Doctor Who s03e06 Episode Script

The Lazarus Experiment

There we go.
Perfect landing.
Which isn't easy in such a tight spot.
You should be used to tight spots by now! Where are we? The end of the line.
No place like it.
Home? You took me home.
Back to the morning after we left.
So you've only been gone about twelve hours.
No time at all, really! But all the stuff we've done Shakespeare, New New York, Old New York! Yep.
All in one night.
Relatively speaking.
Everything should be just as it was.
Books, CDs Laundry.
So, back where you were.
As promised.
This is it? Yeah, I should probably, um PHONE RINGS 'Hi, I'm out.
Leave a message.
' I'm sorry.
Martha? Are you there? Pick it up, will you? It's Mum.
It'll wait.
All right then.
Pretend that you're out, if you like.
I was only calling to say that your sister's on TV.
On the news, of all things! Just thought you might be interested.
The details are top secret.
How could Tish end up on the news? But I can tell you that, tonight, I will demonstrate a device She's got a new job.
PR for some research lab.
With the push of a single button, I will change what it means to be human! Sorry.
You were saying You should? Yes, yes.
I should.
One trip is what we said.
I suppose things just, kind of, escalated.
Seems to happen to me a lot.
Thank you.
For everything.
It was my pleasure.
Did he say he was going to change what it means to be human? Are you sure it's safe? There were some issues.
They've been resolved.
I'm confident I'm in no serious danger.
That's comforting, Richard, but it wasn't just you I was worried about.
Your concern is touching.
The people in that room will represent billions of pounds worth of potential investment.
Mr Saxon wants to be sure they'll like what they see.
Don't worry.
Our friend will get his money's worth.
You wanted to see the guest lists for tonight, Professor.
Yes, thank you, Letitia.
That's an interesting perfume.
What's it called? Soap.
Oh, black tie.
Whenever I wear this, something bad always happens.
That's not the outfit, that's just you.
Anyway, I think it suits you in a James Bond kinda way.
James Bond? Really? Oh, look, they've got nibbles! I love nibbles.
Hello! Tish! You look great! Impressive, isn't it? Very.
And two nights out in a row for you? That's a social life! I'll end up in all the gossip columns.
You should keep an eye out for photographers.
And Mum.
She's even dragging Leo along with her.
Leo? In black tie? That I must see! This is, er, The Doctor.
Is he with you? Yeah.
But he's not on the list.
How did he get in? He's my plus one.
So, this Lazarus, he's your boss? Professor Lazarus, yes.
I'm part of his executive staff.
She's in the PR department.
I'm head of the PR department, actually.
You're joking?! I put this whole thing together.
So, do you know what the Professor's going to be doing tonight? That looks like it might be a sonic micro-field manipulator.
He's a science geek.
I should've known.
Got to get back to work now.
I'll catch up with you later.
That you're obsessively enthusiastic about it.
Your father's caused me enough heartache already with his menopause and his trophy girlfriend.
Yeah, Mum.
It was just something he said last night.
Martha! Mum! All right.
What's the occasion? What do you mean? I'm just pleased to see you, that's all.
But you saw me last night.
I know, I just missed you.
You're looking good, Leo.
If anyone asks me to fetch them a drink, I'll swing for them.
You disappeared last night.
I I just went home.
On your own? This is a friend of mine, The Doctor.
Doctor what? No, it's just The Doctor.
We've been doing some work together.
All right, mate? Lovely to meet you, Mrs Jones.
Heard a lot about you.
Have you? What have you heard, then? Well, you know, that your Martha's mother and Um, no, actually, that's about it.
We haven't had much time to chat, you know? Been busy.
Busy? Doing what, exactly? Oh.
You know stuff.
Ladies and Gentlemen, I'm Professor Richard Lazarus and tonight I'm going to perform a miracle! It is, I believe, the most important advance since Rutherford split the atom.
The biggest leap since Armstrong stood on the moon.
Tonight, you will watch and wonder.
But tomorrow, you will wake to a world which will be changed forever.
MACHINE BEEPS Something's wrong.
It's overloading.
