Doctor Foster (2015) s02e04 Episode Script

Series 2, Episode 4

1 It was about us.
We got on.
But he knows I want kids eventually, so he said, "Why not?" I was born here.
I grew up here.
My friends are here.
My work is here.
There's only one way I'm leaving now, and that's in a coffin.
That's good to know.
Something for later.
Don't show Simon.
Shut up! This was a nasty, violent attack.
You told him something, and now he won't even look at me.
I don't care what you're planning to hurt me or get rid of me.
We support him.
But you said this is my home now, and you told me about Mum.
You said it's OK because you're here.
- I'll drop your things round later.
- Tom! Maybe I should go.
I don't want to, but it's probably best.
Well, we could go together.
BABY MONITOR: Mamma! - - Mamma.
Mamma! - Mamma - She wants you.
She's shouting mummy, but she really means daddy.
Go on! I'm asleep.
I've got to get ready.
Mamma! Are you OK? You seem anxious.
Mamma! I'm just thinking about Tom.
We couldn't have him in the house.
Not after everything.
I know.
I'll give it a couple of weeks, then make contact.
Check he's OK.
She's gone.
That's the main thing, right? She's out of our lives.
We can relax.
Mamma! I'm not anxious.
I'm ecstatic.
LAUGHING: Mamma! Mamma! One, two, three, four, five Once I caught a fish alive Six, seven, eight, nine, ten Then I let it go again Why did you let it go? Because it bit my finger so Which finger did it bite? - This little finger on my right.
- So you haven't been round there? - I went to pick up Tom that time.
You went to pick up Tom, and you got hot - I need to go.
- You don't remember taking your clothes off, - anything like that? - This is exactly what she's after.
- How did she get it? - I don't know.
When she was here for the wedding, or maybe she broke into my office? Do we even know if she's left? There's no address on this.
Someone did it for her.
There's a for sale sign up outside her house.
She's handed in her resignation at the surgery.
Yes, she's gone.
This is a parting shot.
How do you know that there's a sign up outside her house? - You went round? - She sent me a picture of it.
- She sent you a picture? - Yes, I told you.
Don't let this get in there.
I have to go.
We're good.
I love you.
All done! - It's fine, yes? - Yeah.
Want another one? - Bye, darling.
- See you later.
- Ah! - Here we are.
Hello! Hello! Hey, darling.
You all right? She's been a bit grumpy the past couple of days.
Has she? Oh, well, we'll look after her, don't worry.
Look, this is a tiger over there.
Look! HE GROWLS Are you all right, darling? Yeah.
- You know Gemma's gone? - No.
- What, gone? - Yeah, she moved away with Tom.
Put her house on the market.
Quit her job.
Well That's good.
Isn't it? Yeah.
Yeah, it really is.
Bye, Amelie.
Look, two giraffes! It's a boutique, on a farm.
You get bored for music, you wander off into a barn, and do whatever.
You've been away from Amelie before.
- Erm, not for a whole night.
- Well, you should.
You're young.
- You're 24.
- 25! You've got to have your own life.
- You're only going cos you want to get off with Jez.
- No! That's not the only reason.
Hey! Carly.
How's it going? - Good.
You? - Yeah.
This is my best mate, Kate, by the way.
You all right? - Yep.
- Have you two met? A long time ago.
I'm in a hurry, so - I'll see you.
- Bye.
Well, that was awkward.
Are you doing this for her? - Doing what for who? - Gemma.
Watching me, following me like before.
OK, wow.
I am actively walking away.
- Do you see this? - Did we just happen to bump into each other today? Exactly when she's just She's what? This morning she put a note through my letterbox.
- Saying what? - Basically claiming that Simon's slept with her.
- Has he? - No! OK.
Have you asked him? Cos you must worry about that.
What? Once a cheat, always a cheat.
- If a guy's capable of it - He wouldn't.
I'd ask him, but you trust him It's fine.
What's all that? - Are we getting lunch or not? - I have to do something.
- What's the matter with you? - I'll see you later.
- Hey, Mark.
Is he free? - Yeah.
Do you want me to ? No, no.
No, it's fine.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- Finished lectures? - No.
- You want to get some lunch? - Shall we go to the café? No, if we go to the café, you'll just be working, so just Bring some sandwiches up.
We'll have them here.
Preferences? Usual.
Chicken, whatever.
One minute.
They'll bring the food.
I feel like now she's gone, we can really start living here.
