Doctor Who s14e91 Episode Script

Wild Blue Yonder

Ah, 'tis a glorious day, sir.
Mmm, England at its finest.
I think I shall hie me
to yonder apple tree,
there to contemplate
the mysteries of God's universe.
Well, don't come back until
you've had a very good idea, sir.
[CHUCKLES] I shan't.
Good day, Mrs. Merridew.
Of course.
Odds bodkins. What the devil?
Oh! Sorry, we're just
slightly out of control.
My friend, Donna
- This is Donna. Donna Noble.
- Hi! [LAUGHS]
just dropped some coffee
into the console.
But don't worry. He's got a time machine,
which means he can blame me
for all eternity.
I just need to triangulate. Could
you tell me what year this is?
It's 1666.
Oh! Mmm, stay away from London.
Wait a minute.
Apple tree. Apple.
Man holding an apple in 1666.
Are you Sir Isaac Newton?
Sir Isaac?
Oh. Not yet. Spoilers.
[LAUGHS] Have you got the controls
set to famous or what?
If I had controls. Thank you.
Hmm. But it's got to be said,
Mr. Isaac Newton,
that you, above all others,
can appreciate
Oh, no, don't.
- You can appreciate
- Really, really don't.
Oh, come on!
You can appreciate
- the gravity of the situation.
- The gravity of the situation.
- Oh! Sorry, gotta go.
- Bye!
- [DONNA] Bye!
What was that delightful word?
Shavity. Havity.
[GASPS] I am never ever
Out of the way!
Here they come
zooming to meet our thunder ♪
At 'em, boys, give 'em the gun ♪
Is it
Is it all right? Is it
broken? Is it knackered?
Is it bad?
It was brand-new.
- [INHALES] Not your fault.
- Yes, it was.
But can we fly?
Can you fix it? Can we get back home?
- We can do anything.
Sonic screwdriver and
a non-sonic screwdriver.
[CHUCKLES] I think a non-sonic
screwdriver is called a screwdriver.
Thank you.
But if I can just reconfigure
'Cause this old box can
regenerate itself
if I can just click it into gear.
Am I going mad, or did the TARDIS
play "Wide Blue Yonder"?
Yeah, it did, didn't it?
- What for?
- I wonder.
We sang that in the choir
in primary school.
We'd have a little concert
every Christmas,
but Gramps complained.
He said, "You shouldn't
be teaching children that".
It sounds all jaunty
and fun, but it's not.
It's the military going to war.
Yeah. It's the Air Force.
The words are "wild blue yonder",
which means the TARDIS
played us a war song.
There. Now
- it can rebuild.
Ooh. Okay? Yes?
Is it working?
[DOCTOR] Think so.
- There you go!
Mending, mending, mending.
Give it a bit of time.
So, now. I wonder where we are.
Feels like a spaceship?
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
- Flight.
- Spaceship.
Let's just see.
Wow! Nice!
[DONNA] Big!
[DOCTOR] Very big!
I'd hate to be the cleaner.
Is that
We just landed. By accident.
I hope that's okay.
Is it a person or a thing?
We could take a look.
[SCOFFS] Or we could stay here,
wait for the TARDIS to mend itself
so I can get back home.
My family is waiting for me.
- Yeah, all right.
- Yeah.
Still, wherever we are, could be worse.
We've got air. We've got lights.
We've got mavity.
Was it me, or was Isaac Newton hot?
He was, wasn't he? He was so hot.
Oh, is that who I am now?
Well, it was never that far
from the surface, mate.
- I always thought
No. No, no, no, no, no,
no, no, no, no, no!
But What?
You'll get it back though?
Doctor, you can get it back.
Doctor, you can get the TARDIS
back, can't you? Use the sonic.
It was in the keyhole.
But you can whistle. You
could snap your fingers.
You could summon it. Just use that
stupid head of yours and get it back.
Oh, don't you look at me like that.
It's your fault.
I said, "Let's stay here".
