Doctor Who s14e90 Episode Script

The Star Beast

Once upon a time.
Once upon a Time Lord
I had a best friend.
And her name was Donna Noble.
A Time Lord and a human.
We travelled the stars together.
Sometimes I have dreams
about impossible things.
- I dream of creatures
and adventures and faraway skies.
But none of it's true.
Donna saved the entire universe
by taking the power of the Time Lords
into her mind at a terrible cost.
Binary, binary, binary, binary.
She had to forget
everything she ever knew.
- Goodbye.
- No. No. No.
- [DOCTOR] She had to forget me.
- Please. Please. No! No!
Because if Donna ever remembers me,
she will die.
And now I've got a nice life
with a nice fella and a nice house
and the most beautiful
daughter in the world.
But I just think something's missing.
I can never see Donna again.
Now the days are drawing in.
I keep having more and more dreams.
Like something's getting closer.
But now this face has come back.
It's like a storm in the air
about to break.
I think the story hasn't ended yet.
[PEDESTRIAN] Oi! Watch it, love.
Oh. Hold on.
Hold on! Let me help.
Thank you very much. [LAUGHS]
Oi! Do you mind?
If you're finished playing
games, mister.
This stuff's not mine. It's hers.
Oh, where's she gone?
- Rose!
- What?
- Rose!
- [ROSE] Coming.
Sorry, Mum, I had to pop back.
Wanted to buy a bag full of eyes.
Mum? And a bag full of eyes.
She's got this business online.
You should spend your evenings
doing homework,
not fiddling about posting
things to Dubai.
Hold on. Who are you?
- Oh, yeah. Sorry.
- He's not stacked this right.
- My name's
- [DONNA] I took one look at him.
I said, "Never trust a man
with a goatee".
He looked like he'd been
suckin' a drain pipe.
- I said to him
- Look at this!
He was like, "I know better". I said
Mum! There's a plane crashing.
But watch me stack correctly.
I don't think that's a plane.
It's a spaceship in trouble.
- Mum, look. It's a spaceship.
- [DONNA] Yes.
There's a spaceship crashing
over London right now.
You are worse than your great-grandad.
- Oh! Grandad.
- [ROSE] It's gonna crash!
[SIGHS] There you go. Perfectly stacked.
That's better. [CHUCKLES]
Mum, how do you always manage
to miss everything?
Because I've got better
things to do. [INHALES]
Nice to meet you, skinny man.
Oh. Word of advice.
You can wear a suit that tight
up to the age of 35 and no further.
Come on, Rosie.
- [SHAUN] Rose!
- What?
- Rose!
- What?
- [SHAUN] Rose!
- Oh, I give up.
- Oh, sorry, mate.
That's my daughter over
there and my missus.
Good. But I need to get north.
That explosion just now.
Something crashed. Can you get me there?
Oh, satnav says they're
closing all the roads.
Oh, I know some roads even
taxi drivers don't. Trust me.
Grand Master of the Knowledge.
That says, "Grand Mistress".
Oh. Catch up.
And let's Allons-y.
[SHAUN] Oui, monsieur.
So you're Shaun Temple.
Which means that woman
Your wife, that-that's
Donna. Is that right?
[CHUCKLES] Yeah. How'd you know that?
Oh, I know that friend of yours. Nerys.
Oh, Nerys. How is she?
She's fine.
- After the accident.
- She's not fine.
- Well, it was her fault.
- She's been fine.
But she was saying about you and Donna.
So, she's Donna Temple now?
[LAUGHS] No. Still
Donna Noble. [CHUCKLES]
She refused to be Noble-Temple.
- She says, "It sounds like an old ruin".
- "Sounds like an old ruin".
That's her. [CHUCKLES]
And Rose Noble too. I was
never gonna win that battle.
[INHALES SHARPLY] What do I care?
I've got the best two
girls in the world, mate.
But Nerys said [STAMMERS]
I thought I mean
Didn't you win the lottery?
Nerys and her big mouth.
That's supposed to be a secret.
You know what happened.
Donna gave it all away to charity,
every single penny.
Well, we bought the house.
That's the one thing we did do.
Now we can't afford to run it.
Do I complain? No, I do not.
