Doctor Who s08e09 Episode Script


Police, please.
Hello? Yes.
I know who did it.
Who did it all.
I figured it out.
No, I can't speak up.
They might hear me.
Oh, no.
Oh, no.
They are everywhere.
All around.
We've been so blind.
'Hello? Sir? 'Are you in a safe place? 'Are you being held against your will? Sir?' You could leave all that stuff here, you know.
We do have literally acres of room.
Oh, no.
It's all right.
Danny's got a little bit territorial.
The idea of me leaving so much as a toothbrush here But, still, he's all right with us doing this which I admit's a little bit weird.
Cos you'd think if he had a problem with me leaving stuff in the TARDIS, he'd object to me travelling in the TARDIS.
But he's not, so.
Stopped listening a while ago.
Same time you left, same place.
Ish? Don't give me an ish.
These readings are very ishy.
Erm, Doctor? Uh-huh? Well Well, I wonder what caused this? I don't think we're bigger.
Are we? Bristol? Doctor, we're in Bristol! And 120 miles from where we should be.
Not impressive.
This is impressive.
This is annoying.
The TARDIS never does this.
This is huge! Well, not literally huge, slightly smaller than usual.
Which is huge.
I get it.
You're excited.
When can I go home? Your house isn't going anywhere.
And neither is mine until I get this figured out.
Could you not just let me enjoy this moment of not knowing something? I mean, it happens so rarely.
Look, I don't think this is dangerous.
But I wouldn't like you to get squished accidentally.
Anyway, I need you to help me find out what's caused this.
I'll go take a look around.
It's your filth, Rigsy, start with your signature.
Oh, come on, there's no need for this.
There you go.
Get on with it.
This is community service, not a holiday camp.
Now, that wasn't me, was it? Oh, that can't be good.
Cheer up, love.
Might never happen.
Have some respect.
She's grieving.
Oh, sorry, love.
I didn't mean nothing by it.
Sorry about them.
They're idiots.
That's all right, don't worry.
I've heard worse.
I've lost someone, too.
My Aunt Karina.
Deaf as a post.
Didn't really know her that well but she's still gone.
Is your one in the mural? Oh, no.
I haven't actually I'm sure they'll get round to it at some point.
I'm not really with that lot out there.
I just have to do this community service thing.
I just do graffiti.
Not anything, you know, murdery or So, erm, what's all this about? What's happened to all these people? You mean you don't know? 'Hey, I think I've found something.
'People are missing all over the estate.
Do you think there's a connection? 'Could be.
' And where are you? 'Exactly where I was.
' No, you're not.
I'm here and I can't see Oh.
' Oh, my God, that is so adorable.
Are you in there? 'Yes, I am.
' And, no, it's not adorable.
It's very, very serious.
'So is this more shrink ray stuff? Are you tiny in there?' No.
I'm exactly the same size.
It's merely the exterior dimensions that have changed.
Stop laughing.
This is serious.
I can't help it, can I, with you and your big old face.
How are you going to get out? Well, plainly I can't.
Something nearby is leeching all the external dimensions.
Aliens? Possibly.
Oh, who am I kidding? Probably.
Sensors are down and I can't risk taking off with it in this state.
Clara, I need you to pick up the TARDIS.
It should be possible.
I've adjusted the relative gravity.
You mean you've made it lighter.
Clara, it's always lighter.
If the TARDIS were to land with its true weight, it would fracture the surface of the earth.
Yeah, maybe a story for another time.
What now? I've managed to get a rough fix on the source of the dimensional leeching.
It's roughly north west.
That way.
Please don't do that.
That's just wrong.
Now, listen! You're going to need these.
Oh, wow.
This is an honour.
Does this mean I'm you now? No, it does not, so don't get any ideas.
And listen, stick this in your ear.
Can you hear me? 'Yes.
' Ow! What just happened? 'Nanotech.
' Just hacked your optic nerve.