But you had to wander off.
You wandered with me.
Oh, like I could stop you!
You spilled the coff No.
- No.
- Sorry.
Oh Oh, my God. Where are we?
Rose is waiting.
I will get you home.
There is one hope.
A mechanism on board the TARDIS
called the HADS.
Hostile Action Displacement System.
If the TARDIS is in danger,
it goes away.
[DONNA] Goes where?
Anywhere. And it only comes back
once the danger is gone.
I turned it off years ago. I mean,
I'd never land anywhere.
Once spent three years in orbit.
I thought, "Oh, mmm, turn off the HADS",
but if the TARDIS is rebuilding itself,
maybe it clicked back on.
But that means we've landed
in the middle of hostile action.
There's something on this ship
that's so bad the TARDIS ran away?
we go and kick its arse!
She was very put out. Mrs. Bean.
Mrs. Bean?
Head of the choir.
She said, "It's not a
war song. It's jolly".
That's what she said. "It is jolly".
Mrs. Bean?
[VOICE] Fenslaw.
What was that?
Like circuits moving.
Or it's reconfiguring to become
But what was the word?
Fenslaw. What's that mean?
I don't know.
The TARDIS translates, but now it's gone.
No, the TARDIS translates for me.
I thought you knew 27 million languages.
I know 57 billion 205, but not this one.
Unless that was Mr. Fenslaw
saying his name?
- It wasn't that.
- It wasn't that.
Jimbo didn't move.
- What is that?
- Oh, wait a minute.
If I'm right
Your car, milady?
Thank you, Parker.
[DOCTOR] Oh, it's a robot.
Hello, Jimbo.
Can you talk?
You got basic communications, Fenslaw?
Fenslaw. No?
[SLOWLY] Fenslaw.
Can you hear me?
Have you got controllers
listening? Hello?
I'm the Doctor. This is Donna.
We need help. We need to [GASPS]
Is that it?
One step at a time.
[DONNA] But what is it?
Maybe it's an invader.
Maybe that's the hostile action.
I think it's just old.
It's primitive,
if you don't mind me saying so, Jimbo.
Someone got a very old robot
out of storage
to walk very slowly
down a very long corridor.
time slowed down?
No. I'd feel it in me bones.
Stay there, Jimbo. No sudden moves.
- Onwards?
- Mm-hmm.
Uh, I've got it.
Allons As idiots say -y!
Is anyone home?
Well, definitely a spaceship.
If that's space.
We've got a chair. That's a good sign.
It's a life form with a bum.
If I can translate
their basic one to ten,
I can find out where we are.
And when. And why.
One, two, three, four, five,
uh, six, seven, eight, nine, ten.
Now I can read the base codes.
So, life signs?
Just an empty chair.
Where have they all gone?
[DOCTOR] The spaceship
seems to have powered down.
Basic functions ticking over.
Oh. Someone opened an airlock door
three years ago.
And then it closed.
What for?
This whole ship been empty
for three years?
Don't know.
Those numbers are lenses.
There's a camera.
- Like a drone. We can see where we are.
Well, it's definitely a spaceship.
What kind of spaceship?
[DOCTOR] Don't know.
But, if we're in space,
there's no stars.
Where are the stars?
We could be inside a dust cloud
or a mavity well, or
No, it's fine. The ship is lost.
It fell through a wormhole.
Ending up where?
[SIGHS] I'm sorry, Donna.
The TARDIS was out of control.
It's taken us
to the edge of the universe.
[DONNA] So, what's out there?
Well, that's difficult for you
because if the universe is everything,
then the concept of an
everything having an edge is,
mmm, kind of impossible.
But that's the language
of 21st-century Earth,
and you don't know anything yet.
Not being rude. You just don't.
When you discover
Camboolian Flat Mathematics,
you'll discover it's possible.
That. The nothing.
At the edge of creation.
Absolute nothingness.
[DONNA] But starlight travels.
