Dogs of Berlin (2018) s01e01 Episode Script

V.I.P. (V.I.P.)

1 [SOLEMN MUSIC] [MAN] I always knew my day of reckoning would come, but I never thought I'd burn the city down with me.
[INDISTINCT RIOTING SOUNDS] 7 DAYS EARLIER TUESDAY [DISMAL MUSIC] [MOANING] What's up? Thor, you are supposed to be sleeping.
You okay, big guy? Erik's stinky again.
- Thanks.
[MAN SINGS] We only have one night Full of fire we take flight Yeah, sorry, Mike.
- That really sucked.
- [BUZZER] [CRYING] [QUIETLY] Hey! Come here.
Hey, hey.
Lie down.
- Jesus Christ! What did you guys eat? - Kebab.
What? Really? Man.
] - Okay.
All right.
Shh, shh, shh.
Yeah, yeah.
Go to sleep.
Can't you make something decent for the kids? - Like what? - I don't know.
Potatoes, spinach with egg on top.
Get creative.
What's going on? There's a body.
Yeah? Got a call about a suspected robbery and assault.
Word was there were many violent offenders, so we got sent out.
These guys say they didn't see what happened, but that guy says he saw a dead body in the bushes.
[GRIMMER] Mm-hm.
Name? Still collecting IDs.
- I basically just got here.
- I know, that's not what I meant.
- Petrovic.
- Okay, listen up, Petrovic.
I'm from Homicide, Sixth Division.
Looks like you've got the witness situation under control.
Go ahead and keep checking IDs, but do me a favor first and get your colleague out of the bushes.
Wachtmeister! Weird name, right? Come here.
We've got an 88 on our hands.
- Call an ambulance and homicide.
- Already here.
Grimmer, Sixth Division.
Did you verify death? Um Uh Yeah.
I mean, not officially.
- That's the ME's job.
- Of course.
Did you touch anything? Um What are you doing here? I live nearby.
- Yeah, okay, but are you on call? - Yeah.
I touched his wrist and his neck.
He was missing a finger.
Okay, Wachtmeister.
I'm going to check out the body.
- Okay, I'll call it in? - Wait a second.
Look after the little one.
His name is Erik.
Go inside.
Close the window.
[DOG BARKS] [OMINOUS SOUNDS] - Did you get everybody? - They all live around here.
- I'll just check the people at the window.
- We'll do that later.
- How old are you both? - What? - I'm 23.
- Okay, your first homicide.
- So it is murder? - That's what I said.
I'm calling it in.
I need you to listen.
This is obviously a case for Homicide.
And tonight for the Sixth, and that's me.
There's not a higher-up who can change that.
But we have special circumstances here, and I'm going to need your help.
[WACHTMEISTER] Uh-huh, special circumstances? The victim isn't just anybody.
I'm not at liberty to say more right now.
But tonight I need you to forget what you learned at the academy.
It's not going to help you here.
This is as an on-the-job crash course.
It's a tricky situation.
One that calls for finesse.
I've got to know I can count on you.
- So what do we do? - What was your last call to the station? 0-4, arrived on the scene.
- [GRIMMER] Okay, then call in 0-3.
- [PETROVIC] 0-3.
It'll buy you some time.
Say you're taking statements for aggravated assault.
Under no circumstances report an 88.
- You want us to lie? - For the time being.
The press listens in on the scanner.
They'll be here in a heartbeat.
Don't worry, I'll clear things up with your duty officer.
Most importantly, no one goes near the crime scene.
And when I say "no one," I mean no one.
No exceptions.
No backup, no EMTs, no lawyers, no Forensics, not even the big ladies, higher-ups, not even the goddamn queen.
- No matter how long it takes.
- But You will both benefit from this.
A chance like this doesn't come along every day.
It might just be the biggest night of your careers.
If you don't fuck this up, you might even end up in Homicide with me someday.
Thank you.
But I still don't get it.
What exactly are we supposed to do? Like always, secure the crime scene until we can take over.
- Just don't call in yet.
