Doctor Who s03e07 Episode Script


There we go! Universal roaming.
Never have to worry about a signal again.
No way! It's too mad.
So I can phone anyone, anywhere in space and time on my mobile? Long as you know the area code.
Frequent flyer's privilege.
Go on, try it.
Distress signal! Locking on, might be a bit of .
Sorry! Come on, Martha, let's take a look.
'Automated distress signal transmitting.
' Woh! Now that is hot! 'Automated distress signal transmitting.
' It's like a sauna in here! Venting systems.
Working at full pelt, trying to cool down wherever it is we are.
Well! If you can't stand the heat That's better! Oi, you two! Get out of there.
Seal that door! Now! Who are you? What're you doing on my ship? Are you police? Why would we be police? We got your distress signal.
If this is a ship, why can't I hear any engines? It went dead four minutes ago.
So maybe we should stop chatting and get to engineering.
'Secure closure active.
' What? This ship's gone mad.
Who activated secure closure? I nearly got locked into Area 27! Who are you? He's the Doctor and I'm Martha.
'Impact projection 42 minutes, 27 seconds.
' We'll get out of this.
I promise.
Doctor! 42 minutes until what? Doctor! Look.
How many crew members on board? Seven, including us.
We transport cargo across the galaxy.
Everything's automated.
Call the others.
I'll get you out.
What's he doing?! Doctor, don't! AAAGH! But my ship's in there! In the vent chamber?! It's our lifeboat! It's lava.
The temperature's going mad in there.
Up Channelling the air.
The closer we get to the sun, the hotter that room'll get.
We're stuck here.
So, we fix the engines, we steer the ship away from the sun.
Simple! Engineering down here, is it? 'Impact in 40.
' Blimey! D'you always leave things in such a mess? Oh, my God.
What happened? It's wrecked! Pretty efficiently, too.
Someone knew what they were doing.
Where's Korwin? Anyone heard from him or Ashton? No.
D'you mean someone did this on purpose? Korwin, Ashton, where are you? Korwin, can you answer?! He should be up here! Oh, we're in the Torajii system, lovely! You're a long way from home, Martha.
Half a universe away.
Yeah, feels it.
And you're still using energy scoops for fusion! Hasn't that been outlawed yet? We're due to upgrade next docking.
Scannell, engine report! No response.
What? The controls are wrecked, I can't get them back online.
Oh, come on! Auxiliary engines! Every craft's got auxiliaries! We don't have access from here.
The auxiliary controls are in the front of the ship.
With 29 password-sealed doors between us and them.
We'll never get there on time.
Can't you override the doors? No, sealed closure means what it says.
They're all deadlock sealed.
So a sonic screwdriver's no use.
Nothing's any use! We've got no engines, no time and no chance.
Oh, listen to you, defeated before you've even started! Where's your Dunkirk spirit? Who's got the door passwords? They're randomly generated.
Reckon I'd know most of them.
Sorry, Riley Vashtee.
What're you waiting for, Riley Vashtee? It's a two person job.
One to take this for the questions, the other to carry this.
The oldest and cheapest security system around.
Reliable and simple.
Just like you, Riley.
Try to be helpful, get abuse.
I'll help you.
Make myself useful.
It's remotely controlled by the computer panel.
That's why it needs two.
Oi, be careful.
You too.
'McDonnell, it's Ashton.
' Where are you? Is Korwin with you? 'Get up to the Medcentre, now!' You've gotta stop it! Korwin, it's Abi, open your eyes, I need to take a look at you.
Korwin! What's happened? Is he OK? Kath! Help me! It's burning me! How long's he been like this? Ashton just brought him in.
What are you doing?! Don't get too close.
He's my husband! And he's just sabotaged our ship! What? He went mad.
He locked the ship, then sent a heat pulse to melt the controls.
He wouldn't do that! I saw it happen, Captain.
Korwin? Korwin, open your eyes for me a second? I can't.
Yeah, course you can.
Go on.
Don't make me look at you.
All right, all right just relax.
