Doctor Who (2023) s01e07 Episode Script

The Legend of Ruby Sunday

Gold Protocols, everyone.
Positions. Helipad doors to open.
TARDIS vector one.
Doctor on the bridge.
- Give me the lovin'!
[LAUGHS] Rose! Rosie!
- Rosa! Rosalinda!
- [ROSE] Doctor! At last.
- It's been so long.
- Oh. How is your mum? How's your uncle?
- Yeah, good.
- Oh, good. Ruby, Rose. Rose, Ruby.
- Hi. Nice to meet you.
- Two different shades of red.
[KATE] Doctor, welcome back.
- You're gorgeous. [GIGGLES]
- Thank you. [GIGGLES]
Ruby, this is Kate. We love Kate.
I knew Kate's dad. He
was the best of men.
That is the Vlinx.
Oh. Nice upgrade.
Hot metal, Doctor.
[DOCTOR] Colonel Ibrahim.
Someone has been working out.
I try. [CHUCKLES] I get busy, you know?
[CHUCKLES] Looking good, sir.
[STAMMERS] Hi. Sorry,
I didn't get your name.
Harriet. Head of the Archive.
[DOCTOR] Harriet, nice to meet you.
And I'm Morris Gibbons,
UNIT Scientific Adviser.
Thirteen years old, accelerated genius,
thanks to a passing asteroid.
Thirteen years old.
- Nice to meet you, Morris Gibbons.
- Nice to meet you.
- Ruby, this is Morris Gibbons.
Nice to meet you, Ruby.
All of you,
I need your help.
'Cause something really weird
keeps happening.
Everywhere I land, a
woman appears. Look.
So, she is a comms officer
in the planet Pacifico del Rio.
She's someone's mum in Finetime.
She's an ambulance.
She's a portrait in 1813,
and the list goes on.
Planet Sloog, she's a Sloogma.
Planet Varsitay, she is a Griffin.
The Fivefold Configuration, she's
a Bleet. So she's everywhere.
She must be here.
So I'm hoping that UNI
can find her and analyse her.
She's always middle-aged, about
so-high, 60, slim, fair hair.
What? What is it?
- [SIGHS] And right on cue.
- [LECTURER] This is when it changes.
This is when the whole
world is changed by me.
[LECTURER] All right, all right.
- Thank you.
- Susan Triad, IT genius.
And today, she's releasing her
software worldwide, free of charge.
- A gift from S Triad Technology.
- is greed.
- Oh, man. Don't you see?
- [SUSAN] It's people in power
clinging on to all that profit.
It's an anagram.
S Triad spells out
The name is TARDIS Technology.
Well, obviously. Thank you.
Even I got that.
[MORRIS] That is why
we've been watching her.
'Cause it spells TARDIS.
We know that, but why?
It's not just that. Never mind
the anagram. Look at her name.
Isn't that the point, Doctor?
She's called Susan.
[KATE] Is that significant?
Susan is the name of my granddaughter.
It is my honour to be here today
Susan Triad, entrepreneur,
genius, philanthropist.
She's even been the book
at bedtime on CBeebies.
Three years ago, she launched Triad.
It only rebranded as S Triad
Technology two months ago,
and we were straight onto her.
Well, even without the TARDIS anagram.
Evil genius with secret alien software,
it was top of our list.
God knows we've stopped enough of them.
Well, except the obvious.
We'll get him.
But the research with Susan
has come to nothing.
[MORRIS] Yeah, and the software's
clean. No secret alien signals.
Kinda disappointed.
But hold on. Excuse me.
Doctor, am I being thick here?
[SCOFFS] How do you not know
your own granddaughter?
I mean, don't you recognise her?
The truth is, Time Lords can regenerate
their faces like a disguise.
So we look different,
but we're still the same.
Right. [CHUCKLES] Okay.
But what for?
It can save us if we're dying.
Or sometimes we can
hide ourselves away
to be able to make
a global difference.
[DOCTOR] with a new face.
And that is what I intend.
Does that sound mad?
- Triad can make a difference.
- Just don't go changing yours, okay?
Oh, no. I'm keeping this one
for a long, long time.
But is this her actual face,
or did she choose it?