'What does that mean?' I see what you see.
Anything? Yes, I'm dizzy.
But nothing useful.
You never did tell me your name.
No time to fraternize.
Come on, get rid of him.
'I'm' I'm the Doctor.
Don't you dare.
Doctor Oswald.
But you can call me Clara.
I'm Rigsy.
So what are you a doctor of? Of lies.
'Well, I'm usually quite vague about that.
' I think I just picked the title because it makes me sound important.
Why, Doctor Oswald, you are hilarious! Could we get back to work, do you think? What are you exactly? You don't smell like police but that's some pretty cool gear you got there.
You like a spy, or something? Oh, he's a bright one, hang on to him! He was the last one to go missing.
And when he disappeared all the doors and windows were locked from the inside.
'Ooh, now you're talking.
I love a good locked room mystery.
' Yeah, doesn't everyone? What? Huh? Oh, sorry.
I'm talking to somebody else.
He's listening in.
Doctor, Rigsy, Rigsy, the Doctor.
Hello, barely sentient local.
Another Doctor? How do you sleep at night? 'Missing people, tiny TARDIS, what's the link?' I think this is great that someone's finally looking into this.
The police weren't doing anything.
They never do on this estate.
People were thinking that no-one was listening.
That no-one cared.
So, yeah.
I think it's great what you're doing.
I think that we can manage on our own from now on.
I think he could still be useful.
'He's a pudding brain.
' Worse than that he's a fluorescent pudding brain.
' And all those other missing people, I suppose you know where they lived.
He could still be in the room.
Sorry, what? Sorry, nothing.
I was just thinking out loud.
'It's like one of those locked room things you get in books.
' It's always something weird, like, he's still in the room or something.
Do you want to go and check out another flat? Do you know, I think you were wrong about this lad.
I think that he could be very useful.
Vital local knowledge.
Oh, really? Yes.
So try not to scare him off.
How would I scare him off? Maybe he's lost in the desert, or something.
OK, right, are we missing something here? Missing man, locked room, shrink ray? Sorry, did you say just say shrink ray? What if he is still in this room like you said - only tiny? You know, like underneath the sofa or something.
Clara, this is the scaring off that we were talking about.
So My lunch break's nearly up.
This this has been interesting.
'Clara, local knowledge is' leaving.
Do something!' Rigsy! One sec.
Doctor, open the doors.
I didn't mean that! Look, you want him to stay or not? You really do throw your companions in at the deep end, don't you? Rigsy, come here.
Meet the Doctor.
So, what do you think? Tiny man idea.
Yes, it's a lovely thought.
Which is why I set the sonic to scan for that as soon as we entered.
Pleased to meet you.
And you didn't think to tell me? Well, of course he might have been squashed under a policeman's shoe by now.
It's bigger.
On the inside.
Do you know, I don't think that statement's ever been truer.
What are you? Like, aliens, or something? No.
Well, he is.
Doctor? Doctor, did you hear that? Yes.
Whatever it was, it just drained a massive amount of energy from inside the TARDIS.
What was it? I don't know.
That's the least of my problems, just get us out of there.
Rigsy this is where we run.
Stick with me.
I mean this is just embarrassing.
I'm from the race that built the TARDIS, dimensions are kind of our thing.
So why can't I understand this? 'Clara, I need more info.
'Where else have people disappeared?' MI5? Yes, this case has got our attention.
Well, you've come to the right place, ma'am.
First reported disappearance, a Mr Heath.
It's not on the estate, but it's exactly the same MO as the rest Clara, I think that your shrink ray theory was wrong.
My shrink ray theory? I thought you were already scanning for that.
Doctor? What are you doing? It just struck me.
Locked room mysteries.
Classic solution number one - they're still in the room.
Classic solution number two - they're in the walls.
What do you mean, they're in the? Have we done as much as we could? No.
Do we have any suspects? No.
