Doctor Who s03e08 Episode Script

Human Nature

Take this watch, my life depends on it.
This watch, Martha, this watch is KNOCK AT DOOR Come in.
Pardon me, Mr Smith, you're not dressed.
It's all right, put it down.
I was, um Sorry.
Sometimes, I have these extraordinary dreams.
What about, sir? I dream I'm this adventurer, this daredevil, a madman.
"The Doctor", I'm called.
And last night I dreamt that you were there.
As my companion.
A teacher and a housemaid? Impossible.
I was a man from another world.
Then it can't be true, because there's no such thing.
This thing, the watch.
It was Funny how dreams slip away.
But I remember one thing, it all took place in the future.
In the year of Our Lord 2007.
I can prove that wrong, sir.
Here's the morning paper.
It's Monday November 10th 1913 and you're completely human, sir.
As human as they come.
Hmm, that's me.
Completely human.
# He who would valiant be # 'Gainst all disaster # Let him in constancy # Follow the master # Morning, sir.
Morning, sir.
# There no discouragement shall make him once relent # Headmaster.
# His first avowed intent to be a pilgrim # .
advanced with little impediment.
The French were all but spent, with only two battalions remaining.
The final reserve force was charged with protecting Napoleon.
But, by evening, the advance of the allied troops had forced them to retreat.
Morning, sir.
Yes, quite.
Head in the clouds, that one.
Don't know why you're so sweet on him.
He's kind to me.
Not everyone's that considerate, what with me being A Londoner? Exactly! Now then, you two.
You're not paid to have fun, are you? Put a little backbone into it.
Yes, sir.
Sorry, sir.
You, there.
What's your name? Martha, sir.
Martha Jones.
With hands like those how you can tell when something's clean? That's very funny, sir.
Careful now.
Don't answer back.
I'd answer back with my bucket over his head.
Oh, I wish! Just think, though.
Soon boys like that'll be running the country.
They might not.
Good morning, Mr Smith.
Oh! There we go.
Let me help you.
No, no, I've got it, no.
How best to retrieve? If you could take these.
No harm done.
So, how was Jenkins? Just a cold.
He's missing his mother most of all.
We can't have that.
He's received a letter now, so he's chipper.
I appear to be holding your books.
Yes, so you are! Just let me No, why don't I take half? Brilliant idea.
Perfect division of labour.
We make quite a team.
Don't we just? These books, were they being taken in any particular direction? Yes.
Um, this way.
Matron, give the boys a good head of steam, they'll wear themselves out.
When it's just you and me, I'd rather you called me Nurse Redfern.
Matron sounds rather, well, matronly.
Nurse Redfern.
Though we've known each other only two months, you could say "Joan".
Joan? That's my name.
And it's John? Yes, yes, it is, yes.
Have you seen this John, the annual dance at the village hall tomorrow.
It's nothing formal but rather fun.
Do you think you'll go? Hadn't thought about it.
It's been ages since I've been to a dance.
Only no-one's asked me.
I should imagine that you'd be I mean, I never thought you'd be one for If you do! You may not.
I probably won't.
But even if I did, I couldn't I wouldn't want to The stairs.
Right behind you.
Stop it.
I get boys causing less fuss than this.
But it hurts.
Is he all right? It's hardly good form to enter a master's study without knocking.
Sorry, right, yeah.
SHE KNOCKS But is he all right? They said you fell down the stairs.
Just a tumble.
Have you checked for concussion? I have, and I dare say I know a lot more about it than you.
I'll just tidy your things.
I was just telling Nurse Redfern - Matron - about my dreams.
They are quite remarkable tales.
I keep imagining that I'm someone else and that I'm hiding Hiding? In what way? Um They're almost every night.
This is going to sound silly.
Tell me.
I dream, quite often, that I have two hearts.
Well, then.
I can be the judge of that.
Let's find out.
HEARTBEAT I can confirm the diagnosis.
Just one heart, singular.
I have, um, I have written down some of these dreams in the form of fiction.
Not that it would be of any interest.
I'd be very interested.
Well, I've never actually shown it to anyone before.
"A Journal of Impossible Things".
Just look at these creatures, such imagination.
