Doctor Foster (2015) s02e03 Episode Script

Series 2, Episode 3

- Hey! - So you went on a date with my teacher?! I didn't know! We wish you and James the very best too and hopefully, it will be peace and quiet from now on.
So many of my friends were going and it meant that Connor could meet them before the wedding.
- Are we going? - Going where? - Dad's.
- What? To stay? He's not going anywhere! TOM! Why has he gone to his dad's? He says he doesn't love you.
What are you going do about Gemma? She thinks you're scheming to make her leave and she doesn't understand why Tom has moved in with you.
What she did wasn't fair.
- It wasn't justice, simply revenge.
- Mate So would you blame me if when I get an opportunity, I look for a way to get my son back and remove her from my life? Tom! Tom's been in a fight.
But from what witnesses are saying, it was more like an attack.
- Who attacked him? - He attacked another boy.
Max Gosford.
- Everything all right? - Sorry? With the food? Can we get the bill? Sure.
Why? You've never done anything like this.
He asked for it.
Are you saying that he provoked you? I mean, did he hit you first? Did he say something? Isobel.
What about Isobel? - She hates you.
- What? Isobel hates you cos of what you did to her mum.
What's this got to do with Her mum said you bullied her when she worked for you.
- We were all under pressure.
- No shit.
- Don't swear, mate.
- Why should I listen to you? You pushed Mum through a glass window.
I didn't push her through the window.
My mistake, you didn't push her through the window, you just smashed her head into it.
Whatever happened, I don't think you're in a position to tell us what to do right now.
- Can I go to the car? - No.
I want to go to the car, I've had enough.
- Whose car? - Dad's.
That doesn't mean that I like him best, it's just where my stuff is.
Just give me the keys, or I'll walk off anyway.
There's more to this.
He wouldn't just beat up his best friend.
He said Isobel.
Presumably, they were fighting over her.
- So you're not surprised.
- Of course I'm surprised.
I would have expected more control, but he's growing up and this has been a particularly frustrating time for him.
Well, that's true.
- Yes, it is.
- And it's not fair.
You told him something.
And now he won't even look at me.
What was it? No, actually, it doesn't matter.
Because from now on, I don't care what you're planning to hurt me or get rid of me, we support him together.
He needs stability, guidance.
So either you step out and leave me to it, or work with me.
Of course.
We're his parents.
- I'll get this.
- No, it's fine.
- Please.
- No.
Shall I split it? Gemma? Hey.
New start? Yeah, sorting out a flat.
Single again.
Make the most of it.
It sounds good.
Are you OK? Shall we have some wine? I know it's only five o'clock, but I could open a bottle.
Tom's been in trouble today, so I've got a few things to sort out.
- Trouble? - He attacked Max.
- He - Hit him.
Knocked him to the ground.
- Oh, my God! Why? - I don't know.
- Have you tried asking him? - He wouldn't tell me.
Maybe ask again? Look, er, anything I can do - Same for you.
If I can help - Try you for that wine later.
- Sounds like you might need it.
- Yeah.
You have one new message.
First new message.
ROS: Hi! It's me.
I'm really looking forward to tomorrow! I don't want to know what we're doing.
Love a surprise.
But I just wondered if I needed to bring anything specific.
Dress up or whatever? Let me know! And also just to say that apparently we can have confetti outside, but it needs to be biodegradable.
I'm sure you're on this but can you let people know? Anyway, call me about tomorrow.
Let me know where to be.
Exciting! Bye! KEY RATTLING IN DOOR Hi! I thought you were at your dad's? Tom, are you all right? - Are you hungry? - Yeah.
Well, then, let me cook something.
Just be a minute.
What's happened? Tom? I had an argument with Dad in the car.
When we got back, I grabbed my bike and left.
An argument? What about? He said I should move schools.
Move schools? Why would you do that? I don't know, he just wouldn't stop going on about it.
Tom, you can tell me anything, you know.
DOORBELL RINGS Does he know where you are? DOORBELL RINGS AGAIN I'm not getting it.
DOORBELL RINGS - Why ring the bell? - What? I thought you had a key.
Have it.
- Can I come in? - You told him to move schools.
Yes, because Another local school.
I think it's an option.
Simon, all his friends are there.
I said he should consider it, but, fine, if he doesn't want to.
No, what he needs is our support, not getting into arguments and telling him what to do.
I know, and I'm here to apologise.
My mistake.
I love Tom.
OK? I don't want to hurt him.
Just you.
- He doesn't want to see you.