- Good, isn't it? - You're talking about her again.
Well, it's a big deal.
It really does feel different.
Like it's our place now.
If Tom wanted to come back, would you give him another chance? - It could be - We spoke about this.
- I know you feel guilty.
- He was drunk, and 15, and stupid.
But he's my son.
Imagine if it was Amelie.
No, it's not the same.
Shut up! He's not living with us.
You want to keep having this conversation? I dare you.
KNOCK ON DOOR What's going on? Why didn't she just tell you? Gemma.
Two years ago.
When she found the photos of us.
I assume she wanted to understand the extent of it.
Make sure she knew what was really going on.
Why is there a picture of her on your phone? All dressed up like she's on a night out.
I looked at your phone when you left, because it seems as though I don't trust you.
I'd come out of the pub, and she was there.
She looked terrible, so So you took a picture of her.
And I'm asking why.
I took a picture, and then I sent it to her.
You've tried answering this question twice and I still don't understand why you took the picture of her, and now I don't understand why you sent it to her.
To shame her, I suppose.
To shame her? She's staggering towards me across the square like some zombie.
Like, I don't know, a drug addict prostitute.
I'm there with Lee, old mates.
She's shouting this stuff.
I thought if I took a photo, it would shut her up.
And then I thought I'd send it to her so she could see what she looked like.
- Why do you care so much? - I She's really got you, hasn't she? The paranoia.
It's simple.
She's gone and that's good.
What? I'm desperately ignoring the suspicion that you're lying to me.
I promise I'm not.
OMINOUS MUSIC Here you go.
Oh, it's Sian.
I sometimes see you here.
- Simon's friend from uni? - Yeah.
Yeah, I know.
- You all right? - Yeah, I'm good, thanks.
You? Oh, busy.
Very busy.
We're a doctor down.
- I heard.
- Oh, well, I'm sure you did.
No warning.
No notice.
Not helpful, but you carry on regardless.
- Anyway, I'd better go.
- So she really has gone? Yes.
Suddenly vanished, just as your husband predicted.
- He predicted? - Yeah.
He said she'd be gone within a month of him coming back, and he was right.
How would he know? Oh, the mysteries of Simon Foster are never-ending.
As you are no doubt aware.
What? Oh, God, it's just a joke.
Actually, look I shouldn't have looked up the details, but, well, everybody does it, don't they? Here.
It's on with Potters.
Looks quite nice in the photos, doesn't it? Quite tempted myself.
Well, not really.
SIAN GIGGLES Anyway I should be getting on.
I'll see you soon.
The owner needed to move suddenly.
Do you know where she's gone? Sorry, no.
Anyway, kitchen/diner.
Windows out into the good-sized garden, and dining area through there.
Lots of light.
Nice, big space, and relatively modern kitchen units.
Although, of course, you may want to start again, after you Plenty of storage.
Shall I leave you to have a look around yourself? - Poke about? Any questions, I'll be downstairs.
- Thanks.
I'm from Potters estate agent.
I'm showing a buyer around.
She's upstairs.
I'm just here to organise OK.
A lot of this stuff's being thrown away, but some of it needs to be kept.
I'm just going to put stickers on things so they don't get mixed up.
Kate? What are you doing here? Sorry, do you two ? Can we have a moment? Sure.
Inquisitive? Nothing wrong with that.
No need to explain.
Look I'm moving away.
I've got nothing to lose, so, - I'm going to tell you what I saw.
- What? I'm going to tell you what happened in this room last week.
I was due to come round and have a glass of wine with Gemma.
We often would have a glass of wine on a Thursday.
- I need to go.
- I got as far as the door before I heard them, Gemma and your husband, having sex.
Through there.
Just right there.
This was last Thursday.
Did I mention that? - Why are you lying for her? - Exactly.
I have absolutely no reason to lie for her.
Me and Simon have tried so hard, but she just won't stop bothering us.
- I'm going to put an end to this.
- How? - I'm going to tell her.
- But you don't know where she is.
Yes, I do.
Don't spend it all at once.
I'm looking for a Gemma Foster.
I believe she's staying here.
- Foster? - Yep.
- No-one under that name.
- Her car's outside.
I'll just call her.
- - Nappies and early mornings, eh? It's just like the old days.
- I love it.
- I do all the nappies.
Like I said, it's just like old times.
Come on, Granny.
Up you get! HE CHUCKLES Are you going through the toys? Just be careful what's in there.
She's only two.
We don't want anything too violent.
