Doctor Who s08e88 Episode Script

The Time of the Doctor

TASHA LEM: 'Once, there was a planet, much like any other' RESONATING '.
and unimportant.
'This planet sent the universe a message.
' RESONATING CONTINUES 'A bell tolling among the stars, 'ringing out to all the dark corners of creation.
'And EVERYBODY came to see.
'Although no-one understood the message, 'everyone who heard it found themselves afraid.
'Except one man.
The man who stayed for Christmas.
' I bring proof of courage and comradeship.
What is this ship and why are you here? Identify yourselves by species and planet of origin.
LOW BEEPING Exterminate! Exterminate! Handles? Exterminate! Exterminate! Agh! Exterminate! Handles? Agh! Handles? Exterminate! Every ship I go on, they just shoot at me.
Handles, I said, "Put me on a ship.
" I didn't say, "Put me on a Dalek ship.
" Don't put me on a Dalek ship, when I'm holding a broken bit of Dalek! Ow! You did not indicate a preference.
Use your head! It's not like you've got a lot of alternatives.
They're all here - Daleks, Sontarans, Terileptils, Slitheen.
And they're not even fighting, they're just parked.
Why? The message was received throughout the universe.
Yes, yes, the message, the message.
Even I can't translate it.
RESONATING I mean, why is everyone here if they don't understand it? You here.
Well, you know, I'm OCD.
What's their excuse? What does this message mean? PHONE RINGS Oh, no.
And remind me I've got to patch the telephone back through the console unit.
This is getting ridiculous.
Attention! Information available.
OK? You must patch the telephone device back through the console unit.
No, no.
No, no, no, no.
No, not now! Remind me later.
When? I don't know, just later, just pick a time.
When? I don't know, just any old time.
When you think I've forgotten.
When? Just pick a random number, express that number as a quantity of minutes, and when that time has elapsed, remind me to patch the telephone back through the console unit.
How those Cyber-evenings must fly(!) Hello.
You're my boyfriend.
Ding-dong! OK, brilliant.
I'm may be a bit rusty in some areas, but I will glance at a manual.
No, no, you're not actually my boyfriend.
Oh, that was quick.
It's a roller coaster this phone call.
But I need a boyfriend really quickly.
Well, I hope you're nicer to the next one.
No, shut up.
Christmas dinner 'me cooking.
' So? So, I may have accidentally invented a boyfriend.
Yeah, I did that once and there's no easy way to get rid of an android.
No, not an android, a pretend one, an imaginary one.
'And I said he'd be coming to Christmas dinner.
' Yeah.
Handles, that's a new ship.
OK, we'll take the TARDIS this time.
I just need you to come for Christmas dinner.
Just do that for me.
'Come to Christmas dinner and be my Christmas date.
' Sorry, missed that last bit.
Got to dash! OK, don't be alarmed, I come in Alert! Alert! .
peace! No.
Intruder detected.
The intruder will be upgraded.
Agh! Sorry.
PHONE RINGS I need you.
I'm cooking Christmas dinner! I'm being shot at by Cybermen! Well, can't we do both? Arghh! Yeah, why not?! MUSIC: "Doctor Who Theme" ON TV: 'Happy Christmas!' How's the turkey doing? Great, yeah, yeah, it's doing great.
Well, dead and decapitated, but that's Christmas when you're a turkey.
Actually, maybe I will have a little more.
There you go, Gran.
Did you put it in early enough? Dad, I put it in when you phoned me.
I e-mailed you some instructions.
Oh, you certainly did.
METALLIC THRUMMING Whoops! Doctor, I so need you Clara! No, stop, stop, don't move, don't do anything! Why, what is it? What's wrong? You're naked.
Yes, I am naked.
I wondered if you'd notice.
Doctor, why are you naked? Because I'm going to church.
ELECTRICAL ZAPPING Better? Oh, that was quick.
Hologram clothes, projected directly onto your visual cortex.
Still naked underneath? Everybody's naked underneath.
Eugh, don't say things like that, it's Christmas.
Come and meet my family.
Hello, so, er, here he is! Hello, the Oswalds.
