Doctor Who s03e05 Episode Script

Evolution of the Daleks

Martha, have you met my friend? I have always wanted to go to New York November 1st 1930 - You only come to Hooverville when there's nowhere else to go.
- Men going missing? Laszlo? The Empire State Building must be completed in time! Are you trying to kill us? Don't argue with me! This human is our best option.
NO! The final experiment will begin.
The children of Skaro must walk again.
What is it? I am a human Dalek.
These humans will become like me.
Prepare them for hybridisation.
Leave him alone! Don't you dare! MUSIC PLAYS What is that sound?! Ah, well, now, that would be me.
Surprise! Boo! Et cetera.
Doctor? The enemy of the Daleks! Exterminate! Wait! Well, then, a new form of Dalek.
And very clever.
The Cult of Skaro escaped your slaughter.
How did you end up in 1930? Emergency Temporal Shift.
Oh, oh That must've roasted up your power cells, yeah? Time was, four Daleks could've conquered the world! But instead, you're skulking away, hidden in the dark experimenting.
All of which results in you.
I am Dalek in human form! But what does it feel like? You can talk to me, Dalek Sec - it is Dalek Sec, isn't it, that's your name? You've got a name, a mind of your own - tell me what you're thinking, right now.
I feel humanity.
Good, that's good.
I feel everything we wanted from mankind, which is ambition hatred, aggression.
And war! Such a genius for war! No.
That's not what humanity means.
I think it does! At heart, this species is so very Dalek.
Right! So what have you achieved, then, with this Final Experiment, eh? Nothing! Cos I can show you what you're missing, with this thing - a simple little radio.
What is the purpose of that device? Well, exactly.
It plays music! What's the point of that? Oh, with music, you can dance to it, sing with it, fall in love to it.
Unless you're a Dalek, of course.
Then it's all just noise.
HIGH-PITCHED WAIL run! Protect the Hybrid! Protect! Protect! Protect! Report status.
Pain of the flesh, like no Dalek has felt for thousands of years.
The Doctor has escaped! Then find him! Find him! Find the Doctor! The prisoners must be recaptured.
C'mon, move! Move! Move! Move! Move! And you, Tallulah, run! What's happened to Laszlo?! C'mon, everyone, up! Come on! Come on! They have ascended.
Return to base! PIG SIAVES GRUNT Request information.
What is your opinion of Dalek Sec? We were created to follow him.
But you have doubts? Affirmative.
These Daleks.
They sound like the stuff of nightmares.
And they want to breed? They're splicing themselves on to Human bodies.
They've a farm of breeding stock right here.
You've got to get out.
Hooverville's the lowest place to go! There's nowhere else.
I'm sorry, Solomon, but you've got to scatter! Get on to the railroads, travel across state, just get out of New York.
You ain't seen 'em, boss.
Daleks are bad enough at any time, but right now, they're vulnerable.
That makes them more dangerous than ever.
GRUNTS WHISTIE BIOWS They're coming! They're coming! A sentry must have seen something! They're here! I've seen them - monsters! It's started.
We're under attack! Everyone to arms! I'm ready, boss! But all of you, find a weapon! Use anything! Come back! We've got to stick together! It's not safe out there, come back! No, no! We need to get out of the park.
We can't.
They're on all sides.
They're driving everyone here.
We're trapped! Stand together! Gather round! Everybody, come to me! You there, Jethro, Harry, Seamus, stay together! They can't take all of us! GUNSHOTS they're just the foot soldiers.
Oh, my God! What in this world? It's the Devil.
A Devil in the sky.
God save us all! It's damnation! Oh, yeah?! We'll see about that! That's not gonna work! Establish visual contact.
Commence the attack.
There's more than one of them.
The humans will surrender! Leave them alone, they've done nothing to you! We have located the Doctor.
No, Solomon, stay back! I'm told that I'm addressing the Daleks, is that right? Observe humanity.
For all their faults, they have such courage.
From what I hear, you're outcasts too.
Solomon, don't.
Doctor, this is my township.
'You will respect my authority.
' Just let me try.
Daleks, ain't we the same? 'Underneath, ain't we all kin? ' Cos you see, I've just discovered, this past day, that God's universe is a thousand times the size I thought it was.
And that scares me - oh, yeah, terrifies me, right down to the bone.
But surely, it's got to give me hope - hope that, maybe together, we can make a better tomorrow.
So I beg you now.