Name, anagram, TARDIS.
Probability of a trap, 95% and rising.
[SUSAN] Because this is
the start of a better future.
A prosperous future for everyone.
Susan, Susan, Susan, Susan.
That's a bit mad, isn't it?
Chanting my name?
I'm not Beyoncé.
[SCOFFS] I don't like it. Can't we
just pipe in a bit of applause?
Oh, it was just a rehearsal.
We hacked the link.
That's Triad HQ, one mile west of us.
She goes live at 1500
to the whole world.
We're not fooling anyone.
The shareholders like it.
[GROANS] What do you think, Mel?
Well, it got me cheering.
- Oh, that's Mel! That's my mate Mel.
- Oh, you would love Mel. Bonkers.
[KATE] We got her undercover
on the media team,
and she's discovered
one surprising thing.
Susan Triad turns out to be really nice.
I wish we had a real crowd.
It's hard to find the right pitch.
- Thanks, Mel.
- Okay.
Am I going to sound all grandiose?
[AIDE] No. You sound celebratory.
You're giving a gift
to the whole planet.
You're allowed to enjoy yourself.
It's gonna be brilliant, Susan.
I wanted to cheer.
[CHUCKLES] Call me Sue,
pet. Everyone does.
Thank you, Sue.
No rest for the wicked.
- Two hours till the big one.
- [AIDE] Mm-hmm.
Come on. I wanna rewrite
that middle section.
[AIDE] Okay.
[DOCTOR] So we have Susan Triad.
We also have another mystery woman, hmm?
- Ruby Sunday!
- [RUBY LAUGHS] Oh, you could've warned me.
That's amazing. You look gorgeous.
Oh, that's my sixteenth. [LAUGHS]
Okay, so Ruby is not the mystery
woman, but your mother is.
Ruby is a foundling and
was left on Ruby Road.
We've got your history, after
that incursion on December 24th,
filed under "goblins".
- Harriet.
You were quite famous for a day or two.
The Christmas baby.
[RUBY] Oh, yeah. We tried
to find my mum, but
Actually we even tried Davina
McCall, but we got nothing.
Ah, I love Davina.
- I love Davina. Is she nice?
[EXCLAIMS] She's absolutely lovely.
That's one good thing.
- [ROSE] She's so cool.
So Sorry. You've got, uh,
a woman that you keep seeing
and a woman that you've never seen.
Is it the same woman?
Susan Triad would've been 40, 42,
and women who abandon their children
tend to be teenagers
or early 20s, statistically.
Sorry, but can I say the obvious?
You've got a time machine. Doctor,
can't you just go back and take a look?
No. No. I can't.
I've been to Ruby Road once, and
I can't cross over my own history.
The one night that we need to see,
and I have time-locked myself out of it.
That's not like you. You
love to break the rules.
Yeah, but
it snows.
It snows?
Oh, it really snows.
It was snowing the night
that Ruby was born,
and it keeps snowing all around her.
Actual snow, which means that
that night is so raw and so open,
the last thing that I should do
is take a time machine back there.
Excuse me. It all sounds
a bit Dickensian with the baby
and the church and the snow,
but it was 2004.
There was CCTV footage.
The camera was positioned
in a storage yard 66 metres away.
But does it show anything?
Does the tape still exist?
Oh, no, no. We've got it.
Yeah, my gran asked for it,
'cause it's mine, and it's all I've
got, but you can't see anything.
It's black and white,
and snow at midnight
Yeah. Yeah, but look at our technology.
We can sharpen the image.
Oh, my God. [CHUCKLES]
Do you think you can clean it up?
I can see my mother.
[SQUEALS] Okay. Well,
um, it's at home, the VHS.
My mum's got it. She's got it in a box.
I suggest we take Miss Sunday home.
- At once, ma'am.
- This way.
- Thank you.
Oh. I'm coming too.
- [EXCLAIMS] It's like we're on a mission.
- [CHUCKLES] I know.
They never give me proper work.
They have me investigating
shoplifting in Catford.
[AIDE] "I want Triad
to be in every home.
At the heart of every family,
365 days a year".
I took out that bit about
coals to Newcastle.
- Hmm.
- Doesn't really work in China.
Hi. Don't wanna interrupt.
