Doctor Who s08e10 Episode Script

In the Forest of the Night

I'm lost.
Please, can you help me? It's that way.
~ Are those trees? ~ I need the Doctor.
Are you the Doctor? Yes.
Do you have an appointment? You need an appointment to see the Doctor.
Something's chasing me.
When you drink a glass of Coke, it's only this big, but it's actually got this much sugar in it.
~ It works a bit like that.
~ What does? The TARDIS.
It's bigger on the inside than the outside.
Or did you not notice? I just thought it was supposed to be bigger on the inside, so I didn't say anything.
Well, of course it's supposed to be bigger.
Most people are confused by that.
I find everything confusing, nearly.
So, I don't say anything.
That's how come I'm in the woods.
I thought Miss Oswald told me to find the Doctor, but it wasn't her.
It was just in my head.
Miss Oswald? Dark hair? Highly unpredictable? Surprisingly round face? Everyone says she's in love with Mr Pink.
The PE teacher? Maths.
I really like him.
I was in his group.
Mr Pink was looking after you? That explains why you're lost.
It doesn't surprise you that I know all about your school? Everyone seems to know everything about everything, apart from me.
That's not quite true.
I, for instance, have no idea why, when the terrestrial navigation the terrestrial navigation starts up, it closes down all the other systems.
You should ask somebody who knows.
Another of the drawbacks of being the last of your species.
No-one to ask when your TARDIS won't start.
'You have reached your destination.
' No, we haven't.
We're supposed to be in the middle of London.
~ 'You have reached your destination.
' ~ Oh, stop saying that! She's only saying it because it's true.
We ARE in the middle of London.
We're in the middle of a forest.
Come and see.
Nelson's Column.
Do you like it? Do I Sorry, what? Do you like the forest being in Trafalgar Square? I think it's lovely.
Bradley! Sir! Tell him, sir! He's blinding me.
Give me that, Bradley.
I'm allowed a torch, sir.
I've got a note.
I'm darkness phobic.
Just because he's scared of the dark, sir, is he allowed to blind me? You're allowed a torch, Bradley, not a pocket supernova.
OK, listen up.
A few things to run through before we head home.
Put your phone away, Bradley.
Thank you.
First, collect any rubbish you may have generated through midnight feasts or whatever Hello? Hello? Look at this.
Why is this one so fat, miss? Because it was alive so long.
This ring, though.
All the other rings are thin, but this one's fat and red, see? Must have been a good year to be a tree.
I should have been relieved, you know.
Oh, Coal Hill School.
Sh, sh! Hang on.
There's a knack to this.
No, no, no.
It moved.
It moved.
It's jammed, not locked.
Come on, team.
What team? Wow! ~ Sir, where are we? ~ What do you mean, where are we? We can't have been asleep for that long, can we? 'Well, you've heard of leaves on the line.
'This is going to be slightly harder to clear' 'In three hours' time, the Ghana Black Stars are due to play 'Sierra Leone in the African Cup of Nations' 'Est-ce que c'est bien le Bois de Boulogne? 'Non, c'est le centre-ville' 'It does not look like the pitch will be ready.
' You're always showing me amazing things.
Well, I, Doctor, have finally got something amazing to show you.
There are some things I've never seen, but that's usually because I've chosen not to see them.
Even my incredibly long life is too short for Les Miserables.
Oh, Doctor.
You're going to love this.
'When you come to collect this child, you can tell me then.
' Huh? What child? Young female human.
Standard defenceless little girl.
Your friend, Mr Pink, was supposed to be looking after her.
She probably has a name.
Good point.
Have you got a name at all? Maebh.
My name's Maebh.
What? Maebh? Where are you? Trafalgar Square.
I found her wandering around the brand-new forest.
Brand-new forest? Like the New Forest.
Except even newer.
Is that the forest covering London? 'Was that the amazing thing you wanted to show me?' It is amazing, but I saw it first.
Look, is she all right? Will you bring her over? No, I can't bring her over.
I'm a Time Lord, not a childminder.
You've got a spaceship.
All we've got are Oyster cards.
And I've got a global rapid afforestation crisis to deal with.
~ What did they say? ~ Who? School.
You were just on the phone.
Oh, yeah.
Rang school and parents.
Yes, of course.
Thought that was the priority.
