
- Go on, then.
I was watching your house last night and saw Kate with a man that wasn't you.
Mark's her godfather.
Anything else? Go home pack your things, and leave.
You're going to go away again and Tom - Tom's going to come back and live with me.
- Or what? Or I'll go to the lenders that you've borrowed money from and inform them of your mismanagement of your previous business.
The "lenders".
Did Neil get home all right in the morning? She was very attractive.
I hope they had a good time.
You wanted him to go off with her.
You knew that he promised Anna What Neil does is entirely up to him.
But on the other hand, yes, of course.
He slept with my wife.
I really think you need to see someone professional now.
Your eye's twitching.
PHONE RINGS Yes? He's ? - Yes, of course.
20 minutes.
- Who's that? - It doesn't matter.
- Is it about Tom? Was that what you wanted to tell me? That you knew how I got the money, the investment in the American company? You didn't believe it, did you? Fracking? I thought you probably sent him after me.
Just turning up like that? Not convincing.
Fun night, though.
Compared notes on you.
- He said you weren't bad.
- Really? For your age.
- Tom? - Mate Tom's been in a fight.
Mr Foster, perhaps you'd like to take a seat.
- Mum, I'm fine.
- Gemma.
What happened? Well, we say a fight, but from what witnesses are saying, it was more like an attack.
Who attacked him? He attacked another boy.
Max Gosford.
We're going to wait to speak to Max's parents to see whether they want to involve the police.
- Mate - Let her finish.
But for now Tom's immediately excluded.
So he needs to go home straight away.
All right? BOTH: Yes.