Hello! Merry Christmas.
Hello, hello! Hello, handsome.
Anyone for Twister? Sothis is the Doctor.
My boyfriend.
GRAN GIGGLES Isn't anyone going to say hello? Hello.
Excuse me a moment.
Listen, I've got an idea to break the ice.
Why don't I project my clothes hologram onto their visual cortexes too? So, to be clear, no-one except me can see your clothes? Yes, and I'm starting to think it may be causing tension.
Are we playing Twister now? (Get in the kitchen!) Eh? Sorry.
Sorryhe's Swedish.
Doctor, please! Oh, that's never going to work, is it? What's wrong? Do you not think it's done yet? I think a decent vet would give it an even chance.
Well, use an app.
An app? On your screwdriver - app it.
Most certainly not, it doesn't do turkey.
Nothing does turkey, you'd need a time machine.
What? You can't keep using the TARDIS like this.
Like what? Missed birthdays, restaurant bookings.
And please just learn how to use iPlayer.
Ooh, vortex cooking? Yep, exposure to the time winds.
It'll either come up a treat, or just possibly lay some eggs.
Information available.
What's that? Oh, just a bit of a Cyberman.
He'll get us to the church on time.
I have developed a fault.
The organics are all gone, but there's still a full set of data banks.
Found it at the Maldovar market.
Planet identified, from analysis of message.
Right cool, go on, then.
OK, tell us, what is the planet? Go on.
Processing official designation.
OK, in your own time, dear.
Don't rush(!) So, why haven't you just gone down there and had a look? It's shielded.
Even the TARDIS can't break through it.
What did you say? Gallifrey.
What are you talking about? Gallifrey? What do you mean? Confirmed.
Planet designation - Gallifrey.
You see THAT? Gallifrey is my home, I know it when I see it.
THAT is not Gallifrey!! Doctor, are you OK? It's not Gallifrey.
Gallifrey's gone.
Unless unless you saved it.
You thought you might have.
Even if it survived, it's gone from this universe.
That is not my home! It can't be.
REVERBERATING HORN BLAS What's that? Papal Mainframe.
It's like a great, big flying church.
The first ship to arrive.
They are the ones who shielded the planet.
They can get us down there.
A friend of yours? Tasha Lem, the Mother Superious.
Oh, she's inviting us aboard.
Why? Because I asked her.
Swallow this.
What is it? Your hologram projector.
You can't go to church with your clothes on! I don't feel like I'm wearing anything.
I know, relaxing isn't it? What is this place? The Church of the Papal Mainframe - security hub of the known universe.
A security church? Yep.
Keeping you safe in this world and the next! I venerate the exaltation of the Mother Superious.
Welcome to the Church of the Papal Mainframe.
Your nudity is appreciated.
Hey, babes.
Loving the frock! Is that a new body? Give us a twirl! Tash, this old thing? Please, I've been rocking it for centuries.
Nice though.
So, er, hello! Also here! Clara, this is Tasha Lem, the Head of the Church of the Papal Mainframe.
Tash, ho-ho-ho, this is my .
my associate, Clara Oswald.
Miss Clara Oswald.
We'll go to my chapel.
All honours in place, no sacrifices required.
It was Tasha who shielded the planet.
But you could sneak me down there, couldn't you, Tash? I would have conditions.
I have confidential matters to discuss with the Doctor.
Would youexcuse us? Anything you have to say to me, you can say in front of Clara.
Wellquite a lot of it.
Probably about half, maybe a smidge (under.
) Actually, Clara, would you mind waiting out here? No worries! You two get yourselves a room.
Yes, quite.
No, stop it! Boss of the psycho space nuns.
So you! Well SHE GASPS SCUTTLING RATTLE Doctor? That altar looks like a bed.
That bed looks like an altar.
Excuse me.
is transmitting through all of space and time.
What did it make you feel? Feel? Every sentient being in the universe who detected that signal felt something.
Something overpowering.
What? Fear.
Pure, unadulterated dread.
SCUTTLING RATTLE SCUTTLING RATTLE I saw you and then I forgot you.