Sedative? What's wrong with him? Rising body temperature, unusual energy readings.
I do love a good stasis chamber! Keep him sedated in there, regulate the body temperature.
And run a bio-scan, a tissue profile and a metabolic detail.
Just doing them now.
Ooh, you're good! Anyone else presenting these symptoms? Not so far.
That's something! What's the matter with him? Some sort of infection.
We'll get the test results.
Now, back downstairs, eh, see about those engines, go.
Call us if there's news.
Any questions? Yeah.
Who are you? I'm the Doctor! Heat shield failing at 25.
Impact in 32.
Hurry up, will you? All right! Fix the clamp on.
What're you typing? Each door's code is the answer to a random question set by the crew.
Nine tours back, we got drunk, thought them up.
If we're hijacked, we're the only ones who know all the answers.
So you type in the right answer.
This sends an unlock pulse to the clamp.
But we only get one chance per door.
Get it wrong, the whole system freezes.
Better not get it wrong then.
OK! Date of SS Pentallian's first flight? That's all right! Go! Yes! 28 more to go! Abi, how's Korwin doing? Any results from the bioscan? He's under heavy sedation.
I'm just trying to make sense of this data.
Give me a couple of minutes and I'll let you know.
Martha, Riley! How you doing? Area 29, at the door to 28.
Yeah, you've gotta move faster! We're doing our best! Find the next number in the sequence.
313, 331, 367.
What?! You said the crew knew all the answers! The crew's changed since we set the questions.
You're joking.
379! What? It's a sequence of happy primes.
379! Happy what? Just enter it! Are you sure? We only get one chance! Any number that reduces to one when you take the sum of the squares of its digits, and continue iterating until it yields one, is a happy number.
Any number that doesn't, isn't.
A happy prime is a number that's both happy and prime.
Now type it in! I dunno, talk about dumbing down, don't they teach recreational mathematics any more? We're through! Keep moving, fast as you can.
And Martha, be careful.
There may be something else on board the ship.
Any time you wanna unnerve me, feel free.
Will do, thanks.
Impact in 30.
Can't believe our lives depend on some stupid pub quiz.
Is that the next one? Ah, this is a nightmare.
Classical music.
Who had the most predownload number ones? Elvis Presley? Or The Beatles? How are we supposed to know that? We need a back-up, in case they don't reach the auxiliary engines in time.
What have we got? Doctor! What is it now? Who had the most number ones, Elvis or the Beatles? Pre-downloads? Elvis! No! The Beatles! No! Wait! Erm, that remix? I don't know! I am a bit busy! All right! I'll ask someone else! Now, where was I? Here Comes The Sun! No! Resources! So! The power's still working, the generator's going, if we could harness that.
Ah! Use the generators to jump start the ship.
Exactly! It'll buy some more time.
That is brilliant! I know! See, tiny glimmer of hope! If it works.
Oh, believe me, you're gonna make it work.
That told him! Impact in 29.
MOBILE RINGS Hello? Mum! It's me! It's Martha! Wow! Where are you? Don't you check your messages? I've been calling you! Actually, bit busy, need you to do something for me.
No, listen to me.
We have to talk about this Doctor.
Not now.
I need you to look something up on the internet.
Do it yourself! Oh, just DO IT! Please.
When did you get so rude? I'll tell you when - ever since you met that man.
I need to know who had more number ones, the Beatles or Elvis.
Hang on, the mouse is unplugged.
OK, I'm on.
What is this, a pub quiz? Yeah.
Pub quiz.
Using your mobile is cheating.
Have you found it? There's over 400,000 results.
Give me a minute! 'Impact in 28.
' Doctor, these readings are starting to scare me.
What d'you mean? Korwin's body's changing.
His whole biological make-up, it's impossible.
This is Medcentre, urgent assistance requested, urgent assistance! Stay here! Keep working! Urgent assistance! Abi, they're on their way.
What's happening to you? Burn with me.
Burn with me.
Captain! I told you to stay in engineering! I only take orders from one person.