You can stand in my garden
and look at the light
from stars a billion miles away.
So, where's the light?
Over there. It just
hasn't reached us yet.
If we flew in that direction,
it would take a hundred trillion
years to reach your house.
That's my family. Over there.
[DOCTOR] I've never been this far out.
To stand here like this.
Physically. Unprotected.
Right on the edge.
No one ever has. Not ever.
Till us.
And this ship.
And an airlock door that opened
three years ago. And closed.
Must've been just settling.
You said no signs of life.
Are you absolutely certain?
[VOICE] Coliss.
It said fenslaw and coliss.
Like a list. Or a solicitors.
Or a countdown. Or instructions.
Or a warning.
Slow warning.
I think this way.
Yes! Base plate repetition filaments.
- If we move one up
[GROANS] Is that stuff dangerous?
No. I don't think so.
Oh! Oh!
Clip it into the fold back.
Can you do that? Take all the
rectangles, move them up there.
What does that do?
The ship's on neutral for
some reason. It's just idling.
We need to get it back on full power.
Well, don't leave me on my own.
Donna, there is no one else
on board this ship.
Hostile action, remember?
- And what's that?
A noise.
Oh, well, you're very helpful.
Go on then. And hurry back.
You little streak!
I need to find the spindle.
That's not like wool. It's a water pivot.
That's it!
Can you still hear me?
[DOCTOR] Good. Good. Won't be long.
Did it just get cold?
I think so.
I was thinking.
And let me finish, okay?
I know I sound daft
but I wonder how long they'll wait.
Rose and Shaun and my mother. [CHUCKLES]
Standing there in that alley.
Waiting for the TARDIS to come back.
What if we never do?
And then time will pass.
Rose will grow up. She'll have a life.
She might go back to that alley
once a year for old times' sake,
but she'll move on.
Not Shaun, though. [CHUCKLES]
- He'll keep going back every single day.
He's nice. You know, he's lovely.
- I hope you get to know him.
- I hope so too.
It's getting cold.
I hope I haven't turned
the heating off by mistake.
You were fast.
I did what you said.
Give me a minute. I've gotta get
exactly the right millilitre.
And Wilf, your grandfather?
What would he do?
Oh, him? [CHUCKLES]
He would install himself with
a sleeping bag and a thermos,
and he would sit there forever.
Calling you everything, wouldn't he?
He's lovely, Wilf.
Such a nice man.
I'd love to see him again.
It's funny, 'cause I wonder
where the TARDIS goes at random.
Maybe it lands on some
outcrop by the sea.
And there's a tribe, and they
worship it for a hundred years.
Then they grow up. They try to burn it.
Then they get wise,
and they preserve it.
Then they build a city all around it.
Till the TARDIS is
just a tiny little dot
surrounded by skyscrapers and monorails.
Time passes, and the city falls.
It all gets swept away.
And there's the TARDIS.
Still on its outcrop by the sea.
She's the only thing I've got left.
Do you miss home? Gallifrey.
I suppose.
I mean, yes, but
That got complicated.
It's the least of our
problems right now.
Do you think they have
a kitchen in this place?
Do they have food?
My arms are too long.
Yeah. Well
I skipped dinner last night
'cause of you and the Meep.
Oh, we get hungry, don't we?
Strange. This system
should be swimming by now.
Those rectangles, did you
move all of them up?
My arms are too long.
Yeah, I suppose it is a bit fiddly.
Could you pop back and finish it?
My arms are too long.
You all right?
My arm's too long. Look.
It's okay. I'm here. I've got you.
Whatever this is, we can
Are you Donna?
Donna! Donna? Are you there?
How are you
I don't know why, but the
arms are so very difficult.
- [DOCTOR] Donna! Are you there?
- [DONNA] What are they?
- They're us.
[DONNA] They're not us.
The notion of shape is strange.
It limits. It is limiting.
Whatever shape you wanna take,
that's fine. Do whatever you want.
I just wanna say it's
very nice to meet you.