How does that work? SCUTTLING RATTLE Right, what's the signal, where's it coming from? It's a settlement.
Human colony, level 2.
A farm, basically.
Anyone been for a look? Any one ship lands, the rest will follow, there will be bloodshed.
Fortunately we got here first, shielded the planet.
We maintain the truce, by blocking all of them.
Daleks, Cybermen - one of that lot - could break through your defences.
But they're afraid, remember? Nobody wants to go first.
I do.
I was counting on it.
SILENT: Confess SHE GASPS Confess What are you? Why do I keep forgetting you? Confess.
Wha Are you OK? Fine.
Yeah, fine.
Right, this is my personal teleport.
I can put you down just outside the town.
Find the source of the message and report back to me in one hour.
And on your life, Doctor, you will cause no trouble down there.
When do I? Don't answer that.
What? I'm not an idiot.
Everyone in this church is trained to see straight through holograms.
Ah, great.
Give now.
You are taking no technology of any kind down there.
What can I do with a key? Youinnow.
You could summon your TARDIS.
The TARDIS doesn't work by remote.
Fine, if it makes you feel any better, there we are.
BEEPING Remember.
I want you back in one hour.
WIND SWIRLS WHOOSHING Oh, cold, very cold.
OK, don't worry.
There's a heat loss filter in your hologram shell, it'll kick in, just give it a moment.
So, sweet little town covered in snow, half the universe in terror.
Why? Why? Oh, my God! What? There's something under the snow, it's What is it? It's cold.
OK, just stand back, please, Clara.
It's stone.
It's just stone.
It's only a statue Clara, step away from it! SHE GASPS Clara, keep looking at it, don't look away! Don't evenblink! What is it? There is a Weeping Angel under the snow.
Looks like a statue - isn't a statue.
Can you get your foot out? Only if I get it out of my shoe.
You're not wearing one.
Good point.
OK, just pull, hard! I'm trying.
Oh One, two, three! Yeah! THEY YELL AND GROAN They're climbing out of the snow.
Oh, God! Keep looking at them.
At all of them.
Why? Quantum-locked life-form - it can only move if it's unobserved.
What are they doing here? Same as everybody else - must've got past Tasha's shield.
THEY GASP Keep looking! I can't.
I can't see - the snow's in my eyes.
I just need to bring the TARDIS down.
You can't fly it remotely.
No, but it can home in on the key.
But she took your key! She took one of them! Engines activating.
METALLIC THRUMMING The old key in the quiff routine.
Classic! OK, homing in on the mysterious message.
Ooh, yes, I like that - the mysterious message You've shaved your head? Yep.
Clever plan to get us past the shield.
You got bored one night, didn't you? Yeah, tiny bit bored.
Is that what happened to your eyebrows? No, they're just delicate.
Right, setting us down, near the signal source.
I'm going to turn the engines on silent, don't want to make a fuss.
Put it back on.
Why? Your ears are like rocket fins.
I know! Oh, it's good to be wearing clothes again.
That's so much better, don't you think? Now, what do we make of this place? It's two o'clock in the afternoon, must be very short days here.
The message is coming from that tower.
RESONATING MESSAGE Hello! Hello, there! Right, we're a couple from the next town.
My name's probably Hank or Rock, something like that.
Or Daisy? Shut up.
Hello, good to meet you, nice snow.
Most pleasant to meet you too.
Most pleasant.
Most pleasant.
I'm the Doctor.
I'm a Time Lord from the planet Gallifrey.
I stole a time machine and ran away and I've been flouting the principal law of my own people ever since.
THEY CHUCKLE That wasn't quite what I was meant to say! I'm an English teacher from planet Earth, and I've run off with a man from space because I really fancy I think, perhaps, you should stop talking till you get used to it.
Used to what? What did you say your name was? Bubbly personality masking bossy control freak! I'm wearing a wig! No, ah, I see.
Yes, of course.
It's a truth field.
Oh, that is so quaint.
I haven't seen a truth field in years! I'm wearing a wig! No-one can lie in this town.
Especially this close to the tower.
Doesn't that make life a bit difficult? Not at all.
This town, what's it called? It's Christmas.
