Doctor Who s08e80 Episode Script

Special: 4 Aug 2013: Doctor Who Live - The Next Doctor

repetitive flashing images.
After 50 years and 798 episodes, Doctor Who is the longest-running science fiction series in the world.
Born on the planet Galifray old are you then, 45? 903 years old.
The Doctor travels in time and space in his tardis.
The man with the sonic screwdriver and two hearts has been assisted by over 40 companions.
And in his fight for good over evil, he saved the universe from deadly enemies, none more so than Dalek.
You will be punished.
Destroy them.
Regeneration is the secret of his eternal youth.
Since 1963, there have been 11 Doctors.
Call me the Doctor.
And tonight, we reveal the Citizens of the universe, please APPLAUSE Woo-what! Good evening and welcome to a very, very special show.
Tonight, live, the BBC around the world, we are going to exclusively reveal the identity of the brand-new Doctor.
To share the excitement, I'll be joined by a host of celebrity fans, plus some familiar faces from the TV series.
Now, Doctor Who has the best fans in the galaxy, I think you will agree, CHEERING AND APPLAUSE We have plenty of them in the audience.
Feast your eyes on these, ladies and gentlemen! They'll feel at home surrounded by the space time vortex here and the It's huge.
And since we are live, you can send us your thoughts throughout the show on the BBC Doctor Who website.
So, it was Saturday 1st June that the dramatic news first broke.
Now, the actor, Matt Smith, is to leave Doctor Who after four years in the role.
The 11th Doctor will bow out at this year's Christmas special.
The story made the news head Lymes and speculation has been rife about the identity of his successor.
We'll have an exclusive interview with Matt later on.
So, who is the next Doctor? Well, not long until we find out who has bagged the little blue box.
The tension is unbelievable.
Right now, we have three people who're well acquainted with the Searle series.
Welcome Liza Tarbuck, Daniel Roche and the fifth Doctor himself, Peter Davison.
Hello, chaps.
This is all very, very exciting, isn't it? Extraordinary.
Can I just ask you this first question, at this moment in time, none of you know who the next Doctor is? Absolutely not.
Peter? Honestly.
Peter, you played the fifth incarnation of the Doctor in a programme that's become a worldwide phenomenon.
People say it's the best job in television.
Is that true? In a way it's the longest job in television because you could say it's wonderful because it's a whirlwind time while you are doing it but continues.
I'm still here today, the fifth Doctor.
It's fantastic.
There's quite a few people dressed up like you, have you noticed? There are a lot of people dressed as all sorts of people! Very worrying.
There's a Dalek.
She needs help later on.
Another lovely connection with you and Doctor Who, isn't there? A family one? Yes, I'm the patriarch of a dynasty.
I've started a dynasty as my daughter's married to David Tennant.
She played his daughter then married him? I was giving the father of the bride speech it became very confusing! Brilliant.
Liza, you are a huge fan.
Why do you think it's so successful? I think it's a sort of marker for television generally.
I think it allowed us to sit and watch television with our family or in fact sneak a look at it when you weren't meant to and consequently scare the living daylights out of yourselves.
I'm still scared of the yeti.
There was something for everyone.
Everyone's got a window to a particular Doctor that does a particular thing for you.
It was great telly.
It's good to be scared as well.
Daniel, very excited about you being on the show tonight.
Hello! When did you first start watching? What is your first memory of Doctor Who? Well, the classics were recommended to me by my mum because she watched them with her brother when she was younger.
I tuned into the first episode on a Saturday night not knowing what it was and I loved it so much.
It was just so different to everything else.
I just started watching it from then on and I've watched every episode since.
Who was that Doctor? Christopher Eccleston.
Do you ever fancy yourself as a companion? They ever decide to bring a child in, yes.
Call Steven Moffat immediately! Who is your Doctor and who is your favourite, if it's possible to choose a favourite? Your favourite, Liza, and why? John Pertwee.
With deference to the fifth one.
Absolutely right.
But I'd have to have a hefty side order of Chris Ecc because without somebody that good to reproduce Russell's work then, we can't have what we have got now.
Russell TV Davies, genius? Yes.
Daniel, your favourite Doctor and why? David Tennant, he was the one lasting - because I've only been around not that long since the start of it so - yes, he's been around during the majority of the time I've been watching it so he's the one I have the most memories of.
Plus, he had this unique thing to him.
Some are dark and cookie and he had this fantastic mix of the two which I loved.