- I'm the Doctor. This is Donna.
- So are they.
If you can just get those bodies
to calm down, we can talk.
- That'll be nice, don't you think?
- They're looking at us like food.
Food is interesting.
Because once I sort out the arms
then I have a problem with the jaw.
It's the knees. How many knees?
- Two in total, or two on each leg?
Where did you come from?
You're not part of the ship, are you?
Did you come from outside?
We came from the nothing.
We are not-things.
But you.
You are not nothing.
Oh, I think you'll find
we're quite something.
- [DONNA] Oh, my God, they're growing!
- Come on!
- Go faster!
- I know!
No, you don't!
[DOCTOR] I can't control it!
You stupid big hand!
[SHOUTS] Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no!
[DONNA] Whoo!
What are they?
Oh, no, don't!
We've got to see.
It's strange enough, my face
coming back, but not this big.
The airlock door three years ago.
That's when they got in.
No control of shape.
No concept of shape or size.
How can they get bigger?
'Cause you only get a certain
amount of mass, don't you?
Shaun used to complain about that
watching Venom films.
He said, "Where's the
extra mass come from?"
It got colder.
Oh, yeah, it got colder for me.
Heat into mass.
But they're not just physical copies.
They've got our thoughts, too.
That other Donna,
she mentioned Gallifrey.
- The other Doctor said, "Wilf".
- So they've got our memories.
Okay. So they're copies
with memories and mass,
but what I don't get is
why do they hate us?
- [DOCTOR] Whoa.
That's my hand.
They're getting free.
We should reason with them.
Try to make peace.
Welcome them to our
side of the universe.
- Maybe later.
I know, I know. Ladder.
Do you think? Maybe up there?
Let's go!
- [VOICE] Brate.
- Oh, not now!
- Doctor!
- It's okay. I'm right here!
- Doctor!
- Donna!
- Donna!
I'll find you! I will find you!
- [DONNA] Doctor!
- Don't move! Stay where you are!
I came down about two floors!
Depending on how big a floor is!
[WHISPERS] And if I keep
shouting, they'll find me.
So, I'll just head up. Yeah?
Fenslaw, coliss, brate.
Oh, don't.
- Is it
- Are you
Is that you?
But it got cold.
It got cold for me too.
Look, I'm me. I swear.
I'm really, really me.
- Well, so am I. That's not gonna work.
Okay, tell me. How many
hearts have I got?
Well, then, it's me.
No. Hold on. That doesn't work either.
No, but look. I can't stretch. [GRUNTS]
My arm is not too long.
I'm-I'm trying. That's all I've got.
If you were them,
you'd pretend you couldn't.
- Then pull my arm.
- Maybe that's what you want me to do.
- What for?
- I don't know.
Well, then you're not the Doctor
because he knows everything.
Except for the million
times when I don't.
And I tell you so, don't I?
Well, that's true. Except if I
know that's true, then I'm me.
- Tell you what. I'll take my tie off.
- What's that gonna prove?
They might have a different
perception of surface.
Skin and clothes might
be the same thing.
So if we meet another
Doctor with his tie,
that's not me.
- Maybe you're just making all this up.
- I always do.
All right. Where was I born?
- You were born in Chiswick.
- Ah, well, no.
Because, strange little fact,
I was born in Southampton.
Yeah, but I didn't know that
'cause I never did.
And if I didn't know that,
then that means I'm real.
So where are you from?
No, but we've done that.
We talked about that.
Back there, out loud.
All four of us know it's Gallifrey.
Except it's not.
What do you mean?
You don't know where you're from.
How do you know that?
How does anyone know?
How does Donna know?
Back on Earth, when I was the
DoctorDonna, I saw your mind.
I've had 15 years without you,
and I saw everything that's
happened to you since.
And, oh, my God, it hurt.
You're saying this to break me down.
But we haven't stopped to talk.
We haven't had a chance.
It's always like that with you.
Running from one thing to the next.