It's July.
No, the town.
The town is Christmas, that's what it's called.
Be happy here.
Be well.
How can a town be called Christmas? I don't know, how can an island be called Easter? Maybe it's just nice here.
I almost hate to find out what's wrong.
What took you so long? What's wrong? It's only a crack in the wall.
I knew.
I always knew it wasn't over.
What is it? A split in the skin of reality.
ELECTRICAL ZAPPING A tiny sliver of the 26th of June, The day the universe blew up.
Missed that(!) I rebooted it, put it all back together.
That's good.
It was my TARDIS that blew it up in the first place.
I felt a degree of responsibility.
But the scar tissue remains.
A structural weakness in the whole universe.
Whoa! And someone's trying to get through it, from outside our universe, from somewhere else.
Of course, of course.
It makes sense.
It does? Yes.
If you tried to break through a wall, you'd choose the weakest spot.
If you're trying to break into this universe, you'd choose this crack, because No.
If you were trying to break back into this universe.
You said Gallifrey.
Why did you say Gallifrey? Analysis of message composition indicates Gallifreyan origin, according to TARDIS data banks.
You said Gallifrey was gone.
I said it was in another universe.
The message is coming through here.
The truth field is too, at a guess.
If it's the Time Lords If it's the Time Lords RESONATING MESSAGE Seal of the High Council of Gallifrey, nicked it off the Master in the Death Zone.
There is an algorithm imprinted in the atomic structure.
Use it to decode the message.
Message decoding.
Message analysis proceeding.
Information available.
The message is a request for information.
It's a question.
Why can't you just say it's a question?! It is being projected through all of time and space on a repeating cycle.
The oldest question in the universe, hidden in plain sight Warning - translation will be available to all life-forms in range.
Translation follows.
BEEPING Doctor who EACH VOICE SUBTLY DIFFERENT: Doctor who Doctor who Doctor who Doctor who RESONATES: 'Doctor who 'Doctor who 'Doctor who 'Doctor who 'Doctor who' Patch me through to the Doctor.
Now! A question only I could answer.
A truth field to make sure I'm not lying.
If I give my name, they'll know they've found the right place .
and that it's safe to come through.
The Time Lords? OK, so what then? If you answer the question, and they come back, what happens? Ah, you need to take this to the TARDIS and put it in the charger slot for the sonic.
Why? Hell.
All hell, that's what happens if the Time Lords come back.
There's half a universe up there already, waiting to open fire.
Now, please, go to the TARDIS, and just do as I say! 'Doctor, speak with me.
' 'Doctor! Face me now!' 'Doctor!' Mother Superious, there is only one thing I need from you - this planetwhat's it called? 'Trenzalore.
' OK, is that it? Are you doing a clever thing? 'If you speak your name, the Time Lords will return.
' If they return, they will come in peace.
'It doesn't matter.
They will be met with a war that will never end.
'The Time War will begin anew! You know that, Doctor!' METALLIC THRUMMING Done.
No, don't you dare.
No, no! METALLIC THRUMMING They're asking for my help! 'And if you give it, war will be the consequence.
'I will not that let that happen at any cost.
'Speak your name and this world will burn!' No, this planet is protected.
BELL TOLLS So, you lot, a quick word, thank you.
Spot of news, Christmas has a new sheriff.
Hello, everyone, I'm the Doctor.
Attention all Chapels and Choirs of the Papal Mainframe.
The siege of Trenzalore is now begun.
There will now be an unscheduled faith change.
From this moment on, I dedicate this church to one cause.
The Doctor will not speak his name, and war will not begin.
Silencewill fall! ALL: Silence will fall.
Silence will fall.
TASHA LEM: 'In the time that followed, 'the Papal Mainframe strove to maintain the peace 'between the Doctor and his enemies.
' SONTARAN: We remain undetectable to the Papal Mainframe.
Commander Skarr! That's the detection warning.
Our invisibility cloak is compromised.
What's wrong with it? I don't know, I can't see it.
Well, it looks invisible to me.
THUD! DISEMBODIED MALE VOICE: The Church of the Papal Mainframe apologises for your death.
