Doctor Who s07e88 Episode Script

Vastra Investigates

Prepare for obliteration, Earthling scum.
Actually, Mister Strax, if you could just take him aside for a moment, - I have some officers on the way.
- As you wish.
Humans filth.
- Sorry.
He is new.
- Funny looking fellow but, Turkish, is he? He is a genetically modified clone warrior from outer space.
Makes sense.
Well, what a case.
Identical twins, poison undetectable to science, an ancient Egyptian curse.
Once more Scotland Yard is in your debt, Madame Vastra.
Where would we be without you? - Quite some distance from a clue, one imagines.
- Yeah, you might be right.
- Does it ever hurt? - Does what hurt? Your skin condition.
Always wondered.
It's not a condition, Inspector.
It's just skin.
- Are you sure? - I am, as I may have failed to mention, an intelligent reptile from an ancient civilisation long preceding mankind.
Many of us slumber under the Earth's crust.
Madame was accidentally awoken by an extension to the London Underground.
Well, that would account for it.
I was not initially keen on the society of apes, but I made the most elementary of errors.
I fell in love.
- What, with the Turkish fellow? - No.
Not with the Turkish fellow.
Good lord.
Good lord.
- Come along, my dear.
- Yes, my darling.
Good lord.
- Still no word from the Doctor, then? - No, my dear.
And there won't be.
He can't sulk in his box forever.
Heartbreak is a burden to us all.
Pity the man with two.
- It's starting to snow.
- But it can't be.
- Well, it is nearly Christmas.
- But the clouds.
- What about them? - There aren't any.