Somebody stop him! Get him away from those controls! If this thing goes up it, it'll take the whole building with it! Get it open! Ladies and Gentlemen, I am Richard Lazarus.
I am 76 years old.
And I am reborn! He did it.
He actually did it! That can't be the same guy.
It's impossible.
It must be a trick.
Oh, it's not a trick.
I wish it were.
What just happened then? He just changed what it means to be human.
Excuse me.
That was the most astonishing thing I've ever seen.
Look at you! This is only the beginning.
We're not just making history, we're shaping the future, too.
Think of the money we'll make! People will sell their souls to be transformed like that.
And I'll be first in line! HE GASPS Richard! I'm famished.
Energy deficit.
Always happens with this kind of process.
You talk as if you see this every day, Mr? Doctor.
And no, not every day, but I have some experience of this kind of transformation.
That's not possible.
Using hyper-sonic sound waves to create a state of resonance? That's inspired.
You understand the theory, then? You couldn't possibly have allowed for all the variables.
No experiment is entirely without risk.
The thing nearly exploded! You might as well have stepped into a blender! You're not qualified to comment.
If I hadn't stopped it, it would've exploded.
Then I thank you, Doctor.
But that's a simple engineering issue.
What happened inside the capsule was exactly what was supposed to happen.
No more.
No less.
You've no way of knowing that until you've run proper tests.
Look at me! See what happened.
I'm all the proof you need.
The device will be properly certified before we start to operate commercially.
Commercially?! You are joking! That'll cause chaos.
Not chaos.
A chance for humanity to evolve, to improve.
This isn't about improving, this is about you and your customers living a little longer.
Not a little longer, Doctor, a lot longer.
Perhaps indefinitely.
Richard, we have things to discuss.
Goodbye, Doctor.
In a few years, you'll look back and laugh at how wrong you were.
Ooh, he's out of his depth.
He's no idea the damage he might have done.
So what do we do now? Now? Well, this building must be full of laboratories, I say we do our own tests.
Lucky I've just collected a DNA sample then, isn't it? Oh, oh, oh! Martha Jones, you're a star! I grew up over there.
Tiny flat above a butcher's shop.
It'll have a blue plaque soon.
"Richard Lazarus lived here.
" It's gone.
Destroyed in the war.
The bombing.
Of course.
Night after night Explosions.
Fire storms.
My parents had sent me to the country by then.
When the sirens went, we'd go to the cathedral there.
People used to shelter in the crypt.
The living, cowering among the dead.
But look what you've built here now.
You've laid the foundations for an empire.
An empire we can rule together.
What's wrong? HE SCOFFS Look at yourself, woman.
What? Lazarus's DNA.
I can't see anything different.
Look at it.
Oh, my God! Did that just change? But it can't have! It did.
It's impossible.
Two impossible things we've seen so far tonight.
Don't you love it when that happens? That means Lazarus has changed his own molecular patterns.
Hyper-sonic sound waves to destabilise the cell structure.
Then a metagenetic programme to manipulate the coding.
He hacked into his own genes and instructed them to rejuvenate.
But they're still mutating now.
Because he missed something.
Something in his DNA's been activated and won't let him stabilise.
Something's trying to change him.
Change him into what? I don't know, but I think we need to find out.
That woman said they were going upstairs.
Let's go.
It's me who made all this possible.
This is my triumph, and I will not be denied.
Not by you.
Not after everything I've done.
You backed me because you saw profit.
Your concern was financial.
You want the money as much as I do.
We had a plan.
When the device is ready, I'll be rejuvenated too.
We could be rich and young and together.
You think I'd waste another lifetime on you? Did that process make you even more cruel? No, my love, that I learned from you.
You have a gift for it.
Then you'll know that I'll protect my involvement in the project.
I'm sure Mr Saxon will be interested.
What's going on? It must just be What is it? I'll be fine in a moment.
It's probably just cramp.
HE GASPS Richard? Is it some kind of seizure? What should I do? I don't understand what's happening.
Have you seen Martha and that doctor anywhere? Not since the demonstration.
Do you know anything about him? Has she mentioned him before? Not to me.
The way she followed him.
She's a doctor just doing her job.
She's not a doctor yet.
