Doctor Who s08e08 Episode Script

Mummy on the Orient Express

Start the clock.
Is there some sort of fancy dress thing on this evening? I don't think so.
Why do you ask? That fellow over there, dressed as a mummy monster thing.
Who do you mean? I can't see him.
You! You! Throw that man out of my dining car.
It's disgusting.
I'm sorry, Madam.
Which man? Which man?! I'll have your job.
That man, right there, dressed as a monster.
Mama, there isn't anyone there.
Are you feeling OK? Don't you dare lie to me, girl.
I won't be made a fool of.
Stop it.
Stop it.
Stop him at once.
Right now.
Mama, there's no-one there.
You're worrying me.
Do you want one of your pills? Oh, no! Get it off! Get it off! Is there a doctor? Sorry, I need a doctor! Sorry, I don't know, she just stopped.
Your train awaits, my lady.
The baggage car.
But thanks for lying.
The real wonderful is through here.
There were many trains to take the name Orient Express but only one .
in space! BAND PLAY LOUNGE VERSION OF: Don't Stop Me Now by Queen Of course it is.
Completely faithful recreation of the original Orient Express.
Except slightly bigger.
And in space.
Oh, and the rails are actually hyperspace ribbons.
But, in every other respect, identical.
Painstaking attention to detail.
I'm a rocket ship on my way to Mars Most of the time.
On a collision course I am a satellite I'm out of control I'm a sex machine ready to reload Like an atom bomb I'm 'bout to oh, oh, oh You're doing it again.
Doing what? The smile.
Yeah, I'm smiling.
It's the sad smile.
It's a smile but you're sad.
It's confusing.
It's like two emotions at once.
It's like you're malfunctioning.
Travelling at the speed of light Wanna make a supersonic woman of you I just thought this would be a good one to To end it.
It is.
It's a good choice.
Good one to end on.
Yeah? Mm-hm.
Shall we? Mm-hm.
gimme a call Don't stop me now Don't stop me.
'Ladies and gentlemen, if you would be good enough to 'look from the windows on the right of the train, 'you'll be able to see the soaring majesty of the Magellan black hole.
' Ah, I remember when this was all planets as far as the eye could see.
All gone now.
Gobbled up by that beast.
And there's that smile again.
I don't even know how you do that.
I really thought I hated you, you know? Well, thank God you kept THAT to yourself.
There was this planet - Obsidian - the planet of perpetual darkness.
I did.
I did hate you.
In fact, I hated you for weeks.
Good, fine.
I'm glad that we cleared that up.
There was also a planet that was made completely of shrubs.
I went to a concert once.
Can't remember who it was.
Do you know what the singer said? Frankly, that would be an absolutely astonishing guess if I did know.
She said, "Hatred is too strong an emotion to "waste on someone that you don't like.
" Were people really confused? Cos I'm confused.
Did everybody leave? Sshhh! Shut up.
Look, what I'm trying to say is I don't hate you.
I could never hate you but I can't do this any more.
Not the way you do it.
Can I talk about the planets now? Yes.
Go! Thedion Four - constant acid rain.
Had a lovely picnic there once, wearing a gas mask.
That's a lie.
I'm sorry? That's a lie, what you said.
Thedion Four was destroyed thousands of years ago so you couldn't have been there.
Miss Pitt, are you sure you wouldn't rather rest in your room? That man's a liar.
Perhaps you'd allow Mr Carlyle here to escort you back.
It'll be all right, miss.
Just come with me.
Sorry about that.
I suppose it's understandable in the circumstances.
I don't believe we've been introduced.
Captain Quell.
I'm Clara.
This is the Doctor.
Ah, another one.
Sorry? Another what? Oh, we've got doctors and professors coming out of our ears on this trip.
So, what are you a doctor of? Now, there's a question that's never asked often enough.
Let's say intestinal parasites.
I'm beginning to think Miss Pitt was right about you.
What's wrong with her? Did something happen? You mean you really don't know? There's a body AND there's a mummy.
I mean, can you not just get on a train? Did a wizard put a curse on you about mini-breaks? Might be nothing.
Old ladies die all the time.
