Doctor Who s03e04 Episode Script

Daleks in Manhattan

Two minutes to curtain up.
Where's Tallulah? Where do you think? Hey, Tallulah, leave him alone! It's nearly Showtime, Laszlo - I gotta go.
Promise you'll come on Sunday.
My mother will kill me if she doesn't get to meet you.
What if she doesn't like me? Tallulah, she'll love you just as much as I do.
Aw, you say the sweetest things! It's true.
Now Promise me, Sunday, you'll come.
I promise.
Cross my heart.
Here - take this, sweetheart.
Wear it on stage and think of me.
TALLULAH! I'm coming! Quit YELLING! How do I look? Like an angel.
Wish me luck, Laszlo! Break a leg, sweetheart.
Tallulah? Who's there? Hello? Hello? LOW GRUNTING Who's there? Who are you? GRUNTING AND SQUEALING Where are we? Ahh, smell that Atlantic breeze.
Nice and cold, lovely! Martha, have you met my friend? Is that? Oh, my God, that's the Statue of Liberty! Gateway to the New World.
"Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.
" That's so brilliant.
I've always wanted to go to New York I mean, the real New York, not the New New New New New one.
Well, there's the genuine article.
So good they named it twice.
Mind you, it was New Amsterdam, originally.
Harder to say twice - no wonder it didn't catch on Newamsterdam, newamsterdam.
Wonder what year it is? Cos look, the Empire State Building, it's not even finished yet.
Work in progress.
They've still got a couple of floors to go, and if I know my history that makes the date somewhere around November 1st 1930.
You're getting good at this.
Nearly 80 years ago.
It's funny, cos you see those old newsreels, all in black and white, like it's so far away.
But here we are.
It's real.
It's now.
C'mon then, you! Where do you wanna go first? I think our detour just got longer.
# If you're blue and you don't know where to go to # Herbert Hoover, 31st President of the USA, came to power a year ago.
Up till then, New York was a boomtown, the Roaring Twenties.
And then The Wall Street Crash, yeah? When was that, 1929? Yup.
The whole economy wiped out overnight.
Thousands of people unemployed.
All of a sudden, the huddled masses doubled in number, with nowhere to go.
So they ended up here in Central Park.
What, they actually live in the Park? In the middle of the city? Ordinary people lost their jobs, couldn't pay the rent they lost everything.
There are places like this all over America, and no-one's helping them.
You only come to Hooverville when there's nowhere else to go.
You thieving low life! All morning I wait in the bread line for a single loaf.
I didn't touch it.
Cut that out! Cut it out, right now! He stole my bread! That's enough! Did you take it? I don't know what happened.
He just went crazy.
That's enough! Now, think real careful before you lie to me.
I'm starving, Solomon.
We all starving.
No stealing and no fighting.
You know the rules.
Thirteen years ago, I fought in the Great War, a lot of us did.
And the only reason we got through was because we stuck together.
No matter how bad things get, we still act like human beings.
It's all we've got.
Come on.
I suppose that makes you the boss around here? And, er, who might you be? He's the Doctor, I'm Martha.
A doctor? Well, we got stockbrokers, we've got a lawyer, but you're the first doctor.
The neighbourhood gets classier by the day.
How many people live here? Any one time hundreds.
No place else to go.
But I will say this about Hooverville - we're a truly equal society.
Black, white, all the same, all starving.
So you're welcome, both of you.
But tell me, Doctor, you're a man of learning, right? Explain this to me, that there is going to be the tallest building in the world.
How come they can do that and we've got people starving in the heart of Manhattan? Hoist! I'm telling ya, the men won't stand for it.
I mean, are you out of your mind? I got 500 men working seven days a week.
They're flat out.
And you want us to go faster?! The new masters demand it.
But we're on schedule, what's the problem? Another month and we'll be done.
The mast on this building needs extra work, completed by tonight.
Tonight? No way! It's impossible.
That's an order.
Yeah? Well, one word from me, and every man on this site stops work.
So go on! Tell your masters that! If that's your attitude, I think you should tell them yourself.
Yeah? Well, I ain't afraid of no man in a suit.
So these new bosses, what's their names? I think you could say they're from out of town.
Italians? Bit further than that.
How much further? Beyond your imagination.
What's that supposed to mean? Who are they? Mr Diagoras, who are we working for? Behold your masters.
What the hell? I have been summoned.
Explain! It can talk.