But I saw it. In your head.
The Flux.
It destroyed half the universe
because of me.
We stand here now
on the edge of creation,
a creation which I devastated.
So yes, I keep running! Of course I do!
How am I supposed to look back on that?
- It wasn't your fault!
- I know!
I'm sorry.
[BREATHES SHAKILY] Donna, is that you?
All those years. I missed you.
I just couldn't keep it together.
- You are so amazing.
- Oh, you
We stare at that universe so far away,
but you have owned it.
You are such a prize.
What are ya?
[DONNA] I was born in Southampton.
'Cause my mum and dad were there
for the weekend visiting my Auntie Iris.
My mother was nine months' pregnant.
Would Iris come to her? She would not.
So, I arrived in Southampton,
which allowed my mother to say
I was a problem from the day I was born.
And I've not come
to the edge of the universe
to discover I'm still dealing with that.
So, yes. You can copy my memory,
but there's only one person who
can understand my family like that,
and that is me.
I'm definitely Donna. Where's your tie?
- What?
- Your tie. Where's it gone?
- I took it off.
- I know.
It was there on the floor.
So where is it?
Oh, I see.
When something is gone, it
keeps existing. [LAUGHING]
Auntie Iris, Mummy and Daddy. [BABBLES]
Why does he travel with
someone as stupid as you?
Donna, Donna, Donna,
Donna, Donna, Donna. Donna!
[VOICE] Gilvane.
- Oh, no.
I've gotta say, this is the biggest
nightmare of my life, but
[SIGHS] I look quite good.
I can't argue.
I wanna talk to you. You. Not-Doctor.
I know you're a fake. I know for a fact.
So I want to know why you're doing this.
- That's what I was gonna say!
- You should have been faster.
'Cause that's me, isn't it? Fast.
Am I fast? Do I talk fast? Yes.
But you're a copy of me!
You're only fast because I am.
Oh, well, I can't follow any
of this. And that is proof.
'Cause let's not pretend.
I'm the stupid one.
You think you're stupid?
Of course I do.
That's very Donna.
That's so Donna. That's my Donna.
Except Donna does not
think she's stupid.
- Oh, I do.
- Oh, but I do.
No. Donna thinks she's stupid,
and sometimes she
thinks she's brilliant.
She thinks both.
Because that's the astonishing thing
about people from her planet.
They can believe two
completely different things
at exactly the same time.
- Brainbox!
- Earth girl!
[CHUCKLES] Thank God!
But salt! You can't cross salt.
In our universe, it is said that
vampires, demons and ghosts
cannot cross a line of salt until
they've counted every single grain.
You've got no choice!
But that's a superstition.
Doesn't mean it's true.
It's a superstition, and it's true.
Two things at once.
You're lying.
Then walk towards me.
Come on. Stop copying
and make your own minds up.
Cross the line!
She doesn't believe him.
But you said I'm stupid.
And also brilliant.
Then which one is it, Donna?
Cross the line.
Or count.
One, two, three, four, five, six, seven,
eight, nine, ten, 11, 12, 13, 14
So tell me. What do you want?
You tell us.
It didn't get cold this time.
No, it didn't, did it?
Which means you're acclimatising.
Your arms are a bit too long.
Your mouths are a bit too wide.
But are you? Stabilising?
- Like they're becoming us properly.
- I just wonder why.
Because the TARDIS will come
back for us. They know that.
So if they become completely us,
the TARDIS will come back for them.
Is that what you want? Escape?
We drifted here. In the lack of light.
Passing no-time.
But we would feel it. From so far away.
Your noisy, boiling universe.
We want to travel there. To play
your vicious games, and win.
If you existed here with no shape,
no form, no purpose,
then what's made you so bad?
The things we felt, they shaped us.
Carrying across the dark.
We could hear your lives of war.
And blood and fury and hate.
They made us like this.
We are more than that.
Love letters don't travel very far.
And neither do your lies.
[VOICE] Stond.