It's practically their job description.
And the monster? Well, seen by no-one except her, which suggests that it wasn't there.
A dying brain, lack of oxygen, hallucinations.
Anyway, people do just die sometimes.
She WAS over 100 years old.
Says the 2,000-year-old man.
Clara, you actually sound as if you want this to BE a thing.
Do you? No.
No, look, fine.
You know, if you think that there is nothing to worry about, then that is fine by me.
Are you sure? Ah, yes, I'm sure.
To our last hurrah.
Oh, last, yeah.
I mean, it's not like I'm never going to see you again.
Isn't it? Is it? I thought that's what you wanted.
No, I mean, you're going to come round for dinner or something, aren't you? Do you do that? Do you come to people's houses for dinner? Of course.
Why wouldn't I do that? I don't know.
I thought you might find it boring.
Is it boring? No.
To the last hurrah.
The last hurrah.
It's nothing.
Definitely sure.
Really? 99%? That's quite high.
Is that the figure you're sticking with? OK, OK.
Well, that's jumped quite a bit.
You've just lost 24%.
'A train in space.
Sounds pretty cool.
' So, what are you saying? Just because he brought me somewhere cool, I shouldn't dump him? Well, one, you can't dump him because he's not your boyfriend 'and two, dumping him sounds a little scorched earth.
' You still basically get on.
I think you should just enjoy your space train.
At least it's not dangerous.
It's pretty boring, really.
Because you know what this sounds like, don't you? No, do tell me.
A mummy that only the victim can see.
I was being rhetorical.
I know exactly what this sounds like.
(Doctor, are you awake?) Beautiful bit of kit, isn't it, sir? The Excelsior Life Extender.
It's like driving around in a portable hospital.
Yes, well, it didn't do Mrs Pitt much good, did it? Got me there, sir.
Certainly got me there.
Maybe it malfunctioned.
Oh, I don't think so.
The records show that the machine did everything it could to keep her alive.
And almost drained the battery doing it.
What do you know? Well, I know that when I find a man fiddling with a chair that someone died in, it's best to play my cards close to my chest.
Really? Well, I know that when I find a man loitering near a chair that someone died in, I do just the same.
Chief Engineer.
The Doctor.
Nosey Parker.
Pleased to meet you, Doctor.
Course, there's a rumour that someone or some THING else might be responsible.
Hello? Are you OK? Hello? Excuse me? Excuse me? Miss Pitt, wasn't it? Are you all right? Do you need some help? My name's Maisie.
I'm not mad.
Oh, OK.
I didn't say you were.
But you've had a bad day.
I think anybody could do with a little bit of help after a day like today.
Computer, open the door.
'Call me Gus.
'I'm afraid this door can only be opened by executive order.
' Are you OK? They won't let me see her body.
They should let me see her body, shouldn't they? Yeah, I should think so.
It's in there, is it? OK, I have a friend who's really good with locks.
Do you want to come with me, see if we can find him? Oh! Or you could do that because that works, too.
What's the most interesting thing about the Foretold? I'm terribly sorry, I don't believe we've met.
You know, the Foretold, mythical mummy.
Legend has it that if you see it, you're a dead man.
Yes, I know what it is.
You see, I happen to be Emil Moorhouse, professor of alien mythology.
I'm the Doctor.
Pleased to meet you.
So, the most interesting thing about the Foretold - go! Ah well, it would have to be the time limit given before it kills you.
I can't think of another myth where it's so specific.
How does it go? The number of evil twice over They that bear the Foretold's stare have 66 seconds to live.
No, no, no.
Nice try.
Very atmospheric.
But that's not it.
Try again.
A cynical man might say you that were trying to pump me for information.
The myth of the Foretold first appeared over 5,000 years ago.
In some stories, there is a riddle or secret word that is supposed to make it stop.
Some characters try to bargain with it, offer riches, confess sins.
All to no avail.
Well, you certainly know a little mythology.
I know a lot.
Because, from time to time, it turns out to be true.
What's that? What? What is that? But that's the great appeal, isn't it? Earth legends are such dry, dusty affairs, and always fiction.
But up here, in the stars, anything's possible.