And? And I couldn't get through.
Left messages.
I'll try again.
You didn't call the school.
You called HIM.
No, he called me, actually.
I can't stop him calling me, can I? I thought you weren't in contact.
London has just been taken over by a gigantic forest.
Who do you want to talk to, Monty Don? I want to do my job, which is looking after these kids.
~ Oh, really? How many kids? ~ What? ~ Where's Maebh Arden? She's with the Doctor.
What? No, no, no.
Maebh is a vulnerable kid.
She's on medication.
She's had an emotional trauma.
He Has he even been CRB checked? He didn't abduct her.
She was lost.
He found her.
I thought you said they were in love.
Why are they shouting at each other? That's what people do when they're in love.
Don't you know anything? Where are we actually going? Where is he taking us? Who wants to be a navigator? Me, me, me! Good lad.
Let's do this.
What's an avigator? Follow the lamp posts, that will keep us on Cromwell Road.
We'll be able to orientate ourselves.
I thought we were getting a coach.
Where's the coach? Well, Ruby, it seems there are a lot of trees in the way.
Why can't we just wait here until they've gone? Trees don't just disappear, Ruby.
They just came.
Why wouldn't they just go? The question is, how did they get here? Can a forest grow overnight? Or have we been asleep for years, like Sleeping Beauty? No, the question is, how are we going to get these kids home? Oh, absolutely.
That's the big question.
OK, team.
It's crucial we stick together.
If you start to fall behind - don't.
Bradley, we are going to head north-east first to collect Maebh from Trafalgar Square, then we'll go south to the river.
Come on, keep up! You are enjoying this a little bit too much.
Come on, are you not even a little bit curious about how? Who? Why? When? I am curious.
I am bewildered.
I am, in fact, enchanted.
But I'm not the priority.
The kids are.
See, now, that attitude is actually very attractive.
The Government emergency committee, COBRA, has formulated an action plan.
We will create pathways through the trees, using carefully controlled fires.
This will facilitate the movement of essential services.
'We are therefore asking you to stay in your homes.
'Fill your baths, sinks, and any buckets with fresh water' Why would there be no reading? Because they are actually made of wood.
No circuits.
No mechanism.
What's this for? This is a sonic screwdriver.
It interacts with any form of communication you care to mention.
Sadly, trees have no moving parts and don't communicate.
They communicate a bit, though.
What? Otherwise they wouldn't all grow at the same time.
So, what, you think that's how spring begins? With a group message on Tree Facebook? You think they send texts to each other? You don't need a phone to communicate, do you? I haven't phoned home, and I know my mum is worried about me.
You said YOU'D collect Maebh.
It's all right, I'm collecting her.
Soon as I find my car keys.
I can't see a thing.
Next door have planted bloody Hydrangeas and they've gone mental! I've had words with her about it before.
She's Oh.
I'll call you back.
Miss, in the museum, right, I was reading about reproduction Oh, Ruby, this really isn't the right moment And that said trees have blossom and then, that turns into fruit or seeds or nuts.
Right? ~ Right, Ruby.
~ These trees have got blossom AND nuts.
Oh, yeah.
That is strange.
That's unfortunate for you, isn't it, Bradley? You have an allergy, don't you? What if one of them falls on your head? ~ Do you die, or swell up like a massive melon? ~ Shut it! I think we should have been consulted.
What's it in aid of, even? How far does this go? I need to collect Maebh.
Trafalgar Square! Well done, Bradley.
Excellent navigation skills.
Ah-ha - there it is.
All sorted now.
Come on.
Can we take a picture with the lion, sir? Please? Er, stay together.
But OK.
I cannot believe Bradley just said please.
~ Really? ~ Yeah, he usually prefers other means of persuasion.
Give it! Give it! Miss! He won't lend me his dictionary.
You could try saying please, Bradley.
Aagh! And Ruby How do we find X? Ruby? It's there, sir.
At the top.
No, how do we find It's not lost.
It's there, at the top, look! No, how do we find the VALUE of X? Why are you asking me all the questions? Give someone else a go.
You bring out the best in them.
Look, sir.
No rings.
Trees usually have rings, to tell you how old they are.
This one's got no rings.
Why's that then, sir? The rings mark the years of growth.
One ring for each year.
This grew up overnight.
That whole tree is the result of just one night's growth.