If you have any compassion in your hearts, then you'll meet with us and stop this fight.
Well? What do you say? Exterminate! Oh, no! HE GASPS No! Solomon! They killed him.
They just shot him on the spot.
Daleks! All right, so it's my turn! Then kill me! Kill me, if it'll stop you attacking these people! I will be the destroyer of our greatest enemy! Then do it! Do it! Just do it! DO IT! Extermina Stop! I command you, stop! I do not understand.
It is the Doctor! But I want him alive.
The urge to kill is too strong.
I have decided.
The Doctor must live.
And you will obey me! I obey.
What's going on?! Bring him to me.
You will follow.
No! You can't go.
I've got to go.
The Daleks just changed their minds.
Daleks NEVER change their minds.
But what about us? One condition! If I come with you, you spare the lives of everyone here, d'you hear me? Obey the Doctor.
Humans will be spared.
Doctor follow.
Then I'm coming with you.
Martha, stay here.
Do what you do best.
People are hurt, you can help them.
Let me go.
Oh, and Can I just say thank you very much.
You saved the Doctor.
Why? He's a genius.
And we can use him.
The future of the Daleks might well depend upon the Doctor.
Here you go, I got some more on the boil.
You'll be OK.
It's just a cut.
Try and keep it clean.
So what about us? What do we do now? The Doctor gave me this.
He must've had a reason.
What's that for? It gets you into places, buildings and things.
But where? He must want me to go somewhere, but what am I supposed to do? Those people were defenceless! You only wanted me, but that wasn't enough for you! You had to start killing, cos that's all a Dalek's good for! The deaths were wrong.
I'm sorry? That man, their leader, Solomon, he showed courage.
And that's good?! That's excellent.
Is it me, or are you just becoming a little bit more Human? You are the last of your kind.
And now I am the first of mine.
But what do you want me for? We tried everything to survive when we found ourselves stranded in this ignorant age.
First, we tried growing new Dalek embryos, but their flesh was too weak.
Yeah, I found one of your experiments.
Just left to die, out there in the dark.
It forced us to conclude - what is the greatest resource of this planet? Its people.
We stole them.
We stole human beings for our purpose.
look inside.
This is the true extent of the Final Experiment.
Is he dead? Near death.
With his mind wiped, ready to be filled with new ideas.
Dalek ideas.
The Human Dalek race.
All of these people - how many? We have caverns beyond this, storing more than a thousand.
Is there any way to restore them? To make them Human again? Everything that they were has been lost.
So they're like shells.
You've got empty human beings, ready to be converted.
That's gonna take a lot of power.
This planet hasn't even split the atom yet! How are you gonna do it? Open the conductor plan.
Wait a minute.
Down in the sewers! The Daleks mentioned this energy conductor.
What does that mean? I dunno.
Maybe like a lightning conductor or Dalekanium! Oh.
They said the Dalekanium was in place.
In place where?! Frank might know.
Frank? Hmm? That Mr Diagoras, he was some sort of fixer, yeah? Get you jobs all over town? He could find a profit anywhere.
But where, though, what sort of things? You name it.
We were all so desperate for work, you'd just hope Diagoras would pick you for something good.
Building work - that pays the best.
But what sort of building work? Mainly building that.
Yeah, the Empire State Building.
We're underneath it.
I worked that out already.
But you've hijacked the whole building? We needed an energy conductor.
What for? I am the genetic template.
My altered DNA was to be administered to each Human body.
A strong enough blast of gamma radiation can splice the Dalek and Human genetic codes, and waken each body from its sleep.
Gamma radiation? Oh, the sun! You're using the sun.
Soon, the greatest solar flare for a thousand years will hit the Earth.
Gamma radiation will be drawn to the energy conductor, and when it strikes The army wakes.
I still don't know what you need me for.
Your genius.
Consider the pure Dalek.
Intelligent, but emotionless.
Removing the emotions makes you stronger.
That's what your creator thought, all those years ago.
He was wrong.
He was what? It makes us lesser than our enemies.
We must return to the flesh and also the heart.
You wouldn't be the supreme beings any more.
And that is good.
That is incorrect! Daleks are supreme! No! Not any more.
But that is our purpose! Then our purpose is wrong! Where has our quest for supremacy led us? To this - hiding in the sewers.
On a primitive world.
Just four of us left.
If we do not change now, then we deserve extinction.
