Doctor Who s07e77 Episode Script

Rain Gods [mini-sode]

- Okay, so tell me you have a plan.
- Hey? Why do I have to have a plan? You could have a plan.
I chose the restaurant.
Yes, and accidentally took us to the planet of the Rain Gods, where we are now being sacrificed.
Plan! Okay The plan is we need to distract them with something before they actually sacrifice us to the Rain Gods.
Then when they're distracted, we run away.
- That's not a plan, that's just hoping.
- Hey! it's a start.
Can you smell something? - Why are they sacrificing us to the Rain Gods, anyway? - Appeases their wrath.
Apparently it's very good for the crops, you know, sacrificing.
- There is actually some scientific evidence - Oh, so you're in favour - of being burnt alive now? - Just looking on the bright side, dear.
Huh! Ha, ha! And there it is, Oi! If there are any Rain Gods out there, you're rubbish! Strike me dead if I'm wrong! - What are you doing? - Smelling the ozone, dear.
Down! - Oh dear.
- Sweetie Hey! River, Run.
Run away! I think the Rain Gods are going to do that again, you know.
- That was your plan? - Well it worked didn't it? - Basically you hoped for lightning, that was it.
- And here we are.
We should be burning at the stake right now.
It's lucky for you you're pretty.
You were in no danger.
I knew something would come up.
- No you didn't.
- I did! I promise I did.