How does it talk?! And what the hell are they?! You've gotta be kidding me! I'm sorry, my Lord.
But this man is refusing to complete the work.
Then we must replace him.
Is anybody gonna tell me what the hell is happening here?! Use him! Take him for the Final Experiment.
What's going on? Let go! Let go of me, let go of me! Get off me! The Empire State Building must be completed in time.
It will be, trust me.
Labour is cheap, and that man can be replaced.
The plan must not fail.
We calculate the Gamma strike has accelerated.
We need more bodies.
Immediately! Yes, master.
So, men going missing.
Is this true? It's true all right.
But what does "missing" mean? People must come and go here all the time.
It's not like anyone keeps a register.
Come on in.
This is different.
In what way? Someone takes them.
At night.
We hear something, someone calls out for help.
By the time we get there, they're gone.
Like they've vanished into thin air.
And you're sure someone's taking them? Doctor, when you've got next to nothing, you hold on to the little you got.
A knife, a blanket.
You take it with you.
You don't leave bread uneaten, a fire still burning.
Have you been to the police? Yeah, we tried that, another deadbeat goes missing, big deal.
So the question is Solomon! Mr Diagoras is here.
I need men.
I've got a little work for you.
And you sure look like you could use the money.
What is the money? A dollar a day.
What's the work? A little trip down the sewers.
Got a tunnel collapsed, needs clearing and fixing.
Any takers? A dollar a day is a slave wage.
And men don't always come back up, do they? Accidents happen.
What sort of accidents? You don't need the work, that's fine.
Anybody else? Enough with the questions.
Ah, no, no, no.
I'm volunteering.
I'll go.
I'll kill you for this.
Anybody else? Turn left, go about half a mile, follow tunnel 273.
The fall's right ahead of you, you can't miss it.
When do we get our dollar? When you come back up.
And if we don't come back up? Then I got no-one to pay.
Don't worry, we'll be back.
Let's hope so.
Just gotta stick together.
Easy to get lost.
It's like a huge rabbit warren.
Could hide an army down here.
So what about you, Frank? You're not from around these parts, are you? You can talk! No, I'm Tennessee born and bred.
So how come you're here? Oh, my Daddy died Momma couldn't afford to feed us all, so I'm the oldest - up to me to feed myself.
So I put on my coat, hitched up here on the railroads.
There's a whole lot of runaways in the camp, younger than me, from all over - Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas.
Solomon keeps a look out for us.
So, what about you? You're a long way from home.
I'm just a hitcher too.
You stick with me, you'll be all right.
This Diagoras bloke, who is he? Couple of months ago, he was just another foreman.
Now seems like he's running most of Manhattan.
How'd he manage that, then? These are strange times.
A man can go from being the king of the hill to the lowest of the low overnight.
Guess for some folks it works the other way round.
Whoa! Is it radioactive or something? It's gone off, whatever it is.
And you've got to pick it up.
Shine your torch through it.
Composite organic matter.
Martha, medical opinion? It's not human, I know that.
It's not.
And I'll tell you something else.
We must be at least half a mile in.
I don't see any signs of a collapse, do you? So why did Mr Diagoras send us down here? Where are we now, what's up above? Well, we're right underneath Manhattan.
And here, the crowning glory of the Empire State Building, the mast itself.
It's a beautiful thing, sir.
And every single one of us is proud of it.
My wife says it's like a spire reaching into heaven.
Except the gates of heaven need a little decoration.
These plates have gotta be fixed to the mast, right to the base itself.
That's OK.
That shouldn't take too long.
But the work has gotta be finished tonight.
Are you trying to kill us?! Don't argue with me! But sir, the men can't work up there at night.
It's freezing.
Your hands go numb, you lose your grip, you fall.
You don't get it.
If you won't work, I can replace you like that.
Now, take those panels, and get going! What sort of metal is this, anyway? Don't ask questions.
Just go.
I don't care how cold it is, how tired you are, just get out there and finish the job! The conductor must be complete for our plan to succeed.
Unemployment is such an incentive.
It'll get done, don't worry.
Daleks have no concept of worry.
Yeah? Well, lucky you.
This day is ending.
Humankind is weak, you shelter from the dark.
And yet, you have built all this.
That's progress.
Gotta move with the times or you get left behind.
My planet is gone.
Destroyed in a great war.
Yet versions of this city stand throughout history.
The human race always continues.
I've been a soldier myself.
And I swore then I'd survive, no matter what.
You have rare ambition.