It's become quite a hobby.
But it's wonderful.
And quite an eye for the pretty girls.
She's just an invention.
This character, Rose, I call her.
She disappears later on.
Oh, that's the box.
The blue box, it's always there.
Like a magic carpet.
This box that transports me to faraway places.
Like a doorway? Mm.
I sometimes think how magical life would be if stories like this were true.
If only.
All just a dream.
BELL RINGS Ma'am, that book.
I'll look after it.
Don't worry.
He did say I could read it.
But it's silly, that's all.
Just stories.
Who is he, Martha? I'm sorry? It's like he's left the kettle on.
He knows he has something to get back to, but he can't remember what.
That's just him.
You arrived with him.
He found you employment, here at the school? I used to work for the family, he inherited me.
Well, I'd be careful.
You sometimes seem a little familiar with him.
Best remember your position.
Yes, ma'am.
Ah, Latimer.
Latin translation.
Blasted Catullus, I want it done by morning.
Yes, sir.
And no mistakes, I want it written in my best handwriting.
But listen, Father says he's been promoted.
That means more money, might get a better school.
Ah, he should enjoy it, sir.
My uncle had a six-month posting in Johannesburg.
Says it was the most beautiful country on God's earth.
What are you talking about? Africa.
Your father.
Did you read my post? What? Who said Africa? I've only just read the word myself.
How did you know that? I haven't Have you been spying on me? No! I just guessed.
What's that mean? I'm good at guessing, that's all.
Sometimes I say things and they turn out to be correct.
Just little things, tiny things.
I can't help it.
It's just some sort of luck.
Never mind that, little toad.
Who's for beer? You've got beer? Baxter's hidden a secret supply in Blackdown Woods.
What are you waiting for? Make sure the bursar's down the pub before you go.
Bottle for everyone, is it? None for the filth.
Hurry back, Baines, I'm parched! Ooh, it's freezing out here.
Why can't we have a drink inside? Don't be ridiculous.
You get these notions! It's all very well, those suffragettes, but that's London! Don't you just want to scream sometimes? Tell 'em? Things must be different in your country.
They are.
Thank God I'm not staying.
You keep saying that.
Just you wait.
One more month and I'm as free as the wind.
Wish you could come with me.
You'd love it.
Where you gonna go? Anywhere.
Look up there.
Imagine you could go all the way out to the stars.
You don't half say mad things.
That's where I'll go.
Into the sky, all the way out.
Did you see that? See what? Did you see it, though? Up there, just for a second.
There's nothing there.
Matron? Are you all right? Did you see that? Something in the woods.
This light Anything wrong, ladies? Rather too cold to be standing around in the dark.
There! Look, in the sky.
Oh, that's beautiful.
All gone! Commonly known as a meteorite.
It's just rocks falling to the ground.
Came down in the woods.
No, no.
They look close, but they're miles off.
Nothing left but a cinder.
I should escort you back to the school.
Ladies? We're fine, thanks.
Then I shall bid you good night.
Jenny, where was that? On the horizon, where the light was headed? That's by Cooper's Field.
You can't just run off! It's dark, you'll break a leg! I say, hello? Was that some kind of aeroplane? Are you chaps all right? What? That's impossible.
Some kind of door.
Hello? Is anyone there? There you are.
Nothing there, I told you so! That's Cooper's Field? As far as the eye can see.
No falling star! I'm frozen to the bone, let's go.
As your Mr Smith says, nothing to see.
But I don't understand.
Who are you? We are The Family.
Far more important, who are you, little thing? My name's Baines.
Jeremy Baines.
Please can I go? I'm so sorry, Baines, Jeremy Baines.
But I don't think you can ever leave.
But who are you? Why can't I see you? Why would you want to see us? To know what you look like.
Oh, that's easily answered.
Because very soon we will look so familiar.
HE SCREAMS Where is he? Promises a beer and then vanishes into the night.
There he is, let him in.
Baines, you dolt! Thought you'd been caught.
Well, then? Where is it, man? Where's the blessed beer? There was no beer.
It was gone.
Damn, I've been waiting! Pretty poor show, Baines, I have to say.