Never will be if she doesn't stay focused.
Look, she's found a bloke.
So what? There's something's going on, Leo.
I can feel it.
Letitia Jones! I'd recognise the smell of that soap anywhere! Professor.
I'm sorry, ladies and gentlemen, you'll have to excuse me while I take care of Letitia here.
I've been neglecting her.
This is his office, all right.
So where is he? Don't know.
Let's try back at the reception.
Is that Lady Thaw? Used to be.
It's just a shell, had all the life energy drained out of her.
Like squeezing the juice out of an orange.
Lazarus! Could be.
So he's changed already.
Not necessarily.
You saw the DNA, it was fluctuating.
The process must demand energy.
This might not have been enough.
So he might do this again? Mmm.
You seem very young to have such a responsible position.
Have you much experience? Not really, but the interview panel thought I had all the necessary attributes.
How perceptive of them.
So, where are you taking me? Up to the roof.
It's a lovely evening.
I thought I would show you the view.
It's extraordinary.
Like a lot of things round here, then.
BONES CRUNCH I can't see him.
He can't be far.
Keep looking.
Hey, you all right, Marth? I think Mum wants to talk to you.
Have you seen Lazarus anywhere? Well, he was getting cosy with Tish a couple of minutes ago.
With Tish?! Ah, Doctor.
Where did they go? Upstairs, I think.
Why? Doctor I'm speaking to you! Not now, Mum! I think you need one of these.
Thank you.
That's very kind of you.
Do you know that man? No.
He's a friend of my daughter's.
Perhaps she should choose her friends more carefully.
Where are they? The fluctuating DNA'll give off an energy signature.
I might be able to pick it up.
Got him.
Where? But this is the top floor.
The roof! That clock tower is beautiful, all lit up like that.
It's Southwark Cathedral, one of the oldest churches in London.
Been around even longer than I have.
You're looking pretty good for your age! Thank you.
Can I? Of course.
I still can't take it in.
I'm still adjusting, myself.
I've been working toward it for so many years.
It's hard to believe the moment's finally arrived.
And is it like you expected? I find that nothing's ever exactly like you expect.
There's always something to surprise you.
"Between the idea and the reality, between the motion and the act.
" ".
Falls the shadow.
" So, the mysterious Doctor knows his Eliot.
I'm impressed.
Martha? Tish, get away from him! What? Don't tell me what to do.
You had time for poetry, Lazarus, even being so busy defying the laws of nature? You're right, Doctor.
One lifetime's been too short for me to do everything I'd like.
How much more I'll get done in two or three or four.
It doesn't work like that.
Some people live more in 20 years than others do in 80.
It's not the time that matters, it's the person.
But if it's the right person, what a gift that would be! Or what a curse.
Look at what you've done to yourself.
Who are you to judge me? Over here, Tish.
You have to spoil everything, don't you? Every time I find someone nice, you have to try and find fault.
He's a monster! The age thing's a bit freaky, but it works for Catherine Zeta Jones! GRINDING AND GASPING SNARLING What is that? RUN! DOOR BANGS Are you OK? I was gonna snog him! SNARLING SIREN BLARES Security one.
Security one.
Security one.
What's happening? An intrusion.
It triggers a security lockdown, kills most of the power, stops the lifts, seals the exits.
He must be breaking through that door.
The stairs, come on! SNARLING, DOOR CRASHES He's inside! We haven't got much time.
Tish, is there another way out? There's an exit in the corner, but it'll be locked now.
Martha! Setting 54.
Listen to me! You people are in serious danger.
You need to get out of here right now! The biggest danger here is choking on an olive! GLASS SMASHES SNARLING Mum, get back! Over here! This way.
Everyone down the stairs, now! Hurry! No! Get away from her! SCREAMING SQUELCHING SNARLING Lazarus! Leave them alone! Martha.
Come on, stay with me.
What's the point? You can't control it.
The mutation is too strong.
Killing those people won't help you.
You're a fool.
A vain, old man who thought he could defy nature.
Only Nature got her own back, didn't she? You're a joke, Lazarus! A footnote in the history of failure.
SNARLING What's the Doctor doing? He's trying to buy us some time.