- Okay, but I mean - Don't you want to call your department? - They will be here soon.
But first I have to take care of something.
- You're leaving? - I will be back soon.
I'm counting on you.
What the fuck! Get the tape, we need to secure this whole area.
That's the biggest load of bullshit I've ever heard.
Don't forget to call in 0-3.
[PHONE RINGS] Grimmer, you bastard.
Whatever it is tell me in the office in six hours.
[GROANS] [PHONE RINGS] Okay, what is it? You will be grateful that I told you.
- Oh, yeah? Who's dead? - Orkan Erdem.
The football player? Germany's top football player, yeah him.
- Isn't the game tomorrow? - World Cup qualifier against Turkey.
Shit! Which of your guys is there? - Just me.
- What? [GRIMMER] This story is going to explode.
It's all anyone will talk about for weeks, - or even months, Mr.
Police Chief.
- There's no press? - No.
- Who knows about this? Just you and me, and two officers who don't know him yet.
- How did you manage that? - I happened to be in the area.
Listen, the guy hasn't been dead for ten minutes, but the situation is unusual.
- The found him all the way out in Marzahn.
- Shit.
With the game tomorrow, those media fuckers will have a field day.
What the hell am I supposed to say? It will be a madhouse.
A lot of people were pissed at Erdem.
The Turks didn't like him playing for Germany, the alt-right even less.
If we're not careful we're going to end up with a race war on our hands.
I have an idea.
There's no official ID.
We haven't called his family.
We've got some options here.
We've got to keep it secret until after the game.
That might cool the story down a few degrees, but then - They'll crucify us.
- Not necessarily.
Maybe we have the killer by then.
What about tomorrow when Erdem doesn't show up for the game? You have to call the GFA, talk to the president, or the coach, if you can.
As more people know, the faster the bomb will go off.
[POLICE CHIEF, IN RUSSIAN] Buy yourselves new underwear.
- Okay, I'll see who I can get a hold of.
- Seiler.
- We'll stay in touch.
- Seiler.
- Yeah? - This case I want it.
Finally thinking of your career, Grimmer.
Of course.
You get the call, you get the case.
There was no call.
I just happened to be there.
- But you were on call.
- No, the Fifth is on till tomorrow.
- Shit.
Grimmer! - I know.
[SEILER] Yeah, you did good.
As usual.
I'll see what I can do.
That's it! [BABY WHIMPERS] Shh! [QUIET] Hey, babe.
- Hm? - Hey, wake up.
Get up.
Put this on.
- What's going on? - I'm sorry.
I really need your help here.
Where are the car keys? What about the kids? They can sleep in the car.
How much cash have you got? About 150.
I wanted to pay some bills.
- Why? - I need more, a lot more.
We need to get as much as we can.
Come on, babe.
Let's go! Yeah.
Man! So, Ms.
Wiegand, I need you to wake up and listen carefully.
Put the chief of police on the line.
Or the minister of the interior.
The order doesn't matter, whoever you get first.
ORKAN ERDEM ONE FOR ALL, ALL FOR THE TEAM And find out how we can get a hold of the football association's president, and the manager of the German national team.
I don't care how you do it.
Wake up someone at the association.
Phone your way to the top, start with the ball boy if you have to.
[TECHNO MUSIC] Can you hook me up? Sorry, music is my drug.
Anis Aziz, he just drove in from Rotterdam.
- He's heading your way.
- I don't see him yet.
He parked in the usual spot.
Security just waved him through.
- Same as always.
- Got him.
Glasses, jacket.
- Ugly as shit.
- That's the one.
[SILENT SCENE] Okay, they were expecting him.
Anis made a handoff.
- The car keys, I bet.
- Could be, I'm too far away.
Shit, you won't believe this.
Hakim got the keys.
Don't let them out of your sight.
He'll probably hand them off to one of his runners.
Doesn't look like it.
He'd never drive himself.
It's much too risky.
He's headed your way.
I hope you're ready.
Copy, we are ready.
- I've got eyes.
- [FEMALE OFFICER] Is he headed to the car? He just got in.