Off the record, I think the top brass are hoping if they ignore this it'll all just go away.
Apparently they're in the walls.
PC Forrest.
Yes, sir.
MI5, sir.
So, you and that bloke in a box.
You do this sort of stuff a lot? Well, he's usually out of the box.
But, yep.
I don't know.
Maybe they thought we weren't doing enough, sir.
Can I call you back? So how'd you get this gig? You study science, or aliens, or something? No.
Well, it's kind of a more of a right place, right time or wrong place, wrong time depending on how he's behaving.
'I can hear you, you know.
' Ma'am, there's something in here, I think.
SHE SCREAMS PC Forrest? Hello? Hello? Doctor, she's gone.
What am I missing? The TARDIS should be able to detect anything in the known universe.
The known universe.
This universe.
Clara, wait, go back.
'Back, back, back that mural.
' That is a nervous system scaled up and flattened.
'I think we've found PC Forrest.
What's left of her, at least.
' Her nervous system.
The mural in the flat.
That wasn't a desert at all.
It's a microscopic blow up of human skin.
What? Why? Whatever they are, they are experimenting.
They're testing.
They're they are dissecting.
Trying to understand us.
Trying to understand three dimensions.
The handle.
The handle, they've flattened the handle.
Clara, they're in the walls! Keep away from them, if they touch you, you're finished.
What happens if they touch us? I really don't want to find out.
They can't jump, can they? Hey, you.
I've got our bench.
Did you get held up? Just a little.
Sorry, Danny.
I think lunch is a bust.
Oh, hon, you're missing some classic park action.
Clara, the window! Look! Look! They're climbing the walls.
Who was that? That's just a guy on community support and I'm helping him find his auntie.
Not technically lying.
Sounds kind of active.
Um, yeah There was a thing, um a thing.
Where are you and are you in trouble? No, no, no, I'm fine! Clara? Clara? Danny? What's happening? Oh, not much, just some nonsense.
Long story.
What story? Tell you later, love you! This explains everything.
They're from a universe with only two dimensions.
And, yes, that is a thing.
It's long been theorised.
Of course, but no-one could go there and prove its existence without a heck of a diet.
And what long story are you going to tell Danny, huh? Or haven't you made it up yet? 'Sorry, what? What was that?' 'Excellent lying, Dr Oswald.
' Yeah? Well, thought it was pretty weak myself.
I meant to me.
You told me that Danny was OK with you being back on board the TARDIS.
Well, he is.
Yeah, because he doesn't know anything about it.
Doctor 'Congratulations.
Lying is a vital survival skill.
' Well, there you go.
And a terrible habit.
Doctor, you're breaking up a bit.
Yeah, of course I am.
No, really, you are, I can't hear you.
What? Oh, right, blowing out that window's probably affected the earpiece.
Take it out and sonic it.
Doing it.
Hey! They can't do that.
Hey! What you doing? Our job.
You're on report, by the way.
Late back from lunch.
Does it even still count as lying if you're doing for someone's own good? Well, like, technically their own good.
It's a memorial! Council didn't approve it, it's graffiti.
Look, Clara.
Talk to me, talk to me! 'What are you doing?' Clara, the mural.
Clara, it's the mural! Over there, look, the mural! We've found the missing people, they're in the walls! What do I do? Act normal.
But get everyone out.
They're very realistic.
Who painted them? I don't know.
A local artist.
Probably a grieving relative.
Did you ever meet them? Or did they just appear after people disappeared? And who are you when you're at home, love? Health and safety.
This subway is unsafe.
Everyone needs to leave.
Right now.
This is blank.
Try again, sweetheart.
What? What? It takes quite a lack of imagination to beat psychic paper.
Do your job.
Clara, stop him! Stan! What is this? What are they? 'They're wearing the dead like camouflage.
' Forget Stan, your friend's gone.
'Clara, get them out of there!' We need to move.