Is he always this cheery? Elvis! What? Really? Elvis! Burn with me.
Korwin, you're sick.
Burn with me! Mum, you're a star! Now, we need to have a serious talk.
SCREAMING What was that? I've gotta go! Doctor, what were those screams? Concentrate on those doors! Impact in 27.
Korwin's gone! Oh, my God Tell me that's not Lerner.
Endothermic vaporisation.
I've never seen one this ferocious.
Burn with me.
That's what we heard Korwin say.
What? You think? No way! Scannell, tell him! Korwin is not a killer.
He can't vaporise people! He's human! His bio-scan results.
Internal temperature 100 degrees, body oxygen replaced by hydrogen.
Your husband hasn't been infected.
He's been overwhelmed.
The test results are wrong.
What is it? A parasite, mutagenic virus? Something that needs a host body, but how did it get inside him? Stop talking like he's some kind of experiment! Where's the ship been recently? Docked with any other vessels? Any sort of external contact? Is this an interrogation? We've gotta stop him, before he kills again.
We're just a cargo ship Doctor, if you give her a minute.
I'm fine, I need to warn the crew.
Everybody, listen to me.
Something has infected Korwin.
We think .
he killed Abi Lerner.
None of you must go anywhere near him.
Is that clear? Understood, Captain.
Erina, get back here with that equipment.
Whatever you say, boss.
Go there, come back, fetch this, carry these, make drinks, sweep up.
please, kill me now! Burn with me.
Burn with me.
Impact in 24.
Is the infection permanent? Can you cure him? I don't know.
Don't lie to me, Doctor.
Chose this ship together.
He keeps me honest.
So I don't want false hope.
The parasite's too aggressive.
Your husband's gone.
There's no way back.
I'm sorry.
Thank you.
Are you certain nothing happened to provoke this? Nobody's working on anything secret? Cos it's vital that you tell me.
I know every inch of this ship.
I know every detail of my crew's lives.
There is nothing.
Then why's this thing so interested in you? I wish I knew.
Doctor, we're through to Area 17.
Keep going.
You've got to get to Area One and reboot those engines.
You got those tools, Erina? Cos I'm Korwin, it's me we're mates.
They're getting too far.
We must share the light.
Heatshield failing at 20%.
Come on! Everything on this ship is so cheap! CLANG! Who's there? Is that Korwin? No, wait a minute.
Oh, Ashton.
What're you doing? Burn with me.
Well, if you wanna help.
Burn with me.
Burn with me.
Move! Come on! What is happening on this ship? Never mind that, where are we? Airlock sealed.
Jettison escape pod.
That doesn't mean us? Doctor! Pod jettison initiated.
Doctor! We're stuck in an escape pod off the Area 17 airlock! One of the crew's trying to jettison us! You've gotta help us! Tell me you can stop it.
Why's this happening? Stay here.
I mean it this time! Jump start those engines! It's picking us off one by one.
Jettison held.
Thank you.
Jettison reactivated.
Come on! Sierpinski sequence! This'll get him.
Jettison held.
Escape Pod stabilised.
You're pretty good.
Ashton? Someone's hacked at the systems.
I can't re-route the generators.
There's no way I'm gonna be able to jumpstart this ship! Who the hell did that?! Korwin? What are you? Why are you killing my crew? What did you do to him? What have you done to my husband? You recognise me.
Korwin, you know me! It's Kath.
Your wife.
My wife.
That's right! You're still in there! I'm your wife.
It's your fault.
That's enough! What do you want? Why this ship? Tell me! Jettison activated.
He's crashed the circuit, I can't stop it.
I can't stop it! What d'you mean it's my fault? It's your fault.
Now burn with me.
What're you doing? Freezing him! Ice vents! You'll kill him! Come on.
Let's see you.
I wanna know what you really are.
Airlock sealed.
McDonnell! Ashton's heading in your direction.
He's been infected just like Korwin.
Korwin's dead, Doctor.
Everything's locked! Airlock decompression completed.
Jettisoning pod.
Doctor! I'll save you! Martha, it's too late.