Oh, I want to run this city, whatever it takes by any means necessary.
You think like a Dalek.
I'll take that as a compliment.
This human is our best option.
Bring him to me.
Your loyalty will be rewarded.
Come with me.
Prepare the laboratory.
The Final Experiment will begin! We obey.
Where are we going? You have been summoned by our leader.
Oh, and about time too! I bring you the human.
I take it you're in charge? Correct.
I am Dalek Sec.
Leader of the Cult of Skaro.
Then, my lord Sec, I am honoured to meet you.
Ever since you first made contact with me transmitting your thoughts into the corners of my mind, tempting me with such images, such ideas, oh sir, I'd always dreamed that together Cease talking.
I just wanna let you know how grateful I am.
I said cease! Slaves! Secure the human.
But you don't need to do that, I'm on your side.
I'm working with you.
I'm your partner! I'm your friend! We're way beyond half a mile.
There's no collapse, nothing.
That Diagoras bloke, was he lying? Looks like it.
So why did he want people to come down here? Solomon, take these two back.
I'll be much quicker on my own.
SQUEALING What the hell was that? Hello? Ssh! What if it's one of the folk gone missing? You'd be scared half mad down here on your own.
You think they're still alive? Heck, we ain't seen no bodies down here.
Maybe they just got lost.
MORE SQUEALS I never heard nobody make a sound like that.
Where's it's coming from? It sounds like there's more than one of them.
This way? No, that way.
Doctor Who are you? Are you lost? Can you understand me? I've been thinking about folk lost down here.
It's all right, Frank, just stay back.
Let me have a look.
He's got a point, though, my mate Frank.
I would hate to be stuck down here all on my own.
But we know the way out, daylight, if you come with us Oh, but what are you? Is that some kinda carnival mask? No, it's real.
I'm sorry.
But listen to me.
I promise I can help.
Who did this to you? Doctor I think you'd better get back here.
Doctor! Actually good point.
They're following you Yeah, I noticed that, thanks.
Right then Martha.
What? I think, um Basically RUN! Where are we going? This way! There's a ladder! Come on! THEY SQUEAL Frank! THEY GRUNT THEY SQUEAL Come on, Frank.
Come on I've got you.
Come on! Come on! Come on! Frank! NO-O-O-O! Come on! We can't go after him.
I've got to go back down! We can't leave him! No! I'm not losing anybody else! Those creatures were from Hell! From Hell itself! If we go after him, they'll take us all! There's nothing we can do.
I'm sorry.
All right then, put 'em up! Hands in the air! And no funny business.
Now tell me, you shmucks.
What have you done with Laszlo? Who's Laszlo? Laszlo's my boyfriend.
WAS my boyfriend.
Until he disappeared, two weeks ago.
No letter, no goodbye, no nothing.
And I'm not stupid, I know some guys are just pigs, but not my Laszlo.
I mean, what kind of guy asks you to meet his mom before he vamooses? It might just help if you put that down Huh? Oh, sure.
Oh, c'mon, it's not real, it's just a prop it was either that or a spear.
What do you think happened to Laszlo? I wish I knew.
One minute he's there, the next - zip - vanished.
Listen, em, what was your name? Tallulah.
Three I's and an h.
Um, we can try and find Laszlo but he's not the only one.
There are people disappearing every night.
And there are creatures.
Such creatures Whaddya mean, creatures? Look, listen, just trust me.
Everyone is in danger.
I need to find out exactly what THIS is.
Because then, I'll know exactly what we're fighting.
How 'bout this? Found it backstage.
It's the capacitors I need.
I'm just rigging up a crude little DNA scan, for this beastie.
If I can get a chromosomal reading, I can find out where it's from.
How about you, Doctor? Where are you from? I been all over, I never heard anybody talk like you.
Just exactly who are you? Oh, I'm just, sort of, passing by.
I'm not a fool, Doctor.
I was scared, Doctor.
I let 'em take Frank cos I was just so scared.
I got to get back to Hooverville.
With those creatures on the loose, we gotta protect ourselves.
Cos no-one else is gonna help us.
Good luck.
I hope you find what you're looking for, for all our sakes.
Laszlo he'd wait for me after the show, walk me home, like I was a lady He'd leave a flower for me on my dressing table.
Every day, just a single rosebud.
Haven't you reported him missing? Sure, but he's just a stage hand, who cares? The management certainly don't.
