Doctor Who s07e78 Episode Script

Clara and the TARDIS [mini-sode]

Where is it? I know what just happened.
I went to the bathroom.
Thank you for the hologram leopard by the way - an unexpected pleasure and my bedroom was completely missing.
Just tell me where you put it.
Hang on, I know what the problem is.
Is this the first time he's brought a girl home? Are you laughing? You are, aren't you.
What's so funny? Blimey.
That's some That's quite a selection.
Dear God, that woman is made of legs, that's the most legs on any living human! Okay, not the first then.
This is the Doctor we're talking about.
He's in a codependent relationship with a screwdriver.
I mean if he had to choose between an enormous, complicated machine he could fix with a tool kit and a girl, who would he go with? Yeah, you're right.
Both of them, using the same tool kit.
So, what do we do? I give in.
I'm going to go find my damn bedroom.
Do your worst, can't wait to see your next trick.
- Who the hell are you? - You, from tomorrow night.
Okay, where have you put it? Where's my bedroom? This isn't funny, I'm exhausted, where is it? You think you've got problems? We've got to share a bed.
Oh dear God