That's why I chose this field, to be honest - hoping one day I might meet a real monster.
Isn't that everyone's dream? But you still haven't answered my riddle.
What's the most interesting thing about the Foretold? Well, you can't run from it, that's for sure.
There are accounts of people trying but it never works.
No matter how far you run, it's always right behind you.
There's nothing there! Can't you see it? Calm down.
Get it away! Get it away! What's wrong with him? Get it away! No.
Get it away! What is going on? Open the door.
Open the door.
Get out! Argh! He's unhinged! No! Stumpy! Nope.
Even colder.
All right, I give up, you tell me.
Mrs Pitt, the old woman who died.
She died of old age.
Nothing supernatural.
That's my answer.
Her death? No.
The fact that you were here to witness it.
Excuse me, Professor.
In which carriage? It was a heart attack.
And if I hear anyone spreading rumours to the contrary, they'll be getting off at the next station, termination papers in hand.
Are we clear? Do you know what you're doing? Nope.
But I do need to be slightly more skilled than a high-heeled shoe.
Do you ever wish bad things on people? Oh, yeah.
All the time.
Whoever designed this door, for a start.
She wasn't really my mum.
She just made me call her that.
She was my gran.
Do you know why I wanted to see her body? Because you loved her very much and were missing her? You obviously never met her.
No, I just felt really guilty.
Like I'd been picturing her dying for years.
Like a daydream.
Not really meaning it.
At least, I don't think I did.
But now, it just feels like I made this happen.
Hey, listen.
You didn't do anything wrong.
Difficult people, they can make you feel all sorts of things.
But you didn't do it.
You didn't kill her.
She just died.
Are you sure about that? I think we need to talk.
This matter does not concern the passengers.
I'm not a passenger.
I'm your worst nightmare.
A mystery shopper.
Oh, great(!) Really? That's your worst? OK, I'm a mystery shopper.
I could do with an extra pillow and I'm very disappointed with your breakfast bar and .
all of the dying.
This is not exactly within your job description.
Come on, Captain.
Where would we all be if we all followed our job descriptions? Mm? Good question.
Glad you asked.
In your case, you'd be doing something instead of climbing inside a bottle.
I have followed the procedure for accidental death to the letter.
Yes, I'm sure you have.
And I'm sure you do just enough of your job to avoid complaints.
You don't know anything about me.
Wounded in battle, honourable discharge.
And this is just a guess, but I think you've had the fight knocked out of you.
You expected this to be a cushy desk job where you could put your head down until retirement.
Well, I'm sorry.
As of today, that dream is over.
There is no evidence of any attack or other parties Yes, let's just sit around and wait for the evidence while the bodies pile up.
Or here's a crazy thought - we could do something to stop it.
Why am I even talking to you? Passenger manifest, plan of the train and a list of stops for the past six months.
Quick work, Perkins.
Maybe too quick.
Yes, sir.
I'm obviously the mummy.
Or perhaps I was already looking into this.
This Doctor, he's your what, exactly? He's not my anything.
You mean you're just friends.
Of course we're just friends.
Well, not even friends, not any more.
Well, that clearly isn't true.
It's true.
It is.
It's very true.
You do seem to be here together.
Seriously? We're stuck in this carriage, probably all night, and all we can talk about is some man? Some man? Not that kind of Look, we, um We knocked about together, we travelled and now we're stopping.
This is a I don't know, goodbye to the good times.
Were the good times all like this? Now that you mention it 'No! No! Get it out! Argh!' Did you see the lights flicker? Mm.
Yeah, the lights went in the kitchen as well just before the chef saw it.
In all of the accounts, conventional weapons have no effect on the Foretold.
It's immortal, unstoppable .
Can we get a new expert? He was wrong.
Yes, he was.
And high-handed and thoughtless and and arrogant beyond belief.
And you got on a train with him! I was saying goodbye.
You can't end it on a slammed door.
Yes, you can.
Anyone can do it.
People do it all the time.
Except, of course, when they can't.
Life would be so much simpler if you liked the right people, people you're supposed to like.
But then, I guess there'd be no fairy tales.
Doctor! Wake up, sleepy-head.