Did they follow us? Cos I didn't see them follow us.
Are we safe? Are we really hiding from killer graffiti? This is insane.
I agree.
We'll have to think of a better name for them than that.
And Stan was one of them Flattened, dead.
But coming after us.
'Clara, this is a vital stage.
' This little group is currently confused and disorientated, 'but pretty soon a leader is going to emerge.
'You need to make sure that leader is you.
' I'm on it.
George, isn't it? Can you watch that area? You hear anything, anything moves, you shout, OK? He will do no such thing until I get some answers.
Who are you? That's what I want to know.
Impersonating a government official.
Trespassing on council property.
Seriously? Seriously.
Fine, I'll tell you who I am.
I am the one chance you've got of staying alive.
That's who I am.
Well done.
Rigsy, how well do you know this area? Do you know where that door leads? It's the old Brunswick line.
But it's not safe.
Well, there's safe and there's safe.
Yeah, I know it.
I used to go down there all the time.
Yeah, I'll bet you did.
Painting your filth.
Yeah, well, you might be glad he did.
Those things come in here, that is our only way out.
I just hope I can keep them all alive.
Ah, welcome to my world.
So what's next, Doctor Clara? Lie to them.
'What?' Lie to them.
Give them hope.
Tell them they're all going to be fine.
Isn't that what you would do? In a manner of speaking.
It's true that people with hope tend to run faster.
Whereas people who think they're doomed Dawdle.
End up dead.
So that's what I sound like.
Who's she talking to? He says it's MI5.
Right, here's something that might help you.
Do you remember the graffiti from the estate? Footprints, tyre treads? Vaguely.
'Well, I don't think it was graffiti.
' I think that is how these creatures saw us.
The impressions we make in two dimensional space.
That was them reaching out.
Attempting to talk.
At which point they moved into flattening and dissection.
Trying to understand.
Trying to emulate.
But here's the big question, do they know they're hurting us? 'So what? You think this is all one big misunderstanding?' 'That's a very good question.
Why don't we ask them?' 'We need to find a way to communicate.
' Why can't the TARDIS just translate? Because their idea of language is just as bizarre as their idea of space.
Even the TARDIS is confused.
'This is a bad idea.
' What makes this colleague of yours think those monsters even want to talk? I know a race made of sentient gas who throw fireballs as a friendly wave.
I know another race with 64 stomachs who talk to each other by disembowelling.
He's got a hunch.
'My point being that in a universe as immense 'and bizarre as this one, you cannot be too quick to judge.
' Perhaps these creatures don't even understand that we need three dimensions to live in.
They may not even know that they're hurting us.
Do you really believe that? 'No.
I really hope that.
' It would make a nice change, wouldn't it? OK.
Let's start with pi.
Even in a flat world they would have circles.
I don't mean edible pie, I mean circular pi.
Which I realise would also mean edible pie but Anyway.
They're responding.
'The TARDIS is translating now.
It's a number.
' 55.
What does that mean? Tenth Fibonacci number.
Atomic number of caesium.
I know what it means.
We all have numbers on our jackets.
Have to sign them out.
'That was the number on Stan's jacket, the man they flattened in the subway.
' They're gloating.
We don't know that.
It could be an apology, for all we know.
Really? That's nice of them! An apology? Are you seriously CHIRRUPING Sssh, sssh, sssh.
' That's George.
Looks like your number's up, George.
Now they're threatening.
Or maybe they're showing us they can read.
Oh, grow up.
They're picking targets.
Of course you'd see it that way.
What do you mean by that? George? Everyone's out to get you, aren't they? In this case, they kind of are.
Clara, be careful.
The tunnel! 'Doctor, they've got George.
' I know.
'What now?' Give me a minute.
I'm working on it.
Another flat handle.
They were here.
Not now.
They've stopped chasing us, I think.
It feels like they're cornering us.
'You can't apply human logic, you're dealing with creatures from another dimension.