So you want to change everything that makes a Dalek a Dalek.
Lf you can help me.
'I always wanted to go to the Empire State! ' Never imagined it quite like this, though.
Where are we headed, anyway? The top, they're still building.
How come those guys just let us through? How does that thing work? Psychic paper.
Shows them whatever I want them to think.
According to this, we're two engineers and an architect.
Your knowledge of genetic engineering is even greater than ours.
The new race must be ready by the time the solar flare erupts.
But you're the template, I thought they were getting a dose of you.
I want to change the gene sequence.
To make them even more Human? Humans are the great survivors.
We need that ability.
Hold on a minute, though.
This lot won't let you do it! I am their leader.
Oh, and that's enough for you, is it? Daleks must follow orders.
Dalek Sec commands.
We obey.
If you don't help me nothing will change.
There's no room on Earth for another race of people.
You have your Tardis.
Take us across the stars, find us a new home.
And allow the new Daleks to start again.
When's that solar flare? Right, then! Better get to work! Look at this place! Top of the world! OK, now this looks good.
Hey, look at the date.
These designs were issued today.
They must have changed something last minute.
The Daleks? Yeah, could be.
The ones underneath, they're from before.
Whatever they changed must be on this top sheet, but not here.
Check one against the other.
The height of this place! This is amazing! Careful! We're a hundred floors up, don't wander off.
I just wanna see.
New York City.
If aliens had to come to Earth Oh, no wonder they came here.
There's no point in chromosomal grafting, it's too erratic.
Split the genome and force the new Dalek-Human sequence right into the cortex.
We need more chromatin solution.
The Pig Slaves have it.
These Pig Slaves - what happens to them in the grand plan? Nothing.
They're just simple beasts.
Their life span is limited.
None survive beyond a few weeks.
Power up the line feeds.
Laszlo I can't undo what they've done to you.
But they won't do it to anyone else.
Do you trust him? I know that one man can change the course of history.
The right idea, in the right place, at the right time - that's all it takes.
I've got to believe it's possible.
I'll go and keep an eye out.
Make sure we're safe here, don't want nobody butting in.
There's hell of a storm moving in.
I wish the Doctor was here.
He'd know what we're looking for! So tell me, where did you and him first hook up? It was in a hospital.
Sort of.
Course - him being a doctor.
Actually, I'm the doctor.
Well, kind of.
You're a physician? Really? I was training.
Still am, if I ever get back home.
You could be doctors together! What a partnership! It's such a shame.
If only he wasn't so different, d'you know what I mean? Oh, you have no idea how different he really is.
Yeah, he's a man, sweetheart - that's different enough.
He had this companion, a while back, this friend.
And ever since then, he's been on his own.
But sometimes, I say something or do something and he looks at me, and I just sort of think that he's not seeing me.
He's just remembering.
Oh, listen.
Sweetheart, you want to get all sad you want to have a contest with me and Laszlo? No.
Listen, if the Doctor's with Laszlo now, there's every chance that he could get him out.
And then what? Don't talk crazy.
There's no future for me and him.
Those Dalek things took that away.
The one good thing I had in my life, and they destroyed it.
The line feeds are ready.
Then it's all systems go! The solar flare is imminent.
The radiation will reach Earth in a matter of minutes.
And we'll be ready for it.
That compound will allow the gene bonds to reconfigure in a new pattern.
Power up! Start the line feeds.
There goes the gene solution.
The life blood.
Gotcha! Look! There, on the mast, those little lines, they're new! They've added something, see? Added what? Dalekanium! ALARM BLARES What's that? What's happening? Is there a malfunction? Answer me! No, no, no The gene feed! They can't disobey orders! The Doctor will step away from the controls.
Stop! You will not fire! He is an enemy of the Daleks.
And so are you.
I am your commander.
I am Dalek Sec! You have lost your authority.
You are no longer a Dalek.
What's going into the gene feed? The new bodies will be 100% Dalek.
No! You can't do this.
Pig Slaves, restrain Dalek Sec! And the Doctor! Release me! I created you! I am your master! ALARM BLARES Solar flare approaching! Prepare to intercept! There's the lift.
After you.
The Doctor is escaping! Stop him! Stop him! We've only got minutes! We need to get to the top of the building! LASZLO PANTS Laszlo, what's wrong? Out of breath.
It's nothing.
We escaped them, Doctor, that's all that matters.
You have betrayed me.
You told us to imagine.