Time for breakfast.
Knowing this train, it'll taste amazing.
Doctor, please, I'm in trouble.
Can't even get that right.
Bad food on trains is traditional.
Doctor, please, just Listen, there's been another mummy murder.
So our last hurrah just became a bit more interesting.
I'm trapped! What? Where are you? Clara! Is that you? Yes.
Can you hear us? Oh! Ow! Computer, can you open the door, please? 'Call me Gus.
'I'm afraid this door can only be opened by executive order.
' Oh.
Forget it.
Now the stupid sonic screwdriver's not working.
What do you mean it's not working? Why? I don't know.
Some sort of suppression field, I would guess.
And it has to be a guess because, as I say, the stupid sonic screwdriver's not working.
What are you even doing in there? I was looking for you, Mr "Nothing To Worry About".
What, was I supposed to waken you up? Drag you out of bed because I had a hunch? 'I thought you didn't want to do this any more.
' Look, please, can we just not do this now? I think we might not be alone in here.
(There's a sarcophagus.
) Is it in there? I think we might just be about to find out.
Turns out the sonic is working, just not on the door we need.
Clara, it's coming.
Doctor, it's OK.
It's full of bubble wrap.
But the lights.
Doctor, move away from the door.
My friend's inside.
Then they're in trouble, too.
I spoke to head office.
There is no mystery shopper.
You're not even on the passenger list.
Clara, I'm going to have to call you back.
I'm going to have to mark you down for this.
You are NOT a mystery shopper.
For all I know, you're the one behind the killings.
Oh, come on, Captain.
How many people have to die before you stop looking the other way? Get back! Stay back! What do you think you're doing, man? Stop! Get up now! That's an order! It turns out it's three.
The amount of people that had to die before I stopped looking the other way.
Thank you.
Same as the others? Ladies and gentlemen, could I have a moment of your time, please? There's a monster on this train that can only be seen by those about to die.
If you DO see it, you will have exactly 66 seconds left in which to live.
But that isn't even the strangest thing.
Do you know what is? You.
The passengers.
Experts in alien biology, mythology, physics.
If I was putting together a team to analyse this thing, I'd pick you.
And I think somebody has.
Someone of immense power and influence has orchestrated this whole trip.
Someone who I have no doubt is listening to us right now.
So, are you going to step out from behind the curtain and give us our orders? The engines.
They've stopped.
And the facade drops away because what use are a bunch of scientists without a lab? Teleporter? No.
Hard light holograms.
They were never really here.
Fake passengers to make up the numbers.
That was my best guard.
'Good morning, everyone.
'Around the room, you will find a variety of scientific equipment.
'Your goal is to ascertain The Foretold's true nature, 'probe for weaknesses with a view to capture, 'after which we will reverse engineer its abilities.
'Isn't this exciting?' You said "capture", implying that you can't control this thing.
And yet somehow you got it on board.
How? 'There is an artefact, an ancient scroll.
'I have highlighted it for your convenience.
'For reasons currently unknown, 'the Foretold appears in the vicinity of this artefact.
' And kills at regular intervals.
Then just maybe we should throw this thing out in the airlock.
No! No! No! Looks like they've thought of that.
What if we say no? Down tools.
Refuse to work.
'That IS your choice, of course.
'But it would be very upsetting were you all to die 'at the hands of the Foretold.
' So, hurry up before it kills you.
But even if they agree to this, how are they supposed to study a creature they can't even see? We don't even know what the species is.
Perkins, start the clock.
Approximately 1.
8 metres tall.
Actually, seeing it in the flesh isn't nearly as rewarding as I thought it might be.
Oh, dear.
Hard cheese.
What can you see? Details.
Yes, of course.
Of course.
Well, it just looks like a man in bandages.
I What kind of bandages? Old? New? Old.
Whole? Ragged? Ragged.
Falling off in places.
I don't know what you want me to tell you.
Listen! You can see it.
We can't.
Tell us what you can see.
Even the smallest detail might help save the next one.
The next one? You mean you can't save me? Well, that is implied, isn't it? Yes, this is probably the end for you.