Get rid of the soldiers.
Andrew never had soldiers.
- It was all about aliens.
- PHONE CHIMES Big ones, small ones, ones with 12 heads.
- HE CHUCKLES - Anything odd-looking, he was happy.
Bit like his girlfriends! HE CHUCKLES Oh, come on, that was funny.
- Who's that? - Hm? Oh, no-one.
It's just junk.
DOORBELL RINGS - Ah! - Look at - Look at your hat! - Ha-ha-ha.
What's this down here? Yes! Look at the tiger! - You all right, darling? - Yeah.
You know Gemma's gone? No.
What, gone? Yeah.
She moved away with Tom, put her house on the market, quit her job.
Well that's good.
Isn't it? Yeah.
Yeah, it really is.
- Bye, Amelie.
- Come on, then.
- Bye-bye.
- Let's take that coat off.
- Come on.
- Have a good day.
PHONE CHIMES What else have we got here? Let's have a look.
There's a giraffe.
You look older.
I didn't think you'd come.
What you did at that dinner was appalling.
But you're not the first woman I've met who's been cheated on.
It does things to you.
I know that.
What is this about? You love your daughter, don't you? You'd do anything for her.
So many ambitions and hopes.
Hours put in trying to keep her on the right track.
We're very proud of her.
What was she like, as a girl? What did she want to do? She wanted to travel.
She used to cut pictures out of magazines and put them on her wall.
All different countries.
She had a list of places she wanted to go to, things she was going to do.
Did she go to those countries and do those things? - No, not yet.
- Because her life took a different direction.
And she wants to go into business? - That's right.
- I think she'd do very well.
- We hope so.
- As long as nothing gets in her way.
She's very happy here at the moment.
I'm going to tell you something.
When I say it, you're going to know it's the truth, cos it concerns your daughter's happiness, so I think your instinct will kick in and you'll sense I'm not lying.
You'll want to do the right thing.
What? DOOR OPENS - Hi.
- Hey, Mark.
Was Kate all right earlier? - Yeah.
- She wasn't here long.
- Quick lunch.
- Oh.
She seemed upset.
- Absolutely fine.
- You sure? Yeah.
All right.
PHONE RINGS - I thought you'd - GEMMA: Last chance.
- I'm sorry? - Things are about to go wrong for you.
If you don't pack up and leave today, I'll destroy everything.
I want to give you the opportunity to make the right decision.
You threaten me again, I'll call the police.
- Is that a no? - How's Tom? - Is he OK? - Are you saying it's a no? Of course it's a fucking no.
Mum? Gemma's told us something upsetting, and we believe her.
This is an ambush.
- No, darling.
- His tie, the address in your room, the other doctor, Carly, your friend Anna.
Why do any of it? You're actually insane.
So I've had some time.
I've checked whose name your house is registered in.
- It's yours, not Simon's.
- So? I assume your parents paid for it, which means they don't trust him.
- What have you told her? - We haven't told her anything.
I also checked who owns the Courtyard project.
That's in Mark's name, your godfather, so he clearly doesn't trust Simon.
Nobody does, with anything, except you, and even you, I assume there's a pre-nup? Sweetheart.
She told us something and - it's about Simon.
- That he slept with her? Huh You're really telling everyone this? Don't you find that demeaning? Even if it was true, don't you have any shame? You wouldn't be here if you trusted him.
Kate, we really think there's something in it.
Mum, she is mad.
If it actually happened, she would just call me and tell me, but she arranges this huge plan.
She said that Simon came round to hers and that they He hates her.
Everything he had of the two of them.
- He's thrown it all away.
- No, he hasn't.
He would never touch her.
Do you have any proof? - No.
- Then I don't want to hear it.
Why do you believe her? - You want to believe it? - Course we don't.
Dad does.
I can't believe you brought Amelie.
We wanted to know more about what this was.
She told us to meet her here.
I didn't realise she'd asked you to come too.
Kate, there are things that I could tell you that we did that night that I'm sure you don't want laid out in front of your parents.
- Intimate details, of things that he said about - Gemma, I know.
I know he slept with you last week.
The only reason I tried to hide it was because if Dad or Mark found out, then they might take everything away from us.
But I know he did it.
He told me.
It was a mistake.
And we'll get through it because we're strong.
So all this is a waste of time.
Our marriage is a marriage.
But it doesn't make sense.
If you if you already knew, then why are you here? Because I wanted to see how much you were prepared to demean yourself.
