Doctor Who s08e11 Episode Script

Dark Water

~ Clara! ~ 'Shut up.
' Is that how we communicate now? Shut up, shut up, shut up.
I need to talk to you.
Well, I'll be there in a couple of minutes, so ~ No, not while you're in the room.
~ Oh, stupid me.
The very idea! ~ Shut up! ~ 'OK.
' ~ Stay shut up.
Things to say.
Not all of them good.
Oh, wouldn't it be better if I was actually there? Danny, everything is better when you're here, but maybe Maybe not this.
Um OK, before all of that.
Before all of the stuff that I did wrong ~ I love you.
~ I love you.
'No, not like that.
Not like it's automatic.
' Not like it's how you end the phone call, ~ the sign off, the pat on the back.
~ Clara Danny, I'll never say those words again.
Not to anybody else, ever.
Those words, from me, are yours now.
So, erm That's a thing.
OK, Danny? Um, there's more but that's kind of the headline.
OK, Danny, please speak to me, This is, this is killing me.
Danny, I love you.
And you are the last person who's ever going to hear me say that.
'Hello? 'Hello, is someone there?' Hello? Er, yeah, who's this? 'I just picked up the phone, I'm sorry.
I found it.
Um, OK.
Er Can you please just put me back on the phone to Danny? I was talking to Danny.
'I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
' OK, what are you sorry about? Could you please just pass the phone back to? 'He was crossing the road.
'I found the phone, it must have just got thrown 'The car, it just came out of nowhere.
' I'm so sorry.
'By now, I'm sure you've heard the rumours 'and it is with great sadness that I must confirm them to be true.
'I have gathered you all here today to say that Mr Pink, 'that Danny Pink has sadly passed away.
'I'm sure you'll all join me in wishing his family and friends 'our sincerest condolences.
'Mr Pink was an inspiration to all of those who knew him.
'A soldier, a teacher, a friend.
'It was no secret that he had a close relationship with Miss Oswald.
'And our thoughts and prayers are with her too.
' Hello, love.
You all right? Of course you're not.
Of course you're not all right.
You know what you should do? You should cry.
Let go.
Of what? It's a terrible thing.
Just a terrible, terrible thing.
It wasn't terrible.
Clara? It was boring.
Boring? It was ordinary.
People just kept walking with their iPods and their shopping bags.
He was alive, then he was dead and it was nothing.
Like stepping off a bus.
He deserved better.
And so did you.
I don't deserve anything.
Nobody deserves anything.
But I am owed better.
I am owed.
Who owes you? 'Clara! 'Clara?' Hey! Sorry, I was busy.
What's happening? Oh, nothing.
You know, same old, same old.
Well, you're only human.
'So what I can do for you, Clara?' Clara? ~ Start her up! ~ Where are we going? ~ Away.
~ From? ~ Just away.
Well, normally you say work or kids or dishes or dullness.
So what's happened? ~ A volcano.
~ I'm sorry? I've never seen an active volcano, do you know one? What's so great about seeing a volcano? ~ It's just a sort of leaky mountain.
~ I've never seen lava.
It's rubbish.
Prove it.
It's on your neck.
Do you still have those sleep patch things? ~ You can't have one.
~ I'm having trouble sleeping.
~ You still can't have one.
~ Can I have one? No, you can't have one.
So, volcano.
What's so good about lava? You told me once what it would take to destroy a TARDIS key.
That's what's so good about lava.
All seven.
From all of your hiding places.
Clara, what are you doing? Don't.
Be very, very careful with that.
Those are very, very Do I have your attention? ~ Yes.
~ Good.
Not good, Clara.
Danny Pink.
Yeah? Is dead.
And? ~ Seriously? ~ And? And fix it.
Change it.
Change what happened, save him.
Bring him back.
Five left.
Every time you say no to me, I will throw another key down there.
Do we understand each other? Well, I understand you, let's not get carried away.