But make it count! Details, please! Erm flesh - some of it is visible 30 seconds.
Ancient looking.
Peat bog preserved.
Keep talking! Don't waste this chance! I want to bargain for my life.
W-w-w-what? Some of the myths say if you find the right word, make the right offer, it lets you go.
This is not a myth.
This is real.
Forget your superstitions.
Tell us what you can see! This is my life! My death! I'm going to fight for it how I want! I give you Ten seconds my soul.
I confess all sins.
I give you all my worldly goods.
Only, please, please, please.
No! Zero.
'We apologise for any distress you may have just experienced.
'Grief counselling is available on request.
'On the bright side, I'm sure you've all collected a lot of data.
'Well done, everyone!' It's recording every death.
Of course it is.
That's what we're here - to study our own demise.
So, let's get to work.
Come on.
Chop, chop.
Clara Oswald.
So, first things first - The sarcophagus is actually a secure stasis unit.
It's where they want us to put the Foretold if we capture it.
That would have been good to know.
Teeny bit busy round here.
What else? 'Please terminate your call and return to work.
' 'We have some paperwork.
' Passenger manifests from other ships.
Maisie recognised a couple of the names.
These are missing ships.
'So, we're not the first.
' No.
'Please terminate your call and return to work.
' I've got some progress reports.
The Gloriana - spent three days getting picked off by the Foretold.
All died.
Performance marked as "poor".
'Warning - decompression imminent.
Please vacate the area.
' The Valiant Heart.
Performance - "promising".
'Please terminate the call and return to work.
' I think you should do as it says.
Clara, I have to go.
'I'm sorry.
I know that must have been distressing for you.
'But if you are disobedient again, 'I will decompress another area 'containing less valuable passengers.
' Less valuable passengers? How does it choose? Well, I'm assuming qualifications No, no, no.
Not the computer, the Foretold.
How does it choose who to kill? We've assumed it's random.
What if it's not? I want full histories on all the victims.
Medical, social, personal.
'Well done.
' Don't mention it.
Doesn't seem to be any pattern.
Their travel history, interests, health - it's all over the shop.
Health? Are you sure? Mrs Pitt, the first victim.
She was over 100 years old, the frailest passenger on board.
But the next to go, the chef, was young and fit.
It's random.
The chef was ill.
What? A rare blood disorder.
Not contagious, but we kept it quiet.
Because he worked with food.
The next one - the guard? He wasn't ill as such, but he did have synthetic lungs implanted last year.
Professor Moorhouse.
It seems he was physically fine but suffering from Here we are.
"Regular panic attacks after a car crash last year.
" It's picking off the weakest first.
Sensing the illness somehow.
The fake organs, even psychological issues.
This is good news because it means we can work out who is next.
I want the medical records of everybody alive who is still on board.
If anyone's had as much as a cold, I want to know about it.
You really think it can sense psychological issues? Seems so.
Why? When you said I'd lost the stomach for a fight, I wasn't wounded in battle, as such.
But my unit was bombed.
I was the sole survivor.
Not a scratch on me.
But post-traumatic stress Nightmares.
Still can't sleep without pills.
Which means that you are probably next.
Which is good to know.
Well, not for me.
Well, of course not for you because you're going to die but I mean for us, from a research point of view.
You know, for a doctor, your bedside manner Well, there's goes our head start.
Perkins, start the clock! What can you see? Almost feels out of focus.
Gives me a headache just looking at it.
No, no, no.
That didn't work before.
What kind of soldier would I be, dying with bullets in my gun? Someone shut that man up! For the record, it didn't even flinch.
Where is it now? Approximately 20 feet in front of me and closing.
Am I close? It's passing right through you.
Like a ghost.
It's not a hologram.
If you move, will it follow? Do you want me to move? I can certainly do that.
Keep looking at it.
But back off quick as you like.
It's teleported away.
It's behind me.
I think this is it.
Still, suppose it's not a bad way to go.
Blood pumping, enemy at the gates and all that.
And thank you, Doctor, for waking me up.
It's reaching for me.
Hands on my head.
Ah! Teleporter - that means tech.
Then 66 seconds - to do what? specific.
