Doctor Who s07e03 Episode Script

A Town Called Mercy

When I was a child, my favourite story was about a man who lived for ever, but whose eyes were heavy with the weight of all he'd seen, a man who fell from the stars.
I knew you'd find me eventually.
Make peace with your gods.
Once they were your gods too.
Not any more.
Am I the last one? There's one more.
The Doctor.
"Mercy, 81 residents.
" Look at this.
It's a load of stones and lumps of wood.
What is it? A load of stones and lumps of wood.
Er, the sign does say, "Keep out.
" I see keep-out signs as suggestions more than actual orders.
Like dry clean only.
That's not right.
It's a street lamp.
An electric street lamp about ten years too early.
It's only a few years out.
That's what you said when you left your phone recharger in Henry VIII's en-suite.
Doctor, um Anachronistic electricity, keep-out signs, aggressive stares Has someone been peeking at my Christmas list? Doctor! Tea.
But the strong stuff.
Leave the bag in.
What you doing here, son? Son You can stay.
Sir, might I enquire who you is? Of course.
I am the Doctor, this is No need to stand.
You see that? Manners.
Oh, thank you.
But I don't need a new suit.
I'm the undertaker, sir.
I got a question.
Is you an alien? Well, um Bit personal.
It's all relative, isn't it? I mean, I think YOU'RE the aliens.
But in this context, yes.
Yes, I suppose I am.
Doctor! Put him down! Don't think we won't kill you.
Doctor! Leave her alone! Don't worry! Everything is completely under control! Get off me.
Guys! Guys! Oh, dear.
Whoa! Aargh.
He's coming.
Oh, God.
He's coming.
Preacher Say something.
Our father, who art in Heaven, Hallowed be thy name.
Thy kingdom come.
Thy will be done You.
Bow tie.
Get back across that line.
Isaac, he said he was a doctor an alien doctor.
That a reason to hand him to his death? But, Isaac, it could be him! You know it ain't.
Just let him go like that? Be seeing you, boy.
What was that outside? The Gunslinger.
Showed up three weeks back.
We've been prisoners ever since.
You see that borderline, stretching round the town? Woke up one morning, there it was.
Nothing gets past it, in or out.
No supply wagons, no reinforcements.
Pretty soon, the whole town's going to starve to death.
But he let US in.
You ain't carrying any food, just three more mouths to feed.
We'll all die even sooner now.
What happens if someone crosses the line? Ah, well He wasn't a very good shot then.
He was aiming for the hat.
He shoots people's hats?! I think it was a warning shot.
I see.
What does he want? Has he issued some kind of demand? He says he wants us to give him "the Alien Doctor".
But that's you.
Why would he want to kill you? Unless he's met you.
And how could he know we'd be here? We didn't even know we'd be here.
We were aiming for Mexico.
The Doctor was taking us to see the Day Of The Dead Festival.
Mexico's 200 miles due south.
Well, that's what happens when people get toast crumbs on the console.
Anyway, I think it's about time I met him, don't you? Who? The chap outside said I could be the alien doctor, but you said I wasn't.
So you already know who it is.
Two Alien Doctors! We're like buses.
Resident 81, I presume.
So beloved by the townsfolk, he warranted an alteration to the sign.
Probably because he rigged up these electrics.
And I'm guessing he's in here because if half the town suddenly wanted to throw me to my death this is where I'd want to be.
I don't know what you It's all right, Isaac.
I think the time for subterfuge has passed.
Good afternoon.
My name is Kahler-Jex.
I'm the Doctor.
The Kahler.
I love the Kahler.
One of the most ingenious races in the galaxy, seriously.
They could build a spaceship out of Tupperware and moss.
All right.
How did you get here? My craft crashed about a mile or so out of town.
I would have died if Isaac and the others hadn't pulled me from the wreckage.
And you stayed? As their doctor? On my world, I was a surgeon, so it seemed logical and it gave me an opportunity to repay my debt to them.
Listen to him.
Talking like it was nothing.
Tell them about the cholera.
Now, Isaac, I'm sure our guests aren't Two years after he arrived, there was an outbreak of cholera.
Thanks to the doc here not a single person died.
A minor infection we'd found a treatment for centuries ago.
No, no, no.
What do you call them? The lectricks? Using my ship as a generator, I was able to rig up some rudimentary heating and lighting for the town.