And they're still growing.
Everyone, this is the Doctor and he's going to sort everything out.
Isn't that right, Doctor? It's what he does.
Well, having looked at things, I think, probably, the answer to that is no.
~ He always says that.
He's really clever.
~ Oh, yes, I am very clever.
But what use is clever against trees? They don't listen to reason.
You can't plead with them.
You can't lie to them.
They have no moving parts, no circuits.
This is a natural event.
How can it be natural for a tree to grow in one night? Exactly what they said about the Ice Age.
How can whole glaciers just pop up out of nowhere? Well, they just did.
That's how this planet grows - a series of catastrophes.
Farewell to the Ice Age.
Welcome to the Tree Age.
When the Ice Age was here, you lot managed to cook mammoth.
Now there's a forest, you'll just have to eat nuts.
I can't eat nuts.
I've got an allergy.
Don't worry.
It's a thing he does.
He pretends he's not interested and then he has an idea.
He's playing for time.
Time! Interesting.
See? Clever kicking in.
A tree is a time machine.
Plant a little acorn in 1795, and in 2016, there's an oak tree, there, in the same spot with a tiny little bit of 1795 still alive inside of it.
You can't create an overnight forest with extra special fertiliser.
You have to mess with the fabric of time.
And communicate with trees.
So, you're saying it's an act of aggression? By trees? Er, trees clean the air.
Well done, Ruby.
Someone or something who's trying to scrub the atmosphere before colonising or invading Ah, yes, Doctor .
this is Coal Hill Year Eight Gifted and Talented Group.
What are the round bits for? Ask your teacher.
Come on! Down from there! Away from the console, that's an antique.
Get away! Don't touch that! Aren't any of you struck by the fact that, look, it's bigger on the inside? There wasn't a forest.
Then there was a forest.
Nothing surprises us any more.
These trees all appeared at once.
That wasn't a coincidence.
There's no such thing as an arboreal coincidence.
Something, someone has co-ordinated this.
To co-ordinate, you need to communicate.
Every communication channel on the TARDIS is open, and nothing.
Except Let me see that.
Homework books.
Why are these here? Maebh Arden.
Maebh Arden.
Which one is Maebh Arden? Which one is Maebh? Maebh? Maebh? Maebh? Maebh? Maebh? Maebh? Maebh? Maebh? Oh, my God! Maebh's gone.
Maebh's lost in the forest.
Maebh's going to die! Ruby, that's enough! Doctor? We've got to find her! I know we have to find her.
Doctor, listen to me.
Her sister went missing last year.
She's on medication.
The child is barely functioning.
She hears voices.
~ She's very vulnerable.
~ What do the voices say? Don't know.
She takes tablets and they stop.
You people, you never learn.
If a child is speaking, listen to it! Oh, like you listened to her? He's right.
She was trying to tell me something and I ignored her.
Maebh Arden is tuned to a different channel.
She can lead us to the source, to the heart of the forest.
We have to listen to her, we have to find her.
Not everything can be fixed with a screwdriver.
It's not a magic wand.
~ Does she have a phone? ~ Well, yes, she does.
~ Have you got the number? ~ Um, yes.
Maebh Arden ~ I'll go get her.
~ I'll go with him.
~ I can go.
You can You haven't seen him for months? Something like that.
You didn't even say hello.
You just sprung into action.
Special unit.
~ This is so cool ~ Hey! Do not.
~ Anything.
H-h-okay? ~ OK.
See? Someone needs to go.
Child protection.
Gifted and talented? Really? Furious, fearful, tongue-tied They're all superpowers if you use them properly.
Are they going to be all right? They're in the TARDIS.
Safest place on the planet.
~ If this is an invasion ~ What? It's over.
They're here.
They've won.
What do they want? I'm not just going to stand here and let her die! ~ Who? ~ Miss.
You let her go off with some randomer into the forest.
You're supposed to be madly in love with her.
I'm Who said that? Everyone.
She's probably dead now anyway.
Crushed by Nelson.
What if the trees collapse on her and kill her? You're worrying too much.
Yeah, but what if the wild animals come out and eat her? Ruby, you're letting your imagination run away with you.
I'm not, though, am I? Because I haven't got an imagination.
You can ask Miss Oswald.
OK, then, come on, team.
Let's do this.
We will if you stop calling us a team.