And we imagined your irrelevance.
I was your leader! I am Dalek Sec! Obey me! LIFT RINGS Doctor! First floor, perfumery! I never thought I'd see you again! No stopping me.
We've worked it out, we know what they've done! There's Dalekanium on the mast and it's good to see you too, by the way.
Oh, come here! No, no, no, no, no, no, no! See? Never waste time with a hug! Deadlock seal.
I can't stop it.
Where's it going? To the Daleks.
They won't leave us alone.
What's the time? 11.
Six minutes! I must remove the Dalekanium before the gamma radiation hits.
Gammon radiation? What's that? Oh, that's high.
That's very Blimey, that's high.
And we've got to go even higher.
That's the mast, up there, look.
We have to get the three pieces of Dalekanium off the base! That's not WE, that's just ME.
I'm not gonna just watch you! No, you're gonna have your hands full anyway.
I'm sorry, Martha, but you've got to fight.
Confirm time until solar intercept.
Gamma strike, four minutes and counting! Pig Slaves will take the lift! Find the Doctor! Kill him! The lift's coming up.
I should've brought that gun! Tallulah, stay back.
You too, Martha.
Pig Slaves are trained to kill! I'm not going anywhere! They're savages! They're trained to slit your throat with their bare teeth.
Laszlo?! What is it? Nah, it's nothing, I'm fine, just leave me.
Oh, honey.
You're burning up.
What's wrong with you? Tell me.
One man down, we ain't even started yet.
It's not looking good, Frank.
No We're gonna get slaughtered! Wait a minute.
Lightning! Oh, you'll be all right, sweetheart.
Don't you worry.
What the hell are you two clowns doing?! This place is gonna get hit.
A great big bolt of lightning! Connect this to the lift and they get zapped with electricity! Oh, my God! That could work! Then give us a hand! Gamma strike imminent! In 40 Rels! NO! Is that gonna work? It's got to! I got it all piped up to the scaffolding outside.
Come here! Sit in the middle, don't touch anything metal! OK.
Aa-a-a-agh! I can't Zero! Gamma strike! Aa-a-a-gh! The army awakes.
You did it, Martha! They used to be like Laszlo.
They were people.
And I killed 'em.
The Daleks killed them long ago.
What about the Doctor? You will identify.
I am a Dalek.
Excellent! Begin the invasion of Manhattan.
The population will be converted into Daleks.
And from this island, we will conquer the world! Assume battle positions! Take arms! Doctor? Doctor look what we found.
Halfway down.
You're getting careless.
Oh, my head Hi ya.
You survived, then.
So did you.
Just about.
I can't help noticing There's Dalekanium still attached.
War demands strategy.
I am designated Controller! That was to be my position! You are unfit! Connect me to the military computer! I will co-ordinate all units! The Daleks will have gone straight to a war footing, using the sewers.
Spreading soldiers out underneath Manhattan.
How do we stop them? There's only one chance.
I got in the way.
That gamma strike went zapping through me first.
But what does that mean? We need to draw fire.
I need to face them.
Where can I draw them out? Think, think, think! I need a space, somewhere safe, somewhere out of the way.
Tallulah! That's me - three Ls and an H! The theatre's above them! Can you get us inside? Don't see why not.
Is there another lift? We came up in the service elevator.
That'll do! Allons-y! Report status! Maximum efficiency! I am now ready for full-scale war! Control over Dalek-Humans? Connection confirmed! All soldiers will take heed! Weapons will be primed! This should do it.
Here we go! There ain't nothing more creepy than a theatre in the dark.
Listen, Doctor, I know you've got a thing for show tunes, but there's a time and a place! Laszlo? What's wrong? Nothing It's just so hot! But it's freezing in here! Doctor, what's happening to him? Not now, Tallulah, sorry.
What are you doing? If the Daleks are at war, they'll want their number-one enemy.
I'm just telling them where I am.
Sonic device detected! The Doctor survived? Find him! And exterminate! I'm telling you to go.
Frank can take you! I'm telling you I'm not going! Martha! That's an order! Who are you, then? A Dalek?! DOORS CRASH OPEN Doctor.
Oh, my God! Well, I guess that's them, then, huh? Humans.
With Dalek DNA.
All right.
Just stay calm.
Don't antagonise them.
But where are the Dalek masters? Doctor located! Advance! Advance! The Doctor will stand before the Daleks.
