Doctor Who s08e81 Episode Script

Doctor Who at the Proms II 2013

Doctor Who at the Proms Sous titres : Tenrolf Doctor Who Proms.
Boom ! It's like this huge Doctor Who 50th anniversary celebration.
A wonderful choir, wonderful orchestra.
Ben Foster's the most handsome conductor on the planet.
Alert ! Alert ! We have the Daleks, Weeping Angels, Cybermen Obey ! When they come in, I can hear the screams behind me.
And I do have to turn around and just enjoy it.
Everybody's extremely excited, And I just think it's going to be a really great show.
Who would not want to perform in this? This is one of the iconic concert halls of the world.
The rest of the year, we do very lovely concerts that are very Straightforward, because there are no monsters, there's no Doctor Who.
One of my new year's resolutions was to go and watch more live music, So this is kind of a spectacular way to do it.
I keep meeting people outside, and they say, "I'm learning violin or trombone," and you think, "Great.
" And I hope that coming to a concert like this will inspire them, to want to be in orchestras.
Hello ! Welcome to the BBC Proms.
When you're sat in the auditorium, there's nothing really like it.
I looked at some of the kids, and they're like It's cool, man.
It's amazing how the songs really do stick with you.
But, like, Doctor Who is so about the drama, and the music is such a huge part of the show.
I've always written very lyrical themes.
They always feel like they're from the heart, I think.
Trying to just grab people and sing big choruses of love.
Murray Gold is a genius.
And the number of melodies that man has come up with That are utterly haunting, utterly memorable.
I've become quite attached to some of the music in this show, Because, you know, I find it very moving.
And also I look at Karen and Arthur and Jenna, you know, acting And doing their best, And then all this soaring sort of emotive music swelling up around you, It kind of stirs me, I guess.
It's one of the things I'm going to miss the most, definitely.
The Mad Man With A Box By Murray Gold Orchestra : Ben Foster Soprano : Elin Manahan Thomas I Am The Doctor By Murray Gold Orchestra : Ben Foster Hello, Stonehenge ! Who takes the Pandorica takes the universe.
But bad news, everyone Cos guess who ? Ha ! Listen, you lot, you're all whizzing about.
It's really very distracting.
Could you all just stay still a minute ? Because I am talking ! Now, the question of the hour is, "Who's got the Pandorica ?" Answer - "I do.
" Next question - "Who's coming to take it from me ?" Come on ! Look at me.
No plan, no back-up, no weapons worth a damn.
Oh, and something else - I don't have anything to lose.
So, if you're sitting up there in your silly little spaceship, With all your silly little guns, And you've got any plans on taking the Pandorica tonight, Just remember who's standing in your way.
Remember every black day I ever stopped you.
And then, and then Do the smart thing.
Let somebody else try first.
Trust me.
I'm The Doctor.
That was really disappointing.
I know, I'm sorry.
How could you not get tickets ? I didn't realise it would be so popular ! Well, you must know somebody.
-Eh ? Why ? -Doctor, it's a concert about you.
And I've got the perfect way to get us in.
What's that? A Hyperscape Body Swap ticket, Valid for all entertainment events in the history of the universe.
-Body swap ? -Exactly.
We just scrape off this little bit of foil here, And right now, two people sitting in the Albert Hall get deleted.
-Deleted ? -Yes, we just appear in their seats.
-But what about the deleted people ? -Oh they get deleted.
Otherwise we'd be sitting in their laps.
And they wouldn't want that at all.
I mean, imagine if some young fellow out there suddenly gets you in his lap.
He'd be furious.
-By "deleted", you mean -They get sent outside.
They materialise perfectly safely a few streets away.
-Oh, OK.
Naked ?!! Yes.
We get their clothes too.
It's all part of the Body Swap service.
But they'll miss the concert.
That's not very fair.
Ah, they get compensated.
A nice packet of biscuits.
Jammie Dodgers, probably.
Also a billion billion pounds, Immortality, X-ray vision, a spacebus, an electric camel, A house that's bigger on the inside and the outside, The legal right to marry 15 people of their own choosing and a pardon.
-A pardon ? -For being naked in the street.
OK, that sounds fair.
-Shall we ? -Go on.
Doctor ? Hello, Albert Hall ! We made it ! Well, how wonderful to be here.
And my TARDIS made it.
And a piano.
How exciting ! If Ludwig van could see me now ! Hello, choir ! Hello, orchestra ! Oh, and it's Ben Foster.