I got those figures from Hanya.
She is so happy. I have never
seen anyone smile so much.
- [LAUGHS] You okay? All good?
- Oh, just terrified, that's all.
- You'll be amazing.
I don't know how you
think of all this stuff.
[CHUCKLES] Good mum and dad, that's how.
I mean, we didn't have much.
He was a postman. She was a dinner lady.
But they told me, "You can do anything".
And look at me now.
Ninety minutes' time,
I address the United Nations.
- Best of luck, Sue.
[CARLA] Here it is. Safe and sound.
That's your story, darling.
The legend of Ruby Sunday.
But they can analyse it.
Maybe we can see my birth mother.
If we can see her face just once.
[ROSE] They've got amazing technology.
I mean, it can do anything.
You work for UNIT?
My mother's part of it.
Is she?
Well, if your mother's part of it,
then, Ruby, you can tell
her your mother is too.
Now go and get Mrs. Flood.
- What for?
- Go and get her!
Vamoose! 'Cause I'm coming
with you to the nitwit tower!
[RADIO HOST] There's a warning
of thunderstorms across
Anything I can do to help.
Uh, it's nice for me to get out.
I'm always hiding myself
away. [CHUCKLES]
I just need you to look after Mum.
It's only gonna be
for a couple of hours.
Oh, leave her to me.
I nursed my old mum through
diabetes and a hip operation.
She died of an ulcer.
But that was when I wasn't looking.
[SMACKS LIPS] Aren't you a beauty?
- Thank you.
You too, Ruby.
- Still hoping for that growth spurt?
[CARLA] Mum, I'm leaving
you with Mrs. Flood.
You've got your pills.
Two yellow tablets at five o'clock.
If you're chasing after that Doctor man,
I'm warning you. Him is trouble.
Everything is trouble.
And I've decided it's about time
I cause trouble for myself.
Thank you, Mrs. F.
Come on, girls. Let's find that woman.
I would love a cup of tea.
Would you, sweetheart?
Well, we'd all like a lot of things
that aren't going to happen.
What that supposed to mean?
I'd be very careful, Mrs. Sunday.
There's a storm coming in.
He waits no more.
My father, he'd tell me stories
about you when I was a kid.
[CHUCKLES] He'd sit
there in the firelight,
telling tales of the Doctor,
his eyes shining.
But he never ever mentioned
a granddaughter.
I was a different Doctor
back then, Kate.
- The Great enigma.
Still can't shake it off. I'm trying.
If you've got a granddaughter,
that means you've got kids.
Well, not quite.
Not yet.
But You mean you can have
a granddaughter before a daughter?
Life of a Time Lord.
The grandchild exists,
and you've got the TARDIS,
but you've never gone back
to see her. Why not?
You've seen my life.
I bring disaster, Kate.
- Disaster.
What if I go back and ruin her?
For what it's worth,
I think you bring joy.
Do you think Susan Triad is her?
Do you want it to be?
Doctor, what if you just said hello?
To her face.
Look her in the eye.
Would you recognise her?
Yes, but S Triad Technology,
the anagram
Like Morris said, probability
of a trap, 95%.
- Ninety-six.
- Ninety
[LAUGHS] You see? I can't.
Come here. Come on.
[MEL] I'll have some of that.
- Oh!
- Oh, yes!
- Hello, trouble. [CHUCKLES]
Come on, you two.
In 65 minutes, it's 1500 UK time.
10:00 a.m. in the USA.
That's when Susan Triad addresses
the United Nations.
And I've got my daily DNA sample
which says that Susan Triad is
Susan Triad. Human confirmed.
- But we know that already, don't we?
- Mmm.
Kate's got a chrysalis theory.
Uh, just because Susan Triad is nice
doesn't mean she can't change.
A caterpillar doesn't
know it's a butterfly.
And a phoenix is just
a bird until it burns.
I got it! I got it, I got it, I got it!
Whoo! [SIGHS]
But they stuck Mum in a room
downstairs. They won't let her in.
Ruby, this is a Gold
Security establishment.
Even the prime minister
can't walk into UNIT.
Especially the prime minister.
Yeah, but it's Carla. Come on.
Carla Sunday. Access granted.