Leo, focus on me.
Let me see your eyes.
He's got concussion.
Mum, you'll need to help him downstairs.
This'll keep the swelling down.
Go, I'll be right behind you.
Tish, move! We need to get out of here.
It's no good, Doctor.
You can't stop me.
Is that the same arrogance you had when you swore that nothing had gone wrong with your device? The arrogance is yours.
You can't stand in the way of progress.
You call feeding on innocent people progress? You're delusional! It is a necessary sacrifice! That's not your decision to make.
We're trapped! There must be an over-ride switch.
Where's the security desk? Tish! There.
Peek-a-boo! Oh.
I've got to go back.
You can't! You saw what that thing did.
It'll kill you.
I don't care.
I have to go.
It's that Doctor, isn't it? That's what's happened to you.
That's why you've changed.
He was buying us time, Martha.
Time for you to get out too.
I'm not leaving him.
Martha! GAS HISSES GLASS SMASHES More hide and seek, Doctor? How disappointing.
GAS HISSES Why don't you come out and face me? Have you looked in the mirror lately? Why would I want to face that, hmm? What are you doing here? Thought you might need this.
How did you? Heard the explosion.
I blasted Lazarus.
Did you kill him? More, sort of, annoyed him, I'd say.
She'll be all right.
The Doctor and her, they'll look out for each other.
She turned her back on us, went in there with that thing.
For him.
He must be some guy.
Maybe she loves him.
She just met him! Is your daughter still in there with The Doctor? Do you know him? He's dangerous.
There are things you should know.
What things? INAUDIBLE WHISPER What now? We've just gone round in a circle.
We can't lead him outside.
Come on, get in.
Are we hiding? No, he knows we're here, but this is his masterpiece.
I'm betting he won't destroy it, not even to get at us.
But we're trapped.
Well, yeah, that is a slight problem.
You mean you don't have a plan? Yes.
The plan was to get inside here.
Then what? Well, then I'd come up with another plan.
In your own time, then.
Hey! Sorry, sorry, sorry.
Here we are.
What are you going to do with that? Improvise.
CREATURE SNARLS I still don't understand where that thing came from.
Is it alien? No.
For once, it's strictly human in origin.
Human? How can it be human? Probably from dormant genes in Lazarus's DNA.
This reactivated them.
Now it looks like they're becoming dominant.
So it's a throwback.
Some option that evolution rejected millions of years ago.
But the potential is still there, locked away in your genes, forgotten, until Lazarus unlocked it by mistake.
It's like Pandora's box.
Nice shoes, by the way.
MACHINE WHIRRS Doctor, what's happening? He's switched the machine on.
That's not good, is it? I was hoping it would to take him a bit longer.
I don't want to hurry you, but I know, I know.
Nearly done.
Well, what are you doing? Setting the capsule to reflect energy rather than receive it.
Will that kill him? When he transforms, he's three times the size, spreading himself thin.
We're going to end up like him! Just one more.
I thought we were going to go through the blender then.
It really shouldn't take that long just to reverse the polarity.
I must be a bit out of practice.
He seems so human again.
It's kind of pitiful.
Eliot saw that too.
"This is the way the world ends "Not with a bang, but a whimper.
" She's here! Oh, she's all right! Mrs Jones! We still haven't finished our chat.
Keep away from my daughter.
Mum, what are you doing? Always the mothers! Every time! He's dangerous.
I've been told things.
What are you talking about? Look around you.
Nothing but death and destruction.
This isn't his fault.
He saved us.
All of us! And it was Tish who invited everyone to this thing in the first place.
So I'd say, technically, it was her fault.
CRASH Leave him.
Martha? Not you, too.
Lazarus, back from the dead.
Should've known, really.
Where's he gone? That way.
The church.
It's Southwark Cathedral.
He told me.
Do you think he's in here? Where would you go, if you were looking for sanctuary? HE GASPS I came here before.
A lifetime ago.
I thought I was going to die then.
In fact, I was sure of it.
I sat here just a child.
The sound of planes and bombs outside.
The Blitz.
You've read about it? I was there.
You're too young.
So are you.