Maebh! Doctor? Look behind us.
The path we just walked down - it's overgrown already.
Clara! Why would she put her phone down? Doesn't want to be followed? Lost hold of it in a struggle? Left it as a clue, so we'd know where she was going? Trail of breadcrumbs.
Hansel and Gretel.
I'm actually frightened.
I never get frightened.
Why am I frightened? ~ You just lost a little girl.
~ Yes.
That's a worry.
But I know you'll find her.
No, no, no.
This isn't a worry, this is a dread.
Maebh! You're pursuing a little lost girl through a mysterious forest.
The path has disappeared.
You find yourself with a strangely compelling, masculine figure Maebh! Any minute now, we're going to find a gingerbread cottage with a cannibal witch inside.
Maebh! Exactly.
The forest.
It's in all the stories that kept you awake at night.
The forest is mankind's nightmare.
Clara! Is it hers? Yes.
Clever girl.
Get back! We're burning here.
Stay back.
~ We're looking for a little girl.
~ Stay back.
We're about to burn.
Good job! What's going on? Trees aren't responding to flame-thrower.
I mean, they don't catch fire.
They just don't catch.
It's like they're flame proof or something.
Trees control the oxygen on this planet.
They withhold it, they smother the fire.
What sort of forest is clever? What sort of forest has its own in-built fire extinguisher? ~ What do they want? ~ Why now? ~ What do you mean, why now? The whole natural order is turning against this planet.
Why? Why now? Well, what else? How did she know this? What is it? This is a massive solar flare headed for Earth.
Like the one that destroyed the Bank of Karabraxos.
I've got an entire TARDIS and I didn't notice this.
But she knew.
How? This is Maebh's.
Where did you get this? You left your marking in the TARDIS.
Oh, great, right, well, that's just brilliant(!) You don't think Danny saw this, do you? I've just informed you that a solar flare is going to wipe out your planet.
You're worried about a row with your boyfriend.
How did she know this? She even put the date on it! ~ I always make them date their homework.
~ It's TODAY'S date.
Well, there must be a way? They want something.
They're saying something.
If there is a way, the way is Maebh Arden.
OK, you know they're not really gifted and talented, don't you? I just tell them that to make them feel good.
She's lost someone.
People who've lost someone are always listening, always looking, always hoping.
So, they notice more.
They hear more.
Was that a howl? Was that a wolf?! No.
That is impossible.
We're in London.
Would that be the London with the zoo? The zoo with the pack of wolves? The zoo whose barriers and gates have probably been mangled by the trees? No, wolves are not impossible.
Stick to the path, Red Riding Hood.
There is no path.
Then we're lunch.
Maebh! Maebh! Doctor, give me a boost so I can pull her over.
Maebh? Maebh! Maebh.
You came looking for me.
You didn't Maebh, Maebh, you didn't just stumble into the TARDIS.
~ Tell me what you know.
~ Doctor ~ This is important.
~ Yes.
Can we please deal with the wolves first? These are zoo wolves, they're not even used to hunting.
Doctor! Right, OK, we've got to look as if we're too much bother to eat.
So, stay still.
Stay together.
Look big.
Look big.
Like a big three-headed, six-legged scary thing! Ha-ha! Told you they were rubbish.
Those wolves are terrified.
What are wolves frightened of? There are very good, solid, scientific reasons for being really quite frightened just now.
Mr Pink! Why, thank you very much.
No problem.
Decided it was best not to leave you alone with him.
They've worked well together.
Noticeable increase in confidence and energy levels.
Well done - and for saving us from a tiger, too.
Um, has she had her medication yet? ~ Oh.
No, I ~ No, not the medication.
We don't want to shut her up.
We want to know what she knows.
Maebh, what's Maebh, what is this? Apart from being almost savaged by a tiger and abducted by a Scotsman, she's allowed any nervous tics she likes, OK? ~ This is not a nervous tic.
This is react ~ Please! Just give her her tablets! She's been in a state since her sister went missing.
Maebh! Maebh! Maebh! You won't find your sister out there.
Miss? What is it, miss? It's coming.
It's coming for everyone, and I can't unthink it.
Maebh, this forest is communicating.
With you.
Nobody else.
No technology can hear what it's saying.
But you can.
Tell us what it wants.
Where it came from.