That was lucky.
Or not.
- [DOCTOR] Run?
- [DONNA] Run!
[DOCTOR] Come on!
Why? I don't understand why.
What are they scaring us for?
Problem is, ten minutes ago,
they'd have ripped
that door off its hinges.
Now they're just standing there.
Locking into shape. Almost complete.
Yes, but if you just listen
to my question,
thank you very much.
Why are they making us so scared?
If they wanna copy us,
why don't they just sit
in a corner and do it?
Why terrorise us?
- That's a very good question.
- Yes. I'm brilliant.
Why provoke us?
Unless that's how it's done.
The more scared we are,
the more the blood pumps.
Hypothalamus. Adrenaline.
We think faster and faster and faster.
It makes us easy to copy.
Goosebumps, like Braille.
You're reading us. Is that right?
Well, what do we do? How do we stop 'em?
Stop being scared?
Like the ship all ticking
over in neutral.
Donna, stop thinking.
Well, that's easy for me.
What about you?
Just calm. Just cool.
Yeah, I'm calm.
Even calmer.
- Well, you do it too.
- I am!
Mmm. Stop rattling me.
Slow. Slow heartbeat.
If we're slow, they can't read us.
- Okay.
- Good. [SHUSHES]
- For how long?
- Uh, there's a flaw in the plan.
How can you not think on a ship
full of questions? Why the empty chair?
- Why do the walls keep moving?
- What are the words in the air?
Why did the airlock open
and close three years ago?
- Don't. Don't.
- But It's
Stop it.
And what is that?
Doctor, stop thinking.
Let me think. Let me think.
[NOT-THINGS] Think! Think! Think! Think!
What is making that noise?
The captain of the ship.
Circling round and round forever.
Caught in the gravity field.
Caught in the what?
Mavity field.
But why? Did they throw him
out? Her out. Them out.
Her. I wonder.
Why is the captain outside?
Why is she in a spacesuit
with no helmet?
And why don't you know?
I know that face.
I know my expressions very,
very well, and you don't know.
The captain did something
you don't understand, but what?
- Tell us! Tell us!
- What did she do?
- Tell us!
- What did the captain do? What did she do?
They don't know. They really don't know.
The questions aren't a test.
They need the answers.
We're all stuck in a system
because of the captain.
[GROANS] What did she do?
Well, if they want the answers,
don't tell 'em!
You know what my head's like,
Donna, once I start having ideas.
Then I have ideas. So the captain
Tried to stop us. But how?
Wait a minute.
If they don't know
why the captain's outside
The airlock door three years ago,
that wasn't them coming in.
That was her going out.
She killed herself.
[NOT-THINGS] But what for?
She hid her thoughts.
So we couldn't see.
Maximised autonomic brain function!
Oh! Well done, Captain.
Because she knew.
Even with a lost ship,
if you were found one day,
if you two ever reached the universe,
you'd run riot across the stars!
You were already becoming
copies of the captain.
You'd have owned this spaceship.
If you'd copied her perfectly,
you could've flown this ship
home and started your war!
So, she ended her life to hide
whatever it is she left behind.
Because when she died,
you hadn't completed her.
So you lost everything she knew. Gone.
[VOICE] Ratico.
- What is that?
That captain, calm as a Zen master,
set something in motion
to stop those two.
And she took her own life so they
couldn't work out what she'd done.
- But you're working it out now.
- No, I'm not. Mm-mmm.
Yes, you are. And so am I.
It's all about slow.
We don't understand the slow, so
the captain set out to slowly stop us.
So the ship is slow. The robot is slow.
The words are slow. Is that it?
The words move the walls, so
the ship is slowly reconfiguring
to become a very slow
- Bomb.
- bomb.
- What?
- The captain set the self-destruct slowly
so the words are a very slow
I said so! I said countdown
straight away. It's that simple.
[GROANS] I translated the numbers.
I'd never heard them out loud!
"Fenslaw, coliss, brate"
means ten, nine, eight.