Peter? Your favourite? I suppose that would have to be Patrick Trouton.
He had the most difficult job.
He was the first regeneration and nobody had any idea about another actor playing the Doctor at that time.
I watched the first episode with apprehension and I was won over.
In a a way, he was my favourite.
I have to say, you are my favourite, but I say that to all the Time Lords! Big round of applause to our guests! APPLAUSE Now, earlier on this week, we caught up with the current Doctor, Matt Smith, as he talked about his time in the tardis.
By the look of it, his time in the barbers too.
I've loved it.
I really have.
I'll miss it.
But when you got that go, you gotta go.
There was a backlash when I was cast.
I was 26 and I was unknown and people went, that is not Doctor Who.
I'm a gull.
I always knew I wanted it to be quite physical and I wanted the comedy to be quite physical and I knew I wanted him to feel very clever, but at the same time to not understand the human race.
Has anyone told you you are a bit weird? They never a really stop.
In the first edition I wore a tweed blazer and put a bow tie on and the cast went "oh, no " and then they were like "maybe".
Bow ties are cool.
It dawns on you that you are actually going to have to do it slowly.
I loved it at first.
I loved it.
I wore a fez.
I wear a fez now.
Fezzes are cool.
I miss playing a character that can bounce from A-Z like that and that is the clever nest the room.
Stoatsons are cool.
Just being the Doctor, thieves Doctor, you know -- Stetson.
What a character.
There's always a part of you that goes, I never want to go.
There are no parts like this.
I think it's a good time for me to move on and we've got the 50th anniversary.
It's the biggest year in the show's history and I'm playing the part and I pass it on with a smile to the next guy and I say good luck, buddy.
You are going to have to work hard.
I know who they are.
If I had to pick someone, I'd pick him cos I think he's great.
Weirdly enough, after the 11th hour, he came up to me in the street and said, mate, well done, I watched your episode last night, it was brill yap, I think you are really good.
And I really needed that boost.
I never forgot it.
Who the man? I'm excited because I know what's coming and he's going to Coming out of the regeneration, you networks it wasn't massively painful, just very exciting and that whammo, going into it probably is a bit more painful, yeah.
It's time.
Goodbye, Doctor.
Legs, yes.
Bow tie, Doctor's dance, but I would quite like to get it in the Christmas Special.
One last hurrah of the drunk giraffe.
It's been great, man, you know, it's a really cool job.
It 'ed be hard to top.
APPLAUSE Yes, he has a hair cut now.
Matt Smith there revealing a real mixture of sadness and being emotional.
He's in LA at the moment.
I'm sure we all agree he's brilliant and will be very much missed.
Now, did my massive ears deceive me or did I hear Matt using the word "he" and him.
Could be awkward if the next Doctor turns out to be a woman.
It might happen one day, you never know.
Could be.
All will be revealed very, very soon, as the next Doctor has entered the building, ladies and gentlemen.
The next Doctor is in this building! I'm so scared I'm going to say the wrong thing.
We are live and it seems the whole world is watching.
Thank you for the messages, the Internet is melting at the moment.
It's fair to say Doctor Who's come up with ingenius ideas over the years but nothing beats the fact that the leading man can change his appearance.
It's a process, if you didn't know, called regeneration, which means when the Doctor dies, his body rejuvenates and he comes back to life with a new look and different personality.
From William Hartnell to Matt Smith, the Doctor has been played by lots of different Doctors and the 12th Doctor has some big shoes to fill.
The Doctor is an eccentric Lee row, a time-travelling meddler who says he never meddles.
He's handled everything at once.
He's old, young, could be your grandfather, brother.
I would describe him as the lone Ranger.
A force for good, a force for fairness and generally has a psychic.
Susan and I are cut off from our own planets.
Hearts knell was the wise old gent.
He was a soldier and he was a Doctor.
Nice to see you so well again.
Told everybody with what was what and how to do it.
Regeneration is such a clever idea.
It's a part that 12 different actors will and have played.
This has never been done before and we had no idea if it was ever going to be accepted.
Patrick Truouton did our job.
We all loved him.
He was like the teenager really in an older body.
He was a bit eccentric playing his little flute.
My Doctor, Peter Davison, was more man of action.
Ath Had previously been the case.
Bit glam actually.
Bit handsome.
Big scarf.
Jiem going to whisper this, but I think Tom Baker will always be THE Doctor.
You may be A Doctor, but I'm THE Doctor.
If you say Doctor Who, in a free association game, it's Tom Baker, everybody has their first Doctor.