Ben, did you get my present? Excellent ! It may come in handy in the case of alien invasion.
Let's leave it to the real maestro, shall we? Oh, where's Clara ? Clara ? Doctor ? You promised we'd be in the audience, not in the orchestra! -I don't know how to play the double bass! -Yes, yes Sorry.
Well, don't panic ! But at least the costume went all right.
Tails and a bow-tie.
Jackpot! Your hair ! -What happened to your hair ? -Oh, no.
That must be the ticket ! Oh, never trust a tout Especially when he's from Space Vegas.
Actually, that reminds me.
I've got to take you there.
It's the ultimate planet for excitement.
Right, then.
Now, then.
Orchestra, are we ready, ready, ready? Doctor ? Concentrate.
Can we take our seats, because everybody is waiting ? Right, yes.
Ladies and gentlemen of the orchestra, my sincere apologies.
Ladies and gentlemen of the audience, sorry for interrupting this Prom.
Benjamin, please, take this.
Gosh, there's a lot of you, isn't there? It's time to run.
-Wrong way.
-Bye ! My role is Madame Vastra, who is a Silurian.
She's a humanoid reptile.
She helps Her, Jenny and Strax help back up The Doctor, In some of his adventures.
Well, I did the very first one of these about five years ago, As a Sontaran, but I wasn't actually on stage talking to people, I was running around in the crowd scaring people.
So this is actually being on stage in front of the big, Royal Albert Hall audience will be very exciting.
I've been doing all of the prosthetics since the show came back.
These events are always fantastic fun.
Just to hear the reaction from the kids as the Cybermen stomp on, It's absolutely fantastic.
This is new, this is my microphone.
Because obviously I'm going to be, On stage, speaking to the audience.
And, yes, working out where Commander Strax Oh, God! Looks like he's had a facial piercing, which is disturbing ! We were in rehearsing yesterday, And listening to the orchestra play and the choir, and watching the screens.
It's going to be awesome ! Huge.
5,000-6,000 people.
All going crazy.
Hello, everyone.
Welcome to this very special Doctor Who Prom.
My name is Vastra.
Madam, we appear to be surrounded.
There are thousands of puny humans everywhere ! Strax Strax, these are all The Doctor's friends ! Very well, if you say so, madam.
But I'll be keeping my eye on them.
For now, I'll stand down the Sontaran battle fleet.
Yes, a very good idea, Strax.
Today we're all here to celebrate our friend, The Doctor.
I am told that you humans have been following The Doctor's adventures, For almost five decades ! Some us have known him much longer! All of the music that you will be hearing in this concert, Has been heard in Doctor Who.
Most of it is by The Doctor's personal composer, Mr Murray Gold.
Don't wander off.
I mean it.
Otherwise you'll wander off, and the next thing you know, Somebody's going to have to start rescuing somebody.
Sweet dreams.
Cyber Shard By Murray Gold Orchestra : Ben Foster That was Cyber Shard.
I hope no-one was deleted ! When The Doctor invited Clara on her first trip in the TARDIS, She asked to be shown "something awesome".
We are going to take you on that same journey, To the Rings of Akhaten to witness the Festival of Offerings.
Please welcome our two singers, the Queen of Years, Kerry Ingram, and Allan Clayton.
The Rings of Akhaten By Murray Gold Orchestra : Ben Foster London Philharmonic Choir Singer : Kerry Ingram Tenor : Allan Clayton #Rest now, #My warrior, #Lay down, my king, #Sleep now, eternal, #Sleep, my precious thing, #Rest now, #My warrior, #Rest now, my king, #Rest now, #Your hardship is over Come on, then.
Take mine.
Take my memories.
I hope you've got a big appetite, Because I have lived .
a long life.
And I have seen a few things.
I walked away from the Last Great Time War, I marked the passing of the Time Lords, I saw the birth of the universe, And I watched as time ran out till nothing remained, just me! And I have watched universes freeze and creations burn, And I know things, secrets that must never be told, Knowledge that will make parasite gods blaze ! So come on, then ! Take it ! Take it all, baby ! Have it ! You have it all ! #Live, wake up, #Wake up, #And let the cloak of life, #Cling to your bones, #Wake up, #Live, wake up, #Wake up, #And let the cloak of life, #Cling to your bones, #Wake up, #Live, wake up, #Wake up, #And let the cloak of life, #Cling to your bones, #Wake up, #Live, wake up, #Wake up, #And let the cloak of life, #Cling to your bones, #Wake up, #Live, wake up, #Wake up, #Wake up.