The robot.
We're as clever as you now.
That robot won't stop us!
- So what's the robot?
- The robot is the trigger.
A primitive mechanical brain
that those two couldn't read,
taking three long years
to walk down a very long corridor
with one slow instruction.
- Kaboom.
- The countdown.
- What number are we on?
- Ratico. That's five.
It's been counting down for years,
but the TARDIS brought us here
just in time for the final sequence!
We can't let them reach that robot.
There's only one way we can stop them.
What's that?
I'm sorry, Donna. But the
countdown needs to speed up.
- [VOICE] Vandeen.
- That's number four!
- I know!
- But we're still on board!
- I know!
Stop that robot!
Don't stop that robot!
Could the robot just wait?
- [VOICE] Blinss.
That's three!
[DONNA] Oh, this is therapeutic.
[VOICE] Sensill.
- That's two! [SCREAMS]
But, if he runs out of time,
the hostile action ends,
and a time machine would know!
Off we go into the wild blue yonder ♪
Climbing high into the sun ♪
[DONNAS] It's me! It's me!
- [VOICE] One.
- [DONNA] It said one!
The TARDIS is here, so
the TARDIS translated it!
Who was the head of the choir?
[BOTH] Mrs. Bean.
And why is "Mrs. Bean" funny?
Because it's the name of a
vegetable given to a woman.
It just is.
Doctor, come back! She's not me! I'm me!
You've got the wrong one!
Don't leave me here!
[VOICE] Tacsladia.
Your arms are too long.
She'd almost completed you.
That other Donna was a 99.9% copy.
Except I thought, "What's wrong?"
Turned out her wrist had an extra
0.06 millimetres. Obvious, really.
The devil's in the details.
Yeah. Isn't it just?
Oh, I keep thinking, "I wish I hadn't
done that thing with the salt".
What, the bad luck thing?
That was just a lie.
Normally. Except I invoked
a superstition
at the edge of the universe,
where the walls are thin
and all things are possible.
I've just got this feeling.
Feeling of something
Which is gone. Fine. Good.
So anyway. I was wondering,
she said, on the spaceship
That other Donna had your memory.
She could remember us
as the DoctorDonna.
So she could see my life and my mind
and my thoughts for the past 15 years.
All the time we've been apart,
she could remember it.
Can you?
It's too much.
It's like looking into a furnace.
But I suppose she had a
great, big, outer-space brain.
She could make sense of it.
Yeah. Maybe.
Just wondering.
What did she see?
Ooh. Things.
Like what?
Come on.
Where have you been since I
last saw you? What's happened?
Oh, you know, the usual.
Robots, chases, waterfalls.
Oh, okay.
But what really happened?
A lot.
You okay?
I will be.
A million years.
Ah. There we are, back home.
You timed that to get out
of awkward conversations.
Where are they? Where's the family?
Might be a day or two out.
Oh! My goodness! Donna!
- Gramps! [LAUGHS]
- Oh, my goodness. Donna.
I said so!
Wilfred Mott.
- Oh, now I feel better.
Now nothing is wrong.
Nothing in the whole wide world.
Hello, my old soldier.
I never thought I'd see you
again after all these years.
Oh, Doctor, that lovely face. [CHUCKLES]
It's like springtime.
And Donna's got her memory back.
- Without dying, which I recommend.
Yeah, well, I knew it.
I never lost faith.
I said, "He won't let us down.
He'll come back and save us".
- Save us from what?
And where's the family?
Where's Rose? Are they all right?
Yeah, they're fine. They're safe.
I've told them to bunker down,
and I'll keep watch. I said,
"You save yourselves".
Why? Is there something wrong?
- [PERSON] That's your fault!
What's going on?
[COOK] Get off my bag!
- [PERSON 2] What are you doing?
What is it? What's happening?
It's everybody. It's everything.
They're all going mad.
Listen, you've got to
do something, Doctor!
The whole world's coming to an end!
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