[OMINOUS SOUNDS] [ENGINE STARTS] Can you believe it, guys? Hakim's driving himself.
Call the SWAT team.
This is a one-time chance.
We don't know if he's heading for the target.
[AYKUT] Why would they switch things up now? Why is Hakim suddenly driving? Sooner or later every dog has its day.
Hope you're not calling me a dog.
[LAUGHS] Right, like I want to have a chat with HR.
For the record, I was referring to this top dog here.
[RADIO] Subject is headed down Boxhagener Strasse.
It's looking good.
It's looking good, guys.
I'll give SWAT a heads-up.
- You think the light is a smart move? - Don't piss your pants.
You want to miss the show? [SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC] - [MAN] Yeah? - Späti, it's me, Kurt.
Shit! What the hell do you want? You've got until tomorrow.
There's nothing I can do, so don't bother asking.
What are the odds on the Germany-Turkey match tomorrow? Jesus, do you have a death wish? Hang up and we'll act like you never made this call when the collectors come looking for you tomorrow.
Come on, Späti, I just want to know the odds.
Forget it.
You're not allowed to bet until you've paid your debts anyway.
- What's the big deal? All I want is - 17,000 by tomorrow.
- some information.
- I'm not the info desk.
I couldn't even get the limit.
The account's empty.
- How much do we have? - 1,800.
Your 13, my five.
- Fuck.
- [CELL NOTIFICATION] - Fuck, man! - 4.
5/1 GERMANY - Kurt.
- Hm? What's going on? I owe money to some mobsters.
- 17,000.
It's due tomorrow.
- 17,000! Yeah, but if I make this one bet, it could change everything.
That much money by tomorrow? So what's the plan? This is the plan.
I'm improvising.
They're going to hurt you, right? And there's no one on the force you can turn to.
Hey, don't worry about me.
I will be okay.
Just take it.
You've helped me out so many times.
Hey, you're going to make me cry.
Thank you.
- How much more do you need? - 4,000 to be debt free.
20,000 to be home free.
- Can't you just borrow money? - Cash? In the middle of the night? You're with the police.
You must know someone.
- [WACHTMEISTER] You sure about his badge? - [PETROVIC] 100%.
Besides, I don't need a badge to see he's one of us.
You hear him talk? But what detective walks away from the scene and then disappears for over 20 minutes? He had his kid with him.
Bet he's just putting him to bed.
Maybe he's already called in and talked to Forensics.
- He just doesn't want to use the radio.
- We can use the phone too.
Man, this doesn't feel right.
Don't you sense that? On the other hand, if we mess this up He's got a lot more seniority than we do.
- It's raining.
- What? - I felt a drop, it's raining.
- Shit, what now? The rain will destroy useful evidence.
[RADIO NOISE] We have to report it now! [PHONE RINGS.
] Yeah? It's you? Where are you? Where did you get this number? From your duty officer.
It's starting to rain.
You've got to protect the scene.
But how? I don't know, tarp, blankets.
You think of something.
- When are you coming back? We're alone - Go for it.
[RADIO] 72.
Unit One is downstairs.
They're coming up.
- [FEMALE OFFICER] Is he here already? - Not yet, you were faster.
- Okay.
- [AYKUT] We took a shortcut.
[SWAT OFFICER] A bunch of Tarik-Amir guys are already inside.
We're in position too.
There, there and there.
- [AYKUT] We just need Hakim to show up.
- Got the radio? - Who do you want to talk to? - [FEMALE OFFICER] The guys tailing him.
Maybe they went somewhere else.
[EROL] There he is.
Go inside.
[AYKUT] What is he doing? [SWAT OFFICER] Do you know the other guy? - No, he's new.
- Erol? - I don't know him.
[AYKUT] Why aren't they going in to get the delivery? Something's different today.
Everything's different today.
[FEMALE OFFICER] Yeah, baby, come to mama.
That's how I like it.
I hate to say this, but We need to call it off.
What? You're kidding.