HE SNIFFS What's the matter? Caught the sniffles? Yes, I must have.
It was cold.
Very cold.
Don't spread it about, I don't want your germs! Might as well get some sleep.
Come on, chaps.
Maybe tomorrow.
I think Jackson's got beer in the pavilion.
Talking to a machine.
Get down! They're following us.
They can follow us wherever we go.
Across the universe.
They're never gonna stop.
You trust me, don't you? Of course I do.
Cos it all depends on you.
Martha, this watch is me.
Right, OK.
No, hold on.
Completely lost.
Those creatures are hunters.
They sniff out anyone.
Being a Time Lord - I'm unique.
They could track me down.
And the good news is? They can smell me, but they haven't seen me.
And their life spans are running out.
So, we hide.
Wait for them to die.
But they can track us down.
That's why I've got to do it.
I have to stop being a Time Lord.
I'm going to become human.
Never thought I'd use this.
Oh, but all the times I've wondered.
What does it do? Chameleon Arch.
Rewrites my biology.
Changes every single cell in my body.
I've set it to human.
The TARDIS will invent a life story for me, find a setting and integrate me.
It can't do it for you, you improvise.
I'll have residual awareness to let you in.
If you're going to rewrite every single cell, isn't it gonna hurt? Oh, yeah.
It hurts.
This working? Martha! Here's a list of instructions, for when I'm human.
One, don't let me hurt anyone.
We can't have that, you know what humans are like.
Two, don't worry about the TARDIS, I'll put it on emergency power so they can't detect it.
Just let it hide away.
Four No, wait a minute, three.
No getting involved in big historical events.
Four, you.
Don't let me abandon you.
And five TAPE REWINDS But there was a meteor, what am I supposed to do then? And 23.
If anything goes wrong, if they find us, Martha, then you know what to do.
Open the watch.
Everything I am is kept safe in there.
I've put a perception filter on it, so the human me won't know.
To him, it's just a watch.
Don't open it unless you have to.
Cos once it's open, then The Family will be able to find me.
It's all down to you Martha.
Your choice.
Oh, and thank you.
I wish you'd come back.
KNOCK AT DOOR You told me to come and collect that book, sir.
Good lad, yes.
The Definitive Account of Mafeking by Aitchinson Price.
Where did I put it? I wanted a word.
Your marks aren't quite good enough.
I'm top ten of my class.
Now be honest, Timothy.
You should be the very top.
You're a clever boy, you seem to be hiding it.
Where is that book? I know why.
Keeping your head low avoids the mockery of your classmates.
No man should hide himself, don't you think? Yes, sir.
If you're clever, be proud of it.
Use it! Time Lord! ECHOING VOICES WHISPER 'The secret lies within.
I'm trapped.
' 'I'm caged inside the cold metal and the dark.
' 'But waiting.
Always waiting.
' Fascinating details about the siege.
Are you all right? Yes, sir.
Fine, sir.
Right then.
And remember, use that brain of yours.
'Power of a Time Lord.
' No, sir.
Thank you, sir.
'You are not alone.
Keep me hidden.
' 'And infinite flight, burn with light ' BELL RINGS Come along now.
Come along, Jenkins.
'There is a trace, but somehow scattered.
'The scent is confused.
'Nevertheless, we'd best arm ourselves.
' Activate the soldiers.
That is my property! You are trespassing on my land! Who's in there? Is it one of those idiot boys from the school, is it? Come on, let's be Well, how did you? No! No! Help me! Help me! GIRL SCREAMS Concentrate! Hutchinson, excellent work.
Cease fire! Good day, Headmaster.
Your crew's on fine form today! Headmaster, we could do better.
Latimer's being deliberately shoddy.
I'm trying my best.
You need to be better! Those targets are tribesmen, from the Dark Continent.
That's the problem, sir.
They only have spears.
Latimer takes it upon himself to make us realise how wrong we are.
I hope, Latimer, that one day you may have a just and proper war in which to prove yourself.
Now resume firing.
SHELLS EXPLODE One minute past the hour.
It's now.
Hutchinson, this is the time.
It's now.
Stoppage! Immediate action! Didn't I tell you, sir? The boy's useless! Permission to give Latimer a beating, sir? It's your class, Mr Smith.