There is a quirkiness which I find unsettling.
John's Doctor was flamboyant.
He was dandy.
A maverick.
The weapons are nasty, enough as it is.
Give the cloak a flourish, darling.
Colin had his flock coat with clown-like colours.
You are not serious.
always am.
I described what Christopher Eccleston got.
When Christopher walked out of the tardis, I went yes.
He was so good, dark and modern.
Why don't you just die You would make a good Dalek.
I've always had a soft spot for Sylvester McCoy.
I thought of him a bill like Peter Colombo.
Scatter brained but working it all out underneath.
the most beautiful of all the Doctors.
Drop dead gorgeous.
He was a kind of a loss of a Doctor.
going to betray Patrick because David Tennant was my favourite.
very on top of things is David.
very good at opening doors.
He's very in command.
There's something about Matt Smith.
He had the charm of an hyperactive puppy.
physicality was so extraordinary.
He's so e lastic.
Pf I've got to be in the show when we are celebrating its 50th year and it's wonderful to be part of something that so many people are talking about and love on the so history.
What does the future hold? We are soon to find out.
Here to share their love of the show, I'm delighted to welcome Bernard Nice T-shirt! It does seem fitting, Bernard, that you are here, because your character, Wilf, Donna's grandad, caused the regeneration of the last regeneration of the Doctors.
If you are going to be rude, I'm going to leave.
Do you feel guilty about that? No, because my character was being kind to someone else trapped, so he went in and therefore he was trap and David made the supreme sacrifice and released me and he then got clobbered.
Bernard came to my dressing room earlier to say hello and knocked three times on the door and I thought I was going to die! Isn't it four? It was four, yes.
Oh, no! Four, four I got it wrong again! Bernard, would you ever fancy playing the Doctor? I had an interview when John Pertwee was leaving and I saw the producer, he said hello and I said hello and he said what can you do and I said I'm a good swummer, fine, yes, I said I was a paratrooper and I could fight and he said a Doctor never fights, anyway I never saw the job and first thing I saw Tom Baker do was clobber somebody.
Rufus, you are a hard core fan.
After saying knock three times though, I want to shoot myself in the head.
When did you start watching the show? Ie jiem of the generation -- I'm of the generation that was old enough to start watching it early on but only started watching it with David Eccleston Christopher Equitable tonne! He's just excited.
As we all are.
Honestly, I promise you I've been sitting in the cargoing, don't get the facts wrong.
I'm absolutely dying inside.
What makes Doctor Who so special Rufus, redeem yourself? Sci-fi allows you to look at really human problems but with a degree of distance from it.
The Doctor is automobile to talk to us about life, death, meaning, what it is to be a child, what it is to grow old and be different.
We are automobile to understand the stories in a way that seems fantastic but is able to define those things that are true of the human experience.
was beautiful.
And I think that that's the power of the show.
What's more powerful about Doctor Who than any other sci-fi show is that it's British.
So we have this CHEERING AND APPLAUSE Brilliant, brilliant.
We have this uniqueness there.
The voice of the Wombles, the adverts and the Railway Children, this year, Bernard Cribbins celebrates 70 years in showbiz.
CHEERING AND APPLAUSE Give it up for Bernard Cribbins and Rufus Hound.
We are now getting closer to the moment of truth.
Here is one man who knows who's who, not least because he made the decision.
It's the executive producer, head writer and guardian angel, see even Moffat.
Every day in the day Matt will do something so bold and clever that I went see it coming and I'll miss that brilliance and that invention.
I'm a mad man with a box.
The Doctor is an icon.
People are hugely invested in who the new Doctor is.
Everybody is speculating.
It's fun.
It's like electing the next Prime Minister.
It could be a disaster.
Harry Sty level s.
Oddly enough, most occasions on Doctor Who, it hasn't happened that way -- Harry Styles.
We all had the same idea and it was a quite different idea so we got our notional number 12 round to my house and made a home video of that person being the Doctor and showed it around, showed the people who need to be in on that decision because it's like appointing the President or something.
Everyone just said well yes, that's the Doctor.
It would be interesting to see an established actor.
Someone with gravitas.
The Doctor has to be British.
James Bond or Sherlock Holmes.
There comes a right time for the right person to play it.
Oddly enough, this person briefly flicked through my mind last time and I didn't think they were right and this time, just wow, that moment has arrived.
I would love some sort of twist that we are not expecting.
would be amazing if the next Doctor was a woman with a male assistant.