Time can be rewritten.
With precision.
With great care.
And not today.
But you know that of course otherwise you wouldn't be threatening me.
Did you just say no? If I change the events that brought you here, you will never come here and ask me to change those events.
Paradox loop.
The timeline disintegrates.
Your timeline.
And yes! ~ Yes? ~ Yes .
I did just say no.
Throw away the key.
I have seen you change time, I have seen you break any rule you want.
I know when I can, I know when I can't.
Throw the key.
I know what you're doing.
You're trying to take control.
~ I am in control.
Throw away the key, do as you are told.
~ No! Well, either you do as you're told or stop threatening me.
There really isn't a third option here.
Do you know what, Doctor? When it comes to taking control, you really are out of your depth.
One last chance.
And I don't care about the rules, I don't give a damn about paradoxes.
Save Danny, bring him back or I swear .
you will never step inside your TARDIS again.
~ No.
~ Do as you are told.
~ No.
~ Say it again so I know you mean it.
~ No! ~ I'm not kidding, Doctor ~ Neither am I.
~ .
I will do it! Clara, my Clara, I don't think you will! Oh, I'd say I'm sorry but I'd do it again.
I'd do it again.
Well, what are you doing? Why are you just standing there? Do you understand what I have just done? ~ Look in your hand.
~ There's nothing in my hand.
~ Clara, look in your hand.
~ The keys, they're gone.
They're down there.
~ Clara, look in your hand.
~ There's nothing in my hand.
Yes, yes, yes, there is, look.
Did you seriously think that that was going to work on me? They're not sleep patches.
They induce a dream state.
Makes you very suggestible.
I allowed the whole scenario to play out just as you planned.
I was curious about how far you would go.
~ Well, now you know.
~ Yeah now I know.
I love him.
Yes, you're quite the mess of chemicals, aren't you? So, what now? What do we do now? You and me, what happens now? Doctor? Go to hell.
Fair enough.
Absolutely fair enough.
Clara? You asked me what we're going to do.
I told you.
We're going to hell.
Or wherever it is people go when they die.
If there is anywhere.
Wherever it is, we're going to go there and we're going to find Danny.
And if it is in any way possible, we're going to bring him home.
Almost every culture in the universe has some concept of an afterlife.
I always meant to have a look around, see if I could find one.
~ You're going to help me? ~ Well, why wouldn't I help you? ~ Cos of what I just did.
I just ~ You betrayed me.
Betrayed my trust, you betrayed our friendship, you betrayed everything that I've ever stood for.
You let me down! Then why are you helping me? Why? Do you think I care for you so little that betraying me would make a difference? Stop it with the eyes.
Don't do that with the eyes.
How do you do that anyway? It's like they inflate! Cut out the whining while you're at it.
We've got work to do.
This is it, Clara, one of those moments.
~ What moments? ~ The darkest day.
The blackest hour.
Chin up, shoulders back.
Let's see what we're made of, you and I.
Switching off the safeguards, turning off the nav-com.
Remember, we did this before.
We plugged you into the TARDIS telepathic interface.
We ended up all over Danny's timestream.
Because you and he are linked, strongly linked.
Your timestreams are intertwined.
So if he's anywhere at all, that link will hold.
Give me your hands.
~ Doctor ~ We're in a hurry.
I don't deserve a friend like you.
Clara, I'm terribly sorry but I'm exactly what you deserve.
Think about Danny.
Think about the man you lost.
Let it hurt.
Let it burn.
But don't bleat.
Don't ask, why him? Why me? Forget all that.
Ask one question.
Just one.
Ask, where is Danny Pink now? Where is he now? Well the TARDIS thinks he's somewhere.
Has anyone offered you a coffee? Um Well, no.
Could we have some coffee along here, please? The good kind.
We've got a new one.
Five minutes, tops.
Best to wait for the good coffee.