The brides at the altar and you've got cold feet? Hakim Tarik-Amir himself is driving the Rotterdam delivery to the warehouse and you want to terminate? [FEMALE OFFICER] Know how long it took me to get the DA to authorize this? That's exactly why.
The new guy.
He's coming straight at us.
[AYKUT] Maybe it's a shortcut.
He's walking.
He's heading straight for our vehicles.
- Go get him.
- I'm on it.
Hands behind your back.
Come on.
Get up.
Get up.
- Shit, how old are you? - 15.
And what are you doing out after ten? - Out of the rain.
- I didn't do anything, I swear.
I've never talked to them.
I just delivered carpets.
- You're old enough to go to jail.
- Don't tell my parents, please.
I go to school, I work hard.
I just delivered the carpet.
I didn't even look inside.
- I don't deal.
My parents will kill me.
- Okay.
- My dad - Okay, calm down.
- Have you got your ID with you? - Yeah.
In my jacket.
Anything in there that could hurt me? Knife? Needle? - Uh-uh.
- No.
Murad Issam, you are 15.
So far, so good.
Listen, Murad.
I know you think you had a tough break, but you're wrong, you got lucky.
Let that be a lesson.
You haven't fucked up yet.
Not yet.
I'm going to let you walk, just this time.
But I know you now.
I know where you live.
Tarik-Amir, they are scum.
Stay away from them.
If I ever catch you with them again, if you so much as steal gum, you'd better pray your dad kills you, because that's nothing compared to prison.
[RADIO] 72, unit one has arrived.
They're coming up.
Come on.
Okay, turn.
I can't let you go yet.
I've got some business to finish first.
I'll be right back.
You won't do anything stupid, right? Wait.
What if someone asks about this? Say your girlfriend's into that shit.
Okay, at least we covered the area around the body.
What about footprints? The bushes are keeping some of the rain off.
If we put down plastic bags, maybe we can secure some of the footprints.
Our first murder and we're fucking up big time.
The first hours at the crime scene are the most important.
Do you still think that guy's coming back? Come on, let's just call Homicide, okay? We give him another 15.
Okay? [OMINOUS MUSIC] Shouldn't you be back at the crime scene? [BEEPING] [QUIETLY] Shit.
[BEEPING] [BANGING] [WOMAN] Fuck off, or I'll make you eat shit! Mandy! It's me.
Is he there? Shit! Kurt, is that you? Yes! Can you tell him I'm here? So? He says go back to your cop buddies and get fucked.
Tell him to come down and say it to my face.
Sorry, Kurt, you shouldn't have broken his heart.
[DISMAL MUSIC] Hello, brother.
[THREATENING MUSIC] [RADIO] Let's go! The car.
It should have been taken apart by now.
What the fuck? [SWAT OFFICERS] Police! Police! - Police - Get down! [MIDDLE EASTERN MUSIC] - [SWAT OFFICER] Contact! - [SWAT OFFICERS] Police! Police! Down! [MIDDLE EASTERN MUSIC] [MIDDLE EASTERN MUSIC, INDISTINCT VOICES] [UNINTELLIGIBLE] [INDISTINCT YELLING] [MEN YELLING] - Huh? - [SEK OFFICER] Hands on your head! What's wrong? Is the music too loud? This one's mine.
- Ahmad, looks like we need to renovate.
- [SCREAMING] [AGONIZED SCREAMS] Ah! [AGONIZED SCREAMS] Call an ambulance! Ah! - Ah! Ah! - Shit.
- Ah! - [EROL] It's okay.
[AGONIZED SCREAMS] The soft life doesn't suit you.
Once 50 punks with knuckledusters wouldn't have made you bat an eye.
And now - How fucked are you? - No more than usual.
It's a unique opportunity, that's it.
- Unique opportunity.
- What did Mother always say? When life hands you an ace, play it.
Worst case, I'm fucked either way.
The next time you break in here I'll forget you are family and nail you to the wall.
How long? Before the comrades know the safe is a bit light? Have you forgotten? We don't cheat here.
They'll hear it from me tomorrow morning.