That's the great love story, mate.
Me putting up with that.
She gave all her money away?
Triple rollover. 166 million quid.
Why did she do that?
Oh! Next left!
I'm here at Milton Wagner Steelworks,
where residents have described
an object falling from the sky.
Some calling it a UFO
Wha What are you doing?
Get off me. Here, I'm a
member of the Crown.
- Take him away!
I want a red perimeter. Access to
the south-east only. Now move.
[UNIT MEMBER] Confirm red perimeter.
Engage protocols five and 15!
[UNIT MEMBER 2] Go! Let's
move! That side! Go! Let's go!
Now I think we're making
a fundamental mistake.
'Cause maybe that spaceship was
on a collision course to start with,
but look.
At the last minute,
it pulls up, then settles.
What I'm saying is,
that ship didn't crash.
It parked.
- No signs of life?
- Not yet. [SIGHS]
But we don't know what kind
of life we're looking for.
- Oi, Jason, you all right?
[LAUGHS] Looking good, Jason!
- Oi, give us a kiss, Jay Boy.
I'll get them. Is that
Josie Wingate's boy?
[SIGHS] Just leave it.
Well, I'm gonna tell her.
'Cause I remember she had
lots of names at school.
And I should know. I invented 'em.
- Oh, more trouble.
- I've made you a nice curry.
We've still got that giant sausage roll
from Thursday.
I don't need my own personal food bank.
It is not my fault I lost my job.
All right, it is my fault. But still.
If you'd kept some of that money
- Oh, don't start.
- Gran, did you see that spaceship?
Was it on the news?
No, I didn't. And I won't.
And I couldn't.
How many more times? There's
no such thing as spaceships.
You didn't see anything, did you?
[SCOFFS] You know me. Dumbo.
[CHUCKLES] I miss everything.
Well, good.
You look absolutely gorgeous. [KISSES]
I'm just gonna put these in the shed.
Listen, you.
I would burn down the
world for you, darling.
Anyone has a go, I will be there,
and I will descend.
Is she all right?
Boys from school.
I never know. [SIGHS]
When I say she looks gorgeous,
is that right?
I mean, is it sexist? I never
said it to him when he was
Oh. Oh, sorry.
[INHALES DEEPLY] Does she look gorgeous?
Yes. Well, stop worrying.
I just get so clumsy.
I know. So do I. [INHALES SHARPLY]
It's what happens. You have a kid.
You think, "Good.
I've got it. That's mine".
And then she grows up into
this extraordinary beautiful thing,
and you think, "Where the
hell did she come from?"
"How lucky am I?"
Don't you, Mum?
Oh! Yes, definitely.
[SCOFFS] Yeah, I wish.
Funny about that spaceship thing.
Remember Gramps used
to talk about flying saucers?
Did I tell you? I saw Susie Mair.
She's looking a lot better.
Uh, shorter, obviously.
And then he stopped.
He used to talk about aliens and UFO's
and little green men. [CHUCKLES]
Then he never mentioned them again.
Round about the time
I forgot everything.
It's a long time ago, darling.
Fifteen years.
There's just this gap.
It's no great mystery.
You had a bit of a breakdown,
And then you got better.
Sometimes I think
there's something missing.
Like I had something
lovely. And it's gone.
And I I kinda I kinda
look to the side, like
Like something should be there,
but it's not.
And I know I've got
Rose and Shaun and you.
And the biggest sausage roll
I've ever seen, frankly.
I should be happy.
I should be really happy.
But some nights, I lie
in bed, thinking
"What have I lost?"
Rose! Have you seen? On the flatwood!
A spaceship landed!
Fudge, that was miles away.
[STAMMERS] No, but a bit fell off!
Like an escape pod! With aliens inside!
[FUDGE] Oh, my God. It's empty,
Rose. That means it got out.
There's an alien on the loose!
This is amazing.
I'm gonna get my phone.
[POLICE OFFICER] All right, everyone.
Just stay calm. Just stay calm.
- Who's that?
- Meep, meep.
Oh, my God. Hello. I mean, wow.
What are you?
- I am the Meep.
- You can talk? [LAUGHS]
Oh, my God.
- Mm-hmm.
- My name is Rose.