~ Where am I? ~ Sometimes it's just the instant, oh Where am I? Well, big question.
Try to take that one slowly.
We have been trying to contact family members, but really there is so much admin I wasn't here, I was Yeah.
That last thing that happened to you, that really happened, I'm afraid.
But that's life.
Well, not life, I suppose, but There are some forms to fill in.
Might help you relax.
Well, they won't, but we do need them filled in.
Right, important thing.
Need to know.
Are you being cremated? Sorry, it's a fairly urgent question.
I don't know.
I've never really thought of that.
I'm going to put you down as a yes, that's pretty much the default these days.
~ If people only knew ~ Only knew what? We've got a burner in number 12.
~ Tell them to prep, please.
~ Burner? Yeah, it's fine, we'll come to that.
But I don't understand where I am.
Oh, look at that.
You can see my house from here.
Yeah, sorry, probably not helping.
Where am I? Um You sort of know, don't you? Most people kind of know, it's just hard to get traction on the concept.
Where am I? OK.
You're dead.
And this is what's next.
~ I'm not dead.
How can I be dead? ~ Our sincere condolences.
~ I'm standing right here.
~ Yes, you are.
Welcome to the Underworld.
Otherwise known as the Nethersphere, or the Promised Land.
It's where you go when you die.
Would you like to breathe into a bag? Where are we? Nav-com's offline.
We'll have to do this old school.
But this is where Danny is? Almost certainly not.
It's where there's a connection with Danny.
According to the TARDIS, this is where it's most likely that your timeline will re-intersect with his.
And that won't do.
~ What won't? ~ You won't, look at you.
I need sceptical, clever, critical.
I don't need mopey.
It put years on your face.
And what if people see us together? ~ It looks like you've been melted.
~ Are you forgetting why we're here? We're here to get your boyfriend back from the dead, so buck up and give me some attitude.
Fish tanks? In a mausoleum? ~ What does that mean? ~ It means those are definitely not fish tanks.
~ Why? ~ I don't know.
OK, I'm assuming they didn't actually drown in there.
They were placed, after death.
These are tombs.
Water tombs, some sort of fluid, anyway.
~ With chairs? ~ With chairs, yes.
Extra comfort for the deceased, it pays to die rich.
Oh, God.
Am I going to find Danny now? Is that why the TARDIS brought us here? ~ I don't want to see him like that.
~ Good point.
Tombs with windows.
Who wants to watch their loved ones rot? Why would anyone go to so much trouble just to keep watch on the dead? '3W.
'Death is not an end.
'But we can we help with that.
'Ever since 3W encountered the truth about the death experience, 'we have been working hard to find a better life for the deceased.
'At 3W, afterlife means aftercare.
' OK.
Bit strange? Very.
Why have the scrolling and a voice? Is it difficult? Is what difficult? Reading all those words back to front.
Come on.
We've come a long way.
I hope you're well.
How may I assist you with your death? Well, there is, er, no immediate hurry.
We're just, er We're just Er ~ Browsing.
~ Yeah, yeah, browsing.
Please, take all the time you need.
At 3W, you always have the rest of your life.
~ Oh, good.
That's good to know, Clara, isn't it? ~ Yeah.
~ Exactly what is 3W? ~ Apologies.
Clearly you have not received the official 3W greetings package.
Well, you know, it's just an unexpected Welcome to the 3W Institute.
Clara is it over now? I think it's over, yeah.
You also have not received the official welcome package.
Oh, I'm good.
Thanks, no worries.
Who are you? ~ I am Missy.
~ Missy? Mobile Intelligent Systems Interface.
I am a multi-function, interactive welcome-droid.
Helping you to help me to help you.
You're very ~ realistic.
~ Tongues? ~ Shut up.
I am fully programmed with social interaction norms appropriate to a range of visitors.
Please indicate if you'd like me to adjust my intimacy setting.
Oh, yes, please.
Please do that, do that now right now.