- I should apologise.
- I'll tell him.
- Better in person.
I thought we were putting him first? DOOR SHUTS - Why did you let him in? - Your dad wants to talk to you.
To say sorry, mate.
I don't know how we ended up arguing.
- You do.
- OK.
You do know.
You said I should move schools.
Well, I said you should consider it, bearing in mind what's happened.
Mum says I don't have to.
You don't have to, but people will be talking and It's just a fight.
They'll forget it.
- I doubt Max will, mate - Can you stop calling me mate? I'm not your mate, I'm your son.
I always call you mate.
I know.
- And what's this with Isobel? - Can you stop? It doesn't matter.
- Nothing.
- You said - No, I didn't.
- At the wedding party, the two of you looked close.
What are you doing? Just trying to establish Yeah, well, it might seem like we're close to you, but we're not.
Things were different than when you were young.
You saw them, right? Mum always sees me together - with my friends, we're just - If Tom says he's not with Isobel, then I believe him.
As always.
- What? - You always believe him.
Always been the problem.
Ever since he was small, you let him get away with anything.
All right, well, look, mate Oh, OK, yes, mate? Sorry.
Can we put this behind us? Yeah, OK, fine.
So you can go now.
You're going to stay here tonight? Yes.
Tom! TOM STOMPS UPSTAIRS OK, well, I should leave.
Should I go up after him? Wow.
You saw him at the party with Isobel with his arm round her.
Simon, he's telling you they're not together.
But it's possible, isn't it? That whatever's happened, he thinks lying is the way to make it better? And before you point out the obvious, yes, I speak from experience.
Do you want to stay for dinner? - What? - Chicken, pasta, broccoli.
Is this a trick? What? You're going to put something in the food, drug me or something.
Bury my body in the garden.
What makes you think this is a trick? Because I'm me and you're you, and suddenly you're being nice.
No, this isn't a trick.
This is a chance to sort things out.
Right now, Tom needs to feel like he has both of us.
So rest assured, the beer, the dinner, I'll be gritting my teeth.
Dinner would be great.
Work to do, in the office.
Yeah, I might be a while.
- MOBILE BUZZES - Shit! - Everything all right? - Yeah.
- You lied to her.
- I protected her.
And so it begins.
How is she generally? Happy? Yeah.
Just, young child, you know.
That's a bit unfair.
She's what, 23, 24 by now? We've got a young child.
Oh, I see.
I dream about this house.
Sometimes Kate's here.
Sometimes you.
There's a story with everything.
We chose this rug, we got that picture in France, you remember? Of course.
We revarnished the banister.
Well, you did.
I watched.
- I fucked you over this counter.
- What? I saw you remember it just now.
I saw it in your face.
You remembered.
- Didn't you? - No.
- You didn't fuck me.
- I think I did.
It was consensual.
I'd say I was an active participant.
I'd say usually you were very active, yes, but occasionally you preferred it being done to you.
- This was one of those times.
- Why would you mention that? Why would you think about it? We should check his pictures.
I can do it on here.
His photo stream.
- Might help us know what's going on.
- You need his password.
I've got his password.
Haven't you? How is he supposed to trust us when we're looking at things like that? He's a child.
Our child.
He's just beaten his best friend up and he won't tell us why.
So we have to work it out.
I'm not doing that.
He can be honest with us instead.
In case you change your mind.
Tom! Dinner! Shall I sort out the table? Thanks.
So who's this new guy? Tom says it's one of his teachers.
I didn't know that when we met.
Is it serious? FOOTSTEPS APPROACH Your dad's staying for dinner.
Er, why? Because you've got enough to worry about without arguing with your dad, and after what you've done today, you don't get a vote, so sit down, eat, and we'll work it out together.
Well, that won't go wrong.
You said you were hungry.
Here's food.
Are you not having a glass of wine? What? No.
You want one? No, I'm fine.
- What? - Well, you always have a glass of wine.
- Nearly always.
- Do you two talk about me? - Not much.
- That I'm an alcoholic.
No, just what you're like generally.
And what am I like? Well, if you want something and someone's stopping you from getting it, you go like the Terminator or something.
Well, right now, I want the truth.
What? I told you, there wasn't anything.
I want to know why you hit Max.
What that had to do with Isobel.
Complete honesty.
So we can help.
Your dad was right.
You were close with Isobel at the party.
- Close because we're friends, why ? - Enough.
Me and Isobel, we're not like that.
We've never kissed or anything.
We've known each other for years.
It would be weird.