Permission granted.
Come with me, oik! HE SNIFFS Anything the matter, Baines? I thought No, sir.
Nothing, sir.
As you were, Mr Smith.
Ah, Pemberton, Smythe, Wicks! Take post.
Ah! Nurse Redfern.
I'll give you back your journal soon.
No, you don't have to.
Excuse me, Mr Smith.
I was just thinking about the day my husband was shot.
His name was Oliver.
He died at the battle of Spion Kop.
We were childhood sweethearts.
But, you see, I was angry with the Army, for such a long time.
You still are.
I find myself at school, watching boys learn how to kill.
Isn't discipline good for them? Does it have to be military discipline? If there's another war, those boys won't find it so amusing.
Well, Great Britain's at peace.
In one of your stories, you wrote about next year.
All those images of mud and wire.
You told of a shadow, a shadow falling across the entire world.
Then we can be thankful it's not true.
I'll admit mankind doesn't need warfare and bloodshed to prove itself.
Everyday life can provide honour and valour and Let's hope from now on, this this country can find its heroes in smaller places.
In the most ordinary of of deeds.
SHE SCREAMS BABY CRIES Are you all right? Lucky.
That was luck? Nurse Redfern, might I invite you to the village dance this evening? As my guest? You extraordinary man! Oh, it's all becoming clear now! The Doctor is the man you'd like to be, doing impossible things with cricket balls.
Well, I've discovered a talent, that's true.
But The Doctor has an eye for the ladies.
The devil! A girl in every fireplace.
Ah, now there I have to protest, Joan.
That is hardly me.
Says the man dancing with me tonight.
That scarecrow's all askew.
Ever the artist.
Where did you learn to draw? Gallifrey.
Is that in Ireland? Yes.
It must be.
You're not Irish? No.
My father, Sidney, was a watchmaker from Nottingham.
And my mother, Verity, was Erm, well, she was a nurse, actually.
Oh, we make such good wives.
Really? Right.
Yes! Well, my work is done! What d'you think? A masterpiece.
I've all sorts of skills today.
Can I see? Oh, goodness.
Do I look like that? You sure that's not me? Definitely this page.
Do you like it? You've made me far too beautiful.
Well, that's how I see you.
Widows aren't meant to be beautiful.
The world would rather we stopped.
Is that fair? That we stop? That's not fair at all.
I've never Um DOOR OPENS Martha! What have I told you about entering unannounced! Wasn't on the list! TAPE REWINDS Four, you.
Don't let me abandon you.
That's no good! What about what you didn't tell me? What about women? Oh, no, you didn't think of that.
What the hell am I supposed to do? Thank you.
You had to, didn't you? Had to fall in love with a human.
And it wasn't me.
'Darkness is coming! DOCTOR: 'Keep me away from the false and empty man.
' 'Last of the Time Lords.
Last of their wise and ancient race.
' '.
the faces of men ' THEY SNIFF Who's that playing silly beggars? Nearly broke me neck! Who's that, then? Is it you, Saul? SHE SCREAMS I don't understand.
It's Mr Clark, isn't it? What have I done wrong? Nothing at all.
In fact, you're just what we need, girl.
She works at the school.
Whatever's happening seems to be centred around that establishment.
The faintest of traces, but they all lead back there.
It's Baines, isn't it? This isn't very funny, sir.
Stop talking, cease and desist, there's a good girl! Mother of Mine is dying to meet you.
And here she is.
Stop mocking me, sir.
No! Mother of Mine just needs a shape.
We go through shapes so very fast.
Yours is perfectly adequate, if a little grim.
Mother of Mine, embrace her.
You look wonderful.
You'd best give me some warning, can you actually dance? Um, I'm not certain.
There's a surprise.
Is there anything you're certain about? Yes.
Come and look what I've got.
Mr Pool didn't want his afternoon tea, so there's enough for two.
What are you standing there for? SHE SNIFFS You all right? I must have a cold coming on.
I keep thinking about them but I don't know what to do.
About who? Mr Smith and Matron.
Cos it's never gonna last.
He's going to leave in a few weeks.