You've got till the weekend.
You could thank me.
I will send a card.
You are a sad bastard, you know that? Know anything about a dead Kanak at the towers? No idea.
No action by the comrades? No.
No action necessary.
Why would a Kanak go out there? I would like to know that.
Because it's my case.
Guess we will be seeing more of each other.
- [KURT'S GIRLFRIEND] How much? - Enough to be debt free.
Not enough to be home free.
[INDISTINCT VOICES ON RADIO] - [KURT'S GIRLFRIEND] It's red! - [SQUEALING TIRES] Watch out! [BABY WHIMPERING] - Blue light? - This is already taking too long.
How much time do you have? [WACHTMEISTER] 15 minutes were up ages ago.
I don't know why, I just feel like we should wait.
We are alone at a crime scene for over an hour now.
What's wrong with that picture? [OMINOUS MUSIC] [PETROVIC] Shit.
- Hey? Anything interesting? - [WACHTMEISTER, LAUGHING] Really? Here? In Marzahn? - How long have you been here? - We've got backup on the way.
You'll have to talk to someone higher up.
[MUMBLES] Yeah, I know that officer.
Yes, that is rather odd.
We are on our way.
We'll be there in 20.
Any questions? Don't worry.
I've got this.
Come on, come on, do it.
I know the way.
Hallelujah! Someone sure knows what I like.
Thanks, boys! But it's not my birthday.
I want to bet on tomorrow's game.
8,000, on Turkey.
Oh, yeah? You're Kurt's chick, aren't you? Kurt is not allowed to bet here.
Tell him I'm keeping the 8,000 as a down payment, but I'm expecting another nine tomorrow.
Kurt owes you money? Nobody owes me money.
Kurt owes my boss money.
Big difference.
That's right.
Big difference.
- And you are not your boss, right? - Right.
You live your own life, make your own decisions, right? And I shit in my own pot, in case you're interested.
Do I look like Kurt? You sure don't, honey.
Listen, Späti.
I don't look like Kurt, because I'm not Kurt.
Kurt may owe your boss money, but I'm not Kurt, just like you are not your boss.
We live our own lives, make our own choices.
And today I decided to bet my savings on Turkey winning tomorrow's match.
I hear the odds are 4 to 1 if I win.
There's 8,000 in cash.
I would be very grateful if you decided to accept my bet.
You know, with you being a bookie and all.
Hm? So? Do you want my money? Or should I go to somebody who doesn't hesitate when a lady offers him a bet? ID.
[WHISTLES] How long will this take? [SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC] [SILENT SCENE] Do I get a receipt? SPORTS BETTING [SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC] - So? Those fuckers grinning? - [HAKIM LAUGHS] [EROL] Just macho show-off.
Fuck them.
- We are close.
- Hey, you are close, huh? - Go get them.
- I will.
Get better.
What for? This is a paid holiday.
[HAKIM] How long this shit going to take? I've got VIP tickets for the game.
So Kanaks are working with the pigs now.
Walla! Is that a problem for you? Why would it be? Maybe because working for Tarik-Amir isn't the only way out of Kaiserwarte for a Kanak anymore.
Do I know you, huh? You tell me.
- [EROL] What do you got? - Still nothing.
[AYKUT] Fuck, man.
Rafika could have died.
And for what? A Catholic school's got more drugs.
Looks like they were expecting us.
[EROL] Murad, you only delivered the carpet, huh? [SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC] - Good, you're here.
- You were the first officer here? - Yes, but you're - Take me to the body.
Show me where you found it.
- I can't, Officer Grimmer told me - Believe me.
There will be repercussions where Grimmer is concerned - May I? - Sorry, I've got strict orders.
Get your hands off me! Hey! Fucht, Kramer.
Good morning.
What can I do for you? Tell your kindergarten cop to let me get to my body.
Sorry, but that's my corpse.
Grimmer, whatever you're up to, when I find out Internal Affairs will be the least of your worries.
Police Chief Seiler, there's someone here who wants to talk to you.
It will be quick.