So what, then? It's just, Max is into her.
Doesn't like that she talks to me.
Suddenly, he goes crazy.
Started shouting at me.
So I told him to shut up, then, yeah.
- Got into a fight.
- All right.
So we should tell the school that Max was shouting at you.
That he was jealous.
You don't mind? - No.
- I called them.
Karen can meet us tomorrow at 10.
30 to discuss it.
- Do you want to be there? - Of course.
Tom? - Do I have to be? - No.
- Then no.
- Fine.
So we're going to tell them that you'll make a personal apology to Max, and there's no need for any further punishment.
And you've got your exams coming up, so the sooner you get back in school, the better.
And we should be strong about that.
Ha! I remember this.
That's your glass.
You always had that at dinner.
- Is it? - Yeah.
It's coincidence.
- Night.
- Night, mate.
- Sorry.
- It's OK.
No problem.
What? Gemma.
Go on, then.
To show Kate? Pathetic.
You really would have gone that far? I would have stopped you at some point.
Once I got what I needed.
But now we're here we could keep going.
Surely this was the whole point? We've started now.
Gemma, I hate you.
I know.
I pretty much fucking loathe you too.
At the school? 10.
30? Right.
Tom's problems.
Needed to sort them out.
You don't have to explain.
Has Neil gone? Pretty much.
How do you feel? Younger.
So what did you decide? About Tom? We're going to the school tomorrow to discuss it.
It should be fine.
The truth is, I came over earlier.
Got as far as the door.
I could hear you both.
I thought I'd leave you to it.
Anna, I know it seems strange.
Normally with a break-up, you throw everything of his away.
Remove the tumour from the body.
That's what I've done.
Scorched earth policy.
Not a trace of him remaining.
It's not as simple as that when you have a child.
You never binned anything.
You were waiting for him to come back.
- No, I never - I hate women sometimes.
You could just never see him.
Even in the same town.
You've got friends, a whole life, even a new man now.
But you One minute, you want to destroy him, the next, you're fucking him.
Maybe you want to do both those things at the same time.
"Hate sex".
I've heard it's good.
Maybe I should give Neil a call.
You don't hate Neil.
I do.
We're going to rent the house out.
I'm going to live with my sister.
And Neil's I don't care what he's doing.
Your sister? She's in Edinburgh.
Good city for a new start.
- In a few days.
- And you won't come back? Not if I can help it.
It's been years.
Are you sure? Maybe that's why I'm being so honest with you tonight.
Because I'll probably never see you again.
This is Simon's fault.
He broke up your marriage to isolate me.
In your world, it really is all about Simon, isn't it? FOOTSTEPS APPROACH - Hi, Tom.
Are you all right? - Yeah.
I was just saying, I'm moving away.
You're Why? I've split up with Neil.
You've broken up too? Yeah.
We we can keep in touch.
What happened with Max? I don't want to talk about it.
Do you need anything? No.
I always had the feeling that you and Simon had amazing sex.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
And I suppose you missed it.
But the thing is, if you do this, hurt each other, fuck each other, every time it happens, you are breaking your son a little bit more.
You do realise that? Totally destroying him.
It was a mistake.
Yeah, and when it all goes wrong? This time, I won't be across the road.
I've got to pack.
See you later.
Waiting to talk to Karen.
I called you last night.
I would have come over.
- You OK? - Yeah.
- You look a bit - What? Oh, nothing.
I should go in.
See you tonight? I'll call you.
Speak then.
It was an attack.
Tom's saying it was Max who was aggressive first.
That's not our understanding.
- Inevitably, this will have consequences.
- What do you mean, consequences? Permanent exclusion? - We're considering all the options.
- How's his work? His marks? Do you think that should make a difference? He contributes to the life of the school the way you'd like every child to.
- That's right.
- So why discriminate against him? I'm not discriminating against him.
Because you've never liked me, is the truth.
Gemma, I would remind you, in this situation you are a parent whose son has done something wrong and I would appreciate it if you would show me some respect.
Karen, you're doing a voice I'm doing my job.
I'm trying to find an appropriate and constructive resolution for everyone.
Of course, we understand that.
Is everything all right at home? - Sorry? - I have to ask.
- You don't.
- In what respect? How is it relevant? In trying to understand the context.
Max mentioned that you'd visited him, asking about Tom.
Yes, because I was worried.
Then why didn't you speak to him directly? Tom's living with me at the moment.
Of course if, as you've suggested, you were to make the choice to move Tom to a different school, that might be a less disruptive We haven't suggested that.