Why? His contract comes to an end and she's gonna be heartbroken.
Leave for where? All sorts of places.
I wish I could tell you.
But it's complicated.
In what way? I just can't.
It sounds so interesting.
Tell me.
Tell me now.
Would you like some tea? Yes, thanks.
I could put a nice bit of gravy in the pot and some mutton.
Or sardines and jam, how about that? I like the sound of that.
Hold on a tick.
They've found us! It's ridiculous.
I warned you.
They've found us and I've seen them, they look like people, like us! You've got to open the watch.
Where is it? Oh, my God, where's it gone? What are you talking about? You had a watch, a fob watch, right there.
I don't remember.
What concern is it of yours? But we need it! Doctor, we're hiding from aliens, and they've got Jenny! They've possessed her or copied her or something! You've got to tell me, where's the watch? Oh! I see! Cultural differences.
It must be confusing for you.
Martha, this is what we call a story.
Oh, you complete This is not you.
This is 1913! Good.
This is 1913.
I'm sorry, I'm really sorry, but I've got to snap you out of this.
Martha! Wake up! You're coming back to the TARDIS with me.
How dare you? I won't go anywhere with an insane servant! Martha, you are dismissed! You will leave these premises immediately! The nerve of it! The absolute cheek! You think I'm a fantasist, what about her? The funny thing is, you did have a fob watch.
Right there.
Don't you remember? Oh, sorry.
Martha?! Not now, Tim, busy! Mr Smith? No-one home.
The maid was hiding something.
A secret around this Mr Smith.
We've both scented him.
He was plain and simple human.
Maybe he knows something.
Where is he? She's infatuated.
You're a dangerous man.
You've taken my arm in public.
I'm very scared.
Spare a penny for the veterans of the Crimea, sir? Yes, of course.
There you are.
Ladies and gentlemen, please take your partners for a waltz.
You CAN dance! Quite surprised myself! Sorry! I think this might help.
That makes it easy, Son of Mine.
Because Daughter of Mine is already there.
We're invited to the dance.
Staff entrance, I think, Miss.
Yeah, well, think again, mate.
Please, don't.
Not again.
He's different from any other man you've ever met, right? Yes.
And sometimes he says these strange things, like people and places you've never heard of? But it's deeper than that.
Sometimes, when you look in his eyes, you know, you just know, that there's something else in there.
Something hidden.
Behind the eyes, something hidden away.
In the dark.
I don't know what you mean.
Yes, you do.
I don't mean to be rude, but the awful thing is, it doesn't even matter what you think.
But you're nice, and you're lucky.
I just want to say sorry for what I'm about to do.
Oh, now really, Martha.
This is getting out of hand.
I insist you leave.
Do you know what this is? Name it.
Go on.
Name it.
John, what is that silly thing? John? You're not John Smith.
You're called The Doctor.
The man in your journal, he's real.
He's you.
Evening all.
Spare a penny, sir? I didn't spare YOU.
HE SCREAMS You will be silent! All of you! I said silence! Mr Clark? What's going on? EVERYBODY SCREAMS Mr Smith, forget everything I told you.
Don't say anything.
We asked for SILENCE! Now then.
We have a few questions for Mr Smith.
No, better than that.
The teacher.
He's The Doctor! I heard them talking.
You took human form? I was born human, as were you, Baines! And Jenny, and you, Mr Clark.
What is going on? This is madness! Ooh, and a human brain, too.
Simple, thick and dull! But he's no good like this.
We need a Time Lord.
Easily done.
Change back.
I don't know what you mean.
Change back! I literally do not know Get off! She's your friend.
Doesn't this scare you enough to change back? I don't know what you mean! Wait a minute.
The maid told me about Smith and the Matron.
That woman, there.
Then let's have YOU! Have you enjoyed it, Doctor? Being human? Has it taught you wonderful things? Are you better, richer, wiser? Then let's see you answer this.
Which one of them do you want us to kill? Maid or Matron? Your friend Or your lover Your choice.
We are the Family of Blood.
Save us.
I am not The Doctor.
He was like the storm in the heart of the sun.
He's ancient and forever.
He burns at the centre of time and he can see the turn of the universe.