Maybe just a tad, yeah.
I need to speak to whoever's in charge here.
I am in charge.
Well, who's in charge of you? I'm in charge of me.
Well, who repairs you? Who maintains you? I am programmed for self-repair.
I am maintained by my heart.
Is everything in order? Who maintains your heart? My heart is maintained by the Doctor.
Doctor who? Dr Chang! Who's there? Hello? Hello.
You can probably take your hand down now, Doctor.
Condolences! ~ Condolences? ~ It's a mausoleum.
It's our hello.
Is there a particular dead person you want to talk to? Yes.
Yes, there is.
This way then.
~ Are you OK? ~ No.
There would be something very wrong if you were.
Bit of fresh air.
Do you good.
~ Why's it so cold here? ~ And the Wi-Fi is better out here.
Don't know why.
~ Wi-Fi? ~ Yeah, still a bit spotty, but basically You have Wi-Fi here? You You have iPads in the afterlife? IPads? We have Steve Jobs! Listen, another big question for you.
Have you ever killed anybody? This is surreal.
Imagine embryos had telephones.
~ That's really not helping.
~ Go with me.
Go with me.
Imagine babies in wombs could talk to other babies in other wombs.
What would they say? What would they think life was like if they could talk among themselves? I really have no idea.
They'd think that life was nine months long.
Then, boom, trap door opens, out you fall, gone for ever.
Never hear from those guys again.
Nothing at the end of the cord.
This isn't really an afterlife.
It's just more life than you were expecting.
Why did you ask me if I'd killed anyone? Before you were a teacher, you spent some time as a soldier.
Yeah, so? Any regrets? Bad memories? Is that any of your business? Yes.
Get to cover, now! Sorry if I triggered something then.
Memory flashes can be very impactful in the early stages.
Why? Why what? 'Why is it any of your business?' We've had a request to meet you.
Any idea who that would be from? It's been given a priority, which usually means Means what? Well, anyway, we've arranged a meet-up.
When? Come in.
'Danny, repeat, is the building secure?' So, I guess you remember him, yeah? 'Danny? Danny?' Come in, come in.
~ Going to need to take a reading off you.
~ A reading? ~ Won't hurt.
~ What won't? How does the body keep its integrity? Why isn't it just a bunch of bones floating about? Each body is encased in a support exoskeleton.
'An invisible exoskeleton?' 'It's only invisible in the water.
There's a specially engineered 'refraction index in the fluid so we can see the tank resident 'unimpeded by the support mechanisms.
' 'So each skeleton is inside something?' ~ Are you serious? X-ray water? ~ It's so cool.
Look at this.
We call it dark water.
Only organic matter can be seen through it.
I keep saying they should use this stuff in swimming pools.
~ Why? ~ Think about it.
I am thinking about it.
Why? Doesn't matter.
What does it mean? Well, you know, don't you? You're here on business or they wouldn't have let you in.
Should have checked.
Who are you? I thought that you would never ask.
Sort out your security protocols, they're a disgrace.
Another government inspection? So soon? Why is there all this swearing? Oh, I've got a lot of internalised anger.
What does 3W stand for? Well, the three words.
What three words? ~ Seriously? You don't know? ~ Never mind what we know and what we don't know, just answer our question.
Because people who don't know, when they hear about this, ~ they can freak out.
~ We're not going to freak out.
If you've had a recent loss, this might be This will be disturbing.
~ She'll be fine.
~ Speak for me again, I'll detach something from you.
I'll be fine.
You know how people are scared of dying? Like, everybody.
Of course, it's the most fundamental fear in the universe.
They'd be a lot more scared if they knew what it was really like.
So You OK? I'm sorry.
I just Hey, hey Hey, listen.
Listen Hey! Probably best not, eh? Doesn't speak much.
Why would he want to see me? What the hell is that? Sounds like somebody left their body to science.
Um It's probably time to explain why you're always feeling cold White noise off the telly.