Right. Fine. Thanks.
Hey. And this.
This is the key!
Ah! We are not just gonna analyse this.
Kate, do you have a Time Window?
Wh You expressly
told us in the 1970s,
UNIT was absolutely forbidden
to experiment with
any form of time technology.
- Do you have a Time Window?
- Ten floors down.
[SYSTEM VOICE] Time Window open.
Membrane steady at 5000 chronons
in n-dimensional time, and holding.
Relative temporal distortion
standing at -0.1 seconds.
This is This is rough.
Wow. You have lashed this together.
Whoo! [LAUGHS] Oh, wow. Ouch!
Ouch. Kate.
Doctor, this is Colonel
Winston Chidozie,
head of Time Window Security.
An honour to work with you, sir.
I've heard so much about ya.
'Ey, is that a Manchester accent?
Proud to say, ma'am.
- Cheetham Hill.
- Oh, I'm Ruby. I'm from Tameside.
- Good to meet you, ma'am.
So So, this room charges up
using the entire nuclear
output of Europe
and projects an image
from the past, like 3D history?
Well, we-we get glimpses.
Little, fleeting moments.
We saw the signing of
the Declaration of Independence,
but all I could tell you was
the colour of the quill.
Which was white.
We've got extra power.
We can feed the Time Window using
massive information from the VHS.
Actual positions of the snowflakes.
Morris Gibbons?
Yes, Doc?
Get this VHS wired up to that system,
because we are going to recreate
Christmas Eve 2004.
Come on!
[DOCTOR] There it is.
The legend.
Me and my mum watch it
every Christmas Eve.
Like a little sort of ritual.
But you can't see anything.
The CCTV wasn't even
pointing at the church.
No, but the information exists.
We can see that snowflakes
fell on a south-east axis,
so we can model that onto the
church and predict backwards.
Oh, my God. Mum! [CHUCKLES]
[SIGHS] This place is insane, Ruby.
How much did it all cost?
- [DOCTOR] Hey. All good.
Right. This might get noisy.
Direct all comms traffic through me.
Now, stay back!
Behind the glass.
Everyone, keep the chamber clear.
We are going to rock through time.
I don't wanna lose anyone.
Look after her.
[MEL] Don't worry. She's safe.
I lost my family
to the most terrible things.
the Doctor helped me.
I swear. Come on.
- Colonel Chidozie, on guard.
- [CHIDOZIE] Ma'am.
- [KATE] Close the Time Window.
[SYSTEM VOICE] Time Window closing.
Time membrane sealed.
Security at Gold Alert.
Now tell me when you were born.
December 24th [SIGHS] 2004.
You were born on Christmas Eve.
[RUBY INHALES DEEPLY] I was abandoned.
My mother must have been so alone.
She left me at the church on Ruby Road.
- And what else?
- It was snowing.
- It's snow.
- That's impossible.
I'll tell you what's impossible.
We haven't turned it on yet.
- Now, I warn you
that time has tides and hollows.
And secrets.
And this fixed point on Christmas Eve
is the wildest I have ever seen.
- Now turn on your machine!
Chronon deteriorating.
Warning. Chronon deteriorating.
- December the 24th. Bring it back!
- Bring it back!
Bring it back!
- It's Ruby Road. [CHUCKLES]
- In 2004.
We did it! We brought it back!
- Oh. Morris, keep it steady.
- [MORRIS] Uh, yep. Uh, I'm trying.
This thing is running
way beyond maximum.
- Should we stop?
- No way.
Hey, listen. Listen.
We've got sound and vision.
I've never seen the Window this strong.
We have given it the
greatest power of all.
Memory. Time is remembered.
Memory is time.
[CARLA] But what happened?
What happened on that night?
The woman.
She went to the church.
She left Ruby in the doorway.
And then she walked away.
Towards us.
[DOCTOR] There she is.
Oh, my God.
can't we see her properly?
That is-is more than just a glitch.
It's like she's shadowed.
- Mum?
- You-You can't move.
She's my mum. Can she see us?
I don't think she can, but
you can't move. You can't.
You gotta keep everything
exactly as it was,
but she's gonna walk by.
Look at her face.
Look. Look, look, look. Here she comes.