Strax to Sontar.
Field report D-956/2.
I am in a large room, surrounded by thousands of human scum, Who have gathered to celebrate The Doctor.
A group of them are playing music, But nothing compared to the glory of our Sontaran music.
Others stand, ready for battle.
Most are too puny and weak and have found seats to rest their pathetic bodies.
Wait ! Intel just in suggests The Doctor's enemies Are gathering and preparing to attack.
This next piece may provide further clues.
Strax signing off.
All the Strange, Strange Creatures By Murray Gold Orchestra : Ben Foster There are some corners of the universe which have bred the most terrible things, Things which act against everything that we believe in.
They must be fought.
Are we having a nice time ? I can't hear you ! I said, "Are we having a nice time ?" Now, in case you're wondering, my name is Matt Smith, And I play The Doctor.
As you all know, this is a very special year for Doctor Who.
50 years ! Amazing ! It's amazing ! And I can't think of a better way to celebrate than to be here with all of you! One of the great joys of playing this extraordinary, legendary Time Lord, Is the support and knowledge and love and brilliance of you guys, the fans.
You really make the show what it is, so thank you.
From the bottom of my heart, you are the best.
But now it is time for more of Murray Gold's brilliant music.
The next piece made its debut last year, In Asylum Of The Daleks, together with a rather enigmatic new character.
It's as delicate as a souffle and one of my personal favourites ! Here is The Impossible Girl.
Once I'd seen her face, I wanted to write something bright, optimistic, happy.
She's a fresh face, So I wanted to get that feeling across in the music.
"Impossible Girl" was this theme That was introduced to represent Clara's character.
It's hesitant and it's spiralling and mysterious, in a way, Which is her when we first met her.
There's something so fairy-tale about that music, And hopefully, you know, that's what connects the audience.
The use of character themes is absolutely essential.
It gives the audience a reference musically and identifies characters, And I think audiences catch onto that.
It's amazing how the songs really do stick with you.
I love Clara's Impossible Girl theme, and it's kind of something for me to keep.
I love it ! The Impossible Girl By Murray Gold Orchestra : Ben Foster Hello, everyone ! Wow! What amazing memories you all have Even though most of you weren't even born ! My name is Peter Davison.
This is fun ! I'm so pleased to be with you today for this special celebration, Of 50 years of Doctor Who.
And I'm especially excited to be introducing this next sequence, That looks back to the classic era.
My era, of Doctor Who.
Thank you.
The classic series of Doctor Who ran for 26 years from 1963.
Obviously, I'm quite late on in those 26 years ! Not 1963, I'm not that old.
Actually, I'm almost that old.
This sequence includes music by Tristram Cary, Martin Slavin, Malcolm Clarke, Dudley Simpson, Paddy Kingsland, Peter Howeel and Mark Ayres.
And it begins with the iconic sound of the TARDIS created by Brian Hodgson.
With the help of his mother's front-door key and a piano string.
Please don't try this at home.
And then made more weird and more wonderful, In the now legendary BBC Radiophonic Workshop.
To perform this classic Doctor Who medley, The BBC National Orchestra of Wales is joined by two of these composers, Mark Ayres and Peter Howell.
Please give them a huge classic round of applause ! We were asked to put together a short suite, eight minutes we have got, To tell the story of classic Doctor Who from 1963 to 1989, Which is quite a tall order ! There are five or six very well known, I hope, Pieces of incidental music from Doctor Who, Which we have arranged and Ben Foster has orchestrated it all up.
It was a passion of mine that we did something with Radiophonic for the 50th.
This music meant everything to me as a child.
Peter was also my tutor at the film school, So to be able to go up to my old tutor and say : "Bar 54, not quite working.
" So I had a good time with that.
It's several firsts all at once, really.
I've never played synth with an orchestra.
And I certainly never imagined doing it at the Albert Hall! It's really nice for us to be asked to join in! It's a great opportunity, yes! We've had a terrific time doing it, and I hope that the audience Feel that we've rightly celebrated their contribution to the show.
I watched Doctor Who from its opening episode.
And the music from the Radiophonic Workshop is hugely sort of emotional, And seemed to fit it like a glove.
It was sort of slightly science-fictiony music, which was unusual then.
This is classical music, this Radiophonic Workshop is wonderful, Important music that people should hear again.
'Classic' Doctor Who Medley Orchestra : Ben Foster Arrangement : Mark Ayers et Peter Howell ~ 'The Daleks' Compositor : Tristram Cary ~ You will go ahead of us and follow my directions.