Too specific for organic.
So, what? More tech? What? More? A countdown clock? Something charging? A man just died in front of us.
Can we not just have a moment? No.
No, no, no.
We can't do that.
We can't mourn.
People with guns to their heads, they cannot mourn.
We do not have time to mourn.
Everybody, what takes or to change state? Anyone? Am I surrounded by idiots? If only I could see this thing! Don't even joke about that.
I'm not joking about it.
One minute with me and this thing, it would be over! You know, Doctor, I can't tell if you're a genius or just incredibly arrogant.
Well, on a good day, I'm both.
Ancient tech.
This thing has been around for centuries.
How? Tech that keeps it alive.
Tech that drains energy from the living.
Deep tissue scan.
He's been leached of almost all energy on a cellular level.
The heart attack is just a is just a side effect.
Oh, it's not just a mummy, it's a vampire.
Metaphorically speaking.
But why take 66 seconds to drain us? Why not just pounce? Phase.
Moving energy out of phase.
That takes about a minute, doesn't it? That's why only the victims can see it.
It takes them out of phase so it can drain their energy.
You, sir, are a genius! This explains everything.
Apart from what it is and how it's doing it.
Sorry, I jumped the gun there with the "you're a genius, that explains everything" remark.
Doctor, I think we know the next victim.
Ah, of course.
That makes perfect sense.
(She's had a bad day.
That's all.
) 'Clara, it doesn't care.
' Her bad day, her bereavement, her little breakdown puts her squarely in its cross hairs.
She's next.
'Every simulation we've run confirms it.
' OK, but but we're in here and, if we stay in here, that thing can't 'This thing can teleport.
' We need her here.
Even the computer agrees.
OK, so you can save her? Right? Of course not.
Why would you think that? This is another chance to observe it in action.
As it kills her.
'Of course, as it kills her.
' If it happens in there, it'll be a waste so bring her to us.
How? How exactly? She's never going to agree to this.
Well, I don't know.
Lie to her.
Tell her I can save her.
Whatever it takes to get her here.
What's he saying? He says He says he can save you.
I KNEW he could get us out of there.
I told you, he's a good man.
Yes, he is.
And to be honest, I don't know how convinced I am by this "trauma sense" thing, but if the Doctor says he can help me anyway, that has to be a good thing, doesn't it, Clara? Hello, again.
I'm Maisie.
Good for you.
We passed the TARDIS on the way here.
Thought about getting inside.
Or pulling levers and hoping for the best.
But we couldn't even get in.
There was a force field around it.
It's probably Gus trying to block our escape route.
How does he even know what it is? Cos if he knows what it is, then he knows what you are.
Well, he has tried to entice me here before.
Free tickets, mysterious summons, he even phoned the TARDIS number.
Do you know? You knew.
You knew this was no relaxing break.
You knew this was dangerous.
I didn't KNOW.
I certainly hoped.
OK, this.
You see, this.
This is why I'm leaving you.
Because you lied.
You lied to me, again.
And now you've made me lie.
You've made me your accomplice.
What? Sorry? When did you lie? Clara? Maisie, I am I am so sorry.
Do we start the clock? Not yet.
Focus! All of that is your grief, your trauma, your resentment.
And now it's mine.
It's gone! No.
No, it's not.
Not for me.
Cos now it thinks I'm you.
Start the clock.
I'm so pleased to finally see you.
I'm the Doctor and I will be your victim this evening.
Are you my mummy? But you can't hurt me until my time is up.
I think.
So are there magic words? Is there a way to stop you in your tracks? Oh, you really didn't like your gran, did you? There's something visible under the bandages.
By the way, you weren't being paranoid.
She really did poison your pony.
Oh! Markings like the ones the scroll.
Oh, and your father.
A tattered piece of cloth attached to a length of wood that you will kill for.
30 seconds.
That doesn't sound like a scroll.
That sounds like a flag! And if that sounds like a flag, if this is a flag, that means that you are a soldier wounded in a forgotten war thousands of years ago.
But they've worked on you, haven't they, son? They've filled you full of kit.
State-of-the-art phase camouflage, personal teleporter.
Ten seconds.