- No!
- Ruby, please. Ruby, please. Morris!
- [SYSTEM VOICE] Chronon surge.
- Morris, what is happening?
- Power vents flooding like crazy.
- Chronon surge.
- I want to see her!
- [ROSE] Ruby, don't move.
We need to keep the image fixed.
Did anyone see her face?
- No. Nothing.
- Nothing. Sorry.
Colonel Chidozie?
Can't make her out. Sorry, Doctor.
What is so different about her?
I am arriving.
That's me.
The original me.
Coming back in time
in 2004 because goblins.
But I had to go back to the church
to save little baby Ruby.
That TARDIS is almost solid.
If time is memory and memory is time,
then what is the memory
of a time machine?
Oh, look. Look, look. She's still there.
- Your mother is still there.
- Why has she stopped?
What is she doing? Can you see?
Why did she stop?
Did she see me fighting?
Anyone? Can you see?
Doctor, I think she's crying.
- [CARLA] She's given away her child.
She's crying her heart out.
I took her in, darling.
[CRYING] And she's safe.
And she's wonderful.
I wish I could tell her. I made it, Mum.
You should see what I've done.
I-I travelled the universe.
And I, uh I came back, running.
And that's when I saw the woman.
My memory of this keeps changing, like,
time keeps changing.
She's pointing at ya.
Uh, can she see you?
Did my mother see you?
I don't know why she was pointing at me.
[CHIDOZIE] There's nothing
behind you, Doctor.
Anything? Anyone?
Does she know who you are?
Morris, can-can you magnify the woman?
- [GRUNTS] My hands are on fire here.
She's pointing at you, but
she's also pointing north-west.
Is there anything there?
Colonel Chidozie, you will
return to your position.
Just see if there's anything there.
- Doctor, you said not to move.
- I know. I know.
But just just look.
[CHIDOZIE] Proceeding forward, ma'am.
There's nothing.
There's just the lamp post and
And all I've got is trees and stuff.
Houses in the distance. Nothing.
Maybe if I try a different angle.
[KATE] Colonel, be careful!
[CHIDOZIE] No. Sorry. No.
Not even a flicker.
- I've got nothing, Doctor.
Why was she pointing at me?
Doctor! She's walking away.
- No, don't. No, Mum, please don't
- Ruby, Ruby.
[CRYING] Please don't
And then I just turned away.
- [SOBS]
I can't see her. [SNIFFLES]
[SOBS] She's gone.
[MORRIS] Doctor, can I ask?
[STAMMERS] Um, Morris, a second, please.
[MORRIS] No, I'm sorry. I've got to ask.
What is that?
[KATE] Doctor.
Doctor, what is that thing?
- Where's Colonel Chidozie?
- At arms!
- [KATE] Don't go into the Window.
- No. No! No.
[KATE] Stay where you are!
[DOCTOR] Chidozie?
Where are you? Are you in there?
Winston, are you in that shape?
Colonel Chidozie, you will report
at once. Can you hear me?
[KATE] Can you hear me?
Doctor, when is that thing?
Is-Is it now or is it 2004?
- I don't know.
- What is it though?
- Has it come for my mother?
- I don't know.
- Is it us? Has it come for us?
- [STAMMERS] I don't know.
[KATE] Colonel Chidozie, please report.
can you get any readings?
- Chronon escalation.
- It's off the scale.
- That thing is hot. It's cold.
- Warning.
It's radioactive. It's dead.
It's everything. I don't know.
[CARLA] I know its name.
It's the Beast.
Winston, where are you?
Are you still in this room?
Colonel Chidozie, please report.
Where are you, Cheetham Hill?
- [CHIDOZIE] Cheetham Hill.
- That-That That's him.
He's alive.
[STAMMERS] Hey, soldier.
I'm still here. Tameside girl.
We're trying to see
Are you inside that thing?
Then where are ya?
[CHIDOZIE] I am lost.
Okay, but we can find you. We can help.
Just look around and tell us.
Where are ya?
[CHIDOZIE] I am in hell.
[KATE] Colonel, I need to know.
Can you tell us what's happening?
[CHIDOZIE] It's seen me.
It's seen right into my soul.
And it's so old.
What is it?