Doctor! I'll save you.
Doctor! I can't hear you.
Impact in 17.
What did he mean, "your fault"? Don't touch him, he's infected! We don't know how it spreads.
You murdered him.
He was about to kill you.
He recognised me.
You heard the Doctor! It isn't Korwin any more.
The Doctor doesn't know! None of us know.
So what're you gonna do, sit here until we burn? Cos without you, none of us stand a chance of getting out of here.
Scannell, I need a spacesuit in Area 17, now! What for? Just get down here! Go on, do what he says.
Ashton's still out there.
I'll deal with him.
The wonderful world of space travel.
Prettier it looks, the more likely it is to kill you.
He'll come for us.
It's too late.
Our heat shields'll pack in any minute.
Then we go into freefall.
We'll fall into the sun way before he has a chance to do anything.
You don't know the Doctor.
I believe in him.
Then you're lucky.
I've never found anyone worth believing in.
No girlfriend? Boyfriend? The job doesn't lend itself to stable relationships.
Family, then? My dad's dead.
I haven't seen my mum in six years.
She didn't want me to sign up for cargo tours.
Things were said and, since then, all silent.
She wanted to hold on to me.
I know that.
God, she's so stubborn.
Yeah, well.
That's families.
What about you? Oh, the works.
Mum, Dad, Dad's girlfriend, brother, sister.
There's no silence there.
So much noise! God! They'll never know.
I'll just have disappeared.
And they'll always be waiting.
Call them.
Ashton! I can't let you do this! You're wasting your breath, Scannell.
You're not gonna stop me.
Open an airlock on a ship spinning into the sun? You can't survive.
Oh, just you watch! It's suicide.
This close to the sun, the shields'll barely protect you.
If I can boost the magnetic lock, it should remagnetise the pod.
You've got to get the rest of the doors open, we need those auxiliary engines.
Doctor! They're too far away.
It's too late.
I'm not gonna lose her.
Decompression initiated.
Impact in 12.
MOBILE RINGS Hello? It's me again.
Sorry about earlier.
Is everything all right? Yeah, course.
Martha? Mum, I You know I love you, don't you? Of course I do.
What's brought this on? I never say it.
Never get the time or never think of it and then I really love you.
Tell Dad, Leo and Tish that I love them too.
Martha, what's wrong? Nothing.
Where are you? Just out.
With anyone nice? Some mates.
What mates? Mum, can we not just talk? Of course, what d'you want to talk about? I dunno, anything.
What you had for breakfast, what you watched on telly, how much you're gonna kill Dad when you see him.
Just anything.
Is the Doctor with you? Is he there now? Mum, just leave it.
It's a simple enough question.
I'd better go.
No, Martha, wait.
See you, Mum.
Impact in 11.
Heat-shield failing at 10%.
Come on! Go on, my son! Doctor! How're you doing? I can't get it! I can't reach! I dunno how much longer I can last! Come on! Don't give up now.
We're being pulled back! I told you! The Doctor! It's alive! It's alive! It's alive.
Doctor, close the airlock now! That pod's gonna smash into him! Stay here.
Impact in 8.
Airlock repressurisation completed.
Doctor! Doctor! Are you OK? Stay away from me! What's happened? It's your fault, Captain McDonnell! Riley, get down to Area 10 and help Scannell with the doors.
Go! You mined that sun, scooped its surface for cheap fuel! You should've scanned for life! I don't understand.
Doctor, what're you talking about? That sun's alive! A living organism! They scooped out its heart, used it for fuel and now it's screaming.
What d'you mean? How can a sun be alive, why's he saying that? Because it's living in me! Oh, my God.
Humans! You grab whatever's nearest and bleed it dry! You should have scanned! It takes too long, we'd be caught! Fusion scoops are illegal! Martha! You've gotta freeze me! Quickly! What? Stasis chamber! You've got to take me to below minus 200, freeze it out of me.
It'll use me to kill you if you don't! The closer we get to the sun, the stronger the link.