I'm a human. What happened?
Did you crash?
I fell from the stars. I hurt my paw.
- Let me see.
- No!
But I'm not safe. There
are others from the sky.
- They're hunting me down to kill me.
- Who are they?
There are aliens on the loose,
right on our doorstep.
- Leave him.
It is the Meep we seek.
Continue the hunt.
Too good for us now?
- Evening.
- Doctor.
That's a double-bladed dagger
drive, damaged by laser fire,
which means we've got two sets of
visitors at war with each other.
Nice to meet you.
Did you get the heat readings
on deceleration?
- [CHUCKLES] Oh, I got everything.
- Hmm.
Shirley Anne Bingham,
UNIT Scientific Advisor number 56.
Oh! I was Scientific Advisor
number one. [SNIFFS]
No, I know. I've read the files.
I'm gonna get a bonus
just for meeting you.
But why are you hiding away?
We're on the same side.
It's all a bit mad, Shirley.
I don't know who I am anymore.
Well, you look like the Doctor to me.
Well, exactly. The one
in the skinny suit.
After that, I wear a bow tie.
After that, I'm a Scotsman.
After that, I'm a woman.
But that's your future.
You can't know that. It's forbidden.
I regenerated. And she became me.
- You got your old face back?
- Yep.
But why?
Well, that's what I'm
worried about. [INHALES]
Because I've got this friend
called Donna Noble.
She was my best friend
in the whole wide universe.
I absolutely love her.
Oh. Mmm. Do I say things like that now?
Sounds like a good thing to say.
But Donna took the mind
of a Time Lord into her head.
I had to wipe her memory
to save her life.
If she ever remembers me, she will die.
So what happens next?
I get this face back, and
the TARDIS lands right next to her.
I turn around, there's her husband.
A spaceship crashes
right in front of her.
It's like she's drawing us in.
What? She's making it happen?
No, she's got no idea.
She's so ordinary. She's brilliant.
She's got this beautiful daughter.
She's happy.
Is she? Hmm.
But now the universe is
turning around her again.
I don't believe in destiny,
but if destiny exists,
then it is heading
for Donna Noble right now.
- What for?
- I don't know.
- Oh.
- But she can't remember.
I won't be the one who kills her.
- Right.
There's no sign of a pilot, but
that's not an automatic drive,
- so you should look for some sort of
- [SOLDIER] Ma'am.
We found the escape pod.
No sign of life, but we're moving out
to secure the site.
Good work, soldier. Go get it.
Uh, yeah, yeah. Not you, mate.
I've got this. Off you pop.
Waited your whole life?
You wish.
[UNIT MEMBER 3] Alpha team, move out!
- Bravo team, commence preventive arrest.
Move, move, move, move!
Think we've got something.
A signal from inside the ship.
It's some kind of repeated pulse,
but when we answer through basic
modulation, it modulates it back.
Ah. That's, um
Sorry about the stairs.
But Geneva says to go in, immediately.
Don't make me the problem.
Just get in there.
Okay, let's see if this key
pulse works. At arms.
Do not fire without my command.
[DONNA] It's bin night.
Your turn.
- Meep, meep.
- It's okay. [SIGHS]
- Hello.
- It's only me.
I've got some first aid stuff.
- I made some little friends.
- Oh. No. They're just toys.
Please be my friend. Why won't
you speak to the little Meep?
Be my friend.
- Be my friend. [GRUNTS]
Please be my friend.
- They can't talk.
- Please.
Poor little things with no voice.
No, look. It's just my
little homemade business.
I'm trying to make a bit of money
for Mum and Dad. That's all.
These are toys. Humans have toys.
They've got stuffing inside.
- [SHRIEKS] You pulled its tummy out!
- [GASPS] No, no, no.
Keep it down. Don't be so loud.
I want to go home.
The Meep is all alone.
Yeah. I know that feeling.
Sometimes I think I'm
from a different planet.
That's what other people say.
- You sound lonely.
- No. Just
Now you have the Meep.
[DONNA] I told you on the rota.
But did you listen, Rose?
- Hide!
Every week, it's the same old thing
and who ends up doing the bins?
- Mum.
- Me.
It says, "Keep out".
You know my rules.
No secrets in this house.