Yes, of course.
Of course, I understand.
In that case No, not at all.
You can count on us.
You, too, Chief.
I'll tell you in the car.
Let's go.
We could always use a bit of help.
There's a lot to do.
Kiss my ass, Grimmer.
[PHONE RINGING] - [GRIMMER] Yeah? - It's Bine.
Where are you? - I had to go.
You have to walk, sorry.
- Yeah, doesn't matter.
- It went well.
He took it.
- Hey, you're fantastic.
- Where are the kids? - Fast asleep.
You can pick them up.
- I will be a while.
- Okay.
[FOOTSTEPS] We'd like to apologize.
We should have waited longer.
We It doesn't matter.
I took longer than I thought.
You did the right thing.
It looks like it will be at least an hour before they move the body.
Want to come with me? I want to question the people at the windows.
I bet they saw someone.
[SEILER] The press is all over the team.
We won't be able to keep this secret long.
The coach is probably still asleep.
[KNOCKING] Yeah? - Walther, what are you doing here? - Can we come in, Hardy? You don't want to sack me before the game? [POLICEMAN] So you heard a loud sports car? [WOMAN] Yeah, it sounded a little bit like it was a .
[BELL RINGS] Finally.
- [PETROVIC] So you're Albert Meiser? - Yeah.
- Okay.
You live alone? - Yeah.
Okay, I'm just going to need your - Yeah? - [SEILER] Okay, the coach is on board.
He'll be issuing a statement late this afternoon saying Erdem can't play because he's ill.
What about Erdem's Instagram? The press will be suspicious if he doesn't post anything.
- You haven't found his phone yet? - No.
Kranz says Erdem's best friend sometimes manages his social media shit.
We are trying to locate him.
The more I think about it The chances of this coming out before the game are 50-50.
Tell the parents they have to keep the death of their golden boy a secret.
- What? The parents don't know? - Right now four people know.
- You, me, the GFA VP and Hardy Kranz.
- Six.
The VP has got two lawyers.
- Six.
We have to keep the circle small.
- Yeah.
I'm leaving now.
Fucking hell.
Are you crazy? - Where have you been? - With friends.
What kind of friends are you out with on the streets until morning on a school night? Just friends.
We were looking for my phone.
Murad! Do you have any idea how it feels to get back from my nightshift and you're gone? Take care of your own shit.
You scared me to death.
There's just you and me.
- There is a cop at the door.
Is this yours? I found it at the bus stop.
- Nice boy.
- Sorry about this behavior.
He has school in the morning.
Are you raising him alone? Yeah, I'm his sister.
It's a tough job.
I'll give you my number.
Call me if you need anything.
- Bye.
- Bye.
And thank you.
- [PETROVIC] Did you hear a loud car? - [MEISER] Yeah, the Lamborghini.
- [PETROVIC] You sure? - I know a Lambo motor in my sleep.
I heard it afterwards, not before.
So I can't really say if the boys came with the car or the victim.
But I would say the boys probably stole it.
[PETROVIC] When you say "boys," you mean the three in hoodies who you think are Arabic or Turkish? - Three kids with a baseball bat.
- Turkish, Arabic? I mean they were wearing those clothes.
Jogging pants stuffed into their socks.
German kids roll up their pants.
I've only seen the thing with pants in socks in the subway.
They ran around the corner while I was standing here at the window.
Then I heard the Lambo and another car revving up.
I didn't see the victim until later, when the detective was in the bushes.
Too bad you didn't wake up sooner.
Yeah, witnesses are always unreliable.
But you've got modern technology.
It's good shit.
These days every decent clan's got their own rapper.
It's like having a press agent.
I think Tarik-Amir's got one too, right? - [LAUGHING] - No, I'm still working on my skills You did a good job for Hakim today.
The cops give you trouble? No, I was already gone.
[MAN] They would let you walk anyway.
You know that.
Ready for your first real job? I don't know.
Murad, this is an opportunity.
In Kaiserwarte you don't get a lot of those.
- I'm ready.
- Good.