Can't you kick up a fuss or something? OK, so then they fire me! But they'd listen to YOU, you're one of the stars! Oh, honey, I got one song, in a back street revue, and that's only cos Heidi Chicane broke her ankle, which had nothing to do with me, whatever anybody says.
I can't afford to make a fuss! If I don't make this month's rent, then before you know it, I'm in Hooverville.
OK, I get it.
It's the Depression, sweetie.
Your heart might break, but the show goes on, because if it stops, you starve.
Every night I have to go out there, sing, dance, keep going, hoping he's gonna to come back.
I'm sorry Hey, you're lucky, though.
You got yourself a forward-thinking guy with that hot potato in the sharp suit.
Oh, he's not We're not together.
Oh, sure you are! I've seen the way you look at him.
It's obvious! Not to him.
Oh, I shoulda realised.
He's into musical theatre, huh? What a waste! N n Still, ya gotta live in hope.
It's the only thing that's kept me going, cos well, look.
On my dressing table.
Every day still You think it's Laszlo? I don't know.
If he's still around, why is he being all secret, like he doesn't want me to see him? The stories are true.
People ARE being taken.
We lost Frank today.
He was stolen from right in front of me, but no more! I swear to you, no more! Now I made a pledge, that this place would be a peaceful place.
But now it's time to take up arms.
Yeah! We need weapons.
We need sentries on duty.
Yeah! We need men prepared to fight.
We got to protect ourselves, cos you know no-one else will.
Now get moving! Arm yourselves, come on! I can't feel my fingers! HE GRUNTS WITH EXERTION DRILLING We can't stay here for much longer.
We'll fall.
C'mon, we're nearly done.
DRILLING The chromatin solution is ready.
Then our preparations are complete.
What are you doing? Preparations for what? This is the Final Experiment.
What do you mean? D'you mean like these Pigmen things? You're not gonna turn me into one of those, oh God, please don't The Pig Slaves are primitive.
The Final Experiment is greater by far.
But how does that involve me? We need your flesh.
Bring him to me.
Halt! This action contradicts the Dalek imperative.
Daleks are supreme.
Humans are weak.
But there are millions of humans, and only four of us.
If we are supreme, why are we not victorious? The Cult of Skaro was created by the Emperor, for this very purpose.
To imagine new ways of survival.
But we must remain pure.
No, Dalek Thay! Our purity has brought us to extinction! We must adapt to survive.
You have all made sacrifices And now, I will sacrifice myself.
For the greater cause.
For the future of Dalek-kind.
Now bring me the human! But I don't understand! What do you mean? Get offa me! Behold.
The true Dalek form.
Join with me.
No Get off me I've done everything you asked me NO! That's it, just need to heat you up "Happy Days Are Here Again" Girls, it's showtime! Lois, you spoil my sashay tonight, I'm gonna punch ya! Ahh, quit complaining, Myrna, go buy yourself some glasses! C'mon honey, take a look Ever been on stage before? Oh, little bit, y'know.
How dull is that?! Come and see a real show! This is artificial! Ladies and gentlemen Genetically engineered! .
and here's the reason why Whoever this is - Ohh, you're clever! .
the Dancing Devils, with Heaven and Hell! MUSIC STARTS # You lured me in with your cold grey eyes # Your simple smile And your bewitching lies # One and one and one is three # My bad, bad angel # The devil and me # You put the devil in me You put the devil in me # You put the devil in me # My bad, bad angel You put the devil in me # AUDIENCE WHISTLES AND APPLAUDS What are you doing?! What are you doing? You're on my tail, get off my tail! Fundamental DNA type 467-989 means, planet of origin .
Get off the stage, you're spoiling it.
Look, over there! SHE SCREAMS Hey! Wait! But you're different to the others, just wait! METALLIC CLUNKING It was like something out of a movie show.
Oh, that face! I ain't never gonna sleep! Where is she, where's Martha? I don't know, she ran off the stage.
GRUNTING SHE SCREAMS Martha! Uh where are you going? They've taken her.
Who's taken her? What are you doing? I said, what the hell are you doin'? Oh No, no, no, no way, you're not coming.
Tell me what's going on.
There's nothing you can do, go back.
Whoever's taken Martha, they could have taken Laszlo, couldn't they? Tallulah, you're not safe down here.
Then that's my problem.
C'mon, which way? This way.
GRUNTING Let me go! Ow! GRUNTING Martha! You're alive! Oh SQUEALING All right, all right, we're moving! Where are they taking us? I don't know.