Turns out quite a long way.
This was it? Your big plan? He messed up, and he's sorry, but he told me.
So everything's all right at work, yeah? Mark says he's working hard.
- Yeah.
- Right then.
So we don't have to change anything.
It's all good.
Never come near my family or my daughter ever again.
Your plan's failed.
Simon's right.
Just go away.
So? What's going on? I thought you were sorting everything out.
Isobel received your apology.
School are aware of that.
And I appealed your exclusion.
In my experience, the governors are fair, so we'll have to wait and see.
But what about Dad? The only reason we came back was cos you said you could sort him out.
I thought I had a way to get rid of him, but it hasn't worked.
So we have to leave? No, we don't have to.
But if you want all this to stop, and if you really don't want to see him again, then yeah.
We should.
That photo of Gemma must have seemed strange.
Yeah, it did.
Forgive me? How was uni? We're doing well at work.
Wendy's still a pain.
Mark says we have to be patient.
Three months, apparently, for someone to settle in.
Seems a bit long to me.
You You hear anything from Gemma today after the tie this morning ? Have you? How did she keep it from you for so long? I don't understand.
Well, she's psychopathic.
Well, I can't even do it for two minutes.
- What? - Yes, I saw her today.
You did? When? She tried to get the better of me.
But I said to her I told her I already knew you two slept together last week.
That you'd been honest about it and we'd worked through it.
I really wish you had.
I don't know what lies she's been feeding you I wanted you to look honest in front of Dad as well.
He was there.
He won't tell Mark.
Wh ? Kate, she's lying.
Don't make the same mistake twice.
Just stop.
Think it through.
Work out the consequences of lying and the consequences of telling the truth.
Believe me when I say, if you have slept with her, I will hate every bit of you, but it will be nothing compared to my reaction if you now lie to me as well.
See if you can do the calculation as to what's best.
She said it was last Thursday, when you told me you were working late.
You went over there, in the middle of everything that was going on with Tom, and just did it.
As basic as that.
Thursday night around, what, 9ish? You got your cock out and you put it in her.
Yeah? Yes.
Then you lied to me.
- I couldn't bring myself - Was it good? It's entirely my fault.
Of course it is.
Who else's fault would it be? She came on to me.
Did Tom find out? Is that why he was like that? I feel genuinely sorry for him.
Was it good? Does that matter? - The quality.
- The competition with her.
You know what? It really does.
OK, yes, it was very good.
It was the kind of sex she and I have that I missed.
But seconds into it, I started thinking of you, because your body's better, what you can do with it.
You smell better.
You're kinder.
I get much more pleasure from you in every way.
Starting sex with her was driven by lust, yes, but finishing it was politeness.
If there was a competition, if that's what we're talking about, you would win in every single category.
I think you know that's the truth.
- You still have feelings for her.
- No You must do if you I had a physical, sexual response to her, but I don't want her.
I can't bear to be around her.
Just sex.
It meant nothing.
Bad sex.
I'm so sorry.
When did she tell you? She had people follow me.
Tell me things about you.
What things? That if you'd cheated once, that you'd do it again, all of that.
And then suddenly she was there, with Mum and Dad and Amelie.
- What? - She got them to come to, I don't know shame me, I suppose.
- Where is she? - No.
- Tell me where she is.
- It doesn't matter where she is, Simon! I'm here! Sorry.
I'm sorry.
Sleep in the spare room tonight.
No problem.
When are you going to stop making mistakes? Now.
Are you all right? OK, I'm coming in.
Mum - I've done it before.
- Yeah, when I was a kid.
You're still a kid.
TV: Vince Cable is favourite to replace Tim Farron as Lib Dem leader LAUGHTER ON TV Thank you.
What for? Telling the truth.
I know that can't have been easy for you.
I'm not going to do what she did.
Shout at you, get angry.
We have a daughter.
We have to get through this.
I want to.
Give me time.
You know you keep asking why I went to live with Dad? What he said? Yeah? Well, it doesn't matter now.
So can we leave it? OK.
What was your problem with James? He was wrong for you.
You didn't work together.
I liked him.
Well, you're stupid.
SHE CHUCKLES Do you think Dad's happy now? Now that we've had to leave? Like he wanted? - It's unfair.
- I did my best.
I know.
I'm next door if you need me.
PHONE BUZZES You said he didn't throw everything away.
What did you mean? That watch he wears I chose it for him.
- He bought that before he met you.
- He's lying.