Now, have you got anything
for recycling?
- I've done it.
Come on, Mum. I'm starving.
Let's go and have some tea.
Ooh. That's a new one, isn't it?
Mum, please.
- That is your best yet.
- I know. Let's go.
That woman from Abu Dhabi who
buys your stuff, she'd love that one.
[GASPS] She's obsessed with Gonks.
Grown woman. Obsessed with Gonks.
- You could charge her double.
- Really cold. Shall we go in?
I have to say that is
very good handiwork.
You could go on The Sewing Bee.
Mum, please. Let's go inside.
And those eyes are amazing!
They look so real! They look
- What?
- What?
Did it just
- What the hell?
Move out. Move, move, move!
Single file! Left flank!
[DONNA] Oh, what the hell
is it doing in my shed?
[UNIT MEMBER 3] Keep eyes on target!
[DONNA] Get out of my garden!
[UNIT MEMBER 4] Surround the perimeter!
Please, pretty lady.
- It talks!
- [SYLVIA] It's not real.
- How the hell is it talking?
Don't look at it! Look away!
Right now. It isn't real!
- [WHIMPERS] Please.
[DOCTOR] Let me in! Let me in!
- Please, I don't want to die.
[DONNA] Don't touch it!
[DOCTOR] Sylvia!
Oh, Sylvia! So nice to see you
again. Could you let me in?
You said that if she sees
you again, she will die.
[DOCTOR] Well, no. If
If she remembers me.
That's slightly different.
No such thing as spaceships?
We've got a bloody Martian in the shed!
- Stop panicking and grow up.
- Just get out of here, now.
- [SHRIEKS] Help! Help!
- Get off me, you space rat!
- [CREATURE] Please help!
- Oh, wow. He's so cute.
[GASPS] Don't look at it,
Donna. Don't look!
- What?
- Don't look! Don't look. It doesn't exist.
- What do you mean it doesn't exist?
- Meep, meep.
It's hanging off my left leg!
we go again. [GROANS]
It's that man!
- Oh, it's skinny man!
- No, it isn't.
- He's not there.
- What?
You can't see him.
And there's no monster.
Oh, for the love of God,
none of this is real!
Hey, hey. Dad's home.
Something smells nice.
Tuna madras.
Meep, meep.
Major Singh, you and your squadron
will return to the
steelworks immediately.
But, sir, we detected a native
You will return immediately for
reassessment. Do you understand?
Yes, sir.
Mason, Giovanni, we're moving out!
[GIOVANNI] On me! Let's move!
We are close. The Meep is near.
[SYLVIA] We should
think about infection.
I mean, I think this man
should deal with this beast,
and-and-and we can leave him
alone, and go back to mine.
Never mind. Never mind
about the-the ferret from Mars.
Who the hell are you?
I Um. What was it?
- A friend of Nerys.
- That's it.
Well, now it all makes sense.
That viper in the nest.
I'm not going anywhere.
We could sell mad Paddington
for a million quid.
- Mum!
- Whoa!
You fill the fridge!
What did happen to all your money?
Why are you so interested in us?
Everywhere we go, there you are.
Yeah, I just I was wondering.
There is one person missing.
I used to know your grandad, Wilf.
- He's not with us anymore.
- Right. Course.
He wasn't young. He was
I loved that man.
I'm so sorry for your loss.
- He's not dead.
- You idiot.
He's in sheltered accommodation.
He's 94. He can't manage the stairs.
We were lucky. We couldn't afford it,
but this offer came along.
It's amazing. He's got this room,
like a cottage and a garden,
and it's almost free.
Run by that lot in the
middle of town? UNIT?
This woman in charge, Kate,
she says he's an old soldier,
she'll look after him.
Right. I know her.
She's looking after Wilf.
Brilliant. Brilliant.
Meep, meep.
I promise I can help him get home.
Then you'll never see me again.
You're assuming he as a pronoun? Hmm.
True. Yes. Sorry. Good point.
Are you he or she or they?
My chosen pronoun is the definite
article. I am always the Meep.
Oh. I do that.
But you were shot down.
Who wants you dead?
The Wrarth Warriors.
They cultivate Meepkind
for our beautiful fur.