So why does the Gunslinger want you? - It don't matter.
- I'm just saying, if we knew America's a land of second chances.
We called this town Mercy for a reason.
Others Some round here don't feel that way.
Now, Isaac, we've discussed this.
People whose lives you saved are suddenly saying we should hand you over.
They're scared, that's all.
You can hardly blame them.
Them being scared, scares me.
War only ended five years back.
That old violence is still under the surface.
We give up Doc Jex, then we're handing the keys of the town over to chaos.
Did you try to repair your craft? Surely someone with your skills It really was very badly damaged.
We evacuate the town.
Our ship's just over the hills.
Room for everyone.
I'll pop out, bring it back here.
Robert's your uncle.
Really? Simple as that? No crazy schemes? No negotiations? I've matured.
I'm 1,200 years old now.
Plus, I don't want to miss the Archers.
Oh, so you're not even a tiny bit curious? Why would I be curious? It's a mysterious space cowboy assassin.
Curious? Of course I'm not curious.
Son You've still got to get past the Gunslinger.
How you going to do that? With a little sleight of hand.
You OK? Yeah, fine.
Keep moving.
Next time you get to wear Jex's clothes.
Can I borrow your horse, please? It's official Marshall business.
He's called Joshua.
It's from the bible.
It means "the deliverer.
" No, he isn't.
What? I speak horse.
He's called Susan.
And he wants you to respect his life choices.
I, uh I think he's seen us.
This way.
When this is all done, do you want us to take you home? Thank you, but I have already given everything I have to the Kahler.
My skills, my energy .
all that was good in me.
But here I could start afresh.
I could remember myself and help people.
That's all I ever wanted to do.
End suffering.
You're a mother, aren't you? How did you know? There's kindness in your eyes.
And sadness.
But a ferocity too.
It wasn't exactly straightforward.
It seldom is.
And what about you? Are you a father? Yes.
In a way, I suppose I am.
So, we wait here till the Doctor comes to pick us up in your ship.
Yes, I know.
I was there when we agreed it.
Yeah, I said that more for my benefit more than yours.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Yeah, I know we're in a hurry.
I just want to check something out.
Two ticks.
There's something niggling me.
Yes, it could be important.
Oi, don't swear.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Yes, I wear a Stetson now.
Yes, good point, Susan.
Where IS the damage? Ow! That's the alarm on my ship! Maybe the Doctor wants to get it working again.
But that wasn't the plan.
He's not following the plan.
Welcome to my world.
Security breach.
You have ten seconds to enter the pass-code or this vehicle will self-destruct.
Thank you for choosing Abaraxas Security Software.
Incinerating intruders for three centuries.
Nine, eight, seven.
Self destruct over-ridden.
This is an awful lot of security for a titchy spacecraft Awaiting command.
Tell me everything you can about the Gunslinger.
File not found.
Please choose from - Technical Specifications, Flight Recorder, Personal Files, Maps and Charts.
Personal files of Doctor Kahler-Jex.
Names of deceased subjects can be found on the drop-down menu.
I'm sorry, Amy.
He really should have followed the plan.
Don't shoot, don't shoot! I know who you are! And who Jex is too! Now what I don't understand is why you haven't just walked into the town and killed him? People will get in the way.
Look, you want justice, you deserve justice, but this isn't the way.
We can put him on trial, we can When he starts killing YOUR people, you can use YOUR justice.
Isaac says he doesn't care about my past.
But things may have been uncovered that even he might struggle to forgive.
So it's best we beat a hasty retreat.
We? I'm coming with you? It's unlikely the Gunslinger will shoot if I'm with you.
As far as I can tell, he's programmed to take innocent lives only if absolutely necessary.
Well, colour me reassured Doc, what are you doin'? No more warning shots.
I'll kill the next person to step over that line.
Make sure it's Jex.
It was stupid of me, I realise that now.
I just thought I'd put you all in enough danger, perhaps if I left He's lying.
Every word.
Everything he says, it's all lies.
This man is a murderer.
I am a scientist.
Sit down.
Tell them what you are.
What am I? A war hero.
OK, somebody want to tell me what's going on? The Gunslinger is a Cyborg.
A what? Half man, half machine.
A weapon.
Jex built it.
He and his team took volunteers, told them they'd be selected for special training, then experimented on them, fused their bodies with weaponry and programmed them to kill! OK, why? Why would you do that, doc? We'd been at war for nine years.