The cufflinks he wore for your wedding day were a seventh anniversary gift from me.
- He's forgotten.
- No.
There are things of ours all over your house.
Place mats, art on the walls.
He also said he dreams about me.
- He can't stand you.
- So there's two possibilities.
That either I'm a pathological liar who's prepared to destroy my son's life, and your daughter's life, for some sort of revenge, or your husband is a man who has been hiding himself from you ever since the day you first met.
So, which is it? Cos that's why you're here.
You don't know.
Do you? What are you doing? Trying to give you an answer.
Come with me.
Where? Home.
You could accept that he had a one-night stand, even with me.
But the problem is you're starting to think it's more than that.
That his feelings run deeper.
I just want an end to this.
I noticed the canapés at your wedding they were small versions of Thai food.
- You both like it? - Yeah.
Thai food, that's our thing.
And the song at the wedding, I saw you dancing to it.
- Jimmy Cliff.
- Yeah.
Well, that was always our food, he knows that.
Jimmy Cliff wasn't our first dance, but it was my favourite.
We played it when we had sex on our wedding night.
You just don't stop lying, do you? OK, maybe it's a coincidence.
How does he bring you off? - What? - When we first did it, he used to just bang away and get nowhere near.
So I taught him.
Bet he does that to you now.
I'm just guessing, but I saw the vibrator in your drawer.
Does he close his eyes? - Jesus - It's worried you.
That he's thinking of someone else.
My piece of paper I gave you, I just did it to wind you up, really, but did you read it? - Yeah.
- Do you know what it was? - I guessed.
- His speech to me at our wedding.
And really, you know, that says it all.
"She will be everything for ever.
My obsession, my life.
There will never be anyone else.
And she will be my life until the day I die.
" He's stuck to that promise.
The obsession, the passion, it's all still true.
He can't stop thinking about me, that's why he's so desperate to destroy me.
Kate I'm not the liar.
I'm a very normal woman who won't let him win.
Simon took it, year after we met.
And when I saw you standing there, it all made sense.
He used to love my tight jeans and the boots, it turned him on.
Jeans and boots aren't unusual.
If you want one thing that will prove this to you, I don't have it, but it's the whole thing with coming back the big house, the swagger.
I'm sorry.
I'm I'm so sorry.
I honestly wish it wasn't, but it's all for my benefit.
Every time you've asked him if your jeans look good, every time he's complimented you on your hair in the last two years, how conscious it is, I don't know, but it's his taste, and his taste is me.
It won't feel like it, but tonight's a good night.
You're not going to waste 15 years.
And you're not going to bring your child up with a man who will damage her.
Tonight's when you escape.
You are 12th in the Wendy? Bank statements, last few months.
- No problem.
- Can you get Mark? Oh, he's not here.
- Not here? - Not been in all day.
- Why not? - I don't know, I haven't heard.
But I thought he must be Did you call him? I couldn't get through.
Well, can you track him down, please? - Are you all right? - I'm fine, thanks.
PHONE CHIMES KATE: Hi, leave a message.
It's me.
You can't just send a text like that without any explanation.
I don't know what's happening, I don't know if you guys are OK.
I'm nearly home, call me back.
Love you.
What's going on? What are you doing? - My job.
- Put it down! - Speak to the boss, mate.
- I am the boss! - I don't think so.
- Happy day! - What's going on? - The day I've been waiting for.
- When you fuck up and we fuck off.
- What are you talking about? Gemma's explained what you've been up to.
She No, Kate It was made very clear to you from the beginning that all this, this whole life, is my daughter's.
And you get to live in it while she's happy.
The moment she's not, it snaps back and here it is, fucking snapping.
Happy day! Where've you been? Oh, come on.
Even you must get what's going on by now.
- We're done.
- But, mate, we've just opened! Kate's upset, I know, but we can't just stop.
We're not stopping.
I set it up to run fine without you in case you did drop out, which I'm reliably informed you have.
It was a great idea, but beyond that, I don't need you.
Hey, Kyle.
Wait, no! Just stop! - Mark, mate - We're not mates! I've known you for, what, about ten minutes? My bag's in the car, my laptop! Who owns the bag? Me.
Who bought your fucking laptop? Him.
I'm just doing my best, trying to - Said he was a prize bull-shitter.
- You did.
Told you to keep an eye on the amount of crap - that comes out of his mouth.
- It's a remarkable amount.
That's why me and Mark got on so well at school.