But then the galaxy said,
"No more fur. It's wrong".
So the Wrarth Warriors
slaughtered their livestock.
- You're a fashion victim.
- No.
- Ah.
- Sorry.
Now, they will hunt me down
till there are no Meeps left.
[SNIFFS] It breaks both my hearts.
You got two hearts? So do I.
You've got what?
No. He-He means it like a metaphor.
- [STAMMERS] Like two minds. Don't you?
- [UNIT MEMBER 4] Open up!
- Well, what the hell is it now?
Ah, good. The soldiers!
They can give us a lift.
Me and the Meep will be out of
your way. This lot are on my side.
We demand to search the house.
This has been declared a military zone.
Sorry. Say that again?
We demand to search the house.
This has been declared a military zone.
Not today, thanks.
- I think we need to run. Whoa!
Wrarth, attack formation!
[WRARTH WARRIOR 1] Surrender the Meep.
- In position!
- Whoa!
Secure the house! Eliminate the Wrarth!
- What the hell is going on?
- [SYLVIA] Donna.
- Where's your car?
- Uh, five-five doors down.
[SHAUN] There are children
here! We've got children!
Never mind me. We've
got to save the Meep.
Upstairs! Up, up, up,
up, up, up, up, up, up!
- Come on, the Meep!
- No!
- Come on! That's it.
- Meep!
- Meep sighted.
Help me!
Meep, second level.
- My house!
- Upstairs. Upstairs, upstairs!
Body armour at maximum!
- Whoa!
- [WRARTH WARRIOR 1] Find the Meep.
Up we go! Fast as you can.
Covering fire!
[SHAUN GRUNTS] Thanks, love.
This is a sonic screwdriver.
And if it's good at one thing,
it's resonating concrete.
[SHAUN] That's not concrete.
That's mortar.
[DONNA] Thank you, Bob the Builder.
Skinny minnie, you're not bad.
- You think?
- No, she doesn't. Now move.
[DOCTOR] Come on. [GRUNTS]
Five houses down.
Cover me! On my six!
Rogue UNIT troops under hostile control.
This is code red. Open fire!
- Down!
Let's move! Move!
All soldiers, protect house 23!
Oh! [PANTS] Meep, meep.
- Meep, meep.
the house. Kill the Wrarth.
Can I have the keys?
[WHIMPERS] Meep, meep.
[GRUNTS] Meep located.
- Stop the Meep!
[MEEP] Help! Save the Meep! [YELPS]
Oh, my God!
- You did it.
- We're alive.
- Thank you. [SIGHS]
- Meep, meep.
Either we escaped
or we've got things very, very wrong.
Meep, meep.
This court is now in session.
Intercept teleport!
What the hell are you doing?
Silence in court.
I am invoking Shadow Proclamation
protocols 15, P and 6.
Under my jurisdiction,
there will be no violence
until such time
as I deem it fit and proper.
Is that understood?
Now, exhibit A. The taxi.
No scorch marks.
Donna, can you confirm?
Um. Yes. Um, no, nothing.
We were hit by plasma bolts,
but there isn't a mark.
And that soldier in the street,
he was unconscious, not dead.
Exhibit B. Those guns are
stun guns. Is that correct?
The guns apply a mild and
harmless neural anaesthetic.
For the record, my name
is Sergeant Zogroth.
And I am Constable Zreeg.
But the evil Wrarth Warriors
want to kill the Meep.
The only ones out to kill were
the soldiers with the swirling eyes.
So were they coming to hurt you,
the Meep? Or save you?
If I may speak.
Address the court.
of the Meep is a tragic tale.
Their planet basked
in the light of a living sun.
Until one terrible day,
the sun went mad.
[CONSTABLE ZREEG] A psychedelic sun.
Its radiation mutated all of Meepkind
into cruel beasts who live for conquest.
The eyes. That's solar psychedelia.
It renders them as maniacs.
captured the Galactic Council,
- beheaded them and ate them.
- Oh.
The Wrarth Warriors were summoned.
And we fought across the stars,
a long and awful battle.
died rather than surrender.
And now, only this one survives.
Their leader, the most
cruel and despicable of all.
Meep, meep.
Now. Let's be fair.
It's your turn, the Meep.