The relevant afterlives have been notified.
TASHA LEM: 'As the days passed, and the years, 'the Doctor stayed true to his word.
'On the fields of Trenzalore, he stood as protector, 'both of his own people and his new home.
'Over time, the Doctor's enemies would find new, 'stranger ways to enter the town called Christmas.
' Are you there? Hello? Am I getting warm? LOW BEEPING CREAKING AND HISSING There's another one! There's another one! There's another one! BELL RINGS There's another one! Doctor! Doctor! There's another one.
PANICKED VOICES CYBERMAN: Incinerate! The Doctor is required.
There you go.
There you go, Barnable.
Working fine, nice action.
Don't leave it out in the rain again.
Fixed the wheels and the anti-gravs.
The anti-whats? May have gone a bit far.
Now then, what do we have today? Don't you move one step further.
Wooden Cyberman.
Nice, like it.
Low-tech, doesn't set off the alarms upstairs.
CREAKING ELECTRONIC ZAPPING DOCTOR CHUCKLES Only bit of tech allowed in - got in before the truce.
Now, I just sent an instruction to your firearm, to reverse the polarity and fire out the back end.
As we're standing in a truth field, you will understand I cannot be lying.
If you like, you can scan my screwdriver, verify that's the signal I sent.
Signal verified.
Yes, I probably should have mentioned - this doesn't work on wood! You send your friends up there a message from the Doctor.
You tell them the Doctor stays.
THUD! Next.
THEY CHEER TASHA LEM: 'With every victory, the town celebrated.
' And there's me arm-wrestling a Draconian, I remember that.
'In, time, the Doctor seemed to forget he'd lived any other life' Christmas is defended.
and the people of the town came to love the man 'who stayed for Christmas.
' You've got to BE the drunk giraffe, you've got to commit! Don't be cool, guys.
Cool is NOT cool.
CHILDREN: Cool is not cool! And what's the dance we're doing? CHILDREN: The drunk giraffe! The drunk giraffe! Yeah, it is! Merry Christmas.
Give me a hug, bring it in.
CHILDREN: Yeah! PEOPLE CHEER AND LAUGH How's your father's barn? You've fixed the leak all right, but he say it's bigger on the inside now! Ssh! They'll all want one! METALLIC THRUMMING What is it? What's that noise? Well! Where have you been for 300 years?! Huh! What's that? It's my ship.
Your what? It's my TARDIS.
That's how I got here in the first place.
Does this mean you're leaving? PUZZLED VOICES WIND WHIRLS AND HOWLS What are you doing here? I I was in space.
Well, you were in the time vortex.
She must have extended the force field.
No wonder No wonder she's late, dragging you around.
You tricked me.
I saved you.
You didn't even say goodbye.
I'm FURIOUS with you! Well, I am not even talking to YOU! Oh SHE CHUCKLES Oh, Doctor, fixing toys and fighting monsters.
The turkey isn't done yet.
Is it still asking the question? Oh, never stops.
Come upstairs, it's almost time.
What for? Dawn.
The light here lasts only a few minutes, you don't want to miss it.
Well, it's a standoff.
They can't attack in case I unleash the Time Lords.
And I can't run away, because they'll burn this planet to stop the Time Lords.
Hey, after all these years, I've finally found somewhere that needs me to stick around.
A town called Christmas! Could've been worse.
Right, there you go, buddy.
Comfy? Comfort is irrelevant.
How's that, is that better? Affirmative.
You just take it easy, buddy.
He's getting old.
I do my best for him, but I just can't get the parts, you know.
Hey, I know the feeling.
Where do you get these? I have a supplier.
The pinks ones are best.
BEEPING VOICE BREAKS UP: I have developed a fault.
Hey, don't you worry, 'Andles, you're just dreaming.
The sun's coming up very soon, you just hang on in there.
I have developed afault.
II have developed a fault.
Hey, Handles.
Come on.
Come on.
One more dawn, you can do it.
You've got it in you.
Come on, just hang on in there.
VOICE BREAKS UP AND CUTS OUT: Attention! Emergency! Atten Handles, what is it, what's wrong? Urgent action required! You must patch the telephone device back through theconsoleunit.