But we can find out what's going on down here When you say, "THEY've taken her", who's "they", exactly? And who are you anyway? I never asked.
Shhhh! I mean, you're a handsome enough No, no, no, no, no, no, no They survive.
They always survive, while I lose everything.
That metal thing What was it? It's called a Dalek.
And it's not just metal.
It's alive.
You're kidding me! Do I look like I'm kidding? Inside that shell, there's a creature, born to hate, who's only thought is to destroy everything and everyone that isn't a Dalek too.
It won't stop until it's killed every human being alive.
But if that's not a human being, that kinda implies it's from outer space.
Yet again, that's a no with the kidding.
Oi But what's it doing here? In New York? Stop the process! Dalek Sec is failing! No! The experiment must continue! Administer the solution! We must evolve Evolve! Evolve! Every second you're here you're in danger, I'm taking you back now.
SHE SCREAMS Where's Martha? What have you done with her? What have you done with Martha? I didn't take her.
Can you remember your name? Don't look at me.
Do you know where she is? Stay back! Don't look at me.
What happened to you? They made me a monster.
Who did? The Masters.
The Daleks.
Why? They needed slaves.
They needed slaves to steal more people.
So they created us.
Part animal, part human.
I escaped before they got my mind but it was still too late.
Do you know what happened to Martha? They took her.
It's my fault, she was following me.
Were you in the theatre? I never Yes Why? Why were you there? I never wanted you to see me like this.
Why me? What have I got to do with this? Were you following me? Is that why you were there? Yes.
Who are you? I was lonely.
Who are you? I needed to see you.
Who are you? I'm sorry.
No, wait.
Let me look at you.
Laszlo? My Laszlo? What have they done to you? I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry Laszlo.
Can you show me where they are? But they'll kill you.
If I don't stop them, they'll kill everyone.
Then follow me.
What are they keeping us here for? I dunno.
Got a nasty feeling we're being kept in the larder.
GRUNTING What are they doing? What's wrong? Silence! Silence! What the hell is that? You will form a line! Move! Move! Just do what it says, everyone, OK? Just obey.
The female is wise.
Obey! Report! These are strong specimens.
They will help the Dalek cause.
Dalek What is the status of the Final Experiment? The Dalekenium is in place.
The Energy Conductor is now complete.
Then I will extract prisoners for selection! Intelligence scan - initiate! Reading brain waves.
Low intelligence.
You callin' me stupid? Silence! This one will become a Pig Slave.
No! Let go of me! I'm not becoming one of them, let me go! Intelligence scan - initiate! They're divided into two groups.
High intelligence and low intelligence.
The low intelligence are taken, to become Pig Slaves, like me.
That's not fair! Sh! You're the smartest guy I ever dated! And the others? They are taken to the laboratory.
But why? What for? I don't know.
The Masters only call it the Final Experiment.
Superior intelligence.
Intelligence scan - initiate.
Superior intelligence.
This one will become part of the Final Experiment.
You can't just experiment on people, it's insane, it's inhuman.
We are not human.
Prisoners of high intelligence will be taken to the Transgenic Laboratory.
Look out, they're moving.
Doctor, quickly.
I'm not coming, I've got an idea You go.
Laszlo, come on.
Can you remember the way? Yeah, I think so.
Then go, please.
But Laszlo you've got to come with me.
Where would I go? Tallulah, I'm begging you.
Save yourself.
Just run! Just go! Go.
Keep walking.
I am so glad to see you! Yeah, well you can kiss me later.
You too, Frank, if you want.
SHE SOBS Report! Dalek Sec is entering the final stage of evolution.
Scan him! Prepare for birth! Evolution? What's wrong with old Charlie Boy over there? Ask them.
What, me? Don't be daft.
I don't exactly want to get noticed.
Ask them what's going on.
I demand to be told.
What is this Final Experiment? Report! You will bear witness.
To what? This is the dawn of a new age.
What does that mean? We are the only four Daleks in existence.
So the species must evolve.
A life outside the shell.
The children of Skaro must walk again.
What is it? I am a Human Dalek.
I am your future.
E- mail subtitling@bbc.
uk Move, move, move, move move! Come on, everyone up, come on! The Daleks are bad enough at any time, but right now they're vulnerable! That makes them more dangerous than ever! SHOUTING It's started! Got to get everyone out.
Hooverville's the lowest place a man can fall, there's nowhere else to go.
Oh, my God.