A war that had already decimated half of our planet.
Our task was to bring peace, and we did.
We built an army that routed the enemy and ended the war in less than a week.
Do you want me to repent? To beg forgiveness for saving millions of lives?! And how many died screaming on the operating table before you had FOUND your advantage?! War is another world.
You cannot apply the politics of peace to what I did, to what any of us did.
But what happened then? How come you're here? When the war ended, we had the Cyborgs decommissioned.
But one of them must have got its circuitry damaged in battle.
It went offline and began hunting down the team that created it, until just two of us were left.
We fled and our ships crashed here.
So what do we do with Jex? What do we do with him?! Yeah, I mean he's a war criminal.
No, he's the guy that saved the town from cholera, the guy that gave us heat and light.
Look, Jex may be a criminal and yeah, kinda creepy And still in the room! We should put aside what he did and find another solution.
Another solution? It's him or us! When did we start letting people get executed? Did I miss a memo? Doctor, tell him.
Hmm? Yes.
I don't know.
Whatever Amy said.
Looking at you, Doctor, is like looking into a mirror.
There's rage there, like me.
Guilt, like me.
Everything but the nerve to do what needs to be done.
Thank the Gods my people weren't relying on you to save them No.
NO! But these people are! OUT! OUT! OUT! Oh, you're really letting him do this? Save us all? Yeah, I really am.
MOVE! You wouldn't.
I genuinely don't know Doctor.
Let him come back, Doctor! Or what? You won't shoot me, Amy! How do you know?! Maybe I've changed.
You've clearly been taking stupid lessons since I saw you last.
I didn't mean to do that! OK, everyone who isn't an American, drop your gun.
We could end this right now, we could save everyone RIGHT NOW! This is not how we roll, and you know it.
What's happened to you? When did killing someone become an option? Jex HAS to answer for his crimes.
And what then? You going to hunt down everyone who's made a gun, a bullet or a bomb? They keep coming back, don't you see? Every time I negotiate, I try to understand.
Well, not today! No! Today I honour the victims first! His, the Master's, the Daleks', all the people who died because of MY MERCY! See, this is what happens when you travel alone for too long.
Well, listen to me, Doctor, we can't be like him.
We have to be better than him.
Amelia Pond Fine.
Fine we think of something else.
But frankly, I'm betting on the Gunslinger.
Jex, move over the line.
Make peace with your Gods.
Kahler-Tek, isn't it? I remember all your names, even now.
I'd never hurt anyone again.
I'm even helping people here.
Last chance.
Make peace with your Gods.
No! Isaac! Isaac, Isaac, it's OK, it's OK.
It's OK, we can get you to Jex's surgery, he can save you.
Listen to me, you've got to stay, you've got to look after everyone.
It won't come to that, Isaac.
Protect Jex.
Protect my town.
You're both good men You just forget it sometimes Take Jex to his cell.
If anything happens to him, you'll have me to answer to.
This has gone on long enough.
You are right.
You've got until noon tomorrow.
Give him to me, or I'll kill you all.
Oh, my God, you're the Marshall.
And you're the Deputy.
Come in! Marshall Ma'am.
You need to come outside.
Why, what's wrong? Just come outside.
And you should put that on.
What's going on? He in there? Leave the keys and take a walk.
Time you get back, this'll all be done.
I promised Isaac I'd protect him.
Protecting him got Isaac dead.
Tomorrow it's going to get us all dead.
We thought Isaac was right to fight.
But it's different now.
We've got to say, "All right, we lost," and give that thing what it wants.
What it wants is to kill our friend.
Look, we don't got ill feelin' toward the doc, we just thinkin' 'bout our families.
Hand him over and we all safe again.
You know I can't do that.
Then we got us a problem.
Please don't do this.
Why? Reckon you quicker than me? Almost certainly not.
But this lynch mobs, the town turning against itself.
This is everything Isaac didn't want.
How old are you? Nearly 19.
That's 18 then.
Too young to have fought in the war, so I'm guessing you've never shot anyone before, have you? First time for everything.
But that's how all this started.
Jex turned someone into a weapon.
Now that same story is going to make you a killer too.
Don't you see? Violence doesn't end violence, it extends it.
I don't think you want to do this.
I don't think you want to become that man.
There's kids here.
I know, who I can save.