Witness for the defence.
So, what do you say?
Oh, to hell with this!
Exhibit C!
- No stun guns for me! Just die!
[SHAUN] Donna! Donna, don't!
And here they come!
My soldiers of the psychedelic sun!
- Obey the Meep!
- Get out! Get Rose out!
[THE MEEP] I don't need to pretend,
for I am the Beep of all the Meeps.
[GROANING] Sergeant Zogroth regrets
retirement from a-active duty.
I was right.
You are a monster.
And you believed every word I said.
You stupid woman! With your weird child!
Oh, don't you dare!
Oh, I dare.
No, no, no, no, no, no, no!
But Last minute evidence. Me!
Why is there another
two-hearted species on this planet?
Unless I'm part of a strategy by
the Wrarth Warriors to outfox you?
And if you kill me and fail
to take this family hostage,
you'll never find out, will you?
- Bring them!
- Good!
Now, look, I can suggest
a much better way off this planet
than a double-bladed dagger drive.
'Cause that thing is gonna
Who are you?
- What's your name?
I'm just passing by.
Do you know him?
- No.
- You act like you know him.
Ever since he arrived, it's like
I'm so stupid!
No. No, you're not.
[DONNA] We could be living
somewhere far away from here.
Monte Carlo.
And you And you'd be safe, Rose.
It's all my fault. Gave away
that lottery money.
There are places out there where
people are in danger. And in pain.
And fear.
And I could help.
Just felt like the sort of thing
he would do. [LAUGHS]
- Oh!
- [UNIT MEMBER 4] Out!
[DOCTOR] It didn't land
in a steelworks by mistake.
It came to be mended.
Hail to the Meep!
Hail to the Most High.
Hail to the Meep. Hail to the Most High.
Human scum, behold my
vessel to the stars!
Far beyond your tiny, grasping minds.
I name this ship
the Delusions of Grandeur.
[GROWLS] Meep.
You can't fire those engines.
Not from here.
A dagger drive gets its
energy by stabbing down.
It would extract, ooh,
five square miles?
The whole of London town burnt as fuel.
But that's nine million people.
[THE MEEP] A great day for Meepkind.
And the start of a new reign of terror
as the Meep returns
to the stars for revenge.
And feasting.
Now, activate the initialisers.
Initialisers activated.
- Brandish the gravity stanchions.
Gravity stanchions brandished.
Calibrate the flight deck!
[UNIT MEMBER] Flight deck calibrated.
[THE MEEP] Take the prisoners on board!
Then I'll decide which one to eat first.
Hail to the Meep.
to the Most High. Hail to the Meep.
Evening, boys.
You've got weapons in your wheelchair.
We all have. Come on.
Come on.
Right. You lot, the family,
you can get out through that door.
You need to get to engine control.
But the port side's guarded.
- There's no way round it.
- So what do we do?
I don't just fire darts, mate.
You lot run.
I'll fight 'em off at the lift.
- [SHAUN] Donna, come on!
- Come on.
I love you, darling. [PANTS]
I'm sorry.
- [ROSE] No!
- Donna!
- Donna, you can't.
- Take her Take her ten miles away.
I love you, Shaun.
But if the Doctor can't save
the city, we're all gonna die.
[INHALES SHARPLY] I've gotta help!
She called him Doctor.
[GASPS] Come on.
[GRUNTS, SIGHS] Come on.
drive systems initialising.
[PANTING] That's enough running.
- Blimey.
- [SYSTEM VOICE] Chamber deadlocked.
No, no, no, no! I told
you to go! Just Don't!
[GROANS] No time.
[PANTS] I've got this.
I've got it, I've got it.
You stay there. Don't move, Donna!
Hail to the Meep. Hail to the Most High.
- Maximise petrol links
and combustible hyperlines.
Hail to the Meep!
Hail to the Most High.
launch in five minutes.
Primary ignition signature installed.
Deadlock sealed.
- [SYSTEM VOICE] Deadlock sealed.
- It's been deadlocked.
- What's that mean?
It means I can do it by hand.
Bisect the maxifold.
- Oh. No, no, no, no!
- [SYSTEM VOICE] Maxifold bisecting.
Double dagger drive
installed and initiated.