Time Lords can change gender so it's completely not against the rules as to whether or not that's what we are dog.
That's what you are watching the show for.
I like that Helen Mirren has been saying we should have a female Doctor.
I would like to go on record, I think it's time that the Queen was played by a man.
Young male.
Older again.
Someone who's dark and frightening.
I would like if the new Doctor was funny.
would like the Doctor to be best friends with Clara.
Three words to describe the new Doctor.
Different from Matt.
Well, he is the main man and he's giving nothing away, is he, so if Steven won't spill the beans, I guess it's down to me.
Ladies and gentlemen, it's the end, but the moment has been prepared for.
I know you are beside yourselves with excitement, the tension is unbearable and the wait has been excruciating.
Some of the audience are biting into their Sonic Screwdrivers.
It's time to put a new face to the old name.
He may be 1,000 years old but he's about to get a whole new lease of life.
Here we go, the big reveal, the drunk.
Moment we've all been waiting for.
Joining us now live in the studio exclusion you havely on the BBC, please welcome the 12th Doctor, a hero for a whole new generation, it's Congratulations.
Join us, join us.
I think it's safe to say they like ya! Peter, congratulations.
Thank you very much.
Your first official appearance as the 12th Doctor.
How rerelieved are you? Social services so wonderful not to keep the secret any longer but it's been fan it is a tuck in its own way -- it's so wonderful not to keep this a secret.
For a while, I couldn't tell my daughter who'd be looking on the Internet sand saying so-and-so should be the Doctor and she was get.
Ing upset that they never mentioned me.
I said rise above it, darling.
How did you prepare for the audition? It was quite hard because even though I'm a life long Doctor Who fan, I haven't played it since I was nine in a play so, as an adult actor, I've never worked on it.
I downloaded some old scripts from the Internet and practised those in front of the mirror.
But some scenes had already been written that referred to a Doctor of my ilk.
I've got clammy palms.
Over the last couple of days, fans in their droves will be sending in questions for you.
Kelly from Dundee said, what were you dog the moment you found out you were going to be the next Doctor? I was filming in Prague doing the BBC's adaptation of the Three News we tiers over there and I was -- the Three Muscateers and I had a missed call from my dear agent when my phone was on silent.
She answered the phone by saying "hello Doctor" and I just laughed.
Nicola from Stevenage wants to know, have you been practising in front of a Murs report saying, "hello, I'm the Doctor" because you played Malcolm Tucker, a different Doctor to this one you are going to be playing? Yes, Malcolm's been banished from the mirror by the new Doctor Who wouldn't put up with any of Malcolm's language or attitudes to the word.
I don't say I'm the Doctor, I'm surprised to see Doctor Who looking back now.
That's what's really strange.
You look in the mirror and suddenly strangely he's looking back and he's not me yet.
But he's reaching out and hopefully we'll get it together.
It's still early days.
You have been in Doctor Who already.
You said yourself you have been a fan for a long, long time, so much so that you actually wrote to the Radio Times years ago.
Have a look at this letter that Peter wrote, a young Peter wrote to Maybe that got you the job? I've hidden that from bhief for about 25 years and it's the full anorak and geek.
You are never going to get a girlfriend with a letter luke that! It seems here in the 50th year of the show, here you are sitting on the hot seat.
Do you have a message for all the fans? I think it's an extraordinary show and the thing that strike mess about it is that it's still here after all this time.
The reason is I think because of all the work of the writers and directors and producers, the work of all the actors.
I don't just mean the fabulous actors who've played the Doctor, but those who've sweted inside rubber monster costumes -- who've sweated.
The big reason that Doctor Who is still with us is because of every single view viewer, whoever turned on to watch this show, at any age, at any time in its history and their history and who took it into hair heart, because Doctor Who belongs to all of us, everyone made Doctor Who.
Beautiful! That's a very special message.
We do have Matt Smith who has a special message for you.
I just want to wish my successor all the best and just say good luck.
Good on you for getting it because I know he's both a huge fan of the show and a really nice guy.
I think the casting of it made me really excited genuinely and, as a fan, I think it's a really canny choice.
I think he'll be a hit.
Good luck, man, it's going to be a thrill.
So that is it, Peter.
A huge thank you to all our guests and to Matt Smith.
You can catch him on the Doctor Who Prom on 26th August, Bank Holiday Monday.
Let's hear it for the newest incarnation of the galaxy's number one hero, the 12th Doctor and the whole of time and