' That's three exits all blocked by those creatures.
Rigsy, where's the next exit? The only other one I can think of is where the old line joins the new, but it's a fair walk.
Getting through that door would be quicker.
But we can't, can we? I'm just saying.
'Clara, I might be able to help with that door.
' Give me five minutes.
It's one of mine.
Do you like it? Yeah, not bad.
So this thing you're working on? 'I think I've figured out a way to restore three dimensions.
'At least on a small scale,' say, door handles.
'So, what's that, then?' A de-flattener? 'We're not calling it a de-flattener.
' This should be able to restore dimensions.
'You see what I've called it?' "2Dis.
" Two Dee Iz? No.
"Twodis"! It's called the "Twodis.
" Why'd I even bother? Well, give it a go, then.
Long way round it is.
Clara, I don't know how, but they're doing it again, they're leeching the TARDIS! 'How?! Your doors are closed.
' They've changed frequency.
This time, it's different.
Listen! The Doctor thinks we might be in trouble, he thinks they might be close.
Where, exactly? I don't know.
He's not sure.
He's getting readings all around.
Oh, that's just great! Sounds important but means absolutely nothing.
Can you tell your friend Aaaargh! Aaaaaaaaargh! Of course.
The next stage.
Run! Doctor? The door! 'The handle's flattened!' I've boosted the output.
And it will work this time? Absolutely.
'Clara, stop.
Use it again, it can reverse the process.
' There's a ladder at the end of this.
If we get down into the tunnel, we can make it into daylight.
Hang on! Hang on.
If it's flat, we're safe now, aren't we? They can't get through, can they? Wait! They have a new ability.
Of course they have.
Now they're 3D, they can restore dimensions.
'Clara, do you want the good news or the bad news?' We're in the bad news! I'm living the bad news! The good news is I've come up with a theoretical way to send them back to their own dimension.
Do it! Now! 'And that's the bad news.
'The TARDIS doesn't have enough dimensional energy to pull it off.
' Great! What do you want me to do about it? Apparently these things can pump it out as fast as they can steal it.
Maybe if I ask them really nicely, they'll fill you up again.
Give me that machine! Hey! Hand it over! Doctor? Hello? Doctor? Look, can we please deal with this later? Because we need to move.
'Doctor? 'Doctor, I dropped you down a hole.
Where are you?' I don't know.
My shields have gone! Structural integrity is failing.
Another blow like that and I've had it.
I'm on the train lines.
And there's a train coming.
Of course there is.
Short-term re-materialisation? Not enough power.
Teleport? Not enough power.
Re-route the heart of the TARDIS through - not enough power! Not enough power! 'Can't you move the TARDIS?' Clara, there is no power.
The TARDIS couldn't boil an egg at the moment.
Do what you can to get those people out of there.
'You're stronger than you know.
' I wonder what they're like with ladders? No, I mean you move the TARDIS.
Like Addams Family.
Ha! Doctor? Doctor? They'd be here if they were coming.
Where are they? There's no other way down.
Right? Hey! I'm talking to you.
There is.
An old service elevator near the mouth of the tunnel.
We should go.
Oh, no.
And there's another train coming.
I don't know if you can still hear me out there but the TARDIS is now in siege mode.
No way in, no way out.
I managed to turn it on just before the train hit.
But there's not enough power left now to turn it off.
What's going on? Why the red light? MI5.
We've got a, uh .
In the tunnel.
Can we ram the blockage.
The train's empty, isn't it? Yeah, it's out of service.
But you'd need someone to hold the dead man's handle.
Won't run without it.
Is this official? Because I've always wanted to ram something.
Can we rig it to drive without that? Send it in with no driver? Rigsy! Er, what are you doing? I'm going to ram them, buy you some time.
You'll die.
Yeah, course I'll die.
Now go! Why do you want to do that? Just go, OK? Let me do this.
OK, fine, yeah.