- [CHIDOZIE] Waiting.
- [DOCTOR] What is?
[CHIDOZIE] It's been
waiting for so long.
Open the doors.
Keep back. Everyone, keep back.
[KATE] He looks like he's been
dead for a hundred years.
I'm so sorry.
- This is the commander-in-chief
to the Executive Deletion Team.
We have an officer down.
Colonel Winston Lemuel Chidozie.
Floor 45. I want Psych Ops informed.
I want UNIT forensics.
I want full Option 10 and 11 Schematics.
- Immediately.
- [OFFICER] Yes, ma'am.
Take me to Susan Triad.
She's due to make the speech
at three o'clock.
We've got ten minutes.
I'm with the media team. Thanks.
I sent him forward.
That thing killed him.
- Not you.
- What was it?
And Ruby's mother, why
was she pointing at me?
Now stop grizzling and fix it.
'Cause if Susan is your granddaughter,
then she might be the key to this.
Now come on.
Doctor, we've isolated an image.
Whatever that thing was, it burnt
itself out of the Time Window.
But it survived on the VHS.
[RUBY] That wasn't there
before. I swear to ya.
Every time I've watched that
tape, it wasn't there.
- The recording has changed.
- [DOCTOR] Kate, analyse it.
Break it down. Every single pixel.
We need to know what that
thing is. I need to see.
I've got image control.
All desks link to mine.
- Coordinating now.
What do you think?
It's a crude videotape of a snowstorm.
Nineteen years old. Kept
under the bed in a shoebox.
I was born for this.
Susan, could I introduce my friend?
- Not right now. We're about to go on.
- Hello. Hi there.
- I'm the Doctor.
- Ah, nice to meet you, pet.
- Doctor who?
- Just the Doctor. Hello. [CHUCKLES]
[CHUCKLES] Well, top
marks for enigmatic.
[LAUGHS] Yeah. Yeah.
Have we met before?
- Well, I don't think so.
- Are you sure?
Well, if you don't mind my saying,
I'd remember a handsome chap like you.
It's just that I thought you were
- We're on in 60 seconds.
- But, Susan, I need to talk to you.
- Just for a couple of minutes.
- If you could tell your friend.
[CHUCKLES] Look, a lot
of people want my time.
All I want is a bit of shut-eye.
- God knows I don't get enough sleep.
- Why not?
I get a lot of dreams.
What do you dream about?
[AIDE] I'm sorry, but we're
going to be late, Susan.
Saleed, these two no further.
Dreams about what? What sorts of dreams?
Susan, what do you dream about?
Su Do you dream about
a girl called Lindy?
Do you dream about a place
called Pacifico del Rio?
Do you dream about being an ambulance?
Sorry, I've really got to go.
- Being an ambulance?
- She remembered them.
She doesn't know how,
but she remembered them.
Increase search parameters.
Morris, try running it backwards.
Let's see what happens if we
reverse time and rewind the VHS.
- The hell?
- Oh, my God.
Doctor, are you there?
[KATE] We found something
at the heart of that shape.
What is it?
[KATE] It's the TARDIS.
No, but the TARDIS was there
on Ruby Road. We know that.
[KATE] It's there for a second time.
Which you said couldn't happen.
But this time, it's 20
metres to the north,
and that thing is wrapped around it.
But how?
I don't know.
Doctor, what was that?
It's made that noise before.
[SWALLOWS, GASPS] Probability of a trap,
99% and rising.
Except the trap is here.
I hate to say this,
but the shape exists around
the TARDIS on the VHS.
But what if it exists
around the TARDIS now,
and we just can't see it?
[DOCTOR] Kate, clear the area.
Evacuate the ops room.
Leave the TARDIS alone.
O-Okay, I've-I've gotta stay here.
I think Susan Triad is a part of it.
Cue laughter.
On my orders, all non-essential staff
will clear the room right now.
[IBRAHIM] All non-essential staff, out!
Ruby! Ruby.
I'm sorry. You're part of this.
I need you to stay, but your
mother will be taken home.
- I'm staying with her.
- [SIGHS] Get her out.
- Mum, what do you want me to do?
- Come home with me.
Then you're not helping.
I love you, thank you and goodbye.