~ 'The Tomb of the Cybermen' 'Space Adventure' by Martin Slavin ~ You shall be like us.
~ 'The Sea Devils' Compositor : Malcolm Clarke ~ ~ 'The City of Death' Compositor : Dudley Simpson ~ Where are we going ? Are you talking philosophically or geographically ? -Philosophically.
-Then we're going to lunch.
I know a little place that does a wonderful bouillabaisse.
-Do you like bouillabaisse ? -Bouillabaisse ? Yum yum.
~ 'Logopolis' Compositor : Paddy Kingsland ~ Doctor ? Doctor ? Doctor ? Doctor ? It's the end.
But the moment has been prepared for.
He was the doctor all the time.
~ 'The Five Doctors' Compositor : Peter Howell ~ All my travellings throughout the universe, I have battled against evil, against power-mad conspirators.
I should have stayed here.
Daleks, Sontarans, Cybermen ! They're still in the nursery compared to us.
Ten million years of absolute power, That's what it takes to be really corrupt.
What's happened ? Change, my dear.
And it seems not a moment too soon.
She's my mum, and I don't love her.
What's wrong with me? Why can't I stop hating her? You love the baby.
I didn't know she was my mum ! Love and hate frightening feelings, Especially when they're trapped, struggling beneath the surface.
~ 'The Curse of Fenric' Compositor : Mark Ayres ~ Attention ! Attention, Gilbert.
This Royal Albert Hall is now under Dalek control.
The building is surrounded.
There is no escape from the Daleks.
You must obey or be exterminated.
Exterminate ! What is that device you are holding ? What is that strange noise ? Explain yourself ! Keep away from me now ! Alert ! Alert ! The conductor is overacting ! Alert ! Alert ! Daleks are allergic to overacting ! This celebration of the predator is offensive to the Daleks And must be cleansed.
Orchestra you are now all slaves of the Daleks.
You will play special Dalek music.
You will obey ! Conductor Remain on that platform and stop overacting.
Resist us and you will be exterminated.
Behold the might of the Dalek Empire.
Humans, will you obey the Daleks for ever ? NO !!!! Answer correctly ! NO !!! Let me hear you say, "Exterminate" ! EXTERMINATE !!! I cannot hear you.
Say it again ! EXTERMINATE !!! You would all make very good Daleks.
In that case, Ben Foster, actor of the year If you value your life, you will begin.
Begin or be exterminated ! First There Were Daleks By Murray Gold Orchestra : Ben Foster Hello ! I'm Carole Ann Ford.
I played The Doctor's first screen companion, His granddaughter, Susan Foreman.
Now, I first met The Doctor's oldest and most despised enemy, The Daleks, nearly 50 years ago, With the great William Hartnell.
Who'd have thought this celebration would be happening 50 years on ? -It's amazing ! -It is amazing, isn't it ? It is amazing.
This next piece brought the most recent series to a close, And left us with one of Doctor Who's greatest cliff-hangers.
I don't know about you, but I can't wait till November, And Matt won't tell me a thing! Anyway, for now, "The Name Of The Doctor".
The Name of The Doctor By Murray Gold Orchestra : Ben Foster I have information, valuable information.
Are you bargaining for your life ? The Doctor ! The Doctor has a secret, you know.
He has one he will take to the grave.
And it is discovered.
Run, you clever boy.
And remember me.
So what does it all mean, hey? Only another four months till we find out! All right, all right.
Stop it.
Stop teasing ! I know, that's my job.
So, that was music from "The Name of the Doctor".
Steven Moffat's enigmatic and brilliant finale to series seven.
I'm sure I remember him saying, "No more cliff-hangers.
" Yeah Sadly, time is racing, And we're fast approaching the end of this 50th anniversary celebration of Doctor Who But before we say goodbye Would you like to hear some more ? YES !!! They would like to hear some more.
Well, you're in for a treat To end this very special Doctor Who Prom, we're going to take you back, Back in time to 23rd November 1963, When the very first episode Of Doctor Who was broadcast on BBC television.
It introduced to the world one of the most iconic theme tunes, Ever written in the history of the universe.
Composed by Ron Grainer and arranged by Delia Derbyshire, In the BBC's legendary Radiophonic Workshop, It was unlike anything anyone had heard before.
We'll end this concert with Murray Gold's latest version, Of the greatest theme tune of all time.
Enjoy ! Theme Tune By Murray Gold Orchestra : Ben Foster