Come back.
Handles? Handles HE SIGHS Thank you, Handles, and well done.
Well done, mate.
BIRD CALLS What do you think of my new place? I come up here once a day for a few minutes remind myself of what it is I'm protecting.
It's beautiful.
Why did you send me away? Because if I hadn't, I'd have buried you a long time ago.
No, you wouldn't.
I would never have let you get stuck here.
Ha! Everyone gets stuck somewhere, eventually, Clara.
Everything ends.
Except you.
Have you been paying attention? I'm an old man now.
But you don't die.
You change.
You pop right back up with a new face.
No, not for ever.
I can change 12 times.
13 versions of me.
13 silly Doctors.
OK, so you're number 11, so Are we forgetting Captain Grumpy, eh? I didn't call myself the Doctor during the Time War, but it was still a regeneration.
OK, so you're number 12.
Number ten once regenerated and kept the same face - I had vanity issues at the time.
12 regenerations, Clara.
I can't ever do it again.
This is where I end up.
This face - this version of me.
We saw this planet in the future, remember? All those graves .
one of them mine.
Change the future.
I can't.
You've got your TARDIS back.
Ha! You think I'm just going to fly away, abandon everyone? Of course not.
But you've been protecting this town for over 300 years.
Do you not think it's anybody else's go yet? There is no-one else to protect it.
It won't be you for ever.
It'll end the same way, whatever you do.
Every life I save is a victory.
Every single one.
What about your life? Just for once, after all of this time, have you not earned the right to think about that? Sorry.
Wrong thing to say.
We shouldn't be having an argument.
Clara, I've been having that argument for the last 300 years all by myself.
But you didn't have your TARDIS.
Ah! Yes, well, that made it easier to stay.
THUNDER RUMBLES 'Doctor!' Ah! Look who's woken up! 'The Church of the Silence requests parlay.
'Your rights and safety are sanctified.
' I'll be right up.
'I'm sending a transporter.
' Nah, don't bother.
I've got me motor back.
It's gone dark.
Well, the sun's gone down.
Already? Everything ends, Clara.
And sooner than you think.
Hm! Are you guarding my TARDIS, Barnable? Are you coming back? Oh, come on.
You know me.
I'll wait.
(She hasn't aged much.
) No, she's against ageing.
What are those things? Confess.
Confessional priests.
Very popular.
Genetically engineered so you forget everything you told them.
Told who? There you go! Satisfactory? Where are the pink ones? E-numbers.
You're hyper enough as it is.
So this is sweet.
Middle of a siege, and you two have little chats? She's right.
This situation cannot continue.
It can't end either.
DALEK: Report! The Time Lord has entered the trap.
Why did you ever come to Trenzalore? Well, I did come to Trenzalore, and nothing can change that now.
Didn't stop you trying, though, did it? Not me.
The Kovarian Chapter broke away.
They travelled back along your timeline and tried to prevent you ever reaching Trenzalore.
So that's who blew up my TARDIS.
I thought I'd left the bath running.
They blew up your time capsule, created the very cracks in the universe through which the Time Lords are now calling.
The destiny trap.
You can't change history if you're part of it.
They engineered a psychopath to kill you.
Totally married her.
I'd never have made it here alive without River Song.
I am not interested in changing history, Doctor.
I want to change the future.
The Daleks send for reinforcements daily, they are massing for war.
Three days ago, they attacked the Mainframe itself.
They attacked here? How did you stop them? Stop them? It was slaughter.
Why didn't you call me? I could have helped.
I tried.
I died in this room, screaming your name.
) Oh I died.
It's funny the things that slip your mind.
SHE GASPS No! No, no, no, Tasha, no, please, not Tasha, no.
Fight it.
CRACKING Tash, fight it! Step away from the Dalek unit, Doctor! You shouldn't even know who I am.
Information concerning the Doctor was harvested from the cadaver of Tasha Lem.
Bet she never told you how to break the Trenzalore force field, though.
She'd have died first.
Several times.
Well, you'd better kill me, then, go on.