Just tell me who did this.
It was me.
I did this.
I did these trees.
No, Maebh.
You didn't make a global forest appear overnight.
How could you do that? Thoughts come to me.
Ever since Annabel went missing.
I look for her everywhere.
I don't find her, but I find thoughts.
The big forest was one.
I thought everyone would love it.
The thoughts! The thoughts! They go so fast.
This is stressing me now.
When I get stressed, I forget my anger management.
Maebh, can you see something that we can't see? Nearly Too fast Everywhere Everything is subject to gravity.
If I can create a little local increase No.
You're not experimenting on They're lovely! They don't like it when you're holding them.
They want you to let them go.
Who are they? 'We are Here.
Here, always, 'since the beginning and until the end.
' "Here"? That's it? 'We are the green shoots that grow between the cracks, 'the grass that grows over the mass graves.
'After your wars are over, we will still be Here.
'We are the life that prevails.
' Why now? Why are you here now? 'We hear the call and we come.
'As we came before to the great North Forest, 'where we lie still in a great circle.
'As we came to the vast Southern Forest.
' Who is calling you now? 'The sun that creates.
The sun that destroys.
'You are hurting us.
Let us go.
' You sent for me.
The girl came looking for me.
Why? Why me? 'We did not send 'Pain Did not send for you.
'We don't know you.
'We were Here before you and we will be Here after you.
' That was actually quite cool.
Maebh, you came looking for the Doctor.
Who sent you? It was a thought.
It was just a thought that came.
I think it came from Miss.
They've gone! Why does everything have to go? This really is going to happen, isn't it? Stars implode.
Planets grow cold.
Catastrophe is the metabolism of the universe.
I can fight monsters.
I can't fight physics.
Why would trees want to kill us? We love trees.
You've been chopping them down for furniture for centuries.
If that's love, no wonder they're calling down fire from the heavens.
But we saw the future.
Lots of futures.
Earth's futures! They're about to be erased.
If you can't save them all, save what you can.
It's a lifeboat, isn't it? Not everybody has to die.
Everywhere we go-o-o! Everywhere we go-o-o! People wanna kno-o-ow! People wanna kno-o-ow! Who we a-a-re Who we a-a-re We are the Coal Hill Gifted and Talented We are the Coal Hill Gifted and Talented Come on, team.
When they're done, you need to get in your box and go.
We're ALL going - we're taking the kids.
Taking them where? What are you going do with them? Leave them on an asteroid? Find a space academy for the gifted and talented? They just want their mums and dads, and they'll never stop wanting them.
I can save you and Danny.
Danny will never leave those kids, so long as he is breathing.
Come on, team.
~ Can we take another selfie, sir? ~ Course.
Come on, then.
I can save you.
I don't want you to.
What, you don't want to live? Of course I want to live.
I just What? Don't make me say it.
Say what? I don't want to be the last of my kind.
Then why did you bring us all here? Because it's the only way to get you back to the TARDIS - make you think you were saving someone.
Well, you know what, Doctor? This time, the human race is saving you.
Make it worthwhile.
This is my world, too.
I walk your earth, I breathe your air.
And on behalf of this world, you're very welcome.
Now, go.
Save the next one.
Maebh! I'm sorry that I couldn't help you.
You helped me loads! I thought it was all my fault.
I feel much better now.
Are you going to get rid of the forest? Hard to get rid of a flame proof forest, Maebh, eh? Come on.
"Government crews have been deployed with the latest de-fo defoo" Defoliant agents, Samson.
Used to take all the leaves off the trees, so they're easier to burn.
That's harsh.
Where's he going? Home.
He's going home.
Which is exactly where we're going.
Flame proof forest Flame proof forest! A thousand atom bombs and no-one hurt I am Doctor Idiot! Clara! Come back here! Come back! He's calling you.
Yes, let him call.
This is more important.
Clara! Mr Pink! Maebh! All of you! Quick! Quick! Come back, come back.
Come on.
Maebh, quick, girl, quick! Come on.
It's there on the screen, look.
Big solar flare.
Headed this way.
A thousand kilometres a second.
Coronal mass ejection.
Geomagnetic storm.
It's huge.
It's brewing up a solar wind big enough to blow this whole planet away.
I assumed your teachers have mentioned this.
I thought it would spoil an otherwise enjoyable walk.