BONES CRUNCH In the morning, the fires had died, but I was still alive.
I swore I'd never face death like that again .
so defenceless.
I would arm myself, fight back.
Defeat it.
That's what you were trying to do today? That's what I DID today.
What about the other people who died? They were nothing.
I changed the course of history.
Any of them might've done too.
You think history is only made with equations? Facing death is part of being human.
You can't change that.
No, Doctor.
Avoiding death, that's being human.
It's our strongest impulse, to cling to life with every fibre of being.
I'm only doing what everyone before me has tried to do.
I've simply been more successful.
HE GASPS, BONES CRUNCH Look at yourself.
You're mutating.
You've no control over it.
You call that a success? I call it progress.
I'm more now than I was.
More than just an ordinary human.
There is no such thing as an ordinary human.
He's going to change again any minute.
I know.
If I could get him up into the bell tower somehow, I've an idea that might work.
Up there? You're so sentimental, Doctor.
Maybe you are older than you look.
I'm old enough to know that a longer life isn't always a better one.
In the end, you just get tired.
Tired of the struggle.
Tired of losing everyone that matters to you.
Tired of watching everything turn to dust.
If you live long enough, Lazarus, the only certainty left is that you'll end up alone.
That's a price worth paying.
Is it? BONES CRUNCH I will feed soon.
I'm not going to let that happen.
You've not been able to stop me so far! Leave him, Lazarus.
He's old and bitter.
I thought you had a taste for fresher meat? Martha, no! What are you doing? Keeping you out of trouble.
The tower! HE GROANS Did you hear that? SNARLING He's changed again.
Keep moving.
We've got to lead him up.
Where are they? Martha?! Doctor! Take him to the very top of the bell tower! Do you hear me? Up to the top? Martha? And then what? Martha, come on! Hyper-sonic sound waves.
There's nowhere else to go.
This is where he said to bring him.
So then we're not trapped.
We're bait! He knows what he's doing.
We have to trust him.
Ladies! Stay behind me.
If he takes me, make a run for it.
Head back down the stairs.
You should have time.
But Just do it! SCREAMS I hope there's a good acoustics in here! ORGAN PLAYS Martha! MARTHA SCREAMS Martha! Get away from her! ORGAN PLAYS We need to turn this up to eleven! ORGAN MUSIC GROWS LOUDER I've got you! Hold on! Martha! I'm OK.
We're both OK! Thanks.
It's your Doctor you should be thanking.
I told you he'd think of something.
He cut it a bit fine, though! He always does.
It's more fun that way.
Who is he? He's He's the Doctor.
I didn't know you could play.
Oh, well, if you hang around with Beethoven, you're bound to pick a few things up.
Especially about playing loud.
Sorry? Something else that just kind of escalated, then.
I can see a pattern developing.
You should take more care in the future.
And the past.
And whatever other time period you find yourself in.
It's been fun, though, hasn't it? Yeah.
So what do you say, one more trip? No.
What do you mean? I thought you liked it? I do, but I can't go on like this.
"One more trip.
" It's not fair.
What are you talking about? I don't want to be just a passenger any more, someone that you take along for a treat.
If that's how you still see me, well then, I'd rather stay here.
OK, then.
If that's what you want.
Well, we've already said goodbye once today.
It's probably best if you just go.
What is it? What? I said, OK.
Sorry? OK! Oh, thank you! Thank you! Well, you were never really "just a passenger", were you? PHONE RINGS 'Hi, I'm out leave a message.
' Martha? It's your mother.
'Please phone me back.
'I'm begging you, I know who this Doctor really is.
'I know he's dangerous.
You're gonna get yourself killed.
'Please, trust me, this information comes from Harold Saxon himself.
'You're not safe.
' We need a time lord.
Martha, you trust me, don't you? Of course.
Cos it all depends on you.
I mean it this time.
Tell me about it! SCREAMING It all took place in the future Whoa! God help him! Doctor, what do we do? Don't look away, and don't RUN! Doctor! What exactly do you do for him? Why does he need you? Martha! Was someone kissing me? He's fire and ice.
And rage.
He's like the night, and the storm in the heart of the sun.