I spoke a load of crap, he'd spot it a mile off.
- Kept me sane all these years.
- Chris, please I've had enough.
You stand further away from now on.
She's my daughter! Here's your stuff.
KATE: Mum, can you put her in the car, please? No! No, you're not taking her.
You're not taking her.
- Mum, now, please.
- Hello, darling.
Come here.
Hello! Don't touch her! If you want an explanation from me, let my mum put her in the car now.
It's all right, love, I'll see you in a minute.
I thought we'd dealt with this.
I might not be a doctor, but I'm pretty clever, Simon.
What did you think would happen, that I wouldn't find out? Find out what? Last night, we decided we'd work through it.
- I was honest! - Honest? You said it was just sex, nothing more, but this? This was all for her, isn't it? - All of it.
- What do you mean? The flowers you sent her with that note, that was you.
- It was a joke.
- No! You text her all the time.
The song for our wedding dance is her favourite song - What? - All the things you kept of hers.
I've no idea what you're talking about.
Even how I'm dressed now is exactly like her, like she used to be.
She showed me a photo, it's exactly the same.
- Kate - You dream about her.
- She was my wife for 15 years! - So? - So - So, yes.
- Kate! - There it is! That's the "yes" there! - You knew the deal.
- Kate That was your one and last chance.
- Are you ready to go? - Yeah, thanks.
It was all there.
Mark and Dad are helping us.
You just had to manage being normal for two years.
Making a go of it.
It all could have been yours.
The house, the business, everything you ever wanted.
You just had to love me and your daughter, - and not fuck it up for two years.
- Since we've been back Dad always said you would, and I told him he was wrong.
I'm sorry.
You're never going to see me again.
- Come on.
- You're never going to see Amelie again.
We're all moving to France.
To a house there.
And we'll hire very expensive lawyers to explain to anyone who needs to know why she is growing up without her father.
- You You can't! - Dad had all this ready to go because he loves me and protects me and he knew.
I'm 25 and he's never let me down.
- Amelie is two, and already, you have.
- We should talk at least.
Is there anything of what I've just said that isn't true? - You're obsessed.
- Please, Kate.
Have her.
Please, Kate.
Just stop, please.
Please? Stop.
Please, please! Kate, please! Susie! Susie, for fuck's sake! Fuck! Fuck! HE SOBS VEHICLE APPROACHING It's my daughter.
My family! My daughter! My family! What do you want? You want to see? You want to check it worked? TEARFULLY: It worked.
PHONE BEEPS, LINE RINGING TOM: Hello? It's finished.
We can go home.
Tom, it's finished.
What's happened to Dad? Where is he? - Mum? - We don't have to worry about Dad any more.
Is he OK? Mum?! Tom, actually, I I have to call you back.
Is this what you wanted? I'll put you up in hotel for a few days.
There's a place just on the outskirts of town.
I've got a room.
You can have it.
Just give you a couple of days to sort something out - a long way away.
- I don't want your pity.
You haven't got it.
See, the problem is, like this, you bother me I don't know what you're going to do next.
So I need to know where you are.
Two days in this hotel, - set something up and go away.
- No.
The business was Mark's.
All the personal stuff is in Kate's name.
You don't have a house, money, car.
You've just got the clothes you're wearing and they would have taken the shirt off your back if they could.
I will drive you.
- No.
- Stop saying that and think.
- You did this to me.
- Take responsibility.
You took away my wife and my daughter and my son.
- No, Simon, I didn't do any of that.
- No, no, no! Your wife and your daughter have moved away.
- No, no! - Your mates pretended to like you when they thought that you were rich, but I wouldn't count on that now.
Your mother's dead and you threw your own son out, so there's nothing left for you here.
- You know, Tom and me - You don't know what Tom thinks.
- Yes.
- You're not close to him.
- He's been through a lot.
- He's distant from you.
- Not particularly.
- He should be.
What did you say to him? - Gemma - What have you told him? Did you promise him you could sort it all out, fix the problem? What are you going to say now? Go on.
Go back to wherever you are and tell him what you've done to his dad.
You've already lost him.
- What does that mean? - I made it really clear.
Simon, what have you told him? Crystal-clear, right from the beginning.
The only way I'm leaving this town is in a coffin.
You think you've won.
Look, I'm still here.
And Tom will never trust you, not really.
Not like he used to.
Give it back! Simon! OK.
- Where are you going? - To get my son.
I saw the e-mail from the hotel, I know where he is.
We need to talk.