We've all heard it.
A few years ago, Dr Skarosa, our founder, did something unexpected.
He played that noise through a translation matrix of his own devising.
This is a recording of what he heard.
~ OK.
~ So what? Over time, Dr Skarosa became convinced these were the voices of the recently departed.
He believed it was a telepathic communication from the dead.
Why? Was he an idiot? He was able to isolate some of the voices, hear what they were saying.
So an idiot then.
Shut up, Doctor.
What I'm about to play you will change your life and not for the better.
These are the three words which caused Dr Skarosa to set up institutes, like this one, all over the world to protect the dead.
If you'd rather not hear these words, there's still time Can you just hurry up, please? Or I'll hit you with my shoe.
'Don't cremate me.
Don't cremate me!' There is one simple, horrible possibility that has never occurred to anyone throughout human history.
'Don't cremate me.
Don't cremate me!' Don't say it.
The dead remain conscious.
The dead are fully aware of everything that is happening to them.
So your mind is here, your soul, whatever you want to call it and you're in your new body in your new world.
But you're still connected to your old body in the old world.
You're still going to feel what it feels.
That's why I'm cold.
They're keeping you in a cold place, yeah.
You did say you were being cremated? Sorry, I'll get this.
~ Sorry.
Sorry, are you telling me? ~ Wow! Oh, that's rare.
This never happens.
~ Wow, what now? What never happens? ~ You've got a call.
~ A call? ~ From the other side.
~ Meaning? Do you know somebody called Clara Oswald? Fakery.
All of it.
It's a con, it's a racket! I promise you this is not a con.
What's that beeping? 'Never mind about beeping, who cares about beeping? 'The dead are dead! 'They're not talking to you out of your television sets.
'They're just gone and all these poor souls down there in these tanks 'I'm sorry, but they're just dead and they're not coming back.
' 'Clara? Clara? 'Clara, are you there?' Danny! I can hear you.
Is that you? Oh, please, say it's you.
That's her, that's Clara! Yeah, you're really lucky, it hardly ever happens.
Where did she go? Ah.
Er Just lost the signal, but I can track it back, I'm pretty sure I don't understand.
What is happening? We've been scanning you telepathically since you came in.
You said you wanted to speak to someone who'd passed.
And we've found you a match in the Nethersphere.
This isn't possible.
The dead don't come back.
~ Come on, get her back.
~ Da-da-da! I'm trying.
It was him, it was his voice.
If they scanned you telepathically, they could've lifted a voice print, it could still be a fake.
Getting him back - very nearly! Clara, can you hear me? Yes, Danny, I can hear you.
Can you hear me? Yeah, yeah, I can hear you.
Clara! Oh, God.
~ Clara ~ What do I do? ~ Who are you talking to? ~ Hang on just a moment.
~ Question him.
Ask him questions only he'd know the answer to.
Be sure.
~ You - with me.
~ Where are you going? ~ I've got to check out those tanks.
There's something that I'm missing.
'Clara?' Sceptical and critical, remember? Be strong - even if it breaks your heart.
Connection's stabilised, it should be OK.
Who would harvest dead bodies? I feel like I'm missing something obvious.
Danny? Yeah, I'm here.
Danny, I'm so sorry but I'm going to have to ask you some questions.
Questions? I swear on anything it's me! Humankind, bring out your dead.
Oh, my God! The tanks The tanks are activating! ~ They're not supposed to do that.
~ And all your dead people are standing.
~ Don't you think you skipped the headline? ~ Now, now, children.
Naughty, naughty! Dr Chang your welcome droid has developed a fault.
That's not a droid.
That's my boss.
You know I might have been guilty of a just teensy, little fibette.
Dr Chang I really liked working with you.
~ I've enjoyed every day of it.
~ I'm sorry? You know, I've even got a little photograph of you looking so sweet.
I'm always going to keep it.