If you'll let me.
He really worth the risk? I don't know.
But you are.
Frightened people.
Give me a Dalek any day.
Fresh coffee, Marshall.
For what it's worth, I know you're going to save us.
Isaac made you Marshall for a reason, and if you're good enough for him, you're good enough for me.
Reckon you should know that.
Thank you.
Oi! Get out of it! Let me guess.
The good folk of Mercy wanted me to take a little stroll into the desert.
You could turn a blind eye.
No-one would blame you.
You'd be a hero.
But I can't, can I?! Because then Isaac's death would mean nothing! Just another casualty in your endless, bloody war! Do you want me to hand you over?! Is that what you want?! Do you even know?! You think I'm unaffected by what I did? That I don't hear them screaming every time I close my eyes? It would be so much simpler if I was just one thing, wouldn't it? The mad scientist who made that killing machine, or the physician who has dedicated his life to serving this town.
The fact that I'm both bewilders you.
Oh, I know exactly what you are.
And I see this reformation for what it really is.
You committed an atrocity and chose this as your punishment.
Don't get me wrong, good choice.
Civilised hours, lots of adulation, nice weather.
But, BUT, justice doesn't work like that.
You don't get to decide when and how your debt is paid! In my culture, we believe that when you die your spirit has to climb a mountain, carrying the souls of everyone you wronged in your lifetime.
Imagine the weight I will have to lift.
The monsters I created, the people they killed.
He was my friend.
Now his soul will be in my arms, too.
Can you see now why I fear death? You want to hand me over.
There's no shame in that.
But you won't.
We all carry our prisons with us.
Mine is my past, yours is your morality.
"We all carry our prisons with us.
" Ha Help me.
Help me to Ready? Ready? Disengage.
It's a trick.
Save us, oh, Lord.
Go! Just GO! I can't save them while you're here.
Nine, eight, seven - self-destruct overridden.
Deactivate automatic targeting.
Switch to manual.
Where is he? He's gone.
WHERE?! ANSWER ME! Away from here.
Look up.
Any second now you'll see the vapour trail of his ship.
This is their home, not the backdrop for your revenge! Look up.
Go after him, take this battle away from Kahler-Tek.
Jex? Coward! Where are you?! I'm in my ship.
Jex, what are you doing? Just GO! Where are you from? Where on Kahler? Now! You're asking him this NOW?! Gabrean.
I know it.
It's beautiful there.
When this is over, will you go back? How can I? I am a monster now.
So am I.
Just go! Finish this! I will find you.
If I have to tear this universe apart, I will find you.
I don't doubt that.
You'll chase me to another planet And another race will be caught in the crossfire.
THEN FACE ME! Countdown to self-destruct resumed.
You've killed enough.
I'm ending the war for you, too.
Countdown to self-destruct resumed.
What's going on? That countdown! What's going ON! JEX! Thank you, Doctor.
But I have to face the souls of those I wronged.
Perhaps they will be kind.
Three, two, one.
He behaved with honour at the end.
Maybe more than me.
We could take you back to your world.
You could help with the reconstruction.
I will walk into the desert and self-destruct.
I am a creature of war.
I have no role to play during peace.
Except maybe to protect it? OK, so, our next trip.
You know all the monkeys and dogs they sent into space in the '50s and '60s? You'll never guess what really happened to them! Erm could we leave it a while? Our friends will start noticing that we're ageing faster than them.
Another Time! No worries! 'By the time the Gunslinger arrived, 'the people of Mercy were used to the strange and the impossible.
'Where he came from didn't matter.
'As a man once said, America is a land of second chances.
' 'Do I believe the story? I don't know.
'My great-grandmother must have been a little girl when he arrived.
'But next time you're in Mercy, ask someone why 'they don't have a Marshall or a Sheriff or policeman there.
' "We got our own arrangement", they'll say.
'Then they'll smile, like they got a secret.
'Like they got their own special angel watchin' out for them.
'Their very own angel who fell from the stars.
' Every time we flew away with the Doctor, we'd just become part of his life.
Come with me! But he never stood still long enough to become part of ours.
Except once.
Haven't you seen them? The year of the slow invasion.
I've recommended we treat this as a hostile incursion.
There are soldiers all over my house, and I'm in my pants! We have two lives.
Real life and Doctor life.
Our best hope now is each other.
What do we do? Choose?