And all that tech inside you, it just won't let you die, will it? It won't let the war end.
It just won't let you stop until the war is over.
We surrender.
I can see it again.
It's OK.
I think we all can.
Do I start the clock? No.
The clock has stopped.
You're relieved, soldier.
He's not the only one.
We were fighting that? So was he.
Listen, what I said Save it.
We're not out of the woods yet.
Well, Gus, I think we solved your little puzzle.
Ancient soldier being driven by malfunctioning tech.
'Thank you so much for your efforts.
They are greatly appreciated.
'Unfortunately, survivors of this exercise are not required.
' Ah, well, there's a shocker(!) 'Air will now be removed from the entire train.
'We hope you have enjoyed your journey on the Orient Express.
' I take it you know a way out? My enemy's enemy is my friend.
Especially when he has a built-in teleporter.
Great! So use it! A little more work.
Doctor! Couple of minutes.
I'll give you a shout.
Hello, again.
Sleep well? Weren't we just on a train? Oh, that was ages ago.
And? And what? Oh, and we got off the train.
The teleporter worked eventually.
Beamed everyone into the TARDIS.
No casualties.
Just a bevy of sleeping beauties.
I tried hacking Gus from the TARDIS, find out who set this all up.
He really didn't like that.
Set off some fail-safe thing.
Blew up the train.
Blew up the train? Blew up the train.
But we got away.
Then I dropped everyone off at the nearest civilised planet, which happened to be here.
You seemed happy asleep so I just left you.
So, you saved everyone? No, I just saved you and I let everyone else suffocate.
Yeah, this is just my cover story.
So, when you lied to Maisie, when you made me lie to Maisie I couldn't risk Gus finding out my plan and stopping me.
So you were pretending to be heartless.
Would you like to think that about me? Would that make it easier? I didn't know if I could save her.
I couldn't save Quell, I couldn't save Moorhouse.
There was a good chance that she'd die too.
At which point, I would have just .
moved onto the next .
and the next until I beat it.
Sometimes, the only choices you have are bad ones.
But you still have to choose.
It's quite a vehicle you have here, Doctor.
I won't pretend to understand half of it.
Having said that, I did notice you've got a couple of drive stacks need replacing.
Oh, you did, did you? Yeah.
You should get someone in.
And a job like that takes for ever.
Really? Well, I suppose, whoever I did get in, it might just be easier to have them stay on board for a while.
I don't suppose you'd know of anyone? No.
Sorry, Doctor, but I don't think I do.
That job could .
change a man.
Yes, it does.
Well, I won't keep you.
Goodbye, Perkins.
Good to meet you.
You too, Doctor.
And good luck.
Do you love it? Love what? I know it's scary and difficult but do you love being the man making the impossible choice? Why would I? Because it's what you do.
All day, every day.
It's my life.
Doesn't have to be.
Is it like Like what? .
an addiction? You can't really tell if something's an addiction till you try and give it up.
And you never have.
Let me know how it goes.
Hey, Danny.
How are you? 'Fine.
' So, is it done? Yep.
Mission accomplished.
Listen, I can't talk now but I'll see you soon and, um .
I love you.
'I love you, too.
' No accounting for taste.
'OK, see you soon.
' Was that Danny? What did he want? He's fine with it.
Sorry? Danny.
He's fine with the idea of me and you knocking about.
It was his idea that we stop but he's decided he doesn't mind and neither do I.
Oh, to hell with the last hurrah, let's keep going! That's a big change of heart.
Yeah, they happen.
Seriously? Look, as long as you get me home safe and on time, everything is great.
I am so sorry.
I've had a wobble.
It's a big wobble but it's fine.
Forget about it.
Now, shut up and give me some planets.
Well, I'm glad that you said that because you know that one that's made entirely of shrubs? Are you sure about this? Are you? Have you ever been sure? No.
Then what are you waiting for? Let's go! Oh, that can't be good.
Something nearby is leaching all the external dimensions.
Oh, who am I kidding? Probably.
Whatever they are, they're experimenting, they're testing, they are they are dissecting.
Trying to understand us, trying to understand Three dimensions.
Life support failing.