Ever placed a bet? People go crazy for betting, no idea why.
More than a trillion a year.
[INDISTINCT WHISPERS] Here, there's an address and a picture in here.
Go there and do what I told you to do, and do it exactly how I told you to do it.
And don't get caught.
[IN ARABIC] Abdul, keep an eye on him.
[SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC] [ABDUL] Hey, drive the kid home.
All for us Whatever I have I only ever rest with my boys Money's the motive but family is [NEW RAP SONG STARTS] - Hey, that's me - Pretty sick, huh? It's your shit.
- Yeah, but it's not done yet.
- Yeah.
Kareem asked me to check it out.
- Do you think he liked it? - He didn't listen to it, man.
I listened to it though.
[RAP MUSIC CONTINUES] I'm just a driver Raif.
- Murad.
- Kareem is my cousin.
But it's a good track, man.
[TURNS UP MUSIC] [LAID-BACK RAP MUSIC] Go shower and eat breakfast.
We are meeting at the precinct at 8:30.
Me, too? I can sit in with Homicide? Of course, I told you this is an opportunity for you two.
- Where is Wachtmeister? - Taking the car back to the station.
- For the morning shift.
- Mm-hm.
Come on, I'll drive you home.
- It's okay, I'm sure you've got - End of discussion.
- To the station.
Got to get changed.
- To the station.
- I feel weird about you driving me.
- I have to go home anyway.
Family breakfast is important.
But I thought you lived Oh, fuck! [TIRES SQUEAL] No tags.
If he doesn't have a chip maybe you could take him home.
- My wife doesn't want a dog.
- Too bad.
Who knows where you'll end up now? Where do you want to live? Maybe with a single police woman? [GRIMMER] The dog doesn't have a choice.
I know, I When you go to the shelter or a breeder and take home a pet, you think you've picked a dog, but in fact you've picked a life for the dog.
The dog has no say, no choice whatsoever.
Would it have walks on the beach, or be stuck on a chain in a courtyard? Meaty bones or dry food? Vacations with the family or summer on a city block? Naps on a porch or having to fight other dogs? Will it have puppies? Will it be allowed to fuck other dogs? Everything is already decided for him.
There's no way out, and the dog doesn't even know it.
He squats to take a shit and thinks he's made a choice.
- See you soon.
- See you.
And get ready for a big day.
[RADIO ANNOUNCER] Good morning, Berlin.
We've got another wonderful fall day ahead of us.
The weather today is looking up.
Blue skies and mild to warm weather.
Ideal conditions for tonight's game, Germany versus Turkey.
Over 70,000 spectators are expected to be at Olympic Stadium tonight Babe.
And, like always, when these two teams meet in Berlin, it's hard to know who's got the home advantage.
Babe? I know.
Please, don't be mad.
I had the shittiest day.
Your mom called.
Fenia, play my messages.
[MOM ON MACHINE] Erol, it's better if you don't come home the next few days.
Don't visit.
Your dad is back.
[GRIMMER] He squats to take a shit and thinks he's made a choice.
The question is, is it really any different for the dog's owner? For us? Do we really make our own choices? Or have they all been made for us by the time we are born? RUSTLE OAKS AND SOUND SONGS, MAGNIFICENT GERMANY BE BORN AGAIN Set in stone at a distinct moment, a time and place in history? By a country, a society, a belief system? A religion, a social class, a family, a clan, a strand of DNA? You're born into their laws, their rules, the ethical and moral codes of our time.
Is any of it really our choice? [OMINOUS MUSIC] [CALM MUSIC] And can we ever escape the life we were born into? [SILENT SCENE] [ANNOUNCER] Well, the lineup is still top secret, but what you can say for sure is that it's been years since we've seen a player as brilliant as Orkan Erdem.
He's our golden ticket.
[ANNOUNCER] You can't keep a world-class player Orkan on the bench.
He's got experience, he knows how to perform under pressure.
Would Portugal play without Cristiano Ronaldo, or Argentina without Messi? I can't imagine Erdem not playing, especially when we are up against Turkey.