And I'll always remember you.
Great Cos I was just going to do this.
No driver required.
And I really like that hair band.
But I suppose I'll just take it, will I? And every time I look at it, I'll remember the hero who died to save it.
Come on.
You're not getting off that lightly, there's work that needs doing.
Oh! I quite liked that hair band.
What is it? I think it's the TARDIS.
They wear your skin? I never thought I'd say this, this is insane, but I think preferred them when they were flat.
What do you mean flat? Doctor? Doctor? What would you do now? No.
What will I do now? OK, OK.
OK, the last thing the Doctor said was that the TARDIS needed energy.
He said if it gets energy, he can beat them.
No, no, no.
What are you doing? Leave her.
She's lost it.
Are you OK? Yeah, are you? I think I will be.
What's this? Come on, Graffiti Boy, I've got a commission for you.
I'm flattered but I don't think this is the time Well, fine, if you don't think you're up to it.
What do you need, exactly? You're going to get us killed.
This plan is insane.
You want to walk? Walk.
You want to stay? Then shush! They're coming! Life support - failing.
I don't know if you'll ever hear this, Clara I don't even know if you're still alive out there.
But you were good.
And you made a mighty fine Doctor.
It's not working.
You've killed us all.
This is going to save us? Pumping energy into the wall? No.
Not into the wall.
Through the wall.
Rule number one of being the Doctor - use your enemy's power against them.
They can't restore three dimensions to a door that never existed.
It worked.
They charged the TARDIS.
I tried to talk.
I want you to remember that.
I tried to reach out, I tried to understand you, but I think that you understand us perfectly.
'And I think you just don't care.
'And I don't know whether you are here to invade, 'infiltrate or just replace us.
I don't suppose it really matters now.
You are monsters.
That is the role you seem determined to play.
So it seems I must play mine.
The man that stops the monsters.
I'm sending you back to your own dimension.
Who knows? Some of you may even survive the trip.
And, if you do, remember this - you are not welcome here.
This plane is protected.
I am the Doctor.
And I name you The Boneless.
Hi, Mum.
It's me.
You all right? I'm alive and I've been inside that.
I think I'm up on the deal.
Come here.
Thank you.
You look chipper.
Do people still say chipper? Apparently.
Are you OK? I'm alive.
And a lot of people died.
It's like a forest fire, isn't it? The objective is to save the great trees, not the brushwood.
Am I right? It wasn't a fire, those weren't trees, those were people.
They were community-payback scumbags, I wouldn't lose any sleep.
I bet you wouldn't.
It's good to be alive though.
Thank you! Seriously, thank you.
Yes, a lot of people died and maybe the wrong people survived.
Yeah, but we saved the world, right? We did.
You did.
OK, so, on balance Balance? Yeah, that's how you think, isn't it? Largely so other people don't have to.
Yeah, well, I was you today.
I was the Doctor.
And, apparently, I was quite good at it.
You heard that, did you? Yeah, but the power was going off so I suppose you were delirious.
You didn't know what you were saying.
Ah! The return of the fluorescent pudding brain! You do realise he can hear you now? I know.
Your last painting was so good it saved the world.
I can't wait to see what you do next.
It's not going to be easy.
I've got a hair band to live up to.
Come here.
Admit it.
I did well! Is that PE? Just say it.
Why can't you just say it? Why can't you just say I did good? Talk to soldier-boy.
It's not him.
Come on, why can't you say it? I was the Doctor and I was good.
You were an exceptional Doctor, Clara Thank you! .
goodness had nothing to do with it.
Clara! My Clara! I HAVE chosen well! I think it's lovely.
You have reached your destination.
No, we haven't.
We're supposed to be in the middle of London.
'You have reached your destination.
' Oh, stop staying that! She's only saying it because it's true.
We ARE in the middle of London.
We are in the middle of a forest.
Come on team, let's do this.
We will if you stop calling us a team.