Always! ~ Are you going to kill me? ~ Now, come on.
Let's not dwell on horrid things.
This is going to be our last conversation and I'm the one who's going to have to live with that.
Please don't kill me.
Say something nice.
Please, please.
I I don't want to die.
You're going to kill me, aren't you? ~ Say something nice.
~ Please! Dr Chang, I've got all day and I'm not going to kill you until you say something nice.
It has been an absolute pleasure working with you and I truly believe that you'll never be able to find it in your heart to murder me.
Now, I'll be with you in a moment.
Just feeling a bit emotional at the moment.
Cybermen! It's me.
I I swear on anything it's me.
'The very first restaurant you took me to - that first date.
~ 'What was it called?' ~ Clara, it's me.
Then what was the name of the restaurant? What was it? I can't remember! They're Cybermen, all of them, we've got to stop them getting out.
Now who's missing the headline? The Nethersphere.
You know it's ever so funny, the people that live inside that think they've gone to heaven.
'My birthday.
When is it?' November 23rd.
That's right, isn't it? I got that one right.
'It's pretty basic information.
'Anyone could know that.
Say something only you could say.
' Tell me something only Danny would know.
That's a matrix data-slice.
A Gallifreyan hard drive.
Time Lord technology.
Imagine you could upload dying minds to that.
Edit them.
Rearrange them.
Get rid of all those boring emotions.
Ready to be re-downloaded.
Meanwhile, you upgrade the bodies.
Upload the mind, upgrade the body.
Cybermen from cyberspace.
Now, why has no-one ever thought of that before? How did you get hold of Time Lord technology? Who are you? You know who I am.
I told you.
You felt it.
Surely you did.
Two hearts.
And both of them yours.
You're a Time Lord.
Time Lady, please, I'm old-fashioned.
Which Time Lady? The one you abandoned, Doctor.
The one you left for dead.
Didn't you ever think I'd find my way back? Clara! Clara! Clara! I've got to get Clara! Oh, Clara, Clara, Clara! You know I should shoot you in a jealous rage.
Now, wouldn't that be sexy? ~ I've turned the lift off, though.
~ I presume you have stairs.
Well, I'm not a Dalek.
Oh, dear, Doctor.
Didn't you realise where you were? ~ 'I love you.
' ~ No.
No, no, no.
I'm sorry, but no.
Anybody could say that.
Anybody would know to say that.
Say something only you could tell me.
Prove to me you are really Danny.
~ How? ~ 'I love you means nothing right now.
' Not until I know who's talking.
Say something only Danny could say.
Clara 'Danny '.
if that is you' wherever you are, whatever it takes, 'I will be with you again, I swear.
' No, you won't.
You are not coming here.
'Nothing will stop me, nothing in the world,' ~ as soon as I know it's you.
~ 'There is only one way to come here' ~ and you are not doing that.
~ 'I'll do anything, Danny, anything.
' Just say something only you could say.
Clara, you have your life.
You have your whole life to live.
You have to stay there.
I have to be with Danny Pink.
I love you.
Stop saying that! Don't say that.
If you say that again, I swear I will switch this thing off.
Clara 'Yes?' I love you.
These emotions, they're terribly difficult.
But, you know, we've got a thing for that.
We can help with all these difficult feelings.
Just press this.
I'll leave you to make a decision.
Doctor! Get away from here! All of you, run! Go! Go! Get away from here! Run away! Run, run! Get away from here all of you, now! I'm sorry, everyone, another ranting Scotsman in the street.
~ I had no idea there was a match on.
~ Get away, go! Stop shouting, love.
Stop making a fuss, it's too late.
All the graves of planet Earth are about to give birth.
You know the key strategic weakness of the human race? The dead outnumber the living.
Who are you? Oh, you know who I am.
I'm Missy.
Who's Missy? Please, try to keep up.
Short for Mistress.
Well .
I couldn't very well keep calling myself the Master, now could I?