Medcentre quickly! Quickly! Help me! Impact in 7.
What's your favourite colour? You what? It's the question! Purple! Or did I say orange? Come on! I can do this, I can do it.
Martha! Where are you? It's all right.
Just setting everything up.
Stasis chamber.
Minus 200, yeah? You'll kill him! Nobody can survive those temperatures.
He's not human! If he says he can survive, then he can.
Let me help yo then.
You've done enough damage.
Ten seconds, that's all I'll be able to take.
No more.
Martha? Yeah? It's burning me up, I can't control it! If you don't get rid of it, I could kill you.
I could kill you all.
I'm scared.
I'm so scared.
Just stay calm.
You saved me.
Now I return the favour.
Just believe in me.
It's burning through me, I dunno what'll happen.
That's enough.
I've got you.
There's this process, this, this thing that happens, if I'm about to die.
Shhh, quiet now.
Cos that is not gonna happen.
You ready? No.
DOCTOR SCREAMS Heat-shields failing at 5%.
No! Martha, you can't stop it, not yet.
What's happened? Power's been cut in Engineering.
But who's down there? Leave it to me.
Are we gonna do it in time? Come on! You're defrosting.
Martha, listen.
Only got a moment, you've gotta go.
No way! Get to the front, vent the engines, sun particles in the fuel, get rid of them.
I am not leaving you! You've got to! Give back what they took! Doctor.
PLEASE! GO! I'll be back for you.
Impact in 4.
You were right.
It was my fault.
Impact in 3.
I didn't know.
I really didn't know.
Korwin, please, stop.
Everyone must burn.
Riley, Scannell.
I'm sorry.
McDonnell! McDonnell! I love you.
Exterior airlock open.
It's the last door.
We've gotta keep going.
Impact in 2.
Primary engines critical.
Repeat, primary engines critical.
Survival estimate projection, 0%.
Martha! Doctor! What're you doing? I can't fight it.
Give it back or Burn with me.
Burn with me, Martha.
Impact in 1.
NO-O-O-O-O-O! Got it! Life support systems reaching critical.
Repeat, life support systems reaching critical.
Impact in 1.
Collision alert.
Collision alert.
It's not working! Why's it not working?! Collision alert.
58 seconds to fatal impact.
Vent the engines! Dump the fuel! What? Sun particles in the fuel! Get rid of them! DO IT! NOW! Come on, Doctor, hold on! Fuel dump in progress.
It worked! The auxiliaries are firing! Impact averted.
Impact averted.
Impact averted.
We're clear! We've got just enough reserves.
This is never your ship.
Compact, eh? And another good word - robust.
Barely a scorch mark on her.
We can't just leave you drifting with no fuel.
We've sent out an official mayday.
The authorities'll pick us up soon enough.
Though how we explain what happened Just tell them that sun needs care and protection just like any other living thing.
So you're off then? No chance I'll see you again? Not really.
It was nice - not dying with you.
I reckon you'll find someone worth believing in.
I think I already did.
Well done.
Very hot.
So, didn't really need you in the end, did we? Sorry.
How are you doing? Now! What d'you say, ice skating on the mineral lakes of Kurhan.
Fancy it? Whatever you like.
By the way, you'll be needing this.
Really? Frequent flyer's privilege.
Thank you.
Don't mention it.
Oh no.
Mum! PHONE RINGS Hello? It's me again.
Three calls in one day? Sorry about earlier.
Mad day.
What're you doing tonight? Why don't you come round, I'll make something nice, and we can catch up.
Do my best.
Um, just remind me what day is it again? Election day.
I'll be round for tea.
And what about Anyway, gotta go! See you later! Love you! Is that all? For now.
Have you voted? Of course! Just don't expect me to tell you who for.
Thanks for all you're doing, Mrs Jones.
Mr Saxon will be very grateful.
Martha, this watch is If anything goes wrong, it's all down to you, Martha.
It's Monday, November 10th, 1913.
We make quite a team.
Don't we just! You like pretty girls.
Oh, in the sky! Help me! Completely human.