- I assumed as per your email - What email? I thought Tom could move to St Austin's.
Haven't you discussed this? Whatever was in that email last night, we've spoken since then and we're both clear that this is where his friends are, and he's very keen to stay at this school.
- Simon sent the email this morning.
- What? This was a nasty, violent attack.
Our policy is designed to protect the child who's been the victim, and make sure that they can feel safe.
And more than that, you don't want Tom to get a reputation.
Especially as you're a governor, so well respected in the community yourself.
It's in all of our interests to draw a line under this quickly.
- We understand.
Thank you.
- Thanks.
St Austin's is miles away.
My side of town.
You think they'd take him when they heard about this? - We wouldn't tell them.
- We'd have to.
I'm sure they'd take him anyway.
- It isn't any good.
- It's fine.
It's a private school.
- So you'd pay? - If I needed to.
Why did you email her this morning? We had an agreement that we would work together.
St Austin's would suit him well.
He can live with me, go there, everyone's happy.
- Well, nearly everyone.
- So you're putting yourself first? I'm putting Tom first.
I'll tell Kate what we did last night.
She won't believe you.
If only you'd filmed it.
I thought we had an agreement.
I thought we were VIDEO PLAYS ON PHONE - What? - Sorry, am I keeping you from something? ON PHONE: It's no excuse for what you did! Shut up! Simon, what is that? - A video.
The office sent it.
- What video? Was that Tom? Simon! MESSAGE ALER VIDEO: No, we don't think like that, OK? No! Tom, stop shouting.
You're asking me, but you're not interested in listening, Isobel.
All this stuff going on with my mum and dad and no-one will - It's just an excuse.
- Just shut up! PHONE RINGS AT OTHER END Hi, it's Tom.
Leave a message.
Hey! Ready to go.
Not dressed up as requested.
So what's the plan? Could you meet me in the square instead? Crazy day, it would be easier.
No problem.
- By the Crown.
- Same time? Yeah.
See you in a bit.
- Where is he? - You saw the video? Why did he have to come here? - We need to find him.
- Out of anywhere in the town.
People are talking about it.
They know he's my son.
- Where is he? - We've just opened.
It's the worst possible time.
- Where is he? - I've no idea.
Has he gone to yours? Kate says no.
I don't know where he is.
At least now you can see that Isobel was involved.
She was right here when it happened! Perhaps she was just trying to help.
- Have you looked at his photos? - I told you, he deserves He doesn't deserve anything.
He's lying to you.
Look at the photos.
I have to get back to this.
You tell me if you hear from him.
She's a doctor on call, give her a couple of minutes.
I was just saying you're a doctor on official business.
- Hi, Amber.
- Gemma! How's the little one? Three months now? He's four.
He's happy, he's always smiling.
Sorry about this.
Look, no worries.
You stay as long as you need to.
- You're kind.
- No problem.
So, where are we going, then? Fantons.
Oh, great! Can I just say, I am SO nervous! I can't believe it's tomorrow! It came round so quickly.
I will need my hand holding pretty much throughout.
- No problem.
- Standing in front of people is not my thing, public displays of emotion, that kind what are you looking at? I'm sorry, I'm so sorry.
- What? - It's just you go to the restaurant.
I'll meet you there in a minute.
There's just something I've got to do.
All right? Sure.
Isobel? Isobel, stop! I heard what just happened.
Do you know where Tom is? - No, I don't.
- Well, why was he so angry? Can't you talk to him about it? I'm talking to you.
He said that there was nothing going on, but I've seen photos of you kissing.
Yeah, we, we got off.
- OK, so what ? - Tom's really messed up at the moment.
Yes, so everyone keeps telling me.
I need you to be specific so that I can help him.
What's going on? It was at the party.
We were in Tom's room.
I kissed him.
And he said "Let's go outside".
You know, get away from people.
Stuff happened, then he went off, back home.
What, what stuff happened? We were kissing, and it's OK.
It's good.
But you know, I wanted to do more and then as we do, I had enough.
I changed my mind, I just didn't want to.
But when I tried to move, he wouldn't let me.
He was, he was grabbing, he was, he got his hands on me really hard.
He just wouldn't stop touching me.
And I was hitting him and I was pushing him away but he just wouldn't stop.
Then I screamed at him, and he took a step back and just, just started crying.
And I ran and got away from there as fast as I could.
I didn't tell Mum, cos nothing really happened.
But when Max found out, he he asked Tom about it and Tom just hit him.
And we were trying earlier to sort it out, but he went mental.