Well, this is the bad news.
The good news is, it's happened before.
And you're still here! The Tunguska Blast, 1908 - that should have blown the whole planet off its axis.
But it didn't.
It knocked a few trees over.
Well, a few tens of thousands of trees over.
Curuca in Brazil.
Same story.
Earth should have been smashed, but it wasn't.
What do these things have in common? They're really, really scaring us? Trees! Whenever there's a planet-threatening, extra-terrestrial impact - trees! Massive forest, filling the atmosphere with oxygen.
Pumping it up like a massive, highly inflammable airbag, so that when trouble hits Everyone dies.
The impact burns off the excess oxygen.
You have some fairly hectic weather for a few days and some fairly trippy looking sunsets, but apart from that, you'll be all right.
I was wrong.
The trees are not your enemy.
They're your shield.
They've been saving you since for ever.
Protecting you from everything that space can throw at you.
The wide ring.
The red ring.
In the museum, Ruby saw a cross-section of a tree.
One of the rings was wider than the others, and red.
Atmospheric dust, captured by the trees.
The fingerprint of an asteroid.
Happy Red Ring Day.
I don't get it.
If they're good, then why are we chopping them down? The Government are sending out defoliating teams.
They're dropping chemicals on them right now.
What is it with you people?! You hear voices, you want to shut them up.
The trees come to save you, you want to chop them down.
Or you think you need to save the world when it's already saving itself.
I did admit that I was wrong.
Mobile networks are still operative.
Right, we are going to call everyone on Earth and tell them to leave the trees alone.
Can I do it? I started it.
I should finish it.
Class project - save the Earth.
And I think that's it.
'Essential services have been disrupted ~ 'due to an unexpected forest.
' ~ Maebh! Where are you?! We'd like to reassure you that the situation will be rectified very soon.
Please don't be scared.
And please don't chop, spray or harm the trees.
They're here to help.
Be less scared.
Be more trusting.
Oh, and Annabel Arden, please come home.
OK, who would like to witness a once-in-a-billion years solar event at close quarters? Mum! There's my mum! I thought I'd lost you too.
Not ever.
So, trip to space, anyone? I want my mum.
I slightly want my mum, too.
Tell them, Mr Pink, what an educational opportunity You go.
This This is enough for me.
What?! Coronal ejections, geomagnetic storms.
How often do you get a playlist like that? I was a soldier.
I put myself at risk.
I didn't try too hard to survive, but somehow, here I am.
And now, I can see what I nearly lost.
And it's enough.
I don't want to see more things.
I want to see the things in front of me more clearly.
There are wonders here, Clara Oswald.
Bradley saying please, that's a wonder.
One person is more amazing harder to understand, but more amazing than universes.
Really? What person is that, then? I told you! I said so, didn't I? We could have a picnic.
You can't.
You've got marking.
Well, no, no, no.
That was, um, from ages ago.
What happened was They always write the date neatly at the top of the page.
Yeah, they do, don't they? Last Friday.
You were on the TARDIS last Friday.
Today, you thought the world was going to end.
~ You still didn't tell me the truth.
~ I tried.
He interrupted.
I just want to know the truth.
I don't care what it is.
I just want to know it.
Like Maebh said.
Like the forest.
Fear a little bit less, trust a bit more.
Well No, not now.
Go home.
Do your marking.
Think about it.
Then tell me.
I saved you from a tiger today.
I deserve at least that.
Yes, you did.
And yes, you do.
I hope I'm right.
It would be slightly awkward if the world was destroyed at this point.
What?! There goes the planet-sized airbag.
That's the trees, harvesting the solar fire.
Now, that WAS surprising.
And I love surprises.
That is amazing.
How will they explain this tomorrow? You'll all forget it ever happened.
We are not going to forget an overnight forest.
You forgot the last time.
You remembered the fear and you put it into fairy stories.
It's a human superpower, forgetting.
If you remembered how things felt, you'd have stopped having wars.
And stopped having babies.
Annabel! My Annabel! I knew you'd be here.
The thought of you came to me.
Clara? Do I have your attention? You will never step inside your TARDIS again.
Clara, what are you doing? Time can be rewritten.
Oh, Clara, my Clara, I don't think you will! You know who I am.
I'm not Clara Oswald.
Clara Oswald has never existed.