But before you do 'Doctor who? Doctor who? 'Doctor who?' I'm a tough old bird.
I'll be ages dying.
Way enough time to answer a question.
And, oh dear, what happens then, boys? You will die in silence, Doctor, or your associate will die.
Fine, go on.
Kill her.
Kill her! See if I care! But tell me, what you are going to do next? See how the Time Lord betrays.
You'll kill me anyway.
What difference does it make? I'm not afraid.
I'll leave that to you.
You see, Tasha, that's what I'm talking about! THAT is a WOMAN! I always knew you were a bit spineless, you and your pointless church! Why did I ever rely on you? Never trust a nun to do a Doctor's work.
CLARA GASPS And she's back! You never could resist a row.
Kiss me when I ask.
Well, you'd better ask nicely.
In your dreams! Right, get us back to the TARDIS.
Can you do that? Yep, but quickly, the Dalek inside me is waking.
Fight it.
I can't.
Listen to me.
You have been fighting the psychopath inside you all your life.
Shut up and win.
That is an order, Tasha Lem.
The force field will hold for a while, but it will decay, and there are breaches already.
Then this isn't a siege any more, it's a war.
It's all up to you now.
Fight the Daleks, inside and out.
You can do it, I know you can.
Oh, I see.
You've got your TARDIS back, haven't you? Time to fly away.
Tasha, please Please.
Thank you.
None of this was for you, you fatuous egotist.
It was for the peace.
Fly away, Doctor! METALLIC THRUMMING BELL TINGS It's done.
What is? Your turkey.
Either or that or it's woken up.
SHE LAUGHS Do you want some? Go on, then.
Got any plates? Do you know, I've even got Christmas crackers! One thing.
Give me those big sad eyes, look at me so I know you're not lying, and tell me you will never send me away ever again.
Clara Oswald .
I will never send you awayagain.
Turkey smells good! Yep, smells great.
SHE STRAINS Merry Christmas.
Doctor? METALLIC THRUMMING If you're not leaving, why did you bring it back? It's a reminder.
Besides, I might leave tomorrow.
Or the next day.
Or the day after that.
WIND WHISTLES PEOPLE SCREAM TASHA LEM: 'And so, to the fields of Trenzalore 'came all the Time Lord's enemies.
'For this was the winter of the Doctor.
'In time, when all other races had retreated or burned, 'only the Church of the Mainframe remained in the path of the Daleks.
'And so those ancient enemies, the Doctor and the Silence, 'stood back to back on the fields of Trenzalore.
' TOY: 'Merry Christmas, everyone.
Merry Christmas, everyone.
' Other fish in the sea, that's what I'm saying.
Linda, I don't think Clara wants to talk about it.
I've got a suggestion, that's all.
I've got a list of suggestions.
Linda You could make a boy band out of my list! I hate boy bands.
Of course you don't, not at your age.
These crackers are rubbish.
I bought them.
I know.
They're classy.
They don't have jokes.
They've got poems.
They're more dramatic crackers.
I like the jokes.
Tell us a joke, Gran.
You know loads of jokes.
I think we're probably talking about my list now.
Probably not.
Tell us how you met Dad.
The thing about the pigeon.
I saw him on a pier on a rainy day.
Not that one! The one about the pigeon.
I'd seen him before, lots of times.
But he just looked so beautiful standing there.
The pigeon in the restaurant? You remember? I wanted everything to stop.
I wanted nothing to change ever again.
If he could just keep standing there, so beautiful A long time ago.
Don't hug me so tight, dear, you'll break something.
Oh, that's nice(!) Crying at Christmas.
I hope you made a wish.
METALLIC THRUMMING Clara? What's wrong, Clara? Everybody just stay put! BEEPING You can fly the TARDIS? Flying the TARDIS was always easy.
It was flying the Doctor I never quite mastered.
What's happened to him? SHOUTING What am I supposed to do? He shouldn't die alone.
Go to him.
RASPING Barnable? Clara.
Hello, Doctor.
Were you always so young? Nah.
That was you.
Ah Seek the Doctor.
Merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas.
Hey, it's OK.
It's fine, don't worry.