[OFFICER] This way, ma'am.
The Vlinx, scan the TARDIS.
Commence maximum scan.
Analysis confirms life-form.
But we can't see it, but it registers
on the quantum search.
- Susan. Susan. Susan.
- All right, all right. Thank you!
Thank you! We've had our fun.
- Especially you. Whoo!
But it's my honour to be here today.
And my duty.
Because we know what we've done.
The tech billionaires.
We've taken your money
- while our technology spreads lies,
fraud and riots.
But no more.
It ends today.
Doctor, to confirm,
the TARDIS is It's surrounded.
- It's invisible, but it's a living thing.
- the hands of the human race.
To rebuild.
- And I think
- [CREATURE] I think we can succeed.
Uh, I mean, I hope
Doctor, we need you here right now.
- Yes, I know, but
- [SUSAN] Sorry.
- Doctor.
- I know. Wait, wait, wait.
- [SUSAN] Been a hell of a day.
- Kate, get Ruby to the Time Window.
- What for?
- You do not question.
You move.
- Sullivan, take her. And run.
- Just go.
I hope. I dare to hope.
Uh. I said to to that man.
Who was he?
But I keep having bad dreams.
[KATE] Doctor, the scan says
this life-form is woven
into the fabric of the TARDIS
- itself
- All my ideas come to me in dreams.
like it's part of it.
At arms. With me.
My name is Kate Lethbridge-Stewart,
commander-in-chief of the
Unified Intelligence Taskforce,
and I demand that you show yourself.
He has hidden in the howling void.
- He has hidden within the tempest.
- What?
He has braved the storm
and the darkness and the pain.
And he whispered to the vessel.
Who has? Who do you mean?
All this time, he whispered
and delighted and seduced,
and the vessel did obey,
for none shall be more mighty
and none shall be more wise
- than the king himself.
- Harriet, what are you doing?
And the Lord of Time was blind
and vain and knew nothing.
- What is happening in there?
- It's Harriet. It's like
She's possessed.
Kate, who is she?
[KATE] Harriet. You met her.
Yeah, I know. But what is her full name?
Harriet. Harriet Arbinger.
The gods bring harbingers
to warn us of their coming.
But which god?
I dream of blue skin.
I dream of metal eyes.
I don't know what he wanted
me to do. Why am I here?
[SYSTEM VOICE] Time Window closing.
- They said this thing was broken.
- It's starting to remember.
It's going back to
Christmas Eve. [PANTS]
I dream of worlds with orange skies.
[IBRAHIM] You will step
away from your desk.
[KATE] Colonel, back
away. Stand with me.
I'm not losing another officer.
And in in every dream, I'm there.
- [KATE] We know TARDIS is indestructible.
- Doctor.
- If it's hostile, how do we fight it?
- There's something wrong.
But who am I?
There is the Toymaker, the god of games.
There is Trickster, the god of traps.
[DISTORTED] There is
Maestro, the god of music.
- There is Reprobate, the god of spite.
- No!
- There is the Mara,
- Get away from her! Don't touch her!
- the god of beasts.
And the threefold deity of
malice and mischief and misery.
Warning. Manifestation.
[HARRIET] There are gods of
skin and shame and secrets.
- There is Incensor
- Doctor, she needs you!
[HARRIET] the god of disaster,
and her children called Doubt and Dread.
And standing on high
is the mother and father
and other of them all.
Whatever it is, here it comes.
For the god of all gods has returned.
And his names are many.
His name has been Set,
and Seth, and Setekh.
And his one true name forevermore is
It was the wrong anagram.
Probable trap. 100%.
[DOCTOR] Mel, get away
from her. Both of you.
Don't let her touch you.
Bailey, get back. Leave her alone.
You said you were a doctor.
- Why don't you try to help?
Sutekh is the god of death,
and by his hand,
all creation shall fall into
dust and ashes and ruin.
Sutekh's gift of death.
Tell all humanity
[SUTEKH] I am Sutekh.
The god of death.
I am the night.
I am the terror.
I am the loss.
[SUTEKH] And all life
will perish at my hand.
think I was family, Doctor?
Sutekh's gift of death.
For you.
And for all in your tiny,
vile, incessant universe.
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