Okay, okay. Okay, I can do it
with half the room. That's fine.
- Let me help.
- No! You can't get involved.
You can't!
Switches, the top ones, the blue ones,
flick them all down.
Activate the dagger drive.
[SHAUN] We can't get out! We're trapped!
[ROSE] Well, what do we do?
We've run out of time.
[SYSTEM VOICE] Ignition in 230.
If there was anything else I could do,
but there's only one thing left.
Well Well, then do it! [CHUCKLES]
Hurry up and do it!
What you waiting for?
I think
all that coincidence was heading here
to save London from burning.
'Cause you and I can stop this ship.
But it will kill you.
[VOICE CRACKING] You'll die.
My daughter is down there.
[SYSTEM VOICE] Ignition in 180.
And it's not just Rose.
It's nine million people.
[STAMMERS] Who cares about me?
I do.
But, why?
[INHALES SHARPLY] I'm just no one.
No, you are not!
Why does it have to be this?
[SYSTEM VOICE] Entering final sequence.
- Dreams.
- [SCOFFS] I don't
Look, I don't care what it is.
All right? Just Just
go and do it, will you?
- [SYSTEM VOICE] Ignition in 150.
- Tornado. Clifftops. Andante.
Get on with it!
Grief. Fingerprint.
- Susurration.
- Oh.
[SYSTEM VOICE] Ignition in 130.
- [DOCTOR] Sparrow.
- Sparrow.
- [DOCTOR] Dance.
- Dance.
- Mexico.
- [DONNA SOFTLY] Mexico.
[SYSTEM VOICE] Ignition in 100.
And burn!
- [THE MEEP] You city of fools! [CACKLES]
- [SYSTEM VOICE] Ignition in 90.
Are you all right?
I gave away my money.
- [SYSTEM VOICE] Ignition in 75.
- Right, but
I gave away all my money.
And do you know why, Doctor?
I gave it away to be like you.
So I could be kind. So I could be nice.
So I could be helpful. I [STAMMERS]
[SYSTEM VOICE] Ignition in one minute.
I had a subconscious, infracutaneous,
retrofold memory loop
making me act as soft as you
- and give away £166 million.
- [SYSTEM VOICE] Ignition in 50.
Yes, Donna, but [STAMMERS]
Destruction of London?
Oh, I'll show you destruction, mate.
- [SYSTEM] Ignition in 40.
- I'll tripledrive the particle manifesto,
overstep the umbilical feed,
vindicate the cyberline and
roast the hyperfeeds! Like this!
Maximise the stressfold links!
- Channel up the booster drive!
- Inculcate the plexidrones!
And shatterfry the positrons! Oh, yes!
- [SYSTEM VOICE] Twenty, nineteen
- How long have I got to live?
- sixteen, fifteen
- [TOGETHER] Fifty-five seconds.
thirteen, twelve, eleven
Best 55 seconds of my life!
- [SYSTEM VOICE] seven, six, five, four
- Because I get to do this!
three, two Ignition halted.
Donna Noble is descending.
reverse. Ignition reverse.
It's working!
No. No, no, no, no, no, no, no.
- No. No.
That two-hearted monster.
- [THE MEEP] Kill him! Eradicate him!
- Move out!
- We did it. She's fine. She's safe.
- You saved her.
- You saved them all.
Why did this face come back?
I don't know.
To say goodbye.
- Mmm.
Good fun, though. [CHUCKLES]
- We have orders to kill you.
- Do what you want.
This ship isn't going anywhere.
You were beaten. By the DoctorDonna.
Now feel the wrath of
the Meep. Destroy him!
[GASPS] What?
You're not dead.
But how?
Closing down all psychedelic
light wave emanators
and transferring excess power
to the brokendrone pre-fixilators.
Can you hear me? Mum? Doctor?
I think it's safe for you
to come down now.
Too much power for one person,
but you had a child,
and the metacrisis passed down.
- A shared inheritance.
[ROSE'S VOICE] Non-binary.
It was always there. Shining out of her.
And she chose her own name.
Oh, the shed! The shed was
her memory of the TARDIS.
The toys! The toys!
Every creature we met,
she remembered as a toy.
[DALEK] Exterminate.