CRACKER BANGS Ah! Is there a joke? Huh? Extract from Thoughts On A Clock by Eric Ritchie Junior.
Is it a knock-knock one? Those are best.
I don't think so.
Well, read it.
Go on.
And now it's time for one last bow Like all your other selves Eleven's hour is over now The clock is striking twelve's.
I don't get it.
DALEK: Doctor! The Doctor will be brought! The Daleks demand the Doctor! They're here.
The Daleks, we can't stop them.
They want you.
Oh, all right, Barnable.
Are you Barnable? No, Doctor.
It's OK, Barnable, don't worry.
I have got a plan.
Off you pop.
RUMBLING AND EXPLOSIONS I haven't got a plan, but people love it when I say that.
Doctor, what are you going to do? Oh, I don't know.
Talk very fast, hope something good happens, take the credit.
That's generally how it works.
Doctor Not this time, though.
This is it.
No! Yes.
We saw the future, Clara.
This is how it ends.
Change it! Huh! Like Tasha said, change the future! I could have once.
When there were Time Lords.
Not any more.
Locate the Doctor.
Now, you're going to stay here.
Promise me you will.
Why? I'll be keeping you safe.
One last victory.
Allow me that.
Give me that .
my impossible girl.
Thank you.
And goodbye.
The trouble with Daleks is, they take so long to say anything.
Probably die of boredom before they shoot me.
SHE SOBS The Doctor is required! Listen to me, you lot, listen! Help him.
Help him change the future.
Do it.
Do something.
Doctor! You've been asking a question .
and it's time someone told you you've been getting it wrong.
His name His name is the Doctor.
All the name he needs.
Everything you need to know about him.
And if you love him .
and you should .
help him.
Help him.
LOUD CRACK Sorry, I'm a bit slow.
I may not be at my best right now.
You are dying, Doctor.
Yes I'm dying.
You've been trying to kill me for centuries, and here I am, dying of old age.
If you want something done, do it yourself.
You will die, and the Time Lords will never return.
You still can't work up the courage to shoot me, can you? You're still worried I've got something up my sleeve.
Well, you knock yourselves out, boys.
I've got nothing this time.
This is the end of you.
The rules of regeneration are known.
You have expended all your lives.
Sorry, what did you say? Did you mention the rules? Now, listen! Bit of advice.
Tell me the truth if you think you know it.
Lay down the law, if you're feeling brave, but, Daleks, never, ever tell me the rules! Emergency! Emergency! The Doctor is regenerating! CLOCK CHIMES The Doctor is regenerating! Oh, look at this.
Regeneration number 13.
We're breaking some serious science here, boys.
I tell you what, it's going to be a whopper! Exterminate! Exterminate the Doctor.
HE CHUCKLES You think you can stop me now, Daleks? If you want my life HE CHUCKLES Comeand get it! Get inside! Get off street, get inside, quick.
You're young again.
You're OK.
You didn't even change your face.
Ha! It's started.
I can't stop it now.
This is just the reset.
Whole new regeneration cycle, ooh SHE LAUGHS .
taking a bit longer.
Just breaking it in.
HE GASPS FAST TICKING METALLIC THRUMMING It all just disappears, doesn't it? Everything you are, gone in a moment, like breath on a mirror.
Any moment now, he's a-coming.
Who's coming? The Doctor.
Youyou are the Doctor.
Yep .
and I always will be.
But times change and so must I.
CHILD GIGGLES Amelia? Who's Amelia? The first face this face saw.
We all change when you think about it.
We're all different people all through our lives.
And that's OK, that's good, you've got to keep moving, so long as you remember all the people that you used to be.
I will not forget one line of this.
Not one day.
I swear.
I will always remember when the Doctor was me.
MUSIC SOARS Raggedy man Good night.
No, no.
Hey Please don't change.
LOUD SWOOSHING LOUD SWOOSHING Kidneys! I've got new kidneys.
I don't like the colour.
Of your kidneys? What's happening? We're probably crashing! Oh! LOUD JUDDERING Into what? Stay calm.
LOUD CLANGING Just one question.
Do you happen to know how to fly this thing?