- You haven't told anyone? - Just Max.
I do like Tom, he's a mate.
He's been through a lot.
It doesn't matter what he's been through, he should have stopped.
- Yeah, I know but - It was wrong.
- But I don't think he meant to do it.
- It doesn't matter.
- He was drunk.
Cos the thing is - It doesn't matter.
I am so sorry.
Isobel you tell your mum, because she'd want to know.
Yeah, OK.
Leave a message.
Are you all right? It's Tom.
He's not I need to speak to him.
Why? You're getting married.
You're happy.
You can do without this.
Don't worry about today.
Just do what you have to do.
I am sorry.
You will be there tomorrow? I promise.
PHONE BUZZES Hey! Anna? He's where? But this is my family's, it was my mum's.
Anyway, I thought you wanted all my stuff out? Yeah, but that's not yours.
- Gemma.
He's inside.
Come in.
- Anna, for God's sake He's through there.
Why did he come to you? He knew what you'd think.
I'd understand.
You'd be furious.
How could he do it? We've spoken about sex.
I mean, he knows.
Talk to him.
He also said you've never understood how thin the walls are in your house.
You mean he heard Oh.
I know about Isobel.
Did Dad tell you? Dad knows? Yeah.
How could you do that? I mean OK, you were upset and you were drunk, but it's just not you.
I'm sorry that you heard your dad and me last night.
Tom! Are you all right? Tom? Your mum left me a message.
She didn't know where you were.
Er, can you just give me a minute? - Is everything all right? - Yeah, just hang on a second.
Tom? Tom, can you listen to your mum, please? I know you think you're really popular at school, but that's only with the year sevens, the 11-year-olds.
- I beg your pardon? - Tom, stop it.
As everyone gets older, they start to realise you're a dick.
There's something Mum should probably tell you.
Isn't there? About Dad.
They had sex again.
Don't trust her.
- Simon! Simon! - Can you move out of the way? - Can you just wait for your dad? - What are you doing? Let me in.
- Can you just stand back there, please? - Mate, stop.
Step back.
Step back.
Kate's not happy about you being around Amelie.
- We're both not happy about it.
- You told her about Isobel? I didn't have much choice after what you did at my work.
My colleagues saw it, as did many other people.
Watch the clip.
Look at yourself! You can't just do these things.
Yes, he told me.
It's disgusting.
I know you wanted it kept a secret but we're married, mate, - and we don't hide things from each other.
- What?! I'll help you, get things back on track, but for now, she thinks it's better if you go back to your mum.
- We both think it is.
- But you said this is my home now.
And you told me about Mum, you said it's OK because you're here.
I know, but If we can talk about this inside? - Calm things down a little.
- He's not coming in here.
- You see, it's Amelie's home too - Oh, so she comes first? You made mistakes, mate.
God, Tom! - You OK? - He won't let me in.
- I'm sure your dad's not saying that! - I am.
I'm sorry, that's it.
- You're - What? I'm what? I'll drop your things round later.
Tom, it's all right.
We'll You knew what he did.
He told you? Yes, after we left you at the cafe.
He made me promise not to say anything to you.
I tried to get you to ask the right questions.
He heard us last night.
Heard what? He will never forgive you.
ON VIDEO: Just shut up! RAISED VOICES ON PHONE Why did you go back to Dad? You miss him as your father.
I miss him as my husband.
You knew what he was like, but you went back anyway.
I did the same.
I was wrong.
I never want to see him again.
You probably think I'm the shittest son ever.
What I've done.
What I did to Isobel.
I really liked her.
Will she tell the school? Maybe.
If she does, I'll lose my friends.
The school will exclude me.
Anna's leaving, basically the only person I could properly talk to.
And I can't sleep.
What made you do that to her? What did Dad tell you about me? Tom, why won't you look at me? OK, well, you should know that no matter what you've done and no matter what he said, Tom, I would never close the door in your face.
And I am always going to look after you.
And you don't have to do anything, you don't have to smile, you don't have to love me or return the favour.
Because I am here, whatever.
OK? I was so drunk.
I don't really remember what happened.
All I remember is her crying.
I'm so, so sorry.
I'm shit.
It's shit.
Maybe I should go, you know, leave.
I don't want to, but it's probably best.
Well, we could go together.
You always said about your house, this town, your friends and your job.
It doesn't matter.
We'll get in the car, we'll go.
And we will sort everything out.
OK? Do you trust me? Tom, you're going to have to trust me.
There's just one thing I've got to do first.