[JUDOON] Go po lo sho.
[CYBERMAN] Upgrade in progress.
We are binary.
She's not. Because the Doctor's
- Male.
- And female.
And neither. And more.
Happy now?
My father would be impressed.
I have no higher compliment.
There's a word for you, Doctor.
And that word is jammy.
Jam on toast.
Calling the Meep.
You forget I still have my ship.
And if I have to explode the engines
and rupture this world
and damn us all to hell,
then I will!
There you go.
[DOCTOR] Sergeant Zogroth and
Constable Zreeg gave their lives,
along with many soldiers of Earth.
[WRARTH WARRIOR 1] Their names
will be included in the litany of crimes
as the Meep atones in
prison for 10,000 years.
Oh, I will escape and have my revenge.
So you beware, Doctor,
because there's one more thing.
Which is?
A creature with two hearts
is such a rare thing.
Just wait till I tell the boss.
I hate that. [INHALES SHARPLY]
But we've still gotta fix you two.
'Cause the metacrisis
might have slowed down,
but that thing is wrapped
around your cortex.
Yes, we know.
We know everything, thanks.
And you know nothing. It's a shame
you're not a woman anymore.
'Cause she'd have understood.
We've got all that power, but
there is a way to get rid of it.
Something a male-presenting
Time Lord will never understand.
Just let it go.
And we choose to let it go.
Like I said, mate, how lucky am I?
After all these years, I'm
finally me. [LAUGHS]
[DOCTOR] And UNIT have
a great insurance policy.
Damage to property
in the course of an alien war.
While that's being sorted out
One last trip?
Uh, don't you dare.
Do you know, I would love to.
I have got adventures of my own,
- bringing up this one.
- Can I see inside?
- No. No! No. No.
No. Because something will go wrong,
and you'll end up on Mars
with Chaucer and a robot shark.
And that's actually happened, hasn't it?
Oh, yeah.
But I was thinking we
could go and see Wilf?
- [LAUGHS] Now that is cheating.
- Just a suggestion.
I mean it. Don't you dare.
[SIGHS] But imagine his face, Mum.
Oh, he would be so happy.
All those secrets
Grandad kept for years.
He He thought I'd never remember.
And to see the Doctor.
One last time.
Oh, all right. But one trip.
That's all. Just one.
[LAUGHS] One tiny, little trip.
That is a promise. [GASPS]
It's like the old days.
Just me and the Doctor.
[LAUGHS] Is that all right?
Yeah, course it is.
Well, a lot of husbands would worry.
[LAUGHS] You know, me,
in a box, with another man.
Yeah. [WHISPERS] But not him.
Come on, spaceman.
Whoa! This is amazing!
It changed!
Oh, you clever thing!
Look at that!
It's got this!
What's that?
- It's still a bit nippy.
- Oh, come on!
All right.
It's gorgeous!
It's cleaner. And it's grown. [LAUGHS]
But I-I still don't get it. I mean,
the TARDIS can change all right.
But what about your face?
Why did it come back?
- Does there have to be a reason?
- In your life?
Well, I'm stuck with it now.
Oh, this thing is brilliant. It's
even got a coffee machine!
- You want one?
- You're kidding.
With cold milk, yeah?
Well remembered.
Thank you very much.
Careful. It's how I lost my job.
Dropped a coffee in the computer.
I really do remember, though.
Every second with you.
I'm so glad you're back,
'cause it killed me, Donna.
- It killed me, it killed me, it killed me.
We can have more days, can't we?
I mean, why is it such
a big goodbye with you?
Why is it one last trip?
'Cause you could visit.
With my family.
We could do outrageous things,
like have tea, dinner and a laugh!
And Rose's school play. Well,
maybe not that. She can't act.
She's terrible. I don't
know how to tell her.
But the point is, you've been
given a second chance.
You can do things different this time.
So why don't you do something
completely new
and have some friends?
- Maybe. Yeah.
- Mmm. Like now.
Here we are. Having a coffee.
What's gonna go wrong?
Oh, my God! I did it again!
- Mum! Mum!
- Donna!
I said so!
[DONNA] What's happening?
I've got no idea! It's
completely out of control!
We could end up
anywhere in time and space.
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