You will die, Doctor, at the beginning of a new age! Planet Earth will become New Skaro! Oh, and what a world.
With anything just the slightest bit different ground into the dirt.
That's Dalek Sec! Don't you remember?! The cleverest Dalek ever! Look what you've done to him! Is that your new empire? Mmm? Is that the foundation for a whole new civilisation? My Daleks just understand this.
If you choose death and destruction then death and destruction will choose you.
Incorrect! We always survive.
Now we will destroy our greatest enemy - the Doctor.
But he can help you.
The Doctor must die! No! I beg you, don't.
Exterminate! Your own leader.
The only creature who might have led you out of the darkness and you destroyed him! D'you see what they did, huh? D'you see what a Dalek really is? Warning! Dalek-Humans show increased levels of serotonin! If I'm gonna die, let's give the new boys a shot, what d'you think, eh? The Dalek Humans.
Their first blood! Go on! Baptise them! Dalek-Humans, take aim.
What are you waiting for? Give the command! EXTERMINATE! Exterminate! Obey! Dalek-Humans will obey! They're not firing.
What have you done? You will obey! EXTERMINATE! Why? Daleks do not question orders! But why? You will stop this! But why? You must not question! But you are not our Master.
And we We are not Daleks.
No, you're not.
And you never will be.
I got in the way of the lightening strike.
Time lord DNA got all mixed up.
Just that little bit of freedom.
If they will not obey, then they must die.
Get down! Exterminate! Exterminate! Destroy the Hybrids! Destroy! Exterminate! Extermin It's all right.
It's all right.
You did it.
You're free.
The Dalek-Humans are failures! Destruct! Destruct! Destruct! HIGH-PITCHED WAIL No! HYBRIDS SCREAM No, they can't, they can't! What happened? What was that? They killed them.
Rather than let them live.
An entire species! Genocide! Only two of the Daleks have been destroyed.
One of the Dalek Masters must still be alive.
Oh, yes in the whole universe.
Just one.
Now what? You will be exterminated! Yeah, yeah, think about it, Dalek, what's your name? Dalek Caan.
Dalek Caan.
Your entire species has been wiped out.
And now the Cult of Skaro has been eradicated leaving only you.
Right now, you're facing the only man in the universe who might show you some compassion.
Cos I've just seen one genocide.
I won't cause another.
Caan let me help you.
What do you say? Emergency temporal shift! Argh! Doctor! Doctor, he's sick.
LASZLO PANTS It's OK, you're all right.
His heart's racing like mad! I've never seen anything like it.
What is it, Doctor? What's the matter with him? He says he can't breathe! What is it? It's time, sweetheart.
What do you mean, time? What are you talking about? None of the slaves survive for long.
Most of them only lived for a few weeks.
I was lucky.
I held on, cos I had you.
But now I'm dying, Tallulah.
No, you're not! Not now, after all this! Doctor, can't you do something? Oh, Tallulah, with three L's and an H just you watch me.
What do I need? Oh, how about a great big genetic laboratory? Oh, look! I've got one! Laszlo, just you hold on! There's been too many deaths today, way too many people have died! Brand-new creatures and wise old men and age-old enemies! And I'm telling you, I'm telling you right now I am not having one more death! Have you got that? Not one! Tallulah, out of the way! The Doctor is in! Well, I talked to them.
I told them what Solomon would've said.
And I reckon I shamed one or two of them.
What did they say? They'll give you a home, Laszlo.
I mean, er don't imagine people ain't gonna stare.
I can't promise you'll be at peace.
But in the end, that is what Hooverville is for - people who ain't got nowhere else.
Thank you.
I I can't thank you enough.
D'you reckon it's gonna work? Those two? I don't know.
Anywhere else in the universe, I might worry about them.
But New York? That's what this city's good at.
Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses and maybe the odd pig slave Dalek mutant hybrid too.
SHE LAUGHS The pig and the showgirl! The pig and the showgirl! Just proves it, I suppose.
There's someone for everyone.
Meant to say.
I'm sorry.
What for? Just cos that Dalek got away.
I know what that means to you.
D'you think you'll ever see it again? Oh, yes.
One day.
Tonight, I'm going to perform a miracle.
Something's wrong.
I'm 76 years old and I am reborn! This is a friend of mine.
lovely to meet you, Mrs Jones.
Tish! You people are in serious danger! Get out of here right now! SCREAMING No, get away from her! just one more!